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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (11/5/19)

It was a Dark Hallows Eve…!



AEW Dark Coverage

Dark gives us some last tricks and treats!

All Elite Wrestling Dark goes bump in the night, see what went on before and after Dynamite! Will it be PERFECT10N that takes the spotlight?



  • Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard VS Michael Nakazawa; Spears wins.
  • Sadie Gibbs & Allie VS Mercedes Martinez & Aerial Monroe; Gibbs & Allie win.
  • Jurassic Express VS Joey Janela & Jimmy Havoc; Janela & Havoc win.


AEW Dark welcomes Spanish correspondent, Dasha Gonzalez!

She will help Tony Schiavone co-host Dark from now on, and is excited to kick things off with The Chair Man!


Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard VS Michael Nakazawa!

Maxwell Jacob Freeman is on commentary for a match featuring The Perfect 10 “scumbag.” MJF has lost respect for one of the original Horsemen now that he is siding with Spears, but will Nakazawa get even with Spears on his behalf?

The bell rings and Spears rushes Nakazawa. Nakazawa stays in the corner and fans rally up for Nakazawa as he circles with Spears. Nakazawa again wants Spears to keep his space before they tie up. Spears puts Nakazawa in a corner but backs off to let him out. They go again, and Spears again powers Nakazawa to a corner. Spears lets up at the ref’s count of 4, but Nakazawa claims Spears thumbed his eye. The two tie up and Spears wrenches an arm to a wristlock. Nakazawa reverses and wristlocks back, but Spears rolls to wrench and hook a leg, and grabs an arm for a modified Octopus. Spears then snapmares Nakazawa down and saunters about. Spears gives a quick 10 fingers, and MJF doesn’t like the disrespect.

Nakazawa still has the fans on his side as he ties up with Spears. Spears waistlocks but Nakazawa pries at the hold. He can’t get free, so he oils up! Nakazawa slips out and oils up more! Spears punches and kicks Nakazawa then CHOPS! But the baby oil gets all over him so he tries to wipe it off on Aubrey Edwards. Nakzawa sprays baby oil on the mat and Spears trips! Nakazawa takes advantage with the Slip ‘n’ Slide senton! Cover, ONE, and everyone starts slipping around. Tully Blanchard protests and gets on the apron, but he slips off because of the oil! Nakazawa sprays Tully then goes at Spears with ax handles! Nakazawa headlocks but Spears back suplexes him to the apron! Spears drags Nakazawa up and into the ring, then turns him over to wedgie and throw forearms to the back!

The referee reprimands Spears as he chokes Nakazawa on the ropes, but Spears lets up at 4. Spears grinds his boots in then stomps Nakazawa down. Spears stalks then knocks Nakazawa down then stomps him more. Spears mocks the swiveling as he drags Nakazawa up to CHOP! And CHOP again! Nakazawa gets to the corner but Spears CHOPS again! Spears whips corner to corner and then he scoops Nakazawa for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Spears has the leg, Half Crab! Fans rally for Nakazawa and he reaches for ropes. Spears pulls back hard but Nakazawa gets the ropebreak! Spears lets go at 4, then drags Nakazawa up to CHOP again. Nakazawa eggs him on, so Spears CHOPS again! Nakazawa is firing up, Spears CHOPS more. But Nakazawa fires back! They brawl back and forth and fans rally behind Nakazawa!

Nakazawa knocks Spears down, then again! Spears bails out to regroup with Tully, then runs in, into a cradle! Cover, TWO! Nakazawa runs and SPEARS Spears! Cover, TWO! MJF takes credit for the word play. Spears bails out and Nakazawa follows, but Tully distracts Nakazawa and Spears DECKS Nakazawa! Spears puts Nakazawa back in then runs, but into a Samoan Drop! Nakazawa pulls out the bottles, and starts undoing his undies?! Nakazawa straps the jock strap on his hand and fans rally behind him as he runs in, but gets a BOOT! Spears has Nakazawa up, rebound to the JACKHAMMER! Cover, Spears wins!!

Winner: Shawn Spears, by pinfall

Tully Blanchard’s lessons have paid off! Will this be the first win of many for #PERFECT10N?


Sadie Gibbs & Allie VS Mercedes Martinez & Aerial Monroe!

Without delay, we have this tag team match of four big talents that are coming to the AEW Women’s Division! Sadie and Allie were just part of a Fatal 4 Way, can they work well against Mean Ms. Martinez and Big Swole?

The teams sort out and Sadie starts with Swole. They tie up and Swole wrenches, but Sadie rolls and handsprings to slip through and reverse the wrench to a hammerlock. Swole bumps out to reverse the hammerlock onto Sadie. Sadie throws Swole down and wraps on a chinlock, but Swole fights her way up. Fans rally as Swole fights out, but Sadie reels her in and runs, to collide shoulders. Neither budges, so they go again. Another collision but not enough. Sadie goes a third time and gets Swole down! Things speed up now, Swole hurdles and ducks to hurdle and redirect, but runs into Sadie’s scoop slam! Cover, Mercedes breaks the cover! Swole then gets Sadie to the corner, tag to Mercedes. Mercedes CHOPS Sadie and throws fast forearms, before another CHOP. Mercedes and Swole mug Sadie but the ref reprimands.

Mercedes throws more hands and chops, then whips, only for Sadie to reverse and fireman’s carry. Mercedes fights out, Allie tags in and Sadie takes the dropkick. Allie fires off forearms and CHOPS, then whips, only for Mercedes to reverse. Allie comes back with a crossbody! And a senton! Cover, TWO! Tag to Sadie, and Allie is the human weapon, wheelbarrow splash! Sadie covers, TWO! Mercedes survives that combination, but Sadie brings her up for European Uppercuts. Sadie whips corner to corner, Mercedes reverses, only to miss in the corner. Sadie throws more uppercuts, powers up, and handspring headscissors! Sadie scoops but Mercedes slips out to roll her down, surfboard STOMP! Cover, but Allie breaks it! Mercedes glares at Allie but she goes back to Sadie. She puts her in the corner, tag to Swole, and Mercedes CHOPS Sadie.

Mercedes and Swole double whip, scoop and SLAM Sadie down! High five, bottom’s up, double elbow drops! Cover, TWO! Swole frowns but she brings Sadie up to SLAP and CHOP! She throws forearms and shoves Sadie into a corner for an uppercut! Then she rolls with Sadie to mule KICK! Cover, TWO! Swole drags Sadie up but fans rally, Sadie endures the guillotine facelock! Swole even gets her body scissors on, but Sadie powers out to a SUPLEX! Sadie crawls but Swole keeps her from Allie. Sadie shoves Swole and tags Allie, but Mercedes tags in, too! Allie rallies on Swole and Mercedes, corner to corner clothesline! Allie hits a Sliding D on Swole! Fans fire up as Allie goes corner to corner to Sliding D Mercedes! Mercedes flounders up and into Allie’s grip, but she resists the lift! Allie goes up into the ropes but is pushed off, SPINEBUSTER! High stack cover, TWO!!

Mercedes grows frustrated with Allie as she drags her up and over. Tag to Swole, and they mug Allie in the corner. Swole drags Allie up to snapmare and wrap on a chinlock. Fans rally up as Allie fights up and out. Swole waistlocks but Allie resists and elbows free. Allie wrenches Swole to a Russian Leg Sweep! And into a crucifix pin, TWO! Swole BOOTS Allie right down! Cover, TWO!! Tag to Mercedes, and she drags Allie up. Mercedes and Swole double suplex Allie up, and then Mercedes rolls through for another suplex! She does it again, holding Allie up for a count of 10 before the BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, but Sadie breaks it! Mercedes is shocked, but she focuses back on Allie. Mercedes fisherman, but Allie cradle counters, TWO! Allie dodges a boot to hit a backstabber! Mercedes crawls to an open corner, fans rally up and Allie runs in to back elbow. Allie runs side to side to forearm smash! Allie snarls as she runs corner to corner, into a BOOT! Mercedes KNEES Allie down!

Both women are down and a standing count begins. Fans rally up and Mercedes heads for her corner. Allie only starts moving at 6, but hot tags Sadie! Sadie TOSSES Swole then tackles Mercedes! Sadie fireman’s carries, Samoan Drop! And a kip-up! Fans fire up but Mercedes attacks from behind! Mercedes suplexes, Sadie lands on her feet to shove. Mercedes slips out of a scoop to SAIDO! Allie SPEARS Mercedes! Allie has the fans rallying as she runs and Sliding D’s Swole again! She drags Swole out to club away, but Mercedes CANNONBALLS! Mercedes wipes Allie and Swole both out, but here comes Sadie! Sadie SASUKE SPECIALS!! Sadie wipes all three women out! Charleston is fired up for Sadie as she drags Swole up and into the ring. Sadie drags Swole up to a fireman’s carry, spinning Samoan Driver! Cover, but Mercedes breaks it!

Mercedes drags Sadie up, fisherman BUSTER! Allie kicks Mercedes, fireman’s carry, but Mercedes fights out. Mercedes swings, Allie dodges to fireman’s carry, Death valley Driver! Allie is seething as she runs at Swole, but Swole spins her, reels her out, ROLLING ELBOW! All four women are down but the fans are firing up! Mercedes drags Sadie up and fisherman again, but Sadie slips out to scoop and slam! Sadie hops up but Swole trips her up! Mercedes gets up to bring Sadie around, Swole adds on, POWERBOMB NECKBREAKER! Cover, Allie breaks it in time!! But Swole drags Sadie around and Mercedes climbs up. Queen Angelito Stretch, but Allie saves Sadie! Allie ROCKS Mercedes with that right, then climbs up to join her. SUPER ARM-DRAG! Allie aims at Swole, SUPERKICK! Sadie is up top, MOONSAULT! Cover, Sadie & Allie win!!

Winners: Sadie Gibbs & Allie, Gibbs pinning

Allie and Sadie came together to make a great combination! Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship?


Tony and Dasha go to the AEW Control Center.

Full Gear is just days away, and it is shaping up to be a big one month marker! Bea Priestley and Britt Baker have ended up in an intensely personal rivalry, mostly started by Bea.

Britt does her best to win but not hurt anyone. But in Britt’s opinion, Bea doesn’t care. The sinister Stardom wrestler booted Britt way too hard in the back of her head. Everyone was worried about Britt, but Bea wasn’t. Bea broke an unwritten rule in the world of wrestling. Bea is not professional, she is a “piece of sh*t.” We all know what Bea is capable of in the ring, but now the fans will get a different picture. Britt will show us what she can do back. At Full Gear, Bea will be stuck, nowhere to go, and have Britt’s mouth grabbing the mandible, giving her the most painful experience of her life, on top of Britt having the choice to “rip your f*cking jaw off.” Now Bea will experience what it feels like facing someone who is equally reckless. Will Britt break Bea in Baltimore?

Tony and Dasha also review what happened just last week on Dynamite, in the contract signing for the AEW World Championship. After the ambush on Dustin Rhodes that left him with at least a broken hand, will Cody be able to control himself against Le Champeon? Additionally, Cody still has announcements to make, what will he have to say tomorrow night when AEW comes to Charlotte, North Carolina?


Undesirable to Undeniable 4: Jimmy Havoc.

One of the first AEW signees, Havoc has an incredible story. What was it that made him feel undesirable? Well to say Havoc was “divisive” tends to be an understatement. Havoc has gotten where he is by being himself, so he’s used to having half the people love him and half the people hating him. Without going into too much detail, his father abandoning him at only 3 years old was a starting point for many things. Cody knows what it’s like to be divisive, and it feels good not only to make those who like you proud, but it’s great to stick it to those who hated you. Havoc was told he was never going to be anywhere big, so here’s that revenge right here!

Cody then asks what Havoc did to get over that feeling of being undesirable. He just did things his way. He was always a fan of horror movies, so he did things in a very horror movie style. So then what is Havoc’s definition of “undeniable?” Havoc uses the fact he’s part of AEW as part of that. Fans can’t deny that he’s been signed somewhere that is incredibly popular and is going places. Well then, cheers to the vindicated veteran! Will he and The Bad Boy come away with a win when they team together?


