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Tiffany’s AEW Dynamite Takes: Mayhem in the Mountain State

The Elites are in the beautiful state of West Virginia! Will the Mountain State survive the mayhem?



The Elites are in the beautiful state of West Virginia! Will the Mountain State survive the mayhem?

Sammy Guevara vs Hangman Adam Page

If you’ve been following my Being the Elite coverage, you know that there’s been a lot of dissension in the ranks of the Elite, especially concerning Adam Page, but it looks like with the lines being drawn between the Elites and the Inner Circle, Page is siding with his buddies, at least for now.

This match was good, but definitely had some rough spots, like Guevara not sticking the landing when he flipped out of one of Page’s holds. Sammy Guevara is really good, but it’s clear he still has a lot of growing to do. He’s definitely NOT the heir to Eddie Guerrero, not by a long shot, but he isn’t terrible. I’m not surprised Page one, the Elites definitely needed the win and so did he. I am surprised that the Inner Circle didn’t interfere to help Guevara out.

So, the Page/PAC seems like it is officially official.

Shanna vs Hikaru Shida

I have no clue who Shanna is, but she seemed happy to be there. Shida was making her big return after finishing her Japanese dates.

This one was surprisingly good, even with a couple of awkward spots. I wasn’t sure if Shanna was a newcomer debuting or a local talent. After this match, I’m guessing she’s a newcomer. Either way, this match was the kind of match I think we’ve all been wanting AEW to give us. Shida got the win, but both women looked like huge stars.

Brandi Rhodes

Uh…WTF? Is Brandi going voodoo queen or is she possessed? Like, what the fuck is this? Oh, she’s bringing back Nyla or Awesome Kong? That was weird.

Rock n Roll Express

It’s nice to see the Rock n Roll still getting the huge pops. Hopefully, they’ll be good to go after getting jumped by Santana and Ortiz. I know this is to get the attention of the Young Bucks, but it’s not a good look where Gibson and Morton look like they can barely move.

Tony Schiavone and Cody Rhodes

Love the story about Dusty Rhodes and Willie Nelson. I think Dusty would be so proud of what his boys have accomplished. Cody’s mom will be there and he wants to do a good job with her watching. I’m sure it’s wild for Schiavone and Jim Ross to be answering to a man they watched grow up backstage at WCW.

QT Marshall, Alex Reynolds, and John Silver vs Best Friends (with Orange Cassidy)

Well, we were wondering how the Rick and Morty thing would work. The Best Friends and Cassidy cosplayed as Rick and Morty and the cartoon duo had some ring announcing duties.

I wasn’t into this match. I guess if I really cared about Rick and Morty, I’d be more excited, but I just didn’t care about anyone involved in this match, so it was a wash for me.

Chris Jericho/Cody Contract Signing

I hate Jericho’s jacket. Even for an aging wannabe rock star, that jacket is TERRIBLE. I thought Cody said there’d be lawyers here and I see none, unless Schiavone has a law degree I didn’t know about. Maybe it’s the lady sitting between them, but she doesn’t have the sharp, useless look.

How’d it go? It’s a pro-wrestling contract signing, how did you expect it to go? Actually, there was PLENTY of smack being talked, especially by Jericho, but there was little physicality…until it was revealed that the Inner Circle had jumped Dustin Rhode, which is next level dumb, to be honest. Dustin is getting ready to shoot a movie, which is the reason for this, I’m assuming.

Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks vs Kip Sabian and Hybrid 2

Uh…okay, that entrance was weird. Plus, I’m a little over all the cosplay, Halloween is tomorrow, guys.

This was another match where I wasn’t really into what was going on, however, it was really good, if a little chaotic. Elite got the win, which they’ve been needing. Then the teasing for Full Gear happened and that was much more interesting than the match. I’m a little bummed Mox didn’t come out and tear shit up after the announcement of his and Omega’s match being unsanctioned though.

Peter Avalon (with Leva Bates) vs Jon Moxley

I’m not sure this was the ACTUAL match, but I guess it doesn’t matter. Sorry, Peter.

Mox on the mic is always something I will tune in for!

I love that Mox wants his match to count. Love that!

Preach to us, Jon Moxley!

Nice knowing you, Kenny!

