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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (10/10/19)

Time to see who is truly the Alpha Female!




Piper Niven won’t be bullied by anyone!

She may not be undefeated, but she won’t be overlooked! Will Piper the Viper take a bite out of Jazzy Gabert as the NXT UK Women’s Division grows?



  • The Hunt VS Pretty Deadly; The Hunt wins.
  • Jordan Devlin VS Jack Starz; Devlin wins.
  • Dave Mastiff VS Kenny Williams; Mastiff wins.
  • Piper Niven VS Jazzy Gabert w/ Jinny; Niven wins.


Brentwood is NXT!

And with Vic Joseph going Raw, Nigel McGuinness is joined by Tom Phillips! Will Tom be able to keep up with the action across the pond?


Johnny Saint has an announcement!

After their attack on the NXT UK Tag Team Champions, Mark Coffey and Wolfgang of Gallus will get what they want. They will face Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster for those tag team titles next week!


The Hunt VS Pretty Deadly!

Primate & The Wild Boar are back! But will they be able to run wild against the dashingly handsome Lewis Howley and Sam Stoker?

The teams sort out and Boar starts against Howley. Fans rally as the two tie up. Boar goes after the arm and wrenches. He yanks on the arm then chinbars Howley to the mat, ONE. Boar stays on that arm and wrenches again. Howley body shots and headlocks but Boar powers out. Things speed up, Boar trips Howley up enough to then clothesline him down! Howley gets to a corner but Boar rams a shoulder in! Howley crawls but Boar drops the senton! Tag to Primate, springboard double ax handles! Primate roars as he hauls Howley up for a waistlock slam! Primate scoops and slams Howley hard, then tags in Boar. Boar becomes the human weapon, back suplex senton! Howley gasps for air as he gets to a neutral corner, but Stoker tags in. Wait, that’s not legal, and the ref tells him so! But this was all a delay tactic so that Howley can dropkick Boar!

Tag to Stoker officially, and Stoker uppercuts Boar down! Stoker hits Primate for good measure, and the ref has to keep Primate back. Stoker gets away with punching Boar all around, then rings him up to the Pretty Deadly corner. Tag to Howley and Stoker feeds Boar to Howley’s knee. Howley throws body shots to back Boar down into the corner. Tag to Stoker, and Pretty Deadly double whip Boar into the corner. Stoker clubs Boar in the corner over and over then tags Howley in. Boar fights back with haymakers, but Stoker tackles him for Howley to hit a leaping elbow! Howley cheap shots Primate but that angers the animal! Howley taunts Primate, but Boar gets Howley with a German Suplex! Howley tumbles to his corner, Stoker tags in. Stoker grabs Boar and throws him to the corner. Stoker is distracted by Primate growling, and turns around to be tripped by Boar! Boar tags in Primate!

And Primate starts rallying on Stoker with big clotheslines! Primate throws Stoker with an Exploder! Primate runs in, big corner clothesline! Howley runs in but gets a back drop! Stoker swings, misses, Primate SPEARS! Primate drags Stoker around, tags in Boar, and the animals go up top… DOUBLE FLYING HEADBUTTS! Cover, The Hunt wins!

Winners: The Hunt, Wild Boar pinning

The beasts have been unleashed! Will they rise to the top of the food chain to take those NXT UK Tag Team Championships for their own?

But wait! Here comes Imperium! Specifically, Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel. The Hunt stares them down as Barthel begins to speak. “Animals. Animals! All I see is animals!” The Hunt defecates on the sacred mat! Primate LEAPS onto Aichner! Boar DIVES onto Barthel! The brawl is on and the fans are fired up! But Wolfe comes in to take out Boar, and BOOT Primate! Then Aichner and Barthel bowl Primate into Boar! Fans boo and jeer but Imperium stands tall. Will they purge NXT UK of the primal and uncivilized?


Ilja Dragunov will return!

The Moscow Madman may have lost to both the Wrestling Genius and the Swiss Cyborg, but that will not discourage him! Will he get back on track as NXT UK rolls on?


Jordan Devlin VS Jack Starz!

The Irish Ace wants to prove to everyone, but especially to NXT UK General Manager, Johnny Saint, that he is worthy of a rematch with Walter. Will he make an example out of Starz here tonight?

