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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (11/6/19)

NXT prepares for war!



NEW NXT Coverage

NXT continues on towards TakeOver!

WarGames is on the horizon, but so is the first-ever Survivor Series featuring NXT! Will there be responses from Raw and SmackDown?



  • Pete Dunne VS Damien Priest; Dunne wins.
  • Taynara Conti VS Santana Garrett; Conti wins.
  • Shayna Baszler VS Dakota Kai; Baszler wins.
  • NXT Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Tony Nese VS Angel Garza; Garza wins and will challenge Lio Rush for the title.
  • Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Dominik Dijakovic; Dijakovic wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The OC VS Tommaso Ciampa, Keith Lee & Matt Riddle; No Contest.


BREAKING NEWS: There is a response from the main roster!!

Just before NXT went on the air, The OC appeared to attack the Undisputed Era, minus Adam Cole! Bobby Fish was bloodied by Luke Gallows while Karl Anderson and AJ Styles beat down Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly! Gallows even CHOKE SLAMS Fish through a table! “That’s called a receipt, kids!”

The OC now walks into the arena!

The Phenomenal One and the Best Tag Team in the World beat up security! Full Sail is torn as the trio enters the ring and has a mic. “So this is NXT?” Full Sail chants loud and proud! But Styles needs to understand something: The Undisputed Era tried to take over Raw to start a war? “Well we’re bringing the war to you!” Why not? All the champions just got taken out. So now The OC is taking over NXT. That’s not just Phenomenal, that is Undisputed. And Too Sweet. But here comes Tommaso Ciampa! The Blackheart has a mic of his own to counter. Fans chant “Daddy’s Home!” as Ciampa says that for years, Ciampa used to be asked the same question: When is Ciampa going to the main roster? Well, Styles, Anderson, and Gallows, Ciampa will be the first to welcome the OC to the real main roster.

Ciampa says that NXT is now and always has been THE show, and just happens to be “Daddy’s Home.” So if y’all wanna whip Undisputed Era’s ass, fine by him. But if they’re going to stand in his ring and claim they’re taking over, Ciampa does have a problem there. Styles doesn’t think the three of them should be worried about Ciampa. Styles admits, Ciampa is the only one with balls to say anything. But then Ciampa is joined by Keith Lee and Matt Riddle! “It looks to me like we’ve got plenty of balls.” Ciampa, Lee and Riddle were more than ready to go against the Undisputed Era at WarGames, but it seems they’ve found someone to go to war with tonight! Fans love the sound of that! But AJ Styles says they need to think about that. “You’re on!” The OC will wage war with the Limitless, the Bro and the Psycho Killer!!


Pete Dunne VS Damien Priest!

While NXT may be going after Raw and SmackDown, the Bruiserweight just wants after the Archer of Infamy! Priest aimed low in order to defeat Dunne before, but will Dunne be aiming a little higher? Or will Priest still #LiveForever?

The bell rings and Dunne glares at Priest. Fans duel as Priest and Dunne circle. Priest smirks but backs off to ropes as Dunne approaches. The two tie up and Priest headlocks, but Dunne powers out to speed things up. Dunne hurdles but Priest has the dragon sleeper! No Reckoning yet, Dunne wants the pump handle! Priest denies the Bitter End to choke grip! But Dunne has fingers! Priest breaks free but Dunne bobs ‘n’ weaves those big kicks, only to miss his own forearm. Priest smirks again as NXT goes picture in picture.

The two circle again, tie up, and Dunne headlocks. Priest powers out and elbows him down! Priest soaks up the cheers and jeers, but Dunne KICKS back on his leg! And again and again! Dunne rolls Priest, TWO, but he stomps the arm out! Priest gets up but Dunne clotheslines him out! Priest lands on his feet but slides into Dunne’s trap! Dunne grinds and stomps the hand! Priest reels back, but Dunne is on the apron, and he Penalty Kicks the arm! Priest gets into the ring but Dunne grabs at the arm. Priest spins out to roundhouse Dunne down! Priest grabs at Dunne on the apron but gets caught into a hanging armbar! The ref counts and Dunne lets go at 4! Priest reels back again, but Dunne climbs up top. Dunne suckers Priest in, and has the arm for a KICK! Then he puts the fingers on the post to kick them!