Jurassic Express VS Joey Janela & Jimmy Havoc!

With Luchasaurus still out with a bad leg, it’s up to Jungle Boy and Marko “Baby Saurus” Stunt to hold down the fort. Will that fort stay standing after going against two hardcore, tough as nails opponents?

Teams sort out and Havoc starts with Jungle Boy. Fans rally up as the two circle and tie up. Havoc powers Jungle Boy to a corner, but lets up with a pat on the shoulder. JB has the fans on his side, and then ties up with Havoc again. Havoc has the arm for a wristlock but JB rolls, handsprings and wrenches back. Havoc has the ropes and JB lets up. The two go again, Havoc headlocks, but JB arm-drags free! Havoc headscissors but JB pops out! The two stand off and fans cheer. JB and Havoc tie up, JB has the wrist but Havoc pulls hair! Havoc wrenches around to reverse the wristlock, but JB rolls and handsprings and kips up over and over to then get to ropes. JB flips through to reverse the wristlock and fans cheer the exchange. But Havoc ROCKS JB with a right!

Havoc wrenches and bites the arm! Havoc lets up at 4 and brings JB up, to bite more! Tag to Janela, and Havoc hands off the arm. Janela doesn’t want to bite, but JB wrenches and headlocks. Tag to Stunt and he climbs up. JB wrenches and Stunt throws big ax handles! Stunt flexes and wrenches, but the wristlock doesn’t even bother Janela. Janela wags his finger, so Stunt stomps his foot! Tag to JB, and Jurassic Express double whip. Stunt mule kicks, JB knee lifts, Stunt enziguris! Cover, ONE! JB drags Janela up but Janela scrambles to tag out to Havoc. Havoc walks into a wristlock but DECKS JB again! Havoc talks trash then whips JB, but JB reverses to dropkick Havoc down! Cover, ONE, but JB stays on Havoc with a headlock.

Tag to Stunt, and the Jurassic Express double whip. Stunt dropkicks Havoc down, covers, ONE! Stunt fires off fast hands then tags JB back in. The Jurassic Express double whips again, drop toehold to a shotgun dropkick! Havoc tags to Janela, but JB sends him to the apron. havoc runs in but JB dodges and Janela gets rocked! JB runs and huricanranas Havoc out! JB mule kicks Janela, and Stunt runs to DIVE to take Havoc out! JB MOONSAULTS onto Janela! Fans rally up as the Jurassic Express stand tall. They put Janela in and JB hurries after but Janela grabs the apron skirt. JB drags him in to drop elbows then cover, TWO! JB keeps his cool and brings Janela up, and fans rally as he wrenches to a wristlock. Tag to Stunt and JB helps him get up and leap to dumdum stomp the arm! Stunt flosses, but Havoc CLOBBERS him!

Havoc hits JB down and out of the ring then dropkicks Stunt down! Havoc tags in and chokes Stunt with the tag rope! The ref counts and Havoc lets up at 4, to then snapmare Stunt and wrap on a chinlock. Stunt flails and endures while fans rally up. Stunt powers up to throw elbows, but Havoc throws him down by his hair! Havoc drags Stunt over and throws him into the post! Tag to Janela, who drags Stunt out for a big German Suplex! Janela stays between Stunt and JB as he stomps Stunt down. Janela brings Stunt up, wrenches and cravats, but fans rally up. Stunt fights out but Janela drags him away for another German Suplex! Havoc drags Stunt out to throw into railing! This is the one thing MJF approves of when it comes to Havoc.

Havoc tags in but Janela puts Stunt in. Havoc covers but the ref is checking on JB, so he’s slow to the count. TWO, so Havoc bites Stunt! Havoc is a vampire for Halloween! JB reaches but Havoc keeps Stunt away. Havoc throws Stunt into buckles and taunts JB, but STunt fights out! Stunt boots and elbows and ducks, but Havoc has his foot! Havoc ducks the enziguri, then drags Stunt up, wheelbarrow, but Stunt makes it a facebuster! Tag to JB! JB misses Havoc but he hits Janela. JB starts rallying, and he dropkicks Janela out! JB takes a bite out of Havoc! Havoc shoves JB away but JB comes back with a big arm-drag! JB uppercuts then rolls Havoc to Penalty Kick! Cover, TWO, but Janela elbows Havoc by accident! JB throws Janela out and then back-flip knee drops Havoc! Cover, TWO!! Havoc gets to a corner but JB has the fans rallying. JB chops Havoc, then chops again!

JB runs, Janela gets a cheap shot. Janela ducks and Havoc ROCKS JB! Tag to Janela, and he runs at JB to back suplex. JB slips out, he atomic drops on Janela! Janela is very dramatic about his tail bone, but then turns around, for a Manhattan Drop! Janela falls, Stunt adds double stomps, JB turns Janela over, and Jurassic Express both hit double stomps! Stunt becomes the human weapon, pump handle 450! Cover, but Havoc breaks it! Stunt goes after Havoc with fast hands, but Havoc throws him out hard! Havoc drags JB up but JB CHOPS away on him and Janela! JB blocks a chop to give a chop, rebounds but into Havoc’s scoop! Janela dropkick-starts the powerslam! Janela runs at Stunt but Stunt school boys him to a kip-up shining wizard! Havoc underhooks and dead lifts Stunt to a butterfly DRIVER! JB SUPERKICKS Havoc! Janela runs in and even follows JB, to LARIAT him down! All four men are down but the fans are fired up!

A standing count begins as the teams regroup. Havoc returns to his corner at 2 but Janela stirs at 4. Janela crawls over and tags in Havoc at 6, and Havoc drags JB up. Waistlock and wristlock but JB slips out to feed Havoc to Stunt’s enziguri! JB tags Stunt and Stunt climbs up. JB Canadian Racks but Havoc slips out to shove JB. Stunt leaps over JB to crossbody, but is caught, to a MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Stunt survives and Havoc has to nod respect to that. Havoc goes out and gets the staple gun! Havoc loves that thing, but the ref reprimands him. Janela tags in to avoid the disqualification. Havoc gives Janela the staple gun, and Janela considers it. But then he STAPLES Havoc’s forehead! Janela SUPERKICKS JB, then suplexes, BRAIN BUSTER! But Janela heads up top, only for Stunt to kick him back! Stunt climbs up, but Janela grabs him! JB goes to save Stunt but Havoc drags JB out! Janela gives Stunt a SUPER PACKAGE PILEDRIVER!! Cover, Janela & Havoc win!!

Winners: Joey Janela & Jimmy Havoc, Janela pinning

The Bad Boy and the sadistic Havoc won, though they didn’t quite get along during it. Havoc doesn’t seem that upset about it, and he leaves Janela be. Will these two twisted talents tangle in the ring again soon?

Backstage, Tully Blanchard approaches Joey Janela.

What does the old man want? Tully is still upset about Janela disrespecting him with the cigarette in his soda. And Shawn Spears attacks to get even for him! Spears smothers Janela, then pulls his mouth open with pliers!? Tully has the camera man look away as Spears shouts, “Smoking’s bad for you, Joey!!” What does Spears do with that lit cigarette?! Is Janela going to regret ever taunting Tully?



My Thoughts:

Another really good episode for Dark! One thing I will say that took away was the audio on non-match segments. It was really hard to hear what Tony Schiavone was saying, and I’m lucky to have been able to hear Cody and Jimmy Havoc talk once they switched to backstage. Also, weird camera cuts during action spots, namely during the women’s tag match, I do NOT understand what that’s about. Just some things to iron out still while AEW is still a young company. But it was also great to see Dasha, formerly Fuentes in WWE but using her real name, Gonzalez, here. She will be a good addition to help with hosting Dark, and I’m sure her role on Dark will grow a little as this continues to be a thing. The women’s tag match was really good tonight, really got Mercedes and Big Swole going for AEW, so it was a little surprising they lost. Allie did a lot during that match, but it was good for Sadie to get the pin, she’s newer and could use some shine for fans not familiar with her.

MJF did great on commentary this episode, his Heel qualities really shine here. He does great to keep a feud alive with Spears with everything he was saying. Spears VS Nakazawa was pretty fun, but of course Spears wins to stay strong. Havoc and Janela have a really good tag match with Jurassic Express. There is still some fine-tuning Jungle Boy has to do, but he and Stunt still work together well. Havoc and Janela win as the stronger veterans, though I was sure stapling Havoc in the head was going to cost Janela there. In the end, Havoc seems to have weird respect for Janela. That attack by Tully and Spears on Janela was (implied) horrifying, and that might become the next feud for Spears. I wouldn’t mind if there was an “unsanctioned” match for Janela and Spears next week to follow up, maybe with help from Havoc when Tully tries to interfere.

My Score: 8.4/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (4/20/21)

The Bastard’s in the Dark!



AEW Dark 2

AEW Dark has the Powerhouse, Mr. Platinum and PAC!

Before putting Christian Cage to the test, “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs will tune up against the #EmpBRUH! Will Hobbs show what a real workhorse looks like?


  • Joey Janela w/ Sonny Kiss VS Will Allday; Janela wins.
  • Tag Careers on the Line: SoCal Uncensored VS Ryzin & John Skyler; SCU wins and stays a tag team.
  • Big Swole & KiLynn King w/ Red Velvet VS The MK Twins, Ashley & Steff; Swole & King win.
  • The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Hardy Family Office VS Brick Aldridge & Cole Karter; Butcher & Blade win.
  • Sonny Kiss w/ Joey Janela VS Jake Manning; Kiss wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Dark Order VS Jay Lyon, Midas Black, & Ken Broadway; The Dark Order wins.
  • Billy Gunn w/ Austin & Colton Gunn VS Andrew Palace; Billy wins.
  • Fuego Del Sol VS Dante Martin; Martin wins.
  • Diamante VS Queen Aminata; Diamante wins.
  • The Varsity Blondes VS Hayden Backlund & Kit Sackett; The Varsity Blondes win.
  • Max Caster w/ Anthony Bowers VS Alan Angels w/ The Dark Order; Caster wins.
  • “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs w/ Hook VS Baron Black; Hobbs wins.
  • PAC w/ The Lucha Bros VS Dean Alexander; Pac wins.


Darby Allin speaks on Dark!

“A lot of people say, ‘Jungle Boy and Darby Allin are a lot alike.’ I do not see that. I do see that one bit. Look at you, Jungle Boy. You show up with a smile on your face from ear to ear, shaking everyone’s hand, just being everyone’s friend. I am not here for friendships, I am here for championships. You wanna know why? Because I see through everyone’s shit!” Everyone will tell you what you want to hear, but you need to realize a lot of those people are just fake a-holes waiting for when the time comes to stab you in the back.

Darby will tell JB the exact opposite. Darby wants JB to show up on Dynamite the man Darby knows he can be. You have to be able to turn that switch to be TNT Champion and fight Darby! Don’t show up if you’re going to be all smiles and fake. “Jungle Boy, you wanna win this championship? Turn that switch.” Will Jungle Boy accept what Darby is saying? Or will he choose to do things his way, no matter what happens?


Joey Janela w/ Sonny Kiss VS Will Allday!

The Bad Boy has the Concrete Rose by his side as the road trip to the top continues in the Dark! Will Janela bring an end to Allday to make this his night?

The bell rings and Allday circles with Janela as fans rally. They tie up, Janela wrenches, wristlocks, but Allday rolls and rolls and handsprings to wrench back! Janela WRINGS Allday out, then swaggers about. Janela offers a handshake but Allday knows it’s bait and he ducks the slap! Allday fires off palm strikes and a forearm, then ducks and dodges, but runs into a pop-up! But he turns it into a RANA! Allday runs corner to corner but Janela BOOTS him away! Janela goes up and gets Allday for a GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans rally as Allday flounders to a corner. Janela gets Allday up to CHOP him, then stalks him to a corner for another CHOP!

Allday staggers along ropes, Janela whips him corner to corner, then runs corner to corner but is put on the apron. Allday HOTSHOT STUNNERS! Allday runs and DIVES, direct hit sends Janela into railing! Fans are divided as Allday puts Janela in the ring and climbs up top. Allday SWANTONS but FLOPS as Janela moves! Janela covers, TWO! Janela gets Allday up, whips him and CLOBBERS him with an elbow! Allday sits up in a daze, Janela snapmares him and KICKS him in the back! Allday sputters and Janela grins as he sits Allday up, for another KICK! Is Janela flipping the bird to the ceiling, the sky or to God?

