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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (11/13/19)

So much is on the line on the way to WarGames!



NEW NXT Coverage

Stakes are raised amidst the takeover!

While Io Shirai and Mia Yim climb to new heights of intensity for the advantage at WarGames, Lio Rush defends his championship against Angel Garza! Who come out rolling down the road to Survivor Series Weekend?



  • NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Lio Rush VS Angel Garza; Rush wins and retains the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.
  • Xia Li VS Aliyah w/ Vanessa Borne; Li wins.
  • Roderick Strong VS Keith Lee; Lee wins.
  • Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Bronson Reed; Swerve wins.
  • Killian Dain VS Pete Dunne; No Contest.
  • Ladder Match: Io Shirai VS Mia Yim; Shirai wins the advantage for their team in WarGames.


The takeover goes both ways.

The Undisputed Era talked big on the other brands, but then The OC gave them a taste of their own medicine! AJ Styles and the Good Brothers came to Full Sail, but found it was “Daddy’s Home.” Tommaso Ciampa, Matt Riddle and Keith Lee defended their territory. The Women’s WarGames match heated up, the Bruiserweight got beat down, and the Prince drew battle lines. What is going to happen next?!


NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Lio Rush VS Angel Garza!

This is what’s next! And what’s first on the docket for tonight. The Man of the Hour tried being respectful to his number one contender, but instead of a handshake, he got a slap across the face! Will Garza climb to the mountain top of the Cruiserweight Division tonight? Or will the Living Piece of Gold keep his piece of gold around his waist?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and fans are already dueling as this match takes off!

Lio and Garza stare down but Garza offers a handshake. Lio sees the slap coming, through! Lio whips, Garza reverses but Lio redirects, slides under and waistlocks. Garza bucks Lio off but Lio handsprings under, only to be stopped by another offer of the handshake. Lio kicks but is blocked, Garza flips Lio away then bails out of the ring. Garza goes out to the crowd where Lio’s family sits, to strip his pants off in front him them! That’s daring! But Lio DIVES to take Garza down! Lio puts Garza in the ring, things speed up, Lio tilt-o-whirls to tornado DDT! Cover, TWO! Garza survives the speed but Lio won’t let up. Lio snarls as he gives kicks to the chest. Garza ducks to shove but Lio rebounds! Garza gets clear of the Come Up then runs, but Lio sends him tumbling out of the ring! Lio dares Garza to come back, to then wreck him with a dropkick. Lio builds speed again, for a LOWPE into a powerslam! Garza gets the better of Lio as NXT goes picture in picture.

Garza drags Lio up and throws him into steel steps! Garza then drags Lio into the ring, covers, TWO! Garza keeps his cool as he turns Lio around to get in a dragon sleeper. Garza suplexes, rebounds Lio off ropes to then drop the inverted suplex! Lio flounders up into a SUPERKICK in the corner! Garza drags Lio to a cover, TWO! Garza drags Lio up to haymaker him into a corner. He puts Lio on the second level, to ram in a knee! Lio flops to the mat and Garza covers again, TWO! Lio gets to ropes but Garza dares him to get up. Garza clubs Lio on the back but Lio hits back with haymakers. Garza shoves, and pops Lio up for a knee to the ribs! Cover, TWO! Garza drags Lio up to a fireman’s carry, but Lio pops up for a SPIKE-RANA! Cover, TWO!! Lio gets to a corner but comes back, only for Garza to shove and DECK him!

Garza wraps Lio up in a seated abdominal stretch, and throws toying jabs into Lio’s head. Garza slaps Lio around and gets him down for a modified Bow ‘n’ Arrow. Lio endures, resists and fights his way up. Lio and Garza throw hands, but Lio flounders on wobbly legs. Garza clubs Lio down as NXT returns to single picture. Garza brings Lio up, but gets a strike fest of palm strikes and forearms! Lio throws more forearms, but Garza comes back. Lio dodges, handsprings, back elbow! Cover, TWO! Lio grows frustrated but he and Garza slowly rise. Fans rally up as Lio drags Garza up. Garza CHOPS Lio, but that only angers him! Lio boots, Garza blocks to KNEE back. Garza goes for the underhooks but Lio slips out. His boot is caught again but the SLAP makes contact! Lio BOOTS Garza onto ropes, then runs, springboard, the DROPKICK takes down the Come Up! Cover, TWO!! Lio lives and Garza is livid!

