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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (11/21/19)

Gallus’ unlikely ally steps up!




The Moscow Madman and Imperium’s Wolfe wage war!

After shocking Imperium by turning down their offer, Ilja Dragunov now stands firmly opposed to their cause! Will the Ax Man make him regret it?



  • Trent Seven VS Kona Reeves; Seven wins.
  • A-Kid VS Jack Starz; A-Kid wins.
  • Ridge Holland VS Oliver Carter; Holland wins.
  • Alexander Wolfe VS Ilja Dragunov; Wolfe wins.


Trent Seven VS Kona Reeves!

The Man from Moustache Mountain has a very fine mustache, but is it the finest? NXT’s Finest visits the brand across the pond, but will this Hawaiian import end up returned to sender?

Kona has a microphone and tells the UK fans to quiet down. “In America, that means shut up!” It is typical for the fans to not know when they have REAL talent before them! Fans mockingly chant, “Who Are Ya?! Who Are Ya?!” But Kona Reeves thought it would be beneficial for the UK if he flew over to visit the “ugly, crooked-tooth sister” of HIS NXT. As for Trent Seven, Kona knows Trent is a former tag team champion, one half of Moustache Mountain and a member of British Strong Style. Yes, he knows all about Seven. We all know a lot about Seven. These people are idiots for cheering for “that.” Out of shape, out of date and not what a superstar is. Fans boo and sing for the “Trent Seven Army~!” Kona is going to show that twiddling a ‘stache isn’t what makes you a star. But then Kona will have what it takes to be in the ring against The Finest. Fans still troll back with “Who Are Ya?! Who Are Ya?!” as this crossover match begins!

Seven and Kona rush each other and Seven back drops Kona! Then he scoop slams him! Kona blocks the hip toss but misses the clothesline, and Seven CHOPS back! Kona tries to chop but Seven ducks that, to CHOP again! Fans fire up as Seven fakes Kona out. But Kona knows about the DDT and pushes Seven away. Kona runs in but Seven puts him on the apron, and SLAPS him down! Fans fire up more as The Finest flounders about. Seven comes over and grabs at Kona but Kona gives him a big knee! Kona drags Seven out and sticks him under the apron skirt! Kona clubs away but the ref counts. Kona stops at 4 to hop up and guillotine leg drop! Seven is hit from behind but rolls back in the ring. Kona stalks Seven to a corner but Seven CHOPS him back! Kona fires angry forearms and body shots then stomps away. Seven gets a chop in but Kona just keeps going.

The ref backs Kona off and fans boo. Kona runs in but Seven dodges! Kona gets stuck on the ropes and Seven CHOPS him again! Snap Dragon Suplex! Scoop for the side slam! Cover, TWO! Kona gets up but Seven clotheslines him out! Seven keeps moving, LOW-PE! Direct hit into barriers but Seven puts Kona in quick. Seven goes up top, turns around, and Phoenix Sentons to FLOP! Kona got clear and Seven hits hard on the mat. But fans rally up and Seven comes back at Kona. Kona blocks the clothesline but Seven hits the back hand! Kona tries to give the back hand back but Seven ducks that to CHOP again! Seven wristlocks and ripcords, SEVEN STAR LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Kona survives and Seven can’t believe it! But fans rally up again and Seven stands. Kona flounders up but headbutts back! Kona drags Seven back up, fireman’s carry, but Seven slips out to torture rack! BURNING HAMMER! Cover, Seven wins!

Winner: Trent Seven, by pinfall

A superstar’s looks are second to if they can get it done, and Seven got it down! Seven celebrates with his Trent Seven army, but is that… EDDIE DENNIS?! He was in the crowd and grabbed hold of Seven’s hand. Seven breaks the hold, but will he have to watch out for Dennis’ return?


NXT UK Media caught up with Ilja Dragunov as he arrived.

Radzi asked Dragunov about his shocking choice to side with Gallus. Dragunov says that Wolfe didn’t fool him with that recruiting talk. Wolfe helped train Dragunov, and he was a very strict teacher, but he always made the decisions for Dragunov. Wolfe tried to do that here in NXT UK, trying to make him feel like nothing. So tonight, Dragunov is going to show Wolfe that there is only one person in charge of Dragunov. Dragunov steps out of Wolfe’s shadow, but will he shine in the spotlight?


NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II is coming!

Sunday, January 12th, 2020, the Empress Ballroom where it all began is where NXT UK returns again! And the tickets are ALREADY SOLD OUT! That’s how excited everyone is for this first event of the New Year!


A-Kid VS Jack Starz!

The newest star in NXT UK takes on the most hopeful! Will the Spanish Ace shine brighter than the Starz?

The bell rings and A-Kid circles with Starz. They tie up, Starz powers A-Kid down but A-Kid brings Starz to the mat. A-Kid gets the armlock then a chinbar, but Starz works his way up. Fans rally and A-Kid wrenches. Starz rolls and rolls and gets free, and fans like the even match-up. A-Kid and Starz go again, Starz gets the arm and brings A-Kid down. A-Kid resists with a tight grip but Starz breaks it up. A-Kid tries a headscissors but Starz keeps free. They go up and A-Kid waistlocks for a slam! A-Kid floats to a facelock, fans rally up, and Starz powers his way up. A-Kid shifts to a cover, ONE, and Starz backs off. Fans cheer and sing as Starz and A-Kid go again.

A-Kid drops down to roll and get a leg for a takedown. A-Kid has the headlock but Starz headscissors. Starz squeezes tight but A-Kid moves around to headstand and turn Starz over! Fans cheer that technical skill, but A-Kid keeps on Starz by pulling on both arms. A-Kid digs his forehead into Starz’s back, bridges over, then turns Starz over again. Starz endures and works his way up as fans rally again. A-Kid shifts to go after a cobra clutch. Starz spins out and the two knuckle lock. Starz breaks the hold to roll and get a leg, kip up into a spinning toehold! Starz wrenches on the leg but A-Kid gets a chinlock counter. Starz gets up and gets a ropebreak. A-Kid lets up, but he sees Starz’s retaliation coming, and turns it into an armbar takedown! Starz flails and gets up but A-Kid gets him in a triangle!

Starz powers up but A-Kid hooks a leg to deny the dead lift. Starz tries again, and gets the POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! A-Kid survives the crazy strength of Starz! Starz gives a BIG European Uppercut and A-Kid flounders about. Starz gives another but gets caught into a backslide! TWO, and A-Kid rolls to omoplata! Rings of Saturn!! Starz quits, A-Kid wins!

Winner: A-Kid, by submission

The Spanish star got quite a fight out of Mr. Starz, but in the end, A-Kid got a win! That’s 2-0, but is it just the beginning?


NXT UK Media caught up with Jazzy Gabert and Jinny backstage.

What would they say is the current state of the NXT UK Women’s Division? Well, much like Radzi’s outfit, “cheap.” Jinny gives the girls one thing: they’re talented. But they’re just girls. Like Rhea Ripley was. A pathetic little girl that was playing pretend as a queen. Then she flies off to America. “How pathetic. How desperate.” Much like Piper Niven. A couple wins, a couple vignettes and a lot of begging for sympathy, and she’s the flavor of the month. And Piper thinks she’s championship material? Jinny is championship material. So if Piper wants to climb the ladder, she’ll have to overthrow the queen. The wins Piper got, it wasn’t over Jinny. Now get out of her face, Radzi. Radzi leaves, and so does the Spoiled Princess and her Alpha Female. Will Piper have something to say about these fighting words?


The Grizzled Young Veterans are here!

Zack Gibson and James Drake scowl as they go to the ring, and fans are already trolling with “If you hate Gibson, shoes off!” But Mr. Mayhem hands the mic over, and Liverpool’s Number One gives their introductions. “Now we should be stood here today as the NXT UK Tag Team Champions! The ONLY reason why we are not, is because of a daft stipulation that was added to our match at TakeOver: Cardiff by Johnny Saint and Skid Scala.” That stipulation cost them those titles! They of course mean it was a Triple Threat. But Gibson and Drake are a great tag team, and great tag teams are capable of rebounding. Fans troll with new songs as Gibson says GYV had Flash Morgan and Mark Andrews beat! They were going to cement their spots as #1 contenders to the tag titles. Until Gallus and Imperium “stuck their nose where it doesn’t belong and the match was thrown out!”