Janela drags Allday up and GERMAN SUPLEXES, but Allday lands on his feet! Janela turns around into Allday’s dropkick! Janela staggers into a fireman’s carry and Allday spins for a SWINGING GTS! Janela stays up to LARIAT! Janela gets Allday up but Allday blocks the suplex to hit a BRAINBUSTER! Both men are down and fans build to a rally! The standing count climbs, Janela sits up in a daze now and Kiss coaches him up. Allday aims but Janela SUPERKICKS first! Allday SUPERKICKS anyway! Janela SUPERKIKCS again! Janela gets around Allday to GERMAN him into buckles! Cover, TWO!! Allday survives and Janela is beside himself!

Janela goes to a corner, climbs up top, and he gets the fans fired up, but Allday GAMANGIRIS! Then SUPER STEINERS! Janela staggers up into Allday’s LEAPING FOREARMS! Allday fires up and he goes to a corner. Allday climbs, Janela runs over but Allday leaps over. Janela keeps after him but Allday sends him into buckles! Janela staggers back as Allday goes up, SUPER QUEBRADA! But wait, did Janela make it a last second cutter?! Janela is up and he pulls down the straps as he fires back up! Janela drags Allday up, reels him in and fireman’s to the DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, Janela wins!

Winner: Joey Janela, by pinfall

Too bad for Allday, but Janela is a bad, bad boy every day! Will this help Janela & Kiss climb up the ranks? Or will the road trip to the top never end?


Tag Careers on the Line: SoCal Uncensored VS Ryzin & John Skyler!

Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian have cracked the AEW Tag Division top five, but it could all far apart with one loss! Will they keep The Addiction alive against the Priest of Sin and the Southern Savior?

The teams sort out, the Heavy Metal Rebel starts against Skyler, and fans rally up as the two circle. Kaz and Skyler tie up, are in a deadlock then break. Skyler shoves, Kaz shoves and they tie up again. They go around, Kaz gets Skyler down to a knee and then gets the top wristlock. Skyler fights up, wrenches through to a hammerlock, but Kaz reaches back. Kaz spins to back drop but Skyler sunset flips, but Kaz slips through to get the headlock! Fans rally as Kaz grinds the hold, but Skyler fights up and pops out the back to have a cording hold. Kaz gets up, Skyler wrenches but Kaz rolls to get free. Skyler ROCKS Kaz with a right then eggs him on, so Kaz ROCKS him, then CHOPS and CHOPS again!

Kaz whips, Skyler blocks the hip toss but Kaz gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Kaz glares at Ryzin to keep him back, and then gets Skyler over to the SCU corner. Kaz bumps Skyler off Daniels’ boot, then tags him in. Daniels snap suplexes, covers, ONE! Daniels keeps his cool and brings Skyler up. Daniels whips, Skyler kicks back, headbutts low and EuroUppers! Tag to Ryzin, and he runs in to run the Fallen Angel over! Ryzin shouts, “Hail Ryzin!” Ryzin runs but Daniels gets him for an EXPLODER! Daniels drags Ryzin up, snapmares him and tags in Kaz. Daniels slingshots for an elbow drop, Kaz slingshots for the leg drop. Skyler runs in but Kaz intercepts with a CHOP, and a back suplex!

Kaz and Ryzin brawl, Kaz knees low and CLUBS Ryzin on the back. Kaz CHOPS Ryzin again and again, then throws haymakers. Kaz runs but Skyler gets a cheap shot in! Kaz DECKS Skyler, ducks Ryzin but Ryzin comes back with a calf kick! Ryzin DECKS Daniels, eggs him on, and then uses the distraction so that he and Skyler can stomp Kaz down! Tag to Skyler, he snapmares Kaz and wraps on a chinlock. Kaz fights up as fans rally, and he throws body shots to get free. Skyler CLUBS Kaz, whips him and RAMS him in the ropes, then shoves him hard into buckles! Skyler fireman’s carries for a ROLLING SENTON! Cover, TWO!

Skyler shouts at Daniels that SCU sucks! He tags in Ryzin, they get Kaz up and they whip him to a corner. Skyler whips Ryzin in and Ryzin clotheslines, then bumps Kaz off buckles! Ryzin lines it up and KICKS Kaz out of the corner! Ryzin gives Kaz his last rites but misses the splash! Kaz CLOBBERS Ryzin, and tags in Daniels! Skyler gets in but Daniels clobbers him! Daniels rallies on Ryzin and hit a BIG back drop! Skyler returns but Daniels kicks him to the STO! Fans fire up with Daniels and he runs to forearm smash Skyler! Daniels whips Skyler towards Ryzin but Skyler reverses, only for Daniels to forearm smash Ryzin!

Skyler runs in, Daniels BOOTS him, then Daniels has Ryzin, BULLDOG CLOTHESLINE COMBO! Fans fire up again as Daniels tags in Kaz. SCU double whips Ryzin, double hip toss for the POWERBOMB NECKBREAKER! Cover, but Skyler breaks it! Daniels and Skyler brawl, Skyler gets the edge and whips but Daniels sends Skyler into Kaz’s BOOT! SCU hits a HIGH LOW! Ryzin staggers into the gut wrench, Daniels goes up, BEST MELTZER EVER!! Cover, SCU wins!

Winners: SoCal Uncensored, by pinfall (still a tag team)

One more win, and one more week Daniels & Kaz are a team! Will they keep going all the way to winning those AEW World Tag Team Championships? Or will they stumble and fall when they least expect it?


Big Swole & KiLynn King w/ Red Velvet VS The MK Twins, Ashley & Steff!

The winning combination is back at it again, though Velvet lost to Jade Cargill on Dynamite. Will Swole & King get up and give the newest recruits to AEW a “warm” welcome?

The teams sort out, and Swole starts against Steff. They circle, fans rally up, and they tie up. Steff powers Swole back but Swole gets around to waistlock. Steff tries to pry free but Swole spins her to a headlock. Steff powers up to get the headlock for herself, but Swole throws body shots. Swole powers out, Steff runs her over! Swole kips up, things speed up, Swole drops and hurdles but Steff blocks hip toss to give a hip toss, only for Swole to handspring through! Swole arm-drags Steff, hits low and ROCKS her with an elbow! Swole puts Steff in the corner, tags King, and they double whip Steff to ropes. Swole trips Steff for King to basement dropkick! Cover, ONE!!

Steff gets up and gets in King’s face, but she cools off to tag in Ashley. Ashley runs but King waistlocks, to ripcord and whip. King runs in to uppercut Ashley, then fires off back elbows! King trips Ashley, runs corner to corner and BASEMENT UPPERCUTS! King drags Ashley to a cover, TWO! King keeps her cool, drags Ashley up but Ashley throws body shots and haymakers! King knees low, CLUBS Ashley, and then brings Ashley around to whpi., Ashely reverses, King goes up and out to shoulder back in! King sunset filps, Ashley rolls through but staggers. Ashley ducks a king and rolls King into ropes! Swole protests as Steff grabs King but the ref is busy keeping Swole back!

The MK Twins mug King at the ropes! Swole finally backs down and Ashley puts King in the corner. Tag to Steff and the MK Twins double whip to double body blow! The MK Twins double suplex King, then double somersault to double MULE KICKS! Cover, TWO!! King survives but Steff wraps her right up in a chinlock. Fans rally as King endures and fights up. King fights back but Steff CLUBS her down! Steff tags Ashley in, the MK Twins whip King into the corner, but King brokes their double clothesline! King tries to get to Swole but the MK Twins whip her backwards into the corner! Ashley stomps King down, tags Steff in, and Steff lines up and hits a mule kick!

Steff taunts Swole, shouts out to the Uce, but misses the hip attack! King hurries, reaches for Swole, but Steff drags her away! King gets up to ENZIGURI free! Both women are down and fans rally up, hot tags to Ashley and Swole! Swole sees Ashley coming and hits the step-in CUTTER! Steff returns but gets a BOOT! Ashley kicks low, whips but Swole reverses to run and uppercut in the corner! Swole headlocks Ashley, BULLDOG DROPKICK combo on the MK Twins! Cover but Steff breaks it! King goes after Steff, throws her out hard, and Swole fires off on Ashley! Swole misses the roundhouse but hits the HEADBUTT!

Swole staggers, but she dodges Ashley, King ROUNDHOUSES for Swole’s DIRTY DANCING! Cover, Swole & King win!

Winners: Big Swole & KiLynn King, by pinfall

The #SwoleKings and Velvet celebrate with a #Swolecarena as the winning ways continue! Will these three all be climbing up the rankings together as the Spring warms up into the Summer?


Ricky Starks speaks.

“With ten straight single wins compared to Hangman’s seven, I should be the #1 ranked wrestler in AEW. But the overall rankings say different. And if there’s one thing that I’ve noticed about Adam Page, is that every time he is on the top, he falls to pressure. When I’m under pressure, I make diamonds.” It’s about time that Ricky Starks makes his way to the top, and for Hangman to move over for someone who is Absolute. How many chances should someone get? Hangman walks around with a bull’s eye on his back, waiting for someone to knock him down. “Well, Page. I’ll be your huckleberry.” This is going to be an absolute shoot-out, but who will be left standing when the dust settles?


The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Hardy Family Office VS Brick Aldridge & Cole Karter!

Big Money Matt was there as Private Party cashed in big on the Dark Order, but the wolves are hungry! Will Andy Williams & Braxton Sutter sink their teeth into Brick & Cole and turn them into dirt and dust?

The teams sort out and Butcher starts with Karter. They circle, tie up, and Butcher knees low and CLUBS Karter down! Butcher whips, then CLOBBERS Karter with a back elbow! Butcher drags Karter back up, CLUBS him into a BACKBREAKER! Tag to Blade, he kicks Karter to a corner and stomps away! The ref counts, Blade digs his boots in but lets off as the ref counts 4. Blade then digs his fingers into Karter’s face, and scrapes Karter’s face with his boot! Fans boo but the HFO cheer Blade on. Tag to Butcher, the mercs whip Karter to DOUBLE SHOULDER him down! Butcher drags Karter up, CHOPS him to the corner, then stomps him to a corner.

Butcher ROCKS Karter with a right, then chokes him on the ropes! The ref counts, Butcher bumps Karter off buckles and tags in Blade. Blade throws Karter out and then distracts the ref so the HFO can stomp away! Bunny Allie laughs at Karter before Isiah Kassidy puts Karter in. Blade brings Karter up, Karter fires off body shots and haymakers but Blade blocks the suplex for a SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Blade drags Karter back, tags Butcher in, and they mug Karter with heavy hands. Butcher drags Karter up, ROCKS him with a right, then CHOPS him in the corner! Karter flounders around, Butcher runs around the way and clotheslines through the back elbow!

Butcher goes again but Karter’s elbow hits this time! Karter dodges, and hot tags Brick! Brick dodges Butcher to fire off heavy haymakers! Brick backs Butcher down but Blade tags in. Butcher reverses the whip and Blade CLOBBERS him! Butcher DECKS Karter, and they give Brick DRAG THE LAKE!! Cover, the HFO wins!

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade, by pinfall

Big Money Matt is so proud of his heavy hitters. Another win for the Hardy Family Office, another 30% for Hardy’s pockets. Will Butcher & Blade dominate the top five to take 100% of the AEW World Tag Team Championships from the Young Bucks?


Ryan Nemeth meets with Cezar Bononi & JD Drake backstage.

The Hollywood Hunk says that, “We all know you’re a little reluctant to become a sexy wingman,” to which the Beautiful Bononi says only Nemeth thinks that. And the Blue Collar Badass says he already IS sexy as hell. Yes, and Nemeth respects that. But just keep an open mind. They got him- No, Nemeth got him… some new stuff that Nemeth wants JD to try. JD is willing to do that much. Nemeth first shows him a very shiny, silky shirt for the club, and JD says it looks like it came out of a tackle box. Did Nemeth get this from Bass Pro Shop? This sheer makes it look like a shiny casting net! You throw it in the lake, pull it back, it’s full of fish. Nemeth doesn’t understand a lot of that but is sure JD will like it better when he’s wearing it.

