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Mitchell’s Women of Wrestling Results & Report! (11/2/19)

The Born Legend continues to dodge bullets!



WoW Season 2

What a fabulous quid pro quo!

Just when you think Tessa Blanchard is out of moves, she finds some new pawns to play. Will Lana Star and The Lioness end up being used like all the rest?



  • Khloe Hurtz VS Sassy Massy; Massy wins.
  • Chantilly Chella VS The Temptress w/ The Dagger; Chella wins.
  • WOW Tag Team Championship Series: Team Southern Pride VS Fire & Adrenaline; Fire & Adrenaline win and advance to the series finals.
  • WOW World Championship: Tessa Blanchard VS Faith the Lioness w/ Lana Star; Blanchard wins and retains the WOW World Championship.


Lana Star heads to her car.

But someone might be out there in the parking lot with her. She disregards the noise she just heard, but then THE BEAST sneaks up behind her. “If you ever mess with one of my matches again, I will rip your face off. And you should think twice before getting cozy with Tessa Blanchard.” The biggest and the baddest just put the fear of The Beast in the Fabulous One. Will Lana heed her warning?


Welcome BACK to WOW!

David McLane introduces Jungle Grrrl, and she heads to the ring. Fans are divided, but JG is the #1 Contender. However, it was because of disqualification. JG takes the mic to make something clear: “A win is a win.” Tessa has to face the Ultimate Predator! The Born Legend heads out to the ring, and McLane says there had to be something between her and The Lioness helping JG win. Tessa tells JG that she’s already beat her once. And not only has she beat her, Tessa is the one who broke the 18 year undefeated streak, which only lasted that long because she had yet to face Tessa. And Tessa would love nothing more than to kick JG’s ass all over again.

But the fact is, there’s already a main event on the docket already. A bright, beautiful, talented, and athletic newcomer gets the shot of a lifetime tonight! As much as Tessa wants to face her, JG will just have to wait. And clearly, The Lioness is that contender tonight. Is there no end to the obstacles Tessa can put in place of the truly deserving Women of Wrestling?


Khloe Hurtz VS Sassy Massy!

The All Natural returns to WOW, as do her Ring Rats! But will Khloe find what really hurts is ring rust?

Khloe attacks Massy from behind! She clubs Massy down as the bell rings, and she mocks the party girl attitude. Khloe whips but Massy reverses and breaks free to kick a leg out. Massy runs to basement dropkick Khloe down! The Ring Rats rally for Khloe but the fans are with Massy as she corner to corner clotheslines! And again! Massy runs at Khloe as she’s down, basement crossbody! Cover, ONE, but Massy is on her with big forearms. Massy whips but Khloe reverses, then she distracts the referee as the Ring Rats trip Massy up! Khloe stomps Massy then drags her into a rather jiggly camel clutch. Massy endures so Khloe throws her down, to then knock her down! Khloe stomps Massy more, then chokes her on the ropes. The ref counts and Khloe lets up at 4.

Khloe rams her shoulders into Massy in the corner, then soaks up the heat as she walks corner to corner. Khloe comes back with a handspring back attack! Khloe goes again, but Massy dodges and rolls Khloe up! TWO, and Khloe kicks to run. Scissor kick! And a smothering sleeper hold! Khloe blows a kiss to her fans before slamming Massy’s head down. Fans rally for Massy as Khloe throws forearms. Khloe whips but Massy holds ropes to elbow back! Massy drop toeholds Khloe onto ropes to body attack! Massy then reels Khloe in for a big clothesline! Cover, TWO! Fans continue to rally for Massy as she brings Khloe up. Khloe resists with elbows then fireman’s carries. Khloe does squats then hits a Samoan Drop! Khloe drags Massy back up, for a torture rack! But Massy slips out, to the Complete Shot! Cover, TWO!!

Fans fire up more for Massy as she brings Khloe around for forearms. Khloe hits back, and now they brawl! Massy hits another Complete Shot! Cover, Massy wins!!

Winner: Sassy Massy, by pinfall

The second shot did the trick! Massy has her first singles win, and against a WOW veteran! Will this help Massy move up in the rankings?


WOW security spots something going on in the Team Southern Pride private locker room.

The Dixie Darlings have broken in! Still upset with Amber O’Neal and Jessie Jones over the misunderstanding made by Lana Star and The Lioness, Jolynn and Jolene root through the luggage of the Bullet Babe and Bardstown Baroness. They steal Jessie’s and Amber’s wrestling boots!


