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Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (11/19/19)

The Full Gear fallout gets Dark!



AEW Dark Coverage

It’s Dark in Nashville!

Dynamite isn’t the only place Full Gear’s fallout can be felt! Best Friends, Private Party, and even The Young Bucks get Dark!



  • Private Party VS Best Friends; Best Friends win.
  • Riho & Britt Baker VS Aerial Monroe & Kris Statlander; Riho & Baker win.
  • The Young Bucks VS Strong Hearts; The Young Bucks win.


Tony Schiavone and Dasha Gonzales are back for more Dark!

This is basically a tag team division showcase after Full Gear! Tony and Dasha run down the card and are excited for it all, so why wait?


The Natural, Dustin Rhodes, joins commentary!

Still out with a busted up arm, Dustin joins Excalibur in calling all this great tag team action!


Private Party VS Best Friends!

Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy are two good friends ready to party with the best of friends, Trent Baretta and Chuckie T! And we shouldn’t forget Orange Cassidy ringside. But who goes on to party hardy in Music City?

The teams sort out, and fans are all fired up as Quen starts with Trent. Quen offers Trent a bead necklace, but tosses them to Orange. But Orange doesn’t catch them, they bounce off and fall to the floor. Wait, Orange picks them up to put them on! Meanwhile, Trent and Quen tie up and Trent powers Quen to a corner. Trent backs off as the ref counts, and circles with Quen. They tie up again and Trent puts Quen in the corner. Trnet pats Quen on the head, until Quen rocks him with a forearm! Trent fires back and they go forearm for forearm. They pick up speed, Quen gets the edge and kicks low. Things speed up and Trent runs Quen over! Quen gets to the apron but Trent is on him. Quen hits back then slingshots in, but Trent blocks for a Northern Lights! Cover, TWO!

Trent drags Quen over, tag to Chuckie T! Fans go wile as “Sexy Chuckie T” clubs Quen on the back. Chuckie throws body shots and elbows, then whips Quen corner to corner. Quen goes up and over to huricanrana! And then a dropkick! Tag to Kassidy, and he throws forearms on Chuckie. Kassidy whips corner to corner but Chuckie elbows Kassidy down! Chuckie goes up, moonsault but he lands on his feet as Kassidy evades. Kassidy runs into an overhead belly2belly! Chuckie flexes and fans fire up. Chuckie drags Kassidy up, bounces him off buckles and tags in Trent. Trent CHOPS Kassidy and even Orange Cassidy felt that one. Trent whips but Kassidy slips off the back. Kassidy keeps moving, wheelbarrow arm-drag and a calf kick! Kassidy kips up and fans cheer as he dusts off the shoes.

Tag to Quen and Private Party whip Trent to a corner. Quen stomps Trent down. Trent goes to the apron and punches Kassidy back, but Kassidy just ends up the step stool, Party in Motion! Kassidy tags in but Chuckie runs in, atomic drop and squealing enziguri! Leg sweep and camel clutch, “Say Cheese!” DOUBLE STOMPS! Best Friends regroup outside but Orange Cassidy poses with Private Party. Cassidy brushes off his shoes like Kassidy would, and gives a thumbs up. Then Trent attacks Kassidy from behind! Chuckie drags Quen out to whip into barriers! Trent brings Kassidy around, Chuckie says, “Let’s kill him.” The Best Friends double suplex Kassidy down hard! Then they high-five. Cassidy looks like he’s left hanging on the high-five, though, but Chuckie gets him. Trent puts Kassidy in, covers, TWO!

