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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (11/28/19)

Feast on an 8 Man Tag for Thanksgiving!




The epic 8-Man encounter we’ve been waiting for happens tonight!

With battle lines drawn and things ready to explode at a moment’s notice, Ilja Dragunov joins Gallus against Imperium in a massive main event! Which side makes NXT UK their kingdom?



  • Piper Niven VS Jinny w/ Jazzy Gabert; Niven wins.
  • Dereiss Gordon VS Eddie Dennis; Dennis wins.
  • Noam Dar VS Ashton Smith; Dar wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: Ilja Dragunov & Gallus VS Imperium; Double Count-Out.


A new war for the brand has begun!

Imperium wants to use their absolute power to take over, and Alexander Wolfe wanted Ilja Dragunov to consider being on the right side of things. But then Dragunov chose Gallus instead! A brawl broke out, and then Dragunov stood against Wolfe directly. They battled 1v1, Dragunov would have won, but Imperium saw to it that he would lose. But then Gallus returned the favor! A new brawl broke out, and Imperium went running! Things would continue even after the show, so Johnny Saint and Sid Scala had no choice but to make this fight into a match! A furious 4v4 happens tonight!


Piper Niven VS Jinny w/ Jazzy Gabert!

The Scottish Viper is inspiring and indomitable, at least in spirit. Will she be able to deny the Spoiled Princess what she wants? Or will the Alpha Female being ringside be a factor?

The bell rings and fans jeer the Spoiled Princess as she circles with Piper. Piper and Jinny rush each other but then Jinny dodges. Jazzy swipes but Piper sees Jinny coming and elbows her down. Piper Polish hammers Jinny around,t hen whips. Jinny dodges again but leaps into Piper’s arms! Piper slams Jinny down! Piper sees Jazzy getting ready to swipe, but Jinny’s sucker punch lands this time! Jinny goes after Piper in a corner but lets up at the ref’s count. Jinny whips but Piper reverses to whip Jinny into buckles. Piper runs in but Jinny gets out of the way, and kicks Piper back! Jinny sweeps the legs then slingshots for a senton! Cover, TWO! Jinny stomps Piper in frustration and then brings her up. Piper hits back, but Jinny swings around to get an Iron Octopus! Piper endures as Jinny pulls back on the arm.

Fans rally but Piper falls to a knee. Piper refuses to quit, and she powers up. Jinny sunset flips, TWO, but Jinny is right after a leg. Jinny swings Piper by that leg, and bounces Piper’s head off her knee! Piper is down and Jinny stomps away. Jinny goes at Piper at the ropes but the ref counts. Piper falls out of the ring and Jinny distracts the ref with arguing. Jazzy lurks near Piper, but the ref sees her! The ref EJECTS Jazzy! Fans sings, “Nana na na, Hey hey hey, Good Bye~!” Jazzy and Jinny are furious but must obey. Jinny brings Piper up but gets DECKED! Piper steps in and drops an elbow! Cover, TWO!! Jinny survives and Piper grows frustrated. Fans rally up, Piper drags Jinny up and in to scoop. Jinny pulls hair to get free! Jinny SLAPS away over and over! Piper counter punches, Jinny haymakers, Piper HEADBUTTS! Now that was a Glasgow Kiss!

Both women are down but fans fire up! A standing count begins but Piper starts stirring at about 3. Piper sits up at 6, with Jinny following. They both stand at 9, and Jinny starts throwing forearms! Piper DECKS Jinny with one, but Jinny comes back. Jinny swings into a SAIDO! Jinny flounders about, fans rally up for Piper, and Piper fires herself up as Jinny gets to a corner. Piper runs in corner to corner, but Jinny boots back! Jinny hurries up top, but Piper blocks the huricanrana! Piper pops Jinny up, Electric Chair FACEBUSTER! Jinny flops to the ropes, Piper covers, ROPEBREAK! Jinny survives and Piper can’t believe it! Fans rally up again and Piper drags Jinny to her feet. Piper scoops but Jinny slips out to high KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Piper survives and now Jinny is furious!

Jinny stomps Piper to a corner and stomps even more! The ref backs Jinny off, but Jinny comes running in corner to corner, but Piper DROPKICKS her! Piper runs in, CANNONBALL! Piper drags Jinny up, scoops, MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, Piper wins!

