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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (11/14/19)

Who defines true British wrestling?




Can the Big Strong Boy keep British Strong Style alive?

Not only will Tyler Bate defend the honor of A-Kid, he will defend British wrestling against “Wrestling Genius” Kassius Ohno! But does Bate have what it takes to avoid a KO from KO?



  • Xia Brookside VS Kay Lee Ray; KLR wins.
  • Travis Banks VS Ligero; Banks wins.
  • Kassius Ohno VS Tyler Bate; Bate wins.


Xia Brookside VS Kay Lee Ray!

Still sore over the sneaky way the sinister Scottish lass won the Women’s Battle Royal, the second generation sensation wants some payback! But can she win big over THE NXT UK Women’s Champion? Or will she find out how much of a KiLleR the champ can be?

The bell rings and fans rally behind Xia and she circles with KLR. Xia and KLR tie up and go around, and KLR powers Xia to the corner. The ref calls for the break but KLR gives it roughly. Xia stays just clear of that haymaker! KLR and Xia tie up again, KLR gets the arm and wrenches to a shoulder breaker. KLR taunts Xia but Xia rolls and wrenches around to a headlock. KLR blocks the takedown once, but as she lifts Xia, Xia uses the leverage to get the takedow the second time! Xia grinds KLR down and thrashes her around but KLR works to the headscissors counter. KLR squeezes tight but Xia moves around. Xia gets up for a headstand, flaps the legs and pops out to shimmy shake at KLR. KLR sneers as the two circle again. KLR gets around for a waistlock and full nelson but Xia breaks free. Xia wristlocks but KLR grabs hair to get the reversal.

KLR wrenches but Xia works against it, using the ropes to flip through. Xia wrings KLR but KLR gets up all cocky. KLR turns around for Xia to wrench her again! Xia goes after that wrist but KLR DECKS her! Fans boo as KLR stomps Xia down. KLR drags Xia up by her hair to give clubbing forearms against the ropes. KLR whips but Xia reverses to a crucifix takedown! TWO, but Xia rocks KLR back for another cover, TWO! KLR powers up to lift Xia in that position, but Xia slips to a sunset flip, TWO! Xia grabs KLR for a headlock fast and thrashes her about! KLR pulls hair then lifts Xia to put her on the top rope. The ref calls for the break, KLR lets go, and Xia boots her away. Xia leaps but KLR catches her! KLR pops Xia around for a scoop slam! KLR stomps Xia and grinds her down at the ropes. The ref backs KLR off and KLR grins as she stalks Xia. KLR stomps Xia more then clubs her down for good measure.

KLR drags Xia up but Xia fights back with body shots! KLR clubs Xia again, then drops her with a gourd buster! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer but KLR is frustrated. KLR drags Xia up again, spins her around but Xia fights out of the Gory Especial! Xia then back drops KLR! Fans rally up as both Xia and KLR slowly rise. KLR walks into a jawbreaker! Xia runs to bulldog KLR down! Cover, TWO! Xia keeps on KLR, but KLR CHOPS her back! Fans still cheer Xia on but KLR brings Xia up again. Xia throws big forearms over and over, but her clothesline misses. Xia comes back to tilt-o-whirl headscissor KLR inot buckles! Xia runs in but only gets buckles, but she still elbows KLR away. Xia hops up, headscissors but KLR blocks to bring her up. Xia fights with fists, and finishes the SPIKE-RANA! Cover, TWO!! Xia almost had her, and goes back for more. KLR cradles, TWO! SUPERKICK! Underhooks, GORY BOMB! Cover, KLR wins!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray, by pinfall

#ScaryQueenofScots clips the wings of Xia, not wanting to #FlyWithBrookside. Will Xia learn from this loss and grow? Or has KLR finished her championship aspirations right here?


The battle lines have been drawn in NXT UK!