The bell rings and Starz circles with Devlin. They tie up, Devlin wristlocks and sweeps the legs to stand on Starz and talk trash. Devlin wrenches the wrist but Starz kips up, cartwheels and gets under Devlin to back drop him! Devlin is furious for getting shown up, but he just runs into Starz’s gorilla press! Starz slams him down and now is all fired up! Devlin baits Starz in and sends him into the post! Devlin drags Starz out of the corner to ROCK with a right! Devlin whips but Starz reverses and gorilla presses again! Fans fire up with Starz as he goes at Devlin again, but Devlin rakes the eyes! Devlin stomps a mudhole into Starz until the ref backs him off. Devlin returns to springboard stomps him down! Devlin wrenches Starz’s neck then scoops him for a shoulder breaker!

Fans rally and duel as Devlin stands on Starz’s head. Devlin drags Starz up but Starz fights back, only for Devlin to throw him with the urenage! Standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Devlin grows annoyed with Starz as he looms over. Devlin drags Starz up to elbow him in the head. Fans taunt Devlin as “Ugly Balor” while he stomps and knees Starz around. Devlin drags Starz up, wrenches and hits an atomic backbreaker! Devlin chokes Starz on the ropes but lets up at 2. Starz tries to fight back but Devlin stomps him down. Devlin puts on a top lock but fans rally for Starz. Starz fights out but Devlin clubs him down hard. Devlin toys with Starz now, saying “You don’t belong here with me!” But Starz fires off European Uppercuts, body shots and a dropkick! Runing EuroUpper in the corner, but then Devlin slips out to slingshot in, CUTTER! Cover, but Devlin brings Starz up! Devlin kicks away on Starz, ripcord to DEVLINSIDE! Cover, Devlin wins!

Winner: Jordan Devlin, by pinfall

The Ace wins again, but he won’t be vindicated until he has another United Kingdom Championship match. Devlin gets a mic to ask, “How many members of this roster do I have to chew up and spit out before you all realize that the biggest star on this brand isn’t Tyler Bate. It isn’t Joe Coffey, it isn’t Walter, it’s the Irish Ace, Jordan Devlin!!” But wait, Dave Mastiff comes out! This is a big man, and Devlin dares him to bring it. But Devlin then bails out, saying he’ll do this later. Mastiff says Devlin should watch this match up next. Maybe Mastiff makes time for another match, especially one with the so-called greatest star in NXT UK. Devlin refuses the offer, and the Bomber prepares for his own match next!


Dave Mastiff VS Kenny Williams!

The Lucky Yin might not feel so lucking being the first opponent for massive Mastiff in his return to action. But anything can happen! Can Williams get lucky and pull off a miracle? Or will he simply be steamrolled as Mastiff looks to return to his winning ways?

The bell rings and Mastiff circles with Williams. Williams keeps his distance but ends up cornered. Mastiff grins as he dares Williams to tie up. Williams accepts, but then Mastiff tosses Williams across the way! Williams gets up and circles with Mastiff again, but staying back. They tie up again, and Mastiff blocks the whip with strength and size. Mastiff whips Williams but Williams goes up and shows how lucky he is. Williams then leaps over Mastiff and things speed up, Williams leaps but into Mastiff’s arms! Mastiff pops Williams up for a fireman’s carry, but Williams slips around to crucifix! And somehow gets Mastiff over! Cover, TWO, and Williams headlocks. Mastiff powers out, but Williams hurdles, U-Turns, and springboards for a back elbow! Williams just staggers Mastiff with Springsteen McQueen, and then he runs in at the corner. Mastiff tosses Williams out high and hard! Williams mostly lands on his feet but that seems to have hurt his knee and shin.

Williams sits down clutching that leg, but fans rally. Williams hobbles, hops up, but forearms Mastiff away. Williams still tries, but that springboard doesn’t work out. Williams sits in the corner as the ref checks on him. Is he okay to continue? Williams thinks so. Williams headlocks, Mastiff powers out, but Williams can barley run! Mastiff shows no mercy as he runs Williams over! Mastiff looms over Williams and clamps onto his head. Mastiff clubs Williams down and Williams crawls to a corner. Mastiff keeps on him with a snapmare and big elbow to the head! Mastiff wraps Williams up in a cobra clutch, but fans rally up for Williams. Williams toughs it out and stands up, but Mastiff reels him out to whip him to a corner. Williams tumbles up and then tumbles down, into Mastiff’s back drop! The referee checks on Williams again but Williams refuses to quit. Williams dodges the Bomber senton!

