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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (11/5/19)

It was a Dark Hallows Eve…!



AEW Dark Coverage

Dark gives us some last tricks and treats!

All Elite Wrestling Dark goes bump in the night, see what went on before and after Dynamite! Will it be PERFECT10N that takes the spotlight?



  • Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard VS Michael Nakazawa; Spears wins.
  • Sadie Gibbs & Allie VS Mercedes Martinez & Aerial Monroe; Gibbs & Allie win.
  • Jurassic Express VS Joey Janela & Jimmy Havoc; Janela & Havoc win.


AEW Dark welcomes Spanish correspondent, Dasha Gonzalez!

She will help Tony Schiavone co-host Dark from now on, and is excited to kick things off with The Chair Man!


Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard VS Michael Nakazawa!

Maxwell Jacob Freeman is on commentary for a match featuring The Perfect 10 “scumbag.” MJF has lost respect for one of the original Horsemen now that he is siding with Spears, but will Nakazawa get even with Spears on his behalf?

The bell rings and Spears rushes Nakazawa. Nakazawa stays in the corner and fans rally up for Nakazawa as he circles with Spears. Nakazawa again wants Spears to keep his space before they tie up. Spears puts Nakazawa in a corner but backs off to let him out. They go again, and Spears again powers Nakazawa to a corner. Spears lets up at the ref’s count of 4, but Nakazawa claims Spears thumbed his eye. The two tie up and Spears wrenches an arm to a wristlock. Nakazawa reverses and wristlocks back, but Spears rolls to wrench and hook a leg, and grabs an arm for a modified Octopus. Spears then snapmares Nakazawa down and saunters about. Spears gives a quick 10 fingers, and MJF doesn’t like the disrespect.

Nakazawa still has the fans on his side as he ties up with Spears. Spears waistlocks but Nakazawa pries at the hold. He can’t get free, so he oils up! Nakazawa slips out and oils up more! Spears punches and kicks Nakazawa then CHOPS! But the baby oil gets all over him so he tries to wipe it off on Aubrey Edwards. Nakzawa sprays baby oil on the mat and Spears trips! Nakazawa takes advantage with the Slip ‘n’ Slide senton! Cover, ONE, and everyone starts slipping around. Tully Blanchard protests and gets on the apron, but he slips off because of the oil! Nakazawa sprays Tully then goes at Spears with ax handles! Nakazawa headlocks but Spears back suplexes him to the apron! Spears drags Nakazawa up and into the ring, then turns him over to wedgie and throw forearms to the back!

The referee reprimands Spears as he chokes Nakazawa on the ropes, but Spears lets up at 4. Spears grinds his boots in then stomps Nakazawa down. Spears stalks then knocks Nakazawa down then stomps him more. Spears mocks the swiveling as he drags Nakazawa up to CHOP! And CHOP again! Nakazawa gets to the corner but Spears CHOPS again! Spears whips corner to corner and then he scoops Nakazawa for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Spears has the leg, Half Crab! Fans rally for Nakazawa and he reaches for ropes. Spears pulls back hard but Nakazawa gets the ropebreak! Spears lets go at 4, then drags Nakazawa up to CHOP again. Nakazawa eggs him on, so Spears CHOPS again! Nakazawa is firing up, Spears CHOPS more. But Nakazawa fires back! They brawl back and forth and fans rally behind Nakazawa!

Nakazawa knocks Spears down, then again! Spears bails out to regroup with Tully, then runs in, into a cradle! Cover, TWO! Nakazawa runs and SPEARS Spears! Cover, TWO! MJF takes credit for the word play. Spears bails out and Nakazawa follows, but Tully distracts Nakazawa and Spears DECKS Nakazawa! Spears puts Nakazawa back in then runs, but into a Samoan Drop! Nakazawa pulls out the bottles, and starts undoing his undies?! Nakazawa straps the jock strap on his hand and fans rally behind him as he runs in, but gets a BOOT! Spears has Nakazawa up, rebound to the JACKHAMMER! Cover, Spears wins!!

Winner: Shawn Spears, by pinfall

Tully Blanchard’s lessons have paid off! Will this be the first win of many for #PERFECT10N?


Sadie Gibbs & Allie VS Mercedes Martinez & Aerial Monroe!

