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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (10/17/19)

Is this STILL Gallus’ Kingdom?




Will the rockstars still reign in NXT UK?

Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews have dealt with the Grizzled Young Veterans, but now they’ll take on Gallus! Will they survive? Will they win?



  • Ilja Dragunov VS Saxon Huxley; Dragunov wins.
  • The Hunt VS Imperium; Imperium wins.
  • Xia Brookside VS Nina Samuels; Brookside wins.
  • NXT UK Tag Team Championships: Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews VS Gallus; Gallus wins and become the new NXT UK Tag Team Champions.


TakeOver: Cardiff was truly historic!

A Triple Threat for the NXT UK Tag Team titles pit Zack Gibson and James Drake against two top tag teams in Gallus’ Mark Coffey and Wolfgang, as well as Wales’ own Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster! It was truly a sigh to behold, and in the end, the cardiac kids from Cardiff conquered the day! And though they withstood the Grizzled Young Veterans in their first defense, they face yet another test! Will the high-fiving, stage-diving rockstar and the Modfather deny Gallus their kingdom?


Ilja Dragunov VS Saxon Huxley!

This was the match that was meant to happen a few weeks ago, but the Moscow Madman wasn’t healthy enough then. Imperium’s Alexander Wolfe stepped in and won, will the Divine Beast take it out on Dragunov?

The bell rings and Huxley runs at Dragunov, only to get a spinning CHOP, and then a senton! Fans are already fired up with Dragunov as he clubs and CHOPS Huxley more. Dragunov whips but Huxley reverses, but Dragunov grabs the ropes. Dragunov kicks back, then dares Huxley to bring the fight. He dodges Huxley to forearm and run, but leaps into Huxley’s arms! Dragunov elbows back until Huxley falls over! Cover, TWO! Dragunov hurries up top and aims, but Huxley gets clear of the stomps. Dragunov returns, but runs into a scoop and slam! Fans cheer for “Tarzan Jesus!” as Huxley fires off forearms on Dragunov! Dragunov gets space but walks into a European Uppercut. Huxley crossbodies Dragunov into ropes, then Oklahoma Rolls! Cover, TWO!

Dragunov sputters up but Huxley is on him with a chinlock. Dragunov endures the grind and fans rally up. Dragunov stands up and pushes back into buckles. Huxley holds on but Dragunov tries again. Dragunov is free and CHOPS away on Huxley! Then he throws furious jabs! Huxley shoves Dragunov away but walks into a knee! Dragunov whips Huxley but Huxley reverses. Huxley runs in to rocket kick, and then goes to boot, but Dragunov deflects it! Dragunov jump kicks Huxley back! Dragunov roars before he climbs the ropes. Dragunov dead lift SUPERPLEXES Huxley in! But Alexander Wolfe is lurking in the shadows now. Dragunov runs in to knee Huxley, then keeps moving to clothesline. Huxley dodges that but not the return clothesline! Dragunov fires himself up and wraps onto Huxley. Huxley resists so Dragunov hooks from below, for single leg suplex! With a bridge!! Cover, TWO!!

Wolfe seems moderately impressed as Dragunov keeps his focus. Dragunov runs, 6-1- NO! Huxley catches the clothesline and puts Dragunov into buckles! Huxley CLUBS Dragunov down! Cover, TWO!! Dragunov lives and Huxley is shocked! Huxley runs at Dragunov, but into an enziguri! Huxley flops out of the ring, but Dragunov fake shim out with the 619, to then LEAP off a corner! Direct hit wipes Huxley out! Dragunov puts Huxley in, then climbs up, SUPER SENTON! But Dragunov isn’ done, he fires up! “UN! BE! SEIG! BAR!!” Torpedo Moscow! Cover, Dragunov wins!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov, by pinfall

Wolfe applauds Dragunov’s victory, but will Dragunov be accepting of this praise? Or will he show Wolfe what he’s capable of face to face?

But wait, here comes the rest of Imperium! Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel stand on stage and stare down Dragunov. Wolfe gives a nod, and Dragunov puts up his dukes, but Imperium lets Dragunov be. Wolfe beckons to Dragunov to follow him to the back. Meanwhile, Aichner and Barthel have their own fight with some wild animals. Will they be victorious again?


The Hunt VS Imperium!