Imperium has been imposing their will on the brand. And Alexander Wolfe wanted Ilja Dragunov to consider where he stood. For weeks, Wolfe gave the Moscow Madman reasons to consider signing up. And when Gallus stood against Imperium, Dragunov stood with them! He shocked Wolfe completely with that decision, and now the numbers are even! Will Imperium’s absolute power be put in question by this unique alliance?


NXT UK has more with Piper Niven.

“There are so many kids who don’t feel confident in themselves.” As a plus-sized pro-wrestler, Piper feels she is a positive role model for so many kids who also didn’t feel they could play certain sports or do certain things just for being bigger. Your looks shouldn’t stop you from doing something. The messages from boys and girls around the world encourages Piper that she’s got what it takes. Piper may have a pretty smile, but she’s serious in the ring. She got written off by a lot of people in a lot of places, but she’s got more passion and heart than most.


Travis Banks VS Ligero!

The last time the Kiwi Buzzsaw and the Luchador of Leeds went head to head, it came out a draw. Both men have gone back to the drawing board and are ready to try again. Who prepared better to get a clear cut win in the rematch?

The bell rings and Banks steps up to Ligero to offer a handshake. Ligero takes it to show there is still respect here, but then he breaks the handshake with his foot. Banks boots but Ligero dodges and sweeps the legs, standing moonsault misses as Banks moves. Banks dropkicks but Ligero dodges again and CHOPS! But Banks doesn’t flinch, he just CHOPS back! Ligero throws a forearm so Banks gives it back. They go back to CHOPS and then back to forearms, but neither man slows down. They speed up, Ligero shoves, and both men BOOT the other down! Fans cheer as both men slowly rise. Ligero kicks but Banks blocks to sweep legs. Banks drags Ligero up, suplex but Ligero fights out. Ligero whips, Banks reverses but Ligero handsprings for a crossbody! Cover, TWO, Ligero lariats! Cover, TWO!

Banks gets to a corner but Ligero is on him right away. Ligero CHOPS Banks off his feet, but Banks gets up to CHOP back. Ligero CHOPS Banks again then throws forearms. Ligero throws hands on Banks and wraps him up in a modified cobra twist. Banks endures that deep bend, and fights free, only for Ligero to elbow him down. Ligero sits Banks up to CHOP as fans duel. Ligero CHOPS more, then brings Banks up for a clothesline. But Banks takes it! Ligero swings agian but into underhooks. Banks and Ligero fight over the backslide, deja vu from their first match, double cover, TWO! Banks kicks and CHOPS away on Ligero! Ligero knees low then whips, but Banks stops himself in the corner to sweep legs. Ligero eats buckles, then Banks dropkicks from behind!

Banks keeps moving, going to the adjacent corner and up top. Banks leaps, Coast2Coast! Cover, TWO! Banks keeps his cool as he goes after Ligero again. Fans rally as Banks runs to the corner, but Ligero follows, SUNSET BOMB! DESTROYER! Cover, TWO!! Banks survives the double dose of sunsets but Ligero drags him to a drop zone. Ligero goes to the ropes and steps up, springboard splash FLOPS! Banks gets Ligero up, but Ligero cradle counters, TWO! Banks has the cover now, TWO! Another double cover in the cradle, TWO!! Banks drags Ligero up, Snap German! SUPERKICK! But then Ligero pop-up forearm SMASH! Back kick and reel in, but it’s Banks who hits a KIWI KRUSHER! Cover, TWO!! Fans are loving this intensity! Both men are down and a standing count begins.

Fans rally up as Banks crawls away to a corner. Banks is up at 5 but the ref wants him to get back in. Banks crawls up top, Ligero rises, and SHORYUKENS! Ligero climbs up to join Banks now, throws forearms but Banks throws them back. Ligero keeps forcing his way up, clubs Banks into position, SUPERPLEX! Fans love “NXT! NXT!” but Ligero has to crawl after Banks. Banks rolls away to prevent a cover, getting to the apron. Ligero joins Banks on the outside, and CHOPS! Banks CHOPS back! The CHOP fight begins again, but then Banks throws big body shots. Banks brings Ligero in, hooks a leg, FISHERMAN SUPLEX on the apron!!