Garza drags Lio to a drop zone, goes onto the ropes, LIONSAULT FLOPS! Lio spins Garza around and around, Hands of Time! Cover, TWO!! Garza survives the spinning Unprettier and fans are fired up for “NXT! NXT!” Lio gets some space and heads up top. Fans duel again as Lio reaches the top rope, only for Garza to trip him up! Garza climbs up to join Lio, and stands on the very top, scoop to POWERSLAM MOONSAULT!! Cover, TWO!?! Lio survives and Garza can NOT believe it! The fans themselves lose their minds, then declare “This is Awesome!” Garza drags Lio to a drop zone and climbs up again, but Lio anchors his feet. Garza kicks him off to stomp and punch away! Garza gets a running start, into a SPANISH FLY! Both men are down after Rush Hour, but Lio is up first. Lio wants Garza to get up, for the HEEL BUZZSAW!

Lio wants more, and dares Garza to get up again! Garza rises, Lio runs, COME UP! But he holds on!? Lio wants to hurt Garza now! He SLAPS, runs, COME UP- NO! Garza blocks, turns Lio around, underhooks to WING CLIPPER!! Cover, TWO!?! Lio still lives!! This is why fans love “NXT! NXT!” Garza drags Lio back up and into underhooks. Garza tries again, but he also ups the elevation! He goes up to the bottom rope, then the second! But Lio pops out to headbutt Garza! And again! Garza headbutts back! They both headbutt over and over! Lio flops and body scissor tosses Garza! Lio hurries back up those ropes but Garza is slowly standing. Lio leaps, HUGE Final Hour Splash! Cover, TWO!!! Fans still duel as Lio goes back to the corner. Garza hurries as fast as he can in that daze, but he gets a splash while standing! Cover, but Garza’s foot is on the rope! Lio wins!?

Winner: Lio Rush, by pinfall; still NXT Cruiserweight Champion

Controversy for the Cruiserweights! Lio wins because the referee missed the ropebreak! Lio leaves with the gold for now, but will this be grounds for a rematch?


There’s been an attack backstage!

Rhea Ripley and Tegan Nox have been attacked, but there’s no culprits in sight. Is this the work of Shayna Baszler and her own WarGames team? Or a stealthy retaliation from Raw or SmackDown?


The Queen of Spades wreaks havoc on all brands!

She’s already bullied and beaten woman after woman on NXT, but she’s made herself known to both The Man, Becky Lynch, and Bad Bad Bayley. Will she receive any retribution before Survivor Series?


Xia Li VS Aliyah w/ Vanessa Borne!

Things are about to get spicy in Full Sail! But can she beat one half of #BorneBougie as an audition to Team Baszler?

The bell rings and Aliyah circles with Xia. Vanessa swipes but Xia sees Aliyah coming. She waistlocks but Aliyah uses a pull of the hair in the standing switch and she throws Xia down by said hair. Aliyah doesn’t care that the ref reprimands her, she and Xia speed up. Xia rolls Aliyah, ONE, to a dead lift! Aliyah pops out but gets a strike fest! Fans cheer for the kung-fu strikes but Vanessa tries to drag Aliyah out. Xia drags Aliyah back in, and Vanessa with her! Xia stomps Vanessa’s hands to get her to back off! But Aliyah takes a cheap shot. That only angers Xia! The spicy side comes out with spin kicks! But Aliyah backs off all the way to ropes. Xia storms over, into a hotshot! Aliyah hits a Northern Lights, bridging cover, TWO!

Aliyah kicks XIa while she’s down, then runs to hit a knee strike! She drags Xia up again but Xia hits back! Xia boots Aliyah to a corner, then boots her back down! Xia whips Aliyah to a corner, handsprings in, big forearm smash! Then she pushes Aliyah aside, to springboard up to drop ax handles down! Xia keeps going, fireman’s carry, but Aliyah rakes eyes! Aliyah ducks one kick but not the second! Xia covers, Xia wins!

