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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (11/26/19)

Indianapolis is in the Dark!



AEW Dark Coverage

I’m sorry, what championship is on Dark!?

The AAA MEGA CHAMPIONSHIP is going to be on the line in AEW!! Will Kenny Omega still be El Campeon after facing the Dragonslayer, Jack Evans?



  • Pentagon VS Trent Baretta; Trent wins.
  • Aerial Monroe VS Shanna; Shanna wins.
  • Awesome Kong w/ Brandi Rhodes VS Leva Bates w/ Peter Avalon; Kong wins.
  • AAA Mega Championship: Kenny Omega VS Jack Evans; Omega wins and retains the AAA Mega Championship.


Tony Schiavone goes solo to introduce Dark in Indy!

Dasha Fuentes will be back next week, but for now, Tony runs down the match card alone. Last week was about tag teams, this week is about singles competition! And not only is the AEW in-ring debut of Awesome Kong coming, Kenny Omega’s return to the ring happens tonight, and in a massive title match! But without further ado, the action begins with one Best Friend and one Lucha Bro!


Shawn Spears joins commentary!

The Chair Man said leading up to tonight, he would make this episode of AEW Dark unscripted, educational, but also very boring. Surely #PERFECT10N will still translate to play by play.


Pentagon VS Trent Baretta!

Just as his brother, Fenix, went solo against Nick Jackson, Cero Miedo looks to do the same against #JustTrent. Will big brother keep up with little brother with a win of his own?

The bell rings and fans are already fired up for “A E DUB!” Pentagon and Trent circle, but Pentagon makes sure Trent hears this. “CERO! MIEDO!” Trent doesn’t back down, so Pentagon takes his glove off. He tosses it to the ref, who catches it, and says it again. “CERO!” But Trent CHOPS Pentagon! Then forearms, but Pentagon mule kicks. Trent pushes Pentagon, leaps over, but somersaults into a kick! Indy fires up as Pentagon struts. Pentagon drags Trent up for Cero Miedo and another kick! Pentagon clubs then runs, but things speed up and Trent elbows Pentagon down! Pentagon goes to the apron, Trent punches but gets an enziguri! Pentagon slingshots but Trent catches him for a Northern Lights! Cover, TWO! Trent kicks Pentagon while he’s down and Shawn Spears “compliments” Trent’s looks as a handsome Peggy Cambell.

Trent goes out to join Pentagon on the apron but Pentagon kicks him back! Trent kicks Pentagon low then mule kicks, then slides for a knee! Trent looms over Pentagon then puts him back in. Pentagon bails out but Trent slingshots. Pentagon gets clear and SUPERKICKS! Indy fires up as Pentagon asks the ref to stay calm. Pentagon stands Trent up to CHOP him against the apron! And a kick! Pentagon refreshes the count, and whips Trent into a post! Trent bounces off and fans fire up, “CERO! MIEDO!” Pentagon drags Trent up to bounce him off the wood steps. The ring count climbs past 5 but Pentagon gets back in to reprimand the ref. Pentagon goes out to KICK Trent’s leg! Pentagon signals for going around, he puts Trent in and brings him up to make Trent smile via fish hooks. The ref counts and Pentagon lets up. Pentagon gets annoyed with the ref but the ref is the law.

Trent gets up and CHOPS! Pentagon CHOPS back, and now they brawl with forearms! They go back and forth, Trent gets the edge then runs. Pentagon follows, only for Trent to LARIAT him down! Pentagon gets out to the apron again as fans rally up. Trent fires up and sees Pentagon by the ramp now. Trent runs but into an enziguri! Trent is down in a drop zone and Pentagon climbs up. Pentagon leaps but rolls through his stomps as Trent evades. Pentagon returns but gets a Half ‘n’ Half! Pentagon bails out again and Trent builds speed, to FLY! Direct hit with the tope conjilo, and Trent gets Pentagon back in the ring. Trent aims at Pentagon, to PSYCHO KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Pentagon survives and even wags a finger, “No no no.” Trent keeps his cool, and he aims at Pentagon in the corner.