Trent tags Chuckie and Best Friends mug Kassidy. Best Friends double suplex again but Kassidy fights out! Kassidy fires forearms on both Best Friends, “Shots! Shots!” Kassidy squeals again, but into a Sole Food Half ‘n’ Half! Chuckie hits Quen before covering, TWO! Kassidy keeps Private Party going but Chuckie bites the… shoe? Seems that hurt after all. Chuckie puts Kassidy on top and tags in Trent. Trent SLAPS Kassidy, then climbs up to join him. Kassidy fights out with big hands and clubbing forearms! He even headbutts Trent back. But Chuckie helps Trent get up, ELECTRIC CHAIR SUPERPLEX! Trent covers, but Quen breaks it! Fans rally up as Trent tags Chuckie in. Chuckie drags Kassidy around to CHOP him against ropes. Tag to Trent, and Chuckie whips him in. Kassidy catches Trent to send at Chuckie and the Best Friends collide! Trent is down, Kassidy uses him for a handspring pommel horse, and huricanranas Chuckie!

Fans rally up but Trent keeps Kassidy away from Quen! Trent flips the bird then flips Kassidy, but Kassidy lands on his feet! Kassidy rolls under, hot tag to Quen! Quen rallies on Best Friends, QUEBRADA on Trent! DIVE on Chuckie! Quen gets in, Trent pops him up but Quen dropkicks back! Quen kips up to FLY onto Chuckie! Fans are fired up as Quen aims at Trent. Springboard crossbody! Cover, TWO! Quen keeps his cool as he pushes Trent to a drop zone. Quen climbs but CHuckie goes after him. Quen knocks Chuckie down then shoulders into Trent. Quen slingshots and PELES Trent! Tag to Kassidy, and Kassidy climbs. Quen brings Trent around, neckbreaker SWANTON! Cover, TWO!! Trent lives and even Dustin thought that was done.

We reach the 10 minute mark and Kassidy headlocks but Trent hits a SAIDO! Trent tags Chuckie and Chuckie hits Quen. Chuckie walks into Kassidy’s BOOT! Kassidy runs in but is put on the apron and Chuckie hits an uppercut! Chuckie runs, slides but Kassidy jumps over to MOONSAULT! Chuckie evades but Kassidy lands on his feet! Trent SPEARS Kassidy off his feet! Quen leaps but into Chuckie’s arm! Chuckie slams Quen down! Fans are loving this as Best Friends put Kassidy in. Chuckie drags Kassidy over in a headlock, tag to Trent. Trent has Kassidy now, and feeds him to the Kentucky Gentleman’s Knee! Trent runs to hit his own Sexy Knee! Cover, TWO!! Kassidy survives the double helping of knees, but Trent keeps his focus. Tag to Chuckie and Chuckie drags Kassidy up. Fans rally for “Tag Team Wrestling!” as Chuckie ROCKS Kassidy.

Tag to Trent, and Best Friends bring Kassidy up. Chuckie gives Trent a boost, but Kassidy slips out of the tornado DDT! Chuckie drags Kassidy up and sees Quen, so he whips Kassidy over. Quen helps Kassidy with the Silly String DDT! Chuckie bails out and Trent runs in, but gets an enziguri! Kassidy tags Quen, Quen climbs up but Trent bails out. And Orange Cassidy pleads Quen reconsider. But Quen doesn’t, he SUPER SWANTONS onto Trent! Quen puts Trent back in, climbs up again, SHOOTING STAR! Cover, but Chuckie breaks it! Kassidy goes after Chuckie and sends him out. Kassidy tags in and Private Party brings Trent up. They put him on the top rope, and fans know what this is. Quen gets space, but Chuckie saves Trent! Quen goes into buckles and ends up in a Tree of Woe!

Trent rocks Kassidy then tags in Chuckie! Kassidy dodges Chuckie, pop-up but the huricanrana is blocked! Chuckie BOMBS Kassidy into Quen! Private Party is wrecked as Trent tags in. Best Friends HUG! Trent drags Kassidy up, into position, Chuckie goes up, STRONG ZERO!! Cover, Best Friends win!!

Winners: Best Friends, Trent pinning

A big win for Trent and Chuckie T, they’ve broken even at 3-3 in tag matches. Will they be able to get on the winning side now? And as for Private Party, there’s no shame in losing to such an established team, but can they bounce back against another such team in Santana & Ortiz on Dynamite?