I think we’re establishing Mox as an Stone Cold kind of character. Someone who is out for himself and not going to align with anyone or play by the rules.

AEW Tag Team Championship Match – SCU vs Lucha Brothers

This is for all the marbles. I honestly wasn’t sure this match was going to live up to the hype, but it did. Lucha Brothers are easily the best tag team I’ve ever seen, but SCU aren’t slouches either. I’m a little disappointed that SCU won, Lucha Brothers have been the better team throughout the tournament, but we’ll probably get a rematch at Full Gear if not next week on Dynamite.  Still, it was a great match, but it definitely feels like the wrong team won.

That’s it for Tiffany’s Dynamite Takes! Stay tuned for more coverage!


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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (7/27/21)

It’s Dark After Fyter Fest Night 2!



AEW Dark 2

Dark stays dark with the Dark Order!

Before going all out at AEW Fight for the Fallen, Evil Uno & Stu Grayson will give it their all to get ready! Will they be ready for their golden opportunity?


  • Red Velvet VS Alejandra Lion; Velvet wins.
  • Abadon VS Killa Kate; Abadon wins.
  • Big Swole & Diamante; Diamante wins.
  • Evil Uno & Stu Grayson w/ The Dark Order VS Warren Johnson & Zach Mason; Uno & Stu win.
  • Six Man Tag: Dante Martin & The Varsity Blonds w/ Julia Hart VS The Acclaimed & Ryan Nemeth; Martin & The Varsity Blonds win.


The Dark Order speaks!

“Tomorrow, myself, Evil Uno, and Stu Grayson have a very, very important match. Isn’t that right, Stu?” “Yeah.” Yes, there is the 5v5 Elimination Tag Match, Hangman Page & The Dark Order VS #TheSuperElite, and a lot is on the line! Hangman’s AEW World Championship aspirations and an AEW World Tag Team Championship opportunity for the Dark Order! But that doesn’t mean that they can’t have their desserts before the main course! Uno loves dessert, by the way.

And so, he and Stu asked for tonight’s tag match to prove a point. Stu, tell them what they’re gonna do! “Hurt them!” Yes! So the Elite better be watching, because they’re going to see the Dark Order is the best tag team in All Elite Wrestling!


Red Velvet VS Alejandra Lion!

Texas is ready to #StirItUp with an All Elite success story “straight outta yo’ mama’s kitchen.” Velvet wants to be back in the top five, but will she tame a Lion first?

The bell rings, Velvet circles with Lion and the two tie up. Velvet arm-drags Lion away and stirs it up. Fans fire up for Velvet as she circles with Lion. They tie up, Lion waistlocks, but Velvet backs her into ropes. The ref calls for the break, Lion holds on but Velvet breaks the grip herself. Velvet turns around but Lion SLAPS her! And kicks her, then cravats to throw knees! Velvet drops to a knee, Lion runs to basement dropkick Velvet down! Cover, TWO! Lion clamps right on with a chinlock, and she digs her claws into Velvet’s face! The ref reprimands, Velvet fights up as fans fire up, and Velvet throws body shots. Lion CLUBS then CLAWS Velvet’s back!

The ref reprimands, Lion lets off to check her nails. Velvet is in a corner, Lion runs in and she clotheslines Velvet down! Lion runs, Velvet dodges and double knees hit buckles! Lion staggers up and Velvet rallies on her! Velvet whips, drop toeholds Lion to ropes, then runs to DOUBLE KNEE her down! Velvet hits a STANDING MOONSAULT, but doesn’t cover as she fires up! Lion staggers up, Velvet mule kicks and hits AX KICK OVERDRIVE! Cover, Velvet wins!

Winner: Red Velvet, by pinfall

The #FinalSlice was too much for Lion and Velvet keeps rolling! Will Velvet stir it up and serve up more losses on her way to the top five?


AEW hears from Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss.

“The Bad Boy, Joey Janela! The Concrete Rose, Sonny Kiss! We’re back together and better than ever! We are focused! No more go-go bars, mommy milkers, sausage castles, no more bad influences like Alex Marvez.” But next week, it is the 100TH episode of AEW Dark! Joey & Sonny are finally getting on the road to the gold, the AEW World Tag Team Championships! Matt & Nick, they’re putting you on notice and coming for the straps! Sonny says Joey said it all. And #BadRomance is finally claiming their spot at the top of the division, just like that. But will the Young Bucks even acknowledge this message given their fight with The Dark Order?