Trent runs in for a big back elbow, then hits a tornado, but not the DDT! Pentagon SUPERKICKS back! Trent wobbles, Pentagon runs, SLINGBLADE! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up and Pentagon drags Trent to his feet. Pentagon brings Trent in, but Trent slips out and dodges, to then dodge in the corner. The tornado DDT hits! Cover, TWO!! Trent is growing frustrated and Pentagon is back in a corner. Fans rally for “CERO MIEDO!” but Trent puts Pentagon up top. Trent throws haymakers and climbs up, but Pentagon slips out to SUPERKICK a leg out! Pentagon has Trent in the Tree of Woe, WOE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! Trent still lives but Pentagon isn’t through with him.

Fans rally up and Pentagon brings Trent up to whip corner to corner. Trent tumbles up, is stuck, but tumbles back, into a BACKSTABBER! Pentagon runs, springboard DESTROYER!! Cover, TWO!?! Trent survives and even Spears is shocked. Fans duel now as Pentagon stalks a floundering Trent. Pentagon drags Trent up, half nelson and pump handle, but Trent cradle counters! TWO!! SUPERKICK! Trent flounders to a corner, Pentagon whips him corner to corner, but Trent comes back with a Sexy Chuckie Knee! Both men are down but fans are rallying up again. Pentagon goes back to the apron, Trent follows, and Trent throws hands. Pentagon KICKS back!

Trent forearms again, but Pentagon gives them back. They brawl on the edge, Trent fireman’s carries, but Pentagon slips out and kicks low. Pentagon brings Trent in, underhooks, PACKAGE DRIVER ON THE APRON! Indy is thunderous and losing their minds while the ref checks on Trent. Trent is somehow alive so Pentagon puts him in. Pentagon vows to end this, as he hammerlocks one arm. He has the other arm! SNAP goes the Dark Armbar! Pentagon drags Trent up, “CERO! MIEDO!” Another tuck, but Trent fights out to Alabama and tuck, DUDE BUSTER!! Cover, Trent wins!!

Winner: Trent Baretta, by pinfall

And Spears knew it would be Trent all along! Even if he doubted in the middle. But the older brother falls and the Best Friends go up! Will Trent and Chuckie T be able to rise up the ranks as 2019 is wrapping up?


Undesirable to Undeniable: Shanna.

Born in Portugal but living in France, the Perfect Athlete has been wrestling for 13 years. Watching WWF with her father, pro-wrestling stuck in her mind. Years went by, nothing was happening in Portugal. France embraced it more, so Shanna went there to make a name for herself. She trained eight hours a day and fell in love. Her biggest moment was 2010 in a tour with American Wrestling Rampage, and got a taste of popularity. Then after some downs, she went to Japan and competed in Stardom to become their first Portuguese-born champion! But after that, she had another down turn, where she almost considered quitting. She was “undesirable” at this point.

All wrestlers have a dream of making the big time. She did try out for WWE, but was always told they’d sign her, yet not follow through. Then in the UK, with Wrestling Explosion, it came down to her figure, that TV adds 10 pounds and she already looked “too fat.” Shanna dealt with depression and almost ended her career that October. But then, she got a call from AEW. This was her dream! Kenny Omega was the one who reached out to her saying she was signed! She had to sleep, but promised to message Kenny in the morning to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. And when she did, she realized this was all real!

“Undeniable” means that everything you ever worked for cannot be taken away. Shanna is going to prove everyone who denied her, that they missed out on something. AEW makes dreams come true, and she is very thankful this company exists to give wrestlers a chance. Will Shanna not be denied her win tonight?


Backstage interview with Big Swole.

Aerial Monroe saw Shanna’s video. Everyone has a story, everyone fights to be somewhere. Monroe overcame Crohn’s Disease, and not even death itself could keep her away. “But it’s about what you do once you’re here.” Big Swole has a big personality and swole mentality. Everything is big, from her love to her fight to her faith! The swole is greatness. And Shanna “ain’t ready for all this.” Things just got heated real quick! Who gets burned and who rises up?


