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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (10/24/19)

Grudges and Grizzled Young Veterans!




Will Noam Dar continue to troll Trent Seven?

The Scottish Supernova continues to poke fun and push buttons, but will he come to regret it all in this rematch with the Man from Moustache Mountain?



  • Grizzled Young Veterans VS Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter; Grizzled Young Veterans win.
  • Ligero VS Travis Banks; Draw.
  • Trent Seven VS Noam Dar; Seven wins.


Imperium returns!

And in full, as Walter once again stands with Fabian Aichner, Marcel Barthel and Alexander Wolfe. The Ring General’s soldiers go to the ring first, followed by the WWE/NXT United Kingdom Champion. Barthel takes up the mic as fans boo, and he says, “Imperium continues to prove that we are the most dominant force on this brand.” Speaking of dominance, “the most impressive and most honorable champion of NXT UK history wishes to address his kingdom.” With that, Barthel passes the mic to Walter. Fans insist all those things describe “Pete Dunne!”

Walter says, “There is no man and there is no group that can compete with the might of Imperium.” They are here to show the fans that the mat is sacred. And only Imperium- Wait, that’s GALLUS! Joe Coffey and the NEW NXT UK Tag Team Champions, Mark Coffey and Wolfgang, are having a laugh. Is anyone hearing this noise? Their kingdom? HA! The great champion wants to address his kingdom. Joe gets it. “The mat is sacred,” blah blah. But at least have the self-awareness, class and self-respect to show up in better attire. “Listen boys, ditch the cheap chap suits.” Wolfie, Marcus and Joe, they were coming out to congratulate them for getting rid of “that mob,” British Strong Style.

Fans cheer for “British Strong Style!” but Joe tells Walter, “we are the harsh reminder” that while Walter has the UK Championship on his shoulder, he isn’t the top boy. Imperium isn’t in the top five! Mark says that since day one, since before “big jolly Wally”-a nickname the fans all like-set foot here, Gallus was coming for gold. They have some gold. But before those four get big bullocks, just remember this is Gallus’ Kingdom! “Yous four here, just live in it.” Wolfgang says you’re either Gallus, or against us. Fans actually taking a liking to the Scotsmen calling out the European alliance. But whose kingdom will NXT UK really be when these forces collide?


Xia Brookside is live!

She’s upped her production value for her UK Performance Center video. She beat Nina Samuels and is back on an up. There have been ups and downs, but being on an up is good. Xia was super, super close to an NXT UK Women’s Championship opportunity. But Kay Lee Ray took that away from her. Xia is going to work hard, get a shot at KLR herself, and hopefully it’ll be while KLR is still champion. That would be the ultimate revenge! Will Xia fly her way to a title match against the Lethal Lass?


Grizzled Young Veterans VS Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter!

Zack Gibson and James Drake laughed at how NXT UK Media was wasting its time with a superstar that wasn’t on their level. But then they dared the Prestige to find himself a friend to take them on 2v2 in the ring. The challenge was accepted, and the Predator Slayer signed up! Will Smith and Carter shut up Liverpool’s Number One and Mr. Mayhem? Or will they SOON be recognized as the makeshift team that failed out the gate?

The teams sort out and we begin with Smith and Drake. They circle with the bell and fans troll “Ass Face!” Drake and Smith tie up and go around, and Smith powers Drake to ropes. The ref counts and Smith lets off, but Drake gets the arm to wrench. Smith wrenches back and Drake reels back from the swift twist. Fans still troll GYV as Smith and Drake tie up. Drake turns Smith around to throw a forearm to the back and then headlock. Smith powers out, things speed up, and Smith catches Drake out of his slide! Smith hauls Drake up to dropkick him down! Drake gets to a corner and elbows back hard! Drake wrenches Smith but Smith reels Drake in to a suplex! Cover, TWO, but Smith keeps on Drake’s arm. Tag to Carter, and he slingshots to sunset flip! Cover, TWO! Carter bumps Drake off buckles and then scoops. Drake slips out but Carter avoids the sweep to Eddy Gordo kick!