Abadon VS Killa Kate!

The Living Dead Girl creeps back onto Dark, will she strike fear into the Killa across the ring from her?

The bell rings and Abadon circles with Kate. Kate avoids Abadon but they circle again. Kate dodges again and Abadon might be getting annoyed. Abadon knees low, and again, then TOSSES Kate by her hair! Kate flounders to a corner, Abadon runs and BOOTS Kate out of the ring! Kate tumbles to the floor, Abadon slithers out to the apron and LEAPS onto Kate! Abadon rains down rights, roars at the fans in the front row, and then gets Kate up to bounce her off railing. And then off the apron! Abadon puts Kate in the ring, Kate flounders to a corner as Abadon slithers in. Abadon stalks up to Kate and gets her legs, but Kate reels Abadon into a TRIANGLE!

Fans fire up, Abadon fights to turn Kate over! Abadon is free and she ROCKS Kate with an uppercut! Kate gets to a corner but Abadon RAMS her shoulder in again and again. Abadon goes corner to corner, Kate moves and Abadon hits buckles! Abadon stagger sup, Kate bumps her off buckles! Abadon shakes her head and just BACK HANDS Kate down! Abadon fixes her neck, gets Kate up, but Kate fires forearms! Abadon stays up and roars, Kate runs! Kate gets around, redirects Abadon, but runs into a SPINEBUSTER! Abadon headbutts Kate then LEG HOOK DDT’s her down! Cover, Abadon wins!

Winner: Abadon, by pinfall

Killa Kate couldn’t kill what was already dead, but Abadon’s streak is alive and well. Abadon is heading for the top five, who will she haunt next on her way to the title?


Big Swole & Diamante!

No more talking trash, no more calling each other out, this is going down in Texas! Will Swole break La Cubana for getting in her business last week? Or will the diamond be the one breaking Swole?

The bell rings and Swole rushes in but Diamante bails out! Diamante is mad and tells Swole to back off. The ref counts, Diamante returns at 3 of 10, then dodges Swole, only for Swole to block the arm-drag. Swole whips, arm-drags Diamante, but Diamante gives it back. They both go for arm-drags and those cancel out, but Swole kicks low. Swole whips, Diamante reverses but Swole runs her over. Fans cheer as Swole flexes, and things speed up. Swole blocks the hip toss to snapmare Diamante, but Diamante dodges the boot, only for Swole to THRUST KICK her down! Cover, TWO! Swole gets Diamante in a ghost pin, TWO, but Swole has body scissors!

Diamante endures as fans rally and duel. Diamante digs elbows into the feet, pushes back to a cover, TWO! Swole turns Diamante over, body scissor clutch, TWO! Diamante kicks low, whips Swole to a corner and runs in to CHOP! Diamante stands Swole up to ROCK her with a left hand! Swole stays up but Diamante chokes her on ropes! The ref reprimands, Diamante lets off but she throws forearms. Diamante whips but Swole blocks. Swole ROCKS Diamante, fires off JABS after JAB, but Diamante FLAPJACK HOTSHOTS! Diamante runs to CLOBBER Swole from behind! Fans cheer and jeer as Diamante flexes, but Diamante stands on Swole’s head at the ropes.

The ref reprimands and counts, Diamante lets off at 4 and stomps Swole to center. Diamante CLUBS Swole, gets Swole up but Swole fumbles to a corner. Diamante stomps Swole, fans rally up and the ref has Diamante let off. Diamante gets Swole up, clinches her in the corner, but Swole throws body shots! Swole shoves Diamante but Diamante returns with an uppercut! Diamante rolls to come back and dropkick Swole down! Cover, TWO! Diamante grows frustrated as Swole survives. Swole sputters and clutches her through but Diamante wants a straitjacket! Swole gets the ropebreak so Diamante drops an elbow!