Wild Boar and Primate owe Aichner & Barthel some payback for the ambush attack last week! Will they be able to run wild all over Imperium’s sacred mat?

The ref works to keep the peace between the two teams, but it’s getting harder to do by the second. The teams eventually sort out, and Primate roars for this to get going. Aichner steps up and the bell rings, and they go after each other with furious fists!

Primate and Aichner throw haymakers but Aichner knees low. Aichner whips then elbows Primate off his feet, then puts him in a corner. Aichner chokes Primate but backs off to then whip Primate corner to corner. Primate reverses to clothesline Aichner in the corner! Primate pushes Aichner to the Hunt’s corner to tag in Wild Boar. Boar wrenches but Aichner hits pretty low. Aichner clubs Boar to tag in Barthel. Imperium mugs Boar then Barthel fires off elbows. Barthel taunts but Boar hits back! Barthel headlocks, but Boar powers out and trips Barthel up! Then drops a senton! Boar tags Pirmate and Primate scoop slams Barthel! Tag back to Boar, and Boar is the human weapon, back senton! Aichner runs in, rocks Primate but Boar headbutts back. Primate crossbodies Aichner out of the ring!

Boar grabs at Barthel but gets a BIG uppercut for it! Barthel bumps Boar then uppercuts again! Barthel stiffly scoop slams Boar down! But Primate is in the ring, and fans rally up. Primate DIVES but Aichner catchesh im! To ram him into steel steps! And then ram his knee into Primate’s head! Imperium puts Boar back in and Barthel slaps away on Boar’s face! Fans boo as Barthel argues with the ref. Barthel paces about and toys with Boar. Barthel kicks Boar while he’s down against the ropes, but lets up at the ref’s count of 4. Tag to Aichner, and Aichner drags Boar up to throw into an open corner. Aichner fires off stomps and haymakers but the ref backs him off. Aichner is angry but he cools off to bring Boar up for EuroUppers and a clothesline! Cover, TWO!

Aichner drags Boar up for more clubbing shots, then more stomps. Aichner CHOPS Boar then tags Barthel. Boar tries to fight back but he gets stuck in the ropes. Imperium coordinate, basement dropkicks meet in the corner! Cover, TWO! Imperium grows annoyed with the animal, and Barthel puts on a thrashing chinlock. Boar fights up and out, but Barthel rakes at his face to wrangle him back down. Barthel bends Boar back in a half camel clutch, but fans raly up. Boar slowly fights his way up, but Barthel easily drags him back down. They get up again, Barthel pulls Boar’s hair but Boar bites Barthel’s hand! Barthel SLAPS Boar away, but he turns around to see Primate growling at him. Barthel backs away, only to walk into a back drop! Barthel sunset flips over, but Boar sits down on him! Boar gets up on wobbly feet, but he dodges Barthel, hot tags to Aichner and Primate!

Primate rallies on Imperium with big clotheslines! And an Exploder for Aichner! The Hunt go to adjacent corners, but Barthel kicks Boar down! Primate sees Barthel but Aichner rolls him up! TWO, and Barthel tags in. Primate runs into the SPINEBUSTER! Penalty Kick! Aichner feeds Primate to Barthel’s Air Raid Crash! Cover, TWO!! Fans cheer for Primate’s toughness, but Barthel is angry. Barthel drags Primate up by his beard then throat chops! Tag to Aichner, they sit Primate up top. But Primate fights out! He boots Imperium away, hops over, and then SPEARS Aichner! Boar returns to CANNONBALL on Barthel! The Hunt goes to the corners, DOUBLE DIVING HEADBUTTS! Cover, but Barthel drags Primate out! Boar runs at Barthel but Barthel gets away. Aichner gives Boar a big back suplex, then stomps him out of the ring. Primate is put back in, tag to Barthel. Barthel hops up, Aichner lifts, EUROBOMB! Cover, Imperium wins!

Winners: Imperium, Marcel Barthel pinning

The wild animals have been dealt with, but have they been tamed? With their crossover also in NXT USA, will Imperium sanctify all that is NXT?


NXT UK has backstage interview footage from last week.