Carter Electric Chair lifts Drake, switches him to a fireman’s carry and hits an Ushigoroshi! Fans fire up with Carter as he aims at Drake. Gibson saves Drake in the open corner, but the ref reprimands him. Gibson helps Drake get to their corner and tags in. Fans boo but Carter dodges Gibson to dropkick-flip off Drake, and then he dodges Gibson again to catch Gibson in an overhead suplex! Drake is angry but Carter kips up to get in his face. Drake gets out and Carter goes to Gibson, but Gibson ducks the shining wizard, only to get the mule kick! Cover, TWO! Carter has Gibson’s arm and wrenches, but Gibson headlocks. Drake tags in as Gibson whips Carter. Carter hops over but gets swept to a basement dropkick! Drake stomps away on Carter and then brings him up for a BIG left! Drake gives Carter another, and Gibson shouts to, “Hurt him! Hurt him!”

Drake has Carter up, backbreaker! Carter bails out and Drake tags Gibson. Gibson has Carter up, Drake slingshots, pescado backbreaker combo! Fans boo as the Grizzled Young Veterans loom over Carter. Gibson puts Carter in the ring and stays between him and Smith. Gibson snapmares Carter to club him with an elbow, cover, TWO! Gibson wraps Carter up in a cobra twist. Fans troll Gibson more but Gibson thrashes Carter around. Gibson drags Carter over and tags in Drake, ripcord into Drake’s forearm! Cover, TWO! Fans still troll GYV while Smith reaches for Carter. Drake shoves Carter but Carter elbows Gibson! Carter hits Drake back, Drake whips but Carter QUEBRADAS! Fans fire up as Carter crawls, hot tag to Smith! The Smoke throws big hands on Drake! And hits Gibson for good measure! Smith hits a leaping lariat on Drake!

Smith whips, Gibson saves Drake, but Smith FLIES! Tope conjilo for a double shot! Smith puts Drake in, but Drake kicks back! Smith slips out of the DDT to scoop and BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Drake survives and Smith is surprised, but Smith focuses. Smith drags Drake up, but Gibson is back. Gibson distracts, Drake waistlocks but Smith elbows free. Gibson tags in as Smith fireman’s carries Drake. Drake slips off and shoves Smith into Gibson’s grasp, enziguri rocks Smith! Gibson turns Smith around, but Smith slips free, and Gibson just narrowly catches Drake’s superkick! GYV regroup, MAYHEM IN MOTION takes out Carter! Smith sees he’s all alone, but he fires up, only to get clobbered from behind. Drake goes back to his corner so he can officially tag in, and Gibson feeds Smith to the gut wrench, TICKET TO MAYHEM! Cover, Grizzled Young Veterans win!

Winners: The Grizzled Young Veterans, James Drake pinning

The original NXT UK Tag Team Champions won, just as they said they would. Carter crawls back into the ring to check on his friend, and he gets stomped down by Gibson and Drake! The fans boo, but here come Andrews and Webster! The rockstar and the Modfather won’t stand for such bullying! But GYV retreat! Will the Welsh air force show Gibson and Drake what locker room leaders are really like?


NXT UK Media caught up with Tyler Bate.

What does he see for his future in NXT UK? Well he’s happy to go with the flow, take things as they come. He’s seeing all the new faces making waves, but he’s most looking forward to see someone he crossed paths with before. That would be the Spanish Ace, A-Kid. A great seal of approval from the inaugural United Kingdom Champion, will this mean big things out the gate for the newest signee? And as for Tyler Bate himself, will he ever feel up to trying for the UK Championship again?


NXT UK Media catches up with the Grizzled Young Veterans.

They felt that match with Carter and Smith was a joke. But then they see Gallus coming by with their UK Tag Team Championships. Gibson wants Gallus not to get big heads, they’ve been tag champs all about five minutes. Don’t forget this feeling, make sure to get your photos with your families and friends, because you’re not going to have the belts long. Don’t worry about Imperium when you’ve got Gibson and Drake to worry about. Mark says not to worry, they have eyes and ears everywhere. Is that meant to be threatening? Will Gallus’ kingdom come under siege on multiple fronts?


Ligero VS Travis Banks!

The Luchador of Leeds and the Kiwi Buzzsaw each want to rise up in the ranks, but with both men getting hot again, what will it take to cool one of them off?