Dunne gets in while Priest shakes out his hand. Dunne wants to bomb but Priest holds the tag ropes to save himself! Priest pushes Dunne away, then catches him for an elevated Complete Shot! Priest finally breathes easy with Dunne down. Priest drags Dunne up but Dunne hits back. Priest swiftly kicks then discus forearms Dunne down! Priest keeps on Dunne with a chinbar, but Dunne has fingers again! Dunne stands but Priest ROCKS him with a right! Priest drags Dunne up to throw him into buckles, then throws big haymakers and stomps to keep him down! The ref backs Priest off but Priest drags Dunne up to whip him corner to corner. Priest runs in to hit a big back elbow in the corner! Then he suplexes Dunne to a Falcon Arrow! Cover, TWO!

NXT returns to single picture as Priest looms over Dunne. Priest toys with Dunne and waits for him to sit up, before he throws another big right! Dunne throws one back! Priest kicks Dunne while he’s down then continues to do so. Priest puts Dunne in a chinlock, grinding his knee into Dunne’s back. Fans rally up and Dunne fights his way up. Priest knees low then shoves Dunne to a corner. Priest runs in but Dunne hops on for a Kimura! But Priest endures and stays standing, to power Dunne to a suplex! Dunne knees free to X-PLEX Priest! Both men are down but Full Sail fires up. Dunne and Priest slowly stand and Dunne throws fast hands! Priest swings but misses, and Dunne just CHOPS away! Dunne whips but Priest blocks to reverse. Dunne goes up and over to enziguri! Priest staggers about, Dunne goes up, and leaps to dropkick the legs out!

Fans fire up as Dunne has Priest, but Priest elbows free. Priest runs but Dunne sidesteps, only for Priest to standing switch out of the rebound German! Priest suplexes, but Dunne lands on his feet to BUZZSAW! Priest bails out but Dunne goes to the apron to climb up top. Dunne MOONSAULTS! Direct hit wipes them both out! Full Sail rallies for “NXT! NXT!” The ring count begins and Dunne gets in at 4. Priest crawls over to steel steps at 5 but Dunne goes out to pursue. Priest knees low and whips Dunne at steel steps. Dunne hops up to moonsault back! But Priest gets clear to choke grip and CHOKE SLAM on the apron! Dunne writhes but Priest puts him in to climb up top. Priest aims, but flies into a forearm! Dunne has Priest, powerbomb! Cover, TWO!!

Both men are down but fans builds back up to a rally. Dunne is up first and aims, to STOMP the hands! BUZZSAW! Pump handle, but no Bitter End! Ear clap to ROUNDHOUSE! Dunne bails out, Priest catches his breath, but then Priest builds speed to FLY! The step-up tope conjilo wipes Dunne out, and both men are down as NXT goes to break!

NXT returns as Dunne and Priest are brawling fast and furious! Priest spins but into Dunne’s HARD right! Dunne fires off more, but he spins into a HARD right from Priest! Dunne rebounds, but BOTH men throw big rights! Priest falls over but comes back to clothesline with Dunne! And double KICKS take both men out! Full Sail gives a standing ovation for this one as both men are down again. Dunne and Priest stir as the standing count begins. Fans hope they “Fight Forever!” as Dunne dodges a kick. Priest wrenches and headbutts! But Priest LARIATS! Choke grip, but Dunne enziguris Priest away! Dunne runs in, goes up but gets caught, CRUCIFIX BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Dunne lives and Priest is too tired to be shocked.

Fans duel again as another standing count begins. Priest stands first, takes aim, but Dunne grabs the hand! Dunne has those fingers, but Priest runs at the ref! The ref turns away and Priest kicks low, but Dunne blocks it! To LOW BLOW Priest back! Dunne drags Priest into the armbar, and SNAPS the fingers!! Priest taps, Dunne wins!!

Winner: Pete Dunne, by submission

Turnabout is fair play! And the Bruiserweight gets even with the Archer of Infamy! Will this feud go down in infamy on the road to WarGames?