Piper Niven caught up to Rhea Ripley to thank her for helping against Jinny and Jazzy Gabert. They never got along before, but maybe they can put that all behind them to take care of those “numpties” together? Rhea tells Piper that she doesn’t like Piper. But she really, really doesn’t like Jinny and Jazzy. So maybe they can coexist for one match. Piper will take that as a “Yes,” but when and where will we get the Scottish Viper and Mosh Pit Kid against the Spoiled Princess and Alpha Female?


Xia Brookside VS Nina Samuels!

Followers, fame and spotlight are all the rage, but they mean so much more in NXT UK! Will the Rose Pink Devil #FlyWithBrookside? Or will she be moving on to a sequel NXT UK Women’s Championship match?

The bell rings and fans rally with Xia as she and Nina circle. They tie up, Nina wristlocks and brings Xia to a knee. Xia rolls, handsprings and wrenches back! Nina rolls but Xia brings her down! Nina gets up, Xia wrenches harder on the wrist, but Nina cartwheels to arm-drag, but Xia holds on! Fans cheer as Xia keeps on the wrist. Nina pulls hair to get the wristlock back in her favor. Xia drops to a knee but gets back up to use the ropes to flip through. Xia wrings Nina out! Nina gets to the apron but Xia runs in, only to get caught and hotshot! Nina scoops Xia to a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Nina pushes Xia into buckles then swings knees into her back! Cover, TWO!

Nina grows annoyed already, but she keeps Xia down with a full nelson. Fans rally up as Xia fights her way up. Nina still thrashes Xia around and sits Xia back down. Fans still rally and Xia works her way back up. Xia pries the full nelson open but Nina spins her around for a reverse suplex! Cover, TWO! Nina stomps Xia in frustration, then bumps her off the mat. Nina dares Xia to stand, and hits her with a back kick! Fans rally for Xia but Nina wraps that full nelson on again. Xia drops down and rolls Nina up, TWO, and now Nina sits on Xia! TWO, and Xia flounders into a knee from Nina. nina whips but Xia goes up and under to then trip Nina. Xia has the heel hook but Nina rolls through. Xia cartwheels and whips but Nina comes back for a takedown, only for Xia to sit on it for a cover! Xia wins!!

Winner: Xia Brookside, by pinfall

Who’s the spotlight on now? Xia has earned everything she’s gotten, and she certainly earned this win! Nina is upset, will there be a sequel to this showdown? Or will Xia move on to bigger and better?


NXT UK, prepare for A-Kid!

The Ace of Spain, from WhiteWolf Wrestling to Defiant, is coming to the WWE! An already five-star talent, will he become the brightest star on this brand?


Jordan Devlin is here!

The Irish Ace goes right to the ring to take up a mic and speak his mind. “So I’m out here this evening because I’ve noticed something happening a lot more recently.” He’s been getting feedback from the NXT Universe and people in the back that Devlin is “too arrogant.” Devlin wants to set the record straight: he’s not arrogant, that’s not him. He can’t be arrogant, because “arrogant” implies someone thinks they’re better than they are. But in reality, Devlin KNOWS just how great he is! Devlin knows he’s not the UK’s best, Europe’s best, but pound for pound the BEST on this planet! Listen up! Don’t take Devlin’s word, just look at the boys in the back that lost to him. Tyler Bate is shook. The fat lump Dave Mastiff threatening him! Trying to catch Devlin after a match like he’s a tough guy.

But here comes The Bomber! Mastiff gets in the ring with Devlin as Devlin still talks trash. Feels good to be back, huh? Cut the music. Mastiff snatches the mic from Devlin! Mastiff starts talking, but Devlin JABS him! Devlin tries but he can’t ripcord Mastiff up. Mastiff shakes his head, “No, no, no,” and yanks Devlin down! Mastiff drops a senton to squash Devlin! He then picks up the mic to continue where he left off. “What you might not know about Dave Mastiff is that I love a little bit of a flutter. And I’ll take that best, Ace!” Will Mastiff make it known who really is the best in NXT UK?


NXT UK looks back on the increasingly personal feud of Noam Dar and Trent Seven.

