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AEW Leva Bates The Librarian


Tiffany’s AEW YouTube Takes: Going to Extremes


Kenny Omega 

Oh, Kenny. Kenny, Kenny, Kenny, I would like to think you’ve learned your lesson about taking potshots at Jon Moxley, especially now that he’s healthy and can beat the living fuck out of you.

Honestly, I’m not an Omega fan, there’s something about him I really don’t jive with, but he and Mox are both really turning it on for this feud. I’m honestly curious if AAA will actually let Omega wear their top championship belt on Dynamite. I know Young Bucks and Lucha Brothers had a match for the tag team belts at All Out, but the belts haven’t been worn on Dynamite, nor was Fenix wearing the top championship belt on Dynamite.


Here’s another guy who is biting off more than he can chew with Jon Moxley. I have no idea how Pac got so bloody since I don’t remember him bleeding from the head during the match last week. Oh, it looks like he took the blood from his hand after getting it caught on Barby and wiped it on his face. ANYWAY, Pac might call himself a bastard, but Jon Moxley is the sickest fucker in AEW and Pac is not ready for that. Also, Mox never asked you for help, dude, you inserted yourself into a situation that didn’t concern you and after tomorrow, you’ll be WISHING Hangman Adam Page was your biggest concern.

Being The Elite Episode 175 – Matt Gets Fed Up

Young Bucks

Yay, Matt! He finally refused to wear those godawful shirts Nick designed!! WHAT THE? What kind of weird ass voodoo is this?! Don’t wear it, Matt! Stand your ground! Damn!

10-16-19 Dynamite

  • Well, Private Party fighting with Hybrid Duo. They are settling it at the arcade. Cool…I guess.
  • Philly always hype for wrestling and Joey Janela. Okay, so Joey has agreed to sign some chick’s tits and it was part of a pregnancy reveal! AWWWW!
  • The fuck is Daniels looking at? Oh, not porn, comic books. Okay, Frankie Kazarian gets on my nerves.
  • They’re going to steal the Liberty Bell? I thought librarians were smart.
  • The fuck happened to Pac’s face? It’s all bloody. I don’t remember that happening.
  • Aw, Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy sad they couldn’t win it for Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus is the dad of this team. AW, Luchasaurus gifting Stunt a mask.
  • I hate the Painmaker makeup. Jericho looks like a demented mime.
  • Okay, Sammy Guevara comes across as such a tool.
  • Kenny Omega and Hangman Page working through some shit. I don’t feel like Page is on the same page (no pun intended) with the rest of the Elite.
  • It sounds like Page vs Pac will have a rematch at Full Gear. Yeah, Page isn’t on the same wavelength as the rest of the crew. He blew off Kenny’s birthday bash. That’s not good.

Oh, Matt. You should’ve stood your ground.  Oh god, those pants aren’t new merchandise too, are they? Matt, I don’t think your wife, who is in charge of merchandise, is going to save you. Oh, lord. Matt’s about blow a gasket. Have to say, a Young Bucks beach towel that looks like money isn’t the tackiest merchandise I’ve ever seen. Glad to see Matt finally getting fed up with this nonsense, not that it’s doing him any good. Twitching eyes are not a good sign.

Kenny Omega

Okay, I’m definitely buying Omega/Riho rumors if he’s wearing her merchandise. Kenny has no security this weekend Mexico, or the Young Bucks, despite it sounding like ONE of the Bucks is manning the camera. What is on the doorknob? Do I want to know what’s on the doorknob? Okay, our culprit’s name is ‘Michael’. I’m not sure who that is, but Kenny doesn’t seem thrilled.

Who is Tyson Smith and why does it seem like AEW is basing their hiring on who Dave Meltzer likes? OH, he’s Riho’s translator! Okay, he doesn’t seem like the worst thing ever. Can’t imagine him being much of a bodyguard. Actually, I think Michael Nakazawa is in more danger from Kenny killing him than Kenny’s in danger from dangerous fans. The fuck is he putting on his head? That better not be what I think it is because that’s gross.

AEW Dark – City of Brotherly Discord

We are still in Philadelphia and we have a special commentator, ECW Legend, TAZ! The Human Suplex Machine/Most Miserable Son of a Bitch on the Planet is joining Excalibur to call the action on Dark!

Brandon Cutler vs Joey Janela

Janela is definitely more over than Cutler, which is a little sad, but he’s extreme enough for the home of ECW.

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This match starts out pretty standard. Collar and elbow, armwringers, headlocks, take overs, the usual stuff. However, Janela showed some really good technical prowess countering leg-neck hold.  Cutler is still showing a little ring rust, his stuff wasn’t nearly as crisp as Janela’s.

This was a pretty good match. It wasn’t really a barnburner, but it wasn’t terrible. I like Janela, but some of his stuff is just stupid looking, but he was the winner after a nasty superplex that had Cutler landing on his head, which is a pretty weak way to win, but again, the match wasn’t terrible.

Undesirable to Undeniable – QT Marshall

Okay, so apparently, this guy is Cody’s assistant and is basically Cody’s right hand man in AEW.

Marshall worked for Ring of Honor, but never really got very far after a neck injury. He actually shot a movie to get a tryout with WWE and WWE never called him.

He runs a wrestling school and will be wrestling in AEW.

Good segment, nice to meet a BTS guy, will be watching for him. One thing I’m noticing is that they aren’t talking to the in-ring talent, or anyone who worked for WWE, but it’s like backstage people, which is cool.

Nyla Rose vs Leva Bates (with Peter Avalon)

Boy, for a city that actually had the first public library, Philadelphia isn’t into the Librarians. I can’t say Nyla’s getting a much better reaction, but she’s more popular than Blue Hair. Love Blue Hair prepping by lifting her books like dumbbells.

Avalon trying to help Leva by throwing books in the ring is funny and pathetic, as is Blue getting the upper hand. I will give Nyla credit for selling for a woman she could’ve squashed in ten seconds.

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Honestly, this match isn’t great. They’re trying, but this isn’t setting the world on fire. Nyla gets her first singles win and gets back on track.

10-23-19 Card Update

Britt Baker will be facing Jamie Hater on Dynamite this week. Hater will be making her debut and Britt is looking to get back to her winning ways after last week’s heartbreaking defeat against Riho.

Strong Hearts and Private Party vs Young Bucks, Cody and Dustin Rhodes (with Brandi Rhodes and MJF)

I think I’ve said before that I’m not a huge fan of big multi-man matches, but at least this one had some storyline reasons for it, even if I’m not sure what Strong Hearts are doing there, my best guess is that the rest of the tag division is too busy with the tournament.

The match was okay, I still think they’re building towards MJF turning on Cody, given how chummy they were being during the match. Everybody got their moves in. Dustin Rhodes is so great to watch, which is something that’s gotten lost in the Goldust gimmick, but the Natural has no restrictions, I’m not sure what he did off the top rope, but Private Party was the worst for wear for it.

Brandi getting into the act with a pretty good cannonball off the apron while the ref was distracted was fun. I’m still not into MJF, so watching him get dropped was fun, even if he was on Team Elite.

I’m guessing that Private Party will feud with the Bucks after the Tag Tournament with or without the belts being involved.

Elites got the pin, though they seemed to be a little heelish in this match, but it was exactly what I expected of a dark main event: Lots of chaos and fun, not a lot of emphasis on consistency.

That’s it for Tiffany’s AEW on YouTube Takes! Tune in tomorrow for Dynamite coverage!

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