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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (11/18/19)

Raw heads for Survivor Series Weekend!



NEW Raw coverage

Will The Architect burn down El Idolo?

With Survivor Series just under a week away, Seth Rollins is raring for a fight! And he’s willing to give up his spot on Team Raw for it! Will he stay Raw’s Team Captain when Andrade has Zelina Vega up his sleeve?



  • Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair VS The IIconics; Lynch & Flair win.
  • Karl Anderson w/ The OC VS Humberto Carrillo; Carrillo wins.
  • Bobby Lashley w/ Lana VS No Way Jose; Lashley wins.
  • Seth Rollins VS Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega; Rollins wins and is part of the Survivor Series Raw Men’s Team.
  • Akira Tozawa VS Buddy Murphy; Murphy wins.
  • Erick Rowan VS Alex Malcom; Rowan wins.
  • Kevin Owens VS Drew McIntyre; No Contest.
  • Natalya VS Asuka w/ Kairi Sane; Asuka wins.
  • Raw Tag Team Championships: The Viking Raiders VS Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder Randy Orton & ???; No Contest, The Viking Raiders retain the Raw Tag Team Championships.


The Man is here!

Becky Lynch holds her Raw Women’s Championship up high, ready for the Survivor Series Triple Threat coming! And fans are fired up to see her in Boston! Becky tells “ya little snakes,” Bayley and Shayna Baszler, that if they’re here, they should just show themselves. They’re running around, yelling about brand supremacy. Becky doesn’t give two bullocks about brands! If they’re wanting a fight, let’s fight! Why wait for Survivor Series when they can end this tonight?! “Because after all, what better place for an Irish person to fight than right here in Boston?” Becky waits, but instead she gets the IIconics! Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are back and ready in in red. They’re “so sorry to interrupt.” But talking about Survivor Series, what were they going to do? Stay silent? For those who haven’t heard, the terrible news is that the Raw Women’s Team snubbed the IIconics! Just a terrible oversight, really.

But “listen up, toots.” The IIconics are the future, and the- Who cares about the future? Becky knows it is her and Charlotte, “tethered together forever” to go against them, but Becky wants both IIconics!  But before anything can happen, Charlotte Flair makes her appearance! Becky wants them all to herself? Doesn’t want to tag with Charlotte? Well the feeling is mutual, but the powers that be say they have to. And guess what, Charlotte has a match at Survivor Series as team captain for the Women’s Triple Threat Elimination Tag! “So, Becks, shall we?” But wait, here comes Samoa Joe?! The Samoan Submission Machine is obviously not here to compete right now, between the cast and the suit. But what is he going to do while the Man and the Queen battle the IIconics?


Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair VS The IIconics!

Raw returns and the IIconics just rush Charlotte and Becky! They stomp away but the ref restores just enough order for the IIconics to bulldog Becky off Billie’s knee! The IIconics then throw Becky into buckles! And oh yes, Samoa Joe is on commentary! With Dio Maddin still out after standing up to Brock Lesnar only to get an F5 for it, Joe takes over alongside Vic Joseph and Jerry Lawler.

Back to the ring, Charlotte fights back on Peyton! Peyton hits back then whips, Charlotte reverses but Billie tags in. Peyton scoops but Charlotte elbows her away. Charlotte runs at Billie to get a hotshot! Heel kick from Peyton Billie covers, TWO! The IIconics tag again, and double wrench, kick and kick! Then they stomp and pose on Charlotte’s back! Peyton toys with Charlotte, but Charlotte throws a big right hand! Peyton powers Charlotte into the corner, Billie tags in and the IIconics mug The Queen! “You need to realize that we are the future!” Charlotte DECKS and CHOPS the future! Billie rolls Charlotte up, TWO! Charlotte trips Billie, has the leg, and gets the Figure Four, right to the FIGURE EIGHT! Peyton runs in, for a BECKSPLODER! Billie taps, Charlotte and Becky win!

Winners: Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch, Flair by submission

The frenemies are still strong together, and get a win over former Women’s Tag Team Champions. Will they one day find their way back to those tag titles?

But wait! Shayna Baszler and her Horsewomen are attacking the IIconics! The Queen of Spades dares the Queen and Man to fight, so they fight! This is a 3v2 and Shayna kicks Becky down to KNEE her down! Jessamyn and Marina have Charlotte down after a flurry of fists and stomps, then they get out of the ring. Becky and Charlotte regroup, to chase after! Security tries to keep the peace, but even King wants to “Let Them Fight!” Charlotte and Becky are backed down to ringside, until Becky DECKS a guard! Joe likes the #StraightFire and so does Boston, but it seems Becky will have to wait until Sunday. Will The Man finally get to slap the head off the NXT Women’s Champion at Survivor Series?


Backstage interview with Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins.

The Major Bros got a huge win in Germany and are now challenging for the Raw Tag Team Championships. Their entire careers have prepared them for this. But them, the Authors of Pain come by… Akam and Rezar HEADBUTT and BODY SLAM and just all around brutalize the Major Bros! Rezar and Akam talk down to them in their native tongues, more or less saying Ryder & Hawkins don’t deserve the tag title match tonight. But then, if Ryder & Hawkins can’t compete, who will?