Riho & Britt Baker VS Aerial Monroe & Kris Statlander!

The AEW Women’s World Champion and Dr. Baker DMD have been on rolls, and could very well be on their way to a rematch for that title. However, Big Swole and “The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien” could each earn themselves a spot in the title scene. Which team leaves Music City singing each other’s praises while the others are left singing the blues?

Teams sort out, and Big Swole starts with the Wrestling Idol! Swole and Riho circle and tie up. Swole powers back little Riho to a corner, and pats her on her head before flexing on her. Riho shrugs it off to tie up and headlock. Swole lifts Riho but Riho uses that for more leverage in the takedown! Swole rolls to a cover, TWO! Riho holds on but Swole stands up. Swole slips out, kicks low and snapmares, but Riho handsprings through! Things speed up, and Swole runs Riho over easy. Things speed up again, Riho goes to hip toss but Swole blocks. Swole tries to hip toss but Riho makes it a wheelbarrow to roll Swole. But Swole gets out of the way of those double stomps! Fans cheer this exchange, and now Swole and Riho tag out to Kris and Britt! They go right at each other, Britt full nelsons to a snapmare to a crucifix, TWO!

Kris is up, but Britt rolls her up, TWO! Britt headlocks and suplexes but Kris blocks to gourd buster! Kris sits Britt up to boop her. Britt swings a clothesline but Kris drops down to kip up! Things speed up between these two, Kris slides under Britt to dropkick her down! Cover, TWO! Kris drags Britt up and tags in Swole. Kris and Swole double whip Britt, drop toehold and basement uppercut! Cover, TWO! Fans rally as Swole grabs Britt and brings her around. Swole suplexes but Britt blocks. Britt gets free, ducks and returns, Slingblade! Cover, ONE! Swole is tough but Britt keeps on her with forearms. Britt whips and clotheslines Swole down! Swole crawls but Britt keeps between her and Kris. Britt forearms and whips again for another lariat. Cover, TWO! Britt drags Swole up for more forearms but fans rally up.

Britt whips but Swole reverses, only for Britt to come back with a running neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Britt keeps on Swole with a seated cobra twist. Fans rally as Swole endures and fights her way up. Britt makes it a cover, TWO, but she keeps Swole close. Britt whips Swole to a corner and runs in, big knee! Britt snapmares Swole but misses her kick, Swole rolls her up! TWO, but Swole LARIATS! Both women are down and fans are rallying again. Britt and Swole crawl for their corners, hot tag to Riho and she stomps Swole down! Riho brings Swole up but Swole fires off forearms! Riho gives them back! Riho adds on and whips, but Swole reverses. Riho dodges and tilt-o-whirl headscissors! Riho puts Swole on the ropes and runs, but into a BOOT! Fans rally and Swole tags in Kris!

Kris storms over to Riho but Riho fires off forearms! Riho whips but Kris reverses, but the tilt-o-whirl has no effect! Riho runs into a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Handstand leg drop! And a flipping senton! Cover, TWO! Riho survives but Kris drags her up. Kris gut wrenches but Riho slips out. Kris kicks low then runs, into the wheelbarrow STOMPS! Both women are down and fans are rallying up again! Riho and Kris crawl, hot tags to Britt and Swole! Swole and Britt brawl with big forearms! Swole fires off fast hands, but Britt dodges the kicks, only to get a HEADBUTT! And the basement COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!! Swole drags Britt up but Britt fights back. Britt whips but Swole reverses, BLACK HOLE SLAM! Kris runs in to get Riho, and BLUE THUNDER BOMBS Riho onto Britt!! Double cover, TWO!?