Aerial Monroe VS Shanna!

No more need for talk, time to prove that undeniability! Will Big Swole or Portugal’s Perfect Athlete get the big win?

The bell rings and Swole circles with Shanna. They tie up, Shanna manages to power Swole back but Swole turns it around. They go around the ropes and to the other corner, but Shanna has control now. Swole powers out of the corner and the two separate .Fans duel as Swole says Shanna’s “aight.” Swole wants a real “Test of Swole” and holds up a hand. Shanna answers, they knuckle lock up, and then get the other hand. They go shoulder to shoulder and around, but Swole hooks a leg to bend Shanna back. Shanna bridges but Swole trips an arm! Swole flexes, but Shanna gets up. Swole knuckle locks again, but Shanna rolls and handsprings. Shanna wrenches back, then goes the other way. She spins and snapmares Swole and fans cheer for the technical skill. Swole just scowls as they ram shoulders.

Shanna and Swole don’t budge, so they dare each other to go again. Shanna runs, Swole ducks down, Shanna handsprings over and goes again. Shanna handsprings through a hip toss to arm-drag Swole away! Swole runs back in but into a drop toehold! Shanna yanks Swole up but Swole arm-drags her back! They go again, Swole sweeps but Shanna kicks out. Shanna sweeps but Swole kicks out. The two stand tall and face to face. Fans fire up as the two trash talk. Swole kicks low to whips Shanna, but Shanna ducks to redirect and huricanrana! Swole gets up but gets a mule kick. Shanna runs, flipping neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Shanna keeps her cool as she keeps on Swole. Shanna throws forearms then whips, but Swole goes up and over. Swole arm-drags but Shanna arm-drags right back! Shanna rolls Swole up, TWO, and Swole BOOTS Shanna down! High stack cover, TWO!

Swole pushes Shanna around, toying with her. Swole drags Shanna up as fans rally. Shanna fights out of the facelock, spins but Swole ROCKS her! Swole ROCKS her again! Shanna ends up in a corner, Swole grinds a boot into her back! The ref counts, Swole lets up but comes back to bring Shanna up. Shanna fights out but Swole uppercuts her! Swole snapmares then drags Shanna into a neck wrench! Fans rally and duel as Swole drives in elbows before cranking harder. Shanna fights out and trips Swole up to kick. Swole gets up to elbow! Shanna is on the ropes, Swole drags her up to whip her corner to corner. Shanna bounces off of buckles and Swole LARIATS! Cover, TWO!! Swole was too cocky, but she stomps Shanna down.

Shanna drags herself up on the ropes and Swole runs in, but Shanna puts her on the apron. Swole sees the shoulder coming, and gets her for a draping guillotine! Swole lets go at 4, Shanna staggers back, but Shanna runs back in. Swole enziguris Shanna away, then takes aim. Swole steps in but Shanna SUPERKICKS her! Both women are down and fans fire up! A standing count begins and Swole is in a daze as she stirs. Shanna also stirs, and the count passes 5. It gets to 8 but Swole staggers up to feebly forearm. Shanna gives a haymaker back but Swole CHOPS. Shanna CHOPS and now it’s a chop fight! Swole gets up to fire off palm strikes but the boot is blocked! Shanna throws Swole down but Swole does the splits and springs back up! Swole does a shuffle dance but Shanna forearms her back!

Shanna runs in but Swole dodges. Swole runs in but Shanna dodges. Shanna also dodges a shoulder and kicks Swole back in! Shanna hops up, slingshots over, and runs to DECK Swole with an elbow! Fans rally up for Shanna as she tunes up the band. Shanna runs and comes back in, BIG basement dropkick! Fans fire up as Shanna slides smoothly out to land on her feet. Swole is dazed again while Shanna climbs up top. BIG crossbody! Cover, TWO!! Swole survives but Shanna isn’t stopping. Shanna full nelsons but Swole breaks out to back Shanna into buckles. Shanna tries to keep Swole in but Swole elbows back! Swole runs and comes back, but is put on the top rope! Shanna has Swole stuck and CHOPS her on the back!