Ligero is writhing from hitting so hard. Banks drags himself to a corner of the apron, aims at Ligero, but Ligero gets clear of the stomps! Banks runs back in, into an elbow! Ligero hops up on the steps, C4L tornado DDT to the floor!! Ligero drags Banks up and in quick, but Joseph Conners attacks!? The Righteous Killer has had history with the LIght i the past, but Banks missed that. Slice of Heaven!! Cover, Banks wins!

Winner: Travis Banks, by pinfall

And then Conners goes after Banks! Conners hates both these “shiny new toys” but fans chant, “You Still Suck!” Conners is wearing the previous United Kingdom Championship tournament shirt as a clue to his motivation. “This was supposed to be about ME!” Conners was going to be the very first WWE United Kingdom Champion! But it didn’t happen that way. “I was there, but where am I now?” Conners was to be part of UK TakeOver, but he wasn’t. Conners is TakeOver worthy! Conners IS worthy! Is he not worthy?! “Who are you to say that I am not worthy!?” Conners is sick of excuses and ignorance. As far as Conners is concerned, as long as he continues to suffer, he will make everyone else suffer with him. Three years of anger and bitterness is about to explode, who will be the next target of the Righteous Killer?


NXT UK, beware Ridge Holland.

“Get ready. NXT UK, I’ll be seeing ya.” His debut is next week!


NXT UK shares footage of William Regal visiting the UK Performance Center.

The General Managers met, but NXT UK Media wanted to know what the visit was about. Well he was mostly just visiting some old friends. But Alexander Wolfe walked by to ask the GM’s for a favor. Wolfe wants a match with Dragunov ASAP. Sid Scala discussed this quickly with Johnny Saint, but Wolfe doesn’t care what Sid has to say. He is asking Mr. Saint. Wolfe needs the match. Saint gives him his match, and Scala says that match will happen next week. Wolfe is satisfied and thanks Saint before leaving. But will Wolfe make Dragunov be the one to regret his decision?


Kassius Ohno VS Tyler Bate!

The Wrestling Genius claims he’s the best at British wrestling, but shows he’s a sore loser against anyone who manages to best him. The Big Strong Boy defended A-Kid from such wrath, but must now face it himself. Will British Strong Style live on through Bate? Or will it be the Knockout Artist that snuffs out the last embers?

The bell rings and fans chant for Bate already. But Ohno thinks they mean he’s the Big Strong Boy and flexes. Ohno and Bate circle and stare down as fans switch to singing for Bate. Bate and Ohno tie up and go around and Ohno puts Bate in the corner. Fans still sing and Ohno gets annoyed. He and Bate tie up again and Ohno gets around to a leg trip. Fans still rally for Bate and Bate rocks his way up to a kip up and hook of the leg. Bate works on adding to the hold but Ohno pries it apart. But Bate still has the wrist and uses that to bring Ohno to his knees. Ohno works on his reversal, spinning and dropping to get a drop toehold of sorts. Ohno has the arm and pulls but Bate endures. Fans rally and Bate works his way up and floats to a cover, ONE! Ohno and Bate stand off as fans cheer.

Bate and Ohno approach and tie up again, and Ohno gets the cravat. Bate endures the crank, Ohno snapmares and runs, but things speed up as Bate redirects and hops on for the Iron Octopus! Bate pulls on Ohno’s arm but Ohno pries free again, and even has Bate on his back. But Bate wiggles to a sunset flip, but Ohno stays up. Ohno cranks Bate’s head from that position! And then turns him over for a deep chinlock clutch! Fans rally as Bate endures, even as Ohno bends him all the way back. Ohno has the arms now for a modified surfboard stretch, but fans still rally. Bate powers up and out! Bate and Ohno circle as “Big Strong Boy!” echoes out again. Ohno and Bate go again, but Ohno headlocks quick. Ohno sneaks in palm strikes then chinbars Bate for a shot under the jaw! Bate stays up, though!