Now what GYV wants to know, what are the consequences of those actions? What will those two teams face as punishment? Fines? Suspensions? A stern talking to? NO! Nothing was done about what Gallus and Imperium did! So Gibson tells Johnny Saint and Skid to pay attention to their top tag team. “When the Grizzled Young Veterans were tag team champions, we were well on our way to making those titles the most prestigious titles ANYWHERE in the WWE!” And every day those titles aren’t on the GYV, they depreciate in value. Fans chant “Boring! Boring!” at Gibson, but Gibson continues. Gibson talks of the statue dedicated to Bill Shankly. “He made the people happy.” That is all GYV is trying to do! He just wants to make the people happy. Fans cheer for their Yorkshire team.

Gibson says TakeOver: Blackpool II is around the corner. Gibson begs and pleads to make this all right. Give them the tag title match they deserve and #MakeThePeopleHappy. The people say “NO! NO! NO!” But Gibson says Saint needs the Grizzled Young Veterans in that tag title match, so that once again, the world will be talking about NXT UK, the Grizzled Young Veterans, and the first-ever two-time NXT UK Tag Team Champions! Will Saint make the people happy? Or just Gibson and Drake?


Jordan Devlin has a presentation.

“Good evening. This is the NXT UK global superstar, the Irish Ace, Jordan Devlin, here this week in a different capacity.” He shines a spotlight on the brand, and has a little compilation of the best of NXT UK. And of course, it’s all him. #AirJordan moonsault, Spanish Fly, Ireland’s Call, and of course, Devlinside, the most devastating move in WWE today. Devlin pauses because he thought of something. His greatest attribute, other than winning, is that he is an inspiration to the roster. It is a treat for his coworkers to see what he can do in the ring.

But then he thinks about that “little twerp from Spain,” what’s his name? Uh-Kid? A Kid? Great name, not. But if A-Kid thinks he’ll win because Tyler Bate gave him an endorsement? Don’t make Devlin laugh. Devlin’s tip to A-Kid is to step into the ring with the Irish Ace. Thank you for your time.


Ridge Holland VS Oliver Carter!

The Predator Hunter is back again, but he might be running into the most menacing predator to enter NXT UK yet. Will Carter survive crossing paths with Yorkshire’s hometown anti-hero?

The bell rings and Yorkshire cheers their own as he ties up with Carter. Holland throws Carter hard over his shoulder! Carter gets up and gets around. Carter plays around a bit as he pushes Holland then waves hi, but he does get the arm wrench on the return. Holland breaks free to throw a big EuroUpper! Holland whips and hip tosses Carter high! Carter hurries to the apron but Holland is on him. Carter breaks free and enziguris back! Carter runs in, tilt-o-whirl headscissors puts Holland on ropes, and a sliding straddle attack puts Holland into ropes. Carter lands on his feet and is fired up but fans boo and jeer. Holland staggers as Carter climbs up top. Carter leaps but Holland catches him! And swings him around, half hatch overhead suplex!

Carter flounders to a corner but Holland stomps away! The ref backs Holland off but then Holland goes back for more. Holland CLUBS Carter down, then brings him up for another big EuroUpper! Holland dares Carter to get up, and he just gives him another EuroUpper! Carter flounders but counters an uppercut for a backslide. Holland powers out and traps the arms, for another overhead suplex! But Holland isn’t done, he fish hooks Carter’s face into a THRASHING cobra clutch! And then sweeps the legs to get him down! Carter endures as Holland thrashes him more. Carter powers his way up, Holland reels him out but Carter dodges to throw hands. The two brawl, Carter ducks and Eddie Gordo kicks! Carter runs in for the dropkick-flip and windmill kick!

Carter fires himself up and runs, springboard but Holland gets clear to POUNCE! Carter goes flying but Holland isn’t done yet. Holland gives a point-blank headbutt! Carter is out on his feet but Holland still isn’t done. Scoop DRIVER, the Northern Grit! Cover, Holland wins!