Winner: Xia Li, by pinfall

She was just too spicy for Aliyah. In fact, she may have done some serious damage to Aliyah’s face. Xia shows no concern for the bougie bullies, and celebrates her win. Will she be moving up the ranks right into WarGames? Or will she be waiting just outside the gates?


Finn Balor is here!

The Prince is back and he made sure to make it clear this is rrreeeal. And despite how Finn hurt Johnny Gargano really bad, fans still follow his every move. Finn takes up the mic and wonders, “This is it? This is NXT now? What happened to this place?” What happened to the business? The business Finn loves! NXT was great but now it’s a joke! The Heart of NXT, Johnny Wrestling? He’s all sore from something that happened three weeks ago! Finn built this place, and then he leaves and “a bunch of little boys moved in.” All these babies want sympathy for getting hurt? Don’t get Finn started on Matt Riddle. Finn dropped him last week and he hasn’t been seen since. So Finn begs someone to get in the ring with him.

But it IS Matt Riddle who gets in the ring! Riddle and Finn brawl, and fans chant “BRO! BRO!” Finn boots Riddle back and the brawl continues, but Riddle kicks Finn out of the ring. Finn hits back but Riddle sends him into railing and kicks him over! Finn flounders away and Riddle tells him, “Keep running, bro!” The “putz” can’t run forever. But then the Undisputed Era appears! They’re all just as riled up over things that have happened between them and Riddle. Cole tells Riddle, “Wrong place, wrong time.” They want to use Riddle as a punching bag over the OC, but here comes Ciampa and Keith Lee! The WarGames team assembles but Cole shouts, “How stupid can you guys be?!” Were they not watching SmackDown and Raw?! The Undisputed Era is the most dominant force in the WWE! Lee says “We don’t give a DAMN!” But please, get in this ring to have it out.

No? They don’t want to get in? Then shut up and let Lee give them some appreciation. Yes, Adam Cole beat Daniel Bryan. And yes, he stood up to Seth Rollins. But here’s the thing! Right here, right now, is he going to stand up to Lee? Roderick Strong shouts for Lee to shut his mouth! This is Adam Cole, BAYBAY! The most successful champion these last two weeks who deserves a night off! So instead, “you big dummy,” if Lee wants a fight, it’ll be against Strong! Lee isn’t that picky, and he draws the line. Fish says Roddy will cross that line happily! Referees hurry out to keep things from breaking down, but it sounds like the challenge has been accepted. And as soon as the rest of their teams are away from the ring, Lee YANKS Strong into the ring! This battle of the strong and the limitless begins after the break!


Roderick Strong VS Keith Lee!

NXT returns with this match already underway. Strong clubs Lee around, then kicks his legs. Strong throws forearms and kicks, but runs into a pop-up flapjack! Lee looms over Strong as fans chant. Lee stands on Strong’s chest for a cover, TWO! Strong gets to ropes but Lee still stands on him! The ref counts and Lee backs off, to drag Strong up into a corner. Lee throws big body shots, then stalks him around the way. Strong stops, only to get more body shots. Strong throws forearm and elbows back, and even CHOPS, but Lee DECKS him with that left! Strong flounders about, but Lee brings him up again, to CHOP him off his feet! Strong gets to a corner to boot back! Lee stays up so Strong hops up, and leaps, into Lee’s arms! Lee adjusts but Strong fights with elbows, only for Lee to power up. Strong keeps fighting, but Lee still slams him down! Cover, ONE!

Lee grinds Strong down and tortures an arm. Lee smothers Strong while stretching the arm back. Fans duel but Strong reaches up to kick free. Lee just grimaces but Strong CHOPS. Strong forearms and kicks away on a leg. Strong gets Lee on his knees to throw haymakers and then just barrel into him with a shoulder. Lee stays up so Strong tries again. Lee still stays up, and manages to bounce Strong off himself! Strong keeps trying, but Lee gets up. Lee looks mad! But then he grins, as he grabs Strong to whip him at a corner. Strong goes up but can’t get over, so he slips out to CHOP away! Strong runs, into the GRIZZLY MAGNUM CHOPS! Lee watches Strong crawl to the corner and under the ropes. Lee starts to climb up, and brings Strong up to join him. But Strong fights back with body shots, and then trips Lee up! BIG knee knocks Lee to the mat! Strong rests on the outside while we go to break.

