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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (11/29/19)

Happy Birthday, 205 Live!

The Purple ‘n’ Orange turns three!

And to celebrate this brand’s birthday, Angel Garza graces us with his presence! Will he be celebrating with another win?



  • Ariya Daivari VS Raul Mendoza; Daivari wins.
  • Danny Burch VS Greg Williams; Burch wins.
  • Angel Garza VS Jack Gallagher; Garza wins.


Lio Rush has had a busy week!

The Man of the Hour took on two former Cruiserweight Champions in Raw’s Akira Tozawa and SmackDown’s Kalisto at Survivor Series. The 205 Live alumni and the Living Piece of Gold were fast and furious, but in the end, the purple title stayed with NXT! And then on NXT this past Wednesday, Lio was willing to take on Tozawa again in singles competition. The Stamina Monster again pushed Lio to his limits, but again the belt stayed where it was. However, there are still new waves of contenders coming. Will Lio be able to survive for much longer?


Ariya Daivari VS Raul Mendoza!

The Persian Lion is one of the few 205 Live originals that hasn’t moved on, in more ways than one. He isn’t ready to let the new wave take over, but can he do anything to stop it?

The bell rings and the two tie up. Daivari headlocks, Mendoza tries but can’t get free. Daivari grinds Mendoza down but Mendoza powers him to a corner. The ref calls for the break, and Daivari honors it for only a second before putting another headlock on. Mendoza powers out this time, but Daivari runs him over with a shoulder! Cover, TWO, but Daivari grabs Mendoza to bring him up. Daivari CHOPS Mendoza to a corner, then he tells the booing fans to shut up. Daivari CHOPS Mendoza in the corner, but Mendoza hits back. Daivari clubs Mendoza, whips him, but Mendoza goes up and over on the ropes to get under and shoulder Daivari down! Mendoza mocks Daivari Dinero as fans fire up. Things speed up, Daivari shoves but Mendoza dumps him out.

Daivari is annoyed as fans cheer Mendoza. Daivari gets in, misses, Mendoza huricanranas him down! Mendoza runs at the corner, but is put on the top rope. Mendoza adjusts, springboards and huricanranas again! Daivari bails out, Mendoza builds speed but fakes Daivari out with the handspring. Then he DIVES! Mendoza fires up as he brings Daivari up and into the ring. Cover, TWO, but Mendoza keeps his focus. Mendoza stalks Daivari to a corner to CHOP! Everyone is stinging after that one, even Mendoza’s hand. Mendoza drags Daivari up to wrench and shoulder breaker. Mendoza whips Daivari corner to corner and runs after, but Daivari puts him on the apron. Mendoza springboards but Daivari shoves him down! Mendoza crashes and burns as Daivari glares at him.

Daivari mocks Mendoza now, and fans boo. The ring count climbs up to 5 before Mendoza stirs. Daivari goes out to bump Mendoza off steel steps! Daivari mocks Birmingham before putting Mendoza in. Cover, TWO! Mendoza lives but Daivari goes to drop an elbow, only to get knees! Crucifix, TWO, and Daivari elbows Mendoza down! Cover, TWO! Daivari keeps on Mendoza with a chinlock and wrangles him down. Fans rally up as Mendoza endures. Daivari grins but Mendoza starts fighting his way up. Mendoza throws body shots and rams Daivari into buckles! And again! And a third time, finally freeing himself. Fans rally as Mendoza runs in, but gets hip tossed into those buckles! Daivari hurries up top, LION SPLASH FLOPS! Daivari writhes and Mendoza recovers but both men are down.

Daivari sits up first, and goes over to Mendoza. Mendoza hits with forearms, and counter punches! Mendoza fires off jab after jab, then a back kick. “VAMANOS!” Mendoza rallies up with clotheslines and a springobard enziguri! Daivari is dazed, Mendoza runs in, corner elbow! Mendoza whips, Daivari reverses but Mendoza slips out to let Daivari eat buckles! Mendoza walks the tight rope to springboard dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Daivari is tough but Mendoza is determined. Mendoza goes to a corner, climbs up top, but has to leap over Daivari. Mendoza comes back, Daivari dodges to then catch Mendoza for an URENAGE! Cover, TWO!! Mendoza survives and shocks Daivari!

