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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (10/11/19)

It’s time to shake things up again!

The 2019 WWE Draft begins tonight!

The superstars of both Raw and SmackDown will learn their fates as USA Network and Fox draft their new rosters! Who moves? Who stays? Who wins?



  • WWE Draft #1 Pick: Raw’s Seth Rollins VS SmackDown’s Roman Reigns; Rollins wins, by disqualification, Raw wins the first pick.
  • King Baron Corbin VS “Shorty” Chad Gable; Corbin wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The New Day VS The OC; The New Day wins.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair VS Bayley; Bayley wins and becomes the new SmackDown Women’s Champion.


WWE Draft #1 Pick: Raw’s Seth Rollins VS SmackDown’s Roman Reigns!

The Architect and The Big Dog will represent their current brands to determine the tone of the Draft! Who earns their roster the oh so important first pick overall?

The bell rings and fans cheer as these two circle. The Shield Brothers fist bump and then tie up. Rollins headlocks and holds tight as fans rally and duel. Roman powers out and runs Rollins over, and Rollins gets to ropes. Rollins shakes it off and circles with Roman again. They tie up and Rollins gets the headlock back on. Roman works on an escape but powers out again. Rollins reverses to wrench and headlock, but Roman blocks the takeover. Roman powers Rollins up off his feet but Rollins gets the takeover! Roman makes it a cover, TWO! The two stand off and fans cheer again. Rollins and Roman circle and tie up. They go around, and Rollins puts Roman in a corner. Roman turns that around, but lets up. Rollins goes low to roll Roman up, TWO!

Roman runs in but is sent out. Rollins wrecks Roman with a dropkick, but runs into a right forearm! Roman runs in, but the Drive-By misses! Rollins slingshots but Roman avoids the stomps. Roman gets in before Rollins hits his flying knee. Roman grins because he knows Rollins so well. Rollins gets in Roman’s face, but Roman pushes him back. Rollins throws a haymaker! Roman throws an uppercut back! Rollins throws haymakers and body shots, but runs into Roman’s leaping lariat! Roman throws Rollins out and the Big Dog has control as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Rollins has Roman down in a chinlock. Rollins leans on Roman but fans rally as Roman fights his way up. Rollins kicks low and suplexes, but Roman resists. Roman tries, but Rollins resists. They fight for control of the suplex, and it’s ROMAN that gets Rollins up. But Rollins knees out and mule kicks! Curb Stomp avoided, roll up, TWO! Dead lift powerbomb! Cover, TWO!! Roman is surprised but he keeps his cool. Roman gets up but Rollins slowly rises. Fans rally and duel again as Roman goes to a corner. Roman locks ‘n’ loads, runs out, but Rollins blocks the punch to hit a corner buckle shot! Then Rollins clotheslines Roman out, and DIVES! He sends Roman into the desk but he’s not done! DIVE number two and Roman hits desk again! Rollins puts Roman in, takes aim, and springboards, flying knee! Roman is down, Rollins goes up top! FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Roman shocks Rollins!

Both men are down and fans are fired up! The two slowly stir and Rollins is up first. Rollins stomps, “Burn It Down!” Fans echo the chant, Roman rises, Rollins mule kicks, but misses the stomp! Roman uppercuts! Rollins PELES! Roman uppercuts again! Rollins SUPERKICKS! Rollins kicks low, powerbomb lifts, and manages a buckle bomb! SUPERMAN PUNCH OUTTA NOWHERE! Cover, TWO!! Both men are down again but stirring. Fans build to a rally and the two men rise. Roman fires himself up while Rollins flounders. Fans cheer as Roman aims from the corner. “OOAH~!” Roman SPEAR INTO A PEDIGREE!! Cover, TWO!? Rollins can’t believe The Big Dog survives! Rollins aims from the far side, hammering his fist for “Burn It Down!” But the lights go out!! Rollins is reliving his Hell in a Cell nightmare, as The Fiend POPS OUT FROM UNDER THE RING!!

