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Chris’s Takes For NXT UK 11/14/19

Chris King checks in with his look at this week’s edition of WWE NXT UK, headlined by Kassius Ohno against Tyler Bate!



WWE NXT UK Tyler Bate Kassius Ohno

Chris King checks in with his look at this week’s edition of WWE NXT UK, headlined by Kassius Ohno against Tyler Bate!

After Kassius Ohno viciously attacked A-KID, Tyler Bate has a score to settle with the self-proclaimed “Wrestling Genius.” Also on tonight’s episode, the blue-haired young up-and-comer Xia Brookside gets to prove herself against the NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray.

Xia Brookside vs. Kay Lee Ray 

Wow, this was an absolute battle of one-upwomanship the Champion would lock in a rest hold or arm wrench and the fan-favorite would be forced to outsmart her and break free. This carried on with great roll-up pinfall attempts until Brookside attempted a crossbody from the top rope and Ray slammed her on the mat.

The young up-and-comer mounted a small comeback with some clotheslines and a headscissors sending the champion to the corner. A sunset flip pin almost gave Brookside the victory but Ray kicked out. A picture-perfect superkick and the Gory Bomb silenced her opponent and Ray got the victory.

Opinion: This was a great opportunity for Brookside to show the champion how much she’s improved since they met in the summer. Brookside’s facial expression after Ray kicked out told a terrific story. The NXT UK Women’s Champion though found an opening and took advantage of using her years of experience to get the win.

A quick recap aired of Ilja Dragunov making his decision last week to side with Gallus over IMPERIUM.

Another video package aired of Piper Niven trying to be a role model for plus size women and all the children to live out their dreams.

Ligero vs. Travis Banks II

The match started with a handshake and a massive chop-fest between both competitors. Some terrific mat wrestling and a high-octane offense that almost led to Banks and Ligero having a double-pin with a backslide pin. Banks flew halfway across the ring and delivered a stunning dropkick to his opponent. He followed it up with a Kiwi Crusher for a 2.8.

A series of roll-up pinfalls couldn’t gain each man a victory. Ligero delivered a thunderous superplex off the top rope that left both competitors stunned and gasping for air. Banks delivered a nasty-looking fisherman suplex on the ring apron.

Ligero answered back with a jaw-dropping tornado DDT on the outside. Out of nowhere, Joseph Conners blindsided Ligero crashing him into the ring post. Banks rolled his opponent back into the ring and hit Slice Of Heaven for the victory.

Moments later, Conners viciously attacked both men. He grabbed a mic and delivered a vindictive promo about how he should have been the inaugural United Kingdom Champion but he wasn’t, and he’s TakeOver-worthy. He ended things declaring that if he has to suffer than everyone else will too!

Opinion: Banks and Ligero have Insane in-ring chemistry every maneuver was counter after counter. They thought the same, they attacked each other using the same kicks and pinfall attempts. After watching their second battle I am 100% convinced that both competitors should become a tag team. They would make a well-oiled machine and it would definitely give both young up-and-comers some gold around their waists.

Conners is a bitter man and since he didn’t get what he felt he deserved he’s on a warpath to anyone who stands in his way. I am intrigued to see where does he go from here, does he step up to WALTER? Definitely some great storyline development.

A vignette aired hyping Ridge Holland’s in-ring debut next week.

Another match announced for next week, IMPERIUM’s Alexander Wolfe will go one-on-one with Ilja Dragunov.

Main Event: Tyler Bate vs. Kassius Ohno

The match started with both competitors feeling each other out with arm wrenches and headlocks. “The Big Strong Boi” locked Ohno in an octopus stretch for a moment. A series of submission attempts by both competitors continued building the rage of Ohno.

The self-proclaimed Wrestling Genius found an opening after blasting Bate shoulder-first into the ring post sending him to the outside. Back in the ring, Bate missed a bicycle kick and Ohno leveled him with a thunderous senton for a near-fall.

After a terrific battle of size, and technical wrestling skills, Banks somehow managed to pick up Ohno on his shoulders for his signature airplane spin. The Big Strong Boi followed it up with a Tyler Driver ’97 for the hard-fought victory.

Opinion: An absolutely incredible main event where the obnoxious and cocky Ohno was out to punish and overcome the young up-and-comer. I was honestly surprised to see more mat wrestling and less of Ohno using his size advantage to throw Bate around. The more Bate outsmarted Ohno the angrier he became. The Big Strong Boi lived up to his name silencing the arrogant veteran pulling out a huge win in his young career.

Summary: If you don’t watch this show on a weekly basis, I don’t know what you’re thinking. NXT UK is amazing and every week there are terrific stories being told between the ropes from superstars all over the United Kingdom. If you only watch one match from this week’s episode, I would say Ligero vs. Banks would be a great place to start. I never used to watch this brand until I started writing a review for it and now I’m so thankful I do.

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