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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (10/31/19)

Happy Halloween from NXT UK!




Will tonight’s debut be a trick or treat?

The Spanish Ace debuts for NXT UK on All Hallow’s Eve, while the IRISH Ace faces Dave Mastiff! Will it be Aces high? Or will the Bomber at least trump Jordan Devlin?



  • Rhea Ripley & Piper Niven VS Jazzy Gabert & Jinny; Ripley & Niven win.
  • A-Kid VS Kassius Ohno; A-Kid wins.
  • Roy Johnson VS Joseph Conners; Conners wins.
  • Jordan Devlin VS Dave Mastiff; Devlin wins.


Rhea Ripley & Piper Niven VS Jazzy Gabert & Jinny!

The Mosh Pit Kid and the Scottish Viper are still heated rivals, but they’re willing to put that aside to put the Alpha Female and Spoiled Princess in their place! Will this duo of dominant forces be enough to overpower this combination of brawn, brains and beauty?

The teams sort out and each team seems to take a moment to talk things out. In the end, it is Piper and Jinny that start and fans rally up. Jinny circles with Piper but Jazzy distracts with trash talk. But Piper still sees Jinny coming and runs her over! And then CHOPS her down! Piper scoop slams Jinny down, and Rhea is impressed. Piper stands on Jinny as a cover, TWO. Piper tags in Rhea and fans are rallying as Rhea throws clotheslines on Jinny over and over. Rhea even gives Piper a ripcord lariat! Jinny bails out and is furious, but Rhea goes out to stalk up behind Jinny. Piper also drops down, and Jinny finds herself flanked by some fierce females. Rhea kicks Jinny low, then scoops Jinny to bring her up the stairs. Rhea tosses Jinny inside the ring! Jinny flounders but Rhea keeps between her and Jazzy.

Rhea whips Jinny corner to corner hard, then back the other way. Rhea catches Jinny to a cravat for a knee, then hits a basement dropkick! Rhea keeps Jinny away from Jazzy and wraps on a headlock. Jinny kicks at Piper, and then pulls hair! Jazzy gets a cheap shot in, but Rhea shoves her back. Jazzy ROCKS Rhea harder, and then Jinny decks her with a kick! Jinny clubs away on Rhea then tags Jazzy. Jazzy snapmares Rhea down and then clubs away! Cover, TWO! The fans and Piper rally for Rhea but Jinny tags back in. Jinny and Jazzy mug Rhea, then Jinny cravats to a high kick! Cover, ONE! Jinny is seething but her kick misses and Rhea rolls her up! TWO, and Jinny swings around to an Octopus! She claws Rhea’s arm! Fans rally as Rhea walks towards Piper, but Jinny drops down to SLAP away on Rhea’s face, and DECK her with a right! But Rhea KICKS back from the mat!

Both women are down and fans rally up! Jinny and Rhea crawl, hot tags to Jazzy and Piper! Piper the Viper rallies and rams the Alpha Female, but Jazzy stays up. Until Piper crossbodies! Jinny runs in but gets scoop slammed onto Jazzy! Piper sentons them both! Piper throws Jinny out while Jazzy gets to a corner. Piper runs in but into a SPEAR! Rhea breaks the cover! Jinny returns to ROUNDHOUSE Rhea! Piper headbutts Jinny, then catches Jazzy for a SAIDO! Rhea hobbles up and stands with Piper. Jinny and Jazzy are together outside, and Rhea shrugs. Rhea FLIES! She wipes out Jinny and Jazzy, but also falls pretty hard on her own! But she gets right back up and is roaring!! Rhea sends Jazzy in for Piper, who hauls Jazzy up to a Michinoku Driver! Cover, Piper and Rhea win!!

Winners: Piper Niven & Rhea Ripley, Piper pinning

And the powerhouses put away the Spoiled Alphas! There is respect now between them, will we see them team up again?


A-Kid VS Kassius Ohno!

The first Spanish-born superstar is here! But he’s got a killer pop quiz in the Knockout Artist for his debut! Will A-Kid get an A or a KO for Halloween?

The bell rings and Ohno doesn’t seem to take A-Kid seriously. A-Kid dares Ohno to bring it and fans are all fired up. Ohno and A-Kid tie up, and Ohno holds him off with one arm! A-Kid spins through to get up, and the two circle again. Ohno spins through to wrench and bring A-Kid down. A-Kid endures and reaches up but can’t headscissor. Fans rally and A-Kid keeps working, and manages a ghost pin! TWO, and Ohno backs off. Ohno and A-Kid tie up again, and A-Kid headlocks. Ohno stands up to lift A-Kid, but A-Kid holds tight as he works to power out. Ohno rolls around but A-Kid holds tight still. But then Ohno pries him off with a headscissors! A-Kid bridges as Ohno cranks on him, and then moves around to turn Ohno over! A-Kid has the leglock! He grabs arms for Cattle Mutilation! But Ohno rolls it off, stands up and throws A-Kid off.