The Fiend drags Rollins to Hell with a Mandible Claw!! But Rollins escapes out of the hole! The Fiend pops his head out, laughing the entire time. But Rollins has been spared for now as The Fiend disappears, the lights go out, and Bray Wyatt laughs in the shadows. The Fiend reappears on stage, having sent his message to Rollins, and the entire WWE. But what does this mean for the first draft pick?!


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The USA and Fox Network War Rooms discuss plans.

USA and Raw are on the clock given the attack from The Fiend on Seth Rollins. Rollins wins by disqualification, so Raw get the pick thanks to Bray Wyatt.


The WWE Draft has special stipulations this year.

There is a draft pool of 30 superstars for just tonight, 40 more will be available on Raw. It has to do with the pick to hour ratio, Raw getting three for three hours, SmackDown getting two for two hours. Tag teams are one pick, unless a network wants just one member of that team for whatever reason. And then any undrafted are free agents to sign with the brand of their choosing.


The pick is in!

And Stephanie McMahon will represent them as the Chief Branding Officer. She’s surprised the fans didn’t boo right away. She welcomes us to the 2019 WWE Draft, the first time when network executives work with WWE to create their preferred rosters. And headed to Monday Night Raw, THE MAN, Becky Lynch!! Fitting, as the Raw Women’s Champion should stay on Raw and keep her title. But SmackDown also has their pick, and they’re keeping Roman Reigns! Raw then drafts and keeps The OC, while SmackDown takes… BRAY WYATT! Fox has #LetHimIn, but will they come to fear that decision? To round out this first round, Raw takes… Drew McIntyre! The Scottish Terminator is a great pick, and he will surely take this fresh start very seriously.


The War Rooms celebrate!

Cletus the football bot is especially happen that he gets to spend time with The Big Dog.


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Renee Young hosts the WWE Draft Panel!

She is joined by Booker T, Beth Phoenix and Samoa Joe as they discuss the first five picks. Booker T is very proud that SmackDown was smart to keep Roman Reigns. Beth is proud of Becky Lynch being Raw’s first pick overall, and Samoa Joe is able to see that this is indicative of Raw building a strong foundation.


King Baron Corbin is here!

“Before I come out here and make short work of Shorty Gable, I want to address you as your king.” It doesn’t matter where Corbin goes, he will assure us of being a “benevolent” king, who shares all his riches with the fans. NOT! He wouldn’t give anyone in the audience anything. Corbin will sit in his castle, as far away from all of the fans as possible, to stay away from that stench! “All Hail King Corbin!” Once more, Corbin looks to chop down Chad Gable as payback for the Hell in a Cell loss.


Fox’s Joe Buck and Troy Aikman also comment of the WWE Draft.

Buck remembers when Aikman was the Cowboys’ number one overall pick, so Aikman is sure Raw has the same in Becky. If Aikman were to have a finisher, what would it be? Aikman’s favorite signature move was always the piledriver.


King Baron Corbin VS “Shorty” Chad Gable!

This feud may never end! Will Corbin finally get over his big grudge with Gable? Or will Gable finally make Corbin bow down to him?

The bell rings and Corbin runs at Gable and puts him in a corner. Corbin clotheslines then tosses Gable across the way! Gable bails out but Corbin pursues, to send Gable into barriers! Gable writhes but Corbin refreshes the count. Corbin drags Gable up to scoop but Gable slips out to shove Corbin into post! Gable chases Corbin into the ring, then chop blocks the legs out! Gable drops spinning toeholds then has the leg again. Corbin rakes Gable’s eyes! Corbin whips but Gable dodges and arm-drags! But Corbin BOOTS Gable down! Cover, TWO! Corbin grows annoyed, especially when fans chant “STD!” at him. Corbin clubs Gable down then tells fans to shut up. Corbin runs in at Gable, Gable dodges. Corbin slides out but Gable dropkicks him on the way in! Gable goes at Corbin on the outside with forearms! Corbin shoves Gable over the announce desk but Gable leaps over! Corbin catches Gable to CHOKE SLAM him on the desk! SmackDown goes to break as Gable is at the ring count’s mercy.