Okay, moving on to option number two. This is a combo top and bottom, floral print suit that they’re sure JD will love. JD doesn’t mind this, but Bononi again defends this is all Nemeth’s idea. JD says he can pull this off! It doesn’t matter what Bononi thinks! Alright, so let’s put that in the “maybe” pile. JD says he’d even wear that bowling and beat Bononi at bowling. Option three is a mesh hoodie. Is this from Marky Mark? JD is not a New Kid on the Block! Bononi wouldn’t even wear it! Nemeth says they think JD would be sexy in this. Bononi again says it’s Nemeth who thinks that, and JD realizes Bononi doesn’t think JD is sexy. What isn’t sexy about a hard working man?

No, that’s not what Bononi was getting at. JD is taking this all wrong. JD says according to his sexy Apple Watch, he’s gonna prove Bononi wrong like he’s proving people wrong his whole life! So he’s going with option three? Yep! And even the other two, just to make a point to Bononi! JD Drake vows he can be sexy, and Nemeth says mission accomplished with their “good cop, bad cop” style. Just think about it: Wingman! Bononi isn’t going to say that at all. But will Bononi be made to eat his words when JD returns?


Sonny Kiss w/ Joey Janela VS Jake Manning!

The Bad Boy got a win, now let’s see if the Concrete Rose can follow in kind! Will Kiss be something The Man Scout isn’t prepared for?

Manning gets some last minute tips from his scout manual before he gets in the ring with Kiss. They circle at the bell, and Manning kicks low! Manning CLUBS Kiss down, then brings Kiss up to back suplex. Kiss lands on his feet and RANAS Manning away! Kiss runs corner to corner to handspring, but into Manning’s knees! Manning goes up but Kiss gets him with the SUPER STEINER! And then the SCREW HIGH KICK, to a fireman’s carry and SPLIT-STUNNER! Manning salutes as he falls, and Kiss covers, and WINS!

Winner: Sonny Kiss, by pinfall

It seems Manning might’ve needed to read up more on Kiss because he didn’t see any of that coming! Kiss gets a mic to say, “When I came to AEW, I vowed to do two things: shake some ass, and kick some ass!” Kiss remembers like it was yesterday: 2/7/2019 and the Double or Nothing ticket party! Kiss said AEW is for everyone, and every time he gets in this ring, he earns the right to call himself ALL ELITE! Throw out all your notions about Kiss, because the games are over! Kiss IS the Concrete Rose, and it’s a wrap! Put that in an envelope, and seal it with a Kiss! Is the Concrete Rose about to show his thorns as things heat up in AEW?


Six Man Tag: The Dark Order VS Jay Lyon, Midas Black, & Ken Broadway!

Evil Uno, Stu Grayson & Preston Vance combine for a one-two-ten combo! Will it be a winner winner, Chili’s dinner for the faction?

The trios sort out, Uno starts against Lyon. They circle, fans rally up and that steak is back. Uno wants to hold on a second, and he reaches for the steak, but Lyon gets defensive. They circle, tie up, and Lyon wrenches to a wristlock. Uno spins through to headlock, but Lyon powers out. Uno runs back in but Lyon dodges to shoulder Uno! Uno comes back to run Lyon over! Things speed up, Lyon jumps but into an atomic drop! Uno snatches the steak, throws it down, and Lyon pounces on it, for Uno to stomp Lyon’s hands! Lyon scrambles away and tags in Broadway. Broadway and Uno circle, they feel out the grapple, but Broadway takes a second to get the fans fired up for “SQUAD~!”

Broadway and Uno knuckle lock but Uno kicks low and wrenches. Tag to Stu, the Dark Order OG hand-off the wrench and Stu whips Broadway into Uno’s boot! Stu uppercuts, Uno BOOTS, and Stu PENALTY KICKS! Stu keeps on Broadway in a corner, brings him around but Broadway throws body shots and a CHOP! Stu doesn’t flinch! Instead, Stu clinches for an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Stu kips up, Broadway tags Midas and Midas climbs up to leap! But Stu catches him for an URENAGE! Stu looms over Midas and drags him up to bring him over. Tag to Uno, and Uno tags Vance, and Midas shoves Stu but Uno blocks the kick to give to Vance.

Uno JABS Midas, Vance runs him over, and then Stu runs for Vance to FLAPJACK him onto Midas! Negative One loves the combo work, and Vance suplexes Midas up to hold him up for… TEN! Midas flounders, Vance drags him away but Midas throws body shots. Midas dropkicks, hot tags Broadway, and he runs but into Vance’s back drop! Broadway lands on his feet, throws hands and whips and nae naes or whatever that is. Broadway whips, Vance reverses but Broadway kicks him away! Broadway brings out a fat stack to throw it at Vance, and then he does the Milli Rock into Vance’s clotheslines!

Negative One and the ref both gather up the cash as Vance whips Broadway to a corner. Vance DECKS Midas then KNEES Broadway! Lyon runs in but into the ripcord CUTTER! Broadway elbows Vance away, runs but into the SPINEBUSTER! Tag to Uno and then tag to Stu. Midas runs in but into the pop-up Electric Chair to POWERBOMB! They roll Midas back, wheelbarrow BOOSTED GERMAN! Tag back to Uno, he gets Broadway up as Stu climbs, FATALITY!! Cover, the Dark Order wins!

Winners: The Dark Order, by pinfall

Who knows how much cash Negative One scooped up, but this win was big money for the Dark Order! Will the Dark Order get even with Big Money Matt and his HFO in the near future?


Billy Gunn w/ Austin & Colton Gunn VS Andrew Palace!

After Elevation, Papa Gunn is fuming over QT Marshall being a punk! Will Billy make an example out of The Flex before going after The Factory?

The bell rings and Billy ties up with Palace to put him in a corner. Billy stomps away, throws hands on Palace, then stomps more. The ref counts, Billy lets off, and Palace flounders up for Billy to scoop and hit a BACKBREAKER! Palace writhes to an apron and Billy is right after him. Billy gets Palace up but Palace hotshots him! Palace runs, ducks and dodges but Billy throws him out hard! Palace tries to figure out where he is as Billy goes out after him. Billy bumps Palace off railing, then throws him into more railing! Billy stalks Palace as the ref counts, and he puts Palace in, making sure we see the shiner from QT.

Billy stalks Palace, drags him up, but Palace throws hands, a back hand and an enziguri! Palace runs, but into a SNAP SCOOP SLAM! Billy gets Palace up, writes “QT” in the air and hits a FAMOUSER! Cover, Billy wins!

Winner: Billy Gunn, by pinfall

QT better have been watching, because these two are going to have it out on Dynamite! Billy gets a mic to say, “QT Marshall, you called down the thunder, now you got it!” Wednesday Night Dynamite, there will be no place to hide! Will the Factory regret getting Billy all fired up?


Fuego Del Sol VS Dante Martin!

The Fire of the Sun takes on Angel Dorado, and things could be getting fast and furious! Will Fuego finally hit his beloved tornado DDT? Or will one-half of the Coldest Tag Team in the Game put Fuego on ice?

The bell rings and Martin shakes hands with Fuego to show there is respect here. They tie up, Martin headlocks, and Fuego endures the grind to power up, but he can’t power out as Martin holds tight. Martin hits a headlock takeover, Fuego makes it a cover, ONE! Fuego rolls to slip out and facelock, but Martin wrenches out to hammerlock. Fuego rolls, headscissors but Martin shoves him away to flip him over. Fuego kips up but Martin kicks and wrenches to yank the arm! Martin uses his leg to hook Fuego’s head and spin him, to then shift and cravat and throw some knees! Martin snapmares but Fuego handsprings through, only for Martin to trip him.

Martin runs, Fuego dodges the kick, both men deflect and block the other’s kicks, Martin spins Fuego but Fuego headbutts low and HEEL KICKS Martin down! Cover, TWO!! Martin survives that sharp shot but Fuego has him in the corner. Fuego throws body shots and haymakers, CHOPS him hard, but Martin kicks back. Fuego fires off more body shots, then a EuroUpper! Martin kicks Fuego in the leg again then gets away. Fuego storms over to hit Martin with forearms but Martin fires off haymakers and CHOPS! Fuego jawbreakers, runs corner to corner, and RAMS his shoulder in! Fuego whips corner to corner but Martin reverses.

Fuego goes up and over, things speed up as Martin ducks to then CLOBBER Fuego! And dropkick! And SPIKE-RANA! Fuego staggers, Martin catches his kick to trip him up and get the foot. Fuego kicks him away but Martin comes back to spin and trap the leg, HALF CRAB! Fuego gets a ropebreak and Martin lets go, and fans cheer this high-speed technical exchange. Martin runs but into Fuego’s elbow. Fuego goes up but Martin uppercuts first! Martin climbs up top, Fuego shoves him away but Martin flips to land on his feet, and jumps right back! Fuego trips Martin up, ROCKS him into a Tree of Woe, then stands up to WOE STOMP!

Martin is still stuck, Fuego goes to the other corner, for a COAST2COAST!! Fuego drags Martin to a cover, TWO!! Martin survives and shocks Fuego! Fans fire up as Fuego drags Martin back up. Fuego reels Martin in, climbs the corner, TORNADO- NO! Martin powers out, Fuego ducks the roundhouse but not the HEEL KICK! Martin goes back to the corner, goes back up top, and 450 SPLASHES! Cover, Martin wins!

Winner: Dante Martin, by pinfall

Fuego couldn’t stay hot and Dante gets a big win on behalf of Top Flight! Will Angel Dorado stay frosty while his brother Darrius continues his recovery?


Diamante VS Queen Aminata!

The Cuban Diamond is going solo but maybe that’s all she needs to truly shine! Will she become a contender all on her own in the Dark?

The bell rings and Diamante rushes Aminata with a SHOTGUN DROPKCIK! Diamante fires off on Aminata with haymakers and stomps, the ref counts and Diamante lets off. Diamante comes back but Aminata shoves her, only for Diamante to DECK her! Diamante stomps Aminata more, lets off again and brings Aminata up. Diamante forearms and whips but Aminata reverses to snapmare and KICK! Diamante grits her teeth, blocks the boot and waistlocks, but Aminata elbows free, only for Diamante to ROCK her with an uppercut! Diamante snap suplexes for una amiga! And then another for dos amigas! And the third for Three Amigas! Cover, TWO!

Diamante rains down rights, lets off as the ref reprimands about closed fists, and then Diamante brings Aminata back up. Aminata fires off haymakers, and Diamante likes that! Diamante and Aminata trade forearms, Aminata gets the edge but Diamante blocks. Aminata dodges to SUPERKICK! Aminata BUZZSAWS Diamante, then fires up with the blood in her mouth, only to miss the boot! Diamante wheelbarrows to a STUNNER! Aminata staggers into a corner, and Diamante HESITATION DROPKICKS! Cover, TWO!! Aminata survives and Diamante seethes, but fans rally up as she drags Ainata. Aminata cradle counters, TWO!

Diamante gets around, Aminata swings but into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Diamante reels Aminata in for a short arm clothesline, then another! Diamante isn’t done, she straitjackets to the ARMBAR!! Aminata taps, Diamante wins!

Winner: Diamante, by submission

Diamante has another facet in her game, and has another win under her belt! Will she be climbing up behind the top five and be ready to strike whoever is champion after Dynamite’s Shida VS Conti?


The Varsity Blondes VS Hayden Backlund & Kit Sackett!

Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr. have been heating up at the right time, and could be just outside the AEW Tag Division’s top five! Will the Ivy League & Bulletproof BPJ prove they’re worthy of a top stop in the Dark?

