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Tiffany’s HIAC Non Takes: Finding The Happy

Tiffany provides you with her first ever non-Takes as she doesn’t watch WWE Hell In A Cell!



WWE Hell In A Cell

Tiffany provides you with her first ever non-Takes as she doesn’t watch WWE Hell In A Cell!

Hello, I’m Tiffany, if you’ve been following my articles, you probably know that I do takes for every WWE PPV and have since last year. I’ve run my mouth and shouted, railed, and complained about WWE’s booking, storylines, character building, and just about everything else. However, this week, after finding myself VERY unimpressed with RAW or SmackDown and realizing that WWE was heading into Hell in a Cell with only half their card booked, I decided that I wasn’t going to watch Hell in a Cell. I wasn’t going to watch, I wasn’t going to do takes on it. What I was going to do was test myself to see if my indifference was genuine disenchantment with WWE or just needing a breather.

This was NOT easy for me. I’ve been watching WWE PPVs every month since I got the Network and I’ve been a fan of WWE since I was six years old. I did NOT want to discover that my lifelong love of WWE was ending, but I had to see. I’m also a proponent of putting your money where your mouth is. I’ve been bitching about WWE for months and it was time I did something about it by not watching it if I wasn’t happy with it.

What did I do? I watched Sunday Night Football. My Indianapolis Colts were taking on the unbeaten Kansas City Chiefs (Colts WON, BTW) and I really wanted to see it. However, I kept tabs on what was going on Hell In a Cell, and while it SOUNDS like the show had it’s ‘WTF’ moments, it also sounds like there were some banging matches. I felt like I was missing something really good, but I stuck it out because I wanted to really test myself on how I felt.

The results? Aside from some things that I was genuinely confused or irritated about, which will be discussed later, I felt like I should watch Hell in a Cell, more than that, I WANTED to watch Hell in a Cell. However, I was also glad I took the night off. The game was VERY enjoyable, love that my team won, and I got to watch it from start to finish.

What does this mean for the Takes? Not a whole lot. I still fully plan on doing Takes tomorrow, Wednesday, and Friday, as well as covering AEW’s YouTube shows. I’m not going anywhere.

However, just going off what I was reading and hearing from people, I do have SOME takes to share.

  • Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks sounds AMAZING and I’ll definitely be catching it on WWE Network when I get the chance.
  • I’m sick of Lacey Evans vs Nattie.
  • I don’t understand why the Kabuki Warriors, who have been off TV for months, were suddenly handed a Women’s Tag Team Championship match and won, after Sasha and Bayley beat Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross several times and never got their rematch from WrestleMania or the title match they earned.
  • I didn’t get the six man tag match or Randy Orton vs Ali.
  • I’m not surprised Charlotte won, but I’m more curious about the Bayley fallout since she looked messed up in the pictures I saw.
  • I’m glad Tamina Snuka finally won the title, but I’m a little disappointed R-Truth didn’t help Carmella regain the title again after she’s helped him so many times.
  • I’m puzzled as to why WWE seems to have turned Daniel Bryan face again when he was doing so well as a heel. I am glad Bryan and Roman Reigns beat Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.
  • I’m not sure what to think about Seth Rollins vs The Fiend ending in ref stoppage due to Seth snapping (or that’s what it sounded like). It’s Hell in a Cell, there is no stopping it until someone is pinned or gives up, but we’ll see what happens.
  • Also, there were rumors afloat that angry fans were rioting in Sacramento, I’m glad those turned out to be just rumors, but from watching videos on Twitter and YouTube, it’s clear that fans left Hell in a Cell VERY unhappy after fans were also left feeling unhappy and cheated at SmackDown’s Fox premiere on Friday, and that’s not a good thing and WWE needs to address this sooner than later.

That’s it for Tiffany’s Non Takes for Hell in a Cell, tune in tomorrow for RAW!

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