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Birmingham rallies up while Daivari grimaces. Daivari drags Mendoza up, back suplexes, but Mendoza lands on his feet! Mendoza waistlocks but Daivari elbows out. Daivari runs, Mendoza follows, running enziguri! Then he reels Daivari in, CYCLONE URENAGE! Cover, TWO!! Mendoza has Daivari up but Daivari fights out of the fisherman. Daivari blocks a boot to SUPERKICK! Then, hammerlock, but Mendoza ducks the lariat to enziguri again! And BUZZSAW! Fisherman, but Daivari escapes again, LION’S LARIAT!! Cover, Daivari wins!

Winner: Ariya Daivari, by pinfall

The 205 OG is still strong! He denies one newcomer their moment, but will he be undeniable in this third year of purple and orange?


Jack Gallagher speaks.

“It’s no secret that Lady Luck hasn’t exactly been on my side as of late in the Cruiserweight Division.” The Gentleman isn’t making excuses. He’s giving everyone a reminder as to why he is the most technically proficient wrestler in the division. And Gallagher needs it, “or else I don’t know what I’m going to do.” What will a desperate gentleman do for the sake of success?


Angel Garza also speaks.

“Jack Gallagher says that he needs to win tonight. Who cares what he needs?” This is about what Garza wants, and he wants to win. Garza gets what he wants, and vows to clip Gallagher’s wings. Garza also wants Lio Rush to stop avoiding him and the title rematch he’s owed. El Latino is en la casa, but will he be in the winner’s circle tonight?


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Cruiserweights share favorite memories from the three years of 205 Live.

Oddly enough, both Daivari and Gallagher still love their Gentlemen’s Duel from December 26th, 2019. The Singh Brothers give thanks to all those involved in making this show possible, both in and out of the ring. They are forever honored to have had a part in the purple ‘n’ orange. Tony Nese takes a lot of credit for “carrying this brand on my shoulders” for these last three years. Three years and it still feels like it’s only getting started. Will 205 Live be able to keep it up as 2019 transitions into 2020?


Danny Burch VS Greg Williams!

The Govena makes his return to 205 Live! His first singles match in the Cruiserweight Division is on this historic night, will he start off strong?

The bell rings and Williams circles with Burch. They tie up, Burch powers Williams to a corner but lets up as the ref counts. Williams comes out and shoves Burch, so Burch DECKS Williams! Burch headlocks and throws Williams down to grind him into the mat. Williams endures even as Burch traps an arm and pulls him back. Burch shifts, they both stand, and Williams powers out. Burch runs Williams over with a shoulder and dares the “tough guy” to get up. Things speed up, Williams leaps but Burch catches a leg to YANK him down! Burch throws big European Uppercuts from both sides and floors Williams. Williams flounders in a daze but Burch brings him up for more EuroUppers. Williams wobbles, Burch reels him in, snap suplex!

Fans rally behind Burch as he drops knees on Williams. Burch wants Williams to fight, and Williams slowly sits up. Burch scoops and slams Williams hard! Burch is just a bit disappointed in Williams so he brings him up again. Williams hits a jawbreaker! And a knee! The leaping knee gets Burch in the nose! Williams fires off in the corner! The ref backs Williams off, and Burch grabs Williams for a HEADBUTT! Williams is dazed, Burch runs in for a corner clothesline! Enziguri! GERMAN SUPLEX! Burch LARIATS Williams down and fires up! Burch drags Williams up, puts him o the ropes, HANGMAN’S DDT! Cover, Burch wins!

Winner: Danny Burch, by pinfall

The Govena wins in gritty fashion, and is ready to get going in the Cruiserweight Division! Will Burch fight his way up towards the top?


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205 Live shares an interview from after NXT.

Lio Rush retained his Cruiserweight Championship again because he is a fighting champion. The Living Piece of Gold was feeling good, and Tozawa came over to shake his hand out of respect. Tozawa and Lio hugged it out, but then Garza came over to stir things up. As Garza said tonight, he feels Lio is avoiding him. Lio wants to go with Garza, but Garza has to prove himself worthy first. Will Garza do that here tonight?


