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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (11/27/19)

NXT puts the gold in black ‘n’ gold!



NEW NXT Coverage

NXT only fires up after Survivor Series Weekend!

The black ‘n’ gold put on another epic TakeOver and won the first Triple Threat Survivor Series ever! But they’re not resting, they’re revving their engines with TWO title matches!



  • NXT Tag Team Championships: The Undisputed Era VS Keith Lee & Dominik Dijakovic; The Undisputed Era wins and retains the NXT Tag Team Championships.
  • Shane Thorne VS Mansoor; Mansoor wins.
  • Candice LeRae VS Dakota Kai; LeRae wins, by disqualification.
  • NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Lio Rush VS Akira Tozawa; Rush wins and retains the NXT Cruiserweight Champion.
  • Xia Li VS Vanessa Borne; Li wins.
  • Finn Balor VS Tommaso Ciampa; Balor wins.


WarGames was just the beginning!

Chicago witnessed NXT take over once again inside a double cage, and in a double header as they also went to Survivor Series to WIN! They beat the brakes off of Raw and SmackDown! “And now, it’s time to celebrate. Because we are. N! X! T!” Wrestle & Flow leads NXT’s roster to the ring to celebrate with the Full Sail faithful! But the Undisputed Era comes out to put an end to the fun. “For the love of God, what do you think you guys are doing?” Celebrating like they did something? Adam Cole explains that the only reason NXT was successful was because of the Undisputed Era. Everyone else did nothing, so please shut up! The Undisputed Era are the champions, They should be thanked. But everyone is chanting, “We Are NXT!” News flash: they’re not NXT, the Undisputed Era is NXT! It is because of them that NXT won. They dominated at WarGames, at Survivor Series, and are just getting started.

The Undisputed Era are the iron-men of this brand. While a bunch of these guys would love to have the night off, the Undisputed Era is going to successfully defend their NXT Tag Team Championships, “because that’s just what we do.” The Prophecy- “WOW!” Tommaso Ciampa speaks up! Iron men, prophecy. For four boys who got whooped, they sure seem confident. Ciampa feels like everyone else sees the truth, except for the Undisputed Era. WarGames was the beginning of the end for the Era! Cole and his friends have all the gold now, but the collapse continues. It continues with Dijakovic and Lee taking those tag titles. Fans like the sound of that. And Roderick Strong’s days are numbered. “And last but certainly not least.” Goldie doesn’t have to wait any longer! The war is over, Daddy won, and now Adam Cole needs to look Ciampa in the eye. If Cole didn’t find out what he’s in store for, he will soon. There is not one single man in the Undisputed Era in Ciampa’s way, and that is undisputed, baybay.

But what about a prince? Finn Balor is here and walks past the Undisputed Era to stand in front of Ciampa. “It looks like I’m standing in your way.” Ciampa says Balor doesn’t watch the business, the business watches Balor. That’s good, because the entire business should watch as the prince meets his king. What does Balor say to a match with Ciampa? Balor is up for it, and so is Full Sail! But then Keith Lee speaks up to say that this match is one Ciampa will win, BUT why waste time? Bobby and Kyle should get in the ring for #BaskingSeason! The Limitless and the Colossus want to go reDRagon slaying, and next!


NXT Tag Team Championships: The Undisputed Era VS Keith Lee & Dominik Dijakovic!

No time for introductions or raising the belts, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish attack right away! They dump Dijakovic out and kick away on Lee. Lee hits back with big knees and elbows, then more kicks. Lee rocks each of them but they come back with knees. The Undisputed Era runs but Lee hurdles them both! But reDRadgon holds ropes to stop themselves. Lee runs Kyle over and scoops Fish up! Lee tosses Fish out onto Kyle! Fans go nuts as we go picture in pciture!

Lee and Dijakovic wait as reDRagon regroups. Fish gets in and Lee dares him to bring the fight. Kyle tags in first and he circles with Lee. They tie up, Lee pushes Kyle down, so Kyle takes a moment to consider his options. Kyle circles around Lee but then uses the ropes for defense. Lee stays back, putting it on Kyle to bring the fight. Kyle and Lee tie up, and Kyle kicks away. Lee wrenches with one hand and Kyle is on the mat! Lee wrenches again and toys with Kyle a moment. Kyle gets to the ropes and to the apron, but Lee doesn’t let go, he just yanks Kyle back in! Lee toys with Kyle more, then brings him to the corner. Dijakovic ties in to body shot and club Kyle down. Kyle kicks back and whips, but Dijakovic reverses. Kyle dodges, dodges and leaps, into Dijakovic’s arms! Dijakovic rams his knees in then tosses Kyle aside!