Fans rally up as Diamante CLUBS Swole with crossface forearms! Diamante wraps on the chinlock but Swole endures. Swole fights up but Diamante wrangles her back down! Fans rally up, Swoel fights up to throw more elbows, but Diamante CLUBS her on the back. Diamante whips, Swole ducks and dodges to CLOBBER Diamante! Swole rallies with cross chops, Diamante jumps the kicks but the HEADBUTT hits! Swole fires up with the fans and she uppercuts Diamante in a corner! Swole comes back but Diamante puts her on the apron. Swole shoulders back in, slingshots up and over but Diamante sits on the sunset flip and holds ropes! Diamante wins!!

Winner: Diamante, by pinfall

The ref completely misses that one, and Diamante takes the winner’s purse away from Swole! Swole is mad, will she get her payback soon enough?


Evil Uno & Stu Grayson w/ The Dark Order VS Warren Johnson & Zach Mason!

We heard the Dark Order OG stake their claim, will they bring the pain to these fresh faces? Will Warren & Zach want to #JoinDarkOrder after tonight?

The teams sort out, Stu starts against Warren, and Warren fires off hands! Warren whips, Stu comes back and runs him over! Stu whips, Warren kicks but Stu immediately RANAS! Stu gets Warren up, RAMS him into the corner and Uno tags in. Uno whips Stu in for a BIG SPLASH, then Stu feeds Warren to a BOOT! Uno gets Warren up and CHOPS him! Uno whips Warren, Warren reverses and Zach gets a cheap shot in. Uno DECKS Zach, fires hands on Warren and CHOPS him to a corner! Fans fire up for Uno as he whips corner to corner, but Warren reverses. Warren runs in but misses the splash! But Zach sucker punches Uno behind the ref’s back!

Warren hurries over, stomps Uno, then tags in Zach. Zach fires off hands, CHOPS, and forearms. The ref counts, Uno fights back on both young boys! Zach ROCKS Uno then uppercuts in the corner! Tag to Warren, Warren fires off hands! Tag to Zach, he whips Warren and alley-oops for a SPLASH! Feed to the LARIAT, cover, TWO! Fans cheer but Zach is shocked. Zach gets Uno up, snapmares and wraps on a chinlock. Uno endures, fights up, and fans rally as he throws body shots. Zach keeps Uno from Stu by pulling the mask and throwing him down! Zach soaks up the heat, gets Uno up but Uno suplexes! Fans fire up as Uno and Zach hot tag Stu and Warren!

Stu rallies on Warren and gets an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Warren staggers up into a HALF NELSON SLAM! Stu rolls Warren to whip him out of the ring! Stu dodges Zach’s cheap shot, and fans fire up as Stu builds speed! Stu FLIES and takes out both men! Fans fire up with Stu again as he gets on the apron. Stu puts Warren back in, gets him up but Warren whips him away. Uno tags in, and catches Warren for a GERMAN SUPLEX! Zach returns but he gets  BOOT and PELE, to the ROUNDHOUSE SAVING GRACE! Stu tags back in, Uno gets Warren up as Stu climbs. Fans fire up as Stu hops down and runs, for the PENALTY KICK PILEDRIVER!! Cover, Dark Order wins!

Winners: The Dark Order, by pinfall

Uno & Stu got the one-two-three! But will their five take down Kenny Omega’s five to get some golden tickets to All Out?


Six Man Tag: Dante Martin & The Varsity Blonds w/ Julia Hart VS The Acclaimed & Ryan Nemeth!

Angel Dorado teams up with the Ivy League MVP and Bulletproof BPJ to take on some common enemies in Platinum Max Caster, the Five Tool Player, Anthony Bowens, and the Hollywood Hunk! But as always, Caster has a diss rap on deck! “It’s the Acclaimed, and y’all know the deal. The Second Amendment should be repealed! And now that Max is on the beat, I’m the only one here that really packs heat! I stay spittin’ like a punksta. Call me Johnson & Johnson, leaving you with blood clots. If Julia’s gettin’ involved, I’m a rip her like Ezekiel Elliot’s dog!” Oof. Or rather, woof. Bowens adds, “DALLAAAAS~! The Acclaimed have arrived!” But will Dante & the Blonds prove Max’s bark is worse than his bite?