Swole is stuck in an Inverted Tree of Woe, and Shanna climbs up top again. Shanna aims at Swole, WOE STOMPS to the back!! Cover, TWO!! Swole survives again, and Shanna is beside herself. But Shanna keeps on Swole, putting the full nelson back on. Swole standing switches, ripcords and spins, but Shanna dodges the discus to SHOTEI! Shanna runs, but Swole hits a BLACK HOLE! Cover, TWO!! BIG KNEE! Cover, TWO!?! Shanna survives and Swole is losing her mind! Swole glares at Shanna and dares her to get up. Shanna rises, Swole spins, into the DRAGON SUPLEX! Bridging cover, Shanna wins!!

Winner: Shanna, by pinfall

Undeniable indeed! Swole was strong but Shanna was tougher, and Portugal’s Perfect Athlete has her first win in AEW! Is this going to be the first of many?


Tony Schiavone is back in the AEW Control Center.

AEW Dynamite will be in Chicago once again, in the Sears Center where this all began with All In! And the night before Thanksgiving, Chris Jericho promises a “Thanksgiving Thank You Celebrashon for Le Champion!” Y2J expects AEW and TNT executives to finally say the two words they should’ve said from the start. But not only that, Jericho will defend that AEW World Championship against the man that pinned him weeks ago. Scorpio Sky and SCU used a bit of reverse psychology and manipulating of Jericho’s ego to bait him into this match. Will Jericho continue to fall for the trap and lose the title? Or will he leave Chicago still Le Champion?

On top of the golden title belt, there is a Dynamite Dozen Diamond Ring on the line! The battle royal came down to Hangman Page and Maxwell Jacob Freeman, and now they will fight for the $42,000 ring! Additionally, the man MJF betrayed makes his return! What will Cody Rhodes have to say and what will he do in the Windy City?


Alex Marvez goes By The Numbers!

Dynamite in Chicago has 88, the days it’s been since last being in Chicago with AEW All Out. That is also the number of days since Kenny Omega lost to PAC on that very show. The Best Bout Machine looks for payback on the Bastard in a rematch, but will it really go the other way? There’s also 0, the number of times Jericho has lost in AEW in 1v1 competition. However, it was the tag team match loss that set up Jericho VS Scorpio tomorrow night! Scorpio’s 17 years come to this amazing moment, but will it be historic with another victory over Jericho? And lastly, Chicago has 8, the stitches Cody has in his eyebrow after his Full Gear faceplant on the steel ramp. Those stitches opened up again after MJF and Wardlow went after him in Nashville. Will Cody make sure MJF and Wardlow leave Chicago with a bit more than just 8 stitches of their own?



Dynamite is headed to Ohio! Cleveland’s Wolstein Center will be All Elite on January 29th, tickets go on sale on Black Friday! What better day to set up the Buckeye debut of AEW?

And while Chicago gets Dynamite tomorrow night, the Midwest gets to be All Elite as the Winter heats up! On December 4th, AEW hits the State Farm Center at the University of Illinois. On December 11th, it’ll be the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas. And then December 18th, Corpus Christi’s American Bank Center will close out the year! And to literally start 2020, Wednesday 1st is the homecoming in Jacksonville! January 8th, Southaven, Mississippi’s Landers Center, and January 15th in Miami, it’s the U! AEW goes to the Watso Center for AEW Bash at the Beach!


Awesome Kong w/ Brandi Rhodes VS Leva Bates w/ Peter Avalon!

The Librarians hush the crowd again. Avalon again gives us a history lesson. Indianapolis has a “rich ‘sports’ heritage.” It is home of the Indy Motor Speedway, the home of the Indy 500. “Whatever, dude, doesn’t matter. I don’t watch NASCAR.” Sitting in a car is not a sport! What Avalon heard is that- Forget what he’s heard, what we’re seeing is the candles going out. “There are 8 million ways to die, she’s one.” And that one is KONG! Brandi Rhodes follows the infamous, intimidating and incredible force of nature to the ring. They have collected locks of hair from many victims in the women’s division, is Leva going to be the next one?