Ohno smothers A-Kid in the corner to whip him corner to corner, but A-Kid leaps up and leaps again to arm-drag! And then leaps to dropkick! Ohno stays up but A-Kid dropkicks a leg out! Ohno throws a wristband to distract the ref, and he gets away with a throat chop! Ohno then snapmares A-Kid and drops a knee right on A-Kid’s head! Ohno grabs A-Kid’s arms and wrenches back, but fans rally up. A-Kid fights his way up but Ohno wrenches harder. Ohno gets A-Kid in a cobra clutch but A-Kid endures. A-Kid pries his way out but Ohno waistlocks and lifts to cradle, yoyo and senton onto A-Kid! Cover, TWO! A-Kid is proving tougher than the Wrestling Genius calculated. Ohno grabs A-Kid’s hands for knuckle locks and makes a cover, ONE as A-Kid gets an arm up. Ohno forces A-Kid back down, TWO, so Ohno tries again. A-Kid keeps getting his shoulders up, and then powers up!

Fans rally as A-Kid gets up. Ohno goes to squash A-Kid but A-Kid blocks and pushes back. A-Kid leaps up and huricanranas Ohno away! Fans are fired up as A-Kid throws forearms! And a dropkick! Ohno stays up and then dodges the second dropkick, but his senton gets caught into an armbar! But Ohno gets a ropebreak! A-Kid lets up, dodges Ohno’s boot, and rolls him up! TWO, and Ohno spins, into an armbar takedown! Ohno sits up and A-Kid holds tight, trying for a triangle now. Ohno makes it a cover, TWO as A-Kid gets a shoulder up. Ohno dead lifts and puts A-Kid on the ropes, for a guillotine catapult! A-Kid flops out of the ring, gasping for air, but Ohno also needs to catch his breath. Ohno goes out to fetch A-Kid and brings him up for a SLAPPING haymaker! The ring count reaches five as A-Kid CHOPS back! Ohno DECKS A-Kid then throws A-Kid at the ring at 8! A-Kid tiger feint kicks Ohno away and gets in, OHNO IS COUNTED OUT! A-Kid wins!!

Winner: A-Kid, by count out

Amazing! A-Kid outsmarts Ohno! But then Ohno is a sore loser and clobbers A-Kid from behind! The Wrestling Genius doesn’t like being made to look a fool, and he stomps A-Kid down! “Who do you think you are, huh!?” Ohno cravats A-Kid hard in the Kassius Klutch! But Tyler Bate runs out to save A-Kid! Bate whips, Ohno reverses, but Ohno bails out before Bate can lariat on the rebound! Fans sing for Bate as he stays by A-Kid’s side. The Big Strong Boy helps A-Kid up, but will Ohno get even with them both in time?


NXT UK shares interview footage with Killer Kelly.

Earlier this week, Double K was asked about when she’ll return to the ring. Kelly has waited four months and she’s finally cleared again. But apparently, she needs to pick a fight with someone first. And that’s when she spots Isla Dawn. She puts the mouth guard in and goes hunting.


Roy Johnson VS Joseph Conners!

Big Wavy is back in NXT UK! He isn’t a shiny new toy, but that doesn’t mean the Righteous Killer will take kindly to him. Which one of these NXT UK originals gets a win on All Hallow’s Eve?

The bell rings and Conners says he “remembers” Johnson, and sarcastically says “welcome back.” Fans remember, too, and cheer for “Big Wavy! Big Wavy!” Johnson and Conners tie up. Johnson holds pat so Conners breaks off. They go again and Conners waistlocks, but Johnson bucks him off. They speed up and Johnson runs Conners over! Fans cheer and Johnson does a dance, but Conners runs in. Johnson dodges to forearm and whip but Conners reverses to LARIAT! Conners throws Johnson into buckles and then throws big body shots! The ref counts and backs Conners off at 4. Fans boo as Conners comes back to stomp away. Conners drags Johnson up to bump him off buckles again, and then brings him around towards the post.

Conners pulls Johnson against the post Bow ‘n’ Arrow style, but lets up at 4, to basement dropkick him deeper in! “Nice ta see ya, Roy!” Conners shouts as he dropkicks again! The ref checks on Johnson as Conners hits a third! Conners shouts “This is MINE!” as Johnson falls to the floor. Conners puts Johnson in on the apron to CLUB away on his back! Conners rams Johnson into the edge then shoves him into the ring. “What do you think, Nigel? Am I good enough?” Conners wants to know the British icon’s opinion, and Nigel says Conners is doing just fine. Conners whips but Johnson holds ropes to hold it off. Conners clubs and whips but Johnson reverses to forearm smash! Johnson whips to hit a back elbow! Fans fire up as Johnson hits a corner clothesline, and a backbreaker!