The bell rings and the two tie up. Ligero waistlocks, cravats and snapmares to a cover, but Banks is out fast. Banks rolls Ligero, ONE, but Ligero sweeps, ONE. Banks sweeps, ONE, and the two stand off. Fans cheer as Banks and Ligero circle again. Fans duel as the two tie up with knuckle locks. Ligero brings Banks down with a leg, then forces the shoulders down. TWO as Banks bridges, so Ligero sweeps the legs out. TWO and Banks bridges again. Banks powers his way up, the two go shoulder to shoulder, but Ligero rolls back to put pressure on Banks. Banks and Ligero struggle against each other, and Banks turns Ligero around. Banks flips Ligero over his back, then snapmares, but Ligero is right up. Ligero ducks and kicks to then arm-drag Banks down into a crucifix cover, TWO!

Ligero has a headlock right away but Banks endures. Banks fights his way to his feet, back suplexes, but Ligero lands on his feet. Ligero has the headlock again and grinds Banks back down. Banks powers up and out again, then trips Ligero to get on him with La Magistrol, TWO! Ligero hops on, victory roll, TWO! The two stand off again and fans are loving the exchange! Fans duel between the two as Ligero and Banks tie up. Banks has an arm, wrenches and grinds Ligero down. Fans rally up and Ligero fights his way up. Ligero rolls, handsprings, but Banks arm-drags him down into another armlock. Banks keeps on the shoulder, fans rally up, and Ligero fights his way up again. Ligero uses the ropes to flip through, then he holds on to block the whip. Banks keeps trying, so he goes up andaround to arm-drag Ligero. Things speed up, Ligero shoves Banks out of the air, and brings him down into a modified crucifix cover, TWO!

Banks waistlocks and lifts, but Ligero blocks and standing switches. Dragon sleeper, but then Ligero spins Banks around, Banks cradle counters! TWO, and Ligero whips Banks, only for Banks to dodge the dropkick! Banks jackknife covers, Ligero slips out and sits on it, TWO and Banks has the sunset flip! TWO, and Ligero kicks. Banks blocks it, and throws Ligero down! Banks runs, basement knee! Cover, TWO! Banks keeps his cool but fans fire up as Ligero survives. Banks brings Ligero back up for a CHOP. Ligero gasps for air but Banks brings him up again, for another CHOP! And another! Ligero almost eggs Banks on, so Banks CHOPS him again! And again! And again! Ligero keeps rising! Banks CHOPS again, but Ligero gives the CHOP back! It’s become a chop fight! And then a forearm brawl! They go back and forth and the fans love it!

Banks throws elbows from all sides, but Ligero kicks. Banks blocks again, only for Ligero to BOOT with the free leg! Ligero and Banks are both down, but fans are dueling. Ligero gets to the apron while Banks checks his face. Banks hobbles over, Ligero springboards but flops! He’s up, but Banks shotgun dropkicks! Banks runs in, hops, but Ligero was ready! Sunset flip, TWO! Banks and Ligero speed up, no C4L, dragon’s lair cover! TWO, Ligero swings but mises, but he dodges Slice of Heaven! Now Ligero rolls to dragon’s lair, Banks slips out but Ligero gets him anyway, TWO!! Fans are loving this back and forth chess game, but Banks gets Ligero with a backslide! TWO, and Banks snapmares. Ligero baits Banks into a backslide of his own, TWO! Ligero tries again, but Banks fights it off. The two sit down, rock around to a double cover?! The ref counts three but who wins?!

The referee tries to explain to both men, but the fans are upset! What is going on here? The referee explains to the ring announcer, it is a double pinfall DRAW!


Ligero and Banks can’t believe it! They didn’t win, but they didn’t lose. They still respect each other after, and shake hands. Will they clear things up with a future rematch?


NXT UK fans, prepare for next week!

For those who like to watch live, NXT UK moves up to 11 AM Eastern, 4 PM British time to make room for WWE Crown Jewel! Don’t worry, it’ll be worth it, because A-KID makes his NXT UK debut! Not to mention, Jordan Devlin and Dave Mastiff look to prove who is truly the biggest rising star in the brand as they go 1v1!


Trent Seven VS Noam Dar!

The first time these two faced off, the Man from Moustache Mountain was pushed into a rage by the Scottish Supernova’s taunting. Seven lost because he got disqualified, and Dar would keep rubbing it in. Dar taunts Seven even now by having the towel he stole around his neck, and the letters “RIP BSS” written on it in marker. Will Seven get back at Mr. Supernova 11 for everything he’s said and done up to date?