NXT returns as Strong throws forearms into Lee’s back. Strong chops but Lee ROCKS him with that left. Strong comes back with more but Lee clubs him again. Lee swings, Strong dodges and dropkicks Lee out of the ring! Strong hurries to the apron, to leap! But Lee catches him again! Strong fights out with furious forearms, but Lee rocks him with another left! Lee rams Strong into the apron, then trophy lifts him to toss him into the ring. But Strong lands on his feet to wreck Lee with a dropkick! And then another! Lee bounces off the railing but Strong needs to catch his breath again. Strong drags Lee up as the ring count climbs to 5. Lee pushes Strong into railing and gets in the ring. Strong hurries into the ring at 8, and clubs away on Lee’s back! Lee tries to rise but Strong just clubs him down more. Lee shoves, Strong hits a Sick Kick! Cover, TWO!

Strong has Lee in a camel clutch, pulling back on Lee. Fans rally up as Lee endures, and Lee powers up and to his feet. Strong is a backpack and he fish hooks the face! Strong chop blocks a leg, then slaps Lee around. Strong forearms and clubs Lee, but Lee clamps onto his wrist. Lee just powers up from the forearms, then roars to DECK Strong over and over! Lee whips Strong to a corner, corner splash to a BIEL! Strong flounders up for a big forearm smash! And a standing belly2belly suplex! He didn’t need to do anything more than throw Strong! Lee covers, TWO! Lee drags Strong up in a fireman’s carry but Strong uses both elbows and knees to fight free! Strong leaps but Lee swats the knee strike away! Then elbows Strong in the back to bring him into a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Lee keeps his cool, and formulates an idea as fans build to a rally.

Lee drags Strong to a corner and sits on top. Lee drags Strong up to join him but Strong fights back. Lee shoves Strong but Strong returns with haymakers. Strong climbs up to join Lee now, but Lee shoves him away again. Enziguri rocks Lee! Strong climbs again, and uses the leverage, but Lee powers him away again. Strong hits another knee! Then climbs up once again, to bring Lee up for a SUPERPLEX!! Fans chant “Mamma Mia!” for Mauro as Strong covers, TWO!! Lee lives but Strong goes after the legs. Strong tries to turn Lee over but Lee pushes him away. Strong clubs Lee down fast to bring him up for forearms. Lee forearms back and they brawl back and forth. Strong elbows, Lee GRIZZLY MAGNUMS! Lee runs into a boot and an enziguri! Strong hits forearms smashes side to side to side, only to get WALLOPED! Both men are down, but the Undisputed Era return. But so do Ciampa and Riddle!

Ciampa sends O’Reilly into a post then brawls with Cole before running O’Reilly over with a knee! Riddle and Fish brawl off camera but Cole SUPERKICKS Ciampa down! Riddle tosses Fish over steel steps, to then use them for a SUPER BRO FOREARM! But Finn SLINGBLADES Riddle! Then gives him double stomps! Finn is seething, his shotgun dropkick blasts Riddle into steps! Lee glares at Finn, but Strong comes up with a big knee! OLYMPIC SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Strong gets moving, but Lee ducks the kick to roll Strong around and up into the fireman’s carry! JACKHAMMER! Cover, Lee wins!!

Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall

But then the Undisputed Era attacks! Ciampa rises to go after them but the numbers are not in their favor! They don’t have a fourth man, until now! Dominik Dijakovic is here and he clobbers the Era! And BOOTS Cole! He shoves Strong out then grabs reDRagon for DOUBLE CHOKE SLAMS! He blocks the superkick, slaps Cole around, then hits FEAST YOUR EYES! Dijakovic goes to Ciampa, and he wants in on WarGames. Ciampa shakes Dijakovic’s hand, he’s on the team! But then Dijakovic turns around to see Lee. Fans want the rivals to “Hug It Out!” but they shake hands instead. Team Ciampa needed a fourth, and this is the biggest addition you could get! Will the Croatian Colossus be the key to turning the tide in WarGames?