Without delay, we have this tag team match of four big talents that are coming to the AEW Women’s Division! Sadie and Allie were just part of a Fatal 4 Way, can they work well against Mean Ms. Martinez and Big Swole?

The teams sort out and Sadie starts with Swole. They tie up and Swole wrenches, but Sadie rolls and handsprings to slip through and reverse the wrench to a hammerlock. Swole bumps out to reverse the hammerlock onto Sadie. Sadie throws Swole down and wraps on a chinlock, but Swole fights her way up. Fans rally as Swole fights out, but Sadie reels her in and runs, to collide shoulders. Neither budges, so they go again. Another collision but not enough. Sadie goes a third time and gets Swole down! Things speed up now, Swole hurdles and ducks to hurdle and redirect, but runs into Sadie’s scoop slam! Cover, Mercedes breaks the cover! Swole then gets Sadie to the corner, tag to Mercedes. Mercedes CHOPS Sadie and throws fast forearms, before another CHOP. Mercedes and Swole mug Sadie but the ref reprimands.

Mercedes throws more hands and chops, then whips, only for Sadie to reverse and fireman’s carry. Mercedes fights out, Allie tags in and Sadie takes the dropkick. Allie fires off forearms and CHOPS, then whips, only for Mercedes to reverse. Allie comes back with a crossbody! And a senton! Cover, TWO! Tag to Sadie, and Allie is the human weapon, wheelbarrow splash! Sadie covers, TWO! Mercedes survives that combination, but Sadie brings her up for European Uppercuts. Sadie whips corner to corner, Mercedes reverses, only to miss in the corner. Sadie throws more uppercuts, powers up, and handspring headscissors! Sadie scoops but Mercedes slips out to roll her down, surfboard STOMP! Cover, but Allie breaks it! Mercedes glares at Allie but she goes back to Sadie. She puts her in the corner, tag to Swole, and Mercedes CHOPS Sadie.

Mercedes and Swole double whip, scoop and SLAM Sadie down! High five, bottom’s up, double elbow drops! Cover, TWO! Swole frowns but she brings Sadie up to SLAP and CHOP! She throws forearms and shoves Sadie into a corner for an uppercut! Then she rolls with Sadie to mule KICK! Cover, TWO! Swole drags Sadie up but fans rally, Sadie endures the guillotine facelock! Swole even gets her body scissors on, but Sadie powers out to a SUPLEX! Sadie crawls but Swole keeps her from Allie. Sadie shoves Swole and tags Allie, but Mercedes tags in, too! Allie rallies on Swole and Mercedes, corner to corner clothesline! Allie hits a Sliding D on Swole! Fans fire up as Allie goes corner to corner to Sliding D Mercedes! Mercedes flounders up and into Allie’s grip, but she resists the lift! Allie goes up into the ropes but is pushed off, SPINEBUSTER! High stack cover, TWO!!

Mercedes grows frustrated with Allie as she drags her up and over. Tag to Swole, and they mug Allie in the corner. Swole drags Allie up to snapmare and wrap on a chinlock. Fans rally up as Allie fights up and out. Swole waistlocks but Allie resists and elbows free. Allie wrenches Swole to a Russian Leg Sweep! And into a crucifix pin, TWO! Swole BOOTS Allie right down! Cover, TWO!! Tag to Mercedes, and she drags Allie up. Mercedes and Swole double suplex Allie up, and then Mercedes rolls through for another suplex! She does it again, holding Allie up for a count of 10 before the BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, but Sadie breaks it! Mercedes is shocked, but she focuses back on Allie. Mercedes fisherman, but Allie cradle counters, TWO! Allie dodges a boot to hit a backstabber! Mercedes crawls to an open corner, fans rally up and Allie runs in to back elbow. Allie runs side to side to forearm smash! Allie snarls as she runs corner to corner, into a BOOT! Mercedes KNEES Allie down!

