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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (10/7/19)

Raw prepares for the Draft!



NEW Raw coverage

There’s still more after Hell!

After going through hell, the superstars of Raw and SmackDown will collide in a Draft Showcase! Who will impress before WWE shakes things up again?



  • Randy Orton VS Rusev; No Contest.
  • Last Woman Standing: Lacey Evans VS Natalya; Natalya wins.
  • Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler VS The Viking Raiders; The Viking Raiders win.
  • Handicap Match: Aleister Black VS The Singh Brothers; Black wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The OC VS Lucha House Party; The OC wins.
  • Championship Showcase: The Kabuki Warriors VS Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch; The Kabuki Warriors win.
  • Ricochet VS Apollo Crews; Ricochet wins.


Raw was rough for Rusev.

He might have beaten a bothered and anxious Seth Rollins to become WWE Universal Champion, but then a home-wrecking reckoning would go public. His wife, Lana would lock lips with Bobby Lashley! What will the Bulgarian Lion do now that his Ravishing Russian is with a Rocky Mountain Machine?


Randy Orton VS Rusev!

Things just went from rough to brutal! The Viper and the Lone Wolf King are beating Rusev down together! This is in anticipation of Team Hogan VS Team Flair at Crown Jewel! Fans troll Corbin with “STD!” and Rusev fights back! Orton and Corbin bail out and regroup as Rusev glares at them. But Bobby Lashley is on the titantron! Lashley gets Rusev’s attention and sees the bad time. Meanwhile, Lashley’s feeling real comfortable right now in Rusev’s robe. And though Lashley looks way better in the robe, this does mean something: he’s at Rusev’s house. And if he’s at the house, he’s in Rusev’s room. And if he’s in Rusev’s room, then this is Rusev’s bed. Lashley strips down and gets in that bed. Nice…!

But if Lashley is in Rusev’s bed, then that must also mean something else is here. It’s LANA! The Ravishing Russian is in her own silky robe, and her own silky lingerie. She climbs into her bed with Lashley, and says she owns everything! And that goes for the money, too! Rusev should’ve been spending his money and time on Lana, not on his family in Bulgaria. Oh, is Rusev not having fun? Lana is! Her, and Lashley. Lana starts unstrapping her bra!! Lashley turns off the lights, and who knows what is happening now. Corbin and Orton laugh at the man with no wife, no home and nothing else to lose. But with nothing left to lose, Rusev’s wrath is unleashed! He runs at Corbin and runs him over! Then tackles Orton into barriers! Fans cheer Rusev but Corbin attacks. Rusev still puts him into apron and steel steps! Rusev scoops and throws Orton into the barriers! Then he bounces King Corbin off the steel!

Fans are on Rusev’s side in this as he takes up steel steps, to SMASH Orton! And SMASH Corbin! And SMASH the other steps! Rusev’s rage will not stop, he gets in Orton’s face over laughing at him, and then throws Orton into a post! “Laugh now!” Corbin somehow gets up, only for Rusev to MACHKA KICK him into the front row! And then he turns back to Orton, for a MACHKA KICK that sends Orton into the front row! Rusev throws steel steps in anger, then more steel steps in more anger. Rusev’s rage is for the home-wrecking Lashley, but who will suffer in Lashley’s place?


Last Woman Standing: Lacey Evans VS Natalya!

The Woman’s Right and the Sharpshooter have not been enough to end this feud of Sassy and “Nasty,” but there isn’t really room for manners when the fight won’t stop until someone can’t stand. What won’t the Model Soldier and the Queen of Harts do to each other tonight?

Raw returns, and Lacey literally has a trash can with Natty’s name on it. This is the “end of the road,” and that is when the trash is taken out. After that “nonsense” Natty pulled, there is only one place left to go. And that’s why this Last Lady Standing Match is happening. And the lady standing at the end will be Lacey, while trashy Natty- Speaking of, here she comes! Natty is smiling, eager to get after Lacey without restraint. The bell rings, and this match begins!

The two circle, Natty tackles Lacey to a corner and fires off hands. Lacey shoves and swings but Natty ducks to clothesline! Natty sends Lacey out and then into barriers! Natty brings Lacey up to SLAP, then throw into barriers again! Natty stomps Lacey but then puts her in the ring. Natty sees Lacey exit so she hurries around the corner, to back drop Lacey down! Fans cheer as a count starts, but Lacey gets up. Natty kicks her around, then SLAPS her again! Lacey goes to the timekeeper’s area but Natty is on her with a snap suplex! Natty kicks Lacey while she’s down, but Lacey kicks Natty back! Both women get up but Natty puts Lacey in the ring again. Lacey gets up but gets the DISCUS! Natty grabs the legs, to step through, and turn over for the SHARPSHOOTER! Lacey could tap all she wants but she has to suffer this hold! But Lacey powers up, crawls for ropes, but no ropebreaks here, either! Natty drags Lacey away, then stomps her down.