Karl Anderson w/ The OC VS Humberto Carrillo!

The Machine Gun goes solo right now as The OC fires back. Styles states something for the record, “so all of you idiots can understand it.” Styles would love to defend his United States Championship against Humberto Carrillo, but Humberto disrespected the champ! Gallows agrees. And when you disrespect one member, you disrespect all members. That’s why “Hot Karl Mother Lovin’ Anderson” is going to do the beating down! That’s a party! They’re already the Best Tag Team in the World, but they’re going to teach Carrillo a lesson. But will it be Anderson who learns a thing or two from Ultimo Ninja?

The bell rings and Carrillo ties up with Anderson. Anderson clubs and kicks Carrillo into a corner then rakes the eyes! Anderson stops to whip Carrillo corner to corner, but Carrillo goes up and over and then arm-drags Anderson! Carrillo uses the ropes to fly for another arm-drag! Fans fire up as Carrillo dodges, goes up the ropes and leaps for a headbutt! Anderson flounders but Carrillo puts him in a drop zone. Carrillo climbs but Gallows drags Anderson out. Carrillo stares the OC down and the ref reprimands them, but here come the Street Profits! Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins are watching out for their amigo, and then Carrillo FLIES! Carrillo bowls over the OC and is fired up as we go to break!

Raw returns and Carrillo brawls with Anderson. Anderson uppercuts Carrillo then whips him corner to corner hard! Gallows taunts Carrillo as Anderson CHOPS him! Styles applauds as Anderson throws haymakers. Anderson brings Carrillo up to scoop slam, then covers, TWO! Anderson keeps on Carrillo, but Boston rallies up. Carrillo fights back but Anderson clubs and whips to run Carrillo over! Cover, TWO, and it’s back to the chinlock. The Profits coach Carrillo, fans rally up, and Carrillo fights back again. Anderson cranks and drags Carrillo down! Carrillo endures and fights his way up to fight out with body shots. Anderson uppercuts again and has Carrillo in the corner. Carrillo elbows back, then boots Anderson down, to shotgun dropkick him further! Fans fire up with the Profits as they cheer Carrillo.

Carrillo hits a running uppercut, snapmares and basement dropkicks! Somersault moonsault! Cover, TWO! But Carrillo keeps his cool as Anderson crawls to a corner. Carrillo runs in, but is put on the apron. Carrillo SLAPS Anderson away, then climbs up, leaping crossbody! Cover, TWO! Anderson escapes and Carrillo can’t believe it. The OC are worried but the Profits are cheering, Carrillo springboards, into a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Both men are down but Anderson is getting up. Fans rally for Carrillo as Anderson brings him up. Anderson lifts, but Carrillo huricanranas to send Anderson into the post! Anderson staggers out, into a springboard enziguri! Carrillo puts Anderson in the drop zone but Gallows lurks nearby. Styles distracts and Gallows hotshots Carrillo! Anderson cradles but the Profits turn it around! Carrillo wins!!

Winner: Humberto Carrillo, by pinfall

The referee couldn’t keep up, and the Profits beat the OC at their own game! With the momentum still on his side, is Humberto Carrillo going to grab gold in the near future?


Backstage interview with Seth Rollins.

The Architect has had his ups and downs lately, so what is with accepting Andrade’s challenge for the Survivor Series spot? Well what else was he going to do? He would not be a good leader if he backed down from a challenge! Boston has elite talent, such as a certain football quarterback. Rollins is a leader who leads by example. He admires Andrade’s talent and his international career. But this isn’t Monday Night Almas, it is Monday Night Rollins! And he promises to once again #BurnItDown!


Bobby Lashley w/ Lana VS No Way Jose!

The Rocky Mountain Machine has his Ravishing Russian girlfriend with him as he prepares to wreck shop. But Lana first has a mic to say this is the happiest day of her life. She’s filed for divorce! Fans chant “Rusev Day! Rusev Day!” but Lana hopes they’re upset to hear that they aren’t going to see her future ex-husband! Lana reiterates that she and Rusev are going to be divorced! When Rusev landed here in the states after returning from Europe, he was served a temporary restraining order while they’re in Massachusetts! Rusev cannot be within 90 MILES of Lana! Lashley corrects Lana, it’s just 90 feet. But Rusev will be out of her life soon enough, and it’ll be Lana x Lashley forever.

Fans still cheer for Rusev as the Fighting Fiesta takes on Lashley! Lashley wrenches Jose to a wristlock, a shoulder breaker, and a headlock. Jose powers out but Lashley grabs the hair! Jose ROCKS Lashley with hands! Jose whips but Lashley reverses, Jose goes up and over! Jose blows a kiss to Lana! Then dances around before throwing more big hands! Jose headlocks but Lashley powers up to slam Jose down. Lashley runs to run Jose over! Lashley whips, and BODY SLAMS Jose down! Fans boo as the All Mighty drags Jose up into a full nelson and just thrashes away! Jose fades out fast, Lashley wins!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by submission

The party is over for Jose, but things have only just begun for Lana and Lashley. And they really make the most of their making out… Will they continue to rub their love into the faces of everyone watching?