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SmackDown returns as Corbin stops Gable on the top rope. Gable elbows out and then rolls back. Corbin gets Gable with a DEEP- NO! Gable made it a bulldog! Corbin staggers to a corner, and Gable runs in for the rolling kick! And then again for another! Gable runs again but Corbin bails out. Corbin goes to retreat but Gable dropkicks him into the timekeeper’s area! Gable drags Corbin up and into the ring, then climbs up top. MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Corbin survives and both men are down. Gable rises and watches Corbin. Gable wailstocks, but Corbin bucks him off to elbow back. Corbin gives Gable a yoyo atomic drop! Cover, TWO!! Gable survives and Corbin is furious.

Corbin looms over Gable and reels him in, but Gable slips out! Gable slides under, waistlocks, CHAOS THEORY!! Cover, TWO!? Corbin survives but Gable is too sore to be frustrated. Gable waistlocks and drags Corbin up for a dead lift German! He can’t bridge, so he keeps on it, but his back gives out! Corbin watches Gable writhe, and drags him up by his throat! Choke Slam into wheelbarrow victory roll! TWO, but Gable has the Ankle Lock! Corbin can’t kick Gable off! Gable holds tight but Corbin crawls, only for Gable to drag him away! Corbin turns, Gable jackknifes, TWO! Gable runs into END OF DAYS!! Cover, Corbin wins!

Winner: King Baron Corbin, by pinfall

The Lone Wolf King manages to come out on top against the little Gable that could! Will this end their rivalry? Or will the Draft give them no choice?


The second round of picks begins!

Raw takes The Viper, Randy Orton! The 13-time world champion and Team Flair Captain is now back on the red team! SmackDown takes The Boss, Sasha Banks! She is bad and blue now, after all. Raw takes The One and Only Ricochet while SmackDown takes BRAUN! Raw finishes the round with Bobby Lashley!


The USA War Room loves their picks!

The RKO now goes to Raw, they’ll be able to strike outta nowhere!

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The Draft Panel discusses the picks.

Beth Phoenix speaks on the relationship drama, Lana going with Lashley might make Raw Ravishing. Joe likes Ricochet’s ability, as well as Orton’s aggression. All the choices are stellar. Booker likes that SmackDown and Fox are willing to get some top notch players for some big money!


Brock Lesnar is here!

And he has Paul Heyman in tow and the WWE World Championship around his waist. The WWE Press Conference earlier today confirmed that The Beast will be facing Cain Velasquez in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and defending that world title! Will Crown Jewel see Velasquez repeat history?

As for tonight, Heyman gives his usual introduction as the Advocate for “the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World!” Heyman continues to say that they could not pass up this opportunity to enlighten and educate the fans. “When a normal human being has a fear, and is confronted by that fear, what does a normal human being do?” They shake and quiver and have nightmares. They would cower away from the mere thought of a confrontation with their fear. But what does Lesnar fear? Fans chant “CAIN! CAIN!” but Heyman says it is to relive 10/23/10. The Butcher of UFC, Cain Velasquez beat, victimized, bloodied and conquered Brock Lesnar. Cain Velasquez took, at will and by force, the UFC Heavyweight Championship of the World away from Lesnar, in an unheard of first round TKO.

To put even more on the table, the last nine years, Lesnar never made excuses. Lesnar had no excuses, because that is the kind of fighter Cain Velasquez is. But here in lies the problem: Lesnar won the WWE World Championship in barely 10 seconds, only for Mysterio to come out and make Lesnar confront “the ghost” from his past. Lesnar does not fear fear, Lesnar embraces it! Lesnar conquers fear! Nine years later, Lesnar is going to conquer his fear. 10/31/19, Crown Jewel, Lesnar will conquer the nightmare from his past, because Lesnar will conquer Cain Velasquez. Heyman knows this clip will be played again in a few weeks, because this isn’t a prediction. This is all-

Mysterio is here! And with him, is Cain Velasquez! “Espara, espara. Not so fast.” Heyman forgot some footage involving Cain Velasquez. The very match Heyman mentioned is replayed in a slideshow of highlights as Velasquez bloodied Lesnar’s face! Velasquez speaks in Spanish and Mysterio translates: at Crown Jewel, Cain Velasquez will give Lesnar another scar on his other eye. Lesnar is riled up but Heyman keeps him calm, to save this for Riyadh.