But here comes Killian Dain! The Beast of Belfast wants revenge for his fingers, but Priest pulls him off Dunne?! To go after Dunne himself! Dain headbutts Priest out! Then Dain aims at Dunne, runs in corner to corner, big corner splash! Dunne is down, Dain goes up, VADER BOMB! The referee tells Dain to leave, but Dain warns Dunne this is what he gets. Dain does leave Dunne, but Priest goes after him! But his own bad hand hinders him, and Dain rams Priest into steps! Dain gets space, to CANNONBALL into Priest! Big Damo has decimated Dunne and Damien, will he continue to destroy whoever stands in his way?


The WarGames teams are being assembled!

As announced on WWE’s The Bump, team captains Rhea Ripley and Shayna Baszler have recruited teammates for the historic 4v4 Women’s WarGames match. Shayna chose Io Shirai and Bianca Belair while Rhea chose Tegan Nox and Candice LeRae. However, that leaves each team with a fourth partner to be picked. Who will Rhea and Shayna recruit in time to make history?


Backstage interview with Dakota Kai.

Rhea and Shayna both didn’t see much stock in choosing the Captain of Team Kick. Rhea doesn’t see Dakota as a strong enough of a fighter, while Shayna says Dakota is just a “waste of a pick.” But Dakota is taking Shayna on tonight, so what is she hoping to prove? Everyone knows the history between Dakota and Shayna. But Dakota isn’t the same person she is before, she’s more fired up than ever before. Dakota proves to both teams why she deserves to be in WarGames! And if Shayna wants to say Dakota is a waste of a pick, let’s see what she says after Dakota kicks her face off!


Taynara Conti VS Santana Garrett!

Surely both the Brazilian Blackbelt and the returning real-life Superwoman surely both want to make impressions on the team captains tonight. But which woman makes the biggest impression by taking home a win?

The bell rings and Taynara circles with Santana. They tie up, push each other around, but Taynara hops up to get an armbar takedown! Santana makes it a cover, ONE as Taynara lets her go. The two go again, Taynara waistlocks but Santana reverses to a wristlock. Taynara kicks and knuckle locks for an STO! Cover but Santana bridges. Taynara sweeps the legs to crisscross the arms and pull! Santana reaches up to drag Taynara down with headscissors! Taynara pops out, but runs into arm-drags! Santana wrenches and Russian Leg Sweeps to a cover, TWO! Santana runs but Taynara tightly overhead suplexes, then KNEES Santana at the ropes! Taynara wraps Santana’s arm on the ropes to kick away! The ref counts and Taynara lets up at 4, to drag Santana. Santana holds ropes, so Taynara kicks out the arms! Cover, TWO!

Taynara grits her teeth, growing frustrated with the Mae Young Classic competitor. Taynara sits Santana up to kick away on her back and shoulder. Taynara drags Santana up but Santana hits back with forearms! Taynara knees low then reels Santana in, judo takedown to takedown! Taynara wrenches Santana, rolls her, umaplata into Rings of Saturn! Santana endures, reaches with legs, and pries an arm free to push to a cover. TWO and Taynara crucifixes, TWO! Santana jawbreakers back! Taynara staggers, but runs into an elbow. And a boot! Santana dodges in the corner, runs back in and rallies with forearms! Santana handspring back elbows in the corner! Taynara walks into a waistlock, but she bucks Santana off. Santana handsprings back to DECK Taynara! Cover, TWO!! Taynara survives and Santana can’t believe it. But Santana runs, handsprings, but her moonsault misses! Taynara Brazil BOOTS her down! Cover, Taynara wins!

Winner: Taynara Conti, by pinfall

Has this gotten the attention of Rhea and Shayna? Or is there still something more the team captains are looking for in a WarGames teammate?


Shayna Baszler VS Dakota Kai!

The Queen of Spades doesn’t think much of Team Kick’s kiwi, as we’ve seen in the past. However, Dakota has grown since returning from those injuries, and looks to prove she’s worthy of WarGames. Will Dakota kick her way to a pick? Or will Shayna simply use her as a warm-up on her way to a busy Survivor Series weekend?