The ref tells Kris to get back to her corner and she listens. Swole staggers up but runs in to uppercut Britt. Then she goes corner to corner but Britt puts Swole on the apron. Swole forearms Britt away but Riho runs in, only to get a shoulder. Swole shoulders into Britt’s knee! Riho is up top as Swole is stuck on ropes, DOUBLE STOMPS! Britt adds on with the DRAPING DDT! Cover, but Kris breaks it! Kris drags Swole to the corner and tags in! Kris dodges Britt to ROCK her with a right! Riho fires off on Kris but runs into a POWERSLAM! Dustin likes that! Britt spins Kris around, but Kris spins out to ROUNDHOUSE! Kris goes for a suplex but Britt slips out, CUTTER! Cover, TWO! Riho is up top, and DOUBLE STOMPS Kris down! Britt covers again, TWO!?! Kris survives the coup de grace!

Britt grows frustrated but she clamps onto Kris. Britt ripcords but Kris ducks to cobra twist cradle, and she rolls Britt around and around the ring! And around and around, and around and around, it’s a Wormhole Oklahoma Roll! It finally ends with Kris on top, TWO!! Kris drags Britt up, SPINNING FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO?!? Britt survives and Kris is furious! Kris drags Britt up, Electric Chair, but Britt slips out and kicks low. Britt fisherman hooks the leg, swinging neckbreaker! Cover, but Swole breaks it! Riho goes right at Swole but Swole throws Riho out! Britt brings Kris up, spins, but Swole stops her to hit her own spin. But Britt dodges and the discus lariat hits Kris! Britt SUPERKICKS Swole! Britt throws Swole out and SUPERKICKS Kris! Into Rings of Saturn, to LOCKJAW!! Kris taps, Britt and Riho win!

Winners: Britt Baker & Riho, Baker by submission

The doctor gets another big win for herself, also getting some momentum for the champ! But when and where will these two have another go against each other for the gold?


Undesirable to Undeniable: Justin Roberts.

Cody Rhodes says Justin is not only one of the best ring announcers ever, he was very gracious in mentoring Brandi Rhodes back when ring announcing was her role in the WWE. There is much more to this job than one might think, especially if people in the back are “screaming in your ear.” But when was it that Justin felt undesirable? “Probably October of 2014, when I was let go.” Ring announcing has been his life since 16, and he had to start over. So what did Justin do to get over those feelings? Justin felt he had to give up on wrestling, and went into whatever else he could. He did TV shows, movies, voice overs, he toured with the band, Tool, and even did other sports like muay thai and arm wrestling. These were great alternate opportunities.

But being let go by WWE didn’t make him hate wrestling, he just got to expand his horizons while watching other wrestling promotions. And that’s when he stumbled upon Being The Elite. They were all so entertaining, and through that group of guys, Justin became a fan of ROH, NJPW and of the group. So then what is “Undeniable” to Justin? Being remembered and appreciated by both people in the business and in the audience. Out of everything Justin tried, he loved it all, but he realized his passion was wrestling. Justin is back home being with AEW, will he be just as undeniable as the wrestlers he introduces?


Tony and Dasha are in the AEW Control Center.

They review last week’s Dynamite, and how Maxwell Jacob Freeman told us all why he did what he did to Cody Rhodes at Full Gear. MJF claimed it is because Cody is secretly the most selfish and manipulative man in pro-wrestling. “And yet you want to boo me like I’m the villain?” MJF claimed Cody didn’t want MJF under his wing, but under his thumb! “Guess what, Blondie! Your thumb ain’t big enough to hold me down!” But all this provocation got Cody to come out and confront MJF! Cody would get after MJF, only for the debuting WARDLOW to attack! It would seem MJF has muscle of his own, and MJF declared himself the new face of AEW! “Because I’m better than you, and you know it!” Will MJF prove he and his massive henchman are better than The Elite?

