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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (11/7/19)

A tag team rivalry continues!




Gallus Boys on top!

Wolfgang and Mark Coffey reign as NXT UK Tag Team Champions, but perhaps a team will prove itself worthy of challenging them in tonight’s main event! Plus, Joe Coffey returns to in-ring action!



  • Joe Coffey VS Tyson T-Bone; Coffey wins.
  • Killer Kelly VS Isla Dawn; Dawn wins.
  • Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster VS Grizzled Young Veterans; No Contest.


Joe Coffey VS Tyson T-Bone!

Gallus’ Iron King returns to the ring, against the King of Travelers! Both men can throw hands, but who is the one standing at the end?

The bell rings and Coffey circles with T-Bone. They test the waters with jabs but then tie up neck and collar. Coffey powers T-Bone back to ropes but lets up. They tie up again and T-Bone gets a body shot in. Coffey shrugs it off to tie up with T-Bone again. Now T-Bone puts Coffey on the ropes to throw more body shots. Coffey throws them back! Fans rally as Coffey fires off, but T-Bone ducks to get some more of his own! The ref counts and Coffey kicks low! Coffey knees, whips but T-Bone holds ropes to boot back! T-Bone leaps to forearm Coffey down! Coffey gets up and the two keep boxing each other. T-Bone gets an edge with big body shots, then a kick to the leg for a knee to the face! T-Bone whips but Coffey reverses to catch T-Bone for a belly2belly!

Fans cheer as Coffey whips T-Bone into a corner, then back in, to then scoop for a walking backbreaker! Coffey runs to drop a big elbow! Cover, TWO! Coffey looms over T-Bone as he huffs and puffs. Coffey grabs the arm but T-Bone swings. Coffey ducks to hit back, then catches T-Bone’s right arm. Coffey wrenches the elbow as he and T-Bone go around, and he arm-drags T-Bone down. T-Bone endures, refusing to give in. T-Bone gets up as fans rally, and T-Bone powers Gallus to a hip toss, only for Coffey to hold on and arm-drag again! Coffey hammers T-Bone but T-Bone endures. Fans rally up again as T-Bone gets up. T-Bone throws body shots and a headbutt! T-Bone hip tosses Coffey down! Coffey is up but T-Bone bobs ‘n’ weaves and UPPERCUTS! Exploder! Cover, TWO!

Coffey and T-Bone shake out their arms, T-Bone drags Coffey up into a fireman’s carry. Coffey slips out before Snake Eyes but elbows T-Bone away to hit a leaping back elbow! Then the Glasgow Send-off spear! ALL THE BEST! Cover, Coffey wins!

Winner: Joe Coffey, by pinfall

The King of the Travelers falls to the Iron King of Gallus! But will Joe Coffey become king of NXT UK while Walter still has the title?


Backstage interview with Xia Brookside.

Kay Lee Ray had strong words for Xia, but what is her response? Strong words, sure, but Xia didn’t expect much else. KLR says she also outsmarted Xia, but Xia has worked the hardest to show KLR what she’s made of. Will the NXT UK Women’s Champion learn what it means to #FlyWithBrookside?


NXT UK, prepare for Ridge Holland.

“Whether it’s by my fist, or my timber, somebody’s gonna get hurt.”


NXT UK takes a closer look at Piper Niven.

Born and raised in Ayrshire, Scotland, she fell in love with wrestling one day when she was sick and home at school. She was watching and saw The Undertaker, and it was amazing! Piper trained from 16, had a good time, but didn’t think she was going to be any good. It took her some time to get going, and then she realized, she could actually be a wrestler. And then, March 27, 2019, Piper made her move to NXT UK. Piper always felt she was going to be famous. She wasn’t sure what for, but here it is. Her family was so happy for her, but also are so worried. But they’re proud of her and wish her the best. And now that she’s here, she has some goals. Obviously the NXT UK Women’s Championship, but she also wants to be a role model for those who don’t feel as confident in themselves. She wants them to see her and know that if she can do what she wants to do, so can they. There’s more to come from Piper in part two next week!


Killer Kelly VS Isla Dawn!

Double K vowed to get the spotlight by any means necessary, and she went looking for a fight. She found the White Witch of Scotland, and that fight led to this match. Kelly is back from injury, but will she be back on a winning track?