Shayna of course has her Horsewomen ringside, so Dakota will have to keep her head on a swivel. The bell rings and Dakota circles with Shayna. They tie up, Shayna powers Dakota to a corner, but lets up at the ref’s count. Dakota gives a shove! They tie up again and Shayna waistlocks to then pull hair. She shoves Dakota, but Dakota pie faces! Shayna waistlocks and has the hair again but Dakota leg trips! Dakota runs but fakes Shayna out, to scuff her with a boot! Dakota eggs Shayna on, then BOOTS her back! Shayna dodges in the corner but Dakota goes up and over to roll her up, TWO! Dakota arm-drags Shayna then leaping snapmares! PENALTY KICK! Shayna bails out to cool off, but Dakota aims from the apron. Shayna catches the kick to throw Dakota into the post! Dakota is down and Shayna goes to the ring.

Dakota gets up and in but Shayan is on that bad leg! Shayna stomps away then drags Dakota into a knee wrench! Dakota endures as Shayna pulls hard, but she refuses to quit. Dakota kicks with her free leg but Shayna turns her over. Shayna lets her hair down to STOMP the ankle!! Dakota clutches her foot as she goes to ropes. Shayna may have damaged Dakota all over again as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns as Dakota fights against a heel hook! Shayna lets go and Dakota hobbles to a corner. Shayna runs in, Dakota STOMPS Shayna down! Fans rally up as both women slowly rise. Dakota lariats and rallies on Shayna! Dakota boots and hook kicks to then quickly go to the apron. Dakota forearms, drags Shayna down and spins her around for a BOOT! Shayna is reeling, fans are rallying, Dakota runs in for the swinging meteora! Cover, TWO! Dakota hurries to a corner and climbs up top. Shayna stops her with a kick! Shayna climbs up, clubs away on Dakota’s back, then brings her in for a GUT WRENCH SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Dakota still lives but she is dazed. Shayna and Dakota both slowly rise as fans duel. Shayna forearms but Dakota hits back! They brawl from their knees to their feet!

Dakota forearms, Shayna body shots Dakota forearms, Shayna forearms back. They pick up speed and go around the ring, and now it’s just fast and furious! Shayna staggers Dakota, blocks, but misses to get a headbutt! Dakota is learning from Tegan! But she runs into a roundhouse! Dakota rebounds to DISCUS! Shayna is in a corner, Dakota goes Around the World, but into Shayna’s ROUNDHOUSE! Dakota still gets the BOOT WASH! Both women are down again and fans are rallying up! Shayna rises first but Dakota slowly follows. Dakota drags Shayna up by her hair to kick away on her face! Dakota fireman’s carries, but the bad leg lets out. Shayna kicks the leg out, then runs to hit the step-up KNEE! Cover, TWO!! KIRAFUDA KLUTCH!! Dakota flips out to BOOT Shayna!

Dakota runs, but into a takedown! KIRAFUDA AGAIN! Dakota flails, rolls, reaches, but Shayna uses a leg to trap Dakota! Dakota taps, Shayna wins!

Winner: Shayna Baszler, by submission

The Submission Magician had just enough tricks to defeat Dakota. Will losing impress Rhea Ripley?

But then the Horsewomen go after Dakota for good measure! But here comes Team Rhea! Only for Team Baszler to intercept! Io Shirai wipes out Candice into the titantron then brawls with Tegan while Rhea gets sent into steel steps! Bianca joins in to go after Tegan, and Team Baszler has the advantage! Until MIA YIM attacks with a kendo stick!! Head Baddie swinging for the fences on all of Baszler’s team! And then gets at Baszler herself! Full Sail is thunderous as Mia stands tall protecting Dakota. If not Dakota, then has Mia Yim just made herself Rhea’s fourth pick?


Backstage interview with Ciampa, Lee and Riddle.

After running all over SmackDown and Raw, they take on The OC in Full Sail. The question is then, do they have a fourth man for WarGames with the Undisputed Era? One thing at a time. Everyone will know when they know. As for The OC, they’re coming into NXT looking for a fight. Come on in, the door is wide open! But will Team Blackheart slam that door shut on this takeover going the other way?


NXT Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Tony Nese VS Angel Garza!

