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Tiffany’s AEW Dynamite Takes – Steel City Showdown

AEW is in Steel City, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Let’s how the Elites handle The City of Champions!

AEW is in Steel City, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Let’s how the Elites handle The City of Champions!

Private Party vs Lucha Brothers

Okay, this match DEFINITELY had some rough spots. I switched over a few minutes into the show and actually wondered if Private Party was facing Dark Order because there were some AWKWARD spots.

That said, thing smoothed out and it was a really great match. I’m VERY happy Lucha Brothers won and will be advancing because they are EASILY the best tag team in AEW. Pairing them with Private Party was an ingenius idea because both teams looked like a million bucks.


I’m still not sure who this guy is, or why I should care that he’s coming, but his workout looks INSANE!

SCU vs Dark Order

I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to this match. I don’t get Dark Order’s gimmick and SCU annoys me, especially Frankie Kazarian.  The match was okay, the really interesting part was Inner Circle showing up for some reason. I’m going to assume that Santana and Ortiz will be feuding with whomever wins the Tag Team Championship next week.

Well, it’s going to Lucha Brothers vs SCU for the AEW Tag Team Championships NEXT week on Dynamite! That match is going to be INSANE!

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Kenny Omega vs Joey Janela

This is a rematch from their AMAZING match last week on AEW Dark! I find it interesting that they spent more time touting Janela vs Jon Moxley than they did Janela vs Omega.

I didn’t like this match as much as I liked the one they had on Dark. The kind of hardcore stuff Janela and Omega did in their first match isn’t something TNT wants on the Dynamite program and that hurt the rematch, in my opinion. It was a good match, but not as good as the original and I’m disappointed Janela didn’t go over.


Why did I know it was Inner Circle being that obnoxious? I love that Cody tried to keep his composure and kept going with the interview. One thing I like about AEW is how they keep the in-ring promos to a minimum and things are kept short. This definitely sets the ‘Elite vs Inner Circle’ as a storyline. I’m not sure why Diamond Dallas Page was there, but okay. The look on IC’s faces when Cody punched out the glass was hilarious! The brawl wasn’t the best, but it was fun.

Best Friends (with Orange Cassidy) vs Young Bucks

This match was pretty good. I can’t say it was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. The main story seemed to be both teams looking to rebound after being eliminated from the Tag Team Tournament. Orange Cassidy still annoys me. Thankfully, Bucks got the win, keeping their spot as the top team in AEW, with or without the titles. And it is ON! Bucks vs Santana and Ortiz at Full Gear!

Britt Baker vs Jamie Hayter

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I can’t explain just why I LOVE Britt Baker, but I do. No, she’s not the best wrestler ever, but she is good and I love watching her in the ring.

I love that Britt came out with the Steelers’ mascot, that was cute. I’ve said before that it looks like Baker is being groomed to be THE star of the Women’s Division and she really shined. She sold like hell for Hayter, who really showed that she could be a fabulous asset to AEW. Unsurprisingly, the hometown girl won, keeping her in line for a women’s title match.

Jamie Hayter

Uh, what’s with Brandi? Like, Jamie and Jenn were trying to do an interview and Brandi just went off for no reason.

Jon Moxley vs PAC

This is the match I’ve been waiting for! Mox in the main event. No surprise, PAC got the jump on Mox because he’s a punk. I’m never a fan of Mox being the beat down face, the man’s a violent psychopath, not a goody two shoes, but at least he was able to get back into the match, then it became what I’d hoped it would be. I’m irritated that it ended in a draw, I wanted a win for Mox, not a draw, but the match was great.

That’s it for Tiffany’s Dynamite Takes! Stay Tuned for more coverage!

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