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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (11/15/19)

A dynamic duo is formed!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

Cruiserweights combine forces to face off in the main event!

There’s respect between Raul Mendoza and Lio Rush after their matches against each other. And so, they’re willing to team up against Nese and Daivari!



  • Angel Garza VS Jack Gallagher; Garza wins.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship: Samir Singh w/ Sunil VS Tim Gange; changed to…
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Handicap: The Singh Brothers VS Tim Gange; The Singh Brothers wins and Samir retains the WWE 24/7 Championship.
  • Lio Rush & Raul Mendoza VS Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari; Rush & Mendoza win.


Controversy over the Cruiserweight Championship!

Angel Garza took Lio Rush to his limit in an instant classic, but a ropebreak was missed! The Living Piece of Gold holds onto his gold, but Garza vented his grievances out to The Mrs. of the Hour! She told him to take his complaining and walk, but Garza blew her a kiss anyway. Will there be more to this budding rivalry than a one-off at Full Sail?


A new commentator gets called up from NXT!

With Tom Phillips getting busier with NXT UK, Aiden English is joined by one Jon Quasto! Can Quasto keep up with the Cruiserweight action?


Angel Garza VS Jack Gallagher!

Garza may not have gold, but there’s always a second chance. Can he start the climb back up against The Extraordinary Gentleman?

The bell rings and Garza grins at Gallagher before circling with him. Garza offers a handshake, as Gallagher is a gentleman. Gallagher does go to take it, but Garza leaves him hanging. It seems there’s only one gentleman after all. Gallagher chases Garza then drops down, but Garza stands over him to body scissor roll up! TWO, and Gallagher has the legs hooked. Gallagher stomps the knees! Then he has a standing toehold, but Garza trips him to get his own, and he splashes on the leg! Garza drags Gallagher around, wanting a Half Crab, but Gallagher turns out to trip Garza up. Gallagher has the toehold again but Garza turns over to go after Gallagher’s leg. Garza has the toehold again and Gallagher’s shoulders are down, ONE!

Garza turns Gallagher over, locks the legs and grabs the head for a take on the Bow ‘n’ Arrow. Gallagher endures the bend but Garza goes after his eyes. Gallagher pops out to get a headlock, but Garza gets to his feet. Garza powers out but Gallagher goes up and under to waistlock. They run to ropes and Garza bucks Gallagher off, only for Gallagher to hurdle. Garza hurdles, Gallagher tilt-o-whirls around and around, but Garza makes it a facebuster! Cover, TWO! Garza keeps his cool and drags Gallagher up to put in a corner. Garza trips Gallagher’s arms to CHOP him in the chest! Garza drags Gallagher up into a dragon sleeper, inverted suplex and then a rebound before the impact! Gallagher sits up and Garza basement dropkicks him down! Cover, TWO!

Garza keeps his cool as he looms over Gallagher. Garza drags Gallagher up but Gallagher throws hands and even European Uppercuts. Gallagher runs in but Garza counters the monkey flip to put Gallagher on the ropes. Garza sweeps out the legs, then dropkicks Gallagher in the gut! And off come the pants! Garza grins as Gallagher flounders, Garza mule kicks him in the face! Cover, TWO! Garza gets frustrated, whips Gallagher, and pops him up for a kick! Cover, TWO! Garza grabs Gallagher again but cradle counter, TWO! Garza LARIATS Gallagher down! Garza puts Gallagher in a grounded abdominal stretch and pulls way back on Gallagher’s leg. Gallagher endures, fans rally up and Gallagher fights his way up, only for Garza to throw him down. Garza is right back on the stretch but fans still rally.