Winner: Piper Niven, by pinfall

A huge win on the road to TakeOver: Blackpool II! Piper takes to the mic, and she calls out Kay Lee Ray! She’s not asking, she’s telling her, Piper is coming for that NXT UK Women’s Championship! But KLR makes her way out! KLR has a mic of her own to respond, with a SLAP! “Who do you think-” Piper SLAPS back! And hits a SAIDO! KLR flounders out, clutching her title! Fans fire up and then, TONI STORM attacks?! Toni wants after the woman who took her title! Piper keeps KLR from running, and Toni runs KLR off anyway! KLR doesn’t want either of them, but Piper and Toni do stare down, too. Is the Lightning from Down Under ready to strike again? Will Piper have something to say about it?


Dereiss Gordon VS Eddie Dennis!

A new face debuts for NXT UK while another returns! Dereiss has been learning from the Man from Moustache Mountain. Will he use what he’s learned to make a big impact on the brand? Or will he learn something else when going against the menacing headmaster?

The bell rings as fans taunt Dennis. Dennis and Dereiss tie up, and Dennis wrenches to a wristlock. Dereiss rolls and hooks a leg, but Dennis powers him down. Dennis looms over Dereiss but Dereiss gets up. Dennis wrenches again and wristlocks harder, but Dereiss rolls back, forth and cartwheels to reverse! Fans cheer the technical exchange but Dennis wrenches, steps over, and gets a cravat! Dennis snapmares and runs but Dereiss gets up, only to get run over. Dennis keeps moving, Dereiss moves and redirects, slides and kip ups! Dropkick puts Dennis in a corner! Fans fire up as Dereiss whips. Dennis reverses but runs into a back elbow! Dereiss goes up and over, but runs to get caught! Dennis has the legs to catapult Dereiss out of the ring! Dereiss crashes into the barrier and is in a daze. Dennis trash talks then goes out to DECK Dereiss!

The ref counts as the fans boo and jeer. Dennis drags Dereiss up into the ring. Dennis takes his time returning, mocking Trent Seven’s slow roll. Fans boo more but Dennis grins as he goes after Gordon. Dennis stomps away, then whips corner to corner hard! Cover, TWO! Dennis gets the cravat again, but Dereiss fights back! Dennis shifts and back suplexes but Dereiss makes it a crossbody! Dennis is right out and then BOOTS Dereiss down! Dennis drags Dereiss up, mockingly asks if he’s okay, then wristlock ripcords to LARIAT! That’s the Seven Star Lariat! Dennis is sending a message to Seven then drags Dereiss up! Crucifix, Severn Bridge, to NEXT STOP DRIVER! Cover, Dennis wins!

Winner: Eddie Dennis, by pinfall

Dennis is still dangerous as ever, and he wants after Trent Seven. Will Seven accept this unofficial challenge and teach Dennis a thing or two?


Joseph Conners walks up to Radzi.

Radzi was just doing a recap spot, but Conners doesn’t care. He asks Radzi an easy question. “Who is TakeOver worthy?” If Radzi is nervous, Conners answers it for him: Conners IS TakeOver worthy. He’s going to talk with Johnny Saint in a moment, and will offer Travis Banks and El Ligero what they want: a Triple Threat match. Surely Mr. Saint will like that idea, too. Will we see three TakeOver worthy men battle before Blackpool?


Noam Dar VS Ashton Smith!

The Scottish Supernova talked trash to the Prestige of Manchester and his friend, Oliver Carter. Ashton dared Dar to get a buddy to take them both on, but Dar doesn’t have friends, nor does he want them. Will Dar regret riling up another superstar? Or will he get things done on his own?

The bell rings and Dar circles with Smith. They tie up as fans rally and duel. Dar gets the arm, but Smith resists the wrench and shoves Dar away. Dar gets up and circles with Smith to tie up again. Dar waistlocks but Smith standing switches to slam Dar down! Dar gets to ropes for defense and Smith stays back. Fans sing for Dar as he comes back to headlock Smith. Smith powers out and runs Dar over! Dar sputters but Smith whips him to ropes. Dar sunset flips but Smith stays standing to bring Dar up and dropkick him out! Fans fire up as Smith goes out to fetch Dar. Smith puts Dar in and whips, but Dar holds ropes. Dar dodges and table tops, but Smith shoves him away. Dar dodges but bounces off of Smith! Dar shoves Smith then kicks away on the leg! Dar runs to dropkick Smith down! Dar keeps moving, basement shoulder tackle! “Who’s the big man now?!” Fans cheer as Dar drags Smith up.