Fans cheer as the straps come down and Johnson lifts Conners up. Johnson scoops but Conners rakes eyes to basement bulldog into buckles! Last Chancery Snap! Then, DON’T LOOK DOWN! Cover, Conners wins!

Winner: Joseph Conners, by pinfall

Conners sarcastically pats Johnson on the shoulder as he again talks to the imaginary person in the buckle pad. Did Conners just send Big Wavy back to the bench? Is Conners himself just going up towards the title?


Kay Lee Ray is here!

The NXT UK Women’s Champion barely lets Joseph Conners finish leaving as she makes her own entrance. The Lethal Lass goes to the ring and gets a mic to say, “NXT UK Universe, your day is about to get so much better” now that she’s here. KLR says today is even better because there’s no Toni Storm! Toni is just gone and disappeared, because KLR has the title. And Toni doesn’t have any friends in the back to be upset about it, so that’s the last of Toni in NXT UK.

But speaking of the locker room, KLR thinks it’s hilarious her name is coming out of the the mouth of the blue-eyed, blue-haired little Xia Brookside. Fans start chanting and that gets on KLR’s nerves. KLR says Xia thinks KLR cost her the title shot because of that Women’s Battle Royal. And that KLR cheated to win? In reality, KLR is just smarter. KLR is a realist, and “while that little girl was crying,” KLR did what she could never do, and what no one backstage will always fail to do: become NXT UK Women’s Champion. Whether or not anyone else will ever be champion, one thing is true: the Lightning From Down Under has just been gone. Will Toni Storm ever return? Or will KLR reign forever?


Gallus speaks.

“Is it recording? Listen to this.” Mark Coffey says that Gallus made a statement and got a big score for the firm. Imperium needs to take note that they don’t have all the gold. This is Gallus’ kingdom, and Imperium just lives in it. Next week, big brother Joe Coffey will make his return to the ring, and get another big score for the firm. This is STILL their kingdom. But will Joe get a big win towards facing “big jolly Wally” for the United Kingdom Championship?


Jordan Devlin VS Dave Mastiff!

The Irish Ace claims to be the biggest star on the brand, but the Bomber from Black Country disagrees. With Walter waiting for someone to be worthy of challenging him, will the winner of this match be one step closer to challenging the Ring General?

Devlin attacks just seconds before the bell! He and Mastiff brawl and Mastiff makes him pay for it. Mastiff whips to the corner but Devlin slides out. Devlin grins, but Mastiff chases after. They get back in the ring and Devlin stomps, but Mastiff has his foot! Devlin SLAPS Mastiff, but Mastiff just grins. Mastiff flips Devlin then whips him to back drop him! Devlin begs Mastiff to wait, but Mastiff sees the sucker punch coming and SLAPS Devlin down first. Mastiff rains down elbows, then stomps Devlin down. Mastiff drags Devlin up and throws a big European Uppercut! Devlin ends up in a corner, but Mastiff TOSSES Devlin across the way! Mastiff runs in but Devlin boots him. Devlin hops up but Mastiff grabs him with both hands! Devlin hotshots Mastiff’s arm on the rope! Devlin hurries in to get the arm again, for another hotshot!

Mastiff shakes out the arm but Devlin is on him with a wrench. Devlin wrings Mastiff out to the mat then hits the standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Devlin keeps his cool as Mastiff works on his arm. Devlin drives elbows into Mastiff’s face then stalks him to the corner. The ref counts but Devlin laces the arm on the ropes to pull. Devlin lets up to then stomp and yank the arm. Devlin brings Mastiff out for a double knee strike! Devlin has the bad arm and stands on Mastiff’s head as he pulls! And then Devlin falls back to yank on the arm more! Fans rally up for Mastiff but Devlin stands on Mastiff’s face again. Devlin pulls on the arm and yanks the arm again! Fans boo but Devlin soaks up the heat. Devlin elbows Mastiff in the face again, and then wrenches to wring Mastiff out again. Devlin drops a leg on the arm for a short-arm scissors. Mastiff endures and fans rally up.

Mastiff throws big haymakers but Devlin just wrenches tighter! Mastiff keeps his shoulder up so it isn’t also a cover, and he fights back with more haymakers. Devlin pulls harder on the arm scissor again, but Mastiff refuses to quit. Fans rally and Mastiff works his way up and around! He has a cover, TWO, and he dead lifts to an electric chair drop! Both men are down but fans rally for “NXT! NXT!” Devlin slowly rises and gets to ropes. Devlin comes back to throw a big right! Mastiff gives it back, so Devlin hits again. They brawl back and forth, but Mastiff ROCKS Devlin! Devlin runs in, but gets caught! Mastiff holds him there, to then shift and overhead suplex! Devlin writhes now as Mastiff stands back up. Mastiff whips Devlin and runs him over with a clothesline! And drops a big senton! Cover, TWO!! Devlin survives but Mastiff won’t let up.