Chantilly Chella celebrates with Sassy Massy!

Yass, girl! That win was lit! Now it’s Chella’s turn to kick some ass!


Chantilly Chella VS The Temptress w/ The Dagger!

Will the party girls go 2-0 on the night? Or will the Vengeful Vixens redeem themselves from tag title series elimination?

The bell rings and fans “Whoop whoop!” with Chella, which annoys Temptress. They circle and tie up, and Temptress waistlocks to a slam! But Chella slips around to a wristlock and hammerlock. Temptress slips around to stand back up, then rolls, but Chella wrangles her back down. Chella keylocks and wrenches, but Temptress kicks and clubs back. Temptress whips corner to corner but Chella goes up and over, only to get a mule kick. Temptress clubs her more than throws her into buckles! Temptress whips Chella corner to corner but Chella hops up and huricanranas back! Temptress staggers into an arm-drag! Chella has Temptress in the corner, monkey flip! Fans fire up as Chella runs in again, but is sent flying off! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally but Temptress taunts them. Temptress kicks Chella down then grinds her into the ropes. Temptress lets up at the ref’s count, but chokes Chella in the corner! Temptress whips Chella corner to corner then runs in to hit a forearm smash! She snapmares but Chella is up fast to dodge the boot and roll Temptress up! TWO, and Temptress LARIATS! Temptress stomps Chella around then stands her up. Temptress scoops for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Temptress grins as she has Chella for a chinlock, but Chella has a ropebreak! Temptress lets go at 4, then chokes Chella until another 4! Fans rally but Temptress snap suplexes hard! Temptress knocks Chella down and wraps on a new chinlock. Chella endures, fights her way up, and fights out with elbows. Temptress clubs Chella down, then drags her up, to get a jawbreaker!

Chella runs, but Temptress scoops to a fireman’s carry. Chella slips out to fire off strikes! Big kicks and a front kick! The roundhouse is blocked but the sweep takes Temptress off her feet! Basement meteora! Cover, TWO!! Chella fires herself up again and runs corner to corner, BIG Shining Wizard! She rolls Temptress and climbs up, missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Chella keeps focus as she gets up. Dagger coaches Temptress up and Temptress elbows Chella away! Temptress grabs Chella but Chella elbows back! Chella hits a CUTTER! Cover, but Dagger drags Temptress out! Fans boo but Chella builds speed, to slide! Her dropkick misses, but Temptress’ BOOT floors Chella! Dagger again helped out, and the Vixens don’t care that fans are booing. Temptress puts Chella back in, and winds it up. Temptress scoops but Chella fights out! Chella dodges, SPINNER HEEL KICK! Cover, Chella wins!

Winner: Chantilly Chella, by pinfall

And the party is rolling on! If Massy and Chella can get it done in singles competition, is there hope for them when they return to tag team competition?


Jessie and Amber prepare for their match.

But they can’t find their boots! Completely unaware of what the Dixie Darlings did, they’ll have to fight in normal shoes! Will this inconvenience put Southern Pride at a disadvantage against their young upstart opponents tonight?


WOW Tag Team Championship Series: Southern Pride VS Fire & Adrenaline!

Jessie and Amber want to #MakeWrasslinGreatAgain, but can they do that without the right boots? Or will their veteran greatness shine though against these bright and rising stars?

Jessie takes up a mic to tell McLane to postpone the match. Someone is sabotaging them! This is an unfair disadvantage! McLane knows they’re good enough to wrestle no matter what they’re wearing. They could wrestle barefoot, even. Or in Jessie’s case, President Trump socks…? Well then this is a warning: if Jessie finds whoever took their boots, she’ll “beat the brakes of ’em.” Amber at least has sneakers on. But with that, the Florida-Georgia alliance makes their entrance, and fans are fired up for Fire and Adrenaline! The teams sort out, and this match begins with Amber and Fire.

Fire is confused about the shoe situation but she won’t look a gift horse in the mouth. She and Amber circle and approach, Amber kicks low and puts Fire in a corner! Amber grinds Fire into the corner, but lets up at 4. She grinds forearms again but lets up at 4. She throws more forearms then whips but Fire sunset flips! TWO, and Fire basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Fans are fired up for Fire as she whips, but Amber holds ropes. Amber kicks back and throws big forearms. Amber whips but Fire dodges and dropkicks Amber down! Cover, TWO! Tag to Adrenaline, who LEAPS in with a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Adrenaline drags Amber up to whip but Amber reverses, but Adrenaline tilt-o-whirl headscissors Amber to her corner! Tag to Jessie, but Jessie swings into a crucifix roll-up! ONE, but Adrenaline drop toeholds to a La Magistrol! TWO, and Jessie runs into a backslide! TWO, and Adrenaline sweeps to cover, TWO!