The bell rings but Leva tries to persuade Kong to instead ready Justin Roberts’ autobiography. She gets the book up to Kong’s face and SMACKS it closed! Leva fires forearms and a chop, but Kong double CHOPS back! Then BACK HANDS! Kong drags Leva up, underhooks, SOUL COLLECTOR! Avalon hurries up to the apron, but one glare from Kong and he backs away. Kong covers, Kong wins!

Winner: Awesome Kong, by pinfall

There are 8 million ways to lose, and Kong’s one. Avalon tries to save Leva’s hair but Kong back hands him out! Brandi holds up Leva’s head and Kong cuts off a lock of hair. Is there any one woman that can stop Awesome Kong? Or will they all lose a piece of themselves to her and the new damsel of darkness?


AAA Mega Championship: Kenny Omega VS Jack Evans!

The Cleaner, the Best Bout Machine, an incredibly talented wrestler in any medium you put him in, and even the top champion in AAA. But that didn’t stop him from losing to PAC and MOX. Can Omega course correct while putting his title on the line? Or will he even lose that in this uncertain phase in his career?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised by referee Aubrey Edwards, and this newest form of the AAAEW crossover begins!

Evans wants fans to quiet down, but fans just boo him and cheer Omega. Omega and Evans circle but Evans tries to start a chant for himself. The fans refuse, they only chant for Omega. Omega and Evans approach and Evans drop toeholds to a facelock. Evans talks trash but Omega pries at the hold. Evans holds on to wrench to a wristlock. Omega wrenches back, and the other way, then wristlocks, too. Evans cartwheels and upside-down kicks Omega away to then show off his Matrix skills. Evans talks big again, saying Omega is a fraud. Evans shoves Omega but Omega shoves him down! Evans kips up, and he keeps talking trash. “I’m the real Cleaner!” BOOM! Omega CHOPS Evans and CHOPS again!

Omega whips Evans but Evans reverses. Omega boots back then hops up and over. Omega rolls, Evans leaps over him and kicks low. Evans whips, Omega ducks and redirects to dropkick the legs out! Omega then runs to hit the Kotaro Krusher! Or not, as Evans pommels through! Omega himself is shocked! Evans even hits a spinarooni just because. Evans offers a handshake, but then SLAPS Omega! Omega slaps back, Evans kicks low and headlocks but Omega powers out. Evans sobats Omega away, but Omega puts Evans on the apron. Evans counter kicks and slingshots, into a dropkick! Cover, TWO! Omega drags Evans up to club him back down. Then Omega drags Evans up to CHOP him back down! Omega whips Evans corner to corner hard, and fans fire up.

Omega drags Evans back up by his man bun, then scoops for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Evans powers out of that high stack but Omega puts Evans in the corner. Omega whips Evans so hard, Evans flips upside-down into buckles! Omega drags Evans up and reels him in, Canadian torture rack! Then shifts weight for a Canadian Backbreaker Stretch! Evans is bent way back, but then pops out to sunset flip! TWO, and Omega CLUBS Evans down! Omega drags Evans up to throw forearms but Evans body shots back. Evans whips but Omega reverses to back drop Evans down! Omega drags Evans back up, vows to end this, but Evans resists the powerbomb lift. Omega CLUBS Evans and lifts, but Evans turns it into a facebuster! Fans fire up as Evans stands on Omega, to hit a standing moonsault! Cover, TWO!