Seth Rollins VS Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega!

The Architect is willing to show he is the right man to lead Raw into Survivor Series by putting up a fight! But La Muneca has a microphone to say it is her pleasure “to announce the man that, after tonight, will be leading Team Raw into battle against Team SmackDown and Team NXT.” That man is “the greatest in-ring technician on the face of the planet,” El Idolo, ANDRADE~! Will Vega be a factor once again? Or does Rollins have a plan to counter her presence?

The bell rings and Rollins circles with Almas. They tie up and Almas pulls hair to get the arm. Almas wrenches, shoulder breaker, but Rollins turns it around to a hammerlock. Almas reaches down and gets a standing switch, but Rollins wrenches back again. Almas handsprings and wrenches Rollins back, but Rollins rolls and handsprings to do the same. Rollins trips, headlocks but Almas pops out. The two go move for move but back off and Boston cheers the exchange. Almas and Rollins circle again, and reach out for knuckle locks Almas kicks low to headlock and hit the takeover. Rollins headscissors but Almas moves around. Almas pops out to a headlock of his own, but Rollins gets up to roll Almas off. The two stand off again and Boston is still fairly impressed.

Rollins and Almas circle and tie up again, and Rollins headlocks. Almas powers Rollins to ropes but the ref calls for the break. Rollins dodges the cheap shot chop to get another headlock takeover. Vega is upset but Almas works his way up again. Almas pulls hair to get Rollins on ropes, and the ref counts. Almas fakes Rollins out to get the headlock again! Rollins powers out but Almas bumps shoulders. Neither man falls, so Almas shoves! Rollins dares him to run, Almas does and things speed up. Rollins hurdles, Almas leaps, Rollins arm-drags! And another arm-drag, to an armlock! Fans cheer but Vega is upset. Almas works his way up and powers out but Rollins kicks him back. Rollins runs but into a dropkick! Cover, ONE, but Almas stomps Rollins down.

Rollins goes to a corner but Almas CHOPS him down. Almas whips Rollins corner to corner, Rollins goes up and over to then run, and he dodges a dropkick to give a dropkick! Cover, ONE! Rollins drags Almas up and CHOPS, but Almas forearms back. Rollins CHOPS again, then whips corner to corner. Rollins hits a forearm smash, then whips Almas corner to corner again. Almas puts Rollins on the apron this time but Rollins forearms him away. Vega hooks Rollins’ leg! Almas blasts Rollins down with a forearm! And then Vega huricanranas, but Rollins blocks her! The ref sees it all this time, and EJECTS Vega! Almas is furious, but he triangle TORNILLOS Rollins down! El Idolo may not have his manager watching his back, but he’s in control as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns as Rollins and Almas rise. Almas walks into a fireman’s carry, but slips out to shove. Rollins dodges, and SLINGBLADES! Almas runs into a boot, Rollins hits a BLOCKBUSTER! Rollins clotheslines Almas out then builds speed, to DIVE! Direct hit to Almas’ back but Rollins isn’t done! Rollins runs again, to DIVE again! He hits Almas in the front this time! Rollins puts Almas in then takes aim, springboard flying knee! Cover, TWO! Rollins keeps his cool as he goes to ropes, and stomps out “Burn It Down!” Almas rises, Rollins aims, mule kick to- No! Almas dodges but gets a PELE for it! Rollins lifts but Almas huricanranas out of the bomb, Rollins gets buckles! And then CIEN KNEES! Cover, TWO!! Almas can’t believe Rollins survives!

Almas drags Rollins up and in to hammerlock, but Rollins fights out of the bomb to back drop. Almas sunset flips but Rollins high stacks, ONE into a dead lift! BUCKLE BOMB! SUPERKICK! Rollins flounders onto the cover, ROPEBREAK! Rollins can’t believe he forgot about ropes! Almas sits up but Rollins stands. Almas throws a big forearm, but Rollins responds with his own. They go back and forth, Almas throws forearms from all sides, but Rollins fires off many! Then a knee, a kick and a CHOP! Rollins suplexes but Almas slips out, but Rollins breaks the waistlock to ROCK Almas with a kick. But he falls for Almas feint to ELBOW! Almas suplexes, uno amigo! Dos amigos! Almas gets up again, shimmies the shoulders, Tres Amigos! Cover, TWO!!

Latino Heat’s signature didn’t work, so Almas goes for another! But Rollins is up top fast, only to get tripped up! WOE STOMPS! No wait Rollins dodged it!? Rollins shoulders back, springboards, but Almas gets under. Almas boots, the elbow misses, SUPERKICK! FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Samoa Joe asks if we are believers in Almas now. Rollins crawls to the corner and goes up top. But wait, that’s Lucha House Party attacking!? They shove Rollins down and go after him!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by disqualification; stays on Team Raw

They work together to BOOT Rollins into barriers! Then Kalisto, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik get in the ring to attack Almas 3v1! But Rollins fights them off! Almas and Rollins throw the Lucha House Party out and defend their brand! But Almas and Rollins seem to respect each other now. They’ll settle this one day, but The Architect still leads Team Raw. Will Rollins lead them to victory in that incredible 15-Man Elimination match?