AWWWW~ Sin City~!

Clap for your six-time tag team champs, and FEEL~ the POWER~! The New Day returns to action against The OC, next!

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Six Man Tag: The New Day VS The OC!

With the Phenomenal One and his Good Brothers officially staying on Raw, and SmackDown presumably keeping Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E, this will be the last time we see these trios throw down! Who comes out the stronger team for their brands in 3v3 competition?

SmackDown returns and The New Day have some pink title belts. WWE and the Susan G. Komen organization honor the Veilleux Twins and their fight through breast cancer. They even became friends with Xavier Woods and the New Day, so the New Day is very honored and proud to team with Susan G. Komen again. They officially introduce Sarah and Samantha to the stage! The Champions for Hope Contest helps celebrate everyone who is in the fight against cancer, and the Veilleux Twins are the lucky winners. The New Day are proud to see they’ve made it through the ups and downs, and know they’re two of the strongest people they’ve ever met. With that said, the WWE presents them with their WWE Women’s Championships! Las Vegas cheers, and now it is time to “put a hurting” on The OC. Why? BECAAAUSE~! “New! Day Rocks!” The New Day heads to the ring, The OC make their entrance, and this match finally begins!

The trios sort out and we begin with Woods and Gallows. Gallows BOOTS Woods at the bell and hits Kofi down! The ref keeps Big E back but that allows Anderson and Styles to gang up on Woods! They throw him into steel steps, and the OC has control as we go to break.

SmackDown returns again and both Woods and Anderson are down! They crawl for their corners, hot tags to Styles and Kofi! Kofi springboards and rallies on Styles and Gallows! Kofi dropkicks Styles then hits the leaping ax handle! Fans fire up as Kofi runs, for the New Day Boom Drop! Fans fire up with Kofi more and Kofi is in the corner. Kofi has to hit Gallows away but then he dodges Styles. Kofi kicks Styles away then climbs up, leaping crossbody! Cover, Anderson breaks it in time! Big E has Anderson for a belly2belly! Gallows YAKUZA kicks, but then runs into Woods’ kick! Woods hits a step-in DDT! Woods runs and FLIES onto the Good Brothers! Kofi and Styles rise, fans rally as Kofi puts Styles on the apron. Styles forearms back then adjusts, springboard, but Kofi gets under.

Kofi catches Styles, but Styles slips out to bring Kofi in. But Kofi escapes the Clash to dropkick! Kofi runs, Styles catches him and rolls but Kofi pops out. Styles dodges to roll Kofi again, TWO! Fireman’s carry but Kofi lands out of the Ushigoroshi, TROUBLE IN PARADISE! Cover, The New Day wins!!

Winners: The New Day, Kofi Kingston by pinfall

The New Day is victorious, sending The OC back to Raw with a loss! But will the New Day stick together to the end of the Draft?

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The third round of picks begins!

Raw takes The Goddess, Alexa Bliss! SmackDown and Fox are upset that they got sniped on such a good pick. But SmackDown does take the Sassy Southern Belle, Lacey Evans, to even it out! Will Lacey help Fox stay classy? Raw takes the Prizefighter, Kevin Owens! SmackDown take the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The Revival! Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson were Raw, but now they’re truly blue with this. And lastly, Raw takes The Queen of Harts, Natalya! Natty and Lacey won’t have to fight each other anymore, but what does this fresh start mean for each of them?


The fourth round of picks is in!

Raw takes The Viking Raiders while SmackDown takes the Lucha House Party! Raw takes Nikki Cross to keep her with her best friend, Alexa Bliss! SmackDown keeps Heavy Machinery to keep their tag division big and strong! Fox is happy about Tucker and Otis COMIIIN’ to Fridays. And Raw closes the night with The Street Profits from NXT!! The Sultans of Swag are gonna bring the hype to Raw for weeks to come!


The Draft Panel reviews the picks.