Bate glares as he ties up with Ohno again. Ohno headlocks while talking trash. Bate endures and Ohno goes to bop Bate with his boot, but Bate grabs it! Bate reels Ohno in to a headlock of his own to use those same boot bops! Ohno turns things around in the corner but Bate uses his boot again! Bate dares Ohno to come back for more, but Ohno takes time thinking up a plan. Fans troll Ohno but Ohno ignores to go for a test of strength. They tie up with one knuckle lock, but Ohno fakes the other to whip Bate at a corner. But Bate borrows something from Gentleman Jack Gallagher, headstand in the corner! Ohno approaches carefully but Bate keeps Ohno back with his boots. Ohno rushes Bate but gets a headscissor and dropkick for it! And another! But Bate runs in again to get a big knee low! The ref checks on Bate but Ohno uses that as a distraction to undo the padding on a corner crossbar.

Ohno grabs Bate to cravat and snapmare Bate to the apron. Ohno whips Bate into that bare crossbar! Fans boo as Bate crashes and burns, but Ohno takes time to catch his breath. The ring count begins and Bate stirs at 3, but Ohno watches closely. Bate is up and in at 5 but Ohno is on him with body shots, COHPS and BOOTS! Ohno BOOTS Bate out of the ring! Fans boo but Ohno just shouts back. Another ring count begins but Bate is up and in at 5 again. Ohno says Bate is being stupid and then he stomps him down. Ohno drags Bate up but Bate fights out. Bate misses the rolling kick and Ohno drops the senton! Cover, TWO! Ohno stalks Bate, grabs an arm, and brings Bate back up by that arm to ROCK him with a right!

Bate crawls to the corner but Ohno stands him up for a CHOP. Ohno CLUBS Bate, too, but Bate forces himself to stand. Bate goes to boot, scrapes Ohno off to knee him back! Bate hops up but Ohno ROCKS him with a jab! Cravat into a hanging hold! Bate endures the Kassius Klutch Mk. II, but fights up as fans rally! Bate arm-drags but Ohno holds on. “You can’t escape me!” Kassius Klutch STUNNER! Cover, TWO! Bate survives and kicks back! Ohno grabs Bate’s arm again and uses Bate’s own leg to trap it, so Ohno can STOMP Bate’s head! Ohno stomps more, but fans still sing for Bate. Ohno clubs and clubs Bate on the back, then gives toying kicks. But Bate gets up to waistlock. Ohno is surprised that Bate is lifting him!

Ohno slips out to a standing switch but Bate resists the suplex. Bate waistlocks but Ohno throws big elbows. Bate catches Ohno but Ohno keeps elbowing. Fans chant for the “Big Strong Boy!” and Bate powers up for an EXPLODER! Fans are fired up as Bate and Ohno slowly rise. Ohno and Bate head for each other, Bate uppercuts! And again! And again! Bate fires many more EuroUppers but Ohno shoves him. Bate boots and knees, then hops up, flying uppercut! Bate goes corner to corner for another! And another EXPLODER! Bate wants it, he gets the kip up! To the standing shooting star! Cover, TWO!! Bate is keeping his cool and fans rally up again. Bate brings Ohno in and underhooks the arms, but Ohno powers out, into more EuroUppers from Bate! Ohno catches the arms, underhooks to backslide, but Bate lands on his feet! Bate underhooks Ohno again but Ohno powers out to back drop and send Bate flying! Bate lands hard, and the referee checks on him.

Bate is certainly dazed, but he doesn’t want to quit. Bate stands, Ohno spins, CYCLONE BOOT! Cover, TWO!! Bate still lives! Ohno is in shock but fans rally up again! Ohno drags Bate up for a close headbutt, but Bate sits up. Ohno brings him up again for a harder headbutt! Bate falls but won’t stay down. Ohno stomps and CLUBS away on Bate’s back, but Bate powers up! Bate throws big hands from all sides! Ohno shoves Bate and steals Bop! But it’s BANG from Bate! Cover, TWO!! Both men are down, but Bate sits up first. Bate shakes off the stars going around his head as he heads for Ohno. Bate brings Ohno up but Ohno reaches for ropes. Bate goes to fireman’s carry, and somehow gets Ohno up! But Ohno flails and grabs ropes. Ohno knees Bate back but both men are leaning on ropes.