The Man of the Hour has got targets on his back from both the black ‘n’ gold and the purple ‘n’ orange. The Premier Athlete is a 205 Live pillar while the pride de La Familia de Garza looks to make himself a cornerstone of this Cruiserweight Division. Who will be meeting Lio Rush for the title in the near future?

The bell rings and Full Sail is on Garza’s side. Garza counts his own abs and sees he’s not too far off Nese’s 8-pack. The two tie up and go around into a corner. Nese and Garza both pull hair! They tell each other to let go, but Garza shoves Nese away. They go again, Nese waistlocks but Garza leg trips to a leg lock! Garza has Nese in the Trailer Hitch, but Nese slips out to cover, ONE and Garza facelocks. Nese slips out but Garza powers him over, but the two separate. Fans cheer this opening exchange! The two get up and go again, and Nese kicks to wrench Garza to the mat. Nese grinds a knee into Garza’s shoulder, but fans rally. Garza rolls up and around to wrench but Nese rolls to a waistlock and slam! Nese flexes on Garza as fans boo and jeer.

Garza and Nese get up and go again. Garza ducks to shove, hurdle but Nese leaps over. Things speed up more, Garza huricanranas! And… No! Nese denies the pants removal with a CHOP! Fans boo but Garza CHOPS back! Nese CHOPS, and Garza eggs him on! Nese CHOPS but Garza wants more. Nese trips him to throw hands but Garza turns it around to throw hands of his own. Both men break and end up in corners. Nese runs in but Garza dodges, only to walk into an elbow! Nese bumps Garza off buckles then throws body shots. Garza turns it around to put Nese up top, but Nese boots him away. Garza enziguris back! Garza climbs up to join Nese, clubs away on Nese first, then wants the superplex. Nese fights back, adjusts, sunset flip but no bomb! The pants come off!! Garza then missile dropkicks Nese down! Garza grins as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Garza fights out of Nese’s hold. Nese pulls hair again to whip Garza. Garza rolls, rebounds and forearms! Garza is rallying, and he dropkicks Nese down! Nese is reeling, and is sent to the apron. Garza sweeps to WRECK Nese with the dropkick! Garza then goes out and climbs up top, SUPER MOONSAULT! And he’s right back up! Fans cheer for “NXT! NXT!” as Garza puts Nese in. Nese misses his kick, Garza underhooks, butterfly backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Nese lives, showing that toughness that made him a champion. But Garza drags him up to slap Nese around. Nese slips under, pump handles, and scoops to a SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Nese is learning how tough Garza is, but he drags Garza up to pump handle again. Another lift, but Garza slips out to inverted gut wrench, falling lung blower!

Garza has Nese in the drop zone and fans rallying behind. Garza is up top, SHORYUKEN from Nese! Garza shoulders in but into a kick! Nese roundhouses then sweeps the legs, then slingshots. Nese fakes Garza out and cartwheels over to run into a tilt-o-whirl DDT to the floor! Nese puts Garza in, climbs up top, 450 SPLASH! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Garza knew where he was and Nese can’t believe it! Nese drags Garza up and chops, but Garza CHOPS. Nese haymakers but so does Garza. Garza gets an edge, but Nese ROCKS him at the ropes. Nese runs into a SUPERKICK! Garza spins Nese, but they both CHOP! Both men are stinging, but Nese back drops Garza at the ropes. But perhaps too close, as Garza rebounds to powerbomb! Cover, TWO!! Nese lives but Garza won’t stop!

Garza puts Nese in a drop zone, corner LIONSAULT! But Garza catches Nese’s boots, and sits him up to mule kick! Garza underhooks, lifts, Wing Clipper! Cover, Garza wins!!

Winner: Angel Garza, by pinfall; NEW #1 Contender to the NXT Cruiserweight Championship

The butterfly sit-out driver is what grounds Nese and now Garza is going for gold! But Lio Rush appears to meet his new challenger face-to-face. Lio offers a handshake, saying he looks forward to this match. Garza SLAPS Lio instead! Lio manages to laugh it off. But will Lio give that back in spades on next week’s NXT?


Backstage interview with Team Rhea.

