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King: Top 5 Moments From NXT

Chris King shares his thoughts on a chaotic Go-Home-Show for TakeOver WarGames and doors are wide open! 



Chris King shares his thoughts on a chaotic Go-Home-Show for TakeOver WarGames and doors are wide open! 

This was in my opinion, one of the best episodes of NXT, it contained a massive amount of contained chaos and some fantastic matches and to end the night with a bang a huge pull-apart brawl ensued with superstars from Raw, Friday Night SmackDown, and NXT. Here are my top five moments from this week’s NXT.

5.  The Man Comes Around

As soon as the show started, The Raw Women’s Champion “The Man” Becky Lynch entered the building after being greeted by GM William Regal. She delivered another terrific promo about coming home and whooping the NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler’s ass. Baszler and The Horsewomen were nowhere to be found, but Rhea Ripley had no problem stepping up to Lynch.

Both competitors were willing to beat the holy hell out of each other to prove who truly was the alpha female in WWE. The Man attempted to lock in the Dis-Arm-Her but Ripley countered it into a massive powerbomb and Lynch rolled through for a cradle pin.

Just as both women crashed to the mat, Baszler and her goons interfered causing a disqualification. The battle raged on between all of the competitors on the three teams and it was simply amazing. I’m getting more and more excited about the first-ever women’s WarGames match this Saturday!

4.  The One And Only Returns To Full Sail/ Nonstop Chaos Erupts

What was supposed to be a one-on-one match with Matt Riddle and Kona Reeves, quickly morphed into a fun sprint after Ricochet blasted Reeves. “The Original Bro” accepted the challenge and the fight was on. These two incredibly-gifted superstars delivered as much high-octane action in about 6-7 minutes as humanly possible.

Out of nowhere, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura came down and provided Riddle the opportunity to roll him up. The two heels beat down The One and Only and Nakamura was seconds away from a Kinshasa to Riddle when Roderick Strong blasted him with a stiff knee.

The Original Bro leveled the North American Champion with a Final Flash only to receive a hard shot from Finn Balor. Both opponents for Saturday engaged into a heated exchange of punches, kicks, and clotheslines. Riddle withstood Balor’s vicious offense to stand tall.

3.  The Viking Raiders Make The Forgotten Sons Look Like Stars

The Forgotten Sons have been overlooked and underutilized for far too long and putting them up against the Raw Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders was a brilliant move. Did anyone believe they were going to win in Erik and Ivar’s return match to Full Sail Arena?

No, but Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake were given a great amount of time to showcase their raw aggression against one of the most decorated tag teams all over the world. The Viking Raiders appeared as conquering warriors who are headed straight to war on Sunday! In my opinion, a fantastic match and a great way to build The savages of NXT back up to the tag team division.

2.  An Excellent Main Event Derails Into Carnage

Dominik Dijakovic and the NXT Champion Adam Cole battled in a brutal ladder match for bragging rights for WarGames to end this incredible night with a bang. Both competitors battled tooth and nail to secure the victory. Cole went right after the big man’s legs to keep him grounded for the majority of the match. Dijakovic would not be stopped as he hobbled up on the ladder and delivered a nasty-looking Chokeslam to his opponent onto the ladder.

The Champion countered Feast Your Eyes into a stunning Panama Sunrise as both competitors laid motionless. Cole climbed back up top only for Dijakovic to hit Feast Your Eyes and hop his way up the ladder. Just as he made it though, Cole met him at the top blasted his opponent with the briefcase which sent Dijakovic crashing into another ladder. The Undisputed Era has the advantage heading into Saturday’s event.

After the match, an all-out brawl ensued with superstars from all three brands slugging it out. Ivar and Keith Lee delivered side-by-side suicide dives wiping out everyone. Drew McIntrye appeared out of nowhere to hit a Claymore Kick. The Champion looked upon unscathed until Seth Rollins drilled him with a Superkick and a Stomp. Tomasso Ciampa arrived and engaged in a brawl with The Beastslayer to close out the show.

1. The Revival And Kyle O’Reilly And Bobby Fish Have A Five-star Classic Tag Team Match

It had been three years since Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder graced Full Sail Arena with their presence, and tonight they fought the NXT Tag Team Champions Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish. At first, I was worried that their highly-anticipated match would be stopped due to interference from The Viking Raiders or The New Day but I was so wrong.

Two of the absolute best tag teams on this planet were given a tremendous amount of time to produce a TakeOver-worthy match. It was strange to see Dash and Dawson portraying the role of babyfaces but they did it seamlessly.

Each near-fall had the NXT Universe at the edge of their seats. Both teams gave everything they had to put each other away. The Revival hit Shatter Machine but it was broken up.

The action continued as O’Reilly and Fish maintained control over their opponents cutting them off at every turn. With Dash on the outside unable to make the save, the champions hit High/Low to secure the victory.

Even though Dash and Dawson lost here it has me thinking that this will not be the last time these two teams do battle. With all the stop-and-start pushes for The Revival, it has me questioning why they don’t just return and clash with some of the best teams in NXT? It’s not like Raw or Friday Night SmackDown are doing them any favors so why not?

A fantastic episode to build anticipation for a hell of a weekend coming up in mere days. What I loved most is all of the interference and brawls were orchestrated together perfectly. It was not illogical booking as we’ve seen over the past few weeks of the takeovers. I’m so ready for WarGames and Survivor Series.

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