Buddy Murphy knocks on Aleister Black’s door!

He wants to pick a fight with the man, but when there’s no response, he claims Aleister is all talk. Murphy walks away, but Aleister opens the door! Just a moment too late. Will Aleister learn the identity of who came looking… for a fight… with him?


Triple H arrives!

The NXT Women’s Champion appearing was apparently just a precursor. Will NXT continue their takeover now that the Game is here?


Akira Tozawa VS Buddy Murphy!

The Stamina Monster finally makes his Raw debut, and he has a message for his opponent tonight: “Good luck.” Will Tozawa be the one needing luck against the Aussie Juggernaut?

The bell rings and these two former Cruiserweight Champions circle and tie up. Murphy gets the wristlock and yanks on the arm over and over. He grinds Tozawa down, but Tozawa flips, handsprings and wrenches back. Murphy rolls and handsprings to wrench back to yank more. Tozawa spins and breaks free to chop, but it doesn’t budge Murphy! Murphy throws Tozawa to a corner but misses his chop, and Tozawa keeps trying. Tozawa finally affects Murphy with the CHOPS, then runs, into a pop-up flapjack! Murphy runs but into a huricanrana! Murphy bails out but is back up, Tozawa dropkicks him down! Tozawa builds speed, to DIVE, into a SUPLEX! Murphy grins as he gets back up and drags Tozawa into the ring. Cover, TWO, but Murphy keeps his cool.

Murphy drops knees on Tozawa’s back then hauls him up for a cobra twist. Tozawa endures and works on an escape. He gets around and circles with Murphy but Murphy gets the twist back. Tozawa pops out but Murphy blocks his hip toss. Murphy tries but Tozawa blocks the hip toss. Tozawa body shots then hip tosses Murphy OUT! Murphy hurries back in, into a SUPERKICK! Was that a tooth flying!? Murphy looks out cold, but Tozawa can’t capitalize. Fans rally up as Murphy gets to a corner. Tozawa runs in, but he is put on the apron. Tozawa enziguris back hard! Then climbs up top, to leap, missile dropkick! Murphy ends up across the ring, to get a BOOT! Tozawa fires off kicks, spins, slides under, but Murphy hauls Tozawa up. Tozawa slips out, to SNAP SAIDO! Bridging cover, TWO!

Tozawa keeps moving, PSYCHO KNEE! Cover, TWO!! This is why Murphy was such a dominant Cruiserweight Champion! But Tozawa drags him into a drop zone and heads up top. Fans fire up but Murphy is up fast. Tozawa leaps over, turns around into a BOOT from Murphy! Murphy hops up but gets a BOOT from Tozawa! Tozawa climbs up to join Murphy, but Murphy pushes him away, Tozawa is back, Murphy slides under and tucks him in, SUPERK- NO! Tozawa mule kicks Murphy first! Then hops back, POISON-RANA! Murphy flops out of the ring, Tozawa runs, to DIVE! The Tozawa Torpedo hits! Tozawa puts Murphy in the ring and in the drop zone! Tozawa climbs up top but Murphy hurries to the apron. Tozawa kicks Murphy away again, and Murphy is stuck between ropes, TOKYO TOWER SENTON on Murphy’s back! Cover, TWO!? Murphy survives!

Tozawa fires off fast hands and a kick, but runs into a KNEE-TRIGGER! Murphy pump handles, MURPHY’S LAW! Cover, Murphy wins!

Winner: Buddy Murphy, by pinfall

The Best Kept Secret is out, and the secret is that Murphy’s on a roll! But will he again pick… a fight…. with Aleister?


Erick Rowan talks to his pet again.

Peekaboo~! He sees his cute little… Whatever it is. And how it’s growing! Will Rowan need a bigger cage for his little critter?


Murphy finds Aleister’s room again, and this time, gets an answer.

Aleister stares Murphy down, but no one says a word. Is this an unspoken acceptance of Murphy’s challenge?


Erick Rowan VS Alex Malcom!

Big Red brings his pet by and sets it down on the ring steps. He leaves it there to then get in the ring with “The Pride of Boston.” But wait, the Singh Brothers and their 24/7 Championship chase runs by! R-Truth is in hot pursuit! But Rowan runs the Bollywood Boys over! Truth realizes the trouble and runs the other way. Rowan gets in, the bell rings and Malcom tries to run away, too! Rowan grabs him, reels him in, and trophy lifts! To toss out onto the Singh Brothers! Malcom checks on them first, but he gets a BODY CHECK from Rowan! Rowan bowls three men at once! Then just manhandles Malcom back into the ring! Rowan clamps on the Iron Claw, for the SLAM! Cover, Rowan wins!