The teams sort out, BPJ starts with Backlund and they circle. They tie up, BPJ headlocks but Backlund powers back, but Griff tags in. The Blondes mug Backlund, CLUB him, then Griff headlocks to a takeover. Backlund rolls to a cover, TWO! Backlund is free but not for long as Griff headlocks and hits another takeover. Backlund fights up, powers out, but Griff runs Backlund over! Cover, ONE, but Griff gets another headlock and takeover. Backlund endures a new grind, fights his way up, and pulls hair while clawing eyes! The ref reprimands but Backlund tags to Sackett. Sackett runs in but into a headlock takeover! Griff grinds, Sackett fights up but BPJ tags in.

Griff scoops and SLAMS Sackett, then helps in the slingshot senton! BPJ helps in the slingshot leg drop! Sackett bails out, Backlund runs in but into a kick, and BPJ hits the swinging neckbreaker! Griff drops a leg, brother! Backlund and Sackett regroup as The Blondes chest bump. BPJ aims, slingshots out but Sackett shoves Backlund to get him clear. BPJ lands on the apron, mule kicks Sackett away, then dares Backlund to do something. BPJ goes back to Sackett and CHOPS him! BPJ puts Sackett in the ring, stalks behind him but Backlund grabs BPJ’s hair! Backlund hotshots BPJ and Sackett FLAPJACKS him! Sackett shakes his arms out and stomps BPJ to then drop elbows.

Sackett drags BPJ up and clubs him, then wrenches to tag in Backlund. Backlund climbs up and drops ax handles on BPJ’s arm! Backlund stalks BPJ and gets the CROSSFACE CHICKEN WING! Just like his great-grandfather’s cousin! BPJ scrambles to the ropes and Backlund lets off as the ref counts. BPJ throws forearms, Backlund shoves him but BPJ hits a SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Hot tags to Griff and Sackett! Griff rallies on Sackett, dodges and back drops him! Fans fire up and Griff goes corner to corner for a BIG SPLASH! Then a fireman’s carry to a SAMOAN DRIVER! Cover, but Backlund drags Griff off with the chicken wing!

Griff arm-drags free then BOOTS Backlund down! Griff is after Sackett but Sackett jawbreakers! Fireman’s carry but Griff slips out, shoves and ROLLING ELBOWS Sackett down! Tag to BPJ, the Blondes coordinate, whip and pop-up to a FLYING ASSISTED POWERBOMB! Cover, the Blondes win!

Winners: The Varsity Blondes, by pinfall

Griff & BPJ are rolling, but there’s still a long way to go before they’re a top contender! Will they be just outside the top five as AEW heats up?


Max Caster w/ Anthony Bowers VS Alan Angels w/ The Dark Order!

The Acclaimed got a great Showcase on Elevation, but now Platinum is back to work! And that means another killer diss track on his way in! “Platinum Max, and I’m feelin’ like a pimp. And between his legs, Five’s got a little shrimp! Ey yo, I got some intel. You can’t get a date, you’re an incel. Oh wait, it just dawned, Five is the sub and Ten is the dom! And now it all makes sense: you actually like getting abused by your friends! Hey, we all have fetishes, man. I do, too. Mine are cooler, but hey, yours are cool, too.” Will Caster dominate Angels in the ring in the Dark tonight?

The bell rings and Caster circles with Angels. They tie up as fans rally, and they go around for Caster to put Angels in a corner. Caster climbs up just to get in Angels’ face, then lets off to blow Angels a kiss. Angels and Caster circle, tie up, and Caster shoves Angels away. Caster blows more kisses then thrusts the pelvis! Angels gets up and keeps his cool as he circles with Caster. They tie up and Caster knees low and hard! Caster swivels the hips just to show off, and then brings Angels up and around to back suplex. Angels lands on his feet to KICK away on Caster’s leg! Angels stalks but Caster headlocks. Angels powers out, Caster runs him over then scuffs Angels.

Things speed up, Angels hurdles and runs then ducks and dodges, to come back and tilt-o-whirl into a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Cover, ONE! Angels KICKS Caster to a corner, throws haymakers, but Caster throat chops! Caster stalks Angels but Angels stays away then SHOTGUN dropkicks him to a corner! Angels climbs up, rains down left hands, but stops at 5 to smile. Angels flips and dropkicks Caster down! Cover, TWO! Caster gets up, Angels has him on the ropes, but Bowens bails Caster out! The ref reprimands, Bowens hops down and checks on Caster, but Angels goes to the apron to leap over Bowens and CANNONBALL Caster! Angels grins in Bowens’ face then puts Caster in.

Vance walks over to keep Bowens away, Angels goes up and MOONSAULTS, but onto knees! Caster kitchen sink knees Angels down! Caster gets Angels up for a BIG back drop! Cover, TWO! Caster keeps on Angels with another cover, ONE! Caster stomps Angels, digs his boot in, but lets off at 4. Caster “apologizes” to the ref and stalks Angels to ropes. Caster drags Angels up, Angels throws body shots and forearms! Angels ROCKS Caster, and ROCKS him again! Caster trips Angels, rolls him and BOOTS him! Caster seethes as he looms over Angels. Caster drags Angels up, fans rally up, and Caster scoops Angels for a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Angels is still in this but Caster rallies the fans. The fans boo instead so he tells them to shut up. Caster whips Angels, kitchen sink but Angels makes it a roll up! TWO, and Caster runs but into a BOOT! Angels elbows Caster, throws him out, and Vance is there. Caster scrambles back in, Angels dodges to ENZIGURI! Angels handsprings, blocks forearms to give forearms and then KICKS Caster down! Fans fire up as Angels hits the “THIS IS GONNA SUCK” CROSSBODY! Angels reels Caster in, STANDING SLICED BREAD! Cover, TWO!! Caster survives but Angels doesn’t lose focus. Angels goes to a corner, climbs up top, and leaps, but Caster moves to avoid the splash!

Angels rolls through, comes back to go up the corner and MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Caster lets out a pained scream, Angels reels him i and gets the arms. Caster mule kicks hard and low! Bowens gets the Acclaimed Boombox, but Vance is there! Vance plays defense but Bowens tosses the boombox, and Angels catches it! Vance keeps Bowens back as the ref takes the boombox, but Caster gets his chain! PLATINUM- NO! Angels HEEL KICKS first! Cover, TWO, and Caster caught Angels with the Platinum Fist!! Cover, Caster wins!!

Winner: Max Caster, by pinfall

Bowens gets the chain away so no one notices, too! Will the Acclaimed continue to sneak away with wins until they are in the top five in all of AEW?


“Powerhouse” Will Hobbs w/ Hook VS Baron Black!

Team Taz’s #AbsoluteMachines won on Elevation, but lets see if they’re running on all three cylinders! Will the #EmpBRUH be just a tune-up before Hobbs handles the “workhorse,” Christian Cage, on Dynamite?

The second Hobbs is in the ring, Baron fires off! The bell rings, Baron uppercuts, but runs into Hobbs’ BODY BLOCK! Hobbs stalks Baron to a corner, throws body shots and haymakers, but lets off as the ref counts. Hobbs TOSSES Baron corner to corner, then watches Baron drag himself up. Hobbs runs in but Baron boots him! Baron uppercuts and CHOPS and BACK HANDS, but Hobbs doesn’t flinch! Hobbs swings, but into an ARM CODE BREAKER! Baron runs, but Hobbs gives him a SPINEBUSTER! The straps come down and Hobbs drags Baron back up. Hobbs grins as he dragon sleepers for the INVERTED DDT! Cover, Hobbs brings Baron up at TWO!

Hobbs mocks Christian Cage looking for the Peeps. Gut wrench and TOWN BUSINESS! Cover, Hobbs wins!

Winner: “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs, by pinfall

When you’re a powerhouse, you don’t need to be a workhorse! But will he work Christian over on Dynamite and make him regret rejecting Team Taz’s offer?


PAC w/ The Lucha Bros VS Dean Alexander!

Death Triangle may not have been able to take the AEW World Tag Team Championships off the Young Bucks, but the chase never stops. Will the Bastard use The Sensation as a way to vent his frustrations?

The second Pac gets in the ring, he kicks Alexander in the leg! The bell rings and Pac stomps away in the corner! The ref counts, but he has to pull Pac off the boots! Pac BOOT WASHES Alexander, digs his boots in more, but lets off as the ref counts again, just to come back with more rabid stomps! Alexander might not even be able to continue, but Pac will make it certain! BRUTALIZER!! Alexander is OUT, Pac wins!!

Winner: PAC, by submission

Rey Fenix & Penta get in to convince Pac to let Alexander go. The Bastard isn’t satisfied, but he does get a win in the Dark main event! Will Pac only do worse to the Young Bucks and their allies?

My Thoughts:

A good Dark, but I always wonder they like squash match main events. I get why Hobbs and Pac each squashed their opponents, but then we should’ve made the main event a solid match like Caster VS Angels. Finishing up with those three matches with those three names as the attraction was great, but Caster VS Angels was more competitive and therefore more fun. Pac squashing a jobber doesn’t make for a surprise, it’s just par for the course. Kiss getting to squash someone was great, it shows AEW is putting some stock into him after two years of him circling the lower midcard. Darby had a good promo to open the night and call out Jungle Boy while setting up their TNT Championship, and I wouldn’t mind seeing if Kiss getting even a little push leads to Kiss getting his shot after JB.

My Score: 8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (4/19/21)

Elevation is getting vicious!



AEW Elevation Coverage

Kenny Omega elevates AEW Dark: Elevation!

The AEW World Champion wants to shut the Sydal Brothers down, and he is enlisting “MT” Nakazawa and DDT’s Future, Konosuke Takeshita, to do it!


  • Hangman Page VS Spencer Slade; Hangman wins.
  • Britt Baker w/ Rebel VS Tesha Price; Baker wins.
  • Jurassic Express VS Midas Black & Jay Lyon; Jurassic Express wins.
  • The Hybrid2 VS Vary Morales & Andre Montoya; The Hybrid2 win.
  • Ricky Starks & Brian Cage VS Mike Magnum & Stone Rockwell; Starks & Cage win.
  • Abadon VS Skye Blue; Abadon wins.
  • Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends VS Prince Kai; Cassidy wins.
  • Private Party w/ Matt Hardy VS Colt Cabana & Alex Reynolds w/ The Dark Order; Private Party wins.
  • Thunder Rosa VS Shawna Reed; Rosa wins.
  • Best Friends w/ Orange Cassidy VS Kit Sackett & Hayden Backlund; Best Friends win.
  • Leyla Hirsch & Ryo Mizunami VS Madi Wrenkowski & Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero; Hirsch & Mizunami win.
  • Austin Gunn w/ Colten Gunn VS Aaron Solow w/ The Factory; Gunn wins.
  • Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page VS Dean Alexander & Carlie Bravo; Scorpio & Ethan win.
  • Six Man Tag: Kenny Omega, Konosuke Takeshita & MT Nakazawa VS Danny Limelight & The Sydal Brothers; Omega, Takeshita & Nakazawa win.


Hangman Page VS Spencer Slade!

The Anxious Millennial Cowboy is back to open Elevation, and looking to maintain his #1 contender’s spot! Will he keep riding high to keep nipping at Kenny Omega’s heels?

Hangman fakes Slade out at the ropes, then gets in to fire off haymakers and CHOPS! The bell rings, Hangman bumps Slade off buckles, CHOPS then whips, but Slade ducks and dodges to leap into Hangman’s arms! FALL AWAY SLAM! Fans are fired up for Hangman, he drags Slade up but Slade blocks the suplex. Slade wrenches out to ROCK Hangman, JAB and JAB, then run, only for Hangman to follow and CLOBBER him! Hangman runs corner to corner to clothesline! Hangman shoves Slade to an adjacent corner, and runs side to side to clothesline! And then they go to the next corner for another clothesline! Hangman throws Slade down, runs to SLIDING LARIAT!

Hangman waits for Slade to get up, and pops him up for a POWERBOMB! High stack, Hangman wins!

Winner: Hangman Page, by pinfall

And he didn’t even need his best shot! Is Hangman saving that one for Ricky Starks on Dynamite?


Britt Baker w/ Rebel VS Tesha Price!

The Doctor is in, and planning to continue her climb up the AEW Women’s Division rankings. Will Tesha pay the price for Britt’s success?