Natty bounces Lacey off the mat now, and again, then tells her, “You like that, you nasty-” Lacey hits back and throws Natty down now! Lacey is up on her feet while the ref counts to 5. Natty stirs but we’re at 8. Natty rises at 9! Only for Lacey to kick! Natty grabs the leg, throws Lacey down by it and kicks her down again. Natty snap suplexes, then kicks Lacey more. Lacey gets to the apron but Natty runs over. The dropkick misses wide, and Lacey brings Natty out to swing into the barriers! The count begins again, and climbs to 5 again. Natty sits up at 7, and stands at 9, only for Lacey to BOOT her down! Lacey goes under the ring, for a TABLE! Fans are happy to see that, but then Lacey tricks them. A Lady doesn’t want to use that. Natty is still down as the ref counts again. We pass 5, then get to 8, but again Natty is up. So Lacey throws her into steel steps! Raw goes to break as Natty writhes in pain.

Raw returns and Lacey whips Natty into the timekeeper’s chair! Natty crashes down and the red counts. The cont reaches 5, and Lacey has a kendo stick! This is something a Lady will use. She waits for Natty to stand, and Natty does at 8, to get a SMACK! Natty is back down so the count begins again. Natty starts stirring but Lacey SMACKS her again! The count starts a third time, but Natty is stirring. Lacey takes a seat in the arm chair as she watches Natty crawl. Natty starts to rise at 7, then 8, and is up at 9! So Lacey throws her into a post! Natty is down again and the count begins again. Lacey grows annoyed as she watches Natty. Natty sits up at 7 but Lacey tells her to stay down. Natty is up at 9.5! Lacey puts Natty in the seat and straps her in with the kendo stick! Lacey BOOTS Natty and the chair over!

The count begins again and that stick traps Natty! The count reaches 5 as Natty pulls on the stick. The stick comes out at 8 and Natty hops up at 9! Lacey gets the stick back to SMACK her back down! And again! And again! But Natty kicks back and they fight over the stick. Natty monkey flips Lacey! Natty has the stick and SMACKS away on Lacey! Lacey kicks Natty, takes the stick back, and tosses it aside. The count begins again, Lacey watches Natty stir. Natty wills herself up at 9.9!! Lacey bounces her off the apron! Lacey puts more kendo sticks in, and SMACKS Natty again! Natty bails out but Lacey pursues. Lacey drops Natty with a neckbreaker! “COUNT!” The ref does count, and Lacey tells Natty to just give up. The count passes 5 once more, but fans are rallying. Natty stirs at 7, Lacey brings the can over, and SMASHES Natty with it! And then she dumps the trash on Natty! Lacey gets up on the barriers and taunts fans, to then MOONSAULT onto Natty!

Another count begins as Natty is down. Lacey is growing frustrated as Natty refuses to stay down! Lacey drags Natty up to the ramp, to suplex onto it! Natty writhes from the impact and the count begins again. Lacey looms over Natty but isn’t satisfied. She drags Natty up to throw into the LED wall! Natty slides down the quarter pipe and Lacey drags her back up, to bring to commentary! The desk becomes part of the action and Lacey clears it off. King, Dio and Vic clear out while Lacey has the ref count. The count passes 5 again, and Lacey thinks this is finally it. Natty is up at 9.99!! Lacey puts her on the table and hops up to join her. Lacey drags Natty up, to SUPLEX on the table! Natty falls to the stage floor as the count begins again. Lacey lounges on the desk and says this is it. Fans wouldn’t mind “One More Time!” and Natty is up at 9 again! So Lacey throws her back into the LED wall! Natty slides down but Lacey brings her back up, and to the edge of the stage!

Natty fights back, and snap suplexes Lacey in return! Then she picks Lacey up, to POWERBOMB OFF the stage!! Lacey crashes through spare tables and fans are thunderous! The count climbs, Natty wobbles to her feet, and Lacey is still down!! Natty wins!!

Winner: Natalya

And that’s the end of that! The Queen of Harts stands tall on the desk to celebrate her triumph over the Sassy Southern Belle! What will this mean for Natty come Draft day?


WWE fights breast cancer!

Join the fight, save lives!


Aleister Black speaks.

“Monday Night Raw. A place of competition and a place of tradition.” That tradition is battle. Battle is something Aleister desperately requires. Because underneath the “calm and collected demeanor,” we all know that is not who Aleister really is. Aleister is “as unforgiving as fire, and as cold and permanent as death.” All of this tells the other superstars that he is “forever restless.” So someone, please knock on his door to pick. A fight. With him.


The Street Profits get hype!

It’s October, but Raw feels hot like Summer. Lacey and Natty are barely walking, Aleister wants a fight, and SmackDown is starting fresh on Fox. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins look forward to the WWE Draft! OH YEAH! Each brand, each network, specific rosters on Friday. First on their prospects list is Apollo Crews. A blue chipper you don’t sleep on. Next, Buddy Murphy, the Best Kept Secret that is looking to get out. Third, Drake Maverick? The 40-Year Old Virgin. No no, he’s not a virgin, he just hasn’t “done that thing” since putting on the ring. But if he knew what he was doing, he’d have done it.