Winner: Erick Rowan, by pinfall

Rowan goes back to his precious pet, and gets away to safety. Of course, he’s the most dangerous thing out here right now. Will Rowan wreak havoc through all of Raw?


Backstage interview with Randy Orton.

The Viper joins Team Raw at Survivor Series, but he’s not really a team player. Will he put issues aside to win on Sunday? “For 18 years it’s been proven I don’t play well with others, unless it benefits me.” Being the greatest benefits him. The Viking Raiders want a fight, so someone should tell them he’ll be ready for a fight with a partner of Orton’s choosing that will benefit him. Is the Viper planning on taking those Raw Tag Team Championships this close to Survivor Series?!


Kevin Owens VS Drew McIntyre!

They might be tag team partners this Sunday, but the Prizefighter and Scottish Terminator still want to show who ranks higher on Raw. Will this match strengthen or weaken Team Raw before Survivor Series?

The bell rings and McIntyre rushes Kevin, only to get a CHOP! McIntyre puts Kevin in a corner to haymaker and CHOP, then whip him corner to corner. Kevin elbows back and hops up to missile dropkick McIntyre down! Kevin haymakers and CHOPS back, then rams in his shoulder. The ref backs Kevin off and Kevin whips corner to corner, only for McIntyre to reverse hard! McIntyre glares at Kevin as he drags him up for more haymakers. McIntyre CHOPS Kevin then throws more hands. He clubs away on Kevin, but the ref counts. McIntyre lets up to bring Kevin up for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! McIntyre gets Kevin’s arms and digs his knee in for the half surfboard. Fans rally up for Kevin as he endures, and Kevin powers up. Kevin stomps a foot then elbows and forearms and CHOPS!

Kevin whips McIntyre to ropes but McIntyre kicks back! And CHOPS back, too! McIntyre puts Kevin in a corner, whips him corner to corner, but misses the tackle to get only post! Kevin runs in, CANNONBALL! Kevin kicks, but no stunner as McIntyre bails out. Fans boo but Kevin heads out to throw hands on McIntyre. McIntyre hits back but Kevin throws hands. Kevin whips, McIntyre stops himself and elbows Kevin back. McIntyre bumps Kevin off the apron as the ring count climbs. Kevin BOOTS McIntyre down then gets in the ring. McIntyre hobbles up but Kevin is on the apron. McIntyre blocks the kick to TOSS Kevin into barriers! McIntyre grins as he wrecks his Survivor Series teammate! Kevin is down and we go to break!

Raw returns and McIntyre has Kevin back in the half surfboard. Kevin endures and Boston rallies up. Kevin fights his way up but McIntyre clubs him down. McIntyre throws big hands in the corner, then drags Kevin up to whip and overhead suplex! Cover, TWO! McIntyre is right on Kevin with a chicken wing chinbar! Kevin endures as McIntyre cranks him back, but fans still rally. Kevin fights his way up and throws a headbutt! Then a CHOP! Kevin runs, kicks McIntyre’s back drop away, then dumps McIntyre out. McIntyre is up fast but gets haymakers and another headbutt! Kevin goes to the apron, to CANNONBALL again! Fans fire up with Kevin, but he does have to catch his breath after that. Kevin drags McIntyre up and into the ring, then climbs up top as fans cheer him on. But McIntyre goes to the apron, so Kevin hops down. GLASGOW KISS! That headbutt rocks Kevin back to the corner!

McIntyre waits for Kevin to stand, but he walks into a SUPERKICK! Kevin runs in, but to a fireman’s carry! DEATH VALLEY to the apron!! McIntyre leaves Kevin for dead, but Kevin rises with the count. Fans rally for “KO! KO!” but the count passes 5! Then 8! Kevin is in at 9! McIntyre dead lifts to a SIT OUT POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! McIntyre cannot believe Kevin survived! He drags Kevin up and onto the top rope. McIntyre CHOPS Kevin then climbs up to join him. McIntyre is on the very top but Kevin resists! Kevin fights back with body shots and haymakers! Kevin headbutts McIntyre down! FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! McIntyre survives and Kevin is in shock. McIntyre crawls but Kevin takes aim. Kevin kicks but still no stunner. So he SUPERKICKS! McIntyre LARIATS back!

McIntyre runs, but into a POP-UP POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!?! Kevin’s old finisher didn’t finish it?! Boston declares “This is Awesome!” as Kevin rises up to the top rope. Kevin aims again, SWANTON onto knees! McIntyre grimaces as Kevin writhes. McIntyre wants Kevin to stand, and Kevin manages to with that bad back, to SUPERKICK first! Another kick, still no stunner, CLAYMORE! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! McIntyre is furious! Kevin gets to ropes but McIntyre is on him with the underhooks. No Future Shock, jackknife cover, TWO! Kevin blocks a kick to give a kick, STUNNER!! Kevin finally hits it, but he has to crawl to a cover! He finally gets it, ROPEBREAK!! McIntyre returns the favor! Kevin can’t believe it, but he isn’t done. He waits for McIntyre to sit up, but McIntyre blocks the superkick! FUTURE SHOCK! Cover, TWO!?!