The bell rings and Britt circles with Tesha. The fans rally for Tesha and she gets into it, but Britt doesn’t take her seriously. They tie up, Britt wrenches to a hammerlock, then shifts to a headlock. Tesha powers to a headlock of her own and she hits a takeover. Britt headscissors, double underhooks and grinds Tesha to the cover. TWO, and Britt gets Tesha in another hammerlock. Tesha rolls and wrenches to a hammerlock of her own. Britt fights up, reaches back to shift through and ROCK Tesha with a right! Britt reels Tesha in for more with Rebel being the only one cheering. Britt whips, Tesha kicks, Britt ducks but Tesha ROUNDHOUSES!

Tesha forearms and whips, Britt reverses and stays clear as Tesha goes up. Tesha dodges, but Britt blocks the kick to give a kick! Britt whips but Tesha blocks! Britt ROCKS Tesha, whips but Tesha reverses, but the cravat is a bit messy. Britt turns things around to give Tesha a BUCKLE SHOT! Tesha is in a daze as Britt goes out, and Britt pulls Tesha into the post by her arms! The ref counts, Britt lets off with a scuff of her boot, and then goes into the ring. Rebel laughs at Tesha’s pain while the ref is arguing with Britt, and then Rebel uses her towel to SLAP Tesha! Britt storms back over, drags Tesha up and reels her in for a cravat.

Britt throws knees, Tesha staggers about, and Britt soaks up the heat before she snapmares Tesha down. Britt wraps Tesha up in a chinlock and chicken wing, but fans rally for Tesha as she scrambles around. Britt turns Tesha away from ropes, grinds her down, but Tesha gets a ropebreak with a foot. Britt lets off but stands on Tesha’s head! Britt lets off at 4 then scuffs Tesha’s face again. Tesha comes back to roll Britt up! TWO, and Britt gets mad! Tesha dodges, Britt follows and SLINGBLADES! Fans boo but Britt brags again. Britt drags Tesha up, Tesha throws forearms! Tesha breaks free, dodges and ENZIGURIS, then mule kicks to DECK Britt with a forearm! Cover, TWO!

Britt survives and Tesha starts to grow frustrated. Tesha storms after Britt at ropes, drags her up and fires off more forearms! Britt reverses the whip to reel Tesha in for a DDT! Britt gets the glove from Rebel, puts it on, and takes her time getting Tesha back up. Britt Alabama lifts, tucks Tesha in and hits the AIR RAID CRASH! Rings of Saturn, LOCKJAW!! Tesha taps, Britt wins!

Winner: Britt Baker, by submission

Britt holds on until she’s satisfied, and smiles as she finally lets Tesha go. With Tay Conti getting her title shot this Wednesday, will Britt be poised for her shot right after?


Jurassic Express VS Midas Black & Jay Lyon!

After conquering Bear Country, Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus are poised in the AEW Tag Division’s top five! Will they be elevated and prove they’re #1?

The teams sort out, JB and Lyon start, and they approach. JB is curious about the steak in Lyon’s “teeth.” JB tugs on it, Lyon uses the steak to arm-drag JB away! Lyon uppercuts in the corner, tags to Midas and they double whip. Things speed up, drop toehold and a somersault senton! Cover, ONE! Midas wrenches JB, tags in Lyon, and they hand-off to wrench to a headlock. JB powers out, Luchasaurus tags in but so does Midas. Luchasaurus BOOTS Lyon down but Midas gets in Luchasaurus’ face. Luchasaurus throws Midas to the corner! Luchasaurus fires off and ROCKS Midas with that uppercut! Tag to JB, feed to feed to WHEELBARROW GERMAN!

Lyon tags back in, but he is wary of Luchasaurus. Lyon offers Luchasaurus the steak, but Luchasaurus is an herbivore! TAIL WHIP!! JB and Luchasaurus get each man up in a fireman’s carry, EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT to a JUNGLE HAMMER! Cover, Jurassic Express wins!

Winners: Jurassic Express, by pinfall

JB offers the ref Lyon’s stake and the ref takes it. Will JB and Luchasaurus be poised to add some gold to their diet?


The Hybrid2 VS Vary Morales & Andre Montoya!

Jack Evans & Angelico are just outside the top five but want in on the action! Will they bump off Morales & Montoya on their way to bumping off one of the other top ranking teams?

The teams sort out, Angelico and Vary start. They circle, but then Evans wants in. Angelico tags Evans, and he circles with Vary. Evans tries to get a beat going, then he pie faces Vary before he pommels to a headstand. Vary BOOTS him down! Vary headlocks Evans, grinds him down, but Evans fights out and powers out. Evans ducks, hurdles but Vary shoves to overhead suplex! Fans rally as Vary runs in but Evans boots him while going to the apron. Springboard screw high kick! Evans bumps Vary off buckles, tags Angelico in, and Angelico brings Vary around for a lifting COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!

Vary crawls but Angelico stomps him down! Angelico ties Vary up with a double chicken wing and uses Vary like a boogey board! Angelico then rolls Vary over to a cover, TWO! Angelico stomps Vary back down then taunts Montoya. Angelico gets Vary up, knees low and wrenches him to a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Angelico keeps cool, drags Vary back and stomps him down again. Angelico drags Vary to hook the arm, roll him with it and then get the other arm for a recliner! Vary gets the ropebreak, Angelico stays on until 4 before he lets off. Angelico JABS Vary in a corner, then JABS him, then whips him corner to corner. Angelico runs in but Vary BOOTS him!

Vary hops up, leaps and missile dropkicks! Fans rally as both men are down, and the two crawl. Hot tag to Montoya! Wheel kick for Angelico, and clotheslines for Evans! Montoya DECKS Evans, then dropkicks Angelico! Fans fire up as Montoya kips up, to a somersault COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, Evans breaks it! Vary SUPERKICKS Evans down! Vary gets Evans up to whip but Evans reverses. Vary holds ropes, dumps Evans up and out, then slingshots, but Evans trips him up! Evans uses the apron for a SKY TWISTER! Montoya fires off forearms on Angelico, then handsprings, into a KICK!

Angelico gets the legs, NAVARRO DEATH ROLL!! Navarro Dos Mil! Montoya taps, TH2 wins!

Winner: The Hybrid2, by submission

Evans adds insult to injury as he stomps Montoya down, and TH2 is moving up the ranks! But will they get into the top five in time for the next AEW Tag Team Championship match?


AEW presents Showcase: The Acclaimed!

Max Caster & Anthony Bowens sit with Paul Wight, and he asks about their journey to AEW. Well it’s been great, fantastic. They’ve become the best tag company in just six months. They got signed together, during the worst year ever, 2020. No jobs, no money, but they’re so good that they got the best jobs possible! They took that to the top, but it had its struggles. Bowens has been doing this 8 years, carrots dangled in front of him. Bowens represents the LGBT community but had years living in fear if he could do this or not. So being here is a great opportunity. Wight says that is great that Bowens can take that brave first step.

And they’re both very confident, they’re not taking a back seat to anyone. What’s next for them? There’s a reason Caster & Bowens are “The Acclaimed.” What is it that Bowens can’t do? He has magazine covers, red carpets and commercials, a fashion model with a YouTube channel that has more subscribers than some people who’ve been on TV for years! And Caster is the most intelligent, talented rapper on the planet! Wight thinks there’s so much sugar, he might get diabetes. But he asks The Acclaimed about Bowens’ injury update. Well he was wrestling with a torn meniscus since November, yet they’re still #4. Imagine if he were 100%!

But he is getting all the emails and posts with well-wishes. He’ll be back in no time, and The Acclaimed will be back up top. Then how big is it to make an impact every time you walk down to the ring? Caster says there’s something different about them when they walk out on stage. They look great, most handsome in AEW, and then Caster has his best rap ever again and again. World class athletes, world class on the mic. Making an impression was important as two singles guys who became a team. Tony Khan saw how acclaimed each man was, put them together, and they were main-eventing for the tag titles! It is just so easy for them!

Wight is impressed, wishes Bowens his speedy recovery, and hopes they keep pushing for the gold. Then on behalf of them, Wight will thank the fans. They can always have them back to talk more, but this is Paul Wight for Platinum Max & Critically Acclaimed Bowens!


Ricky Starks & Brian Cage VS Mike Magnum & Stone Rockwell!

The #AbsoluteMachines are teaming again, but will they be working well together again? Or is now the moment Team Taz starts to crumble from the inside out?

The teams sort out and Cage starts against Magnum. They tie up, Cage knees low and headlocks tight. Magnum powers out, Cage ducks and dodges to then catch Magnum out of the air! Magnum slips off but Cage elbows and whips. Cage hurdles, drops and dropkicks! Fans fire up for The Machine and he drags Magnum back up. Starks tags in, climbs up, and strikes a pose before dropping a fist into Magnum’s ribs. Starks toys with Magnum, throws forearms, CLUBS Magnum down, then sucker punches Rockwell! Magnum scoops Starks for a slam! Magnum brings Starks around, tags in Rockwell, and they mug Starks in the corner.

Rockwell ROCKS Starks with an uppercut, throws body shots and more uppercuts, then clubs him on the back! Rockwell brings Starks around for another uppercut but Starks kicks and CHOPS! Rockwell rocks Starks right back! Rockwell whips, Starks holds ropes and BOOTS Rockwell down! Starks strikes another pose but Rockwell hits him! Rockwell whips, Cage tags in, and Rockwell gets Starks for a suplex, but Cage bails Starks out! Cage turns Rockwell for a flurry of kicks and a SUPERKICK! Tag to Starks, Team Taz double suplexes but Rockwell slips out! Roll up but Starks breaks it!

Starks and Cage argue about who was in the wrong, but Magnum runs in and Starks SPEARS him down! Starks lets Cage handle the rest, and he gives Rockwell a POWERBOMB! Then a roll into a facelock, tag to Starks. Canadian rack hand-off to the ROSHAMBEAUX!! Cover, Team Taz wins!

Winners: Team Taz, by pinfall

There was a slight hiccup but they still finished strong! Will the #AbsoluteMachines be able to stick together and prove themselves worthy of the AEW Tag Division top five?


Abadon VS Skye Blue!

The nightmare is back again as the Living Dead Girl returns to action! Will Abadon be seeing red as she locks eyes on Skye Blue?

The bell rings and Abadon drops to all fours to start crawling around. Blue is very wary as Abadon creeps over. Blue rushes in but into a waistlock and SLAM! Abadon fires off hammering fists, then tells the ref to shut up about the count! Abadon whips Blue, Blue leaps but into Abadon’s arms! Abadon swings Blue around for a BACKBREAKER! Abadon chokes Blue! The ref counts, Abadon lets off and shouts at the ref, but then misses in the corner. Blue comes back to BOOT Abadon, then handsprings in to forearm smash! Abadon pulls herself up by her hair, and then CLOBBERS Blue! Abadon waistlocks, GERMAN SUPLEXES, and stalks Blue to the other corner for a METEORA!

Abadon drags Blue up, digs her into the buckles, then snapmares her down to run and SPLASH! Abadon doesn’t cover, she is having too much fun hurting Blue! The fans rally, Abadon dribbles Blue off the mat! Abadon drags Blue up but Blue fires forearms! Blue runs, dropkicks the leg out then runs to a corner. Abadon kicks Blue’s legs out! Abadon ROCKS Blue in the back, runs corner to corner to SPLASH, then drags Blue out with a Gory Especial, for the CEMETERY DRIVE!! Cover, Abadon wins!

Winner: Abadon, by pinfall

And with that, the nightmare creeps along back up the ranks! Will she be casting a shadow over the top five soon enough?


Orange Cassidy VS Prince Kai!

Freshly Squeezed has put Death Triangle on notice, but he will have to get serious to take those three on. Can Cassidy get warmed up against the Prince Charming of Wrestling?

Kai makes sure Justin Roberts gives him the proper introduction, “Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye.” Standing before you weighing in at 200 “glorious golden pounds,” he is Prince Charming to the ladies and the most handsome man in all the world to everyone else. Kai soaks in the heat and his own ego, the bell rings, BEACH BREAK!! Cover, Cassidy wins!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall

Cassidy was serious but Kai wasn’t, and that’s what happens! Will Cassidy be even more serious against Penta, Fenix & PAC?