But before all that, there is BIG BUSINESS tonight! The magician of the boxing ring, the Gypsy King, Tyson Fury! And after Friday, Braun Strowman might be the one to #GetTheseHands! That is to say, Fury took offense to Strowman just about throwing the Show-Off, Dolph Ziggler, on him! Fury will be here tonight to address those actions.


Speaking of, backstage interview with Tyson Fury!

Why is he provoking Strowman? He wasn’t doing anything of the sort. Strowman threw Dolph at him, but Fury lost his cool. Tonight, Fury is a guest, and he wants an apology. If Strowman doesn’t apologize, then Fury’s gonna make sure Strowman gets his hands.


Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler VS The Viking Raiders!

And speaking of the Show-Off, he and his GLORIOUS tag team partner are looking to show they’re here to stay as the Raw Tag Team Champions. But can Erik and Ivar impress both the draft committees and WWE management in one fell swoop?

Raw returns as the tag team champions arrive. The titles aren’t on the line but the champs do need to be careful. Erik starts against Ziggler with the bell.

Ziggler and Erik circle and Ziggler gets a leg. Erik drops down, gets Ziggler up, but lets up at the ropes. They go again, and Ziggler gets a leg. Ziggler moves up to a waistlock but Erik switches and trips Ziggler up. Erik has Ziggler on the mat with a front waistlock, then gets up. Ziggler counters with a facelock but Erik puts him on the ropes. ERik backs off again but Ziggler pokes an eye! Ziggler hops on and has a modified chinlock. Erik works his way up and around to trip Ziggler up and turn him over for a deadlift slam! Tag to Ivar, and the Vikings have Ziggler for the scoop slam! Then Ivar is a human weapon, scoop slam senton! Fans cheer for that one as Ziggler bails out. Roode checks on Ziggler and he’s okay, but Roodei s still upset. Ziggler gets up and in, but tags out to Roode. Roode watches Ivar closely as he enters.

Roode and Ivar tie up and Roode waistlocks. Ivar is too big to lift and Ivar throws Roode off! Ivar scoops Roode but Roode slips out to chop block! Roode kicks the leg and Ivar hobbles. Roode clubs Ivar in the head, then kicks the leg more. Ivar kneels but Roode toys with him. Ivar gets mad and runs Roode over! Ivar roars as he tags in Erik. The Vikings go at Roode, corner splash, shotgun knees! Then human weapon, hip attack! Roode flops down but Ziggler drags him out for safety. The Vikings come for them and Erik rocks Ziggler! Erik throws big hands and puts Roode in the ring. Erik has Roode in a mounted armlock, but Roode endures. Erik grinds Roode down as fans rally. Roode fights his way up and knees low. Roode elbows Erik then CHOPS him back. But Erik gives Roode Ace Ten Mao! Erik roars in Roode’s face as he scrapes him out. Ziggler and Roode regroup again, but Ivar and Erik watch them closely.

The ref tells Ziggler and Roode to return to the action, and Ziggler helps Roode get into the ring. Erik is on Roode with a running forearm in the corner! Then he whips Roode corner to corner, for an Exploder! Erik clotheslines Roode out hard and Ziggler hurries to Roode’s side! Fans cheer while Ziggler wants a timeout! There are no timeouts in wrestling, but Raw does go to break.

Raw returns and Erik rocks Roode with rights in the corner. Erik whips Roode to ropes but Roode reverses to knee low. Roode throws Erik to the apron, but Erik fights Ziggler off. Erik hits Roode, too, but Ziggler trips him! Roode throws Erik into the barriers! Roode hurries into the ring and distracts the ref as Ziggler hits the satellite DDT on Erik! Ziggler puts Erik in for Roode to cover, TWO! Roode rains down rights on Erik, then tags Ziggler in. Ziggler and Roode split the wishbone on Erik, then stomp him down. Ziggler has Erik in a modified camel clutch, then pulls back hard. Fans rally up as Erik reaches for Ivar, but Ziggler turns him away and rakes the eyes! Then drops Erik with a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Ziggler grows frustrated, but he drags Erik back over. Tag to Roode and Ziggler stands on a hand. Roode stomps Erik’s head, then suplexes him! Float to the cover, ONE!

Erik reaches but Roode wraps him up in a chinlock. Fans rally as Erik endures. Erik fights his way up but Roode knees low again. Roode bumps Erik off buckles then tags Ziggler. The champs mug Erik then whip him corner to corner. Ziggler whips Roode for Roode to whip Erik, but Erik dodges! Ziggler gets post, Erik clobbers Roode! The three men are down but stirring. Ivar is ready, Erik gives him the tag! The War Beard back drops Ziggler then sidewalk slams Roode! Basement crossbody! Corner splash misses, but the seated senton squashes Ziggler! Cartwheel clothesline clobbers Roode! Fans are fired up with Ivar, and he catches Ziggler to toss him. Ziggler kicks a leg out, to hit the Famouser! Cover, TWO!! Ziggler is furious but fans are rallying. Erik returns and is ready, but Ziggler is up. Ziggler runs at Ivar, but the kick is deflected for a heel kick!