Both women are down and a standing count begins. Fans rally up and Mercedes heads for her corner. Allie only starts moving at 6, but hot tags Sadie! Sadie TOSSES Swole then tackles Mercedes! Sadie fireman’s carries, Samoan Drop! And a kip-up! Fans fire up but Mercedes attacks from behind! Mercedes suplexes, Sadie lands on her feet to shove. Mercedes slips out of a scoop to SAIDO! Allie SPEARS Mercedes! Allie has the fans rallying as she runs and Sliding D’s Swole again! She drags Swole out to club away, but Mercedes CANNONBALLS! Mercedes wipes Allie and Swole both out, but here comes Sadie! Sadie SASUKE SPECIALS!! Sadie wipes all three women out! Charleston is fired up for Sadie as she drags Swole up and into the ring. Sadie drags Swole up to a fireman’s carry, spinning Samoan Driver! Cover, but Mercedes breaks it!

Mercedes drags Sadie up, fisherman BUSTER! Allie kicks Mercedes, fireman’s carry, but Mercedes fights out. Mercedes swings, Allie dodges to fireman’s carry, Death valley Driver! Allie is seething as she runs at Swole, but Swole spins her, reels her out, ROLLING ELBOW! All four women are down but the fans are firing up! Mercedes drags Sadie up and fisherman again, but Sadie slips out to scoop and slam! Sadie hops up but Swole trips her up! Mercedes gets up to bring Sadie around, Swole adds on, POWERBOMB NECKBREAKER! Cover, Allie breaks it in time!! But Swole drags Sadie around and Mercedes climbs up. Queen Angelito Stretch, but Allie saves Sadie! Allie ROCKS Mercedes with that right, then climbs up to join her. SUPER ARM-DRAG! Allie aims at Swole, SUPERKICK! Sadie is up top, MOONSAULT! Cover, Sadie & Allie win!!

Winners: Sadie Gibbs & Allie, Gibbs pinning

Allie and Sadie came together to make a great combination! Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship?


Tony and Dasha go to the AEW Control Center.

Full Gear is just days away, and it is shaping up to be a big one month marker! Bea Priestley and Britt Baker have ended up in an intensely personal rivalry, mostly started by Bea.

Britt does her best to win but not hurt anyone. But in Britt’s opinion, Bea doesn’t care. The sinister Stardom wrestler booted Britt way too hard in the back of her head. Everyone was worried about Britt, but Bea wasn’t. Bea broke an unwritten rule in the world of wrestling. Bea is not professional, she is a “piece of sh*t.” We all know what Bea is capable of in the ring, but now the fans will get a different picture. Britt will show us what she can do back. At Full Gear, Bea will be stuck, nowhere to go, and have Britt’s mouth grabbing the mandible, giving her the most painful experience of her life, on top of Britt having the choice to “rip your f*cking jaw off.” Now Bea will experience what it feels like facing someone who is equally reckless. Will Britt break Bea in Baltimore?

Tony and Dasha also review what happened just last week on Dynamite, in the contract signing for the AEW World Championship. After the ambush on Dustin Rhodes that left him with at least a broken hand, will Cody be able to control himself against Le Champeon? Additionally, Cody still has announcements to make, what will he have to say tomorrow night when AEW comes to Charlotte, North Carolina?


Undesirable to Undeniable 4: Jimmy Havoc.

One of the first AEW signees, Havoc has an incredible story. What was it that made him feel undesirable? Well to say Havoc was “divisive” tends to be an understatement. Havoc has gotten where he is by being himself, so he’s used to having half the people love him and half the people hating him. Without going into too much detail, his father abandoning him at only 3 years old was a starting point for many things. Cody knows what it’s like to be divisive, and it feels good not only to make those who like you proud, but it’s great to stick it to those who hated you. Havoc was told he was never going to be anywhere big, so here’s that revenge right here!

Cody then asks what Havoc did to get over that feeling of being undesirable. He just did things his way. He was always a fan of horror movies, so he did things in a very horror movie style. So then what is Havoc’s definition of “undeniable?” Havoc uses the fact he’s part of AEW as part of that. Fans can’t deny that he’s been signed somewhere that is incredibly popular and is going places. Well then, cheers to the vindicated veteran! Will he and The Bad Boy come away with a win when they team together?


Jurassic Express VS Joey Janela & Jimmy Havoc!

With Luchasaurus still out with a bad leg, it’s up to Jungle Boy and Marko “Baby Saurus” Stunt to hold down the fort. Will that fort stay standing after going against two hardcore, tough as nails opponents?