Of course, there is also the epic backstage brawl between The Young Bucks and the #ProudNPowerful Santana & Ortiz. It didn’t stay backstage for long, and eventually, it would end on the stage with the Inner Circle’s “pitbulls among pitbulls” brutalizing Nick Jackson’s leg, and powerbombing Matt Jackson through the stage! The win at Full Gear wasn’t enough, and that wood-breaking bomb keeps Matt from competing tomorrow night. So on a rare solo outing, it is just Nick Jackson VS Rey Fenix of the Lucha Brothers for Dynamite!

And of course, there is the craziness surrounding Chris Jericho losing that tag team match against SoCal Uncensored. SCU defended their AEW World Tag Team Championships, and Scorpio Sky scored a pin on THE AEW World Champion! Le Champeon was furious to say the least, throwing a tantrum that continued after TNT cut away. Does this win help Scorpio cut in front of the line to challenge Y2J for the championship?

And to preview the rest of the Dynamite card for 11/20, it is: Moxley VS Darby Allin as the undead daredevil dares to accept the open challenge; and Private Party VS Proud ‘n’ Powerful to avenge what Santana & Ortiz did to Matt Jackson! Who will win and who will survive when AEW rolls into Indianapolis?


The Young Bucks VS Strong Hearts!

Don’t be confused, this Dark match between Matt and Nick Jackson against T-Hawk and El Lindaman happened before that brutal brawl. We will now learn if the Bucks gained momentum going into the next phase of Dynamite or were stinging from defeat on that night!

The teams sort out and fans chant “The! Elite! The the Elite!” as T-Hawk steps up to Nick. The two circle and tie up, and Nick wrenches Hawk to a wristlock. Hawk spins through to reverse the wrench but Nick cartwheels to get a headlock. Fans rally as Hawk powers out. Nick rams shoulders but neither man falls. Hawk dares Nick to go again, and Nick obliges. They ram again but Hawk stays up. Hawk tries now, and he runs Nick over! Hawk flexes, even mocking the Bucks’ pose. Fans boo that but things speed up, and Hawk avoids a dropkick to CHOP Nick! Dustin knows how strong those chops can be, but Hawk lets up to run, only for Nick to dropkick him down!

Fans fire up as Nick runs in at Hawk, but Hawk boots. Nick blocks those to turn Hawk around on the ropes, draping neckbreaker! Tag to Matt and Matt adds his senton atomico! Matt hits Lindaman for good measure, and WRECKS him with a running dropkick! Nick gutbusters T-Hawk for Matt to run over, rolling neckbreaker! Fans fire up and Matt brings Hawk up. Matt clubs Hawk down then bumps him off buckles. Tag to Nick and the Bucks double whip Hawk corner to corner. Hawk dodges Matt to run Nick over! But Hawk turns around into Matt’s boot! Matt hops up but Hawk CHOPS him down! Hawk whips Nick but Nick reverses, but Hawk turns the Thesz Press into a SPINE BUSTER! Fans have to give Hawk credit on that one.

Hawk tags Lindaman, and little LM fires big forearms on Nick. Nick gives them back but he kicks into a Complete Shot! LM dead lifts Nick but Nick fights out with elbows. Nick runs, but LM follows, to waistlock and German Suplex! Nick lands on his feet to ROUNDHOUSE! Fans fire up again as Nick has LM in the corner. Nick whips him corner to corner then runs in, but LM gets him again, BUCKLE SHOT! Matt runs in, LM catches him to EXPLODER Suplex him into Nick! The Bucks go down and fans rally up as LM clubs Nick down. LM drags Nick over but Nick fights back! Nick elbows Hawk and kicks LM, repeat. But Nick swings into a waistlock from LM. Nick elbows out again, but runs into Hawk’s pop-up KNEE! Double CHOP! Hawk brings Nick up, back suplex to the facebuster! LM dead lifts Nick for the German Suplex! Bridging cover, but Matt breaks it!