Gallagher fights again, and throws hands. Gallagher counter punches Garza and fires off, to whip. Garza reverses, Gallagher dodges to ROCK Garza with a right! Gallagher scoops and slams Garza fast, then brings Garza back up in underhooks, butterfly suplex! Cover, TWO! Gallagher grows frustrated himself now, clubs Garza on the back at the ropes, and fires up int a windmill of fists! Garza puts Gallagher on the apron and elbows back, then runs to slide. Gallagher goes over but Garza YANKS him back down! Garza builds speed but Gallagher ducks. Garza CHOPS Gallagher on the back! Garza puts Gallagher in the ring, powerbomb lifts, but Gallagher slips out to Gentleman’s HEADBUTT! Garza is groggy but so is Gallagher. Gallagher glares as he runs corner to corner, but the Gentleman’s Dropkick misses! Garza rolls Gallagher, with tights! Garza wins!!

Winner: Angel Garza, by pinfall

It seems that since Garza feels cheated, he decides to cheat back. Controversy continues, but will Garza continue towards another championship match?

Gallagher hears Aiden English talking bad about his loss, and gets upset. He tells English to watch what he says, but English says he’s just calling it like he sees it. Philly wants to see a fight but Gallagher keeps his cool. Will cooler heads prevail as 205 Live pushes ahead?


WWE 24/7 Championship: Samir Singh w/ Sunil VS Tim Gange!

The Bollywood Boys have both held this championship, and back each other up when it comes to keeping it. And they’ve even “customized” the title by sticking Bollywood stickers all over it, unofficially making this the Bollywood 24/7 Championship. However, putting the title on the line in a traditional match going to cost them?

Samir and Sunil take up mics and say, “Everybody’s talking about it!” No, fans are booing. But what Samir means is that, as of midnight tonight, aka tomorrow, he will be the longest reigning 24/7 Champion in history! Philly, to celebrate the milestone, the Singhs will sing a song from their next Bollywood blockbuster! That’s right, the Singhs sing! Samir clears his throat and sings in Punjabi. It is pretty clear the song is about being champion. But Philly doesn’t appreciate Bollywood. And Gange is Philly’s finest? Philly sure thinks so. “Well thank goodness the 24/7 title rules are resting tonight.” Because these two will have a handful with him. Plot twist: the Singhs are a package deal, a dynamic duo. This match is a HANDICAP! The stakes were just raised on Gange, but can he overcome the odds?

WWE 24/7 Championship Handicap: The Singh Brothers VS Tim Gange!

The belt is raised, the bell rings, and it’s #LightsCameraAndBollywoodAction! Gange circles with the Singhs but he gets surrounded and mugged! The Bollywood Boys stomp Gange down then back off to hip swivel. Samir and Sunil double whip Gange corner to corner, then Sunil whips Samir for Samir to whip Sunil. But Gange dodges! Sunil gets buckles and Gange fires off dropkicks! Fans fire up for Gange as he whips Sunil and elbows him down! Gange fires up with Philly as he goes after Samir to whip again. Samir slips out of the scoop, Sunil anchors Gange and Samir clobbers him! The Bollywood Boys beat Gange down with fists and stomps, then swivel again.

Samir drags Gange up, Sunil is rolling, SUPERKICK LEG SWEEP! Gange is hurting from that one, but Sunil has an idea to finish this. He drags Gange up and around as fans chant “This is AWFUL!” Samir climbs up and Sunil scoops, backbreaker elbow drop! The Bollywood Blast! Cover, the Singhs win!

Winners: The Singh Brothers, Samir pinning; Samir is still WWE 24/7 Champion

The 24/7 rules are back in action, though, so the Bollywood Boys are careful not to have someone sneak up and surprise them. With the brothers watching each other’s backs 24/7, will anyone ever dethrone them?


205 Live shares the backstage interview from after NXT.

Jon Quasto was with Lio Rush and his wife to ask about everything in that title match. Was Garza Lio’s match? If that was true, Garza would’ve won. Garza disrespected Lio, his family, and then he lost. “That’s what happens when you run your mouth against The Man of the Hour.” This is starting to get personal. Lio tells if Garza ever steps to his wife again, Lio promises that Garza’s face will be permanently rearranged. Will Garza get the message? Or will this just encourage Garza to step over the line again?


Lio Rush & Raul Mendoza VS Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari!