Seven wants to do his signature slow roll into the ring, but Dar dropkicks him out! Fans boo as Dar throws the towel and his jacket off. Dar goes out to throw Seven into steel steps! Fans boo harder but Dar drags Seven up to put on the apron for clubbing forearms! Dar uses the towel to tie Seven up to a post! The ref reprimands Dar, but Dark basement dropkicks the arm against the post! Seven slumps off the apron while Dar goes into the ring. Dar soaks up the heat while the ref checks on Seven. Seven gets up and throws off his jacket, too angry to let this rematch pass him by. The ref double checks but Seven says go, so the bell rings! Dar runs at Seven from the corner, into Seven’s LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Dar survives his own ego, and he eggs Seven on.

Seven goes after Dar with furious hands, but he lest up before the count. Dar runs in but into a hip toss! And then a scoop slam! Seven runs to drop the leg, brother! Cover, TWO!! Dar rolls away but Seven is back on his feet. Seven whips Dar but Dar holds ropes then side steps. But Seven knows about the table top and he stomps Dar down! Fans cheer as Seven loom over Dar. Seven torture racks Dar, but Dar rakes the eyes! Dar escapes to the apron, blocks the chop, and hotshots the bad arm! Fans boo but Dar gets in to take aim again. Dar runs in, but runs into an URENAGE! Seven has the fans firing up as he climbs to the top. But Dar sweeps the legs and Seven crashes to the mat! The ref wants Dar to stay back, but Dar refuses! Dar drags Seven up, fisherman suplex! Cover, TWO! Now Seven survives and frustrates Dar.

Dar stomps Seven down as fans boo and jeer. Seven refuses to let the ref end this, but Dar stomps him more. The ref backs Dar off, Dar says he knows how a five count works. Seven hits back but Dar snapmares Seven into ropes! Cover, TWO! Fans troll Dar with songs of Alicia Fox. Dar goes for legs, Seven kicks back, but he gets caught into an STF! Dar wants after the left arm! Dar shouts, “I love you, Pete!” as he goes after Seven’s fingers! Seven endures, so Dar lets up to stomp him out. Fans boo and jeer but Dar drags Seven back up. Seven throws big body shots back, and then uppercuts! Dar ducks to back suplex and crotch Seven on the ropes! Seven falls off and hits the apron on the way down! Fans rally up for Seven while Dar lets the ring count climbs. Seven gets to his feet at 4, and crawls in at 7. Dar dropkicks Seven in the head!

Dar drags Seven up and bumps him off buckles, then reels him in. “I love you, Tyler!” Dar goes to underhook but Seven falls down. Dar brings him back up, but Dar is no Big Strong Boy. Seven slips out to CHOP! And then back drop! And CHOP again! Fans fire up with Seven as he fakes Dar out. But Dar slips out the DDT to sweep the legs! Dar has the ankle lock! But Seven rolls to throw Dar off. Dar runs back in, into a Snap Dragon Suplex! Dar flounders around and out of the ring. Fans rally up, Seine runs and DIVES! The Lowpe blasts Dar into barriers! Seven gets up and puts Dar back in. Seven climbs up top again, but needs a moment. He gets his legs working, corkscrew senton FLOPS! Dar drags Seven up, underhooks and spins him around and around and around, but Seven scoop slams Dar first! Cover, TWO!!

Fans rally up for Seven again as he and Dar are both down. Seven rises and he looms over Dar. Seven clubs Dar before wrapping on the wristlock. Seven reels Dar out but Dar kicks the lariat away. So Seven SLAPS Dar! Seven winds up, but swings into a Complete Shot! Cover, TWO!! Dar has the ankle lock and grapevine! Seven gets the ropebreak, and Dar takes his time letting go. The ref has Dar back off, but Dar and Seven stay on the apron. Dar drags Seven up but Seven CHOPS! Dar boots and boots and boots, but Seven blocks the fourth! Seven fakes Dar out again, DDT to the apron!! Fans are loving this as Seven gets back in. Seven covers, TWO! Dar still lives but Seven shouts, “NO!” Seven grimaces as he clutches his bad leg. Seven fights through the pain and hobbles over to Dar. He drags Dar up and wristlocks, “This is for Tyler!”