Winner: Ridge Holland, by pinfall

The modern day Peaky Blinder blindsided Carter and just dominated. Ashton Smith comes to check on his friend, but Holland lets them both be. Is this just the beginning of Holland having his way with the NXT UK roster?


NXT UK Media catches up with Conners, Ligero and Banks.

Travis Banks loves a good fight, and after realizing Joseph Conners went after his opponent, El Ligero, Conners is out of order. Ligero himself says Conners is the only reason Ligero lost. Conners also robbed the fans of a fair fight. But hearing all of this, the Righteous Killer is just happy he left a “good impression.” Will Conners regret getting this kind of attention?


NXT UK Media finds Carter and Smith backstage.

Smith tells Carter to keep his head up. They’re going places. But then Noam Dar comes by and says, “Ya mon!” The Scottish Supernova says that was a “fantastic performance. Not.” Smith gets fake excited for Noam Dar. Dar is “happy” to see they’re fans and offers autographs and even a photo op. Smith then gets serious to tell Dar to go and run his mouth. But if he’s looking for a fight, he should take them on in a tag match. That is, if Dar can find anyone to be a pal. Dar says they shouldn’t start something they can’t finish. He can take them both on, he doesn’t need any pals or friends. He’ll see them on his time. Will Smith and Dar hook horns in the ring?


Alexander Wolfe VS Ilja Dragunov!

Imperium’s Ax Man told the Moscow Madman to either join them or face the consequences. In the end, Dragunov stood boldly against Imperium, and now he and Wolfe will fight in the first match of this new faction warfare! Who takes the first victory in this opening battle?

The bell rings and the two men tie right up. They go around with a thrashing grapple. They end up on ropes, around the way, trading off holds, and Wolfe throws Dragunov down! Wolfe is right on him, but Dragunov slips out, only for Wolfe to bring him back down. Dragunov denies cover after and the two stand off. Fans cheer, but the two are right back at it! They end up in a corner. Wolfe won’t let up until the ref counts. Fans are on Dragunov’s side as he storms right at Wolfe. They tie up yet again, but Wolfe puts Dragunov in another corner. Dragunov turns it around, the ref backs them off, Wolfe pushes Dragunov but Dragunov keeps him back with his unique fighting stance. Wolfe stays back but Dragunov dares him to bring the fight.

Wolfe stands as Imperium would and dares Dragunov to be the first to make a move. Dragunov steps forward, to SLAP Wolfe! Wolfe runs but Dragunov dodges to forearm back! Things speed up and Wolfe leaps, but Dragunov hops over. Dragunov comes back with a crossbody! TWO and Dragunov is sent out of the ring! But Dragunov comes right back to grab at the legs and drag Wolfe out. Dragunov CHOPS Wolfe and then bumps him off the apron. Dragunov punches Wolfe around the corner as the ring count climbs. Dragunov grinds Wolfe into the apron but Wolfe shoves Dragunov into barriers! Wolfe grabs a camera cable, but thinks better of it. He puts Dragunov on the apron, but Dragunov avoids the boot to hit back with a forearm! And then Dragunov runs in, but Wolfe gets clear of the 619!

Dragunov heads up top to LEAP! But Wolfe gets clear, so Dragunov rolls through to come back with forearms. Dragunov whips Wolfe hard into barriers! Fans fire up as they chant for “ILJA! ILJA!” Dragunov puts Wolfe back in the ring and steps in, but Wolfe gets him on the ropes. The ref calls for the break and gets between them, but he misses Wolfe kicking the rope for an indirect low blow! Wolfe has Dragunov draping on the ropes for a swinging neckbreaker! Dragunov writhes but Wolfe stomps him down. Fans rally up as Wolfe puts Dragunov in a corner for body shots and EuroUppers! Wolfe grinds his boot into Dragunov but lets up at the ref’s count. Wolfe argues with the ref but turns around into Dragunov’s forearms! Dragunov backs Wolfe down but Wolfe gets around to waistlock and spin Dragunov to the mat. Wolfe grounds ‘n’ pounds then drops a heavy elbow! Cover, TWO!