Dar suplexes but Smith blocks. Dar clubs away, but Smith lifts Dar for a stalling suplex! Smith keeps Dar up for a count of 15! Cover, TWO! Dar rolls out of the ring but Smith goes out again. Smith drags Dar up but Dar rams him into barriers! Dar goes to bump Smith but Smith elbows back! Smith sends Dar at the ring but Dar uses the ropes to rebound and CLOBBER Smith! Dar is on the apron and grabs Smith’s arm. Dar STOMPS Smith into the apron! Dar leaves Smith behind as the ref starts a ring count. Smith gets up at 4, stands at 5, and flounders into the ring at 6. Dar is on Smith with a rain of left hands! Dar circles Smith to then stomp the legs. Fans are fired up for Dar as he stomps Smith’s arms now. Cover, TWO, but Dar uppercuts Smith right in the back!

Dar drags Smith up and throws haymakers. Dar whips but Smith blocks! Smith whips Dar, Dar goes up and under, but gets caught! Dar fights out of the waistlock to kick away from the mat! And then he reels Smith into the Rings of Supernova! But as Smith resists, Dar hooks Smith’s face! Smith elbows Dar in the face! Smith is free and goes to ropes. Dar staggers over to KICK Smith in the arm! And again! Dar fires off forearms from both sides, then body shots. The ref backs Dar off but Dar flexes. Smith CLOBBERS him! Smith pops Dar up to a fireman’s carry, ROLLING DEATH VALLEY! Cover, TWO!! Dar survives but Smith drags him back up. Dar spins out to sweep the legs! Fans rally again as Smith runs but misses in the corner. Dar runs in to BOOT Smith! Smith staggers but Dar takes aim, NOVA RO- BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Dar survives again!

Smith drags Dar up as fans duel. Dar SLAPS Smith! Smith runs in but gets dumped to the apron. Dar ducks the clothesline to sweep the legs! Basement dropkick blasts Smith off! Dar puts Smith in fast, takes aim again with pinkies out. NOVA ROLLA! Cover, Dar wins!

Winner: Noam Dar, by pinfall

Smith turned it up to 11 with Mr. 11 but still lost. Dar stands tall, showing he can do it all on his own. Will Dar continue to rise up without anyone else but himself?


The Triple Threat is happening!

The Righteous Killer, the Kiwi Buzzsaw and the Luchador of Leeds battle it out in one match! Will the winner be considering TakeOver worthy?


8 Man Tag: Ilja Dragunov & Gallus VS Imperium!

The Moscow Madman joins forces with the Iron King and the NXT UK Tag Team Champions as they stand against the Ring General and his soldiers! With a lot of gold floating around in this match, could this be a massive preview for TakeOver: Blackpool II?

The teams sort out and Wolfe starts with Wolfgang. Fans are fired up as Wolfe tells Wolfgang who the real “wolf” in this match is. They circle and tie up, but then they break quick. Wolfe and Wolfgang tie up again, Wolfe gets the wristlock and brings Wolfgang over. Tag to Fabian Aichner, who wrenches and brings Wolfgang down to the mat. Aichner pulls hair but Wolfgang powers up to arm-drag. But Aichner holds on! Aichner wrenches but Wolfgang gets up. Marcel Barthel tags in and Aichner whips Wolfgang. Wolfgang hops over Aichner but runs into Barthel’s arm-drag! Barthel wrenches on the armlock but Wolfgang endures. Barthel grinds a foot in but Wolfgang fights up. Wolfgang whips Barthel but Barthel holds on to wrench the wristlock! Barthel reels Wolfgang back in and Wolfe tags in.