The teams sort out, Dante starts against Bowens. Fans rally for Dante as he ties up with Bowens and they go around. Bowens throws Dante down and gloats, then brings Dante up. Dante whips and monkey flips Bowens to then wrench the arm to a wristlock. Bowens stomps Dante’s foot, wrenches back, but Dante slips through to wrench. Bowens blocks the arm-drag. whips but Dante reverses, hurdles and follows to springboard dropkick! Cover, TWO, but Dante keeps on Bowens’ arm. Brian Pillman Jr. reaches out but Bowens whips Dante to the corner. Tag to Caster, the Acclaimed mug then double suplex. Dante lands on his feet, shoves Caster into Bowens, and tags BPJ!

BPJ gets in and Caster scrambles to tag Nemeth! Nemeth runs into an arm-drag! BPJ wrenches, tags Griff Garrison, and Griff CLUBS Nemeth’s arm. Griff wrenches the arm, YANKS on it, then tags BPJ back in. BPJ CLUBS the arm, brings Nemeth around and CHOPS him. BPJ whips Nemeth, Griff gets Nemeth up, DROPKICK SPINEBUSTER combo! Cover, TWO! BPJ stays on Nemeth with a hammerlock. Nemeth fights up, pulls hair, snapmares but BPJ drags Nemeth down with the hammerlock. Nemeth gets the ropebreak, the ref counts and BPJ lets off. Nemeth swings but BPJ dodges to elbow back. Nemeth plays it up and allows Caster to get a cheap shot in!

Dante and Griff protests but the ref is busy with them and that allows Nemeth & The Acclaimed to get cheap shots in! Nemeth chokes BPJ on ropes, lets off as the ref counts, and tags in Caster. They mug BPJ, Caster throws more haymakers, then tags Bowens. The Acclaimed mug BPJ, fans rally up and Bowens puts BPJ in a corner to CHOP! BPJ CHOPS back! And again! And fires forearms! Bowens sleeper holds and drags BPJ down! BPJ endures and fans fire up. BPJ fights back with body shots, is free, but Bowens keeps him from reaching Griff! NORTHERN LIGHTS! Cover, TWO! Bowens grows annoyed, but he gets BPJ up to tag Nemeth.

Nemeth and Bowens mug BPJ, Nemeth whips BPJ to the corner, and The Acclaimed hold BPJ in as Nemeth swaggers and swivels hips. Nemeth runs in to RAM BPJ, then tags in Bowens. They double whip, BPJ goes up and CROSSBODIES! Fans fire up as all three men are down! BPJ crawls, Nemeth rushes in but is sent out! Bowens crawls, hot tag to Caster as Nemeth trips up Dante! But BPJ tags Griff! Griff rallies on The Acclaimed, sends Nemeth back out, then dodges Bowens to BOOT him down! Griff runs corner to corner to IVY LEAGUE SPLASH Caster! Then he whips Caster into Bowens, IVY LEAGUE SPLASH SANDWICH! Whip and FLAPJACK for Caster! Cover, TWO!!

Griff drags Caster up, reels him in, but Caster clubs Griff to switch and back suplex. Griff lands on his feet, BPJ tags in! Griff dodges to IVY LEAGUE ROLLING ELBOW! Caster staggers, BPJ springboards, but Bowens gets Caster out of the way! Bowens catches BPJ’s flying forearm, CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED! Griff runs in but gets a SUPERKICK! Dante springboards and triangle MOONSAULTS to take Bowens out! But Caster is up top, MIC FLOP! BPJ rolls Caster up, TWO!?! Caster escapes but BPJ hurries! Tag to Dante, BPJ keeps Caster from Nemeth. Dante is up, Caster throat chops BPJ but Dante SHOTGUN missile dropkicks Caster! Caster flounders and tags in Nemeth!

Nemeth rushes in but Dante rallies on him with forearms! Dante blocks a kick, spins Nemeth and dropkicks him down! Fans fire up as Dante has Nemeth in a corner. Dante whips Nemeth corner to corner, Nemeth reverse but Dante LEAPS the corner to wipe out the Blonds and the Acclaimed!! Nemeth is just as shocked as anyone as Dante gets back in! Dante runs, Nemeth waistlocks but Dante switches. Dante avoids the elbows but Nemeth trips Dante. Nemeth has the leg but Dante kicks him away and as Nemeth rebounds, Dante jumps up for the ANGEL STUNNER!! Jackknife cover, Dante and the Blonds win!