Wolfe is on Dragunov with a neck wrench, but the ref sees the hair pulling. Wolfe stops to stick to just a chinlock, but fans rally up. Dragunov powers up and spins out to CHOP back! Dragunov walks into a drop toehold but stops himself from hitting ropes. Dragunov glares at Wolfe but gets a boot! And a BIG knee! Dragunov flounders around but fans are still rallying behind him. Wolfe glares at Dragunov but Dragunov chops again. Wolfe kicks and snapmares, then fish hooks the face before scraping his boot off him. Then a basement dropkick to the back! Cover, TWO! Wolfe looms over Dragunov but Dragunov hits back. Dragunov forearms but Wolfe throws him out hard! Wolfe goes out to take the timekeeper’s chair! The ref warns Wolfe, so Wolfe puts the chair down. Wolfe stomps Dragunov instead, and he puts Dragunov on the apron. Wolfe BOOTS Dragunov in the ear! Cover, ONE!

Wolfe wraps on a headlock and wrenches Dragunov around. Dragunov endures and fans rally up. Dragunov powers up and pries free of the hold, but Wolfe switches to a waistlock! Dragunov fights off the German Suplex to back Wolfe into a corner. Dragunov arm-drags Wolfe off, then dodges in the corner. Wolfe gets buckles, but ducks the back hand to give a forearm! Dragunov hits a big knee! Wolfe EuroUppers, then suplexes, but Dragunov counters with a suplex of his own! Both men are down but fans are fired up for “NXT! NXT!” Wolfe crawls over and Dragunov rises as fans chant his name. Wolfe and Dragunov brawl with big forearms back and forth, fast and furious! Wolfe gets the edge but Dragunov gives them back, and with interest!

Wolfe uppercuts, both men forearm, Dragunov catches a clothesline! Dragunov back hands over and over and over and over! Then he rams in knee after knee, but Wolfe trips him. Dragunov pushes him away but Wolfe ROCKS him with a right, only for Dragunov to PELE! Both men are down but getting up fast! Fans rally as Dragunov runs corner to corner for a BIG knee! Dragunov keeps moving but Wolfe ducks one clothesline, only for the LEFT to hit! Dragunov fires up as Wolfe gets to a corner. Dragunov runs in for a corner clothesline, then he puts Wolfe in a drop zone to climb up. Wolfe SHORYUKENS! Wolfe climbs up to joins Dragunov but Dragunov hangs him out to dry! Wolfe snaps back and Dragunov adjusts, SUPER KNEE DROP! Dragunov reels Wolfe in, modified Gotch to a POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Wolfe lives but Dragunov won’t let him be.

Dragunov fires up as fans rally up again. Dragunov brings Wolfe back up, but Wolfe back drops. Dragunov lands on his feet but Wolfe has his leg. Dragunov slips out to KNEE Wolfe in the head! Dragunov hooks on again, but Wolfe pries against the hold. Dragunov adjsuts for an under hold rather than waistlock, and gets a SINGLE LEG GERMAN! Bridging cover, TWO!! Wolfe escapes and Dragunov can’t believe it! Dragunov gets up and goes to the top rope again! Wolfe rolls away to the adjacent corner, but Dragunov doesn’t care. In fact, he grins? COAST2COAST!! Cover, TWO!?! Dragunov doesn’t care, he heads up a third time! SUPER SENTON onto knees! Wolfe hobbles up and dead lifts, but the legs give out! Dragunov runs over, into a BOOT! Dragunov flounders up into a SNAP GERMAN! Bridging cover, TWO!! Dragunov survives and fans are fired up again.