Booker, Beth and Joe can’t say enough about all of the stars chosen tonight. But that said, the remaining superstars of tonight’s pool of 30 are now free agents! Where will they want to go and what will the brands offer them as incentive?


Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer has a scoop!

There might be a “blockbuster trade” on the horizon! There’s no word on who for who, but it could be coming as soon as later tonight. Who will USA and Fox agree to swap before the end of the Draft?

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SmackDown Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair VS Bayley!

The Queen of All Eras is the historic TEN-TIME Women’s Champion, but the Hugger looks to end that newest reign at a historically short length! Will Bayley get her belt back after barely even a week? Or will SmackDown remain Charlotte’s queendom?

SmackDown returns as the introductions are made. Bayley takes her time taking off her jacket, and has her hair down? No ponytail, and no more playing around, because she has a LITERAL AX HANDLE! And she uses it to cut down her wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube men!! She is betraying the inanimate objects that have always been by her side! Charlotte seems rather intrigued by this change in Bayley. The belt is raised, and Bayley attacks Charlotte! Bayley throws furious fists but Charlotte throws forearms back. They end up in a corner, Bayley SLAPS Charlotte. Charlotte SLAPS Bayley! Byaley and Charlotte brawl more, then Bayley boots. Charlotte blocks to turn Bayley around on the ropes, draping neckbreaker!

Bayley bails out but Charlotte throws Bayley into barriers! Charlotte stalks Bayley and throws her into the crowd!! Fans get an even closer look at the action as Charlotte pulls Bayley by her shorter hair. Bayley forearms back and yanks Charlotte into barriers! Then Bayley throws Charlotte down by her still long hair! Bayley gets back to ringside and bounces Charlotte off steel steps! Bayley gets in the ring to keep the count fresh, and smiles as we go to one last break.

SmackDown is back, and Bayley has Charlotte in a headlock. Charlotte rolls her to a cover, TWO, and Bayley holds on. Bayley punches Charlotte in the headlock, then just yanks Charlotte down to the mat! Bayley puts her on ropes to choke! The ref counts and Bayley lets off, to then kick the rope! The rope jams Charlotte and Bayley covers, TWO! Bayley drags Charlotte up for another headlock and grinds her down. Charlotte powers up and fights back, but Bayley puts her into buckles. Bayley gets the headlock back, but Charlotte works against her. They end up in a corner again and Bayley elbows back. Bayley puts the headlock on again but Bayley powers out. Bayley dodges in the corner and bumps Charlotte off buckles. Bayley has Charlotte for the hotshot but takes too long, Charlotte sends her down to the ground! Charlotte slingshots to tackle Bayley down!

Fans fire up as Charlotte drags Bayley up and into the ring. Charlotte unleashes the Flair CHOPS! She CHOPS away on Bayley then whips to a corner. Bayley bounces out to get another CHOP! Charlotte scoops Bayley for an Exploder! Fans fire up as Charlotte kips up! But Bayley boots, only to be blocked and rocked! Charlotte drops a kene on Bayley’s knee! Charlotte wants the leg but Bayley gets to ropes. Charlotte lets go, to run and BOOT Bayley down! Charlotte goes out to hop up on a barrier, and MOONSAULT onto Bayley! Bayley took a shot to the mouth and is writhing! Charlotte puts Bayley back in, covers, TWO! Bayley gasps and crawls away but Charlotte is after the leg. Bayley struggles and kicks Charlotte’s knee out! Bayley then has the leg for herself, but Charlotte stands to backslide. Bayley resists, and uses ropes to help her go up and over, BAYLEY2BELLY!! Cover, TWO!?! Bayley can’t believe it!