Jessie wobbles around but Adrenaline shoves her to the corner. Adrenaline fires off forearms and tags in Fire. Adrenaline whips Fire in for a corner clothesline, then Adrenaline adds a basement dropkick! Fire hits a boot wash! Adrenalin drags Jessie out for Fire to cover, TWO! Fire drags Jessie up and Adrenaline cravats. The two work together but Jessie knocks them away. Amber clobbers Fire from the ropes while Jessie throws Adrenaline down by her hair! Fans boo Grits ‘n’ Glam playing dirty, but then Jessie tosses Adrenaline by her hair into the corner! Tag to Amber and she drags Adrenaline out to a cover, TWO! Fire crawls to her corner on the outside while Amber rains down rights on Adrenaline! And then she stomps her out! Amber brings Adrenaline for clobbering forearms and a scoop slam!

Amber flexes before bringing Adrenaline up for another scoop, but Adrenaline slips to a victory roll! Jessie distracts the ref so he’s slow to the count, TWO! Adrenaline could’ve won right there, and Amber LARIATS her down! Fire protests but Amber clubs away on Adrenaline. Amber chinlocks and taunts Fire. Tag to Jessie, and Grits ‘n’ Glam mug Adrenaline with that SLAP! Jessie rams shoulder to shoulder with Adrenaline, and again. Jessie wrenches and whips, to clobber Adrenaline down with forearms! Jessie’s on that arm to torture it, but Adrenaline resists. So Jessie drops knees over and over! Jessie drags Adrenaline up, whips her into a corner, but she runs into a huricanrana! But Jessie still gets Adrenaline back to the corner to bump on Amber’s boots. Tag to Amber and she fires off forearms and stomps on Adrenaline.

Amber bumps Adrenaline on buckles then whips corner to corner. Amber runs into a back elbow! Adrenaline hops up and kicks Amber back. Adrenaline counter punches, then hits a tornado DDT! Amber flounders but Adrenaline is far from her corner! Fans rally as the two crawl, hot tags to Jessie and Fire! Fire rallies with big forearms and elbows! Fire wrenches, snapmares and SUPERKICKS! Cover, TWO!! Fans are thunderous as Fire fires herself up. But Jessie throat chops! Jessie runs in but Fire puts her on the apron! Jessie slips on the apron and hurts her foot! Not having boots is working against her. Amber has Fire caught and tags in. Amber hits a clothesline then rolls Fire out. Amber kicks but Fire blocks to trip Amber up! The shoe comes off, and so Fire throws it at Jessie! Fire has a standing heel hook! Amber taps, Fire & Adrenaline win!!

Winners: Fire & Adrenaline, Fire by submission; advance to the finals

The underdogs put away the veterans, and are the fan favorites! They’re going to the final round! They are #OnFire! They said they’re going all the way, and they’re proving it here tonight! Fans are definitely ready, but will the gold go home with the youngest team in WOW?


Jessie and Amber regroup backstage.

Jessie’s ankle still hurts but she’s more upset about not having her boots. And she realizes it was dem Dixie Darlings that done it! “Gotcha~!” Jolynn and Jolene taunt them with the boots. Give those back! You cost them their spot in the tournament! The twins oblige, but Jessie did say she’d do what her daddy always told her. Time to break the brakes off these b*tches! Southern Pride deck the Dixie Darlings! Will Jolynn and Jolene think twice before pulling such a prank?


WOW World Championship: Tessa Blanchard VS Faith the Lioness w/ Lana Star!

The multi-faceted talent was impressive from day one, but she sold out when she replaced Amber O’Neal as the Fabulous One’s protege. But talents aside, the only reason she’s getting this shot at La Diamante is because of Lana doing business behind closed doors with Sophia Lopez and Tessa herself. The biggest and the baddest are still hunting down the Born Legend, but will Tessa get caught by her own schemes?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this main event begins!

