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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (10/25/19)

Fox Sports 1 is ready for a good time!



NEW SmackDown Coverage

SmackDown is on the home stretch to Crown Jewel!

Both Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair will return to Miz TV for one last face-to-face before their teams go 5v5 in Riyadh! Plus, The Beast and the Butcher will also meet before their rematch 9 years in the making!



  • The New Day VS Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler; Roode & Ziggler win.
  • Lacey Evans VS Camron Connors; Evans wins.
  • Drew Gulak VS Kalisto w/ Lucha House Party; Kalisto wins.
  • Nikki Cross VS Mandy Rose w/ Sonya Deville; Cross wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Roman Reigns, Mustafa Ali & “Shorty G” w/ Hulk Hogan & Jimmy Hart VS Baron Corbin, Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn & Ric Flair; Reigns, Ali & Gable win.


Miz TV opens SmackDown on FS1!

The Miz welcomes us to the Most Must-See WWE Talk Show and he already has Teams Hogan and Flair in the ring! This is the biggest episode ever, with two true icons of the business! There’s the limousine riding, jet flying, kiss stealing, wheeling-dealing NATURE BOY! And of course, the 24-inch-python having Immortal HULK HOGAN! And of course, Rusev and Ricochet could not be here as Raw superstars, but SmackDown’s Mustafa Ali, “Shorty G” Chad Gable and team captain BIG DOG, Roman Reigns! But Ric Flair has Raw’s Randy Orton, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre, as well as SmackDown’s WWE Intercontinental Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura! And his manager, Sami Zayn. And of course, the King of the Ring, Baron Corbin!

“Well let me tell you something, brother!” Hogan feels he has the best team ever! As the story goes, he has one question for Flair: Whatcha gonna do when Team Hogan destroys you!? Flair responds by saying that Hogan might have the Big Dog, but Flair has The Viper! Hogan and Roman have a combined ego bigger than the planet! Flair had the Four Horsemen, and now he’s got a team so fierce, Hogan will go down! WOO~! Well Flair should check the history books, because Flair’s never beat Hogan, and his team won’t beat Hogan’s, either! Hogan has Shorty G’s heart of a lion and the high-flyers Ali and Ricochet! Then there’s the Bulgarian Brute’s brute strength! Every dog needs a bone to chew on, and Flair’s team is perfect for Roman to take a bite out of!

Sami Zayn wants everyone to hold on for just a second. Did Hogan really say “Shorty G?” Shorty G could stand on Ali’s shoulders and still be only half the man Shinsuke is. Gable has embraced who he is! There is something to be said about accepting yourself. And Gable is proud to be on Team Hogan if it means shutting Sami and the haters up. Hogan likes where Gable is coming from. Ali says they don’t need to even listen to Sami anymore. He doesn’t compete, he’s just a mouthpiece. Ironic, given how bad his breath gets. Corbin wants to know who Ali is and why is he talking. They are in the presence of a king! And the Crown Jewel is now in Corbni’s honor. Corbin’s team, Flair’s team, is going on to victory! And Roman, he’s going to do what he always does: let everyone down. Roman may be a former champion, but he’s in Corbin’s kingdom now. Everyone bows to Corbin! The WWE Universe doesn’t need a hero, it needs a ruler.

Roman tells Corbin to shut up. Corbin isn’t a real king, and that’s a stupid crown, cape and scepter. They like it when Cobin looks stupid, it’s entertaining. But they don’t like it when he says stupid stuff. And the only way to stop him from saying something stupid is to punch him in the mouth. Gable wants in on that! Ali, too! Hogan and Flair want their teams to calm down a moment. “G Man” has a point, though. There’s three here, and three there. Let’s get a Crown Jewel preview in Kansas City, brother! Sami says everyone needs to take it easy. Team Flair appreciates the offer but will take it under advisement. The Nature Boy and his boys take their leave as fans boo and jeer. Hogan says they shouldn’t go yet. The main event will be that Six Man Tag, Roman, Gable and Ali against King Corbin, “Niban” Young Boy Nakamura, and voice-cracking Sami. Well if that’s how it’s going to be, you’re on!

