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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (10/2/19)

Are you ready for TWO HOURS on USA!?



NEW NXT Coverage

NXT challenges you to all out life!

Two hours, three title matches and LIMITED COMMERCIAL INTERRUPTION! NXT is ready, but are you ready for the new era?



  • NXT Championship: Adam Cole VS Matt Riddle; Cole wins and retains the NXT Championship.
  • Io Shirai VS Mia Yim; Shirai wins.
  • Johnny Gargano VS Shane Thorne; Gargano wins.
  • NXT Women’s Championship: Shayna Baszler VS Candice LeRae; Baszler wins and retains the NXT Women’s Championship.
  • Pete Dunne VS Danny Burch; Dunne wins.
  • NXT Tag Team Championships: The Undisputed Era VS The Street Profits; The Undisputed Era wins and retains the NXT Tag Team Championships.


Now is the time.

The future has arrived. “If you’re asking ‘Who is NXT?’ I’ll tell you who we are.” Hellacious, ruthless kings and queens of kicking wholesale ass. They won’t forget where they came from, but they won’t go back. THE most exclusive brand in the world. Looking for something more? Then welcome home. Welcome to NXT.


NXT Championship: Adam Cole VS Matt Riddle!

Bro… This main event match is just the opening of tonight! Riddle won this right against the vicious Killian Dain and even shut the champ up with a Fujiwara, but will he be able to end the Undisputed Era’s era already? Or will Cole find a way to retain and get revenge for that fractured wrist and bruised ego?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin this Undisputed Bro-down!

Fans already duel as the bell sounds, and Riddle rushes Cole to get a waistlock and slam! Cole gets up but Riddle throws him down again! And again! Riddle floats to go after the arm! Cole reaches with his leg for a ropebreak, and Riddle lets up. Fans duel more as the two circle and tie up. Riddle gets Cole around the head and heads for a corner but Cole turns it around. Cole stomps away and throws an elbow shot. But Riddle returns with a gut wrench! And holds on to gut wrench again! And then again! Cover, ONE, but Riddle keeps his cool. Riddle gives Cole stiff kicks that rock Cole all over the ring. Cole leans on the ropes but gets kicked out! Riddle hurries to fetch Cole but gets a leaping enziguri! And then Cole shoves him into steel steps! Cole sneers while Riddle writhes and rolls. Cole puts Riddle in the ring to then put him in a corner with buckle bumps. Cole stomps more and chokes Riddle, but the ref backs him off.

Cole goes after Riddle more but Riddle fireman’s carries! Cole slips out and shoves to run Riddle over with an elbow. Cole drags Riddle up again as fans rally and duel, hanging neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Cole is annoyed but he gets back to his feet. Riddle hits back with body shots but Cole clubs Riddle down. Cole brings Riddle up but Riddle fires off again. Riddle misses the kick, Cole fireman’s carry to Ushigoroshi! Cover, TWO! Cole wraps Riddle in a chinlock but fans rally. Riddle gets up but Cole smothers him back down. Cole rams his knee into Riddle’s back then wraps on a headscissor hold. Riddle endures and moves around as fans rally again. Riddle bridges back to a cover, TWO and Cole frees Riddle, to BOOT him down! Cole’s fans cheer but Riddle’s fans boo. Riddle sits up but Cole throws big forearms on him. Cole says the title is his, but Riddle throws palm strikes! Rapid fire and a boot, then a PELE! Riddle kips up and fans fire up!

Riddle runs side to side, forearm smash! And then another from the other side! Brosploder! Running penalty kick misses, so does the moonsault, but not the Broton! There is the Penalty Kick! Cover, TWO! Riddle keeps his cool as Cole stands. Alabama lift, but Cole sunset flips, Riddle slips through. Riddle kicks but Cole ducks to roll Riddle up, TWO, and Riddle powerbomb lifts. Cole slips out of that but gets caught into the wristlock ripcord, Final Flash! Fisherman Buster! Cover, TWO!! Cole escapes but Riddle won’t let up. Riddle dead lifts to a German Suplex! Cover, TWO!! Cole still survives and Riddle struggles to keep his cool. Fans rally up and duel as Riddle gets up. Cole slowly sits up on his own, but Riddle is right on him with Bro Kicks! Riddle drags Cole up, fireman’s carry, but Cole fights back. Riddle powers up, pops Cole up, BIG BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO!! And Cole can’t believe it!

Fans cheer “Mamma Mia!” just like Mauro might, but Cole grits his teeth as he drags Riddle up for forearms. Riddle hits back and now both men brawl on the mat. They stand but still throw forearms and elbows. Riddle CHOPS and CHOPS, but Cole stomps the bare feet! But the Superkick is blocked! Riddle boots the bad arm, but walks into a SUPERKICK! Cole runs into a BRO TRIGGER! Enziguri outta nowhere, but that German Suplex is even more sudden! Riddle grabs Cole, but it’s Cole who gives Riddle the Last Shot 1.0! Cover, TWO!? Riddle survives and Full Sail is thunderous! Both men stir as the fans settle down to simply “fired up.” “This is Awesome!” because neither man is done yet. Cole gets to the apron but Riddle heads over. Riddle brings Cole up, ducks a punch to give a roundhouse. Riddle joins Cole on the apron, fireman’s carry, but Cole fights out. Cole BOOTS Riddle off the apron!