The Scottish Supernova had a press conference that was scarcely attended, and Seven was just pointing out how ridiculous it all was. But it was Dar who had to escalate with his megaphone taunting in the parking garage. Seven told Dar to “wind your neck in,” but Dar pushed one too many buttons. They almost fought then and there, but then they would have a match. Seven and Dar fought hard but Dar just kept taunting and poking the bear. Seven would clobber Dar and not let up, all the way to a disqualification! Dar still thinks he’s so clever, but Seven isn’t letting him get away with any of this. A win may be a win, but a sucker punch is still a sucker punch. NXT Assistant GM, Sid Scala, felt there was no choice. The rematch is coming, will Dar’s comeuppance be coming with it?


NXT UK Tag Team Championships: Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews VS Gallus!

While the Grizzled Young Veterans vow to take these titles from the winners, they still need to see who wins. Will the underdogs keep on winning from Cardiff to the end of time? Or will Mark Coffey and Wolfgang bring in the first pieces of gold for the Gallus Kingdom?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and the champs dropkick Gallus out at the bell! Gallus regroups on the outside, but Andrews and Webster both FLY! Double direct hits and the fans are fired up! Andrews clubs and stomps Coffey while Webster flounders away. Coffey puts Andrews in the ring but Andrews keeps moving to DIVE! Another direct hit! Andrews keeps on Coffey but Coffey powers him away. Coffey gets in but Andrews tags FMW, double kick combo in the open corner! Wolfgang returns and runs at Andrews, but Andrews and Webster dump Wolfgang out! FMW keeps on Coffey but Coffey whips. Andrews tags in while FMW flapjack dropkicks Coffey! Andrews and FMW line it up, imploding senton and standing moonsault combine! Cover, TWO!

Andrews keeps on Coffey but Coffey whips him to a corner. Andrews boots Coffey away then hops up, but leaps into Coffey’s arms for a scoop slam! Coffey rains down rights on Andrews, then drags him up to his feet. Andrews CHOPS and forearms on Coffey, but Wolfgang tags in. Coffey reverse the whip to knee then Wolfgang hits his wild senton! Wolfgang looms over Andrews as they go to the corner. Wolfgang chokes then uppercuts then stomps away, but the ref backs him off at 4. Wolfgang stomps Andrews more then whips Andrews corner to corner hard! Cover, TWO! Wolfgang keeps Andrews down with an armlock, and he powers Andrews to a corner. Tag to Coffey and Coffey clubs Andrews down. Coffey drops a knee on Andrews’ back, but Andrews hits back. Coffey DECKS Andrews, then tosses him back into the corner.

Tag to Wolfgang and Gallus mugs Andrews. Fans sing for Andrews and Webster but Wolfgang stands Andrews up for big body shots. The ref reprimands about pulling hair, and then Andrews goes at Wolfgang. Wolfgang lifts Andrews to the Canadian rack then rams him into buckles! Tag to Coffey and Wolfgang punches Andrews off the top! Coffey drags Andrews back in from the apron to throw more forearms! Coffey hits FMW for good measure, too! Coffey stomps Andrews down then wraps on a chinbar and half nelson. Fans still rally for the Welshmen, and Andrews works his way up. But Joe Coffey appears to make sure his boys are doing a good job. Andrews fights his way up and pries at the hold. Andrews throws body shots but Mark Coffey clubs him on the back. Mark lifts Andrews but Andrews wheelbarrows out, hot tag to Flash!

The Modfather fires off on Mark, then hits a QUEBRADA! But Wolfgang gets in to scoop, only for FMW to slip out and fire off! FMW tilt-o-whirl headscissors Wolfgang out! Mark puts FMW on the apron but FMW enziguris back! FMW goes around the corner to huricanrana Wolfgang! FMW gets up and fights Mark off, and hotshots him down! Joe Coffey gets upset but Wolfgang saves Mark. So FMW just adjusts to SWANTON! The Modfather wipes Gallus out and Joe Coffey is furious. Joe watches as FMW slowly stands. FMW gets Mark up with help from Andrews. They go to the ring, FMW tilt-o-whirls for the Eton Rifle inverted DDT! FMW gives Andrews the assist on the standing 450! Cover, TWO! Coffey survives but Andrews keeps focus. Andrews drags Coffey over to tag FMW, but then Wolfgang scoops FMW for snake eyes on the apron! Mark Coffey half nelson slams Andrews down! FMW is fed to Mark’s CHOKE SLAM!