But Hogan didn’t read the fine print: Sami tweaked his neck, he’s not cleared to compete. As such, Sami is on a “Do Not Touch” list. However there is someone that Sami has a close relationship with and has wanted an opportunity for months! Sami graciously gives this opportunity to… CESARO! The Swiss Cyborg is an honorary member of Team Flair tonight! He’s ready to go now, and so a brawl breaks out! Cesaro and Roman brawl, Corbin rams Ali into a corner, and Shinsuke sends Gable into steps! Roman gets caught 3v1, but Gable CANNONBALLS! Roman throws Corbin off! Ali DIVES onto Cesaro! Team Hogan stands tall to pen the show, but will they stand tall in that main event Crown Jewel appetizer?


The New Day VS Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler!

Awwww~ Kansas City! Kofi Kingston and Big E are holding it down for the Power of Positivity while Xavier Woods is hurt. Can they win won for Woods against the GLORIOUS Show-Offs just days before the epic Tag Team Turmoil?

The teams sort out and Kofi starts with Ziggler. They tie up, Ziggler headlocks and Kofi powers out. Ziggler runs Kofi over and swivels his hips to mock Big E. Things speed up, Kofi hurdles and elbows Ziggler down! Ziggler hits so hard, the platter of pancakes falls off the corner and to the floor! Ziggler gets to a corner but dodges Kofi, but Kofi swings to kick Ziggler away. Kofi climbs, but Roode trips him up! Ziggler kept the ref distracted, then he SUPERKICKS Kofi down to the ground! Big E protests while we go to break.

SmackDown returns and Kofi kicks Ziggler away to tag in Big E! Big E throws Ziggler all around with belly2belly suplexes! Fans fire up as Big E swivels his hips. Big E runs but has to clotheslines Roode out! Ziggler tries but is denied the Zigzag to get a LARIAT! Big E tags in Kofi and then sends Ziggler out. Kofi builds speed and gets a boost to FLY onto Ziggler! But Roode gets Big E with a GLORIOUS Spinebuster! The B Team watches as Kofi clobbers Roode but Ziggler rolls him up! Ziggler has tights!! The GLORIOUS Show-Offs win!!

Winners: Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler, Ziggler pinning

But as the former Raw Tag Team Champions celebrate, the current SmackDown Tag team Champions #SayYeah! Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder run in to fight with the New Day! Roode & Dolph attack the New Day, too, but here comes Heavy Machinery! Tucker & Otis barrel in to brawl with the champs! Otis sends Roode into a corner, then Tucker stacks Ziggler in there, for Heavy Machinery to bulldoze them both! The New Day toss out the Revival, and stand tall with the #BlueCollarSolid boys! Lucha House Party also sees this from backstage. All these teams are ready, but which team will be the new Best Tag Team in the World?


Lacey Evans VS Camron Connors!

The Sassy Southern Belle may not be a contender to Bayley’s SmackDown Women’s Championship, but she looks to exercise her Woman’s Right here tonight. Will she be careful not to get upset against one of Kansas City’s own?

Lacey grabs a mic and says she has too much self-respect as a woman and athlete to “even entertain the idea” to face this “nasty thing.” And she knows what Camron is thinking: she’s scared to death over how badly Lacey will beat her up. Don’t worry, Lacey is going to walk away and keep walking out of this town. These “clodhoppers don’t deserve to watch her anyhow. Referee, start this match. The bell rings, Lacey goes to the ropes, and Camron can’t believe she’s actually leaving. Lacey waves bye and lets the ring count climb. Camron counts along, and then at 9.5, Lacey slides in to DECK Camron with that Woman’s Right! Cover, Lacey wins!

Winner: Lacey Evans, by pinfall

Lacey smiles as she takes a bow. She tricked Camron and got an incredibly easy win. Will Lacey class up the SmackDown Women’s Division one “nasty” at a time?


Video interview with Nikki Cross.