Winners: Dante Martin & The Varsity Blonds, by pinfall

Julia raises Dante’s hand in victory, and the Blonds get the mic! BPJ mocks Caster, “Yo! Yo! Yo~! I knew you’d be looking for this! I knew you’d be looking for the microphone, Anthony. Because that’s the one thing you guys do right, is talk.” BPJ gives them that, but there’s a lot that the Blonds do right in the ring, and that’s why they’re the #1 RANKED TEAM in the #1 COMPANY in the world!! They’re bigger, stronger, faster, and you could put a concrete wall between them and the AEW World Tag Team Championships, and the Varsity Blonds will run right through it! And The Acclaimed are a lot softer than concrete.

So maybe The Acclaimed should put money where mouths are, and get back in the ring! And then mic politely set down. Bowens wants to but Caster says they’ll settle this another time. But when and where will we see who are truly THE #1 contenders to the AEW World Tag Team Championships?

My Thoughts:

Another episode of just a few matches, under 45 minutes, another manageable episode for PBP to be back for. But it seems Dark classic is on the road with Dynamite, which is fine. We got a good promo from Uno & Stu, and they of course won their match tonight against Warren Johnson & Zach Mason to build momentum into Fight for the Fallen. Velvet got a good match out of Lion, as did Abadon out of Killa Kate, both are staying strong in the AEW Women’s Division midcard.

Swole VS Diamante was very good and could’ve gone either way, but I think it’s great that Diamante won with that sneaky pin. This feud can continue, I really hope they get to up it to Elevation and really give us something great. And speaking of the building feud, another great showing from The Acclaimed and Varsity Blonds with extra add-ons in Dante and Nemeth. But also, what side of the political spectrum is Caster on? Or is he just Chaotic Jackass, pissing everyone off? In a way, I actually appreciate that because he’s being an equal opportunity troll.

It worked great for Dante to get the pin in the win tonight, that keeps things even between Acclaimed and Blonds. I hope Acclaimed VS Blonds happens on Dynamite, these two teams deserve a little bit of spotlight before going after whoever are the tag champs after All Out.

My Score: 8.2/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (7/26/21)

Another Texas sized Elevation!



AEW Elevation Coverage

Death Triangle, Dark Order, Jurassic Express, and more!

The stars at night are big and bright for AEW Elevation! Multiple factions are in full force as we head for Fight for the Fallen 2021!


  • Jungle Boy w/ Jurassic Express VS Marq Quen w/ the Hardy Family Office; Jungle Boy wins.
  • Yuka Sakazaki VS Amber Nova; Sakazaki wins.
  • Thunder Rosa VS Myka Madrid; Rosa wins.
  • Luchasaurus w/ Jurassic Express VS Jora Johl w/ the Hardy Family Office; Luchasaurus wins.
  • Scorpio Sky VS Fuego Del Sol; Scorpio wins.
  • Angelico VS Marko Stunt; Angelico wins.
  • Madi Wrenkowski & The Bunny w/ The Blade VS Tay Conti & Kris Statlander; Conti & Statlander win.
  • Bear Bronson VS Wardlow; Wardlow wins.
  • Lee Johnson w/ Dustin Rhodes VS Luther w/ Serpentico; Johnson wins and will challenge for the AEW TNT Championship at Dynamite Homecoming.
  • Eddie Kingston VS Serpentico; Kingston wins.
  • The Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Alan Angels & Preston Vance w/ The Dark Order; Lucha Brothers win.
  • Six Man Tag: Brock Anderson & Gunn Club VS Chandler Hopkins, Cameron Cole & Izzy James; Anderson & Gunn Club win.
  • PAC w/ Death Triangle VS Chuck Taylor w/ Best Friends’ Friends; PAC wins.


Another show that’s over two hours for Elevation, is this only going to slow down once Rampage starts in August? But Eddie Kingston on commentary was great, as was opening with the growing rivalry between the Hardy Family Office and the friends of Christian Cage. Jungle Boy opens, fans love Jungle Boy, Jungle Boy wins a really great match with Quen that had proper overbooking given everyone was ringside. A little disappointed that they again didn’t take advantage of that in the card order, though. Luchasaurus was right there, Jora Johl was right there, HFO can order Johl to start a fight with Luchasaurus and they could have the match right there instead of fourth in line.