Dijakovic looms over Kyle, then brings him up to wrench and clamp onto the arm. Kyle endures, but something causes everyone to stop a moment. Was there something going on off screen? Kyle fights back and rocks with a right! Fish tags in as NXT goes single picture, it’s Roderick Strong! Strong is a surprise substitute after Fish suddenly can no longer compete. William Regal allows this, and Strong CHOPS Dijakovic! Tag to Kyle, and the Undisputed Era mug Dijakovic. But Dijakovic makes Kyle FLY with that suplex toss! Tag to Lee, and the real-life Monstars mug Kyle. Lee reels Kyle in but Kyle slips out to headlock! Lee lifts but Kyle holds on tight. Lee denies the takedown, and lifts Kyle again to power out. Keyl tries to shoulder but he bounces off. Kyle slips out of a scoop but Lee bucks the waistlock. Things speed up and Kyle bounces OFF Lee again! So does Strong!

Lee wrenches Strong to lift him up with one arm! Kyle runs in but bounces off Lee again, and then Lee throws Strong down on Kyle! Fans fire up for Lee’s super strength and he dares the Undisputed Era to bring the fight. Kyle gets to a corner but he goes at Lee. Lee blocks the boot to CHOP Kyle down! Kyle throws body shots, then knees. Kyle runs but Lee runs him over! Strong runs in for forearms and CHOPS, but Lee just shrugs them off. Strong and Kyle club and CHOP Lee, but Dijakovic gets in. Dijakovic throws Kyle down, but Lee thinks Dijakovic did some clubbing. The tension is still there between these two, bu they realize who the real enemies are. Dijakovic scoop slams Strong, then full nelsons Kyle for Lee to Grizzly Magnum CHOP! Then Dijakovic slams Kyle onto Strong! Then they get a crazy idea, “TIME TO FLY!” Lee is suplex tossed onto the Undisputed Era!

Full Sail is thunderous as Lee is alone with Kyle. Lee tags Dijakovic in and Dijakovic gets after Kyle. Kyle knees low then tags Strong. They double whip but Dijakovic elbows back. He throws Kyle out and throws forearms on Strong. Dijakovic BOOTS Kyle but Strong chop blocks a leg out! And again! Strong drags Dijakovic around for a grounded dragon screw! Strong stomps away on the leg and wrenches the knee. Dijakovic endures but Strong pulls harder. Dijakovic hits back from the mat and punches Strong off, but Strong comes back with a BOOT! Cover, TWO! The Undisputed Era still has control even in this formation as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Kyle has Dijakovic in an ankle lock! Fans rally as Dijakovic endures. Dijakovic powers out and sends Kyle away, but Kyle sucker punches Lee! Lee glares, so Kyle goes back to Dijakovic, to get a monkey flip! Kyle tags Strong and Strong drags Dijakovic away. Kyle helps, but Dijakovic powers to a hot tag! Lee rallies on the Undisputed Era, breaking through kicks to double CLOTHESLINE! Lee has a man in each corner, for a train of splashes! And forearms! Lee tosses Kyle into Strong! Lee drags Strong up as fans sing for him, but Kyle disrupts the Spirit Bomb. Lee knees Kyle but Kyle slips away. Strong and Kyle get double BACK DROPPED! Fans fire up as the Undisputed Era regroup. Lee takes aim, builds speed, but the Undisputed Era get clear. Lee goes out but Strong chop blocks the legs! They shove Lee at the timekeeper’s area, Kyle hits a FLYING KNEE! They wreck Lee into the table!