Cole goes out to the apron, smirking at Riddle. Cole leaps, into another Bro Trigger! Riddle puts Cole in, climbs up top, FLOATING BRO gets knees! Cole hurries to get up to the corner, leaps, PANAMA SUNRISE!! Cover, TWO!?! Riddle lives and Cole can’t believe it! Full Sail loses their minds as both men are stirring on the mat. Cole backs away to a corner as fans duel hard as ever. Cole aims, Riddle sits up, and Cole brings the knee pad down. Cole runs, but Riddle drops. But Cole just smirks, because he goes back to the corner. He hops up, leaps, but Riddle stops his sunrise! And spins it around, to the Bro to Sleep! Powerbomb, FINAL FLASH!! Riddle hurries, climbs, FLOATING BRO HITS! Cover, TWO!?! Now Cole shocks everyone! Fans argue over the decision, but somehow Cole survives, so they just figure, “Fight Forever!”

Riddle gets up and climbs again. Cole revives, stands up, and trips Riddle up in time! Cole climbs up to join Riddle but Riddle fights back. Riddle and Cole fight for control, and Riddle forearms Cole, and CHOPS him down! Riddle hops down, slingshots, into a SUPERKICK! And then a SUPERKICK to the back! Cole hops up again, leaps, PANAMA SUNRISE AGAIN!! riddle flounders, Cole hits- No, hi misses! BROMISSION!! Cole is caught! Full Sail is freaking out! Cole slips up and around to a cover, TWO! Riddle gets Cole with the Fujiwara! Cole’s bad arm is feeling even worse! But Cole crawls , so Riddle drags him away, only for Cole to crucifix roll-up! TWO and back to the Fujiwara! Riddle has the good arm, but that doesn’t change that it hurts. Cole slips out and CLOBBERS Riddle with the cast! LAST SHOT 2.0! Cole wins!!

Winner: Adam Cole, by pinfall; still NXT Champion

Adam Cole survives to keep the Undisputed Era’s reign alive! Riddle was so close, will he get another shot in the future? Or will the NXT Championship remain Undisputed forever?


Wait, is that Finn Balor?!

What is the Extraordinary Man doing back in NXT?! Full Sail loses their minds over this surprise homecoming, especially as Finn joins Cole in the ring. Finn takes up a mic as fans chant “Welcome Back!” Finn tells Cole and the world, “As of now, Finn Balor is NXT.” What does this mean for the landscape of all the WWE?!


NXT takes a quick look at NXT Live in Des Moines.

Just a week before tonight’s highly anticipated NXT Women’s Championship match, #1 Contender Candice LeRae was running wild, but Shayna Baszler wasn’t impressed. The same fans cheering will just be the ones crying tonight. Candice knew Shayna was watching. The big bully on campus always plays mind games. But she’s also the only two-time champion. People don’t lose matches to Shayna, they lose days of their careers against her. Candice was on the losing end the last time she faced Shayna, but she wasn’t as focused as she is now. Life on USA Network, Shayna will show Candice what she “won.” Candice is ready to be Candice again, but will she be champion along with that?


The Velveteen Dream returns!

And he’s on a new purple love seat, surrounded by the Dreamettes. “Do you feel it? How about you, Blondie?” Do they all feel it? What they’re feeling seeping into their souls, is the Velveteen Dream Experience. Dream has the fans chanting his name as he does his spin. That feeling is the “climax of life, where the spotlight shines the brightest.” Which is why the Undisputed Era tried to steal the light. Don’t make any excuses, Dream has never complained about taking on multiple men at once. But Dream has all three eyes on Roderick Strong. Consider this a challenge for a rematch for the North American Championship! Consider this a dare to share the spotlight again. Consider this a challenge as a man to see if he can perform all on his own. Unless he’s afraid to step out of the Era’s shadow, that is. But when Strong is across the ring from Dream and look him deep in his eyes, Strong knows. Because they all know, that the next thing you know, is #DreamOver. Will Strong man up to go man to man with Dream again?


NXT takes a look at the coming Cruiserweight Championship match.

The Man of the Hour is back in NXT. And he made a huge impact in his return as he won the right to challenge for the Cruiserweight Championship. Gulak says it won’t matter how impressive Lio is, because he is constantly evolving. But Lio promises that the title will soon belong to him. “Change is the rule,” and Gulak is the Law of the Cruiserweight Division. But will even that change as Gulak and Lio have their title match next week on NXT?


Io Shirai VS Mia Yim!

The Evil Genius didn’t win her way back to an NXT Women’s Championship match, but that won’t stop her descent into darkness. But at the same time, the Head Baddie in Charge wants to blaze her own trail back to the gold. With Shayna and Candice fighting over the title later tonight, who will be waiting for the champ on the other side?