Bate gets Ohno but Ohno blocks the suplex. Ohno elbows and knees at the same time, but Bate stays up. Wristlock and clothesline but Ohno stays up. Another clothesline, but Ohno is still up. Bate runs, but the third doesn’t do it! Bate kicks and clothesilnes, then rebounds, into a BOOT! Ohno yanks Bate into the drop zone then goes up top, MOONSAULT FLOPS! Bate is on Ohno with a waistlock, GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Fans are loving “NXT! NXT!” all over again! Ohno and Bate are both down, slowing stirring. Fans rally and Ohno grabs Bate’s wrist. Bate grabs back and pulls Ohno up with him. Bate breaks free, rolling heel kick! And again! Ohno wobbles and leans on ropes. Bate wills himself back up and rolls for a third!

Bate runs, into another BOOT! Ohno runs, Bate follows, REBOUND LARIAT! Ohno rolls out of the ring to save himself from a cover, but Bate builds speed to FLY! Into Ohno’s forearm! Ohno puts Bate in fast, takes aim, DREAM CRUSHER! Cover, TWO!?! Bate is showing that superhuman resilience like in Cardiff! Fans chant for “NXT! NXT!” as both men slowly stir. Ohno sits up first but Bate slowly follows. Ohno won’t stand for the fans rallying behind Bate, and he goes after Bate in the corner. Ohno SLAPS Bate, and obsesses that he’s the only one that deserves to have his name chanted. Ohno puts Bate up top to slap and BOOT him again. Ohno climbs to club away and put on a cravat again! Bate fights back, slips down and kicks Ohno’s leg! Bate shouts out Trent Seven with that torture rack! Bate hits the Airplane Spin!! Bate tosses Ohno off, then underhooks, TYLER DRIVER ’97!! Cover, BATE WINS!!

Winner: Tyler Bate, by pinfall

Now THAT was what British Strong Style is about! The Big Strong Boy beat the supposed best British style wrestler, so perhaps there’s a new best wrestler? Will this big win help Bate get back to the top?



My Thoughts:

A great episode for NXT UK! The brand in large part is in a bit of a holding pattern, with their third TakeOver special a long way away and most of their stars now getting involved with NXT USA given Survivor Series season. But much of this episode was great for purely NXT UK stories, which is actually really great. I didn’t expect KLR VS Xia to open but it was a pretty solid match to do that with. Xia had a good showing, fans gave her great support, but naturally KLR wins. KLR is the champ, she isn’t going to be beat so easy, and now that she’s also part of the Women’s WarGames, she can’t be losing just yet, it would weaken Team Baszler. I’m thinking if it isn’t Toni Storm, Piper Niven might be the woman to take that title off KLR at a UK TakeOver, given the great interview style vignettes.

Banks VS Ligero was a great rematch, but Conners attacking Ligero to screw him over was a great surprise. Conners goes after both “second wave” NXT UK stars, and is still motivated by being near the bottom of the original wave, so I’m still curious as to where his story is going. Perhaps it ends with trying to run through other original wave superstars? I’m not sure who among that group he hasn’t faced, but I’d love to see something like Conners VS Seven or Conners VS Bate. At the same time, the newest star, Ridge Holland, is coming, he might rough Conners up to also get his own story going. Wolfe VS Dragunov is going to be a great match, and I fully expect Gallus and the rest of Imperium to get involved in some way. Then that main event, almost half an hour, SO GOOD! Ohno VS Bate was borderline TakeOver worthy, and a great way to show Bate still has something to give on NXT UK. Where is that midcard title so Bate can add it to his legacy?

My Score: 8.5/10

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