Putting Garza aside, the Man of the Hour has gone toe-to-toe with his tag team partner a couple times, which is why he’s willing to team up with him at all. Mendoza may have lost to Lio but he won the champ’s respect. Can they keep that respect going against the Premier Athlete and Privileged Persian Lion? Or will the Abs of 205 Live and Daivari Dinero both show they’re worthy of being up next for the title?

The teams sort out Mendoza starts against Daivari. But then Nese blindsides Lio! Daivari clubs Mendoza and tosses him out and the 205 Live originals soak up the heat. Lio runs in, Nese blocks the superkick to hand it off to Daivari. But Lio swings an enziguri, Daivari ducks and Nese takes the hit! Daivari whips Lio but Mendoza missile dropkicks back in! Mendoza helps Lio build speed with a whip, LOPE takes out Nese! Mendoza slingshots to pescado Daivari! Fans fire up for the Man of the Hour and Mendoza! Mendoza goes out to get Daivari and wrenches him to a shoulder breaker. Mendoza also wristlocks, tag to Lio, and Lio hops up for dumdum stomps to the arm! Lio wrenches Daivari and kicks out a leg to wrench again. Tag to Mendoza, and he climbs up to dumdum stomp the arm, too!

Mendoza drags Daivari up to yank the arm down. Daivari reaches but Mendoza yanks him away to yank the arm again. Tag to Lio, and they double whip Daivari for double elbows. They roll Daivari back, Mendoza basement dropkicks, Lio splashes! Cover, TWO! Lio tells Nese this is on Lio’s time, and he goes back to Daivari for a chinlock. Daivari endures but Lio hooks a leg. Daivari still stands up and slips Lio off his back to back suplex. Lio lands on his feet and waistlocks, but Nese tags in as Lio O’Conner rolls Daivari. Nese throws Lio out hard! The ref keeps Nese back, but that allows Daivari to LARIAT Lio down! Mendoza protests but the Cruiserweight OG get away with it. Nese stands Lio up to CHOP him, then put him in the ring. Cover, ONE, but Nese stays on him.

Nese drags Lio over to tag in Daivari. They mug Lio in the corner but let up at the count of 4. Daivari drags Lio up by his hair and CHOPS him off his feet! Daivari grins and soaks up the heat while Lio flounders to the corner. Lio kicks back but Daivari kicks him down. Daivari whips and elbows Lio down, then covers, TWO! Daivari drags Lio away to tag in Nese. Nese stomps Lio down then drops a leg. Nese flexes on Lio and brushes Mendoza off. Nese drags Lio around but Lio throws hands! Lio reaches for Mendoza but has to punch Nese more. Nese drags Lio away but LIo breaks free. Lio kicks, Nese blocks and flips Lio back! But Lio almost reaches Mendoza! Nese whips Lio right out of the ring, and Daivari runs in again. But Lio turns it around to ROCK Daivari! Lio runs but Nese gives chase, hot tag to Mendoza!

Mendoza roundhouses then crossbodies! Mendoza rallies with clotheslines and dropkicks, then he goes corner to corner, big forearm smash! Twisting suplex! LIONSAULT! Cover, but Daivari breaks it! Daivari drags Mendoza up, whips, but Mendoza reverses and follows. Daivari stops himself, only to get the running enziguri! Nese trips Mendoza and drags him out of the ring hard! Nese goes back in and tags Daivari for Daivari to fetch Mendoza. Daivari rams Mendoza into barriers hard! And then Daivari laughs in the face of the fans! Mendoza writhes but Daivari swaggers about. Daivari stomps Mendoza then puts him back in the ring. Mendoza crawls but Nese tags in. The 205 OG double suplex Mendoza and hold him up for 10 before dropping him! Cover, TWO! Nese drags Mendoza back to the corner to tag Daivari. They double back suplex Mendoza down! Cover, TWO! Mendoza is showing his toughness and Philly rallies, but Daivari drags Mendoza away.