Another attack just happened backstage!?

Both Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke are down! They may not be on Shayna’s WarGames team, but between being a friends, Horsewomen and potential bodyguards, they were prime targets. But who attacked them? Wait, even Candice LeRae is down!? This no longer make sense! Triple H comes out to check on the three, and wants security to lock Full Sail down. HHH wants to know who this is just as much as we do, but will we find out before the night is over?


Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Bronson Reed!

Whose house? Swerve’s House! But will Swerve have the swagger strong enough to defeat Aussie Strong Style?

The bell rings and the two Breakout superstars hear the fans dueling between “SWERVE!” and “THICC!” The two fist bump to show there is respect, and then they tie up. Swerve gets around but Reed wristlocks him back. Swerve uses the ropes to flip through and reverse to a waistlock, but Reed works on the hold. Swerve shoves him but Reed rebounds to run Swerve over! Swerve kips up right back! They go again, Swerve wristlocks Reed, but Reed wrenches back. Reed whips Swerve to a corner but Swerve side steps and then hops up, leaping missile dropkick! Reed rebounds to run him over again! Reed drags Swerve back up and headbutts him. Fans say it’s “Thicc Boi Season” as Reed headbutts Swerve more. Swerve staggers after each one, then Reed gives him an extra thicc headbutt!

Swerve gets up to CHOP back, and CHOP again. Swerve runs, but into Reed’s headlock! Reed brings Swerve around but Swerve powers out. Swerve ducks under but Reed sees it, and sits on him! Swerve is being crushed by the thickness! Then Reed brings Swerve up just to banzai drop him down! Reed drags Swerve into a dead lift waistlock, and TOSSES Swerve out of the ring! Reed goes out to fetch Swerve and CHOP him against railing. He scoops Swerve but Swerve slips out to shove Reed into a post! Swerve evens things with Auszilla as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns as Swerve elbows Reed off the waistlock. Reed clubs Swerve back then German Suplexes, but Swerve lands on his feet! Swerve goes up and over and sobat kicks! Swerve kicks out a leg to then hop up, to drop the elbow on the shoulders! Swerve has Reed down as fans rally up. Swerve runs into a CHOP! Reed runs into a somersault Complete SHOT! Cover, TWO! Reed survives but Swerve keeps his focus. Swerve drags Reed up to clothesline, but Reed stays up. Swerve tries again, but Reed is still up! Swerve spins but that’s still not enough! Reed CLOBBERS then SENTONS Swerve! Fans fire up as Reed drags Swerve to a drop zone. Reed climbs up top but Swerve superkicks a leg out! Swerve haymakers then climbs, and he goes after the arm with a kimura. Reed clubs Swerve off to scoop and turn him around, but Swerve fights for his life! Swerve flips out, sweeps a leg, satellite DDT! Cover, TWO!!

Swerve grits his teeth and goes after Reed’s arm. Swerve clubs the arm but Reed snapmares Swerve off. Swerve runs in to uppercut in the corner! Then he runs, rebounds and rolls, into Reed’s sit-out SPINEBUSTER! Alabama Lift, DUDE BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Swerve survives and Reed is at a loss for words. Reed gets up, drags Swerve into a suplex, but Swerve fights out and is safe on the apron. Swerve bobs ‘n’ weaves to hotshot the bad arm! Swerve steps in, but the huricanrana is blocked! Swerve makes it a triangle hold while Reed stays standing, but Reed dead lifts! Swerve lets up, avoids a clothesline but his kick is blocked. Reed CHOPS then spins, into a ROUNDHOUSE! Back kick, hop on, sunset flip but Reed sits down! Swerve dodges, calf kick! Cover, Swerve wins!!

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, by pinfall

The #HouseCall calf kick gets Swerve his literally biggest win yet! But what’s bigger is that there’s still respect betwen these two. Will Swerve aim for even bigger targets after WarGames?


Cathy Kelley has updates on tonight’s goings-on.