Tessa and Lioness circle and tie up, and they go around the ring. Tessa breaks free, and seems mildly impressed. They tie up again and Tessa headlocks. Tessa throws Lioness down with a takeover but Lioness headscissors back! Tessa pops free and starts getting annoyed. They tie up again and Lioness shifts quickly between wristlock, hammerlock and headlock takeover! Tessa fights to her own headscissor, but Lioness pops out in return! Now Tessa is getting mad. The Lioness goes Matrix to dodge! They tie up again and Lioness headlocks. Lioness holds on tight as Tessa tries to power out. Tessa throws body shots and powers out this time, but Lioness dodges and whips to then follow and lariat! Tessa is up and angry, but Lioness turns her around to CHOP! Lioness knuckle locks and springboards to arm-drag!

Tessa bails out, floundering about after being thrown around. But Lioness runs in, only to get an uppercut! Tessa grits her teeth as she gets back in and drags Lioness up. Tessa DECKS Lioness with a forearm, then drags her up for another! Tessa whips Lioness hard into ropes, then dropkicks her back! Tessa goes to the apron to SUPERKICK Lioness back in! The ref reprimands Tessa but she drags Lioness up. Lioness fights back and runs, but into another lariat! Tessa wraps on a chinlock and wrangles Lioness down. She grinds Lioness into the mat and fans rally up. Lioness fights up and fights out, runs and ducks Tessa to ROUNDHOUSE her down! Tessa is dazed but Lioness can’t capitalize. A standing count begins as the two women slowly rise. Lioness is up first and stalks Tessa to a corner. Lioness brings Tessa up, whips, and rallies with clotheslines!

Lioness whips corner to corner for a big back attack! She rolls to hit a leaping elbow in the corner! She sweeps the legs and runs corner to corner, basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Fans still rally for Lioness as she drags Tessa up. Lioness scoops but Tessa slips out! Lioness fights off the half nelson, Tessa blocks the boot, ENZIGURI! And DIVE! The Lioness roars and fans are fired up! Lioness drags Tessa up and into the ring. Cover, TWO! Tessa is tougher than that and Lioness grows frustrated. Tessa ROCKS her back with a forearm! Tessa whips corner to corner, but runs into a boot! Lioness hops up, Tessa kicks out her legs! Tessa runs in, DRAPING CODE BREAKER!! Cover, TWO!?! Lioness lives and Tessa is furious! Tessa scowls at Lana Star, but Lana tries to play innocent.

Tessa climbs up, leaps, but has to roll through! HEEL KICK! Lioness falls on the cover, TWO! Lioness drags Tessa up again, fireman’s carry, but Tessa fights out! Hammerlock, DIAMOND DDT!! Cover, Tessa wins!!

Winner: Tessa Blanchard, by pinfall; still WOW World Champion

And with just enough TV time to spare to pick up her belt! The Born Legend manages to survive her third “contender” in a row, but now Jungle Grrrl returns! JG SPEARS Tessa!! And she claws at Tessa! The refs pull JG off and Tessa wants to fight! Fans are ready for this to go down but WOW has to go! Will things finally be settled in next week’s episode?



My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode right here. We get some pretty good though also somewhat filler matches to start the show. Khloe Hurtz (Katie Forbes) is back but clearly to put Sassy Massy over. Chella has a really great match with Temptress, but there wasn’t really much more to this than having the party girls get some singles momentum to stay afloat overall. I wonder if this is to keep them in the back pocket as contenders to the first Heel tag team champions. Fire & Adrenaline VS Jessie & Amber was a pretty good tag team match for the tournament, and it would seem with the rivalry of Southern Pride VS Dixie Darlings is a feud that will be on the side of the tag titles. I’m thinking Fire & Adrenaline are taking on the Monsters of Madness in the true finals, after Havok and Hazard get through the oddly Face Siren and Holidead. I imagine a great showing from Fire & Adrenaline, but in the end, they lose because Havok and Hazard are just too powerful.

We got another main event in 10 minutes or less, and they really wanted us to think they might bleed this over to next week’s episode, but obviously that wasn’t going to happen. However, they did cram a lot into this match, to keep with the trend of Tessa’s other defenses. Serpentine, Reyna Reyes and now Faith the Lioness have all given Tessa quite the match, with Lioness being the best of those three. WOW really does want to establish Lioness, she even had a good showing against The Beast. But of course, Tessa wins, so that she will inevitably have to face Jungle Grrrl and/or The Beast. I also enjoyed The Beast confronting Lana Star in the parking lot, I expect Lana having to pay for the dealings between her, Tessa and Sophia Lopez by way of a slam. And hopefully, we get another Triple Threat of Tessa, Beast and Jungle Grrrl that gets the time to truly, truly feel like a main event. Honestly, I feel like the season finale should just be the tag titles and the world title, each match getting 20+ minutes.

My Score: 8.5/10

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