Evans goes after Omega with haymakers then whips, and he hip tosses Omega “so hard” that it makes Evans “fall”! Cover, TWO! Evans himself asks, “He kicked out of the Best Hip Toss Ever?” Evans brings Omega up but Omega throws forearms! Then he shoves Evans to ropes to forearm Evans in the back. Omega does it again for another, heavier forearm! Evans collapses but Omega isn’t done. Omega gives another shove but Evans goes up, only to jump back into a backbreaker across the shoulder! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Omega is annoyed, but he keeps on Evans with a snapmare and KICK! Fans rally behind Omega but he asks the hush, so they can hear the KICK! And then another, but Evans blocks it! Evans kicks back, but Omega blocks to flip Evans over and CHOP him down! Omega runs, Evans handspring kicks him in the face!

Omega bails out, Evans slingshots, SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT! Direct hit wipes both men out at the ramp! The ref checks but they’re both okay. Evans is up first and praises himself. Omega stands next as fans boo Evans. Evans lines up a shot, runs at the steel steps, tornillo back kick! Evans throws Omega into a post, then snap suplexes Omega to the floor! The ref tells Evans to get this back in the ring so he puts Omega in. Evans slingshots, for a 450 splash! Cover, TWO! Evans is growing frustrated and he kicks Omega to a corner. Evans whips but Omega reverses. Evans goes up and up and over, to then kick away on Omega’s legs! Tornillo enziguri! Standing sky twister! Cover, TWO! Omega survives all of Evans’ fancy spins, but Evans has more to give.

Evans knees Omega but Omega forearms and CHOPS back! Omega keeps giving forearms and CHOPS, so Evans SPITS on him! Omega BOOTS Evans into buckles! Omega drags Evans back up, puts on the full nelson, SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX! Indy fires up and Omega gathers the energy. Omega drags Evans back up, reels him back in, but Evans fights out with elbows. Evans kicks but misses, into a SNAP DRAGON! Omega isn’t done with Evans. Evans goes to the apron, Omega goes out after him, but this is insane! Evans holds onto ropes for dear life and the first row is worried for everyone’s lives. Omega clubs and kicks Evans, to then V-TRIGGER off the apron! And then, SNAP DRAGON to the floor! Omega has gotten dark on Dark as he drags Evans into the ring and back to his feet. Fisherman, AOI SHOUDO! Cover, TWO!?! Evans survives but he might be only making it worse for himself.

Omega aims at the corner, puts one out on Evans, and then lifts. BUCKLE BOMB, and Evans tumbles through ropes before hitting the mat! Omega whips for a POP-UP SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO?!? Why is Evans doing this to himself?! Omega just takes aim and tells Evans it’s BANG, not Boom. Omega runs, but Evans boots back! Evans is on the apron, springboard BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Evans drags Omega to a drop zone and heads up top. Evans aims, for a 450, onto knees! Evans sputters, Omega is up, V-TRIGGER! Indy fires up but Omega still isn’t done. Underhooks, TIGER DRIVER! Cover, TWO!?! What?! Why!? How?! Omega doesn’t ask any of that, he just gives another V-TRIGGER! Then Electric Chair, ONE-WINGED ANGEL!! Cover, Omega wins!

Winner: Kenny Omega, by pinfall; still AAA Mega Champion

It took more than perhaps Omega expected, but it was decisively his to win! Omega is sharpening that edge, will he use it to cut down Pac and then cut a path towards the AEW World Championship?



My Thoughts:

A really good Dark to follow last week’s Dynamite and set up this week’s. All the matches were good, that’s just how AEW does it. Pentagon VS Trent was a good opener, but I was surprised Pentagon didn’t win. The Lucha Brothers are 50-50 for the week, not something I’d expect AEW to do. But I suppose it does help Trent out in his own momentum, he and Chuckie T were starting to stumble and fall behind. Maybe we do round-robin with this and let Matt Jackson come back with a singles match against Chuckie T. Young Bucks, Best Friends and Lucha Brothers in a contender’s match for the AEW World Tag Titles perhaps? Undesirable to Undeniable gave a good look at Shanna, but I really liked Swole’s counter promo. Their match was great, it’s great that Shanna wins to basically counter what Swole was saying, but both women are going to be contenders soon enough, I’m sure of it.