Tensions are running high after the two separate attacks on women involved in the WarGames match. Is it a Raw, SmackDown or even another force within NXT doing this?

Meanwhile, GM William Regal has made a match for WarGames, Finn Balor VS Matt Riddle! The Prince and the Bro will settle their own beef, but that does mean Team Ciampa will need a new fourth man to replace him. Dijakovic was already big, but is there going to be an even bigger addition to Ciampa’s team this close to facing off with The Undisputed Era?


Killian Dain VS Pete Dunne!

The Beast of Belfast took offense just from the Bruiserweight walking all over his exit. But then it escalated when Dunne snapped Dain’s fingers. Dain then looked to snap bones as he went after Dunne just last week! This match is to finally have these two settle things in the ring, what will snap before the end of the fight?

But just as Dain makes his way out, DAMIEN PRIEST attacks! The Archer of Infamy stomps Dain down for his part in the attack last week! Dunne doesn’t care who he fights, he goes after Priest now! But Dain rises to run Priest over! Dain, Priest, Dunne, they’re all fighting each other! Referees and security hurry out to stop this, but fans want to “Let Them Fight!” Dain gets lose to clobber Dunne and put him int he ring Bu then Priest throws Dain into steps! Dunne is vulnerable for the CYCLONE KICK! Priest even DECKS security! He drags one up and crucifies him for a TOSS onto everyone! The Archer hit multiple targets with one shot, but Dain and Dunne are far from through with each other. So Priest step-up CONJILOS! He takes them out, too! Will Priest use both the Bruiserweight and Big Damo to #LiveForever?


Backstage interview with Mia Yim!

Just moments away from the ladder match with Io Shirai, and yet her team has been taken out. It feels like Mia is looking over her shoulder every few minutes. But this was expected from Raw and SmackDown. NXT is the main roster, so she dares anyone to come at her. She was the newest member to the team, now she’ll get her team the advantage they need. But then Dakota Kai walks in. She knows things are crazy, so Dakota just wants to let her know there are no hard feelings. Mia was chosen fair and square. If anything goes down, Captain Kick has the Blasian Baddie’s back. That ladder match main event is next!


Speaking of ladder matches…

For the Men’s WarGames advantage, it is Adam Cole and Dominik Dijakovic stepping up for their teams! The NXT Champion leads his team by example, but will he get past the towering titan that just joined up with Team Ciampa?


Ladder Match: Io Shirai VS Mia Yim!

Not only is this to gain an advantage in the first-ever Women’s WarGames match, this is also NXT’s first Women’s Ladder Match! Who climbs to the top to put their team on top come TakeOver?

The bell rings and the two go right at each other! They brawl, but Shirai grabs hair to biel Mia down. But then Mia gets Shirai with a back suplex. Shirai lands on her feet to dropkick Mia out,t hens he builds speed to DIVE! The tope takes Mia out at the ramp! Shirai goes for the ladder but Mia clubs her away. Mia bumps Shirai off the apron to then get the ladder for herself. She brings that extra tall ladder to the ring, but Shirai dropkicks the ladder into her! Shirai pushes the ladder the rest of the way but Mia anchors her feet, to bring her into a wheelbarrow. There’s a second ladder sticking out from under the ring, so Mia facebusters Shirai onto it!

Mia wobbles her way back to the ring and goes back to the first ladder. But Shirai’s in fast and clubs Mia down! Shirai throws Mia out to then go to the first ladder. Mia grabs it it, and yanks ladder to bring Shirai into ropes! Mia makes a bridge with the ladder and then drags Shirai out, to whip at the ladder! Shirai ducks, to BOOT the ladder into Mia! Shirai hurries to get back in, but Mia doesn’t let her bring the ladder in with her. Mia lets the ladder open, however, to snap clap on Shirai’s fingers! Shirai reels back in pain while Mia brings the ladder around. The ref checks on Shirai but she won’t let the hand stop her. Mia sets the ladder off to the side to BOOT Shirai out of the ring! But Shirai drags Mia out to the floor. Shirai goes to that second ladder and picks it up. She brings it around, but Mia gets clear! Shirai only hits apron!