After what we just saw, is it safe to assume Rhea has her fourth? Well that was absolute brutality, exactly how Rhea likes it. If Shayna wants a fight, she’s getting a fight. The fourth and final member IS Mia Yim! Mia has been fighting her whole life, and now at WarGames, the team is “collecting bodies!” Mia is more than ready. Rhea apologizes to Dakota, but she just didn’t make the cut. Dakota tries to be happy for those who did, but she does sulk away. The Mosh Pit Kid has her team, but who will Shayna respond with?


Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Dominik Dijakovic!

Ciampa says this is Daddy’s Home but it’s also whose house? Swerve’s House! Swerve has gotten big wins between NXT and 205 Live, but is this going to be his literally biggest win yet? Or will he #FeastHisEyes on a defeat courtesy of the Croatian Colossus?

The bell rings and the two circle. Swerve gets the wristlock and wrenches, but Dijakovic pulls Swerve’s head into a headlock. Dijakovic cravats and snapmares but Swerve rolls and kips up to copy the Feast Your Eyes! Swerve ducks the big hands to fire off kicks! Fans cheer as Swerve throws body shots and more kicks. Swerve rocks Dijakovic with that right then wrenches, but Dijakovic reverses the whip. Swerve goes up and over but gets caught to the fireman’s carry! Dijakovic pops Swerve up for a knee strike, and a TOSS! Dijakovic stomps Swerve down then rains down rights! Dijakovic drags Swerve up and fans duel, but it’s “Time to Fly!” Suplex TOSS! Cover, TWO! Dijakovic stomps Swerve then powers him to a corner for big back elbows!

Fans rally up as Dijakovic CLUBS Swerve. Dijakovic whips then scoops Swerve to a backbreaker! And he steps up for a falling splash! Cover, TWO! Swerve crawls away but Dijakovic stalks over. Dijakovic drags Swerve up by his dreads to throw him down. Swerve kicks back from the mat, then rolls to spring up, Complete Shot! Fans rally for Swerve as Dijakovic staggers. Swerve hits a big back elbow then kicks the legs out, to drop the elbow on Dijakovic’s shoulders! Swerve runs in but is put on the apron. He ducks the back hand to get in, Swerve gets a GERMAN SUPLEX on Dijakovic! Swerve runs in but gets buckles, and Dijakovic hops up, only for Swerve to sweep the legs and SUPERKICK! Dijakovic is stuck, Swerve hits a satellite DDT! Cover, ONE!?

Swerve refocuses and heads to a corner. Dijakovic stirs as fans rally up, but Swerve goes up top, only for Dijakovic to SUPERKICK his legs out! Torture rack, FEAST YOUR EYES on a roll up! TWO, and Swerve fakes Dijakovic out, basement enziguri! Swerve runs in to throw a forearm, then rolls, into the CYCLONE KICK! Dijakovic choke grips, CHOKE BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Swerve survives and Dijakovic can’t believe it! Fans rally up, Dijakovic drags Swerve up, and shouts “You’re a nobody!” Dijakovic sands Swerve up and laughs at him, to choke grip. But Swerve turns the choke slam into a POISON RANA! Dijakovic is dazed and Swerve climbs up top, KILL-STOMPS TO THE APRON!! Swerve puts Dijakovic in, runs, spinning lariat!! Cover, TWO!!

Fans are fired up as Swerve takes aim again. Swerve runs in, but into Dijakovic’s grip. But Swerve breaks out, to SUPERKICK! Dijakovic tries to reel Swerve in but Swerve breaks free to ROCK him with a right. But Dijakovic spins and LARIATS! But Swerve is right up to dumdum stomps!? Dijakovic is reeling, Swerve runs in, hops up, but into the torture rack! FEAST YOUR EYES for real! Cover, Dijakovic wins!!

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic, by pinfall

A colossal challenge, and in the end, Swerve was knocked down the mountain. With Ciampa still needing a fourth man, will he give Dijakovic a call?


A big match is announced!

To determine which side gets the advantage in the Women’s WarGames match, Io Shirai and Mia Yim will go 1v1 in a Ladder match! Who ascends to help their team get a leg up on the other?


Six Man Tag: The OC VS Tommaso Ciampa, Keith Lee & Matt Riddle!