Private Party w/ Matt Hardy VS Colt Cabana & Alex Reynolds w/ The Dark Order!

Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy look to forward Big Money Matt’s vendetta against The Dark Order, and that brings them to taking on BOOM BOOM and “The Handsome Devil!” Will the Hardy Family Office be rolling up to the winner’s pay window? Or will Hardy be leeching off 30% of a loss tonight?

The teams sort out but both members of Private Party get in Reynolds’ face. Cabana protests, he goes back, and Private Party mugs Reynolds! Kassidy rains down rights, drags Reynolds up to forearm and CHOP on repeat! Kassidy lets off to flex on Cabana, but he runs back into buckles! Reynolds runs to clobber Kassidy then dropkick him! Kassidy bails out, Reynolds kips up, and Dark Order is at the corner. Kassidy shoves Uno, Stu shoves Kassidy! The referee sees that and EJECTS the rest of the Dark Order! Cabana protests but the ref’s orders are absolute! Hardy says it should’ve been a DQ but the ref says this match will continue.

Reynolds goes at Kassidy on the apron but Kassidy hotshots him away! Kassidy gets in but Reynolds CLOBBERS him! Tag to Cabana, Reynolds feeds Kassidy to a LARIAT! Cabana drops a big elbow, then another one! Kassidy flounders, Cabana covers, TWO! Cabana brings Kassidy up but Kassidy claws Cabana’s eyes! The ref reprimands but Quen tags in. Cabana drop toeholds Quen, floats to get the facelock and an elbow! Cabana bumps Quen off buckles, tags Reynolds in and Reynolds fires off on Quen! Quen tries to bail out but Reynolds whips him away. Quen stops himself, elbows Reynolds, but Reynolds clotheslines Quen out!

Reynolds builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit sends Quen into railing! Reynolds backs Hardy off, gets Quen in, but Quen distracts the ref and Hardy RAMS Reynolds into railing! Hardy gets away with it as Cabana protests, and Quen tags Kassidy. Kassidy goes up a corner to SUPER MOONSAULT Reynolds down! Kassidy dusts himself off, and drags Reynolds up to throw into more railing! Kassidy goes into the ring to Tranquilo, but Cabana coaches Reynolds up. Reynolds gets in, Kassidy stomps him down then digs his boots in. The ref counts, Kassidy lets off and digs knees into Reynolds at the ropes! Hardy tells Kassidy to hurt Reynolds but Reynolds hits back! Kassidy suplexes Reynolds, covers, TWO!

Tag to Quen, Private Party mugs Reynolds, and Quen stomps away! The ref counts, Quen lets off but Kassidy gets his boots in! Cabana protests again but Kassidy lets off before the ref sees. Quen taunts Cabana, keeps Reynolds down with a facelock, and then drags him up. Tag to Kassidy, Private Party mugs Reynolds more, and Kassidy drags Reynolds away. Reynolds rolls Kassidy up! TWO, but Kassidy gets Reynolds with a facelock. Kassidy suplexes, Reynolds fights it, and then Reynolds pops Kassidy up for a KNEE! Quen tags in, he keeps Reynolds from Cabana but not for long! Hot tag to Cabana!

Cabana shoulders Quen, throws him into Kassidy, then runs to duck and dodge and tilt-o-whirl headscissor! Fans fire up as Cabana fires off JABS on Quen! Flip, flop and fly, but Kassidy gets the BIONIC ELBOW! Quen gets a BIONIC ELBOW, and a SUPERMAN SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Fans rally with Cabana as he gets Quen up to CHOP! Cabana ROCKS Quen with a right, wrenches and whips but Quen handsprings to ENZIGURI! Quen runs in at a corner but Cabana dodges! Cabana fireman’s carries but Quen fights out! Cabana throws Quen, Silly String brings him back! Reynolds CLOBBERS Kassidy, Cabana bucks Quen, but Quen PELES!

Quen slingshots to SENTON Reynolds, then Quen heads up top! 450 SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Cabana survives and fans rally up! Cabana ROCKS Quen, then runs in, but Kassidy bails Quen out and takes the hit for himself! Cabana ROCKS Quen, ripcords him to Reynolds’ ROLLING ELBOW! ASSISTED DARK DESTROYER! SUPERMAN CLUTCH, but Kassidy is legal after all! Kassidy rolls Cabana up, Private Party wins!!

Winners: Private Party, by pinfall

The switcheroo took everyone by surprise! Private Party gets a win and Hardy gets his cut, will they continue to climb up the ranks while checking off the Numbers?


Thunder Rosa VS Shawna Reed!

La Mera Mera has issued her warning to the AEW Women’s World Champion AND NWA Women’s World Champion, but still has a ways to go before getting after either. Will she at least be teaching schoolgirl Shawna a thing or two tonight?

The bell rings and the two circle as fans sing for Thunder. They tie up, Rosa waistlocks but Reed switches but so does Rosa. Rosa trips Reed, facelocks but Reed slips through. Rosa hammerlocks, Reed rolls and wrenches to a wristlock. Rosa drop toeholds and twists the leg. Rosa floats to a facelock but Reed gets up to hammerlock back. They stand, Rosa reaches back to get a cording hold, then arm-drags Reed away. Reed comes back, Rosa rolls her and runs to basement dropkick! Cover, ONE!! Rosa keeps her cool, she kicks Reed around, and then has Reed in a corner. Rosa digs her boots in, the ref counts and Rosa lets off.

Rosa bumps Reed off buckles, CHOPS her in the corner, then gives Reed another CHOP! Rosa bumps Reed off buckles, CHOPS her again, then throws elbow after elbow. Reed shoves Rosa, then dodges to send Rosa into the corner. Reed stomps away then runs side to side to HIP ATTACK! Cover, ONE! Reed clubs Rosa down, then some more, but Rosa throws body shots. Rosa snapmares, KICKS Reed on the back, then stomps Reed. Rosa lets off to drag Reed out and cover, TWO! Rosa clamps onto Reed, bumps her off buckles again then runs corner to corner to A-LIST LARIAT! Reed flops around, Rosa gives her a SWINGING METEORA!

Rosa goes corner to corner again, HESITATION DROPKICK! Rosa then BUTTERFLY SUPLEXES to a cover, TWO! Rosa keeps her cool as fans rally up. Rosa drags Reed up, throws EuroUppers, then reels back, but Reed spins her for a CRAVAT FACEBUSTER! Reed hooks Rosa with a leg and bends the arm! Rosa powers through that to cover, TWO! Reed throws body shots, Rosa CHOPS and CHOPS and BACK HANDS! Rosa reels Reed in, says this is it, and scoops for the FIRE THUNDER DRIVER! Cover, Rosa wins!

Winner: Thunder Rosa, by pinfall

Britt Baker is ahead of Rosa in the rankings but that could change soon enough! Will Rosa overtake Britt in the top five on the other side of Dynamite?


Best Friends w/ Orange Cassidy VS Kit Sackett & Hayden Backlund!

Freshly Squeezed made quick work of his match, but surely Chuck Taylor & #JustTrent will have to put in more effort. Will they be running hot as they go after Death Triangle for the past?

The teams sort out, Trent starts with Sackett, and they circle. They tie up, Trent waistlocks to the slam, then floats all over and slaps Sackett around. Sackett gets up, circles with Trent again, and they tie up with knuckle locks. Sackett headlocks, Trent powers out and things speed up. Sackett kicks Trent, but Trent LARIATS Sackett! Fans fire up as Trent drags Sackett up for forearms! Trent ROCKS Sackett, and hits a SNAP SAIDO! Backlund tags in and ROCKS Trent! Backlund whips, Chuck tags in, and Trent feeds Backlund to the SOLE FOOD HALF ‘N’ HALF! Chuck follows Backlund out of the ring to whip him into railing! Sackett comes over but Chuck kicks him down!

Chuck puts Backlund in, tags in Trent, and they look to end this already! AWFUL WAFFLE to the BIG PILEDRIVER!! Cover, Best Friends win!

Winners: Best Friends, by pinfall

Double the piledrivers, double the hurt! But will #JustTrent be enough to take on Cero Miedo on Dynamite?


Leyla Hirsch & Ryo Mizunami VS Madi Wrenkowski & Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero!

For the first time anywhere, #LEGIT teams with Aneki to take on Ms. Reality and The Native Beast! Vicious Vixen Vickie makes her entrance first and gets right in Justin Roberts’ face! “EXCUSE ME~! Who are you!? What’re you even doing here?! A five year old has better announcing skills than you do! Get out of MY ring!” Justin leaves like a scolded dog and Vickie introduces the team of Madi Wrenkowski and the fiercest woman in ALL of pro-wrestling, the Native Beast, NYLA ROSE! Will Vickie also be looking to give the victorious announcement at the end of this?

The teams sort out, Madi insists she start so Nyla lets her, against Leyla. They circle, tie up, and Leyla waistlocks to slam Madi down. Madi scrambles, throws elbows to get up, but Leyla wrenches through. Tag to Mizunami but Madi gets away to tag in Nyla. Nyla and Ryo circle, Nyla shoves but Ryo shoves back. They shove more and more, Nyla pie faces but Ryo fires up to fire haymakers with Nyla! Nyla claws Ryo’s face, whips her to ropes but Ryo reverses, only for Nyla to run her over! Nyla stomps Ryo, drives in elbows, then scoops Ryo up for a SLAM! Nyla drops a leg, covers, TWO! Nyla runs, Madi tags in and Nyla SPLASHES! Nyla didn’t even notice the tag and she is upset!

Madi goes to cover, ONE!! Madi clamps onto Ryo’s arms, Ryo endures the motorcycle stretch and fans rally up. Ryo fights up, fires up and fans fire up with her. Ryo breaks free but Madi kicks low! Madi throws forearms and eggs Ryo on. Ryo likes that and eggs Madi on. Madi throws another forearm, Ryo stays up so Madi throws more. Madi kicks and forearms but Ryo CHOPS! Madi kicks, Ryo CHOPS! And CHOPS! Ryo CHOPS Madi to a corner, CHOPS her more and fires off the machine gun chops! Fans cheer but the ref counts, and Ryo lets off with an apology. Ryo gets funky before she CHOPS Madi again! Ryo pantomimes and it pisses Nyla off!

Ryo runs in to clothesline Madi down! Cover, TWO! Ryo tags Leyla in, and Leyla gets a whip from Rhyo to clothesline Madi! Leyla feeds Madi to Ryo’s POWERSLAM! Ryo gives Leyla another boost, up and up and ARM-DRAG SENTON! Ryo goes to intercept Nyla but Nyla blasts past her to break the cover! Nyla DECKS Ryo, gets after Leyla, and Madi helps with the double suplex! Cover, TWO! Madi tries another cover, TWO! Madi drags Leyla to the ropes and chokes her with a knee! The ref counts, Madi lets off but Vickie SLAPS Leyla! Madi gets Leyla up for a REALITY FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!!

Leyla survives but Madi runs, only for Leyla to dodge the scissor kick! ARMBAR TAKEDOWN! Ryo intercepts Nyla better this time, and Madi taps!! Leyla & Ryo win!

Winners: Leyla Hirsch & Ryo Mizunami, by submission

Vickie shrieks in anger because that armbar was legit! Will Leyla & Ryo be leaving the Vicious Vixens behind in the rankings?


Austin Gunn w/ Colten Gunn VS Aaron Solow w/ The Factory!

Normally the Gunn Club rolls in three wide, but the boys want to see if they can do it on their own! Will Solow shoot first and show that one Gunn isn’t enough to take him down?

Comoroto drags the steel steps up to the ramp, positions them, and QT uses the steps as seating. Solow and Austin fire off but Austin gets the edge! Austin fires off in the corner, then glares at QT. Nightmare Family gives Factory a warning, but Solow reverses the whip. Austin comes back to CLOBBER Solow! Austin glares at QT, clotheslines Solow and himself out of the ring, but Austin is right up to stalk after Solow. Comoroto is nearby but Colten keeps his eyes on him. Austin puts Solow in, glances at Comoroto, but he’s ready for Solow’s cheap shot! “We’re supposed to be family!” Solow BOOTS Austin down, no family here!