Mendoza shoves Daivari away but Nese tags in to stomp Mendoza and cheap shot Lio! Nese turns around into body shots from Mendoza, but he CHOPS Mendoza back. Nese whips and blasts Mendoza with an elbow! Cover, TWO! Nese looms over Mendoza but fans still rally. Daivari tags in as Nese stands on Mendoza’s hands. Daivari stomps Mendoza’s hands for good measure. Daivari CHOPS Mendoza then bumps him off buckles. Daivari whips corner to corner hard! Daivari taunts Lio but the ref keeps Lio back. Fans boo as Daivari drags Mendoza up and throws haymakers. Daivari whips but Mendoza dodges and builds speed, only to run into a sleeper! But he arm-drags out! Hot tag to Lio! Lio leaps over Daivari to blast Nese! Lio rallies on Daivari with clotheslines, then whips. Daivari reverses but Lio handspring kicks Nese to hit the back elbow on Daivari! Philly fires up as Lio heel-buzzsaws! Cover, TWO!

Lio says it’s time, and he heads up top. Nese runs in but gets hit down. Daivari is up top fast, for a OVERHEAD SUPERPLEX! Daivari tags in Nese and Nese drags Lio up. Lio fires off fast hands! Lio whips, Nese slides under to pump handle, Daivari adds a SUPERKICK to the Michinoku Driver! Cover, but Mendoza breaks it! Daivari goes after Mendoza but Mendoza fires off. Nese runs in to CLOBBER Mendoza! Nese drags Mendoza up, but Mendoza dodges as Daivari SUPERKICKS, Nese again takes the hit! Lio rolls Daivari for Mendoza’s enziguri! Mendoza and Lio double whip Nese but Nese holds onto the bottom rope. Nese fights back and whips Mendoza, but Mendoza slips out to let Nese get buckles. THE COME UP! Tag to Mendoza, and he scoops Nese for the swing-out, swing-over powerslam!! Cover, TWO!? Nese survives and Mendoza can’t believe it! But Mendoza drags Nese into position and goes for Lio. But Daivari trips Lio and rams him into barriers!

Mendoza wrecks Daivari and springboards, into a SHORYUKEN! Nese heads up top, Premier 450! But it FLOPS! Lio takes Daivari out and tags in, to climb up, FINAL HOUR FROG SPLASH! Cover, Lio and Mendoza win!

Winners: Lio Rush & Raul Mendoza, Rush pinning

A successful team-up for Rush and Raul, and they took care of two long-standing Cruiserweight superstars. Even with Garza’s gripes and games, is Mendoza’s momentum moving him into pole position?



My Thoughts:

A really good episode with just a stinker of a second act. I’ll say right now that I actually agree, that was an awful way to use the 24/7 Championship on one of the more exciting hours of WWE’s week. Philly was not having that promo, and that handicap match was sloppy. I feel like the Singhs actually hurt Gange’s leg on that combination attack. And then they ran off without anyone chasing them, but were acting like there was someone chasing them… They should’ve had someone actually show up to chase them! But then surprise surprise, it’s mostly because the WWE Draft sucked 205 Live dry. There aren’t enough Cruiserweights for this title on 205 Live, yet I think because of that title, it should allow non-Cruiserweights to show up randomly. Send Truth to 205 Live, he could even pretend to be someone else, or fake being under 205. Something other than a sloppy squash match that just stunk.

But cutting that out, we got two great matches, even if Philly was bored with the opener. That was a good Garza VS Gallagher, could’ve stood to be longer and thereby better, but it seems time was needed for that sloppy Singh Brothers match. Garza gets a sneaky win so it’s not like Gallagher suffers that badly. I’m curious about Gallagher getting mad at Aiden English. Is English going to return to in-ring action? Or is he getting a proxy? And who would that proxy even be? There are still not that many Cruiserweight Division wrestlers that can be used. And then the tag team match was a lot of fun. It took a minute but it got Philly back into things. I do appreciate commentary (by the way, Quasto did pretty good his first night, but he literally has a voice just like Vic Joseph’s) putting it as the OG versus a new generation. But given the rolls Lio and Mendoza are both on, they had to win. I would love to see Mendoza go against Garza for one of them (definitely Garza) to earn a shot at Lio for TakeOver.

My Score: 8/10

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