The Undisputed Era get Lee inside and Strong leaps, but he flops! Kyle is up top, and leaps into a HEADBUTT! Lee wobbles and heads for Dijakovic, and makes the tag! Strong CHOPS Dijakovic but Dijakovic gives forearm after forearm! Dijakovic whips and forearms Strong more. Knee smash to DISCUS! Fans fire up as Dijakovic hobbles back to Strong. Strong kicks the bad leg then clubs Dijakovic down. Tag to Kyle, but Kyle walks into a choke grip! Kyle counters the slam into a Triangle Hold! Dijakovic stays standing and Kyle prevents a cover. Dijakovic dead lifts Kyle up! And grabs Strong, CHOKE SLAM AND POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!?! Kyle survives and fans were sure “That Was Three!” Dijakovic drags Kyle up into a torture rack, but Strnog saves Kyle again. Dijakovic SUPERKICKS Strong into Kyle!

Dijakovic elbows and forearms in a corner, then gives Strong the torture rack. Kyle rolls Dijakovic, TWO!! Kyle kicks Dijakovic hard in the chest, and then heads for retreat with Strong. Lee runs in but only gets Strnog with that lariat. He pops Kyle up but Strong chop blocks Lee! But Dijakovic SPRINGBOARD SENTONS!! Full Sail is fired up as Dijakovic puts Kyle in the ring. But Kyle dragon screws Dijakovic in the ropes! Tag to Strong, but Dijakovic choke grips and DOUBLE CHOKE SLAMS both men! But here comes Adam Cole, only for Lee to POUNCE him into the crowd!! Fans get a real up close experience! Even Dijakovic is losing his mind over that one. But he gets suckered into STRONG ANNIHILATION!! Cover, Lee is too late, the Undisputed Era wins!!

Winners: The Undisputed Era, Strong by pinfall; still NXT Tag Team Champions

Freebird Rules and a bit of chaos helps the Undisputed Era remain #DrapedInGold! The Prophecy still lives, but depending on Fish’s injury, for how much longer?


Tegan Nox tweets a response to what happened at WarGames.

Dakota Kai attacked Mia Yim and betrayed Tegan Nox, involving a brutal attack on her already repaired knees. Tegan tweets that she’s “really banged up” and needs time to heal. What hurt the most was the emotional damage because it was someone she thought was as close as family.


Backstage interview with Candice LeRae.

A massive weekend for Mrs. Wrestling as she won at WarGames and Survivor Series. But to discuss Dakota Kai, it’s all she’s heard. All she keeps thinking about is Dakota going after someone who is practically a sister. Dakota was supposed to be a sister, too. No one expected this from her. Tegan will get her revenge some day. But tonight, it’s Candice’s turn. And Dakota isn’t fight a former friend, she’s fighting “Tegan Nox’s pissed off big sister.”


NXT shares WarGames footage from backstage.

After Angel Garza won his match against Isaiah “Swerve” Scott in the TakeOver Kickoff show, Lio rush was there to meet him at gorilla, with a BIG slap! Lio made sure Garza knew not to overstep bounds again, but will Lio be able to keep focus on his own match tonight?


Shane Thorne VS Mansoor!

The Worst is back again, and he’s up against a man having the best year of his career! Super Showdown was Mansoor’s biggest achievement after winning the biggest battle royal in WWE history. Mansoor would bring that momentum with him back home when he won another match in Saudi Arabia. But will Mansoor continue to do his best against The Worst?

The bell rings and Mansoor ties up with Thorne. Thorne gets him down but Mansoor kips up and waistlocks. Thorne swings but Mansoor gets under to get a headlock. Thorne powers out but Mansoor goes up and over to headlock and hit a tornado takedown! Mansoor grinds Thorne down but Thorne powers up to power Mansoor to a corner. The ropebreak causes them to separate, but Thorne forearms and CHOPS! Mansoor CHOPS back! Thorne glares but Mansoor dodges to CHOP again! And again! Mansoor dodges, dodges and wheelbarrows to a victory roll! TWO, standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Mansoor dropkicks Thorne out and fans rally up. Mansoor builds speed to DIVE! But Thorne catches him for a SAIDO! Thorne gets Mansoor in, covers, TWO!

Thorne keeps his cool and swiftly kicks Mansoor in the back. Thorne grabs Mansoor for chicken wings but Mansoor fights out. Mansoor elbows then forearms Thorne, rolling elbow and dragon sleeper! Thorne snapmares out, chicken wing pop-up for another SAIDO! Cover, TWO!! Mansoor survives and Thorne is losing his cool. Thorne takes aim as Mansoor stands. Mansoor enziguris back! Then SUPERKICKS! Thorne bails out, Mansoor DIVES! Direct hit and Mansoor puts Thorne in quick, slingshot neckbreaker! Cover, Mansoor wins!