Solow throws Austin down, kicks him and throws forearms, then stomps him at the ropes. Solow takes his shirt off to throw it at Austin, then BOOTS him down! Solow gets Austin up but Austin fires body shots. Solow stomps Austin again, drags him up and chokes him on ropes in front of QT! QT smirks in Austin’s face as Solow lets off. Solow brings Austin up, reels him in and snap suplexes! Cover, TWO! Solow and QT are annoyed, Austin throws body shots and whips. Solow reverses and CLOBBERS Austin with an elbow! Solow drags Austin to throw down fists because he wants to hurt Austin! Austin gets away to a corner while Solow talks trash to Colten.

Solow runs corner to corner and Austin BOOTS him! And elbows him! Austin CLOBBERS Solow down! Fans fire up with Austin and Colten cheers his brother on. Austin rallies on Solow, then runs to uppercut in the corner! Austin keeps going, dodges and trips Solow to then THROWBACK! Comoroto distracts from the apron, Solow throat chops then SCREW HIGH KICKS! High stack cover, TWO!! Austin survives and QT is upset. Colten gets in Comoroto’s face but Comoroto knees low, then runs in, but is sent into railing! Colten calls QT out now, but Solow gets Austin up. QT says to finish this! Solow tucks Austin in, but Austin spins out to QUICK DRAW!! Cover, Austin wins!!

Winner: Austin Gunn, by pinfall

QT is disappointed in Solow, but he has Comoroto stand down. The Factory will wait for a better opportunity to finish off the Nightmare Family. Who will be the first to fall in this growing blood feud?


Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page VS Dean Alexander & Carlie Bravo!

The Face of the Revolution & All Ego want their opportunities and they want them now! Will they use the last remnants of the Nightmare Factory to make their case in the AEW Tag Division?

The teams sort out, Scorpio starts against Bravo and the two circle. They tie up, Scorpio waistlocks and throws Bravo down. Bravo crawls to the ropebreak and Scorpio lets off to pat Bravo on the head. Bravo shrugs that off and fires himself back up as he circles with Scorpio. They tie up, Scorpio headlocks, Bravo powers up but can’t power out right away. Bravo gets it on the second try but Scorpio runs him over. Things speed up, Bravo hurdles but Scorpio denies the hip toss. Things speed up again, Scorpio catches Bravo with a kick! Bravo wobbles and Scorpio tips him over! Scorpio lets Bravo flounder to his corner and tags in Alexander.

Ethan puffs himself up and tags in, and he circles with Alexander. They tie up, Ethan pushes Alexander to a corner but the ref counts. Ethan lets off, Alexander fires off haymakers and stomps! Alexander facelocks but Ethan suplexes first! Ethan glares at Alexander and runs to drop a BIG elbow! Ethan drags Alexander up, elbows him on the back, and then brings Alexander up to shove and ROCK him with a right! Ethan throws more elbows, tags Scorpio, and they mug Alexander. Scorpio knuckle locks and wrenches Alexander but Alexander clotheslines free! Tag to Bravo, he runs and DECKS Ethan!

Alexander snapmares Scorpio, and then coordinates with Bravo to double basement dropkick Scorpio down! Tag back to Alexander, he gets Scorpio up, but Ethan drags Bravo out of the ring to CLOBBER him with the shoulder tackle! Scorpio slips out of the fireman’s carry to CHOP BLOCK the leg! Scorpio gets Alexander’s leg for the KNEEBAR! Alexander taps, Scorpio & Ethan win!

Winners: Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page, by submission

This egotistical duo take down the #GoonPlatoon and The Sensation, because they’re becoming the sensation of the tag division! But they’re not done here! Ethan sees Bravo is back in the ring, and drags him up to hit EGO’S EDGE!! Will Scorpio & Ethan become the Faces of AEW by any means necessary?


Backstage interview with Austin Gunn.

Dasha congratulates Austin for the win tonight, but this is only the beginning. Austin says, “Where I come from, family means everything. A family means everything! I was raised to believe that, QT made me believe that, but QT has torn this whole family apart. So is this feud far from over?” Billy comes by to comfort his son, and has him move on to finish where he left off. This isn’t over because… QT walks in. QT wants to talk to Billy alone. Dasha moves aside, QT says this has nothing to do with Gunn Club. Billy’s boys are like QT’s boys.

Billy tells QT to stop right there. He has lost the right to say that! He lost the right to say that the second one of QT’s goons hit Billy in the back with a chair and Comoroto bulldoze Austin & Colten. This has gone too far! QT DECKS Billy!! “Was that too far, Billy?” QT walks away, but will he be made to pay for it soon enough?


Six Man Tag: Kenny Omega, Konosuke Takeshita & MT Nakazawa VS Danny Limelight & The Sydal Brothers!

The Cleaner wanted this to be the Future of DDT Pro repaying all his hard work, but it seems Tony Khan again had different plans. But will having the AEW World Champion by their side help Takeshita and Nakazawa shut down the Radioactive Papi and his real target, the Sydals, once and for all?

Omega complains about something to commentary, and it’s that he was forced to be part of this on Elevation. Omega will have to take that up with Khan, but the trios sort out and Nakazawa gives Omega a headset so they can talk during the match. Limelight starts with Nakazawa, but Nakazawa takes a second to talk to Omega. Omega pretends like he isn’t, but Nakazawa dodges Limelight. That’s probably thanks to Omega’s play calling. Omega says more things, and Nakazawa walks over to tag him in. Omega and Limelight circle, Omega tells the ref to shut up about the headset, but then Omega dodges Limelight to again talk to Nakazawa. They decide to take Takeshita in, and he’s just as confused as anyone.

Takeshita and Limelight tie up, Takeshita headlocks but Limelight powers out, only for Takeshita to run him over. Things speed up, Takeshita waistlocks but Limelight elbows free, only to run into a FLAPJACK! Cover, ONE, but Takeshita clamps onto an arm. Fans rally, Limelight gets up and Takeshita tags Omega. Omega hops up to drop ax handles on the arm! Omega wrenches Limelight, wristlocks, tags in Nakazawa, and Nakazawa CLUBS the arm! Nakazawa scoops Limelight to SLAM him, then tags Omega back in. Omega and Nakazawa split the wishbone! Omega and Nakazawa double armlock for the double JAM the shoulders!

Tag to Nakazawa again and he drags Limelight up to club him down. Nakazawa bumps Limelight off buckles but Limelight hits back! Nakazawa CHOPS, Omega talks trash, and Nakazawa CHOPS again! Limelight shoves Nakazawa but Nakazawa CLUBS him again! Nakazawa wrenches, whips and Limelight slides off to SHOVE Omega and Takeshita down! Limelight shoves Nakazawa out, tags in Mike Sydal then FLIES to take out Omega and Nakazawa! Limelight puts Nakazawa in for Mike Sydal, but Nakazawa gives him DOUBLE PURPLE NURPLES!! Mike goes Matrix to avoid the lariat and he ENZIGURIS! STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!

Nakazawa survives but Matt tags in. Matt BOOTS Nakazawa down, Mike goes up and Matt joins him for a SYDAL BROTHER METEORA! Cover, TWO!! Nakazawa survives again but Sydal runs to SLIDING KICK! Matt points to his third eye but Nakazawa blocks the whip. Nakazawa whips, Omega gets a cheap shot in then grabs Matt., Nakazawa runs in but Matt dodges and Nakazawa hits Omega down! Nakazawa whips to fireman’s carry, SAMOAN DROP! Nakazawa gets up, hot tag to Omega! Omega gets Matt Sydal up, scoops him and hits a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Omega seethes, drags Matt over and bumps him off buckles. Omega wants Takeshita to be ready for the boot feed next time.

Omega tags him in, Takeshita throws haymakers, whips and calf kicks! Cover, but Limelight breaks it! Takeshita tags Omega back in, they double whip and double elbow Matt down! Omega goes nuts as he digs his boot into Matt’s head! The ref counts, Omega lets off and drags Matt to drop elbows! Cover, TWO! Omega mockingly holds Matt’s hand out to Mike and Limelight, then brings Matt up by his hair. Matt blocks the suplex, and again, but Omega CLUBS him down! And CLUBS him again! Omega drags Matt up, throws more elbows and a CHOP! Omega suplexes, but Matt knees free! Omega staggers, kicks back and BLASTS Mike off the apron!

Limelight gets clear, Matt Sydal WHEEL KICKS Omega down! Hot tags to Takeshita and Limelight! Limelight ducks under Takeshita’s leap, then redirects to RANA! Limelight runs corner to corner, but he’s put on the apron. Limelight ENZIGURIS Takeshita, then leaps to FLYING BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Takeshita survives, staggers about, but the Sydals return. Matt whips Mike in to uppercut Takeshita, then adds his back elbow. Limelight runs in but misses! Omega and Nakazawa drag the Sydals out, back elbow over and over on Limelight, then feed to Takeshita’s BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!??! Takeshita is shocked, but Omega calls the shots.

Manhattan drop to atomic drop to KOTARO KRUSHER! Takeshita adds on a lot of speed for his SUPER LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!!?!? How is Limelight doing this?! Omega is furious, and he demands to tag in. Takeshita gives him the tag, Omega storms about and says this is done! Omega gets Limelight up, reels him in for a full nelson, but Limelight resists! Fans rally, Limelight hooks legs and breaks the nelson to elbow Omega! Limelight runs, into a ROLLING ELBOW! Omega reels Limelight in, SNAP DRAG- Limelight lands on his feet?! Omega ducks the enziguri, Electric Chairs but Limelight fights free! Limelight ROCKS Omega in a corner! Matt climbs up for a METEORA!

Limelight SPRINGBOARD TORNADO DDT’S! Cover, TWO!!! Omega survives and Limelight can’t believe it! Limelight drags Omega over, tags in Mike and Mike climbs, but Nakazawa is there. Mike kicks him away, cartwheels to avoid the boot, but leaps into the SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX! Omega tags Takeshita in and he runs corner to corner to BOOT Mike! Then the SNAP BRAINBUSTER!! Cover, TWO!?!? Mike survives and Takeshita can’t believe it! Takeshita throws off his armband, builds speed again, but Mike does the splits to school boy and bridge! TWO, ROUNDHOUSE! Mike goes to a corner and climbs up again, but Nakazawa RAMS Matt to railing and trips Mike up!

Matt goes after Nakazawa as Nakazawa traps Mike’s leg! Matt hammers Nakazawa, Omega holds Mike, and Takeshita springboards to COAST2COAST!! Takeshita fireman’s carries Mike for the GUTBUSTER DROP! Omega intercepts Limelight with a V-TRIGGER! Takeshita finishes Mike with the GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, Takeshita and team win!

Winners: Kenny Omega, Konosuke Takeshita & MT Nakazawa, by pinfall

The Cleaner is proud of Takeshita, mostly because he didn’t lose this for them. Will Omega make Takeshita part of his trusted support team? Or will the Future of DDT Pro see through Omega’s façade soon enough?

My Thoughts:

A very fun episode for under an hour and 45. The main event definitely felt a lot stronger than most Dark/Elevation main events, and it is slowly building this story on the side for Omega with Takeshita being brought into the fold. Takeshita choosing his side could be made into a big moment, and could move Takeshita from Elevation to Dynamite sometime in the summer. We also got good story progress out of QT and the Gunn Club boys. The Gunn Club could have a really good Six Man match with The Factory before QT goes after Cody directly again. Team Taz get another win but clearly there’s more passive aggressiveness in there, so I can’t wait to see how that turns into active aggression.

Private Party getting a win over Dark Order works with the overall story Hardy has with them and Hangman, and Hangman keeps winning to keep at the top. Hangman VS Starks is going to be a great match on Dynamite, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Hardy found a way to sabotage Hangman to delay his shot at the world title. Double or Nothing is coming up and I feel like with the pacing they’ve done with Hangman would call for him skipping this PPV to then get his shot at perhaps All Out. It’d be so fitting for Hangman, who missed out his chance at the very first All Out, to then get that title at All Out 2021, off of Omega, as the ultimate culmination of everything Hangman’s been through in AEW.

My Score: 8/10

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