Mia clubs Shirai on the back then CHOPS her on the front! Shirai forearms back then bumps Mia off railing. Both women crawl for the ring but Mia anchors Shirai again. Shirai CHOPS Mia, but Mia just clamps back on. Shirai stomps and kicks her down, but Mia refuses to let her get far. Shirai kicks Mia away, then crawls away. Mia pursues, and bumps Shirai off the apron. And off steel steps! Mia leaves Shirai behind to get the ladder. Shirai hurries in to grab the other end. Mia and Shirai tug-o-war, but then Mia uses the ladder to flip Shirai over! Mia drags Shirai up, clubs her back, and suplexes. Shirai blocks and fights back, to suplexes Mia! Mia fights it off, the suplex struggle continues, and it’s Mia who Suplexes Shirai onto the ladder! But that’s double-edged, and both women are writhing as NXT goes picture in picture!

Shirai and Mia clutch their damaged backs, but Mia heads for the ladder. Mia manages to stand, but it’s hard to lift that ladder with a bad back. She manages to prop it up in the corner first, then goes back to Shirai. She stomps Shirai around then drags her up. Mia whips Shirai but Shirai reverses, Mia stops herself in time to mule kick Shirai back. Shirai blocks being bounced off the ladder, to throw Mia into the rungs! Mia is up against the steel, and Shirai goes corner to corner, into a shotgun dropkick! Both women are down again! Shirai and Mia stir slowly, and head for each other. Shirai throws a forearm on her knees, but so does Mia. They brawl on the mat, putting everything behind the forearms. NXT returns to single picture as Shirai gets the edge! They both stand, and Shirai kicks low to SHOTEI! Mia is down, but crawling while Shirai staggers.

Shirai stalks Mia to the ropes to stomp her and choke her on the ropes! No disqualifications so Shirai rocks the headscissor hold over and over. Shirai lets up to kick Mia in the back, then runs to 619! Shirai heads for the ladder in the corner while Mia flounders. Mia hurries to stop Shirai, and the two brawl again. Shirai rocks Mia to then whip, for a flapjack! Shirai heads for the ladder again but Mia comes back. Shirai underhooks Mia, but Mia fights out to Alabama and back drop! But Shirai lands on her feet! only to run into an overhead suplex that clips the ladder! Shirai’s leg is more banged up than anything, and fans are rallying up. Mia heads for the ladder while Shirai hangs half in, half out. Mia stands the ladder up under the briefcase! Mia climbs the ladder but Shirai heads after her. Mia stomps Shirai off to then give her kicks to the chest!

Mia kicks Shirai more, then drags Shirai up, only to be shoved into the ladder! Shirai tips the ladder over, because she has more devious plans for it. She puts Mia in the ladder, to use it to NUTCRACK THE BACK! Shirai scrapes Mia out and ditches this busted ladder for a fresh one! Shirai brings that into the ring while Mia writhes. Shirai stomps Mia down then kicks the useless ladder out of the ring. Shirai has the new ladder, but Mia brings her in, Protect Ya Neck! Mia hurries for the ladder, brings it up, but her back is making that hard. Shirai springboard dropkicks the ladder into Mia’s face!! Mia is immediately busted open! Shirai has drawn first blood, and a lot! But Shirai doesn’t care about that, she wants the ladder.

Referees and medics check on Mia while Shirai stands the ladder up with her own body. Shirai has the ladder up after some work, then climbs. But Mia doesn’t care about a busted face, she yanks Shirai off the ladder! And climbs it herself! Shirai hurries after her, GERMAN SUPLEX! Mia crashes down and Shirai is furious! She kicks the ladder over in anger, to METEORA Mia in the corner! And then hops up, DESCENT INTO- NO! Mia trips Shirai, claws her back, then climbs up top! Mia brings Shirai up, but Shirai fights back. Shirai headbutts the already bleeding face and Mia tumbles to the floor. But here comes Dakota Kai! Dakota checks on Mia, only for Shirai to ASAI MOONSAULT her and Mia! Shirai shows no mercy and no concern as she goes back to the ring.