The bell rings and Kelly runs right at Isla! Isla dodges the boot to arm drag and knock Kelly over. Isla wrenches to a wristlock suplex, then keeps on that arm. She hammerlocks with her leg to then go after Kelly’s leg! Kelly flails out of the modified Half Crab to get a ropebreak! Isla holds on until the count of 4, and Kelly is mad. But Isla dodges Kelly to dropkick her down! Cover, TWO! Kelly flounders but Isla is on her at the ropes. The ref counts and Isla lets up, but Kelly BOOTS back! Kelly grins as she clubs Isla down and rains down rights, and even lefts! Isla gets free as the ref reprimands Kelly, but Kelly stomps Isla’s leg. Isla kicks back but Kelly stomps her back. Kelly brings Isla up to throw a big European Uppercut! Then reels her in for a clothesline! Cover, TWO!

Kelly cravats Isla but Isla stands to reach with a leg. Kelly turns Isla around to neck wrench, and rake at the eyes! Isla fights back but Kelly clubs Isla down. Kelly drags Isla up and has a modified cravat. Isla fights but Kelly traps the arm as she wrenches. Fans rally and Isla pries free to arm-drag and spike Kelly! Kelly staggers up but Isla powers her to a corner. Isla throws uppercuts, but Kelly blocks the Saido, to get a knee instead! Saido hits this time! Cover, TWO!! Kelly survives and Isla is furious! Isla drags Kelly up but Kelly hits back. Isla has the leg but Kelly kicks with the free one. Kelly goes to the apron, Isla walks over, Kelly hotshots Isla! Kelly runs to shotgun dropkick Isla into a corner! Kelly goes corner to corner, shots, and hits another shotgun dropkick! Fans fire up for Kelly as she drags Isla up. Fireman’s carry, but Isla fights out to Half ‘n’ Half with the bridge! Cover, Isla wins!!

Winner: Isla Dawn, by pinfall

The Call of the Quarters was answered with a win! Kelly picked a fight and lost, will she be able to rebound after this? Is Isla headed up towards the title?


NXT UK looks inside the mind of the Wrestling Genius, Kassius Ohno.

“Kassius Ohno is not in a great mood.” He has something on his mind. Ohno wants to talk British Strong Style. But what is “British Strong Style?” Strong Style was created by WWE Hall of Famer Antonio Inoki, and it seems people think “it sounds cool” to just slap it on. But Ohno is trying to show everyone how “pure and authentic British and European wrestling” really is, but they’re all just doing what’s “cool.” Pete Dunne is gone. Trent Seven is in shambles. All that’s left is Tyler Bate, the Big Strong Boy. And Big Strong Boy is getting involved in the affairs of the Wrestling Genius. Bate defended A-Kid from Ohno’s wrath, but “there is no one I would rather step into the ring with than you, Tyler Bate.” Everyone respects and cheers for Bate, thinking he’s the best. But Ohno vows to be the one to truly extinguish British Strong Style, “something not even Imperium could do.” Ohno and Bate go 1v1 next week!


Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster VS Grizzled Young Veterans!

Two former NXT UK Tag Team Championship teams face off once again! The cardiac kids from Cardiff made history when they dethroned Zack Gibson and James Drake, but they didn’t have the belts long. Which team wins here to take a step towards a second chance?

The teams sort out and the Modfather starts against Liverpool’s Number One. FMW circles with Gibson while fans troll Drake about “Ass Face!” Gibson and FMW tie up, Gibson waistlocks and yoyo slams FMW down. FMW gets up and Gibson mocks how short the title reign was. FMW and Gibson circle and tie up, and FMW headlocks. Gibson tries to power out but FMW holds on tight. FMW uses the ropes to help with a takedown, but Gibson keeps his shoulders up. Gibson powers up to back suplex FMW down, but FMW holds on! Gibson rolls FMW to a cover, ONE and FMW holds on still. Gibson goes to a corner but FMW runs the buckles to get the takedown again. But Gibson pops out and has a leg! Tag to Drake and Drake stomps the leg! FMW hobbles but slips around in the back suplex to a sunset flip! TWO and FMW headlocks Drake.

Andrews tags in and he double whips Drake with FMW, but Drake bails out! Drake and Gibson regroup while fans boo and jeer, but Andrews dares them to get in. Gibson gives Drake some tips and Drake gets in. Drake and Andrews circle but fans again sing and troll “Ass Face!” Drake and Andrews tie up, Andrews headlocks and resists the lift to get a takedown. Drake headscissors but Andrews bridges and moves around to jackknife! Cover but Drake bridges and spins, but Andrews resists the backslide. Andrews slips out, Drake trips up and jackknifes, but now Andrews bridges up to spin Drake around for a backslide! TWO but Drake turns around into a headlock and wrench. Andrews whips Drake into the corner and tags FMW. FMW runs in to forearm smash, then snapmare to Andrews’ basement dropkick! Cover, TWO!