Tag to Wolfgang, and Gallus coordinates. Catapult into the fireman’s carry, Samoan Drop! Wolfgang hops up, moonsault! Cover, TWO! And Andrews adds on with a hit on Wolfgang! mark throws Andrews out but his slide misses, Andrews Asais! FMW fights Wolfgang’s fireman’s carry and Andrews tags in. Andrews CHOPS and forearms away on Wolfgang, and they go around the ring like that! Mark returns but gets hands, too! Wolfgang yanks Andrews away but FMW tags back in. Wolfgang crossbodies Andrews then slingshots, into a KNEE TRIGGER! Mark swings, misses, gets an enziguri! Wolfgang uppercuts Andrews, FMW headbutts Wolfgang! Wolfgang rebounds to double clothesline them both! Fans are fired up for “NXT! NXT!” and Joe Coffey likes his boys making the comeback.

Everyone is down but the fans give them life. Wolfgang and FMW stand, and get to their corners. Their partners tag in, but all four men start brawling! Andrews and Webster have Gallus on the defensive, but Mark clobbers each of them. Andrews is in the catapult, but turns it into Stun-Dog Millionaire on Mark! Wolfgang pops Andrews up onto his shoulders, but FMW knee-triggers Wolfgang into Andrews’ POISON-RANA!! Joe Coffey is freaking while fans are losing their minds. Tag to FMW and he aims for Mark! SWANTON BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Mark lives and the Welshmen can’t believe it! Andrews and FMW regroup, Andrews DIVES but into Wolfgang’s arms! Wolfgang TOSSES Andrews into a post! Mark clobbers FMW with ax handles! Then, another choke slam but FMW slips out to headbutt back! FMW climbs, 630 FLOP! The Welsh Dragon misses!

Wolfgang tags in, aims and SPEARS FMW! Almost part urenage! Tag to Mark, and he feeds FMW to Wolfgang’s scoop. Enziguri and powerslam!! Cover and Wolfgang intercepts Andrews, Gallus wins!!

Winners: Gallus, Mark Coffey pinning; NEW NXT UK Tag Team Champions

Joe Coffey is loving this! His boys ended the Cardiff dream come true, and now they finally establish their dominance! Is it only a matter of time before Gallus truly makes NXT UK their kingdom?



My Thoughts:

A really good NXT UK episode this week, with very little filler. The things that might’ve been filler were Brookside VS Samuels, and the Devlin-Mastiff promo. A good match but short, and with a quick win. There might be more to this that becomes less filler and more midcard story, but for now it was just a good win for Xia. Then with Devlin and Mastiff, that was good progression for their story, but it was also a quick segment that didn’t necessarily add that much. I’m looking forward to see how Devlin, Bate and Mastiff all sort out as Walter still needs a contender from NXT UK for that title. At the same time, this story might play out all while Walter has his NXT USA story with Kushida and others so that after NXT TakeOver: WarGames III, we get back to who challenges for the title. I do like that we’re getting Rhea & Piper VS Jinny & Jazzy. That quick “interview” segment was good for plugging that, and that will be a very physical match.

Good to also hear A-Kid is coming to NXT UK. That’s a great talent for NXT UK to get, but does this again not push the notion that there needs to be a midcard title? So many great talents not getting to do as much because it’s just the top title for singles competition. We do get a lot of interesting stuff out of Imperium here this week. Dragunov had a good match with Huxley, almost on par with Huxley’s performance with Wolfe. We didn’t get anything of what Wolfe and Dragunov talked about, but maybe that comes out in following episodes. Aichner & Barthel VS The Hunt was pretty solid, but it works for Imperium to keep winning. With their time spent on both brands, this keeps them going in both Tag Team Divisions and perhaps still building up enemies for a possible NXT UK involvement for WarGames this year. Then of course, we had a really great tag team match for the UK tag titles. It wasn’t perhaps on the level of the Grizzled Young Veterans VS Andrews & Webster, but it was still good.

And what a surprise, Gallus won! I suppose this would then give us GYV VS Gallus next for a fresh match-up, but I sure didn’t see it coming. NXT UK has a pretty strong tag team division, this might be another reason NXT UK can take the WarGames match this year, with Imperium taking on The Hunt, Dragunov and maybe Kushida for the crossover. It’s hard to tell if we’re still getting #WinnersTakeAll of Undisputed Era VS whatever four contenders, and it would get NXT UK some even greater exposure.

My Score: 8.5/10

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