Shirai crawls for the ladder she toppled over and works to get it back up. Shirai climbs, but Dakota is the one that goes after her! No disqualifications as she POWERBOMBS Shirai down! Dakota helps Mia into the ring and fans rally! Mia climbs, but wait, that’s NXT UK’s KAY LEE RAY!? She attacks Dakota, and then looks at Mia up top! She shoves the ladder over, Mia crashes through the forgotten ladder!! Full Sail loses their minds as the NXT UK Women’s Champion is helping Io Shirai! Is she the fourth woman?! Shirai reaches the top, has the briefcase, she and Team Baszler win!!

Winner: Io Shirai; Team Baszler has the WarGames advantage

Who would’ve expected NXT UK would get involved in NXT USA’s historic moment? But thanks to the Lethal Lass, Shayna Baszler and her team have a huge advantage! Speaking of, Bianca Belair and Shayna herself are now in the arena! The Queen of Spades now has the Evil Genius, The EST and KLR on her team. Did this team just go from vicious to lethal?

But wait! Baszler gets blindsided by Bayley! SmackDown’s champion is here for payback on Shayna, and she uses her new move to SMASH Shayna into her own championship belt! Bayley runs off before Shayna’s team can get at her, but did she just plant her flag in Full Sail’s soil?



My Thoughts:

An amazing episode to build up WarGames! But also, just a great episode overall. That was a great NXT Cruiserweight Championship match, on level with a TakeOver match. I wouldn’t be surprised if the controversy at the end is their way of bringing this back around for TakeOver to perhaps even open the night. We also got a pretty solid match for Xia Li VS Aliyah, and Aliyah may have legit lost a tooth or cut her lip on that last kick. It was also smart positioning on the card to get the things not directly related to the TakeOver build out first so the rest of the night could just be fluid WarGames build. Finn VS Gargano won’t happen, and it was good Heel work to make Gargano sound wimpy for sitting out because of his neck. And now we’re getting Finn VS Riddle instead and that match is going to be just as stellar as Finn VS Gargano. But this also means a new fourth man for Ciampa, so someone could come out of left field for a huge opportunity.

Dijakovic was a great choice for the first “fourth man,” he and Lee are going to be amazing in that match. Dijakovic VS Cole next week in the ladder match will be great, too, and could go either way, regardless of what we saw in tonight’s Women’s Ladder Match. Strong VS Keith Lee was great, and since Lee won clean, another North American Championship match for these two is going to be great, and can feed further into the story of Undisputed Era trying to hold onto their titles. At this rate, it doesn’t sound like it’ll be #WinnersTakeAll so there’s a lot of build to be done after WarGames for those title stories. Swerve VS Reed was a great match, I wonder if Swerve is that new fourth man after that big win. And I really liked that Priest attacked Dain before a match ever began. I am really thinking a triple threat of Dunne VS Dain VS Priest should be at least the post-TakeOver episode to give us something just truly amazing to watch.

The women’s division story of the night was great, too. The mystery attacker started feeling like it was going to be Dakota Kai given how she seemed so scorned by both teams. In fact, even with her assuring Mia she was on her side, that still didn’t convince me she was innocent. Shirai VS Yim in that ladder match was amazing! NXT always finds ways to freshen up match types we’ve seen forever. Shirai was part of NXT’s first Women’s Steel Cage match and made it fresh, and then she made this first Women’s Ladder Match brutal. Mia legit getting busted open, definitely not planned but it ups everything about this main event, especially Mia’s determination to keep fighting. Dakota turned out not to be the assailant, since she didn’t go after Mia. I did not expect Kay Lee Ray, I honestly thought it was going to be Heel Toni Storm. This is actually for the better, as Toni will still one day return to NXT UK the hero, and now Team Baszler has two champions!

And then a perfect reveal as to the real attacker from the night, it was Bayley, Shayna! It was Bayley all along!! Shayna gets comeuppance from Raw and SmackDown, Bayley invades as I felt she should, and it all reminds us that Shayna really does need to worry about Bayley and pulling double duty Survivor Series Weekend. I am so pumped for that four-day weekend that is Survivor Series Weekend 2019!

My Score: 9.3/10

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