FMW tags Andrews and they double mule kick, front kick and dropkick Drake down! Cover, TWO! Andrews brings Drake around to wrench and whip, but Drake reverses. Andrews goes up and over and arm-drags Drake around! Drake blocks the next arm-drag but Andrews goes around to arm-drag from the other end! Gibson shouts his advice and Drake headlocks out of a wrench. Gibson tags in as Andrews powers out. Things speed up, Andrews dodges Gibson to hit Drake, and he wheelbarrow arm-drags Gibson away! The Grizzled Young Veterans regroup but FMW comes in, stereo dropkicks send GYV out! Fans fire up as Drake and Gibson flounder in frustration. Gibson walks off a bad ankle as the ref tells them to get in. GYV keep their game plan and Gibson takes his time getting back.

Fans troll Gibson with their shoes off, but Gibson ties up with Andrews. Gibson has a standing chinbar and drags Andrews down for an armlock. Andrews rolls, handsprings and wrings Gibson down! FMW tags in, and the Welshmen double wrench and whip into a double hip toss! Then standing moonsault imploding senton combo! Cover, TWO! FMW fires himself up but Gibson headlocks. Drake tags in as FMW powers out. Drake dropkicks the legs out, then Gibson basement dropkicks FMW down! Mayhem in Motion takes Andrews out! Fans are torn but the GYV have control. Drake gets FMW up to throw a big forearm! Drake puts FMW in and throws haymakers. The ref reprimands but Drake reels FMW in for a big backbreaker! Tag to Gibson and he goes out to fetch FMW. Drake takes aim, PESCADO BACKBREAKER!

Fans still taunt and troll but Gibson gives FMW snake eyes on the barrier! Gibson puts FMW in and stays between him and Andrews. Fans still sing and taunt Gibson as he scoops and slams FMW down. Tag to Drake and Drake becomes the human weapon, scoop toss splash! Cover, TWO! Drake keeps on FMW with haymakers then whips to clobber FMW! Cover, TWO! Drake is on FMW with a chinlock right away, but fans rally up. FMW endures, fights his way up, but Drake rocks him with another forearm. FMW is on the apron but Drake goes over, only to get a shoulder! FMW sunset flips over but Gibson tags in quick! Gibson stomps FMW down and then reels him in for a lariat! Cover, TWO! Gibson tries again, TWO! Gibson smothers FMW with a chinlock, making it part cobra clutch. Fans rally up again and FMW fights back up.

Drake tags in and Gibson reels FMW out for Drake’s forearm! Drake taunts Andrews while fans boo and jeer. Drake stomps FMW while Gibson taunts him. Drake puts FMW in the corner, Gibson tags in, Gibson hits a big clothesline then feeds FMW to Drake’s spinning heel kick! Gibson brings FMW up for a stiff EuroUpper! Gibson gives forearms, whips FMW corner to corner hard, then suplexes him up and over! Cover, TWO! Gibson smothers FMW again, but FMW refuses to quit. Fans rally once more, and FMW fights up in the cobra clutch. FMW hits a jawbreaker! Drake tags in and kicks FMW while he’s down! Drake shoves FMW but FMW hits Gibson! FMW forearms Drake but Drake whips, to walk into the Rude Boy Block! Fans are fired up as FMW crawls for his corner! Gibson trips Andrews up! Drake brings FMW in, backbreaker! Cover, TWO!

Drake is seething, but then here comes Gallus. Wolfgang and Mark Coffey just want to watch, but Drake has to fight FMW down. Drake whips FMW to a corner, FMW goes up and over and kicks at Drake. Drake flounders away, hot tags to Gibson and Andrews! Andrews rallies on the GYV! Andrews forearms and chops, Drake reverses, but Andrews slides under ot PELE! Gibson gets in but Andrews wheelbarrows, Stomp 182! Andrews moonsaults, tornado DDT! Drake gets in but gets FMW’s knee trigger! FMW helps Andrews with the standing 450! Cover, TWO!! Gibson survives and Gallus watches closely. Andrews drags Gibson up but Gibson jawbreakers! Tag to Drake, but Andrews CHOPS away! Andrews runs at Gibson but gets caught! Drake hits an enziguri, then sucker punches FMW! Gibson turns Andrews, Drake SUPERKICKS into the neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Andrews survives and the fans are loving it!