The bell rings and Yim offers a handshake. Shirai slaps that hand away and shoves Yim, so Yim shoves back. Shirai runs but her dropkick misses. Yim arm-drags Shirai around then dropkicks her down. Yim boots Shirai in the corner and Shirai falls. Yim covers, TWO! Fans duel as Yim drags Shirai up by her leg. Shirai enziguris but Yim dodges that to then waistlock and atomic drop Shirai down! Shirai bails out but Yim wrecks her with a baseball slide! Yim brings Shirai up for forearms, then follows her around the corner. Yim CHOPS Shirai, then drags her up as fans want “One More Time!” Yim obliges and CHOPS Shirai again! Shirai flees around the corner but Yim forearms her against railing. The ref counts and Yim puts Shirai in at 7, but Shirai spins around to kick Yim back! Shirai goes out to throw forearms of her own, then puts Yim back in as we go picture in picture.

Yim scrambles to ropes but Shirai stomps her around the ring. Shirai has Yim in a corner to stomp away, but the ref backs her off. Shirai comes back to grind both boots into Yim’s chest, then swings for a meteora! Shirai drags Yim to a cover, TWO! Yim crawls away but Shirai pursues. Shirai chokes Yim on the ropes but lets up at the ref’s count. Shirai throws Yim by her hair! Then again! Shirai has Yim in a corner again and stomps her more. Shirai snapmares Yim to a chinlock and grinds her knee in. Yim endures and pulls hair, but Shirai rakes Yim’s eyes! The ref reprimands them both, but Shirai still has Yim caught. Yim fights her way up and arm-drags Shirai off! But Shirai comes back to forearm Yim down! Shirai paces before bringing Yim up. Yim blocks the suplex, so Shirai fires forearms. Yim gives them abck so Shirai pulls hair! Shirai whips, knees Yim hard, then snap suplexes her down! Cover, TWO!

Shirai keeps her cool while she drags Yim back up. Shirai fires more forearms, then whips. Yim reverses, but Shirai reverses back to get the abdominal stretch on! Shirai even digs an elbow into Yim’s side, but Yim endures as she works on an escape. Yim grabs at Shirai’s face but the ref reprimands her. Yim keeps trying, and gets free to hip toss Shirai down! NXT returns to single picture as Yim elbows Shirai from a corner. Yim goes to boot but Shirai blocks to a Dragon Screw! Shirai runs to dropkick Yim hard in the ribs! Cover, TWO! Shirai grows frustrated with Yim and grinds her face on the ropes! She throws Yim down by her hair but the ref still reprimands her. Shirai tells the ref off in Japanese before going after Yim with forearms. Yim SLAPS Shirai in the face! So Shirai slams her by her hair again!

Shirai mounts for some ground ‘n’ pound! Yim gets to ropes but Shirai doesn’t let up until 4. Shirai whips, and hits Yim with a flapjack! Then a handstand knee drop! Fans cheer that athleticism, Shirai covers, TWO! Shirai keeps her cool as Yim crawls to a corner. Shirai runs corner to corner, but Yim avoids the meteora. Shirai gets Yim with underhooks but Yim powers up to a back drop! But Shirai lands on her feet, only to run into an overhead suplex! Fans rally and duel as both women are down. Shirai and Yim stir but the standing count climbs to 5. Both women slowly stand at 6, and start brawling with forearms! Yim fires jabs and a boot, then a lariat! Roundhouse rocks Shirai, dropkick drops her! Yim redirects Shirai to take out the legs, then shotgun dropkicks her down again! Matchbook cover, TWO! Yim grows frustrated now but she won’t let up.

Yim gives Shirai some Yes Kicks, and they are stiff. Shirai wobbles and Yim runs, but into a huricanrana! Cover, TWO! Yim throat chops, but Shirai drop toeholds! Shirai has Yim on the ropes, Tiger Feint! The 619! Yim staggers away, Shirai springboards to missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Yim survives and Shirai grows further frustrated. Shirai drags Yim up in a waistlock but Yim fights out, CODE BLUE! Cover, TWO!! Shirai survives and slumps out of the ring to rest. Yim takes aim, builds speed, and DIVES! The tope topples both women and fans cheer as NXT again goes picture in picture.

Both women are down again as the referee checks on them. They’re somehow okay to continue, so surely a ring count begins. The count climbs, passing 5 already. Both women stir at 7, 8, and spring in at 9.5! Both women are in and this match continues! Yim drags Shirai to a cover, TWO! There’s still life in the Evil Genius, but Yim is starting to lose her mind with frustration. Yim drags Shirai up to club her down, then spins through. But Shirai rolls her up, with tights! The ref sees that and says no go! Shirai argues with the ref, but gets caught! PROTECT YA NECK!! Cover, TWO!! Shirai survives as NXT goes to break? Technical mishap on the commercial free first half hour. Someone at USA Network is gonna pay for this. But NXT comes back quickly as Shirai puts Mia back in the ring. Yim jawbreakers back then hurries up top.

Yim reaches the top as NXT returns to full screen, but Shirai anchors her feet. Yim clubs but Shirai hits back. Shirai SLAPS away on Yim, then climbs further up. Shirai SUPERPLEXES Yim down! Both women are down again and Full Sail is fired up for “NXT! NXT!” Shirai crawls over to the cover, TWO!! Shirai grows furious, but Yim grabs her foot. Shirai slips out to Eddie Gordo kick from the mat! Shirai roars, hops up, DESCENT INTO DARKNESS! Cover, Shirai wins!!

