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Tiffany’s AEW News You Can Use (10-27-19)

Here’s this week’s installment of AEW News, tidbits, and fun!

Here’s this week’s installment of AEW News, tidbits, and fun!

AEW Dynamite 10-30-19 Card

Lucha Brothers vs SCU – AEW Tag Team Championship Match

Jon Moxley to Appear

AEW Dark 10-29-19 Card

Darby Allin vs Jimmy Havok vs Jack Evans

Emi Sakura vs Sadie Gibbs vs Allie vs Penelope Ford

Dustin Rhodes and Sonny Kiss vs Peter Avalon and QT Marshall


News and Tidbits

Kenny Omega Wins Big Title

Kenny Omega took on fellow AEW talent, Rey Fenix Jr, for the Lucha Libre AAA Mega Compeonoto (Mega Competitor/World Championships) belt on Saturday evening. AEW and AAA do not have an official working relationship that I’m aware of, but this match certainly hints that one is in the works. In a post-match promo, Omega vowed to wear the belt on Dynamite, but it’s not clear that he will or that it will affect his match with Jon Moxley at Full Gear.

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Justin Roberts Signed to AEW 

Okay, I was not aware that this was an issue, but Roberts has signed an official ‘Khantract’ (his term, not mine) to AEW to be their official in-ring announcer. Roberts is best know for being an in-ring announcer in WWE for twelve years before being leaving in 2014.

New Japan Pro Wrestling Announces US Expansion

Okay, this isn’t EXACTLY All Elite Wrestling news, but it will affect AEW and WWE, so I’m putting it in here. New Japan Pro Wrestling, which has played a major part in the careers of just about everyone in the Elite and a good chunk of AEW’s roster, has announced that they will be launching New Japan Pro Wrestling of America this year and will be doing tours around the US. According to their website, they will be using talent developed through their LA dojo and signing new talent.

Young Bucks Invited Back to TNA for Reunion Show

In a surprising move, Impact Wrestling has invited The Young Bucks back for a TNA reunion show next year. Executive Vice-President Scott Amore extended the invite, stating that he wanted the reunion show to be about the postive memories of TNA and ‘leaving the past behind’.

The Bucks worked for TNA as ‘Generation Me’ early on in their career, and from their account, the experience didn’t end well, so it’s hard to say if they’ll accept the offer or not. If they do, it could clear the way for a working agreement between the two companies.

Chris Jericho Meets TV Crush

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Le Champion posted on Twitter Monday that he’d met his teenage crush, Alyssa Milano, that day. The Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla freely admitted to fanboying over meeting his crush, even admitting to having her birthday circled on his calendar as a teenager. Fortunately Ms. Milano replied that she didn’t find that too creepy.

Alyssa Milano, for those of you who are younger than twenty, is a former child star turned successful actress and political activist who is best known as tomboy Sam Micelli on ‘Who’s the Boss’ from 1984-92 and free spirited witch, Phoebe Halliwell, on the original version of ‘Charmed’ from 1998-2006.

‘Cagefighter’ to Begin Filming in November

‘Cagefighter’, co-starring Jon Moxley will FINALLY begin filming on November 1st in Saskatchewan, Canada on November 1st. The Purveyor of Violence will be portraying a professional wrestler tapped to wrestle a rising MMA star. The movie will also star WWE Legend Christian and MMA Legends, Luke Rockhold and Chuck Liddell. No word on how this will affect Moxley’s feud with Kenny Omega or how long filming is expected to last.

AEW To Air in Germany

AEW is expanding its overseas viewership. They will begin airing episode on TNT Serie, TNT’s channel in Germany on Friday, October 25, 2019 at 21:50 (9:50pm).

Dynamite Fallout

Jon Moxley was reprimanded by AEW for hitting the Paradigm Shift on Referee Paul Turner on Wednesday’s Dynamite. Moxley lashed out at Turner after his match against PAC ended in a draw due to a TV Time limit. This is the second time Moxley has done this to Turner and he has been warned that a third strike will result in a fine and/or suspension.

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For his part, Referee Turner’s reaction was to say if Moxley didn’t like the time limit draw, he should’ve ended the match before then, which probably won’t win him any sympathy with Mox.

Jon Moxley to Cut Live Promo

Lock up the sensitive souls in your house! Jon Moxley will be cutting a LIVE promo on 10-30-19’s Dynamite for the first time since joining AEW in May. According to Wade Keller, AEW has been hearing complaints about Moxley, a known mic master, not cutting any live promos. Chances are the promo won’t be as wild as the ones he cut in his younger days, but we can expect a lot more than the ones he cut under WWE’s control.

Jake Hager Bout Ends in No Contest at Bellator 231

Inner Circle’s Jake Hager match against Anthony Garrett ended in a no contest Friday night after the Garrett claimed Hager hit a low blow. Hager denied intentionally hitting a low blow on Garrett, claiming that he never felt a protective cup during the kick in question and implied that Garrett made it up to get out of the fight.

AEW Signs New Talent at Southside Wrestling 

Cody Rhodes and a few other members of the AEW roster were in the UK to help Southside Wrestling, a European promotion, put on their final show after WWE pulled several members of the NXT UK roster from the even over safety concerns. While there, they signed Anthony Ogogo to AEW after a confrontation with MJF.

Hikaru Shida Finishes up Japanese Dates

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AEW star, Hikaru Shida, who has made some appearances in the Women’s Division, announced that she has finished up her remaining Japanese dates and will be working in the US full time. Fans of Womens’ wrestling have been voicing

Rick and Morty Are All Elite

It was announced this week that hit cartoon stars, Rick and Morty, have joined All Elite Wrestling, which was confirmed by Cody Rhodes. As part of the promotion, Charleston, WV fans will receive Rick and Morty masks at the 10-30-19 show, which is an exciting perk for fans. Just don’t have them win any titles.

Legendary Tag Team To Present Tag Belts

We will be crowing the FIRST AEW Tag Team Champions on Wednesday’s Dynamite, either SCU or the Lucha Brothers. Whomever wins those belts will have the belts presented to them by the legendary team of Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, aka, the Rock n Roll Express, who were trailblazers in tag team wrestling in the 1980s for several promotions, most noticeably Jim Crockett Promotions/WCW.

StarrCast IV Listings

StarrCast will be hosting another fan event before Full Gear. The list of Meet and Greets includes most of the All Elite Wrestling roster, plus former WCW and ECW stars. They will also be doing in-depth interviews with some of the roster including:

  • Jurassic Express
  • Young Bucks
  • Jon Moxley
  • The Rhodes Family
  • There will also be an afterparty after Full Gear is over.

Full Gear

Young Bucks vs Santana and Ortiz

On Wednesday’s Dynamite, the Young Bucks officially accepted Jericho’s challenge to face Santana and Ortiz at Full Gear on November 9.

Hangman Adam Page vs PAC

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After Dynamite went off the air, PAC attacked Moxley, only to be chased away by Omega and Page. Page then got on the microphone and mocked PAC, mentioning that he got a pinfall win over the Bastard last week on Dynamite and then announced that they would be having a rematch at Full Gear.



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