Gibson goes back to the corner to tag in. Fans rally up as Gibson brings Andrews up. Gibson feeds Andrews to Drake’s scoop but Andrews slips out to shove the Grizzled Young Veterans into each other! Andrews ROCKS Gibson, CHOPS Drake, and fires off on Gibson! Gibson headlocks Andrews and Drake tags in. Gibson whips Andrews, things speed up, and Andrews stops himself, Mayhem in Motion becomes a POWERBOMB! FMW tags n and Andrews dodges Gibson, enziguri knee combo in the corner! Gibson flounders out, Andrews wheelbarrows Drake to get a boost into the SLINGSHOT HURICANRANA! Andrews SPIKES Gibson, FMW SWANTONS Drake! Cover, TWO!! Drake survives and Gallus is loving what they see, as do the fans!

FMW drags Drake up but Gibson yanks Andrews back. Gibson rams Andrews into the apron while Drake wrings out FMW’s shoulder! Tag to Gibson and he goes after the bad arm! FMW resists the Shankly Gates, fakes Gibson out and HEADBUTTS! But Drake tags in, and he hurries over. FMW kicks back and hops up but Gibson sweeps his legs! Drake rocks FMW with a dropkick! DRAPING Ticket to Ride! Cover, TWO!! Fans are thunderous for the Modfather’s resilience! GYV regroup and Drake tags Gibson. Gibson keeps on FMW while Drake goes up. Electric Chair, Grizzled Young Doomsday MISSES as FMW victory rolls Gibson! Andrews anchors Drake while FMW has the cover, TWO!! Gibson escapes, and he throat chops FMW! Andrews hits Drake but Gibson whips him away. Andrews slides under Gibson but Drake mule KICKS him down!

FMW returns, KNEE TRIGGER for Gibson! Drake has Andrews, but Andrews pops up, POISON-RANA!! All four men are down and Gallus is impressed. The fans meanwhile are giving a standing ovation for “NXT! NXT!” The referee checks on all four, but now Imperium’s Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel appear on stage. They stare down Gallus, so Gallus goes after the Grizzled Young Veterans!

No Contest

But Imperium just goes after Andrews & Webster! Gallus club away on Gibson and Drake but Barthel throws Andrews into barriers while Aichner throws FMW into steel steps! And then RAMS his knee in! Then Gallus and Imperium turn their attention to each other. Fans rally up but here comes Alexander Wolfe! But here comes Joe Coffey! The numbers are even, and the trios hop up onto the apron. Fans want to see them “Fight! Fight! Fight!” but wait, there is still WALTER! Imperium’s Ring General is here and that makes 4v3! But Gallus doesn’t back down, they step into the ring with Imperium!

Wait, is that Ilja Dragunov?! Wolfe grins, for perhaps the Moscow Madman is joining Imperium? Is it 5v3?! NO! It’s 4v4! Dragunov stands with Gallus!! And it goes off!! The fans are thunderous as all eight men brawl! Ilja has Wolfe, Wolfgang has Barthel, Mark Coffey has Aichner, and Joe Coffey has Walter! Neither side is backing down and the fans are loving it!! Wolfgang throws Barthel out and goes to reinforce Mark, but this is far from over! Who comes out on top of this new faction warfare?!



My Thoughts:

A pretty great episode with a lot of progress despite very few segments. Coffey VS T-Bone was a fun opening match, they did a lot of great stuff with their brawling style, but of course Coffey wins to return to action strong. Xia Brookside has an okay little promo, but her match with Kay Lee Ray next week will be good. Piper Niven is getting great video packages and interviews, this could be an indicator that she’s moving up towards the title. Isla gets a great surprise win as Killer Kelly makes her debut. The NXT UK Women’s Division has a good midcard, they just need to build a bit better so the title has contenders. Ohno has a great promo video package to hype his match with Tyler Bate, that is going to be a great match next week.

But obviously the main attraction tonight was not just the NXT UK Tag Team Division, but Gallus turning Face to take on Imperium. We got a great match with Andrews & Webster VS Grizzled Young Veterans, but the attacks that caused No Contest doesn’t even hurt it. It keeps those two teams equal in the title chase, while bringing Imperium around into it. I hope we get a Fatal 4 Way for those titles as part of this. But at the same time, I am so excited to see Dragunov joined Gallus in that brawl. Is there still time to say NXT UK joins WarGames with this match? Would three WarGames matches for WarGames III be too much? There has to be something amazing that matches up how amazing that brawl to end the show was.

My Score: 8.4/10

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