Winner: Io Shirai, by pinfall

The Evil Genius’s rage is what won out against the Head Baddie. Shirai has had matches with both Baszler and LeRae, so who will she be targeting after tonight’s title match?


The Street Profit Fam rolls into Full Sail.

Montez Ford makes sure his best friend, Angelo Dawkins, and his wife, Bianca Belair, are looking good before tonight’s events. They are, so they continue entering. Will they be leaving with NXT Tag Team Championships once again after tonight?


Tegan Nox is back!

The girl from Wales crashed and burned in the worst way during last year’s Mae Young Classic. But after the most intense pain in her life, she had the biggest fire put under her. She fought to get back, and she’s ready to show the world why she’s got the Shiniest Wizard.


Johnny Gargano VS Shane Thorne!

Johnny Wrestling vows he will always be Johnny NXT! But now he must face the Worst opponent ever in this arrogant Aussie. Will Thorne be a thorn in the side of the Triple Crown Champion? Or will Gargano prove he’s the best, even against the Worst?

The bell rings and fans are strongly behind Gargano as he tie sup with Thorne. Thorne wrenches to a wristlock, but Gargano rolls and frees himself to wrench back. He spins Thorne around to take him down but Thorne gets up to arm-drag Gargano down. Gargano holds onto the wrist until Thorne breaks free. Thorne snapmares, Gargano dodges the kick, and then shows superkick to scare Thorne off. Gargano says how close that was, but Thorne gets him by the legs. Gargano counters to a facelock, then they roll around. Thorne tries to spin out but Gargano holds on, so he powers out. Gargano runs, gets Thorne down, cover to a crucifix, TWO! GargaNO Escape, but Thorne scrambles to a ropebreak. Then a BIG European Uppercut to a saido suplex! Thorne grits his teeth while NXT goes picture in picture again.

Thorne clobbers away on Gargano’s head and grinds Gargano’s face into the mat. The ref reprimands Thorne but Thorne steps on Gargano’s face. Gargano gets to a corner but Thorne grinds him into buckles. The ref backs Thorne off, but Gargano throws forearms! Gargano whips but Thorne blocks to redirect and whip Gargano hard into buckles! Gargano tumbles up then down, and Thorne drags him out tot he post for a cravat! Creative and cruel, but the ref counts. Thorne lets up and Gargano slumps out of the ring. Thorne follows after, but Gargnao blocks the steel step bump. Gargano CHOPS Throne against the railing, and again! Then tornado DDT, but Thorne escapes for an apron back suplex! Gargano writhes but Thorne puts him in to cover. TWO, and Thorne grows frustrated.

Gargano crawls to a corner but Thorne brings him up to ram his shoulder in. And then throws EuroUppers! Gargano staggers to another corner but Thorne is still on him with uppercuts and shoulders. Gargano hits back with forearms, but Thorne suplexes him up and down hard! Cover, TWO! Thorne rains down rights, but Gargano slaps him back. Thorne gets mad now as he continues to punch and stomp Gargano down. Thorne stands over Gargano as he hooks the nose! The ref counts and Thorne lets up at 4, but he comes back to stomp more. NXT returns to single picture as Thorne wrenches Gargaon’s neck. Fans rally up and Gargano fights out, but gets an uppercut! Thorne pulls Gargano up but Gargano blocks the suplex. Gargano elbows out, Thorne clubs him on the back! But Gargano knees Thorne, dodges an uppercut, and rallies with forearms! Gargano CHOPS Thorne in the corner! Thorne reveres the whip but Gargano goes up, school boy kick! Gargano clotheslines Thorne out!

Fans fire up as Gargano builds speed to DIVE into another uppercut! But he comes back to DIVE anyway! Fans fire up as Gargano drags Thorne up again. He puts Thorne in, takes aim, slingshot spear! Cover, TWO! Thorne toughs it out but Gargano goes back to the apron. Gargano slingshots again, but Thorne blocks the DDT with the fireman’s carry. Garagno slips out, shoves, double knees! But Thorne follows for a BIG leg lariat! And then CANNONBALL! Thorne drags Gargano up, powerbomb, AKIRA TOWER BOMB! Cover, TWO!? Gargano survives that to remind everyone why he was champion at all! Thorne scowls as he drags Gargano up. Thorne gives Yes Kicks from all sides and Gargano falls over. Thorne sits Gargano up again, Penalty Kick to the back! Gargano still gets up, but Thorne runs from the corner, into a forearm! Thorne uppercuts, Gargano fires off elbows from all sides! Thorne dodges to calf kick to the back! Gargano comes back with a LARIAT!

Full Sail fires up, Gargano runs to tilt-o-whirl but Thorne slips out to ROUNDHOUSE! Gargano dodges the boot to POISON-RANA! Gargano goes to the corner and is fired up with Full Sail! Summon the power of DIY, SUPERKICK! Cover, Gargano wins!

Winner: Johnny Gargano, by pinfall

The Worst was pretty bad, but he wasn’t bad enough to beat one of the best! Will Gargano continue to be a gatekeeper in NXT? Or will there come a day when even the Rebel Heart stops beating?


NXT Women’s Championship: Shayna Baszler VS Candice LeRae!

The Queen of Spades is the meanest but Mrs. Wrestling is the toughest. What happens when these two forces force each other past their limits, all in the name of the championship?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this grudge match a long time coming finally begins!