Williams gets his foot working while Mastiff slowly stands up. Williams runs over and bulldogs Mastiff into buckles! Mastiff swings, misses, and Williams BOOTS him back! But it was with the bad foot so it serves a little double-edged. Mastiff stays on his feet, Williams slingshots and springboards off the good foot, and what was perhaps meant to be a stunner or cutter becomes a body check! Both men slowly get up, Williams manages to run and pendulum, SLINGBLADE! Cover, TWO! Williams is putting up a big fight and he fires himself up. Mastiff slowly rises and Williams hops on for a wheelbarrow, but Mastiff blocks to a TOSS! Williams ends up in a corner, Mastiff runs corner to corner, INTO THE VOID! Cover, Mastiff wins!

Winner: Dave Mastiff, by pinfall

The Bomber got more of a fight out of Lucky Yin than he perhaps expected, and kudos to Kenny for powering through the pain in his foot. Mastiff offers Williams a handshake, and Williams takes it. It is good to know there is still good sportsmanship between them. Will Williams’ foot be okay? Will Mastiff build more momentum and perhaps head for a United Kingdom Championship match?


NXT UK hears from Xia Brookside!

Xia is back for an update, but is cut off by Nina Samuels. It is “cute” that the “little darling” has so many followers. Hang on, Nina. If you think you’re big, put your money where your mouth is and have a match with her. Nina scoffs and storms off, but will she accept the challenge?


Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster are here!

The NXT UK Tag Team Champions return ahead of their next title defense to speak to the fans. “NXT UK Universe, how’re we doing tonight?!” There’s that energy that helped these two win these tag team titles! And they haven’t had the chance, but Andrews and Flash know that without the fans behind them, this wouldn’t be possible. So from the bottom of their hearts, “thank you.” The Modfather says that it’s time to talk business. When they won these titles, they vowed to take on the world and show that the NXT UK Tag Team Division is the best! They’re ready to defend any time, anywhere, and against any team.

But speaking of, here comes Gallus! But not down the ramp. Mark Coffey and Wolfgang have found their way to commentary. Mark says, “Lads, lads, lads. We would be impressed with you, really, if we weren’t so embarrassed.” Thanks? They’re thanking the fans? Stop sucking up before Gallus TAKES those titles from you! “Let’s get one thing right.” The only thing keeping Gallus away is that they want something left to pin in the title match. FMW says Gallus may think that, but the Welshmen are going to “kick BOTH YOUR ASSES!” Wolfgang is furious but Mark keeps him back. The fight is coming, who will be the ones kicking ass and taking titles?


Backstage interview with Noam Dar.

The Scottish Supernova beat Trent Seven, but by disqualification. A win is a win and Seven couldn’t get the job done. Dar is being the bigger man and putting this in the past. Dar is on to something even bigger, but Seven comes in. Referees work to keep the peace, but Seven wants his towel back. Assistant GM Sid Scala steps in and calms Seven down, but Dar SLAPS Seven! The cheap shot enrages Seven but Sid keeps him away from Dar! Sid Scala says that in two weeks, their rematch is coming! Seven tells Dar, “I told you to wind your neck in!” But will Dar pay for playing around and poking fun at Seven?


Backstage interview with Andrews & Webster.

That big match is coming, what is their response to Gallus’ words? Well the Grizzled Young Veterans interrupt. They’re not here to scrap, they’re here as locker room leaders. They let everyone know, but especially the current champs, that no matter who wins next week, Zack Gibson & James Drake will bring those titles back to where they belong. Oh, and good luck. GYV leave, but will they be surprised when the rockstar and the Modfather leave with those titles next week?


Piper Niven VS Jazzy Gabert w/ Jinny!

The Viper is only on the Alpha Female’s radar because the Spoiled Princess won’t let anyone else get in her way to the top. Jinny and Jazzy attacked Piper backstage but now they’ll have to deal with her fair and square. Will Piper prove bullies and their blindside attacks won’t win?