Teams sort out and Havoc starts with Jungle Boy. Fans rally up as the two circle and tie up. Havoc powers Jungle Boy to a corner, but lets up with a pat on the shoulder. JB has the fans on his side, and then ties up with Havoc again. Havoc has the arm for a wristlock but JB rolls, handsprings and wrenches back. Havoc has the ropes and JB lets up. The two go again, Havoc headlocks, but JB arm-drags free! Havoc headscissors but JB pops out! The two stand off and fans cheer. JB and Havoc tie up, JB has the wrist but Havoc pulls hair! Havoc wrenches around to reverse the wristlock, but JB rolls and handsprings and kips up over and over to then get to ropes. JB flips through to reverse the wristlock and fans cheer the exchange. But Havoc ROCKS JB with a right!

Havoc wrenches and bites the arm! Havoc lets up at 4 and brings JB up, to bite more! Tag to Janela, and Havoc hands off the arm. Janela doesn’t want to bite, but JB wrenches and headlocks. Tag to Stunt and he climbs up. JB wrenches and Stunt throws big ax handles! Stunt flexes and wrenches, but the wristlock doesn’t even bother Janela. Janela wags his finger, so Stunt stomps his foot! Tag to JB, and Jurassic Express double whip. Stunt mule kicks, JB knee lifts, Stunt enziguris! Cover, ONE! JB drags Janela up but Janela scrambles to tag out to Havoc. Havoc walks into a wristlock but DECKS JB again! Havoc talks trash then whips JB, but JB reverses to dropkick Havoc down! Cover, ONE, but JB stays on Havoc with a headlock.

Tag to Stunt, and the Jurassic Express double whip. Stunt dropkicks Havoc down, covers, ONE! Stunt fires off fast hands then tags JB back in. The Jurassic Express double whips again, drop toehold to a shotgun dropkick! Havoc tags to Janela, but JB sends him to the apron. havoc runs in but JB dodges and Janela gets rocked! JB runs and huricanranas Havoc out! JB mule kicks Janela, and Stunt runs to DIVE to take Havoc out! JB MOONSAULTS onto Janela! Fans rally up as the Jurassic Express stand tall. They put Janela in and JB hurries after but Janela grabs the apron skirt. JB drags him in to drop elbows then cover, TWO! JB keeps his cool and brings Janela up, and fans rally as he wrenches to a wristlock. Tag to Stunt and JB helps him get up and leap to dumdum stomp the arm! Stunt flosses, but Havoc CLOBBERS him!

Havoc hits JB down and out of the ring then dropkicks Stunt down! Havoc tags in and chokes Stunt with the tag rope! The ref counts and Havoc lets up at 4, to then snapmare Stunt and wrap on a chinlock. Stunt flails and endures while fans rally up. Stunt powers up to throw elbows, but Havoc throws him down by his hair! Havoc drags Stunt over and throws him into the post! Tag to Janela, who drags Stunt out for a big German Suplex! Janela stays between Stunt and JB as he stomps Stunt down. Janela brings Stunt up, wrenches and cravats, but fans rally up. Stunt fights out but Janela drags him away for another German Suplex! Havoc drags Stunt out to throw into railing! This is the one thing MJF approves of when it comes to Havoc.

Havoc tags in but Janela puts Stunt in. Havoc covers but the ref is checking on JB, so he’s slow to the count. TWO, so Havoc bites Stunt! Havoc is a vampire for Halloween! JB reaches but Havoc keeps Stunt away. Havoc throws Stunt into buckles and taunts JB, but STunt fights out! Stunt boots and elbows and ducks, but Havoc has his foot! Havoc ducks the enziguri, then drags Stunt up, wheelbarrow, but Stunt makes it a facebuster! Tag to JB! JB misses Havoc but he hits Janela. JB starts rallying, and he dropkicks Janela out! JB takes a bite out of Havoc! Havoc shoves JB away but JB comes back with a big arm-drag! JB uppercuts then rolls Havoc to Penalty Kick! Cover, TWO, but Janela elbows Havoc by accident! JB throws Janela out and then back-flip knee drops Havoc! Cover, TWO!! Havoc gets to a corner but JB has the fans rallying. JB chops Havoc, then chops again!