Shayna and Candice circle and tie up. Shayna waistlocks and puts Candice on the mat, but is basically toying with her. Shayna has a leg, rolls Candice, but Candice comes back with an enziguri! Shayna bails out but Candice wrecks her with that dropkick! Candice keeps going, and springboard crossbodies from the apron! Fans fire up as Shayna is down! Candice keeps on her as NXT goes picture in picture.

Candice drags Shayna into the ring and follows her to a corner. Candice back elbows then snapmares and neck snaps! Jackknife cover, TWO! Shayna gets away then trips Candice up. Shayna stands but Candice runs in, only to be put on the apron. Candice shoulders back, then steps in, springboard jawbreaker! And a leg trip! Candice step-up sentons Shayna down! Cover, TWO! Candice keeps her cool as she grabs an arm and wrenches. Shayna stands up to throw body shots. Shayna wrenches Candice’s arm now, standing armlock to a high hammerlock. She sweeps the leg to have Candice down again. Candice sits up but the armlock is still on. Candice stands but Shayna throws her down. USA Network screws up again, but NXT hurries back as Shayna is caught in the Octopus! Shayna powers up but Candice knees her back down! Shayna backs into a corner as NXT returns to single picture, and the ref calls for the break.

Shayna is free but she turns around into Candice’s boot! Candice climbs but Shayna trips her up! Candice crashes and burns off buckles and apron! Fans rally up as Shayna goes out to fetch Candice. Shayna throws Candice into steel steps! Candice clutches an arm but Shayna just has a target now. Shayna taunts Candice before going after that arm, and lacing it through a step handle! Shayan BOOTS the arm!! Candice runs away but she won’t quit this golden opportunity. Shayna just runs in to shining wizard that arm! Then she puts Candice down for a cover, TWO! Shayna wrenches the bad arm in another high lock, and then spins around to wrench it worse. Fans rally up for Candice, but Candice fights her way up, only for Shayna to jam the shoulder! Shayna taunts Candice before going after the arm again. Shayna tortures Candice’s arm, but Candice reaches for ropes. Candice gets her good hand on the ropes and Shayna has no choice but to let up.

Candice is on the apron but Shayna joins her. Candice ducks and waistlocks! Shayna holds on for dear life but elbows free. Candice gives her a Complete Shot to the apron! Fans fire up, Candice runs and DIVES! They both hit barriers! Candice gets up first and gets back in the ring. Shayna slowly stands, Candice runs for another DIVE! Candice gets back in, she’s not done yet, she DIVES again! The hat trick is complete! Full Sail is thunderous as Candice puts Shayna in. Candice climbs up but Shayna kicks her back! Shayna climbs up, clubs away on Candice, but Candice hits back. Shayna slips and falls! Candice adjusts but Shayna is back to go after Candice again. Fans have a new duel: “Old Champ!” “New Champ!” The old champ clubs and elbows away on Candice before she gut wrenches for a GUT SUPERPLEX! Both women are down and fans again cheer, “Mamma Mia!” as we go back to picture in picture.

Shayna and Candice stir but Shayna is up first. She walks on wobbly legs to go after Candice again. She brings Candice up, suplex, but Candice cradle counters! TWO, and Candice goes to a corner. Shayna runs in but misses! Shayna knees a buckle, Candice is on her with a tornado, but Shayna shoves her off for a stiff knee! Then a gut wrench slam! Cover, TWO!! Shayna grows frustrated, but Candice is getting back up. Shayna drags Candice up but Candice school girl rolls her, TWO! Candice dropkicks Shayna down! Candice runs but Shayna rolls to trip her up! And then kick her down! But Shayna flops over, exhausted! Both women slowly stir but Shayna is after Candice first. Shayna stands her up to run, but into Candice’s kick! Candice misses the buzzsaw, Shayna fires off a strike fest, then runs to step-up KNEE Candice down! Cover, TWO! Candice won’t die yet!

Shayna is growing further frustrated, but she slaps Candice around. Candice sits up but Shayna still toys with her. Shayna looms over Candice and continues to bully her. Candice SLAPS Shayna in the face as we go back to single picture. Candice baits Shayna in for a rebound German Suplex! And then she fires forearm after forearm! Shayna ducks to get the Kirafuda, but Candice slips out to steal the Kirafuda Klutch!! Fans are freaking out as Shayna endures her own hold! Shayna throws Candice off, but Candice backs Shayna to a corner. Shayna hops up for a hanging sleeper! Candice slips out to SLAP Shayna again! Candice climbs up, grabs Shayna, and takes her for Mrs. LeRae’s Wild Ride!! Cover, TWO!?! Shayna survives and Candice can’t believe it!

“This is Awesome!” just like the opener, and Candice has Shayna in a underhook. Shayna slips out for the Kirafuda, but Cnadice rolls to a cover! TWO, and Candice tries the backslide, to turn it into a Butterfly DDT!! Candice LIONSAULTS, into a Kirafuda!! Candice is caught, fans are thunderous, but Candice sits up! Shayna is a backpack and drags Candice back! Candice reaches, flails, crawls, but taps!! Shayna wins!!