Winner: Mansoor, by pinfall

Another win as Mansoor continues to prove himself worthy of the black ‘n’ gold! Will Mansoor soon be fighting for gold?


Candice LeRae VS Dakota Kai!

Mrs. Wrestling vowed revenge on Captain Kick for what she did to Mia Yim and Tegan Nox. But given how Dakota snapped, is she only going to do the same level of damage to her opponents from now on?

Dakota has the knee brace she took from Tegan! She carries the trophy with her to the ring, but will that come into play?

The bell rings and Candice gets in Dakota’s face. Candice blocks the slap and ducks the kick to trip Dakota and basement dropkick! Candice rains down angry rights but Dakota slips away. Candice hits a code breaker! Dakota gets out so Candice gives up on the lionsault. Candice grabs hair but Dakota trips her and spins her around. Candice gets clear of the boot to dropkick back! And then she builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit and Dakota clutches her face. Candice gets Dakota back in and steps on Dakota for the senton! Cover, TWO! Candice glares at Dakota as she drags her back up. Dakota resists and powers Candice to a corner to throw in shoulders. Dakota goes corner to corner but is put on the apron. Dakota trips Candice, and spins her into the post! And then bounces Candice off the apron over and over! Dakota puts Candice’s arms on the ropes to prop her up. Then she BOOTS Candice back down!

Fans boo Dakota but she completely tunes them out. Dakota gets in, covers, TWO! Dakota drags Candice out to bounce off the apron over and over again. Dakota hooks Candice on the ropes again, and BOOTS again! Candice is in a bad way as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Candice breaks free of a hold. She runs back at Dakota but is put in the corner. Dakota goes Around the World but misses the boot! Candice kicks away on the legs, and again and again! Dakota falls but gets up to catch Candice. Candice blocks the hip toss to hop up but the huricanrana is turned into a BOMB! Cover, TWO! Dakota clubs Candice but fans rally up. Dakota tosses Candice out but Candice is on the apron. Candice shoulders in them climbs up, but Dakota is on the apron. Candice blocks the boot for an apron back suplex! Both women wipe out and the referee checks on them both. Somehow, they’re both okay to continue. A ring count begins and climbs up to 5. Candice stands at 6 to get Dakota up and in at 8. Candice follows and fans cheer the bravado. Dakota and Candice brawl, Candice CHOPS and forearms and repeat! She fires off in the corner and Full Sail fires up!

Candice backs off to run in and back splash! Snapmare and hop up, Dakota stands to get Candice’s FLYING DDT! Cover, TWO!! Dakota still lives but Candice won’t show mercy. But Candice’s own ankle gives out. Was more damage done than she thought. She fights through but runs into a HEADBUTT! Dakota goes around the World to BOOT! Dakota goes side to side, but gets an ENZIGURI! Both women are down but fans rally up. Candice stirs first and heads to the corner. Candice climbs up, but Dakota stops her with haymakers. Dakota climbs up to join Candice and club away on her back! Candice gives the clubbing forearms back! Dakota blocks the sunset bomb, then grabs that knee brace! But Candice yanks an arm to bump Dakota on buckles! POWERBOMB off the top! Cover, TWO!! SUPERKICK and Candice hurries, LIONSAULT FLOPS!

Dakota hops on, KAI-ROPRACTOR! Cover, TWO!? Dakota is furious that Candice survives! But “This is Awesome!” for Full Sail! Dakota kicks away on Candice’s face! Then she drags Candice up to the fireman’s carry. Candice slips out to roll up, TWO! Candice tilt-o-whirls for a takedown! GargaNO Escape! Dakota endures, crawls, but Candice rolls Dakota away from ropes! Dakota scrambles and gets loose! Candice has blood in her mouth but just brushes it off as she dives, into the KNEE BRACE! Dakota uses the brace!!