McIntyre is losing his mind over neither finisher finishing Kevin, but Boston still knows “This is Awesome!” McIntyre climbs, leaps but Kevin gets under. Another kick, another STUNNER!! But he’s still having to crawl for a cover, and here comes HHH!! The Game just stands there, menacingly! What will happen after the break?!

Raw returns and HHH is in the ring with Kevin. HHH wants water. The Forgotten Sons, Damien Priest and Dominik Dijakovic are at the ramp as HHH compliments the match. HHH says he loves Boston and the wrestling history here. “Magic happens in this building right here in Boston.” And that includes tonight. There is an opportunity for some magic. Does Kevin know why he’s here? The same basic reason as for Rollins. HHH has a soft spot for Rollins’ passion. But it’s different for Kevin because Kevin is a different breed. When HHH brought him in, Kevin turned on his best friend to become NXT Champion, and had the guts to take that title right into the ring on Raw, get in John Cena’s face and pick a fight! And before the night was over, Cena left in an ambulance and Kevin stomped on the WWE United States Championship, holding that NXT Championship up high. Kevin helped put NXT on the map!

And then Kevin was “taken.” Kevin didn’t ask to leave. Maybe he didn’t want to leave. But Kevin was called up by people who didn’t understand Kevin, and realized too late they didn’t want him. Because Kevin was too talented, too smart, and “not the right fit.” Kurt Angle fired Kevin, Shane McMahon fired Kevin, and the company said over and over again, “You don’t belong here.” But HHH knows where Kevin belongs. HHH sees it in Kevin when he looks him in the eyes. HHH sees the guy that has the highest in-ring IQ and is as every bit as good he says he is. That guy “doesn’t fit the mold,” and that’s what HHH loves! Kevin looks at the guys HHH brought. This isn’t a threat. They’re making sure HHH can talk with Kevin. They aren’t here to attack. But isn’t it ironic that these guys came all the way here for Kevin? Yet, Team Raw are in the back, unsure what’s about to happen. Why aren’t they showing up? Because they don’t give a DAMN about Kevin!

“But that’s only half of it, Kev.” The other half is because walking out here gets their asses handed to them. That will prove Raw is not the top brand, it is now- Wait! Team Raw attacks after all! Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, and even Mojo Rawley are here. But then the Undisputed Era attacks Kevin!? HHH doesn’t approve of this but Adam Cole seems to argue they don’t need Kevin. The brawling escalates as The OC rushes the ring! The OC have had beef with the Undisputed Era, and NXT is sent running! Raw isn’t running scared, will things only heat up as we get closer and closer to Survivor Series?


Charly Caruso gives us breaking news!

AJ Styles will defend his United States Championship next week! Humberto Carrillo is here to talk on this huge opportunity. He isn’t sure how to describe it. But this is his opportunity, and he’ll do his best to capitalize on it.

More breaking news comes from Paul Heyman, who gives his usual introduction. Heyman was asked to sit here and tell us the story behind the main event of the world title match. But everyone knows the story of how Brock Lesnar victimized and brutalized Rey Mysterio and his son, Dominic. Then Lesnar beat Kofi Kingston to become champion, only for Mysterio to bring Cain Velasquez to the WWE. The Godfather put some fear in Lesnar, but Lesnar would still defend his title at Crown Jewel. Lesnar conquered Cain but was mugged by Mysterio. And now, everyone wonders what the physical state of Lesnar is after that pipe attack. Lsenar is fine, and will be more than ready for Mysterio at Survivor Series. There are rumors spreading that he is hurt and could lose. So to make this more interesting, Lesnar VS Mysterio, NO HOLDS BARRED! “One Beast wins, one legendary luchador loses.”

Heyman does not predict, he spoils this match: Mysterio either pulls off a miracle and avenges his family’s honor, or Lesnar massacres Mysterio in such a way, “they will have to pull this footage from WWE history,” it will be that horrifying. “Miracle or massacre? We all find out together.”

Rey Mysterio responds.

Mysterio first wants to say how happy he is for Humberto. This is great for Latino wrestlers, and Mysterio says he is confident Carrillo can pull off the upset. As for his own match, Mysterio says Lesnar made the mistake of a lifetime for turning this match into No Holds Barred. Mysterio accepts the stakes. Mysterio showed us all what he can do with a little help from a little friend. And that same steel friend will be with Mysterio in Chicago. So Mysterio asks if Lesnar thinks the stipulation is for his advantage, or Mysterio’s? Lesnar started this. What would Lesnar do to someone who did that to his family? Just what Mysterio plans on doing. The old Mysterio would want an apology. But that’s not Lesnar’s style. Lesnar doesn’t apologize, and that’s fine. Because at Survivor Series, Mysterio isn’t coming for apologies, he’s coming for the title! In Spanish and in English, Mysterio dedicates this coming match to Dominic.


Natalya VS Asuka w/ Kairi Sane!