Erik tags in and the Vikings give Ziggler the springboard lariat German Suplex! Cover, but Roode breaks it! Roode hits Ivar out, too, but then Erik sends Roode out. Erik grabs Ziggler and roars, before he whips Ziggler into a corner. Ziggler dodges the shotgun knees! Oklahoma roll, TWO!! Ziggler is beside himself but Roode returns. Tag to Roode and now the champs focus on Erik. But Erik fights back against them both! Erik runs, into a GLORIOUS ZIGZAG!! Ziggler hits Ivar, Roode covers, TWO!? Erik survived that?! Roode is furious, but he has something left to use. Roode winds it up and… Glorious~! Erik rises, Roode kicks, but no DDT! Erik ROCKS Roode! Ziggler tags in, he runs at Erik, but Erik bucks the Zigzag off. Ivar tags in. Ziggler gets caught, THOR’S HAMMER! Cover, the Viking Raiders win!!

Winners: The Viking Raiders, Ivar pinning

Assuming the WWE Draft keeps the Vikings on Raw, the raid will head for the Raw Tag Team Championships! They beat them once, can Erik and Ivar beat Roode and Dolph for the gold?


Aleister Black is ready.

“On second thought, I’ve seen how this plays out.” He’ll go to the ring next, and see if someone wants to pick that fight with him! Who will step up to the Embodiment of the End’s open challenge and #FadeToBlack?


Raw returns with the Singh Brothers in the ring.

Samir & Sunil felt that a WWE Showcase would not be complete without the greatest tag team on 205 Live, the Bollywood Boys, making a huge return! And they are going to give everyone an example as to why they’re the top draft picks for Raw and SmackDown! They pick, that fight, with Aleister!

Handicap Match: Aleister Black VS The Singh Brothers!

Speak of the devil and he shall appear! Or at least, the man with the devil on his back. Aleister returns to action on this very important night, but will he make the #LightsCameraAndBollywoodAction #FadeToBlack?

The bell rings, and the Bollywood Boys dance. Samir runs into a ROUNDHOUSE! Sunil is in shock! Aleister merely scowls as Samir slumps out of the ring. Suni runs into a roundhouse of his own! Aleister kicks then knee triggers Sunil down! Samir returns to save his brother and clubs away on Aleister. Samir talks trash but Aleister just stares into his soul, BLACK MASS! Sunil jumps on Aleister but gets an elbow! Dragon Sleeper! Sunil taps, Aleister wins!

Winner: Aleister Black, by submission

Cut, print, that’s a wrap! Will the Embodiment of the End become a star player on Raw? Or will he help SmackDown strike fear on Fridays?


Backstage interview with Braun Strowman.

Tyson Fury is in the building, and wants an apology. The Monster Among Men’s response is that SmackDown was just a little bit of fun. But if Fury wants to be all serious, then Strowman will get serious. Fury better ask nicely for that apology, or Fury will #GetTheseHands. Whose hands will be flying when the Gypsy King confronts the Monster?


Backstage interview with Rey Mysterio.

The King of Lucha Libre returns, arm in a sling, to thank everyone from superstars to fans for thinking and praying for Dominick. In a weird way, Mysterio has never been prouder, because Dominick took that beating like a man. Those physical scars will heal, but his emotional scars will take time. Dominick will rest up and be ready for the ring. As for the “victimizing” at the hands of Brock Lesnar, it only hurt when he couldn’t stop “that disgusting bully” Lesnar from going after his son. Mysterio felt like he let Dominick and all of his family down. And then when they’re in the hospital, his godfather walks in. The former two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez stepped up, because he is the only man to truly make Lesnar afraid. Cain is going to DESTROY Lesnar! He will avenge the Mysterios against the Beast! Will history repeat itself from UFC to WWE?


The Authors of Pain have another message.

Akam and Rezar say that “when you grow up in a war zone, you learn quickly to fight for every scrap of food” for you and your family. They great up thousands of miles apart, but it was fate that they grew up the same way. They each have the will to take something from another man for the sake of their own. No one in the WWE Tag Team Division has that same killer instinct. They were born this way, raised this way and enjoyed living this way. They have the will to take food and money off your table, and even take your careers. They will do violence in the WWE. That same will to do violence means they will write their opponents’ names in the history books. That is why they are the Authors of Pain! Who will be the first names on the AOP’s list?


Six Man Tag: The OC VS Lucha House Party!

The Good Brothers and AJ Styles lost to Strowman and the Vikings last night, but look to rebound against Kalisto, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik. Which trio makes a big impact on their draft odds here tonight?

Raw returns as LHP makes their entrance in full regalia and with full pinatas! The trios sort out, and we begin with Styles and Kalisto, the current WWE United States Champion and a former United States Champion.