Obviously Awesome Kong beats Leva Bates, she’s Awesome Kong. Still not sure what’s up with the hair or Brandi’s need to be spooky, but I really hope AEW is able to circle back to Kong VS Kong. If they can get Aja Kong to show up for Bash at the Beach or something, we need to get that match. And then the main event, I honestly didn’t expect the AAA Mega Championship to show up on AEW Dark. But perhaps that’s the only way they could do it, contractually speaking. It isn’t on television but online, and it didn’t change hands outside of an AAA event. The match itself was definitely worthy of a title, of a main event, and was definitely great for Evans. Evans may have lost but he was booked really strong. Omega wins to get back on track, and this momentum must help him against Pac. As good as Scorpio VS Jericho will be, I don’t see Scorpio winning and I would love to see El Campion VS Le Champion, even as just Champion VS Champion, no titles on the line.

My Score: 8.5/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (8/16/22)

Powerhouse gets Dark!



AEW Dark 2

It’s a baker’s dozen for Universal Studios!

AEW Dark continues in Universal Studios, and “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs looks to send a message to Ricky Starks through his opponent tonight!


  • Ari Daivari VS Fuego Del Sol; Daivari wins.
  • Willow Nightingale VS Robyn Renegade w/ Charlette Renegade; Willow wins.
  • Serpentico w/ Luther VS Brock Anderson w/ Arn Anderson; Brock wins.
  • Abadon VS Mafiosa; Abadon wins.
  • Angelico VS Baliyan Akki; Angelico wins.
  • Emi Sakura VS Renee Michelle; Sakura wins.
  • Josh Woods VS Cobra; Cobra wins.
  • Skye Blue VS Charlette Renegade w/ Robyn Renegade; Skye wins.
  • Bear Country VS Axel Rico & Victor Iniestra; Bear Country wins.
  • Kayla Rossi w/ Diamond Sheik VS Avery Breaux; Rossi wins.
  • Cezar Bononi w/ The Wingmen VS Marcus Kross; Bononi wins.
  • Rohit Raju VS Invictus Khash; Raju wins.
  • “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs VS Blake Christian; Hobbs wins.


Great to see Abadon back in action, though I’m pretty sure she’s gotten even scarier since she’s been away… A lot of singles match-ups, a lot of easily called match-ups, but that’s par for the course on Dark. A bit surprised they didn’t just team up the Renegade Sisters against Willow & Skye, but maybe those matches are still connected. And while All Heart will lose to Powerhouse, you can beat Blake Christian will get to shine against the bigger Will Hobbs.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (8/15/22)

Minneapolis gets Elevated!



AEW Elevation Coverage

It’s a Superbad return!

Penelope Ford returns to action in AEW as Dark: Elevation serves the leftovers from Dynamite’s Quake by the Lake!


  • Tony Nese & Josh Woods w/ Mark Sterling VS Travis Titan & Arik Cannon; Nese & Woods win.
  • 8 Man Tag: The Dark Order VS T.U.G Cooper, Drew System, Rylie Jackson & Adam Grace; The Dark Order wins.
  • Serena Deeb VS Sierra; Deeb wins.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS Cezar Bononi; Konosuke wins.
  • Julia Hart VS Free-Range Kara; Julia wins.
  • Private Party VS JAH-C & JDX; Private Party wins.
  • Penelope Ford VS Heather Reckless; Ford wins.
  • The Acclaimed VS Justin Fowler & JT Energy; The Acclaimed win.
  • Six Woman Tag: Hikaru Shida & ThunderStorm VS Emi Sakura, Marina Shafir & Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero; Shida & ThunderStorm win.


Great to see Penelope Ford is back in action. I wonder if Kip Sabian will make his in-ring return soon. Unless he wants to keep stalking Pac a little longer as the box man… Private Party is going to get a win as the warm-up for their AEW World Tag Team Championship match this Wednesday, and pretty much the entirety of The Dark Order is in action in that 8 Man Tag. Konosuke VS Bononi is going to be really good. Bononi is certainly the biggest opponent physically speaking for Konosuke to take on, so we’ll get to see how Konosuke handles that situation.

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