Wolfe drags Dragunov up but Dragunov is dead weight. But then Dragunov fireman’s carries! Wolfe fights out with elbows, but walks into a BOOT! Dragunov storms over, into Wolfe’s fireman’s carry. Wolfe puts Dragunov up top but Dragunov SLAPS him away. Wolfe swipes Dragunov’s legs out! Wolfe climbs up to the very top, SUPERPLEX! Both men are down but fans are loving “NXT! NXT!” Wolfe crawls to a cover, TWO!! Dragunov still lives! Wolfe brings Dragunov up by his hair as the fans rally up again. Dragunov SLAPS Wolfe! Wolfe dares him to do it again, so he does! Wolfe slaps back, but Dragunov SLAPS back. They have a SLAP fight! And then it’s another fast and furious brawl!! Wolfe ROCKS Dragunov, but Dragunov back hands back! Both men drop to their knees, but it’s Wolfe who flops over. Draguno has a dazed yet deranged look in his eyes.

Dragunov goes to the corner, “UN! BE! SIEG!” Wolfe walks over to interrupt and gets an elbow. Wolfe BOOTS back, Dragunov CHOPS! Wolfe bobs ‘n’ weaves, and ENZIGURIS! Dragunov stays up, Wolfe whips him, Dragunov comes back with a 6-1-LINE! Dragunov is fired up and Yorkshire is thunderous! Dragunov tries it again, “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!!” But here comes Imperium! Dragunov knocks Barthel and Aichner away but Walter is coming down the ramp. But Dragunov turns his attention back to Wolfe, TORPEDO MOS- DDT!? WOlfe turns it all around, covers, TWO!?! WOlfe hurries to get Dragunov up, sit-out powerbomb! Cover, Wolfe wins!

Winner: Alexander Wolfe, by pinfall

And now Imperium goes right after Dragunov! They all want to teach NXT UK what happens when you defy their absolute power! But here comes GALLUS! Wolfgang and the Coffey Brothers run off Imperium! Walter gets a GERMAN from Joe! But no Best for the Bells as Imperium saves their Ring General. Fans are on Gallus’ side as Joe shouts, “This is OUR Kingdom!” Walter and Joe grab the United Kingdom Championship at the same time. Joe lets Walter keep the belt, for now. With NXT UK headed back to Blackpool, is it only a matter of time before one of these factions completely takes over?



My Thoughts:

A really great episode, and I am impressed that NXT UK is reaching longer run times. This was a 65 minute episode! Kona Reeves gets wrecked so hard on NXT USA that he runs over here (at least that’s how it looks in kayfabe) and then manages to give Seven a good match. Seven gets a solid win to keep going, I’m still wondering where he’s going while British Strong Style/Moustache Mountain is taking time off. Starz gave a surprisingly good match against A-Kid, but naturally A-Kid wins. Devlin calling A-Kid out as the proxy to Tyler Bate, this could be a feud leading into TakeOver: Blackpool II, or is a way to get Bate to come back and finally have his match with Devlin. We also got some other matches set up, like Jinny VS Piper and possibly a triple threat of Banks, Ligero and Conners. How is that not a micard championship match?

Gibson gave another great promo, and I’m thinking Grizzled Young Veterans definitely get in on another multi-team match for those tag titles. If they can give us amazing 2v2 matches, an incredible triple threat, how much more epic would a Fatal 4 Way be? Gallus VS Andrews & Webster VS GYV VS Imperium’s Aichner & Barthel, THAT would make people happy, to go with what Gibson was getting at. Holland is a beast, and Carter did pretty good in making him look that way in the ring. Dar’s new story seems to be against these two, but I wonder if Dar ends up finding someone as a tag partner to eventually take on Carter and Smith. And he won’t even need to say this person is a friend, this person could just be a “business associate” or something.

And then Wolfe VS Dragunov, just south of 20 minutes, amazing! Definitely worthy of this story, borderline worthy of a TakeOver. Imperium and Gallus brawling at the very end was really well done, fans are starting to get behind the idea of mostly Face Gallus, even with them having been Heels since day one. That 8 Man better be coming as the Road to Blackpool II, and then we split off to have the Iron King, Joe Coffey, challenge Walter for the United Kingdom Championship. I don’t know if he’ll win, but he needs to give Walter a match on par with what Bate and Walter had in Cardiff. Dragunov and Wolfe should also have a rematch so that they can settle things truly 1v1. Imperium distracted Dragunov so that’s why he lost, he can win the rematch when there’s no one ringside.

My Score: 8.4/10

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