Winner: Candice LeRae, by disqualification

Dakota throws Candice into steel steps! And into a post! The Kiwi has gone crazy as she throws Candice back into steel steps! Full Sail boos and chants “You Suck! You Suck!” but Dakota has the brace again. The ref takes that from her, so Dakota takes the timekeeper’s chair! Dakota brings that around, but here comes Rhea! Rhea BOOTS the chair out of Dakota’s hand then runs her off! Rhea checks on Candice, and fans cheer the Mosh Pit Kid. Is the list of those wanting revenge only getting longer?


Backstage interview with Tommaso Ciampa.

The Blackheart’s week keeps getting bigger. Winning at both WarGames and impressing at Survivor Series, how does he feel going up against Finn Balor? Ciampa issued a challenge because he wants a fight. Balor can be the Demon, he can be the Prince, but Ciampa knows the real Balor. Balor is the longest reigning NXT Champion, but Ciampa is the one that made NXT the A Show and “Goldie” into the top title. If Finn wants to step in Ciampa’s way, that’s Finn’s mistake. Will Ciampa make Balor pay for those mistakes? Or is Ciampa going to learn Balor is rrrreeeal?


Cameron Grimes speaks.

And in the third person. Cameron Grimes always had a dream to be in this company, to be the best. As soon as he graduated high school, he went out on his own to be a pro-wrestler. He scratched, clawed, said things he shouldn’t have said, but he’s going to keep doing that. Cameron Grimes has the quickest win in history! Is no one talking about Grimes because he’s not a “baybay” or a “bro”? Grimes is a 220 lbs. 6′ tall 26 year old lifetime wrestler! He is going to cave in the competition, will his rise be as fast as his fastest wins?


Rhea Ripley was the NXT MVP!

From a huge win on Friday Night SmackDown to a WarGames victory from behind and then winning big at Survivor Series, this Aussie with Attitude continues to rip her way up the rankings! Will she finally be heading her way to that NXT Women’s Championship?


NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Lio Rush VS Akira Tozawa!

The Man of the Hour managed to hold onto the gold against both the Stamina Monster and Lucha Dragon, Kalisto, but now he can focus his full attention on one man. But can Lio really focus when Angel Garza continues to be on his mind?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this newest Cruiserweight crossover begins!

Lio and Tozawa circle and tie up only to separate. They try again, but Tozawa backs off to swing a kick. Lio gets clear, and Tozawa grins. They tie up and Lio goes for a leg but Tozawa headlocks. Lio powers out but Tozawa runs him over, but then Lio kips up! Lio grins and headlocks Tozawa, but Tozawa powers out. Lio runs Tozawa over but keeps going. Tozawa ducks, Lio handsprings and redirects, but into a huricanrana! Tozawa sweeps but misses his senton. Lio misses a splash, and the fans cheer as both men stand off. Tozawa and Lio shake hands, but then they both kick! Both men catch the other’s kick! They argue over who puts the foot down, so they agree to let go at the same time. Tozawa still sees the sucker punch coming, whips Lio away but Lio redirects again. Lio waistlocks, Tozawa standing switches and shoves, but Lio boots him away.

Lio hops up, Tozawa CHOPS him back! And again! And fakes him out, for the JAB! Spit flies and Lio slumps down. Tozawa runs, Lio follows and slides to drag Tozawa out. Lio goes up but Tozawa anchors his feet. They’re both on the apron now and brawling with forearms. Lio ducks to waistlock but Tozawa holds on for dear life! Tozawa elbows free, so Lio somersaults to try a bomb! Tozawa stomps Lio down! And drops an apron senton! The Man of the Hour is down as we go to break.

NXT returns and Lio fights out of a fireman’s carry into an Iron Octopus! He has Tozawa down on the mat but Tozawa slips around and gets free. Tozawa throws hands but Lio knees low. Lio runs, but into the fireman’s carry! Lio fights out again, but Tozawa powers up to TOSS Lio! Then runs to BOOT him out of the ring! Lio flounders, Tozawa builds speed, but Lio gets clear. So Tozawa goes to the apron to CANNONBALL! They crash down and fans fire up! Fans rally up for “NXT! NXT!” and Tozawa puts Lio in the ring. Tozawa climbs up, leaps, missile dropkick! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Tozawa keeps his cool and drags Lio back up. Fans duel as Lio fights free. Lio bobs ‘n’ weaves to fire off a strike fest! Tozawa blocks the boot and throws it down but Lio catches himself to crawl under.