Styles rushes Kalisto and puts him in a corner. The ref backs Styles off but Kalisto catches the kick to trip Styles! Kalisto kicks away but Styles gets away to the OC corner. Styles runs out but into an arm-drag! And another! Kalisto dropkicks and Styles gets to his corner. Anderson tags in but Anderson gets arm-drags, too! Kalisto has Anderson on the mat but tags in Lince. Lince drops ax handles and throws CHOPS. Lince whips but Anderson reverses, only for Lince to roll off the back and arm-drag! Lince has the armlock but Anderson endures. Anderson knees low and is free, then he stomps Lince down. Anderson whips Lince but Lince springboard headscissors! Metailk tags in and Anderson misses in the corner. Lince helps Metalik get air for the splash! Cover, TWO!

Metalik keeps on Anderson with a chinlock, but Anderson fights his way up. Anderson gets Metalik to the OC corner and throws shoulders. Tag to Gallows and Big LG throws big left and right hands! And an uppercut! Tag to Anderson and Anderson drags Metalik up for a scoop slam! Anderson drops an elbow then covers, ONE! Anderson keeps on Metalik with a chinlock, but he’s also going at the mask! The ref reprimands and Anderson whips Metalik. Metalik handsprings, Anderson gets clear, but Styles runs in. Metalik kicks Styles, goes acrobatic and huricanranas Styles out! Then a huricanrana to Anderson! Gallows runs in, he gets a double dropkick from Kalisto and Lince! The Lucha House Party climbs the same corner, to TRIPLE MOONSAULT! Fans fire up with LHP as we go to break!

Raw returns and Anderson has Lince in a chinlock. Lince works his way up and fights out. Lince runs to hit Styles, but then turns into Anderson’s SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Lince lives and LHP is anxious but Anderson is annoyed. Anderson drags Lince by his mask to the corner and throws European Uppercuts. Anderson hoists Lince up top and throws forearms before he climbs up to join him. Lince fights back and forearms Anderson down. Lince stands, leaps, crossbody! But he bounces off the cover! Fans fire up as Lince and Anderson crawl for corners. Hot tags to Styles, and he drags Lince up. Back suplex but Lince escapes, hot tag to Kalisto!

The Lucha Dragon shoulders in, then slingshots to huricanrana! He hits Gallows, then dodges Styles to handspring enziguri! Styles staggers and gets SPIKED! Cover, Anderson breaks it! Metalik dropkicks Anderson! Gallows bodies Metalik! Kalisto dumps Gallows out, but Styles escapes Salida Del Sol to PELE! Styles forearms Lince then springboards in, PHENOMENAL FOREARM on Kalisto! Cover, The OC wins!

Winners: The OC, Styles pinning

The Official, Original and Only Club are the only ones standing but they’re not satisfied. They drag Metalik back into the ring to stomp away. Then Gallows hauls Metalik up with Anderson, MAGIC KILLER! Lince gets in but gets stomped down! Styles hops up, and the Golden Lynx is fed to his SUPER STYLES CLASH!! And that is what the OC calls Too Sweet! Will these three be able to stick together in the WWE Draft?


Raw presents a new Miz TV!

The Hollywood A-Lister is here, ready to bring a golden edition of the Most Must-See WWE Talk Show! Last week was a huge premiere week, with all the celebrities coming to see Miz! The Rock electrified like only he can. Cain Velasquez shocked us all as he ran Brock Lesnar off. Tyson Fury almost threw down with Strowman, and Miz is looking forward to their moment later tonight. But right now, he welcomes his guests, starting with The Man, Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch! Becky makes her way out to the ring, holding the belt she still has high and proud. And as Becky takes a seat, she greets Bakersfield. The Miz then introduces the NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion, The Queen, Charlotte Flair! Charlotte walks out as her historic tenth title reign begins, blue robe and gear matching the blue on the belt. Charlotte has Miz hold the ropes open for her, then takes a seat with him and Becky.

Miz congratulates them both for their big PPV wins. Becky beat Sasha Banks inside Hell in a Cell while Charlotte made Bayley tap out again. It feels like yesterday that Miz and Becky were working on The Marine 6. But now Becky is on the cover of magazines, the WWE 2K20, and maybe she should start being on cereal boxes! Becky says that’s all great, especially cereal, but the fact is, Sasha beat Becky all the way through Hell, worse than most ever have. But if Sasha was here again, Becky would remind The Boss that the Man kicked her ass! Speaking of, Charlotte beat Bayley again, and Charlotte is once again champion. This milestone tenth reign, it’s good to be the Queen. And they’re both champions again, at the peak of their careers, with a WWE Draft coming. The Draft can change careers, directions, and could either separate or unite “the two most dominant women in all of WWE.”

