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Tiffany’s Takes: AEW YouTube Shows (Long New England Nights)

Tiffany’s Takes brings you a look at the AEW YouTube brigade of shows leading up to this week’s edition of AEW Dynamite!

Tiffany’s Takes brings you a look at the AEW YouTube brigade of shows leading up to this week’s edition of AEW Dynamite!


Chris Jericho

I don’t think any of us harbor any illusions that Chris Jericho is anywhere as great as he’d been even five years ago, except for Jericho himself, but I think we can all agree that few people can touch him when it comes to promos, and he showed that in this promo.

Jericho being offended that Darby Allin skateboarded down the ramp to attack him, which I find a little hard to believe, but we’ll go with it. Jericho including Dr. J, Abraham Lincoln, David Lee Roth, and Benedict Arnold in with the Elites was actually hilarious. I would actually pay to see that show because Lincoln was actually a very good wrestler in his time. I’m a little puzzled as to why Jericho keeps claiming he was attacked from behind when he STOOD there and watched Allin come at him on the skateboard.

Jericho’s claims about growing up on the streets and being an educated man are a little confusing but it brings us to the real point of this tangent, which is making the AEW World Championship match at Philadelphia Street Fight, which I’ve already talked about and still support.

Darby Allin

Allin’s promo wasn’t nearly as long as Jericho’s but he got his point across all the same. I liked that he knows what Jericho is thinking before the promo. I’m still not sure if Allin is going to be the next big thing, but he’s going to give it a hell of a shot.

Being the Elite Episode 174 – Those Under Glass Coffee Tables, Shouldn’t Run Their Mouths

Kenny Omega and Referee Knox

Okay, why does everyone seem to warm up in the bathroom? Isn’t there somewhere else they can do this? Well, we’re finally getting some answers on why Jon Moxley’s attack on Kenny Omega during AEW’s premiere didn’t end the match in a DQ for Jericho and company. The answer is: He didn’t want the main event to end in a DQ, okay, little WWE poke, but one WWE earned, let’s be real.


Hearing the Bucks being so confident about winning is kind of sad. Love that they’re at the building early.

Frankie Kazarian comes across as the biggest douche.

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Poor Knox, he just wants to join the cool kids.

I do not get the hype for Orange Cassidy. The Best Friends’ gear is lame, sorry.

Nick being a douche about the shirts is such a little brother thing and Matt coming up with every excuse to NOT wear the fucking shirt, or the scarf, is so funny.

Cody’s back! Him and Nick ribbing poor Matt is going to be a major line item if Matt ever snaps and turns heel. Also, Cody got his roots done, thank god. It’s weird to see Cody being funny, he always seems so dry, him making an effort to be funny is odd. His tie merch is ugly though. Okay, them making Matt wear the tie will be another line item in the ‘Why I turned heel’ slideshow. At least Cody was nice enough to tie the tie for him.

Oh, Jesus, I forgot they have pyro and I’m going to be stuck in a building with it. Not happy. That crowd looks pumped though!

Okay, Leva Bates is just annoying. I’m not sure what they’re going for here, but she sounds like a bimbo every time she opens her mouth.

Omega thinking a broom wrapped in anything would be scary is funny. MOX! I cannot wait for Full Gear, especially if Mox sticks to those shorts.

Shawn Spears and Tully are an oddly compelling team. Looks like Spears’ next feud is with Joey Janela.

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So, the issues with Page are ongoing, interesting. Also, I’m still not a MJF fan, but this thing with him and the Bucks was nice.

Omega and the Bucks making up is great TV. Oh, we’re setting up the Elite splitting up. That makes me sad.


Yeah, Best Friends aren’t awkward. Cassidy is just annoying. They don’t know each other’s ring name? Really? Also the questions are dumb.

AEW Dark

Sonny Kiss vs Peter Avalon vs Kip Sabian

I’m still not totally sure what to think of Sonny Kiss as an in-ring talent, but he’s definitely over with the crowd and Peter Avalon is not. Sabian isn’t quite as over, but his agility is pretty good.

Sabian hurt his finger during the match, but him powering through it got the crowd on his side. I do like that one of Avalon’s moves comes from Harry Potter and so does Sabian. Sabian was the surprising winner, but the match wasn’t horrible.

Dark Order and Hybrid 2 vs SCU and Cima

I really don’t get anything about the gimmicks with almost anyone in this match, except for SCU, and I think their gimmick is annoying. I’m still learning about this roster, but this match seems to be Battle of the Douchey Gimmicks.

All that said, this was a good match. SCU and Dark Order are still in the Tag Team Championship Tournament, so this was more about whetting the appetite for their confrontation. Christopher Daniels is still amazingly talented for a man in his forties and is the most over, so watching him run the match was a lot of fun. Dark Order/Hybrid got the win off a distraction, but it wasn’t a bad match, but it did have some predictable moments.

Undesirable to Undeniable

This is a new segment hosted by Cody Rhodes, this week’s guest is Aubrey Edwards, who made history at All Out by being the first woman to referee a World Heavyweight Championship Match.

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I did no know she’d had a WWE tryout and was not picked up. Their loss. Her big moment was being the ref at the Jericho/Page match at All Out, which is definitely something no one can ever take away from her.

Lights Out Match – Joey Janela vs Kenny Omega

This match is part of Omega’s training regime to get ready for Jon Moxley. Never mind, Moxley beat the living fuck out of Janela in their first meeting and showed that when it comes to being sick bastards, Joey Janela has a lot to learn.

I want to like Omega, but he seems like a raging douche and his own biggest mark. That said, this was a really good match. Hardcore matches can be really great if done with the right people and not just focusing on people whacking each other with foreign objects.

This match was raved about by the audience who got to see it live last week and I can see why. These two were phenomenal together! That said, I totally get the complaining about Omega and his overly long matches. that match went about 20-30 minutes, which is fine, but a little long for a hardcore match. It was a great match, but I was on the verge of getting very bored. Still, Omega made Janela look like a star, which is what he should be doing, so I won’t complain too much.

That’s it for Tiffany’s AEW YouTube Takes! Tune in Wednesday for AEW Dynamite!


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