JB runs, Janela gets a cheap shot. Janela ducks and Havoc ROCKS JB! Tag to Janela, and he runs at JB to back suplex. JB slips out, he atomic drops on Janela! Janela is very dramatic about his tail bone, but then turns around, for a Manhattan Drop! Janela falls, Stunt adds double stomps, JB turns Janela over, and Jurassic Express both hit double stomps! Stunt becomes the human weapon, pump handle 450! Cover, but Havoc breaks it! Stunt goes after Havoc with fast hands, but Havoc throws him out hard! Havoc drags JB up but JB CHOPS away on him and Janela! JB blocks a chop to give a chop, rebounds but into Havoc’s scoop! Janela dropkick-starts the powerslam! Janela runs at Stunt but Stunt school boys him to a kip-up shining wizard! Havoc underhooks and dead lifts Stunt to a butterfly DRIVER! JB SUPERKICKS Havoc! Janela runs in and even follows JB, to LARIAT him down! All four men are down but the fans are fired up!

A standing count begins as the teams regroup. Havoc returns to his corner at 2 but Janela stirs at 4. Janela crawls over and tags in Havoc at 6, and Havoc drags JB up. Waistlock and wristlock but JB slips out to feed Havoc to Stunt’s enziguri! JB tags Stunt and Stunt climbs up. JB Canadian Racks but Havoc slips out to shove JB. Stunt leaps over JB to crossbody, but is caught, to a MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Stunt survives and Havoc has to nod respect to that. Havoc goes out and gets the staple gun! Havoc loves that thing, but the ref reprimands him. Janela tags in to avoid the disqualification. Havoc gives Janela the staple gun, and Janela considers it. But then he STAPLES Havoc’s forehead! Janela SUPERKICKS JB, then suplexes, BRAIN BUSTER! But Janela heads up top, only for Stunt to kick him back! Stunt climbs up, but Janela grabs him! JB goes to save Stunt but Havoc drags JB out! Janela gives Stunt a SUPER PACKAGE PILEDRIVER!! Cover, Janela & Havoc win!!

Winners: Joey Janela & Jimmy Havoc, Janela pinning

The Bad Boy and the sadistic Havoc won, though they didn’t quite get along during it. Havoc doesn’t seem that upset about it, and he leaves Janela be. Will these two twisted talents tangle in the ring again soon?

Backstage, Tully Blanchard approaches Joey Janela.

What does the old man want? Tully is still upset about Janela disrespecting him with the cigarette in his soda. And Shawn Spears attacks to get even for him! Spears smothers Janela, then pulls his mouth open with pliers!? Tully has the camera man look away as Spears shouts, “Smoking’s bad for you, Joey!!” What does Spears do with that lit cigarette?! Is Janela going to regret ever taunting Tully?



My Thoughts:

Another really good episode for Dark! One thing I will say that took away was the audio on non-match segments. It was really hard to hear what Tony Schiavone was saying, and I’m lucky to have been able to hear Cody and Jimmy Havoc talk once they switched to backstage. Also, weird camera cuts during action spots, namely during the women’s tag match, I do NOT understand what that’s about. Just some things to iron out still while AEW is still a young company. But it was also great to see Dasha, formerly Fuentes in WWE but using her real name, Gonzalez, here. She will be a good addition to help with hosting Dark, and I’m sure her role on Dark will grow a little as this continues to be a thing. The women’s tag match was really good tonight, really got Mercedes and Big Swole going for AEW, so it was a little surprising they lost. Allie did a lot during that match, but it was good for Sadie to get the pin, she’s newer and could use some shine for fans not familiar with her.

MJF did great on commentary this episode, his Heel qualities really shine here. He does great to keep a feud alive with Spears with everything he was saying. Spears VS Nakazawa was pretty fun, but of course Spears wins to stay strong. Havoc and Janela have a really good tag match with Jurassic Express. There is still some fine-tuning Jungle Boy has to do, but he and Stunt still work together well. Havoc and Janela win as the stronger veterans, though I was sure stapling Havoc in the head was going to cost Janela there. In the end, Havoc seems to have weird respect for Janela. That attack by Tully and Spears on Janela was (implied) horrifying, and that might become the next feud for Spears. I wouldn’t mind if there was an “unsanctioned” match for Janela and Spears next week to follow up, maybe with help from Havoc when Tully tries to interfere.

My Score: 8.4/10

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