The bell rings and Jazzy stares Piper down from the middle of the ring. Fans rally up as Piper steps to Jazzy, and the two tie up. Jazzy manages to power Piper back a step, but Piper powers Jazzy back two steps. Jazzy powers Piper, Piper powers back, and the two both pull hair. The ref counts and the two let go at 4! Then they collide with shoulders! Neither woman backs down so they go again. Things speed up, and they collide solid! Jazzy staggers so Piper keeps running and bumping! Jazzy almost falls out, and Jinny coaches her on the outside. Jazzy takes Jinny’s advice to take this slowly. The ring count climbs, Jinny hops up on the apron, and this allows Jazzy to slide in and attack from behind! But Piper holds off the suplex to try a suplex of her own. Jazzy slips out to CLUB Piper down! Jazzy puts Piper in a corner to throw body shots from behind!

The ref counts and Jazzy lets up at 4. Jazzy keeps on Piper more, but stops at 4 again. Piper elbows back and then again! Piper runs out but into a kick. Jazzy scoops Piper up for a slam! Fans cheer that strength as Jazzy covers, TWO! Piper is tough but Jazzy grounds ‘n’ pounds from all sides! Piper is dazed on the mat but Jazzy steps on her back! Jazzy pulls on the arms and digs her heel into Piper’s spine. But fans rally up and Piper powers up to her feet. Jazzy knees and kicks her but Piper powers the hold around, so Jazzy clubs Piper back! Jazzy puts Piper in a corner to whip, but Piper holds the ropes. Piper headbutts Jazzy back! And again! Piper scoops Jazzy for a slam of her own! Then basement splash! Jinny is furious and up on the apron again. Jazzy gets away, so Piper drags Jinny in! Piper dares Jinny to do something, but then Piper bobs ‘n’ weaves to headbutt! Down goes Jinny!

The ref tells Jinny to get out of the ring. Speaking of outside the ring, Rhea Ripley comes running out of the shadows to BOOT Jazzy!! Rhea is helping out her rival, and Piper drops a senton! Cover, Piper wins!

Winner: Piper Niven, by pinfall

The Mosh Pit Kid gets even on her own end against Jinny and Jazzy! Will Rhea and Piper unite for the greater good of keeping Jinny and Jazzy out of the title scene?



My Thoughts:

A really good NXT UK and we’re finally out of Cardiff! Brentwood, like all the UK crowds, was a lot of fun in itself, so the momentum won’t be slowing at all. The Hunt and Pretty Deadly had a fun opener, and clearly The Hunt are Imperium’s next NXT UK feud while waiting for the tag titles. I wonder if Ilja will team together with The Hunt to take on Wolfe, Barthel & Aichner for a Six Man Tag. Starz looked great in his match with Devlin tonight, but it was obviously going to go Devlin’s way. I was pleasantly surprised to see Mastiff calling Devlin out, so now it won’t just be Devlin VS Bate. We could get Devlin VS Mastiff or a Triple Threat as well, winner moving on to try Walter at either a UK TakeOver or a WWE Worlds Collide, since there’s word Worlds Collide will be moving up in the WWE schedule hierarchy. Meanwhile, Mastiff VS Williams was solid, Williams hopefully wasn’t really hurt, but it made the story of the match either way. Where is our NXT UK Midcard title!?

We’re already getting Gallus VS Andrews & Webster, and they had an okay promo between them. Obviously the Faces thank the fans while the Heels talk down, the standard stuff. That will be a great match, but with Grizzled Young Veterans staking their claim to whoever wins, I wonder if Andrews & Webster really win. We’d be getting yet another match of them and GYV, and while that was great, that might seem redundant. Gallus VS GYV might be a lot of fun to see who comes out slightly more Heel and slightly more Face. We’re getting some stories building in the Women’s Midcard, such as Xia and Nina. That will be nice for the two of them, as it still isn’t clear who is next to challenge Kay Lee Ray. Either Tegan Nox gets another chance, or Toni Storm makes a triumphant return. Dar and Seven are building their feud with quick backstage promos, and their rematch is coming, so that will be a lot of fun. And I am so glad to have seen Rhea helping Piper coming, that is a great team to go against Jinny and Jazzy. Rhea is getting stronger as a Face in both UK and US NXT’s, and this could help the overall perception of that for Rhea’s run in NXT US.

My Score: 8.3/10

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