Lio comes back, Tozawa slides under, kicks, swings, slides again, waistlock to Snap German! But Lio lands on his feet! Tozawa ducks the kicks, and both men BOOT! Both men are down again and fans fire up! “This is Awesome!” but far from over. Tozawa and Lio slowly stir as the standing count climbs. Tozawa grins as he drags Lio into a waistlock. Lio reaches and gets ropes, but gets pulled away! Lio elbows but can’t get free. Tozawa keeps Lio from ropes but Lio keeps elbowing. Lio runs to throw Tozawa and himself out onto the apron. Tozawa BOOTS Lio! Then waistlocks, but Lio elbows back. Tozawa enziguris and SNAP GERMANS Lio to the floor!! Fans lose their minds while the ref checks on Lio and Tozawa. Somehow, Lio is able to continue, so a ring count begins.

Tozawa writhes but Lio barely stirs as the count passes 5. Then 7, 8, and both men burst in at 9! Fans cheer and Tozawa feeds off the energy. “AH! AH!” echoes out as Tozawa stands. Lio is up next, but Tozawa has the waistlock. Lio blocks and victory rolls, TWO! Mule kick, falling Pele! Tozawa’s mouth guard came out, but he’s down. Lio rebounds but his Come Up misses just for having no target. Tozawa stands but Lio kicks from all sides! Lio lights Tozawa up, then ROCKS him with a right forearm! Tozawa stays standing, but Lio underhooks. Tozawa powers out, Come Up into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Tozawa dead lifts for another German! Cover, TWO!! Lio still lives but Tozawa puts him in the drop zone! Tozawa climbs, leaps, TOKYO TOWER onto knees! Lio is up top now, FINAL HOUR! The splash hits Tozawa on the back!

Lio climbs up again from the other corner! Lio leaps, another FINAL HOUR! Cover, Lio wins!!

Winner: Lio Rush, by pinfall; still NXT Cruiserweight Champion

The Living Piece of Gold keeps his gold in another incredible match! Will Lio be able to move on to new opponents now?


Backstage interview with Finn Balor.

Any final thoughts before facing Ciampa? Ciampa acts like he’s the toughest man in the world. But he’s in Balor’s world, and it’s a dark place. Gargano got put in the hospital, Riddle lost at WarGames. Tonight, Ciampa meets The Prince. Is it going to be #TooSweet for the Blackheart to handle?


Xia Li VS Vanessa Borne!

Things are about to get spicy! Aliyah learned how much kick their is to Xia Li’s arsenal, but will The Vision see it firsthand for herself?

The bell rings and Borne ties up with Li. They go around and around and Borne puts Li in a corner for big forearms! The ref reprimands but Borne lets up at 4. Borne whips back in but Li dodges and Borne goes into the post! Borne tries to boot back but Li rolls her, to dead lift her, to POWERBOMB her! Then flip her over and dare her to get up! But wait, the Horsewomen are here? Shayna Baszler leads Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir out but Li focuses on Borne, falling roundhouse! Cover, Li wins!

Winner: Xia Li, by pinfall

Shayna and her horsewomen go after Xia? Xia boots Marinan then scraps with Jessamyn! Marina returns but gets a SUPERKICK! Shayna clobbers Li down and takes off the jacket. Shayna stalks Li like a shark, and drags her up, to get fast hands! Li backs Baslzer down to HEEL KICK! Jessamyn runs in, but misses her boot to get leg swept! But Shayna LARIATS Li down! Shayna tells the other two to get back in and they set Li up. Shayna KNEES Li down! Fans boo as the Horsewomen scrape Li out and Baslzer gets a mic.

“Everybody’s trying to take credit for what happened this past weekend, but the truth is, no one had a weekend like I did!” Shayna beat Bayley and Becky Lynch in the same match! But fans chant for “Rhea Ripley!” Shayna says without her, there would be nothing to celebrate! She has had a second reign over over a year! But here comes Rhea Ripley anyway! Rhea chuckles as she heads down the ramp and gets in the ring. The second she’s in, the Horsewomen bail out. Rhea grabs herself a mic to say, “Where do you think your’e running to?” Rhea came out to tell them something face-to-face. Shayna goes back without the others to get up on the apron. Rhea tells Shayna, “Congratulations.” Shayna did beat Bayley and Becky at the same time. But when Shayna faced Rhea, Rhea beat Shayna! “And y’know what? I’ll do it again.” For the title! Fans sing, “Rhea’s gonna kill~ you~!”