That said, Luchasaurus VS Johl was good, especially with the character work where Johl wanted to be respectful but the HFO wanting anything but that. More good overbooking as Luchasaurus wipes out the HFO and then takes out Johl fast. On a similar level, they could’ve given us Angelico VS Marko Stunt sooner, but sixth is still a good spot. Actually, why didn’t they build to Jungle Boy VS Quen? That was the best match of the three, as fun as they all were. They could’ve started with Angelico VS Stunt since they didn’t have anyone ringside, then move up to Luchasaurus VS Johl, then JB VS Quen. Just some small things that I feel just make sense in the actual execution of Elevation.

Sakazaki VS Nova was very good, Nova gets a great showing but the Wrestling Magical Girl wins to stay strong now that she’s back in AEW. Fans came alive for Rosa being she’s from Texas, and she had a very good match with Myka to stay strong as second ranked contender. Scorpio beats Fuego but it was a very good match. The fans love Alabama’s Favorite Luchador and he does have skill so I’m sure Fuego will get something good some day. Good interview promo from Bunny Allie and a very good women’s tag to follow it. Kris and Tay had great teamwork and innovation in it, Madi got a great showing, but the Faces win big here to propel the story of Kris VS Bunny.

Jake Hager joining commentary for Wardlow’s match makes a lot of sense, since he has unfinished business with the Pinnacle’s big man. Wardlow’s match with Bear Bronson was great stuff as a hoss match, just big guys who can hit hard, and Bronson is continuing to show me he can be big in the next few years. Wardlow wins, though, because if he and Hager ever tie up again, Wardlow needs to stay strong for it. The AEW Elite General Manager Invitational thing was a neat little idea, and I like that we got a diehard Luther fan setting him up against Big Shotty for a really fun match. Nice little belt for James Darnell, too.

Speaking of which, Johnson VS Luther was good with good overbooking as Serpentico helps out, and is also used as a weapon. I figured Johnson would win, but that tornillo attack was really risky. He has the TNT Championship match for Dynamite Homecoming that Miro was hyping up, and it’s a good thing that’ll be August because Johnson has time to recover just in case. Miro showing up was a good surprise and his promo was solid. I am sure Miro wins but Johnson will give him one hell of a match.

I don’t remember them advertising Kingston VS Serpentico, but that’s another case of where they could’ve just had Serpentico wait at ringside and Kingston goes to the ring from commentary. The match itself was good, Serpentico showing fire at the start and great comedy from there after in his Spider-Man based gear. Jade Cargill also makes a surprise appearance, and Mark Sterling has a good promo as he panders to then buries Texas fans. He gets good Heel Heat on the “smart states” that deserve it, and I like that they’re really piling on her trying to be undefeated in wrestling while also crossing over a la The Rock or Cena. This has to be her losing her first match back in the ring.

A little surprised Lucha Bros VS Dark Order weren’t the penultimate but the third-to-last match. It was an awesome match, but Lucha Brothers of course win their first match back together, they’re getting ready to take on Andrade El Idolo as well as getting back on track towards the AEW World Tag titles on the side. Brock Anderson getting to be in the penultimate match was great for him, but I would’ve traded this one with the Lucha Bros VS Dark Order, a match with the obvious AEW Dark jobbers just doesn’t measure up. I do like that Brock was matching the Gunn Club with the Jacksonville Jaguars teal gear.

PAC VS Chuckie T was a great choice for main event, and it hearkens back to the short lived feud between Death Triangle and Best Friends & Friends. With Trent out with another injury, we sadly can’t get that feud again, unless they throw Wheeler Yuta in. The match itself is really good, but on the same level as Lucha Bros building momentum, Pac builds his so he can take on Andrade, too. And speaking of which, the reason this was the main event (though this could’ve worked if Lucha Bros main evented, too) was so Andrade could show up! Chavo pulls a good Heel Manager move by telling his client to reconsider the fight, but that fight is coming soon enough.

My Score: 8.4/10

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