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King: WarGames Is The Launching Pad For Keith Lee

Chris King shares why he believes Keith Lee being added to WarGames against The Undisputed Era is the launching pad for his rise to the top in NXT. 



Chris King shares why he believes Keith Lee being added to WarGames against The Undisputed Era is the launching pad for his rise to the top in NXT. 

Typically, when a superstar has “it” they are pushed to the moon the best examples of this are Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair. Other superstars fight, scratch, and claw to make it to the top in the world of professional wrestling those names consist of Cesaro, “The Man” Becky Lynch, and a plethora of others that are overlooked.

“The Limitless One” Keith Lee is one of the many superstars that were not automatically inserted into the main event scene and he’s had a rough start in NXT. It’s hard to believe though, given his enormous popularity with the NXT Universe and his freakish strength and agility but it’s true. Lee just hasn’t ascended to the main event title scene that many had hoped he would.

The big man has had some incredible battles with Dominic Dijakovic, Damien Priest, and several others but he hasn’t risen to the top of the food chain until just recently. A few weeks ago, Lee and Dijakovic were set to finish their rivalry in a huge number-one contender match for a shot at the North American Championship. The match was thrown out when the champion Roderick Strong came out and took both behemoths out. The clever Undisputed Era member wasn’t smart enough and the next week Strong would defend his title against both challengers.

Once again though, the dastardly heel survived his reckoning and retained the North American Championship all thanks to his cohorts. On the October 30th edition of NXT, Lee and Matt Riddle challenged Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish for the NXT Tag Team Titles but we’re unsuccessful. After the match, all four members of Undisputed Era delivered a brutal beat down to the babyfaces until Tommaso Ciampa came down and cleaned house. Ciampa then declared that he was going to war alongside Lee, Riddle, and a partner of their choosing.

Two days later in spite of the Saudi Arabia travel catastrophe, Lee and Riddle were part of the TakeOver on Friday Night SmackDown and attacked Sami Zayn. On last week’s edition of NXT, Lee and Riddle joined forces with Ciampa in a spectacular six-man tag team match against all three members of The OC. This highly-intense contest was a huge showcase of what raw aggression Lee could bring to the table against three of the biggest stars on the main roster: The United States Champion AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows.

On this week’s edition of NXT, after Finn Balor oops I’m sorry, Prince Devitt delivered another scathing promo Team Ciampa stormed the ring to confront UE and The Limitless One called out the NXT Champion and leader of UE Adam Cole instead he got Strong in a non-title match. Throughout the match, the North American Champion was tossed around like a rag toy and Lee took Strong to the absolute limit.

Towards the end of the match, Undisputed Era came down to cause a distraction but Ciampa and Riddle used the numbers game against them. I’m doing so, Lee was able to take advantage and score the victory with Ground Zero. Lee now has a dominant victory over the North American Champion heading into WarGames and he looks like a real threat to the NXT Champion as well.

I’m not exactly sure what happens to The Limitless One after WarGames but he could very well be the next North American Champion sooner rather than later! If Lee can continue to build momentum, 2020 could be the year of the big man’s rise to the top of the mountain in NXT.

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