The Queen of Harts missed out competing for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships alongside the Queen of All Eras, but perhaps she can earn herself something individually. Natty takes on the Empress of Tomorrow without back-up, will she be getting back up after this? Or is she just not ready for Asuka?

Raw returns as Natty makes her entrance. The bell rings and Natty circles with Asuka. They tie up, Natty gets the arm and wrenches. Asuka spins and wrenches back but Natty rolls and handsprigns to trip Asuka up. Natty has the leg but Asuka goes for a headscissor. Natty gets away and fans cheer the exchange. Asuka grins and offers a handshake, but then leaves Natty hanging. Natty kicks low to headlock but Asuka fights out. Natty bumps Asuka but Asuka just roars. Asuka dares Natty to go again, they both run and they both collide. Neither falls so Asuka wants another. Natty goes, Asuka follows, but her hip attack is caught! Asuka victory rolls, TWO! Discus gets a boot to then get a BACK HAND! Cover, TWO!

Asuka grins as Kairi applauds. Asuka circles Natty and toys with her. Asuka drags Natty into an armlock and grinds, but Natty powers up. Asuka hooks her for an Iron Octopus! Natty endures as Asuka pulls hard! But Natty pries an arm free to turn Asuka around, Alabama turns into a sunset flip. Natty slips through to basement dropkick! Natty and Asuka rise, but Natty elbows Asuka away. Natty kicks but Asuka keeps coming. Natty turns her around for a snap suplex! Natty fires off haymakers, whips Asuka corner to corner, but Asuka reverses to run in. Asuka only gets buckles, then Natty rebounds, but Asuka lands on her feet! Asuka headlocks but Natty throws her off to get around, German Suplex! Natty fires up and spins, DISCUS! Cover, TWO!! Asuka survives but Natty won’t let up.

Natty drags Asuka into a waistlock but Asuka reaches for ropes. Asuka elbows Natty off and bails out. Natty chases so Asuka gets back in. Kairi comes running but Natty knocks her down. Asuka wrecks Natty with a dropkick! But Natty wrecks Asuka into barriers! Natty stomps Asuka and puts her in the ring. Natty warns Kairi to stay back, but she runs into a ROUNDHOUSE! Cover, Asuka wins!

Winner: Asuka, by pinfall

What a knockout kick! They may be teammates for Survivor Series, but will there be animosity left over by then?


Raw Tag Team Championships: The Viking Raiders VS Randy Orton & ???

After the Authors of Pain pulverized the Major Bros, Erik and Ivar were without challengers. But the Viper stepped up, and has supposedly recruited someone to help him take these titles. Will Orton throw a wrench into all of Raw’s plans by moving out of the 5v5v5 match into the tag team champions match?

But who is Orton’s partner? It’s the One and Only Ricochet! Is the Real-Life Superhero being too trusting around the Viper? Or can this unlikely duo take home the gold?

Ricochet starts against Erik and they tie up. Ricochet gets around Erik to kick, but Erik just snarls. Erik puts Ricochet in a corner but Ricochet gets away to CHOP away. Ricochet whips but Erik goes up and over and tackles Ricochet down! Erik turns him over to dead lift and slam Ricochet down! Erik looms over Ricochet, but Ricochet dodges the chop to handspring headscissor and dropkick! Erik bails out but Ricochet takes aim, to build speed and FLY! Orton tagged in just before, Erik catches the tope but Orton saves him! Ivar runs in, but into a forearm! Erik hits Orton with haymakers, Ricochet hops up to MOONSAULT! Erik gets clear, ACE TEN MAO! But Orton back suplexes Erik on the apron!

But wait! Team SmackDown is attacking more Raw superstars back stage! Eric Young and Mojo Rawley get wrecked by Robert Roode, Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro! But Cedric Alexander rushes to the rescue! But that’s 3v1! There’s chaos backstage as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns once more, focusing on Orton in the ring with Erik. Erik endures the facelock but fights his way up. Orton shifts to get a headlock, but Erik fights out to ROCK Orton with a right! Both men are down but crawling for their corners. Fans rally and Erik tags in Ivar! Orton tags in Ricochet! Ricochet leaps over Ivar, then rolls off his back. But so does Hanson!? Ricochet rolls and handsprings but Ivar cartwheels! Dropkick-flip and enziguri rocks Ivar! Ricochet handsprings but misses the enziguri. Ivar handsprings to bacl elbow! Fans fire up but Orton tags in. Ivar rocks Orton first, then tosses Riocchet out. Warbeard builds speed to DIVE! The massive tope wipes Orton and Ricochet out! Ivar puts Orton in the ring then throws Ricochet into barriers! Ivar heads to the ring but Orton catches him bewteen ropes! DRAPING DDT!

Fans fire up as Orton hears the voices! “Are you raedy for a good time?!” SmackDown floods the ring!