Winner: Shayna Baszler, by submission; still NXT Women’s Champion

So close and yet so far! Candice could not hold on and Shayna holds on to her title! Will anyone ever end the reign of the Queen of Spades?


Imperium is not done invading NXT USA!

Kushida and his new friends, the Fashion Police, beat Wolfe, Barthel & Aichner, but can Kushida stand to the massive might that is WALTER? We’ll see this international instant classic next week on NXT!


Pete Dunne VS Danny Burch!

The Bruiserweight is back, and he’s having a rematch with The Governa from their NXT UK United Kingdom Championship match earlier this year. Will Burch make up for that title defeat here in the states? Or will Dunne tough it out and get another pivotal win?

The bell rings and Burch circles with Dunne. They tie up and Dunne wrenches to a wristlock. Burch spins through to wrench back, but Dunne rolls and handsprings and handsprings again. Dunne gets the drop toehold to get the arm back, and he bend sit all around. Burch stands to wristlock Dunne back, then spins around to trip Dunne up. Burch rolls Dunne up but misses the stomp to the hand. Dunne goes to stomp the hand but Burch also evades. Dunne still gets an arm to get an armbar but Burch slips out for a crossface! Dunne makes it a cover, TWO! Dunne buzzsaws but misses, but he also avoids the big haymaker right! Burch says it was close, but the two tie up again. Burch headlocks, Dunne powers out, things speed up, and Dunne CLOBBERS Burch with that clothesline! NXT goes picture in picture yet again as Dunne goes to Burch at the ropes.

Dunne drags Burch out to then X-Plex to the apron! Dunne keeps the count fresh before he brings Burch up to bring that arm to the steel steps. Dunne bends the arm around, and STOMPS the arm against the steel! Dunne has something in common with Baszler as he just shrugs it off. Dunne drags Burch up and put shim in the ring. He goes at the arm again, wrenching the wrist for another hammerlock, that he again STOMPS! Dunne goes at Burch and Burch boots back! Burch runs, and catches Dunne’s leap for a flapjack !Dunne flounders but Burch corner clotheslines and kicks! Burch hops up, leaps, missile dropkick blasts Dunne! Burch kips up! Burch shakes out the bad arm before bringing Dunne up. Another USA Network miscue, what is going on over there? NXT returns quickly to show both men brawling with CHOPS! Dunne CHOPS, Burch CHOPS, repeat. Burch gets an edge and DECKS Dunne!

Burch drops a knee as NXT returns to single picture. Cover, TWO! Burch brings Dunne up for a EuroUpper but Dunne forearms back. Burch keeps hitting uppercuts, Dunne keeps giving forearms. Burch gets another edge, then whips corner to corner. Dunne goes up and over to enziguri! And then German Suplex! Dunne stomps the hands! BUZZSAW! Lift, POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Burch is tough but Dunne is determined. Dunne drags Burch around by his arms, but Burch avoids the stomp to roll up. TWO, and both men collide with uppercuts. Dunne goes up and over but gets a headbutt! Burch whips for a Pop-Up Bomb! Big knee trigger, then a draping DDT! Cover, TWO!! Dunne survives, reminding Burch of that UK Championship match. “This is Awesome!” just like the title matches tonight, but Burch won’t let it go the same way. But Dunne rolls, kicks, but Burch JABS! Dunne enziguris, Burch swings, but into Dunne’s grip! Finger SNAP! Pump Handle, BITTER END! Cover, Dunne wins!

Winner: Pete Dunne, by pinfall

The Bruiserweight had a fight on his hands, but he still wins it! Wait, why did the lights go down? Another technical difficulty? No! Damien Priest attacks from behind! And he gives Dunne, the RECKONING! The Archer of Infamy is taking aim at one of the most dominant champions in recent history! But will Priest truly #LiveForever by going after such a legacy?


Backstage interview with Adam Cole.

Cathy Kelly congratulates Cole on winning, even if he had to use his cast. The cast is required by WWE medical! And if you watched the match, it wasn’t the cast but the Last Shot that won. But then the Undisputed Era comes over to complain about Finn. “Screw Finn Balor!” But Finn is of no concern. The concern is keeping the Era #DrapedInGold, and that comes down to the tag titles tonight. They’ll get in the zone, but will they get the smoke against the Profits?


NXT Tag Team Championships: The Undisputed Era VS The Street Profits!

It was an epic Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match that changed the natural order of things for the reDRagon of the Undisputed Era, but it was a traditional 2v2 that set things back for the Undisputed Prophecy. Now we will see if the Profits can get it all back. And WALE is with the Profits as they make their entrance! But will even swagger to this level be enough to take the titles off O’Reilly & Fish?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and teams sort out. This title rematch starts with Dawkins and O’Reilly.

Kyle and Dawkins tie up, break, tie up, and go around. Dawkins facelocks to waistlocks but Kyle works on an arm wrench. Dawkins scoops, Kyle escapes, Dawkins dodges a kick to shoulder Kyle down. Cover, ONE, and Kyle slips out to go around. Both Kyle and Fish rush Dawkins, but Ford is there to back him up and back them off. Fans chant “We Want the Smoke!” as reDRagon regroups. Kyle gets in but tags out to Fish. Fish and Dawkins go around, tie up, and Fish wrenches. Dawkins powers Fish to the corner for Ford to tag in. Ford takes the hand-off and wrenches Fish around. Fish knees low then forearms away. Ford knees low to give clubbing forearms back. Fish slips out but the ref keeps Ford back as NXT goes picture in picture again.