Mastiff slaps feeling into his bad arm and hauls Devlin up into position. Mastiff powerbomb lifts, but Devlin slips out to kick away on the left leg! Devlin has the bad arm and pulls, but Mastiff is too much to reel in! Devlin keeps trying, but Mastiff yanks him into a headbutt! Devlin headbutts back! The Irish Ace won’t be denied, but Mastiff does reverse the whip to send Devlin tumbling up and out! Mastiff and Devlin are each gasping for air, but Mastiff goes out to fetch Devlin. Mastiff fireman’s carries but Devlin gets free and on the apron. The Penalty Kick is blocked! Fireman’s carry, rolling senton on the floor! Mastiff crushes Devlin but his bad arm is still bothering him. The referee tells them to get back in and Mastiff pushes Devlin in. Devlin bails out to the apron but Mastiff is on him. Devlin hotshots the arm again! Slingshot cutter!

Devlin hurries up top, MOONSAULT! Direct hit, cover, TWO!! Mastiff survives and Devlin is furious! The fans rally up but Devlin drags Mastiff into the drop zone. Devlin climbs up again, MOONSAULT onto boots! Devlin flops all the way to the other corner, Mastiff runs, INTO THE VOID! But Devlin slumps halfway out of the ring, and then all the way to the floor! Mastiff goes out to fetch Devlin again, frustrated as he is. Mastiff drags Devlin up and in again, but Devlin stays on the apron. Mastiff meets Devlin at the corner, then hops up to bring Devlin up top, and into a fireman’s carry! Devlin fights out and PELES! Devlin uses the top rope for a SUPER DEVLINSIDE!! Cover, Devlin wins!!

Winner: Jordan Devlin, by pinfall

The Ace trumps the Bomber! But will Devlin hit the jackpot of a United Kingdom Championship match in the near future?


NXT UK Media spots Alexander Wolfe and Ilja Dragunov.

The German Ax Man and the Moscow Madman seem to be arguing about something. But when asked, Wolfe says it’s nothing. This is private business. Dragunov has to make up his mind. But imagine the good Imperium could do for him! Or what Imperium could do to make things harder for him. Wolfe leaves before Dragunov can answer, and Dragunov looks very torn. What side will Dragunov choose?



My Thoughts:

Another solid episode from NXT UK, giving WWE fans something to watch today if they’re not into Crown Jewel. The women’s tag match was match shorter than I expected, but it was pretty solid. Rhea and Piper win to kinda end the feud already, but it also feels like this was the exact moment Rhea learned she was heading to NXT America for her current run. Piper will surely hold the fort against Jinny and Jazzy, and we’re even getting some more interview stuff with her next week, so that sounds like a great push for her. Kay Lee Ray calls out Xia Brookside over her videos, as well as points out how Toni Storm hasn’t been around. I feel like we are getting what I said last week: Xia gets her match with KLR, but doesn’t win, and it’s Toni’s triumphant return that finally tests KLR’s reign. It will likely make up for how the TakeOver: Cardiff match just fell short.

Ohno VS A-Kid was a great debut match for the younger star, and it was great for him to win, even by count out. But now it seems like things shift to Ohno VS Bate since Bate made the save. I’m a little surprised by that given Bate is now involved with things on NXT America. Maybe Bate will just train A-Kid in kayfabe, as opposed to taking his place in the story. Conners VS Johnson was an okay match, and it does seem a shame Big Wavy hasn’t had more to do on NXT UK TV. Conners still wins, though, so that doesn’t really help things. Conners should get into a real rivalry with a guy like Johnson, that’d probably be great for both of them. Devlin VS Mastiff was a great main event, as each of the main events from the last few weeks have been, but clearly Devlin wanted to show he could be a “Big Strong Boy” like Bate. The top rope saido suplex was amazing, though, and Devlin winning makes a lot of sense. I just don’t know if Devlin’s going to circle back to Bate or what.

Gallus had a great bit of promo, and they’re continuing to shift into Tweener mode against the Heels of Imperium. I’m pretty sure Joe Coffey beats whoever his return opponent is next week, and I’d expect Imperium to respond to being called out by Gallus a couple times by now. And given how Wolfe keeps trying to get Ilja Dragunov on their side, I wonder if it backfires, and Dragunov ends up an unlikely ally to Gallus so that there’s 4v4 against Imperium in at least an 8 Man Tag, before things split off for NXT UK Tag Team Championships, WWE/NXT United Kingdom Championship and then Dragunov VS Wolfe on the side.

My Score: 8.2/10

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