Seven reels Dar out but Dar ducks the lariat. Dar wristlock ripcords Seven now! But Seven ducks to Snap German Suplex! And then he CHOPS back, to the SEVEN STAR LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!? Dar survives and Seven can’t believe it! But fans are loving “NXT! NXT!” for this one. Seven and Dar stir, and Seven gives Dar kicks from the mat. Dar dares Seven to bring it, and they start brawling on their knees. Seven throws a forearm, Dar gives it back. Dar taunts, “Let’s go, Strong Style!” Seven and Dar stand to throw more hands. Dar gets the edge, and pulls on the beard! But Seven pulls Dar’s hair to DECK him! Seven is seething, but misses at the ropes! Dar sweeps the legs and then climbs up top, double stomps to the knee!! But he runs into a SUPERKICK! SEVEN STAR- NO! Ankle lock and grapevine!!

Seven flails inside the Champagne Super Kneebar, but Dar stomps and kicks away! Seven shouts “NO!” and hammers Dar’s legs! Seven flails, reaches, grits his teeth and gets the ropebreak! Dar lets go at 4 but is frustrated that he hasn’t finished Seven yet. Fans are at a fever pitch as Dar goes back for the towel. Dar puts the towel around his shoulders to drag Seven up. Fans rally up for Seven as he rolls Dar up! TWO, but Dar BUZZSAWS! Cover, TWO!! Seven survives and shocks the Supernova! Fans have not stopped cheering and singing, but Dar drags Seven around. “All your crones have left you, old man!” Seven grabs Dar’s pinkie! Bop up, BANG! Finger SNAP! Torture rack, BURNING HAMMER!! Cover, Seven wins!!

Winner: Trent Seven, by pinfall

British Strong Style still lives through the silver-haired superman from Moustache Mountain! Seven gets even with Dar, and gets his towel back, as well, but is this just the beginning for a resurgence?



My Thoughts:

A real fun episode for NXT UK here! We get some great progress in stories, like Xia Brookside’s social media influencer style promo video. Xia calling out KLR, I wonder if she’s already up next for a title shot. Given what we saw on last night’s NXT USA, plans really have shifted for Tegan Nox, so perhaps a new Face moves up now. That would be pretty great for Xia to at least get a shot and put on the best match she’s ever had, even in losing. I’m still wondering when and where Toni Storm is going to return, as I would hope KLR VS Storm 2 is a big match for a TakeOver or other special event. And it makes for interesting timing to give us A-Kid’s debut and Devlin VS Mastiff next week when that’s Crown Jewel day, but perhaps it couldn’t be helped. That will make for a real fun episode of NXT UK to go with the greatly hyped and still controversial PPV event.

Ligero VS Banks was a real great match, and what a nice surprise to make it a draw. That way, neither man is weaker or stronger for it, even if fans are disappointed in the moment. These two are in tough spots being in a midcard that doesn’t have a title, and it makes the possibility of an even better rematch very exciting. I really like where the tag team division is going, with Gallus going at least Tweener, if not full Face. The three of them are great on the mic, so they can surely get over as Faces with crowds, even those not from Scotland. They and Imperium had a great segment together, and I would love to see a Six Man Tag, Gallus VS Imperium that isn’t Walter. Grizzled Young Veterans had a great match with Smith and Carter, Smith and Carter got to shine even in losing. GYV also having a run-in with Andrews and Webster in the ring, then Gallus backstage is all good. I would love if NXT UK escalates their tag title match to a Fatal 4. The Triple Threat was incredible, adding a fourth would make it epic!

And speaking of epic, that Dar VS Seven match reached some real TakeOver worthy levels. I loved all the story put into it, like Dar knowing about the slow roll but Seven knowing about the table top. Dar trying to steal the British Strong Style moves only for Seven to use them was also great, but it really does show that Dunne and Bate seem to be on their way out of UK into more the US NXT and possibly main roster after that. We saw Bate start beef with Grimes and we know Dunne has both Damien Priest and Killian Dain to think about. I would almost hope Seven gets one more big thing in UK before reuniting British Strong Style in the states.

My Score: 8.5/10

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