Angel Garza VS Jack Gallagher!

We just saw what El Latino wants, and he says he always gets what he wants. But the once Extraordinary Gentleman needs to win in order to feel he still belongs. You can’t always get what you want, but will one of these superstars get what they need?

The bell rings and Garza wants to take off the pants. Gallagher stops him by grabbing that arm! Gallagher wrenches and then reels Garza in for a headlock takeover! Garza flails and kicks and he goes around and around with Gallagher on the mat. Garza reaches with a leg for a ropebreak. Gallagher lets go and Garza gets out to catch his breath. Birmingham trolls Garza but he shouts at them to shut up. Garza gets back in and ties up with Gallagher. Gallagher gets another headlock takeover, and they go around and around again! Garza reaches for another ropebreak, and Gallagher lets go again. Garza gets out again and wants a breather. Garza leaves a fan hanging in that high-five, but Gallagher runs over. Garza puts Gallagher on the apron but Gallagher headlocks him over the ropes. They go to a corner, and Gallagher walks up the corner to get a tornado takeover! And they go around and around again!

Fans rally for Gallagher as he grinds Garza. Garza gets another ropebreak, so Gallagher lets go. Garza stays in this time, but Gallagher sees the sucker punch coming! Garza quickly asks for Gallagher to shake his hand. Fans say “No! No!” but Gallagher’s too much of a gentleman, and falls for the trap! Garza SLAPS Gallagher away! Garza mocks Gallagher and brings him up to whip him corner to corner. Gallagher goes up with a headstand! Fans cheer as Gallagher keeps Garza away with his feet. Garza grabs a foot but gets the other as a boot! Gallagher hops up and over Garza, kneels and back drops Garza! Gallagher runs, tilt-o-whirls to a crucifix, TWO! Garza gets to a corner but Gallagher runs in. Garza blocks the monkey flip, trips Gallagher up and dropkicks the legs out! Off come the pants! Fans fire up while Garza kicks Gallagher down!

Garza tells fans to sit down and shut up, and then he CHOPS Gallagher in a corner. Garza hoists Gallagher up top and tells the ref to shut up. Garza climbs up to club away on Gallagher’s back! Fans boo but Garza soaks up the heat. Garza puts Gallagher in the Tree of Woe, for a corner to corner PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO! Gallagher toughs it out but Garza keeps his cool. Gallagher hits back with body shots but Garza shoves, to pop-up KICK! Cover, TWO! Garza grins, he knows he’s getting closer. Garza drags Gallagher up by his hair, turns him around for a dragon sleeper, and suplexes. Garza holds Gallagher up for five, rebounds off ropes for the slam! Basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Garza is upset now but he looms over Gallagher. Garza drags Gallagher into a camel clutch and demands Gallagher give up. Gallagher refuses, and fans rally up. Gallagher fights up, but Garza throws him down by his hair!

Garza puts Gallagher in a low cobra twist, using a chinbar to thrash Gallagher’s head around. Gallagher pries free and fights back! Garza knees low, then again. Garza drags Gallagher up but Gallagher dodges the kick to kick from the mat! Gallagher gets around Garza to ram him in the back! And again! Gallagher whips Garza corner to corner and hip tosses Garza down! Gallagher runs to forearm! Garza wobbles, Gallagher speeds up, big crossbody! Cover, TWO! Gallagher snarls as he bumps Garza off buckles. Gallagher puts Garza up top, and CHOPS him. Garza CHOPS back! It’s a CHOP fight up top! Gallagher hops down but comes back up to CHOP again! Garza hits low, adjusts, sunset flip but Gallagher holds on. Gallagher punches away, and even headbutts! Gallagher shoves Garza, leaps but into a dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Gallagher lives and Garza can’t believe it!