Dominant women or woman? We’ll see how dominant everyone is when they both take on the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Asuka and Kairi Sane! As beat up as Becky is, she’ll prove herself again against Asuka. Asuka beat Becky, that is a wrong Becky wants to correct. Charlotte is always professional. Right, with the belt Becky made famous. After Charlotte made Becky famous. Fighting words between frenemies get them both to get up out of their seats. Becky Two Belts was the past, but Charlotte’s been The Woman ten times. Quality over quantity, Charlotte. But speaking of the Kabuki Warriors, here they come! The Miz likes where all of this is coming as the Empress of Tomorrow and Pirate Princess walk out with their belts.

Asuka shouts in Japanese that he Kabuki Warriors are here! And they’ll prove they’re the better champions! Those two? Champions? Asuka and Kairi laugh at Charlotte and Becky! Kairi can’t take how great Asuka-nee-san is on the mic. And Charlotte, Becky, please calm down. Because they sound so stupid arguing right now. Becky has been wanting this fight, and here it comes! The Kabuki Warriors rush the ring and we have a brawl! Miz clears out so all the champions can fight! But Kairi gets Becky down while Charlotte rams Asuka! Asuka drags Charlotte down but Becky turns things around on Kairi! Becky gets Kairi’s arm but Kairi slips out. Asuka also gets away from Charlotte and a ref appears to restore order. Becky and Charlotte don’t want that, they both wreck Asuka and Kairi with dropkicks! The Man and Queen taunt the #JoshiRoyalty while Raw goes to break.


Championship Showcase: The Kabuki Warriors VS Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch!

Raw returns and it’s time to throw down! Will the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions prove they’re better than the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champions combined? Or will the frenemies prove they don’t even have to get along to get a win?

Asuka starts against Becky and they tie up at the bell. They go around, Asuka headlocks, but Becky powers out. Asuka runs Becky over and roars, but Becky is up fast. They circle again and tie up. They go around and Asuka puts Becky in a corner. The ref counts and Asuka SLAPS Becky. Becky scowls before firing off forearms on Asuka! Becky hits a forearm smash and fast stomps in the corner! She backs off, to then drag Asuka up for a SLAP of her own! Becky eggs Asuka on but Asuka grinds foreheads. Asuka swing a kick but Becky gives kicks back. Asuka puts Becky on the apron but Becky knocks her away. Becky boots Kairi but Asuka hip attacks Becky! Asuka goes out to fetch Becky but fans rally up. Asuka talks trash as she kicks Becky around. Asuka puts Becky back in and drags her over to tag Kairi.

The Kabuki Warriors whip, kick, kick, bulldog and dropkick Becky down! Kairi kicks Becky to the ropes and stands on her. The ref counts, but Kairi springboard double stomps! Cover, TWO! Kairi clubs Becky, then brings Becky up, Becky and Kairi throw body shots at each other but Kairi whips. Becky reverses but Kairi boots Becky away. Kairi hops up and aims, but the elbow misses. Becky calf kicks Kairi down! Both are down but Charlotte shouts. Becky and Kairi crawl, hot tags to Asuka and Charlotte! A familiar feud in Empress and Queen as the Queen rallies! Charlotte CHOPS away on Asuka, and has her in a corner. Charlotte whips corner to corner, then CHOPS Asuka down! Charlotte dares Asuka to get up, then gets her in a BIG back suplex! Charlotte kips up and fires up with Bakersfield!

Asuka gets to a corner but dodges Charlotte, only to get the backbreaker! And Natural Selection! Fans rally as Asuka bails out to regroup with Kairi. But Charlotte won’t let them be, she goes to the corner and climbs! Charlotte MOONSAULTS onto both Kabuki Warriors! Fans are fired up as Charlotte puts Asuka in. Charlotte has the leg, Figure Four, but Kairi runs in. Charlotte throws Kairi with an Exploder! Asuka is on the outside, Charlotte slingshots into a knee! The Kabuki Warriors get control back as we go to break.

Raw returns and Kairi rocks Charlotte. Kairi clubs away on Charlotte and throws her down by her hair. Kairi fires up as she climbs to the top. Charlotte stands, but catches the crossbody enough for a Fall Away Slam! Both women are down but crawling for their corners. Hot tag to Becky! The Man rallies on the Pirate Princess with forearms, uppercuts and kicks! Becky runs to forearm smash! Fans fire up but Asuka runs in, to get a Becksploder! Becky climbs now, and missile dropkick Asuka down! Kairi back hands Becky hard! Then she drags Becky to a drop zone, before dropping a short elbow. Kairi then prepares to weigh anchor as she climbs up. But Becky is up to elbow Kairi back! The two brawl and Becky tosses Kairi down! Becky hops up, and hits the Man’s Leg Drop! Cover, but Asuka shining wizards Becky off! The ref reprimands but Asuka backs off.

Charlotte slips in to BOOT Asuka down! Kairo chop blocks Charlotte! Kairi rolls Becky up, TWO! INTO A DISARM-HER! But Charlotte’s leg hurts! The ref has to check on her, and that allows Asuka to return, GREEN MIST!! Kairi rolls Becky, Kabuki Warriors WIN!