Bayley argues with the ref but the count is what it is. Charlotte is in the corner, she catches Bayley for a backbreaker to buckle shot! Charlotte climbs up top now, MOONSAULT, but she catches Bayley’s boots! Boston Crab!! Bayley flails, but Charlotte drags her around! Bayley and Charlotte struggle against each other, Charotte wants to Figure Four but gets shoved into buckles! Bayley covers, with ropes for leverage, TWO!! Bayley unleashes her fury with a rain of forearms and stomps! Bayley drags Charlotte up, back suplex! Then she runs into the corner, running knee smash! Bayley drags Charlotte into a drop zone and climbs up top for herself. MACHO ELBOW!! Cover, TWO!?! Charlotte won’t let history end so soon! Bayley is furious and throws a bit of a tantrum again! NATURAL SELECTION OUTTA NOWHERE! Figure Four, but Cradle Counter! BAYLEY WINS!!

Winner: Bayley, by pinfall; NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion

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And already, Bayley has new music! The not so huggable one smiles as she holds her title up! She even takes a victory lap! Bayley takes a mic and says, “Hey, b*tches! Screw all of you!” Fans aren’t sure if they’re upset with Bayley or excited to see this new bad attitude. But with plenty of WWE Draft left for Raw on Monday, will either she or Charlotte stay on Fridays? Or is this the last chapter for now between these two rivals?



My Thoughts:

This was a really fun, if not rather cheesy, episode of SmackDown. The “war rooms” had to have had a bunch of paid extras who liked pro-wrestling even just a little to play up the “draft picks.” Renee and Booker basically gave us a sample of what WWE Backstage will be like on Tuesdays with the draft panel alongside Beth Phoenix and Samoa Joe, but  And Fox really went all out bringing in their NFL and sportscasters to talk about WWE like they knew anything about the current product. I expect this to also be how “special” SmackDowns will go, alongside the “press conferences” like what we saw earlier today.

And for the most part, the picks weren’t particularly surprising, but also made a lot of sense. To recap, it was Becky, Roman, The OC as a whole, Bray Wyatt/The Fiend, Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, Sasha Banks, Ricochet, Braun Strowman, Bobby Lashley, Alexa Bliss, Lacey Evans, Kevin Owens, The Revival, Natalya, The Viking Raiders, Lucha House Party, Nikki Cross, Heavy Machinery, and The Street Profits. For the most part, these moves also determine other moves. Seth Rollins has to stay on Raw and Lesnar has to stay on SmackDown, they might as well be exempt from the Draft entirely so as not to waste drafts. Shinsuke Nakamura will surely stay on SmackDown since Raw has Styles, the United States Champion. I had it right that the Viking Raiders would have to be picked by Raw, they’re getting a title shot. Now “Erik and Ivar” might win those tag titles.

It was an interesting move for The Fiend to attack Seth Rollins and give Raw the first pick. A DQ was the only way Raw could get the first pick without Roman getting a win on the Universal Champion. If anything, the real first overall pick for SmackDown was Bray Wyatt because of the rumors of Fox wanting The Fiend the entire time. The other matches were essentially filler for fun. Corbin gets his win back, but both he and Gable are yet to be drafted officially, so their feud could continue forever if they end up on the same show. We finally got more New Day VS OC, but I’m really starting to miss picture in picture for SmackDown. Live audiences got to see a heck of a match, but the TV audience (like myself) missed so much because of commercials! But I can’t imagine New Day going back to Raw, they’ll still be a strong staple for SmackDown.

We got a standard promo from Heyman tonight, but I did really like Mysterio’s and Velasquez’s part tonight. The WWE Press Conference wasn’t really essential viewing for this moment, it’s still officially announced that Crown Jewel is where this feud and the Strowman VS Fury feud have it out. I honestly don’t know how the Lesnar VS Velasquez match turns out, though. I also wasn’t really sure how the SmackDown Women’s Championship was going to go, but I loved it! Bayley finally gets that full Heel mode going, with a new hairstyle, a new theme and the destruction of her “Bayley Buddies.” She has the title now, and Sasha is with her, so this has to send Charlotte to Raw. With Charlotte will possibly go Andrade Almas, given their real-life relationship. And if that happens, Zelina Vega and Aleister Black go with them. Aleister and Zelina are married in real-life, and Zelina is still Almas’ manager. Unless that suddenly changes, I don’t see that set of four being separated in the Draft. Even if one or more has to go to “free agency,” you won’t see them on separate brands just yet.

My Score: 8.2/10

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