Shayna says she has heard this time and again. Rhea might be the nightmare, but Shayna is reality. “And the reality is, you’ll be tapping or napping, just like the rest of them.” Mic drop from Shayna 2-Time, but Rhea dares her to do it now! Fans want to see that, but Shayna thinks otherwise. It’s because she knows that Rhea would drop her! Is Shayna going to find herself fighting a nightmare the next time the title is on the line?


Damien Priest and Killain Dain will face of 1v1!

The match is next week, but Priest was diagnosed with some cracked ribs. Will that injury keep him from his infamous immortality?


Finn Balor VS Tommaso Ciampa!

The Undisputed Era is #DrapedInGold for now, and the Prince stands in the way of Daddy getting Goldie back. Will Balor survive the Blackheart? Or is NXT going to be rrrreeeal again?

The bell rings and Balor circles with Ciampa. They feel it out and tie up, and Ciampa puts Balor in a corner. Balor turns it around but Ciampa turns it back. The ref counts and they break at 4, but tensely. Ciampa shoves, Balor headlock takeovers! Ciampa fights his way up and powers out, but Balor runs him over. Cover, ONE, but Balor is back on with a headlock. Ciampa fights Balor to a corner, fans rally up and the ref calls for a break. This is cleaner, until CIampa stomps and CHOPS! Ciampa bumps Balor off buckles then whips him to ropes, to elbow Balor down! Ciampa suplexes Balor, covers, TWO! Ciampa keeps his cool to whip Balor again. Balor reverses, Ciampa sunset flips but Balor slips out to dropkick!

Fans rally and duel as Balor snapmares to a chinlock. Ciampa endures and fights his way up, but Balor knees and throws Ciampa out. Balor wrecks Ciampa with a dropkick! Ciampa flounders but Balor aims, to Peanlty Kick, but it’s blocked! Ciampa drags Balor into a fireman’s carry, but Balor slips out! Balor throws Ciampa at a post but Ciampa stops himself to elbow back! CIampa trips Balor, to catapult him into the post! Balor goes down, and Ciampa applauds himself! Ciampa pats himself on the back as we go picture in picture.

Ciampa takes a moment before fetching Balor into the ring. Ciampa follows but Balor bails out o the far side. Ciampa goes out the other side and comes around the way, to forearm Balor down! Fans cheer as Ciampa CHOPS Balor against the railing! Ciampa drags Balor back into the ring but Balor gets him with a kick to the ropes! Balor stomps Ciampa down over and over! The ref backs Balor off and he catches his breath. Balor drags Ciampa back up and scoops for a slam! Then runs for a leg drop! Cover, TWO! Balor wraps on with a chinlock but Ciampa endures. Ciampa fights up to jawbreaker free! Balor is in a corner and Ciampa fires off. Balor turns it around to CHOP and stomp Ciampa down! The ref counts, Balor backs off, to run in to dropkick! Balor high stack covers, TWO! Ciampa is tougher than that, but Balor drives elbows in.

Balor wraps on a chinlock and leans on Ciampa as NXT returns to single picture. Ciampa fights his way up, but Balor knees low to whip him to a corner. Ciampa boots from the corner, but misses the clothesline. Balor pushes but Ciampa rallies with clotheslines! Ciampa whips, Balor reverses but Ciampa kicks back! Ciampa runs in but Balor slips out to the apron, only for Ciampa to clothesline him down! Ciampa knees Balor off the apron! Ciampa gets Balor in fast, takes aim and runs, PSYCHO KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Fans rally and duel as Ciampa watches Balor get to a corner. Ciampa CHOPS Balor, and again! Ciampa stomps Balor down then brings down the knee pad. Ciampa goes side to side, but gets a SLINGBLADE! Then Balor clotheslines Ciampa out! Balor goes out to come around the way, SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Ciampa hits barriers like Gargano did!

