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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Ratings & Analysis: 11/5/2019

After the AXS premiere we have a new Impact Champion! Let’s all celebrate with Sami Callihan!



After the AXS premiere we have a new Impact Champion! Let’s all celebrate with Sami Callihan!

Now that Sami finally has a World Championship; what kind of world do we have to look forward to?

Will Josh Alexander have any words for Marufuji after the loss last week?

Ehh, never mind, all we care about is The Draw! Even Baby Jarvis knows it’s time for some cake!


  • Moose vs Willie Mack: Moose wins via Spear – ** 1/2
  • Michael Elgin vs Fallah Bahh: Elgin wins via Crossface – *** 1/4
  • Ken Shamrock vs Joey Ryan: Shamrock wins via Ankle Lock – *
  • Madison Rayne vs Taya Valkyrie (c): Valkyrie wins via Road to Valhalla – ***
  • Bhupinder Singh w/Desi Hit Squad vs Petey Williams: Petey wins via Sharpshooter – * 1/2.
  • Impromptu Extreme Rules Match: Daga, Tessa Blanchard, Rich Swann & Tommy Dreamer vs oVe: Rich wins via Roll Up – ***


Moose vs Willie Mack – Not a bad opening match. Moose had some great heel moments and both men brought a decent bit of aggression and athleticism. It’s also nice to see Moose get a fairly clean win over someone known to be a damn good wrestler. Aside from the weird slow sell on the dive to the outside, not a lot to nit pick in this. Decent match, helps Moose look legit and the crowd seemed mostly entertained.

-FINALLY! Alisha obviously doesn’t watch the product back after tapings, but it’s about time she stumbled onto a way to end this cringey story.

Michael Elgin vs Fallah Bahh – Fallah is on a bit of a rebuild since he’s lost some weight and starting a friendship with TJP. So going into this match, Elgin was the obvious winner, but this match did a good job at making Fallah look good. Fallah fought out of Elgin Bomb attempts, fired up out of a Death Valley Driver and just looked to have a real shot, numerous times in the match. For as dominate as he’s been, Elgin did sell the challenge, and this was really a good match. Elgin even pulls out the Crossface for the victory.

-Alisha tells Ace to skip dinner and come straight to her room. Most likely setting up Eddie to jump Ace, but let’s all act surprised when the douchebag gets what’s coming to him.

-The North cut a promo telling Marufuji that something must’ve gotten lost in translation. But open challenges from them, mean tag team challenge. So they tell Marufuji to get a teammate and next week will be a Tag Team Championship match. Marufuji and Eddie Edwards time!

Ken Shamrock vs Joey Ryan – So Shamrock comes out in sneakers and Basketball shorts, definitely not taking this seriously. He half asses the match, embarrassing Joey because he thinks he can’t wrestle. Joey does catch him with a Dropkick, which gets Shamrock’s respect, so he offers a handshake, and gets forced to grab the dong. Shamrock gets dick flipped, but fires up off that, hits 2 lariats and an Ankle Lock, then we’re done. Not much of a match, a little amusing, but I guess there’s a Ryan/Shamrock privates joke there somewhere. Hmm…20 years later and he’s still Saving Ryan’s Privates? Meh…I’ll work on it.

Madison Rayne vs Taya Valkyrie (c) – Honestly, much of the enjoyment was Callis and Mathews with their back and forth on commentary. They continue to not acknowledge that Josh and Madison are married, so the comments are hilarious. The match was very competitive, where Madison showed a lot of clever moments. Rolling through the first attempt at Road to Valhalla, managing to put herself into positions where you believed she could win the match, just generally good stuff. Bravo throwing the stuffed Pomeranian into the ring (commentary calls it Hennigan, so I appreciate the wink) to break up a pinfall. That creates the opening Taya needs to win the match. Good match, just enough interference to make sense and not feel over done.

Bhupinder Singh w/Desi Hit Squad vs Petey Williams – This was a throw away match, where the only slightly redeeming thing was they debuted Cameron Adamson, a referee with no legs. Bhupinder tried to beat down the referee after his loss, but Petey and Cameron turned the tables. The referee pulled off a few cool things, and it was a feel good moment.

-So we get the payoff of Alisha turning the tables, Eddie shows up, Alisha wants to beat Ace with Kenny and then a make out session with his wife begins. But he has to grab Kenny. So…three way?

Impromptu Extreme Rules Match: Daga, Tessa Blanchard, Rich Swann & Tommy Dreamer vs oVe – Sami and the rest of the crew went to the ring to celebrate and be asshats. Dreamer comes out for a very mediocre “fans are the real draw” promo, which was gladly saved by the challenge. Granted, numbering off the difference in team was a little too similar to the AEW segment with Inner Circle and Cody’s crew, but hey, it got us where we needed to go.

Decent brawl which saw logical splits, with Tessa interacting mainly with Jake and Sami. Tommy had a few nice moments with the Bionic Elbow and a DDT on a chair. Madman looked like a beast, Sami nearly managed to salvage his celebration, but the bad blood with him and Rich Swann boiled over nicely. Culminating in Rich getting the Roll Up win and most likely a title shot if Sami defends successfully against Cage during Turning Point.


Overall Score: 6.5/10

A show that was driven a bit more by the sports entertainment than the in-ring action. We got a few decent matches, but nothing to really be shocked by. However, Alisha finally figuring it out and furthering the Suzie stuff was quite amusing. I also really like the fact that they are placing another person between the Tessa/Sami payoff.

So definitely a pretty good show, but it could be boring depending on what drives your wrestling interest.

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