Winners: The Kabuki Warriors, Kairi Sane pinning

The new attitude, the new tricks and the new champs win! But Charlotte SPEARS Kairi! Asuka goes after Charlotte but Charlotte trips her up! Kairi is on Charlotte and the 2v1 starts working as both Kabuki heel hook Charlotte! But here comes Bliss-Cross! Nikki and Alexa throw hands on Asuka and Kairi! The brawl goes Asuka’s way but Nikki rocks her out of the ring! Alexa ROCKS Kairi, neckbreaker to DDT! The Goddess and the Loony Lass are running wild! Will they be looking for retribution, regardless of where they’re drafted?


Roman Reigns leads the real “big fight.”

Connor’s Cure brings a new crop of youngsters that need our help in the fight of their lives. No one should go through cancer alone. #BelieveInTheFight!


Backstage interview with Apollo Crews.

The WWE Draft is coming, what does Apollo hope to prove against Riocchet/ Well those two go way, way back, so Apollo is honored to be in a match with a friend. But this Draft is about opportunity. Apollo’s been patient, but tonight, “it’s nothing personal.” This will be Apollo’s showcase.


The Viking Raiders speak.

“Ziggler. Roode.” Tonight, they joined the ranks of the fallen, and they learned that NOTHING and NO ONE will keep Erik and Ivar from their fate. They will become NEW Raw Tag team Champions in their match next week!


Backstage interview with Ricochet.

The One and Only heard what Apollo said, and if SmackDown brings Ricochet away, this last night on Raw is very important. So it means so much to share the ring with a legit best friend. Ricochet agrees, this is business. But this won’t be a swan song but the transition to a fresh start. Whether it is SmackDown or Raw, Ricochet will always show superheroes are real. Ricochet heads out for his Showcase match with Apollo!

Ricochet VS Apollo Crews!

Best friends put friendship aside long enough to showcase their skills! Who will impress the most with a win just days before the Draft decides their futures?

Raw returns and the bell rings. The two tie up and Ricochet wrenches. Apollo wrenches back then waistlocks to slam Ricochet down. Ricochet works his way up and reaches for ropes but Apollo German suplexes! Ricochet lands on his feet to arm-drag Apollo back! Ricochet has the arm but Apollo gets up. Ricochet whips corner to corner but Apollo reverses. Ricochet goes up and over and things speed up, Ricochet huricanranas but Apollo handsprings through it! Ricochet kips up and the two grin as they stand off. Fans cheer the athleticism and handshake. Ricochet waistlocks then headlocks. Apollo powers out but Ricochet rolls off his back. Both men run, Apollo bounces Ricochet out with a shoulder! Ricochet avoids a slingshot, Apollo moonsaults but lands on his feet. Ricochet hops up, moonsaults but also lands on his feet as Apollo dodges. They get in the ring, keep moving at high speeds, and Apollo dropkicks Ricochet! Cover, TWO!

Ricochet gets to a corner to slow things down, but Apollo is on him with clubbing forearms. Apollo drags Ricochet up to suplex, and holds him there for a count of 10! Fans cheer Apollo’s strength as he brings Ricochet up again. Ricochet hits back with elbows and haymakers, then whips. Apollo reels Ricochet in but Ricochet arm-drags him away. Ricochet dodges in the corner, shoulders back then bumps Apollo off a buckle before kicking him away! Springboard lariat hits! Standing shooting star does, too! Cover, TWO! Ricochet keeps his cool as he gets up and goes to the top. Ricochet aims and 450’s, but has to roll through as Apollo evades. Apollo walks into the dropkick-flip but he boots Ricochet back! Then enziguris him inside-out! Standing moonsault hits! Cover, TWO! Ricochet grits his teeth as he toughs it out, but Apollo is right on him. Apollo lifts but Ricochet spins to sunset flip. Apollo slips out, RECOIL! Cover, Ricochet wins!

Winner: Ricochet, by pinfall

As quick as a hiccup, this match ends! Apollo himself is surprised, but the King of Flight gets the better of him tonight. Where will both starts shine after the WWE Draft sorts things out?


Jerry “The King” Lawler welcomes Tyson Fury!

The Gypsy King finally makes his way out to the ring with security ready at ringside. Fury is happy to be in Bakersfield, but he isn’t happy about what went down on SmackDown. He demands his apology! Braun Strowman heads to the ring! But Fury is not intimidated as Strowman joins him in the ring. Strowman gets himself a mic and says, “Look man, I was messing around trying to have fun with you.” That is, until Fury looked like he wanted a piece of this. Strowman gave him a “present” with Ziggler, but the security was the only reason they didn’t throw down. The last thing Fury wants is to get in Strowman’s ring. Strowman will literally eat Fury for lunch! Fury says Strowman should thank security, or he would’ve knocked Strowman out! That’s where Fury has it wrong. He’d be down looking up at the light. Not like that slow ten count against Wilder! Well the Heavyweight Champion wonders how many titles Strowman’s won.