Fish and Kyle regroup before Fish goes back in. Fish and Ford circle, and Fish throws a big right! Ford throws one right back! Fish haymakers, Ford haymakers, but Fish kicks and forearms and knees. Fish brings Ford to the corner, Kyle tags in, and the Era mugs Ford. Kyle headlocks and holds on as Ford tries to power out. Kyle throws Ford down with a headlock takeover, but Ford fights his way up. Ford powers out as Dawkins tags in. Kyle hops over Ford and bumps Dawkins, but Dawkins comes back to run Kyle over! Kyle gets up but Dawkins brings him up for a SPINEBUSTER! Dawkins waistlocks but Kyle rolls, only to get caught in a crucifix! TWO, and Dawkins has a leg. Kyle hops and tags Fish, but Fish runs into a SPINEBUSTER, too! Dawkins gets Fish up, tags Ford, and whips Fish. Ford dropkicks Fish down! Ford covers, ONE, but Ford stays on Fish with an armlock.

Fish fights his way up but Ford wrenches. Tag to Dawkins, and the Profits have Fish for ax handles! Dawkins wrenches Fish’s arm more, tags Ford, and Ford runs to leap frog onto the arm. Ford wrenches Fish, they go around, but Fish arm-drags. Ford holds on to throw Fish back. Ford has Fish down but Fish rolls back to relieve pressure. Fish forearms but Ford holds on. Fish keeps throwing forearms but Ford keeps wrenching. Ford wrenches but Fish kicks. Ford wrenches the wristlock, but Fish hooks Ford’s face. Ford still wrenches but Fish knees low. Fish is free as he forearms Ford then whips corner to corner. Ford goes up and over and shows off his agility, to then dropkick Fish down! And dropkick Kyle as he runs in!

Things speed up, Fish KNEES Ford down! Fish boots Ford to a corner, throws body shots, and Kyle tags in. Kyle throws kicks and knees and body shots. He lets up as the ref counts, but waistlocks Ford to bring him down. Kyle clubs and knees Ford from all sides, then runs to drive a knee into ribs! Fans can’t believe Kyle would mock the Running Man. Ford kips up and brawls with Kyle, but Kyle drives him down. Kyle digs his knee in and then clubs Ford down. Cradle counter, TWO! Kyle kicks and SLAPS and knees Ford more, then sweeps the legs! Tag to Fish, and Fish covers, TWO! Fish keeps on Ford at the ropes, then snapmares to slingshot senton! Cover, TWO! Fish drags Ford up by his ears, bumps him off buckles, then tags Kyle in. Double snap suplex brings Ford down, cover, TWO! Kyle keeps on Ford with ground ‘n’ pound!

Fans are divided as Kyle walks it off, then stomps Ford down. Kyle keeps on Ford at the ropes, whipping him across the way. Big kitchen sink knee drops Ford! Tag to Fish, but Ford fights back! Ford rocks reDRagon with big hands, but Fish forearms back. Fish snap suplexes and drags Ford up for another! And another! Cover, TWO! Fish drags Ford over, tag to Kyle, but Ford brawls again. Ford runs into double kicks! Cover, TWO! Kyle grows annoyed but NXT goes picture in picture again.

Kyle drags Ford up, wraps Ford up in a modified cobra twist and even clubs away on Ford’s lower back. Ford endures as Kyle stands to stretch and twist him. Kyle rolls to make it a cover, TWO! Kyle drags Ford up to throw him out, and then tags Fish so he can pursue. Fish knees Ford and bumps him off the apron. Then throw him into railing! Fish does not let up, but Ford fires back. Fish fires off with kicks, then puts Ford back in the ring. Fish pulls Ford back in a half camel clutch, but he’s hooking Ford’s face! The ref reprimands Fish and Fish lets up, to drag Ford up for more body shots. Fish picks Ford up for a big back suplex! And then wraps Ford up in body scissors! Ford endures as USA has another weird cut. NXT returns quickly but Ford is still caught. Fish makes it a bearhug now but Ford fights his way up.

NXT returns to single picture as Ford powers up. Ford elbows Fish away, then runs, but into a ROUNDHOUSE! Tag to Kyle, the two whip Ford, and Kyle runs in. Ford elbows Kyle, boots Fish, then throws Kyle out. Fish runs over but he gets back dropped out hard! Kyle gets back in and grabs Ford in a facelock, but Ford slips out and URENAGES! Both men are down but Ford fires up on the mat! He crawls over but Fish drags Dawkins off the apron! Kyle smashes and suplexes Ford around, rolling butterflies! Tag to Fish, and reDRagon hit the code breaker to boosted wheelbarrow German! Cover, TWO!! Fish drags Ford up and throws more hands and kicks. Tag to Kyle and Kyle continues where Fish left off. Tag back to Fish, and Fish drags Ford up to kick him down. Fish wraps Ford up in another cobra twist, but Ford again endures.