AJ Styles and the Good Brothers were the first from Raw to respond to NXT’s takeover, but didn’t expect there to be three superstars brave enough to step up. Will the Blackheart and his team keep Full Sail from being #JustTooSweet?

The trios meet in the ring, and the brawl is on! Fists are flying as Styles has Riddle, Gallows is against Ciampa and Lee throws Anderson out! The brawling spills out of the ring and Riddle turns it around on Styles. Ciampa and Lee regroup on their end as Riddle forearms away on Styles. But Styles sends Riddle into railing, as does Gallows to Ciampa. Styles gets in the ring but Ciampa powers past Gallows to meet him with the bell! Fans are behind “Daddy Ciampa!” as he brawls with Styles! Ciampa shoves but misses his knee, to dodge Styles’ back hand to ROCK him with a right! Ciampa runs, but into a dropkick! Ciampa ends up outside with Riddle, and Styles slingshots! Styles hits Riddle with the forearm, then puts Ciampa in the ring. Ciampa gets Styles, Willow’s Bell draping DDT! Cover, TWO!!

Ciampa drags Styles up and over and tags to Lee. Lee clubs Styles down then drags Styles up. Styles slips out of the scoop to kick and chop block a leg out. Styles staggers, tag to Gallows. Gallows and Lee meet as the biggest men in the match and fans sing for Lee. They tie up, Gallows headlocks but Lee powers out. Lee rams shoulders but neither man falls. Gallows runs and rams but Lee doesn’t budge. Lee runs and rams Gallows and makes him step back! Gallows dares Lee to try that again, but he goes to swing. Lee dodges and rams Gallows out of the ring! Gallows is in quick and kicks low to then throw uppercuts. Tag to Anderson and he mule kicks. The Machine Gun soaks up the heat, but Lee hurdles over Anderson to crossbody! Fans are fired up as NXT goes picture in picture.

Lee looms over Anderson then brings him over. Tag to Ciampa and Ciampa stomps away! The ref backs Ciampa off but Ciampa drags Anderson up. Ciampa whips but Anderson reverses, only for Ciampa to grab ropes. Ciampa kicks back but Styles trips him up! Gallows ROCKS Ciampa with an uppercut while Anderson distracts the ref. Anderson sends Ciampa out and Styles hits him with a sliding knee! Anderson drags Ciampa back in to whip corner to corner hard! Anderson drags Ciampa up and into the OC’s corner for big uppercuts. Tag to Gallows and Gallows fires off body shots! Gallows drops elbow after elbow on Ciampa then covers, TWO! Gallows drags Ciampa up by his beard to headbutt him into the OC’s corner. Tag to Styles and Styles stomps a mudhole into Ciampa. Ciampa taunts Riddle and Lee, then drags Ciampa up. Ciampa fights back with big haymakers, but Styles hits back! And then hits a backbreaker!

Styles taunts Riddle and Lee more then wraps Ciampa up in a chinlock. Fans rally and Ciampa fights his way up. Styles puts Ciampa in the corner and tags Anderson, and the OC mugs Ciampa. Fans boo and jeer but Anderson drags Ciampa up into a snapmare. Anderson chinlocks and grinds Ciampa down, but fans rally up. Ciampa fights his way up to jawbreaker free! Ciampa hits the OC, but Anderson redirects him for a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Anderson drags Anderson over to the OC corner and tags in Gallows. Gallows gives Ciampa more body shots then snap suplexes him down. Gallows drives elbow after elbow into Ciampa’s shoulder, then wraps on a chinlock of his own. Ciampa endures, fights his way up and jawbreakers free again! Ciampa dumps Gallows out, but Gallows trips Lee up and YAKUZA KICKS!