The Loony Lass is so happy to be #1 contender to Bayley’s SmackDown Women’s Championship. Bayley said everyone on SmackDown lacks passion, but Nikki says Bayley is feeling the pressure. Nikki will gladly help but taking that belt away. Nikki is up against Mandy Rose, who is lovely. But this isn’t a beauty pageant, this is SmackDown! Nikki is excited for later, but will God’s Greatest Creation ruin tonight for her?


The Firefly Fun House returns!

Just two weeks after Seth Rollins found a way in, beat up Bray Wyatt, and then literally burned it down, somehow the Firefly Fun House is back! Though, not everyone made it out of the fire unscathed…

Bray Wyatt and the puppets hold a funeral for Ramblin’ Rabbit. That heinous attack from Rollins took the life of the little guy. Before Bray begins, he gives the others a moment to say some words. Abby says Ramblin’ talked too much. Huskis says Ramblin’ introduced him to carrot cake. Mercy always did enjoy eating Ramblin’. Mama Rabbit always wanted an open casket for him. Oh…! Bray never got to tell Ramblin’ how much he loved him. Good night, sweet prince. Wait, Ramblin’ is talking?! He’s revived~! YOWIE WOWIE, it worked! What worked? But dude, it was really hot, and he kept getting fired by some guy in a muscle suit! Don’t worry, buddy, you’re safe here. Just believe in the power- C’mere, you! Mercy eats Ramblin’ again! Oh, Mercy. Wa wa waaaa~. Well that’s all for now! See you at Crown Jewel!


Drew Gulak VS Kalisto w/ Lucha House Party!

Don’t worry, this isn’t 205 Live. Both the Philly Stretcher and the fighting fiesta have moved to Fridays thanks to the WWE Draft! And in a rematch from those days on the Purple Brand, it’s time for SmackDown to see what it’s like to get #LuchaLit!

The bell rings and Kalisto wants to rush Gulak, but Gulak says he needs to reintroduce himself. He is Drew Gulak, and everyone knows he is a former Cruiserweight Champion. Kalisto, please indulge Gulak’s POWERPOINT PRESENTATION!! Gulak still wants to explain how Strowman can win and lose his match against Tyson Fury! First slide of 345, Fury will just use pugilistic power to punch out Strowman’s lights. Slide 2 of 345- Kalisto dropkicks Gulak! Kalisto fires off but Gulak whips. Kalisto kicks back then tilt-o-whirl headscissors Gulak down! The Lucha Dragon keeps up those kicks and then throws haymakers, to run again. Gulak grabs Kalisto and throws him down! Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado coach Kalisto while fans boo Gulak. The referee also checks Kalisto but he’s okay to continue.

Gulak drags Kalisto up into a torture rack! But here comes BRAUN!! Gulak drops Kalisto out of fear, and Strowman storms his way down. Gulak turns around, into SALIDA DEL SOL! Cover, Kalisto wins!

Winner: Kalisto, by pinfall

But there’s no time to celebrate, the Lucha House Party let Strowman drag Gulak up! Fans chant “Get These Hands!” as Strowman dead lifts Gulak into the MONSTER SLAM! Fans cheer “One more Time!” as Strowman takes up a mic. Not one to disappoint his fans, Strowman gives Gulak another Monster Slam! Strowman shouts, “You see this?!” That’s what happens when you disrespect Strowman! But at least Gulak deserves to be in a wrestling ring, unlike Tyson Fury! Which is why at Crown Jewel, Strowman sends Fury back to where he belongs! Will Fury give or #GetTheseHands for Halloween?


Michael Cole welcomes Daniel Bryan to the ring!

The Planet’s Champion returns and Kansas City chants “YES! YES!” Things have been rather crazy these last few months, namely Erick Rowan trying to frame Bryan for the attacks on Roman Reigns. And speaking of, Bryan teamed with Roman and beat Shinsuke Nakamura. Fans erupted with the iconic “YES” chants, as they do again now. The thing is, Bryan was reluctant to join in. So the question is: “Is the Yes Movement back?” Fans sure hope so! But before Bryan can answer, Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn return! Sami of course speaks on behalf of the King of Strong Style while fans boo. Before going any further, on behalf of Nakamura, Sami says Nakamura has no ill will towards Bryan after last week. In fact, last week as impressive. But before answering such a “ridiculous” question, Sami reminds Bryan of his own words with footage.