The referee checks but Balor drags Ciampa up and over to the ramp! He wants to do more, but Ciampa resists! Ciampa fireman’s carries, AIR RAID CRASH to the floor! Both men are down but somehow okay to continue. Fans chant “MAMMA MIA!” for Mauro, who isn’t here. The ref starts a ring count and it climbs up to 5 before Ciampa crawls over. Ciampa is in at 7, but Balor stirs at 8. Balor is in at 9.5, to get a knee! And a lift, to PROJECT CIAMPA!! Cover, TWO!?! Balor survives and Ciampa can’t believe it! But “This is Awesome!” for Full Sail as Ciampa brings Balor up again. Underhooks but Balor trips to double stomp! Then another shotgun dropkick! Ciampa is down, Balor goes up top! Fans duel and Ciampa is up fast! Ciampa has Balor, for a SUPER AIR RAID CRASH!! Cover, TWO!?! Balor still lives!

Fans build to another rally but Ciampa fires himself up! Ciampa says, “This is for Johnny, boy!” He drags Balor up, underhooks, but here comes Adam Cole! Ciampa DECKS Cole, Balor rolls Ciampa up! TWO, but Balor has the NXT title belt! The ref grabs it, Ciampa rolls Balor, TWO! Ciampa is up, Balor grabs him, elbow drop DDT on the belt! The ref didn’t notice, Balor covers, TWO!?! Ciampa survives and the ref gets the belt out of the way. But Cole PELES Ciampa! Balor has Ciampa for BLOODY SUNDAY!! Cover, Balor wins!!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall

Give an undisputed assist to Adam Cole, Baybay. But Cole makes sure Ciampa is not in contention for the title! However, is he only helping Balor get there instead? Cole gets in the ring with Balor, takes his title belt back, and throws up the UE. Balor gives the finger guns at Ciampa and Cole pats him on the back. But Balor PELES Cole! Balor is not Undisputed, he’s rrrreeeal! Will the past become Finn’s future in the form of the NXT Championship being around his waist again?



My Thoughts:

A great episode for NXT to follow up their great Survivor Series Weekend. Very little filler, aside from Mansoor having a quick match with Shane Thorne. There has to be a way to build Mansoor a bit more naturally, since most of us can see the Saudi Arabia show wins were for the Saudi Arabia fans. Mansoor will get there with time, but a lot of it would be better if he wasn’t made the face of the Saudi Arabia deal. The opening of the show was pretty great, I loved seeing Josiah Williams out there to sing what is apparently a new NXT song of his. And it was actually pretty great for The Undisputed Era to rain on the parade out of ego. I hope Fish isn’t too badly hurt, he got really banged up in WarGames, and I guess he just couldn’t hold out any longer. But Strong subbing in worked just fine, the Undisputed Era VS Lee & Dijakovic was great. Lee Pouncing Cole into the crowd was AWESOME, spot of the night. And I’m glad to see Dijakovic and Lee didn’t break up as a team at the end, I’d love to see even more from them.

We got a lot of great stuff from the NXT Women’s Division tonight. I should’ve realized Candice would step up to be a proxy against Dakota, they had a great match, even with the disqualification finish. Dakota hasn’t been Heel long but she’s already doing great. Rhea gets involved to keep things interwoven, but it sounds like Rhea is ready to go after Shayna for that title now. The next TakeOver isn’t for several months, but I would hope with Worlds Collide making a return for the Royal Rumble, and NXT being considered on par with Raw and SmackDown now, maybe we can get Rhea VS Baszler for that weekend. At the same time, maybe Dakota is used as a way to extend the build. TLC is up first, I wonder if NXT gets involved in their own way. I also liked Xia Li getting to be part of things, maybe she also gets a non-title match with Baszler just so Baszler isn’t sitting around doing nothing but promos.

The NXT Cruiserweight Championship match was great, roughly on par with the Survivor Series Triple Threat they had. Naturally, Rush wins because Tozawa is on Raw and this is the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. I don’t want to be a broken record, but if it were still the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, it could move around the brands. But surely we’re still getting Rush VS Garza Round 2 given the controversy and the animosity. Then we got a real good main event of Balor VS Ciampa, and I’m pretty sure they took things easy after the weekend Ciampa had. It was well-done for them to have Cole help Balor screw Ciampa over, to then swerve back and have Balor attack Cole. I really hope things are headed for a Triple Threat. The trend WWE has had with booking Triple Threats, Balor, Ciampa and Cole will be an amazing match no matter what card it’s put on.

My Score: 9/10

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