Fans rally as Ford is bent and twisted. Kyle helps Fish get leverage from behind! The ref looks but Kyle lets go. But they do it again! This time the ref sees it, but reDRagon lets go at 4. Tag to Kyle but Ford hip tosses Fish down. Ford escapes the suplex, dodges reDRagon, hot tag to Dawkins! Dawkins rallies on reDRagon with big lariats! He busts through the kicks to clothesline Fish and then bulldog Kyle onto Fish! Fans are fired up for the #CurseOfGreatness! Dawkins has Kyle in a corner for a cyclone splash! One for Fish, too! Dawkins dodges Kyle to POUNCE him into Fish! Then Dawkins runs, Kyle jumps, but Dawkins SPEARS Fish! Kyle hits the ax, but Dawkins hits the smash! Kyle pendulums for a lariat! But he kicks into the overhead suplex! Cover, TWO! Dawkins takes aim at Kyle from a corner, fans rally up, Dawkins runs into a knee!

Kyle runs in but catches a boot. Kyle puts it on the ropes to fire off on Dawkins. The ref backs Kyle off, but Fish Dragon Screws the leg! Dawkins still back drops Kyle out onto Fish! Dawkins crawls on one leg but Kyle climbs up top. Kyle leaps to drop a knee on the bad leg! HEEL HOOK! Dawkins flails, endures, reaches, but Fish helps Kyle drag Dawkins away! Ford runs in and brawls with Fish, but Fish hops on for a guillotine! Dual submissions from reDRagon! But Ford falls onto Kyle with Fish!! All four men are down and Full Sail is thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” The teams regroup, Dawkins and Kyle get up. They brawl back and forth, forearms for kicks. Kyle gets the leg, but Dawkins enziguris! Fish tags in and he hurries up, but Dawkins hot tags Ford! Fish FLOPS, Ford doesn’t!! Cover, TWO!?

But the Profits coordinate! Electric Chair for Fish, but Kyle kicks Dawkins. Ford watches from above as reDRagon runs away. But Dawkins comes around to go after them! They all brawl in the corner, Ford FLIES!! Ford makes it over the corner to wipe everyone out! Full Sail loses their minds as Ford puts Fish in. But here comes Roderick Strong! Strong gets SPEARED by Ford! But Fish trips Ford up, tags Kyle, TOTAL ANNIHILATION!! Cover, the Undisputed Era win!!

Winners: The Undisputed Era, O’Reilly pinning; still NXT Tag Team Champions

As their charismatic leader said, the Undisputed Era needed to stay #DrapedInGold by any means necessary! Cole himself comes out to join his boys to celebrate. But wait, is that… CIAMPA?! Tommaso Ciampa is back!! The man who only lost that title because of injury is back in Full Sail! And he eyes “Goldie” as Cole clutches the belt close. Between the Extraordinary and the Blackhearted, will Cole be able to keep this title Undisputed?



My Thoughts:

What an incredible NXT! Limited commercials with the picture in picture (confusing miscues aside) made for an actual 120 minute experience. All 120 minutes were pretty amazing, and the only real downside is that the status quo was kept all through the night. To open with a TakeOver level NXT Championship match was surprising but totally fitting since the first half hour was truly without commercial, not even in picture-in-picture form. Cole retains, but this won’t be the last chance for Riddle. Meanwhile, we do get some amazing returns to NXT. Ciampa at the very end of the night was a great closing moment, but the real surprise is actually Finn Balor. Is Finn just done with main roster? I suppose this is a plus for NXT as they get back their longest reigning and possibly most popular champion ever, and he will definitely be in the mix. I have no idea how WarGames is going to go now, but maybe we get a Triple Threat of Cole, Ciampa and Finn? That might be too good for Survivor Series weekend.

Dream making the challenge to Strong is natural, and I’m sure Strong will be compelled by William Regal’s orders to take it. Gargano VS Thorne was a better match than expected, but if this is the end of it, that’s fine, too. Gargano doesn’t have much left to do in NXT since he’s already gotten all the titles, but if NXT starts to be treated as equals with Raw and SmackDown, Gargano will definitely lead the charge. Shirai VS Yim and Dunne VS Burch were surprise matches on the card, but they were both great. Dunne VS Burch wasn’t quite on the level of their United Kingdom Championship match, but perhaps they didn’t want to take up too much time. Dunne wins, of course, but now he moves on to Damien Priest. This will be a great feud for Priest to build himself up, but I think Dunne wins out again. Shirai VS Yim was on par with a TakeOver, or at least a contender’s match.

However, the status quo being kept, Shayna retains to be a Heel Champion. Shayna VS Candice was still incredible, with the same formula of “Shayna goes after the arm” still working. And at least here, Shayna didn’t need sidekicks to save her, so she’s returning to the best form of her Reign of Terror. Candice isn’t done for good, either, but I feel Rhea Ripley comes back around as a Face to give us that match teased when she first appeared. The tag team match being the main event was great, and I was glad to see USA Network gave it the bleed-over time it needed. I don’t know if this will become a common thing for NXT, but obviously USA was flexible enough for the first actual two hours of NXT to do it here. Status quo wins again, but also through a screw job. Strong’s interference will surely get Regal to consider another rematch, maybe that comes around in time for WarGames.

My Score: 8.9/10

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