Bryan said almost a year ago that the “old” Daniel Bryan that the fans loved is dead! The Yes Movement is DEAD! And all that is left is the new Daniel Bryan! So back in the present, Sami feels heartbroken. When Bryan ended that movement, the fans booed. The fans don’t like the new Bryan. But newsflash: Sami has known Bryan a lot longer. This new Bryan is the real Bryan. Everything Bryan said was the truth! And he was right to say it! He is a good man, an honorable man, but these fans aren’t honorable. Bryan cares about the planet, but “these disgusting people” consume and consume, only caring about themselves! That is the truth, and so is that Daniel Bryan is too good for the people. Bryan has nothing in common with the fans. But he has something in common with Sami and Shinsuke! Sami and Bryan are vegan, Bryan and Shinsuke love the ocean, and they’re three “true artists.” When Bryan steps in the ring, he may be one of the greatest ever.

But right now, we all see Bryan is at a crossroads. There are two directions he could go: backwards to the Yes Movement so that the “nitwits” can chant with him; or he could go forward, by joining them. Sami and Shinsuke will help Bryan reach new heights! They can make the world a better place! They have more to offer than the fans ever could! Does Bryan want to go backwards or forwards? Sami offers a handshake, fans themselves are torn, but Bryan’s choice is… to walk away from Sami and Shinsuke. That wasn’t a yes or no, though. What will Bryan say after he’s had time to think about it?


WWE honors Holly, a WWE employee and breast cancer survivor.

Holly was diagnosed in January of 2017, had a double mastectomy to prevent future diagnoses, and then started her chemotherapy in February and March. Her hair fell out, but June 1st, she was done with chemo, only to lose her eyebrows and eyelashes. But after two years, she goes less and less to the doctors, her hair is back with “chemo curls,” but she has made it through. “You are braver than you think, stronger than you seem, and loved more than you know.” WWE and Susan G. Komen continue the fight, please join and support them against this disease.


Nikki Cross VS Mandy Rose w/ Sonya Deville!

The #1 contender is ready to go wild, but both Bayley and Banks are on commentary to watch as she goes against the Fire of Fire & Desire. Will crazy Cross crank up the intensity towards her title match?

The bell rings and Bayley says Nikki is just the Bayley of six years ago. Mandy DECKS Nikki then stomps a mudhole in the corner! Mandy drags Nikki up to throw her by her hair, then takes a moment to soak up the heat. Mandy throws Nikki again, and then whips her to ropes. Nikki dodges, tilt-o-whirls and headscissors Mandy! Mandy comes back to ROCK Nikki with that right! Cover, TWO! Nikki grits her teeth as she survives, but Mandy is on her with a straitjacket stretch. Mandy thrashes Nikki around while Bayley acts like she hasn’t really changed. Corey says this isn’t judging, he’s just surprised. Mandy meanwhile throws Nikki down in the straitjacket, but fans rally up for Nikki. Nikki fights her way up and fights out of the hold. Mandy shoves Nikki and catches her crossbody to carry her around, for a Fall Away Slam! Cover, ONE, and Mandy is shocked!

Mandy drags Nikki up to toss her out hard! Sonya lurks close while Mandy distracts the ref. Sonya DECKS Nikki, then leaves her alone for Mandy. Mandy puts Nikki in and covers, TWO! Fire & Desire are both annoyed but Mandy keeps on Nikki. Mandy throws Nikki into a corner, then runs in, only to get a boot! Nikki throws haymakers and counter punches, then runs to lariat! Nikki rallies and fans fire up while Bayley is upset only now is anyone stepping up to her. Nikki hits a corner splash to bulldog! Nikki fires up and heads up top, CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Nikki swings at Sonya to keep her away. Mandy waistlocks, Nikki standing switches to an O’Conner roll, TWO, and Nikki uses that momentum to wreck Sonya with a dropkick! Nikki dodges Mandy’s knee, rolls her up, TWO! But into the PURGE! Cover, Nikki wins!