Wolfe digs knuckles into Wolfgang’s ribs. Wolfe wrenches but Wolfgang whips Wolfe to the corner! Tag to Mark Coffey, and the UK Tag champs double CHOP! Tag to Joe Coffey, and the Coffey Boys mug Wolfe. Joe whips Wolfe to buckles then scoops him on the rebound, backbreaker, to atomic facebuster! Basement lariat to the back, cover, TWO! The Iron King taunts Walter befoer going after Wolfe. Dragunov tags in and goes after Wolfe with stomps. Dragunov wrenches Wolfe but Wolfe whips. Dragunov reverses but Wolfe kicks back. Dragunov dodges to forearm, then runs but into Wolfe’s arms! But Dragunov flails to finish the crossobdy! Cover, TWO! Dragunov fires off on Wolfe with fast hands and a wrench. Wolfe gets up but gets a BOOT! Cover, TWO!

Dragunov drags Wolfe up to wrench, and reaches. Wolfe ROCKS Dragunov with a right to then put him in the Imperium corner. Aichner tags in and Imperium mugs Dragunov. Aichner bumps and CHOPS and stomps Dragunov in an open corner. Aichner talks trash then stomps Dragunov more. Aichner whips, Dragunov reveres and hist a big knee! Then a spinning CHOP to back senton! Dragunov SLAPS Walter! Walter gets in but Joe gets in Walter’s face. Wolfe backs Walter up and then the rest of the teams get in! Fans are fired up as all eight men are ready to rip each other apart! But Imperium backs off to defuse the moment. Aichner tries to bum rush Dragunov but gets caught with a knee, then a leaping knee! Dragunov blows up the Imperium corner, then fireman’s carries Aichner.

Wolfe distracts, Aichner slips out and shoves Dragunov, Walter holds ropes for Dragunov to tumble out! Barthel throat chops Dragunov, then holds him still for Walter’s BOOT! Imperium puts Dragunov back in and Aichner stomps away! Aichner rains down rights as the ref tells Gallus to get back. Fans rally up for Dragunov as Aichner wrenches and LARIATS Dragunov down! Aichner taunts Gallus then rams Dragunov into the Imperium corner. Tag to Walter! Walter stomps then European Uppercuts Dragunov down. Walter swipes at Joe but Joe gets clear. Walter rains down rights on Dragunov then grinds his hands into Draguno’s face. Walter wrenches and kicks Dragunov but fans taunt “Jolly Wally!”

Walter and Dragunov tie up with knuckle locks, but Dargunov powers up! Walter kicks low and bends Dragunov back, then STOMPS him down! Neck CRANK with the feet! Cover, TWO!! Dragunov is tough but Walter drags Dragunov back up to CHOP! The Walter chop drops Dragunov! Tag to Barthel, who chokes and scrapes Dragunov against ropes! Aichner talks trash and gets a cheap shot in. Dragunov sits up and Barthel taunts him, but gets BIG foerarms! Barthel throws Dragunov into buckles and stomps a mudhole! Dragunov flounders up but Barthel shoves him down to rain down rights! The ref backs Barthel off, but Barthel comes back with CHOPS over and over! Fans boo and jeer as Barthel kicks Dragunov. Fans rally up with Gallus but Dragunov ends up in the Imperium corner.

Aichner tags in and slaps Dragunov around. Dragunov fights back, Aichner shoves and catches Dragunov’s crossbody! But Dragunov is flailing and reaching for Gallus! Aichner wobbles, but gives Dragunov a backbreaker! And then another! Cover, TWO!! Dragunov still lives but Aichner brings him backup. Aichner scoop slams Dragunov and tags in Barthel. Barthel drags Dragunov up for an armlock and chinbar. Dragunov fights out but gets wrangled back down. Barthel grinds his forearm on Dragunov’s face but fans rally up. Dragunov fights up, pries free and traps the arms to then spin around. Barthel ducks the back hand and SLAPS Dragunov! Dragunov swings again, Barthel dodges, but in comes the LEFT! Both men are down and fans fire up. Barthel and Dragunov crawl, hot tag to Wolfe and Wolfe drags Dragunov away. Wolfe hits Joe Coffey then mocks Gallus. But he turns around into Dragunov’s suplex!