Garza drags Gallagher up, wedges him in the corner and tells the ref to shut up. Garza backs up and RAMS a knee in! Cover, TWO!! Garza is growing further frustrated but he says he’s going to end it. Garza drags Gallagher up, underhooks, but Gallagher slips out to shove and HEADBUTT! Garza SUPERKICKS on the rebound! Both men are down and Birmingham slowly builds to a rally. The standing count reaches 6 but the two men start brawling from the mat. Big forearm for big forearm, and then CHOP for CHOP. Garza stands to kick, Gallagher kicks back! Gallagher starts up the windmill fists! Birmingham fires up with the Gentleman as he whips Garza corner to corner. Gallagher runs in but misses his dropkick and gets slammed down! Garza climbs the ropes, but Gallagher trips him up!

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Garza is stuck in the ropes, Gallagher clubs him on the back. Gallagher goes to a corner, and missile dropkicks Garza down! Garza wobbles, Gallagher runs in, GENTLEMAN’S DROPKICK!! Garza is stunned, Gallagher covers, ROPEBREAK!! Gallagher was so close, but he was also too close to the ropes! Gallagher drags Garza away, covers again, TWO! Garza survives but Gallagher fires off hands and knees. Gallagher tilt-o-whirls to a guillotine! Garza endures, pops Gallagher up, but the body scissors return! Gallagher drags Garza down to a knee and fans rally up! Garza finds a second wind, and rams Gallagher into buckles! Gallagher fires EuroUppers, then hops up, to leap into Garza’s arms! Garza has the underhooks, WING CLIPPER! Cover, Garza wins!

Winner: Angel Garza, by pinfall

The handsome devil of an angel gets the better of a desperate man. Garza won, just like he wanted, but will he get the title match he wants? As for Gallagher, what is he supposed to do to win? Gallagher hears Aiden English talking bad on him again, and he slaps English’s headset off! Gallagher kicks the desk hood off, and kicks at the screens. The referee reprimands Gallagher but Gallagher can’t go after an official. At least, not directly. Gallagher splashes water on the ref, starts throwing steel chairs in the ref’s general direction, and this brings security out. They get thrown and DECKED by Gallagher! Gallagher grounds ‘n’ pounds one of the security guards!

More referees and even GM Drake Maverick come out! Security keeps him contained but Gallagher is still seething. Maverick threatens suspension, and Gallagher HEADBUTTS him!! The Gentleman has snapped! What will he do now that he’s gone from desperate to enraged?



My Thoughts:

What a good episode for the third anniversary! I’m surprised they didn’t do more to commemorate it, but technically speaking, this was all stuff they meant to do last week but couldn’t because the Survivor Series build ended up too awesome to contain on just SmackDown. It got a big dicey this last year, and I didn’t see anything saying there’d be an episode tonight for most of the day. But it’s good to see WWE hasn’t pulled the plug on 205 Live just yet. They haven’t exactly gone all in on it, but thankfully Triple H took enough interest to essentially take control. Fans, however, are still pretty tired by the time 205 Live starts because of SmackDown still being before it. But the show was still good and fans got into it again by the end.

Daivari VS Mendoza was a really good opener, and it works for story to have Daivari win. He is one of the last original members, and I expect him to have a great main event blow-off against a new name like Swerve Scott as we get closer to the end of the year. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nese had a similar story, as he’s also one of the last originals still here. Burch did well in his squash match debut, there isn’t really much more he could’ve done. The 205 Live roster itself is pretty bare, perhaps one way to keep it alive would be to permanently move it to Full Sail so that there is a central location to give us more Cruiserweight crossover. If anything, that is what this show should become, since a good portion of 205 Live alumni have been moved to the other brands.

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Then the main event was great, a constant of 205 Live. Gallagher and Garza both have good stories going for them, but it makes sense for Garza to win. Lio VS Garza Round 2 is coming, and I feel like it needs to be on NXT. That will get it the eyes it deserves, as well as the booking it deserves. Putting it on TLC puts it in Vince’s jurisdiction and that usually means Kickoff Show for not even 10 minutes. 205 Live still struggles to get views, but this match would give reason to watch it, too, so who knows. But as I’ve said, the title is now the NXT Cruiserweight Championship, it would make the most sense to put it on NXT TV. Maybe one day, it even gets on a TakeOver for a truly amazing match. Gallagher snapping like that was pretty great, too. At this point, I don’t know if it’s still going towards getting English back in the ring, but it has to be going towards something amazing and possibly No Disqualifications.

My Score: 8.2/10


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