Winner: Nikki Cross, by pinfall

The Boss and Bayley are annoyed with Nikki as she’s raring to go! Will Nikki’s “playtime” with Bayley turn into a title reign?


Rey Mysterio and Cain Velasquez head to the ring!

The King of Lucha Libre walks with the one man to truly brutalize Brock Lesnar as they prepare for one more face-to-face confrontation with said Beast. Mysterio has the mic to say, “Que paso, Kansas?” Three weeks ago, Lesnar attacked both him and his son, Dominic. But Dominic is as tough as they come, and he is a Mysterio! “Nobody can be strong enough to take the type of whooping Brock Lesnar gave.” Mysterio was at his lowest having to see his son suffer and not be able to do anything about it. But Dominic is doing better, and he knows that it is thanks to the fans’ support. On behalf of Dominic, Rey thanks us tonight. And this also confirms that no one, not even Lesnar, can stop the dream of stepping into the ring as a WWE superstar!

And now, onto Lesnar himself. “For too damn long,” Lesnar has done what he wants when he wants. But now, Lesnar has to pay for what he’s done. Crown Jewel, “mi familia” Cain Velasquez is going to drop Lesnar again, and scar him on the other side of his face! So why wait any longer? Get out here to get this done! With that, Heyman tells Mysterio to tranquilo! Face to face, huh? This close to Crown Jewel, where “that butcher” wants to rip the title away from the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World, Brock Lesnar, and they want to go face to scarred face? The scar put on by Cain Velasquez. Newsflash: Lesnar has other things to do tonight than go face to face with Velasquez. Don’t boo that! Can they guess what Lesnar is doing tonight? No? Three chances. No? How about guessing where Lesnar has been? It doesn’t matter, just get out here! Oh, Mr. Mysterio, you are lacking conversational skills. Work on that.

But Heyman says that if they’re not going to guess where and what, can they guess the “whom?” To whom has Lesnar been doing something? Well if they won’t play along, Heyman will just have to ask Lesnar to give them a “spoiler.” Lesnar drags Dominic up from off screen!! Lesnar beat him down again!! Fans boo and jeer and Mysterio is furious! Mysterio and Velasquez hurry to the back while SmackDown goes to break! Will Lesnar and Heyman have ran away before they get there?

SmackDown returns as medics check on Dominic. Mysterio and Velasquez are besides themselves with anger, but then Lesnar attacks them! He uses a trash can on Mysterio, then on Velasquez! Lesnar drags Mysterio up to F5 into a wall! And then he F5’s Velasquez onto Dominic! The Beast has just victimized the familia all at once! Will this ensure he stays the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE World Champion? Or will this only enrage Velasquez more to ensure there will be a new scar left on Lesnar?


Cain Velasquez speaks.

And he is FURIOUS! Is that how it is, Brock?! To attack Mysterio, to attack Dominic, Velasquez is not going to forgive this!


Six Man Tag: Roman Reigns, Mustafa Ali & “Shorty G” w/ Hulk Hogan & Jimmy Hart VS Baron Corbin, Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn & Ric Flair!

The Big Dog, Beacon of Light and smallest fighter with the biggest heart represent their team against the Lone Wolf King, Swiss Cyborg and King of Strong Style! Will Hogan or Flair be bragging their way into Crown Jewel’s star-studded 5v5?