Both men are down again and fans rally up. Hot tags to Aichner and Mark Coffey! Mark rallies with big forearms, whips but Aichner reverses, only for Mark to get around. Aichner bucks the waistlock off, only to turn around into a BIG uppercut! Barthel runs in but gets a back drop! Mark blasts Wolfe, then full nelson slams Aichner! Mark even blasts Walter! Mark clotheslines Aichner to roll him out for a Polish Hammer! Tag to Wolfgang, and the tag champs double MONKEY FLIP Aichner! Barthel returns, but gets caught for a catapult Samoan Drop! Wolfgang drops the BIG senton onto Aichner! Cover, but Wolfe breaks it in time! Mark throws Wolfe out while Wolfgang fires off on Aichner. Wolfgang backs off at the ref’s count but throws EuroUppers. Aichner kicks back and kicks him down.

Mark intercepts Barthel and these two brawl. Aichner helps but Mark shoves them back. Mark runs, into Aichner’s SPINE BUSTER! Barthel Penalty Kicks! Wolfgang double SPEARS them down! Wolfe and Dragunov run in, TORPEDO MOSCOW! But Walter and Joe Coffey are back on their corners. Wolfgang and Aichner crawl, hot tags to the Ring General and the Iron King! Walter runs Joe over but Joe is right up! Joe throws big boxing shots on Walter! He waistlocks but Walter bucks him off. They ram into each other, Joe hits a Belly2Belly! Walter flounders as fans fire up, Joe corner splashes!

Joe keeps boxing Walter, then whips corner to corner. Walter reverses, Joe stops himself to elbow back. Joe hops up but Walter dodges, to SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Joe hits buckles hard but Walter hauls him up. Joe resists the lift, and Alabama lifts, but Walter is too big. Joe tries again, and dumps Walter out! Dragunov DIVES onto Wolfe! Mark gets a boost from Wolfgang to FLY onto Barthel and Aichner! Brawls happen outside as Joe gives Walter a Glasgow Sendoff! Wolfe dumps Dragunov out from ringside and they brawl in front of the fans! The referee has no choice but to call for the belt!

Double Count-Out

The fans call BS as Joe rams Walter into steel steps! Joe kicks away on the UK Champion as Wolfgang and Mark have Barthel and Aichner in the ring! The UK Tag Champions hammer away on Imperium, but Aichner kicks Mark’s legs out. Aichner clubs back on Mark as Walter fights with Joe more. Referees try to restore order but there’s no such possibility! Wolfgang has Barthel on the outside again as Joe knees Walter into the barrier over and over! Mark and Aichner brawl up the ramp as Walter dumps Joe out into the crowd now! Joe comes back with a LEAPING SPEAR! Chaos continues as NXT UK goes off the air, will it ever end?!

NXT UK Twitter has more!

In order to settle things peacefully, or as peacefully as possible, Gallus and Imperium have agreed to a meeting next week. Their leaders, Joe Coffey and Walter, will meet in the ring with Johnny Saint and Sid Scala presiding. What will the terms of a truce be? Can there be peace between these factions?



My Thoughts:

A really great episode to get things going towards TakeOver: Blackpool II. Naturally, Piper wins her match with Jinny and then calls out Kay Lee Ray. And while I expected Toni Storm to return to go after KLR herself, I didn’t expect it here. Could we be getting an NXT UK Women’s Championship Triple Threat? That’d be pretty great. Next week’s Triple Threat of Conners, Ligero and Banks will be pretty great, too. I feel like Conners wins to then face the man he didn’t pin in Blackpool. Eddie Dennis has a good return match as Dereiss Gordon makes his return. It was a good next step towards giving us Dennis VS Seven in Blackpool. Dar VS Smith was really good, probably one of Smith’s best matches. It does a lot for Dar to win clean, too. I wonder if Dar takes on Oliver Carter next to keep things going between them.

The 8 Man Tag was great! Just under 20 minutes, and everyone got a lot of shine. It worked out really well for this to end on a draw, keeps things even on the way to Blackpool. The negotiations next week will surely set up the TakeOver matches, namely Walter VS Joe for the WWE UK Championship. I also imagine Wolfe and Dragunov end up with a rematch for Blackpool on the side, as well as the NXT UK Tag Team Championships being part of the deal. The tag titles can still add the other teams, but the main thing is Gallus VS Imperium.

My Score: 8.5/10

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