Matt throws LM but LM throws him out first. LM FLIES to take Matt out! LM hurries back in, tags T-Hawk, and Hawk runs at Nick to CHOP again! Hawk rolls Nick, flings him by his own leg, and hooks him up into a Queen Angelito Stretch! Nick endures, reaches and gets the ropebreak! Hawk lets go at 4 but soaks up the heat. Hawk goes back to Nick, bringing him up. Nick forearms back, ducks the big hands and rocks Hawk with another right. But Hawk blocks the kick to spin Nick for another CHOP! Nick spins through to enziguri! Both men are down and fans fire up! Hawk and Nick crawl, hot tags to Lindaman and Matt! Matt gets LM in a Northern Lights! And another! It’s the Northern Lights Express! Hawk runs in, DOUBLE NORTHERN LIGHTS! Fans are all fired up for Matt and “A E DUB!”

Matt brings LM up and wants to put one out, but Hawk CHOPS him away! Strong Hearts double whip but Matt ducks to waistlock LM. LM standing switches then shoves Matt to Hawk. Hawk pops Matt up, LM catches him, GERMAN! Cover, but Nick stomps it apart! Nick throws Hawk out, goes to the apron, Penalty Kick! Nick shoulders into LM then slingshots over for the facebuster! And cartwheels to the moonsault onto Hawk! Fans are fired up with Nick and Matt fires up, too! Matt tags Nick and the Bucks aim at LM in the corner. Shining wizard, then the Bucks combine for a wheelbarrow boosted sunset flip! But Nick rolls LM up for Matt’s SUPERKICK! Hawk runs in, DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Hawk flops out and Bucks focus on Lindaman. Tag to Matt, he brings LM up, and he shouts it out! Gut wrench, Nick springboards, MELTZER DRIVER!! Cover, The Bucks win!

Winners: The Young Bucks, Matt Jackson pinning

The Bucks were red hot in Nashville before the beating Santana & Ortiz put on them. Matt may be too banged up, but can Nick keep things going for the Jacksons in Indy?



My Thoughts:

A great episode of Dark, and Dustin was great on commentary! Excalibur was having a heck of a time not cracking up with some of the lines Dustin came up with. He is so good just being himself, it just shows you how badly WWE dropped the ball with him more recently in his career. If he was allowed to be Dustin and retire Goldust, he would’ve still been in the WWE because they wouldn’t want to let him go. The irony of course is that Vince only wanted Goldust, not The Natural. But this does prove that when Dustin finally does hang it up, he can kill it on commentary. And then the three tag matches we got tonight all killed it in the ring. Private Party continues to do great against experienced teams, even in losing. Best Friends really did need this win to keep afloat, and though I hoped for more Cassidy and Kassidy interaction.

The women’s tag was incredible, certainly felt like the longest match of the night. Big Swole Aerial Monroe is getting great shine, and we get another example of where a debuting wrestler gets to show off what they’ve got, even in losing. Britt and Riho are strong Faces, I wouldn’t be surprised if Britt came back around to be a challenger to close out 2019. I believe it was stated by Nick Jackson that AEW is going to refresh the records come New Year’s, so if Britt doesn’t get another shot and win the title before then, she will have to start over, which can make for some compelling story telling. I loved hearing from Justin Roberts on here, it really was a shame WWE let him go but it’s great to know he got all those other experiences in between then and now. Commentary aside, Justin Roberts is basically the voice of AEW.

And then with all that preview for tomorrow’s Dynamite, we got a lot of great previews and recaps. It is a smart move to say Matt is out of action, at least for this week. The Bucks aren’t about singles wrestling, but this is actually something that will force Nick to be creative yet can also be used to say, “Well if Nick loses, it’s because this was a singles match and it’s been literal years since he did one.” Fenix on the other hand has been doing singles as well as tag matches in all the other companies he’s part of, so he has an advantage. Bucks VS Strong Hearts tonight was a great main event, and naturally the Bucks won to rebound from the loss at Full Gear. Even with Nick going solo, the Bucks will surely rebound, possibly for a rematch with Proud ‘n’ Powerful.

My Score: 8.4/10

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