SmackDown returns again as the bell rings, and Team Flair attacks Team Hogan! They show no mercy as Cesaro throws out Shorty G and Nakamura throws out Ali. Corbin has Roman and rams him into barriers! Hogan and Hart protest as Cesaro throws European Uppercuts on Gable and Roman is sent into more barriers. Corbin shouts back at Hogan as he puts Roman in. The Lone Wolf rains down rights on the Big Dog and fans count to 5 before Roman trips Corbin up! Roman climbs up to return those hands, and gets all the way to 10! Roman BOOTS Corbin, then fireman’s carry to Samoan Drop! Cover, TWO! Roman keeps his focus as he brings Corbin up to whip. Corbin holds ropes and tags Nakamura, but Nakamura walks into an uppercut! Roman wants Corbin, and gives him a Drive-By Dropkick! Nakamura has Roman, but gets another uppercut!

Roman brings Nakamura over, tags to Gable, and Gable wrenches Nakamura to yank on the arm. Gable jams Nakamura’s arm more, then wrenches again. Nakamura rolls, handsprings, cartwheels and wrenches back to a hammerlock! But Gable drops down, waistlocks, and switches all around with Nakamura. Gable headlocks and Ali tags in. Shorty G drop toeholds for Ali’s basement dropkick! Cover, ONE, but Ali keeps on the arm. Ali whips Nakamura but Nakamura reverses to swing one kick but hit the second! Tag to Cesaro and he drags Ali up to go after his arm! Cesaro throws uppercuts on Ali, wrenches and whips corner to corner, but Ali goes up and over! Things speed up and Ali huricanranas Cesaro down! Fans fire up with Ali as he goes for a leg. But Cesaro gut wrenches Ali up and off!

Cesaro stalks Ali to a corner as fans and Ali’s team rally. Cesaor throws big EuroUppers and body shots! The ref counts and Cesaro lets up at 4, but brings Ali up to whip him at a corner. Ali slides to a stop, slips out and roundhouses back! Ali slingshots to somersault, facebuster! Cover, TWO! Sami distracts but Ali sees the cheap shot from Nakamura coming. Ali gets Nakamura first, but then Cesaro dumps Ali out! Tag to Corbin, and the Lone Wolf King LARIATS Ali inside-out! Team Flair is hyped, Sami most of all, as SmackDown goes to one last break.

SmackDown returns as Corbin and Team Flair soak up the heat. Corbin drags Ali up and brings him back to tag in Nakamura. The kings of SmackDown mug Ali, then Nakamura gives him Bad Vibrations! He backs off but Cesaro gets some cheap shots in. Nakamura snapmares to drop a knee on Ali’s head, cover, TWO! Hogan and Hart coach Ali as Nakamura puts him in a chinlock. Fans rally up as Ali endures, but Nakamura hits Gable for good measure! Tag to Cesaro, and Cesaro whips Ali to a corner. Ali boots back! Cesaro comes back but gets another! Ali hops up, tornado DDT blocked! But Ali sunset flips through, only for Cesaro to dead lift, but then Ali gets that DDT after all! Kansas City is thunderous as Ali and Cesaro crawl! Corbin comes around, blows past Hogan and trips up Roman! Corbin sends Roman into barriers! The referee reprimands but Corbin goes back to his corner.

Corbin tags in while fans boo and jeer, and he drags Ali up. Ali enziguris! Hot tag to Short G! FLYING CROSSBODY! Gable rallies with forearms and knees and uppercuts! He ducks a lariat to mule kick! Nakamura is in, but he gets an Exploder! Gable runs corner to corner to hit a rolling kick on Corbin! And then a rolling neckbreaker! Gable is up fast, MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Gable can’t believe how close he was, but Hogan and Hart are rallying for him. Cesaro runs in but is tossed overhead! Gable drops down to get a leg! ANKLE LOCK! KINSHASA! Nakamura wipes Gable out to save Corbin, and now Corbin drags Gable up to throw into a corner. Corbin puts Gable up top, throws haymakers, then tags Nakamura. The kings work together, but he fights them off with headbutts! Gable sends the kings staggering, to double missile dropkick them down!