The two big men now stand face to face, and Fury shoves Strowman! Strowman powers Fury to a corner! Security rushes in to separate the towering titans, but fans want to “Let Them Fight!” Fury calms down, only to LEAP onto Strowman! Strowman and Fury get what shots they can but security breaks them up again. Strowman slip sout of the ring but security scrambles to stay on him. Fury gets the security off him and throws big hands! He dares Strwoman to return but has to DECK more security! Strowman does the same on his end! Now it’s just Monster and Gypsy King! They brawl but superstars rush out to break this up! Strowman and Fury have men like Mojo Rawley, EC3, Curt Hawkins, Eric Young and more on them, but that’s not enough! Strowman breaks loose to SPLASH Fury! But Fury throws hands back as the superstars separate them again. The fury in Fury and Strowman doesn’t go out, Fury gets loose to give some back to Strowman!

The superstars pile onto both men and pull them apart one more time. Fury and Strowman glare daggers at each other, and the fans want this to continue. But Strowman starts to leave, only to come back and attack! This is getting hard for some of the superstars to keep up with! Fury stands tall on the ropes, but Strowman gets loose to bring him down! More superstars are needed, and finally Strowman takes his leave. The Monster Among Men didn’t fall, but neither did the Heavyweight Champion. When and where will these two meet again to try for round two?


Backstage interview with Strowman.

Has his opinion changed about Fury? Fury is a “tough son of a b*tch,” but he’ll get these hands before it’s all said and done with! Will Strowman apologize? NO! Not after that disrespect! Strowman doesn’t “play that crap!” Fury just eggs Strowman on from the ring, so Strowman barrels back out there! The hands start flying and it is chaos all over again! Raw has to end here, but will the brawling ever end?!



My Thoughts:

Okay, I think this Raw After Hell in a Cell made up for said Hell in a Cell, or at least Hell in a Cell’s ending. We cut into Rusev getting beat up by Orton and Corbin, and oddly no one comes to his aid, such as “Shorty” Chad Gable. But Lashley and Lana riling Rusev up, this actually worked out for the better as Rusev wrecking Orton and Corbin was a lot of fun. Rusev VS Lashley should be a lot of fun, too, whenever it happens. The Last Woman Standing match was a lot better than I certainly expected. The real win in this long rivalry of Lacey and Natty is that Lacey’s gotten better in the ring to finally catch up to her solid character work. Natty wins mostly so that when the WWE Draft comes, it is likely Natty is lined up for a championship match, possibly against Charlotte. Lacey should probably also go to SmackDown, as continuity dictates she can’t challenge Becky while Becky still has the Raw Women’s title.

It seems The Viking Raiders might already be staying on Raw, if they’re going to be facing Roode-Dolph for the titles next week. Tonight’s match was already great, so next week’s match should be on par if not amazing. Even if they aren’t destined to win, the Draft should just leave them on Raw to keep the suspense. The Street Profits might be called up via the Draft to stick to Raw, since they are still being used to recap and hype the events in their own entertaining way. SmackDown’s Tag Division might need the Authors of Pain. Akam and Rezar had another great promo, and if they’re starting Heel, they can run through Face teams like Heavy Machinery or even The New Day. And depending on the fate of 205 Live, the Singh Brothers are probably going to be jobbers to the stars no matter what. Aleister Black beating them both was great for him, but I would think he could easily fit in anywhere.

The OC put down Lucha House Party, and their movements could determine a lot of other things, too. Styles has the US title still, so if he moves to SmackDown, Nakamura moves with his Intercontinental Championship to Raw. And then The OC could feud with The New Day up and down the card on Fox. Mysterio will probably go to SmackDown for his part in the story with Lesnar and Velasquez. The Miz is staying on Raw and USA Network because of Miz & Mrs. Miz TV tonight was a lot of fun. Good continuity for Charlotte and Becky to keep bickering, but what a great thing for The Kabuki Warriors to embrace being Heels. They gave a great promo because it was in their first and more natural language, and had a great match with the top two champions because they honestly should. Of course, the mist stays part of the strategy and that’s fine. Bliss-Cross attacking is fine, they should be after the Kabuki Warriors for payback. Is it still possible to have a huge tag title match on the way to Survivor Series? Can the networks work together to still give us a #WinnersTakeAll Two Women Power Trip of some kind?

Ricochet VS Apollo was filler, but still great for as little time they got. Apollo can’t seem to catch a break despite being so good. Ricochet is still on a great roll, and part of me wants him and Mustafa Ali to end up on the same show so that they can be a superhero themed tag team. They might even be a team that feuds with AOP, who do come off sounding like supervillains. And then we get to Fury and Strowman, which we should’ve all known would turn into a brawl. They also had good banter, and it was great for Strowman to be so mad that his interview wasn’t enough to cool him off. If anything, that was just to check how much time they had left before giving us the brawl to close things out. This celebrity match will admittedly be some fun, but I would hope it ends in some kind of draw so that a legit boxer isn’t made a fool and a WWE star isn’t buried for the sake of the company’s fat Fox paycheck. At the very least, the two men should come out of this respecting each other for being such strong monsters.

My Score: 8.5/10

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