No Contest

Heavy Machinery, Lucha House Party, the GLORIOUS Show-Offs and Cesaro are beating down the challengers! But the Viking Raiders drag SmackDown superstars out to wreck them into barriers. But that’s just too much even for them! They get to the ring to regroup with Orton and Ricochet! SmackDOwn surrounds the ring, but here comes NXT! Matt Riddle, Tommaso Ciampa, Keith Lee, Swerve Scott, Lio Rush, and Pete Dunne, they all want their part! They wreck SmackDown’s invasion squad, but Raw welcomes them to try! But the Undisputed Era returns! And the Forgotten Sons! Damien Priest and Dominik Dijakovic, too! RKO for Wesley Blake! RECOIL for Dijakovic! And now it all breaks loose! NXT has the Raiders, Ricochet and Orton, but here comes ROLLINS! He, The OC, Carrillo and the Profits attack whoever isn’t Raw!

It is chaos in the ring, out of the ring, by the ramp! NXT regroups in the ring but AJ Styles fires off! Roderick Strong ROCKS him with a knee! HHH is on camera! “In six days, this was just the beginning! This is the beginning of the end!” NXT will show the world that they are THE brand of WWE! Until then, get ready for Wednesday. “Bring everything you’ve got! I’m going to leave the doors wide open for you!” NXT doesn’t back down, they are beating down SmackDown and Raw here. Raw ends as Keith Lee TOSSES Carrillo onto everyone else! Will anyone be daring enough to accept HHH’s open challenge?



My Thoughts:

Not really a good go-home, but it made up for it by the end. Not all the matches were that great, and Boston was bored for a good number of them. One thing that was better for home viewers would be Samoa Joe on commentary. Joe is great on any mic so of course he’d be great here. I just don’t know the point of introducing him when they did. I suppose live fans wouldn’t have realize he was over there without an entrance, but then give live fans that moment before turning on the cameras, and give home fans a nice surprise just by having him there. Joe’s placement aside, the opening segment was good with Becky wanting after Bayley and Baszler already. Her match with Charlotte against the IIconics was alright, and of course The Man and the Queen win. There are clearly still trace amounts of my hope for a WWE Horsewomen match for the tag titles or something like that.

It was great to see NXT and SmackDown all up and down the episode, but it seemed the kind of chaos that wasn’t good for booking. Much of that chaos bled into the Raw specific stories making for a really weird night overall. Why have Rollins put his spot on the line in a really good match with Almas if Lucha House Party is costing Almas? I suppose it does save Almas from talks of “BURIED!” but it just seemed odd. Was Aleister napping in his room when Murphy knocked? He got there just as Murphy disappeared around the corner. Murphy VS Tozawa was another great match, but it seems that Boston doesn’t know and therefore care about Tozawa so it came off like an old episode of 205 Live. This Erick Rowan story with Truth, The Singh Brothers and his mystery pet is a bit baffling. Why does Truth not cover the Singhs on his way out? Why doesn’t Rowan just take the 24/7 Championship just because he can?

And while it makes no sense to make Raw superstars fight each other if they’re on the same team, McIntyre VS Kevin was match of the night! At least, right until HHH showed up. The random commercial cut didn’t help things. But HHH trying to recruit Kevin was a great promo, and then we got just a sample of brawling. It was interesting to see HHH upset with Undisputed Era there, but I think it works for Undisputed Era to be upset that HHH feels NXT needs an alumni to come back to take on Raw and SmackDown. Natty VS Asuka was another weird choice of making teammates fight each other. There wasn’t a very good announcement of who is on the Raw Women’s Team, either. Charlotte, Natty and I assume both Kabuki Warriors which is why the IIconics can’t be one. Is Raw going to have an insane return to join them?

While an unlikely duo in kayfabe, it made a lot of sense to put Ricochet with Orton given the story that’s been building. I do like that, after a great attack by AoP on Hawkins & Ryder, the Raw Tag Team Championships actually felt like they could’ve changed hands. In that scenario, I feel Erik and Ivar would just replace Orton and Ricochet on Team Raw. But of course, that wasn’t going to happen, even if it was Orton and Ricochet facing the Viking Raiders. The brawling backstage randomly was a great prelude to the brawl that ends tonight. I really didn’t expect this big of a brawl to close show until SmackDown, but at the same time, SmackDown would only be 24 hours from WarGames so not the best for the NXT superstars to risk it. HHH’s open challenge to both brands is great, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with for Wednesday.

And of course, there was the big development in the WWE World Championship match. Heyman did another amazing job in his promo, and Mysterio had a great response, and No Holds Barred really is the perfect way for Rey to win that title off Lesnar. However, with word that Rey is leaving WWE, he might not be winning because it’s Brock gat dang Lesnar. Now, that’s “leaving.” Not retiring, not quitting, just leaving. Dominic really is trying to get into the business, so Rey might be taking time off to help him behind the scenes. Lesnar already brutalizes opponents and targets when a match has rules. In a match with no rules but to win, Lesnar can beat Mysterio down so bad, it writes Mysterio off for however long he and Dominic need, and that’s actually just fine. What’s not fine is that probably gives us Lesnar VS Rollins all over again for the Royal Rumble.

My Score: 8/10

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