Fans are at a fever pitch as Roman returns! Hot tags to Cesaro and The Big Dog! Roman rallies on Cesaro but Cesaro dodges the lariat to waistlock! Roman standing switches and school boys, to a DEAD LIFT POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Cesaro survives but Roman is not deterred! Fans fire up as Roman locks ‘n’ loads! SUPER- SPINEBUSTER! To a SWING! Cesaro takes Roman around five times, then to a Sharpshooter! Roman endures, powers up, and crawls, only to be dragged away! Ali is in and SUPERKICKS Cesaro down! Corbin is in, and gives Ali a DEEP SIX! Gable dropkicks Corbin right out! Nakamura gives Gable the inverted exploder! SUPERMAN PUNCH for Nakamura! Roman aims at Cesaro and Kansas is thunderous! “OOOAH~!” But Cesaro knees the spear away! Pop-up uppercut! Cover, TWO!!

Cesaro keeps going, reels Roman in, but Roman back drops him away. Cesaro springboards, into a SUPERMAN PUNCH! Roman is in the corner, SPEAR to Cesaro! Ali is back, and Roman lets him have this one. Ali tags in, climbs up, Roman SUPERMAN PUNCHES Corbin while Ali 450 SPLASHES! Cover, Team Hogan wins!!

Winners: Team Hogan, Mustafa Ali pinning

The Beacon of Light shines thanks to the Big Dog and Shorty G! Will their powers combined with the Bulgarian Brute’s and King of Flight’s be what helps Team Hogan win it all? Or will things be different when The Viper, the Rocky Mountain Machine and the Scottish Terminator are helping Team Flair?



My Thoughts:

A pretty great episode of SmackDown as the go-home to Crown Jewel. Nice to see Miz TV get to the point, though it was obviously all Hogan and Flair taking over. Again, Flair seems to really have a hard time staying on track. But it was all to set up the main event. The main event itself was a lot of fun, and while it was rather obvious the Faces/Team Hogan would win, it was actually an incredible move for Roman to quite truly give Ali the finish. Both in kayfabe and reality, Roman could’ve just covered Cesaro, but he tagged Ali in to hit his 450 and get the pin. Now, Raw gets the final go-home, and I imagine a very similar match for Rusev and Ricochet to get at Lashley and McIntyre before Crown Jewel. That match might influence the math for Crown Jewel, but honestly, Crown Jewel is for fun and profit, so maybe it’s just going to be Team Hogan no matter what the math says.

We got some pretty good moments for the other big matches. Fury wasn’t around but that’s okay, because Strowman got to go after Gulak. That was okay for Strowman, but poor Gulak. He goes from Cruiserweight Champion to this weird space of being monster fodder. I’m sure after Crown Jewel, we’ll get some fair treatment of the Philly Stretcher, like a great match that builds him even in a loss, the same as the other Cruiserweight champions have had. The segments for Cain Velasquez and Brock Lesnar were insane! First, good Heel Heat for Lesnar to attack Dominic off-camera while Mysterio and Velasquez wanted him to man up, and then HOT DAMN that attack backstage. I could not help at laugh at the over-the-top insanity of Lesnar F5-ing Velasquez on Dominic! This might be the one time I enjoyed Lesnar’s attacks. And with Velasquez selling his rage, that match is going to be a lot of fun.

We didn’t get as much out of that tag team match with New Day and Roode-Dolph as I expected, but it all seemed to be a big Tag Turmoil plug. I hope Raw does a bit more on their end, since it seems they have the fewer teams in the match. The SmackDown Women’s Division got more play than Raw’s did, but apparently Raw will make up for that this Monday. Anyway, Lacey showed some savvy as she tricks and decimates Camron Connors in the squash match. That was very creative and I appreciate WWE doing something a little different there. Nikki VS Mandy was a pretty good match, but it seems next Friday won’t be the all women’s episode I’d hoped for. Maybe Nikki and Bayley have their match the Friday after that to see who goes to Survivor Series for what I assume would be Champion VS Champion again. I’m wondering when Alexa Bliss will get into this, she and Cross are still a team per that “blockbuster” trade. Maybe the title match brings her out to prevent Sasha interfering. Or is the legit tension between her and Sasha why she’s not showing up?

My Score: 8.3/10

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