Gallows gets back in and drags Ciampa away, tag to Anderson. Anderson brings Ciampa up but Ciampa throws haymakers! Anderson uppercuts then hops up, but leaps into a KNEE! Both men are down and Full Sail is thunderous! Ciampa and Anderson crawl, hot tags to Styles and Riddle! The Bro rallies on the OC! Big forearm for Styles, PELE for Anderson! Riddle kips up to forearm and BROSPLODER Styles! Forearm for Anderson! And a BROSPLODER! BROTON for Styles! BROTON for Anderson! Penalty Kick for Styles! Riddle dead lift GERMAN SUPLEXES Anderson! Ripcord to Final Flash knee, Bro To Sleep and a German! Bridging cover, but Gallows breaks it! Lee returns but gets a ROUNDHOUSE! Anderson gets in, Gallows lifts Lee, but Ciampa stops Magic Killer! Ciampa throws Anderson out, Gallows uppercuts Ciampa back! Lee lifts Gallows, but Gallows elbows like crazy. It’s not enough! Lee SLAMS Gallows!

Styles runs at Lee, tornado DDT! Riddle has Styles in the German but Styles lands on his feet to enziguri! Suplex, BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Riddle still lives and Styles is shocked! Full Sail is thunderous again for “NXT! NXT!” as Styles wants his Clash. But Riddle powers out, only to run into a boot, then a forearm! Styles springboards, but Riddle gets under, LEE POUNCES STYLES! But into the ref! Lee realizes what he did, but he also sees Gallows and Anderson. Lee builds speed, Anderson returns, but Lee clotheslines Anderson and himself out! Riddle builds speed now, FOSBURY FLOP, but he wrecks himself in it! Ciampa hits Styles with the Psycho Knee! Underhooks, but here comes BALOR!! Finn Balor said his future is his past, and his past is Too Sweet. Styles PELES in the distraction!

Balor has Riddle, BLOODY SUNDAY! Finn and Styles lock eyes, and throw up the Too Sweet and finger guns. Styles drags Ciampa up, has Ciampa in the Clash, but Adam Cole appears to SUPERKICK STYLES!! The only member of the Undisputed Era that wasn’t attacked, and he defends his brand! But then he gives Ciampa the Last Shot?!? Cole still hates Ciampa, and Cole stares Finn down. Cole and Finn are the only two that stand tall, what does this mean for the power balance in NXT?



My Thoughts:

A great episode of NXT right here that does an equally great job of blending the WarGames and Survivor Series stories together. Though, I’m surprised the response from main roster wasn’t SmackDown based, as they were first attacked. But maybe that’s next week. We do get a great match out of Dunne VS Priest for a purely NXT story. Naturally, Dunne wins with some payback, and naturally Killian Dain comes after Dunne for his own revenge. I did not expect Priest and Dain to fight each other, perhaps we’ll get a Triple Threat out of them sometime between now and WarGames. Taynara VS Santana was technically not filler, it is technically still possible for Taynara to be the fourth woman for Team Shayna. We also got a great match out of Swerve VS Dijakovic. This can also be seen as a match where perhaps one becomes the fourth man for the Men’s WarGames match on Team Ciampa.

The NXT Cruiserweight Contender’s match was incredible, Nese and Garza did amazing for their first match against each other. With the title becoming NXT property, it did make some sense for Garza to get the win, and now we’ll get that match next week. However, this will again make me wonder what happens with 205 Live’s stories. Is Nese just out and now he has to feud with a Face on Fridays? Shayna VS Dakota was a great match, and it was a great way to bring in the Women’s WarGames story. Even when I was hoping the Women’s WarGames match was 5v5 I knew it would be Mia Yim joining Team Rhea. But now that it’s confirmed just 4v4, I really hope this snub doesn’t turn Dakota. She and Tegan just got reunited as Team Kick, so maybe Dakota helps counter Jessamyn and Marina, who will surely be present even if they’re not in the match.

Everything with The OC, Undisputed Era and Team Ciampa was great tonight. I love the touch of detail as Fish was getting beat up, just that random blood splatter on the trailer. Good promos from Styles and Ciampa to set up the Six Man Tag, and then the match itself was incredible. It makes all the sense in the world for Finn to make his presence known on behalf of The OC, aka the newest form of The (Balor) Club. It was also completely logical for Adam Cole, conspicuous by his absence in the beat down, to go after The OC himself. And then it still made a ton of sense for him to go after Ciampa, knowing that WarGames is coming. And the intriguing thing was Cole and Finn staring down. Finn still has Gargano for WarGames, but it is still unclear if Finn is with or against the Undisputed Era, and this was a good tease to keep us guessing.

My Score: 9/10

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