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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (11/1/19)

It’s chaos after Crown Jewel!



NEW SmackDown Coverage

What surprises will SmackDown have in store?

Sadly, delays exiting Saudi Arabia have sunk certain plans for tonight. But the show must go on! What, and who, will we see on SmackDown this week?



  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley w/ Sasha Banks VS Nikki Cross; Bayley wins and retains the SmackDown Women’s Championship.
  • The Miz VS Tommaso Ciampa; Ciampa wins.
  • Fire & Desire VS Carmella & Dana Brooke Rhea Ripley & Tegan Nox; Ripley & Nox win.
  • NXT Championship: Adam Cole w/ Roderick Strong VS Daniel Bryan; Cole wins and retains the NXT Championship.


Brock Lesnar made it to SmackDown!

The Beast and his Advocate have made it to Buffalo, and Lesnar is still the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Paul Heyman, of course, speaks for Lesnar, and wants to shed some light of his brilliance onto the audience’s darkness of ignorance. The only way to describe what happened is to say that Lesnar is “really, really pissed off.” And fans are surely thinking, “How could that possibly be after the most historic moment in combat sports history” when Lesnar CONQUERED Cain Velasquez? But instead of explaining it, Heyman will share the footage. Yes, it is footage from Crown Jewel, Lesnar VS Velasquez.

Lesnar, after 9 LONG years, had what he finally wanted, only for it to be ruined by Rey Mysterio’s wrath. The King of Lucha was not satisfied in the least, and now Lesnar has gone to Vince McMahon, the owner of the company, and so now, Mysterio will pay for using Lesnar as a pinata. But Vince says he couldn’t “serve” Mysterio up for the Beast. Why?! Because of roster exclusivity between the networks! Raw can’t mix with SmackDown, Mysterio can’t face Lesnar! Heyman says Lesnar will just go to Raw looking for Mysterio. And if anyone in the boardroom cares, what are they going to do? Try to stop Lesnar? Suspend him? Ban him? Sue him? No, because Heyman and Lesnar will just sue right back! Therefore, the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion QUITS Friday Night SmackDown and Fox to GO TO Monday Night Raw to go Mysterio hunting! Heyman warns Mysterio in Spanish, then drops the mic. Lesnar is a free agent out of nowhere, and is out for blood! Will Mysterio survive The Beast coming for payback?!


SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley w/ Sasha Banks VS Nikki Cross!

No more hugs, no more fun, no more taking a backseat! Will Big Bad Bayley beat down her wildest contender yet?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the match begins!

The two tie up, Bayley waistlocks but clubs Nikki on the back. They tie up again and Nikki powers Bayley back. Bayley turns it around to push Nikki in the corner. Nikki pushes back ten rolls Bayley up, TWO! Nikki trips and jackknives, TWO! Arm-drag to La Magistrol, TWO! Bayley gets up and knees Nikki low to then throw her down by her hair! Sasha cheers as Bayley whips Nikki, scoops, but Nikki headscissors out! Nikki wrecks Bayley down then uses the apron for a tornado DDT! Nikki puts Bayley in fast, covers, TWO! The challenger has the champion on the defensive while we go to break.

SmackDown returns and Bayley has Nikki in a chinlock. Nikki fights her way up but Bayley knees low. Bayley whips, Nikki goes up and rolls Bayley, TWO! Bayley LARIATS Nikki down! Cover, TWO! Bayley drags Nikki up but Nikki hits back! Nikki rocks Bayley with right after right and Bayley bails out. Nikki swings a dropkick but Bayley catches her, to wreck her into steel steps! Sasha cheers again as Bayley puts Nikki in to cover, TWO! Bayley toys with Nikki and rams shoulders into the corner. Bayley backs off at the ref’s count, to run in, and get buckles! Nikki jawbreakers, then throws counter forearms! Bayley shoves, Nikki dodges, Nikki crossbodies! Fans fire up with Nikki as she rallies with clotheslines! Nikki fires up and runs in, big corner splash to bulldog!

Nikki heads up top and leaps for another crossbody! Cover, TWO! Sasha is relieved but Nikki is sticking close. She puts Bayley on the ropes but Sasha saves her. Nikki hits Sasha! Bayley knees Nikki! Bayley climbs up top, MACHO ELBOW! Cover, TWO!? Nikki survives but Bayley is furious. Bayley puts Nikki in a corner and up on the top rope. Bayley climbs up, fans duel and Nikki pushes Bayley away. Nikki tries but Bayley denies the tornado DDT! Bayley slides, but Nikki catches her in the skirt! Nikki fires off on Bayley, hits Sasha away, then climbs up again. BUt Bayley distracts the ref, Sasha shoves Nikki down! Bayley hammerlocks and headlock DRIVERS! Cover, Bayley wins!

Winner: Bayley, by pinfall; still SmackDown Women’s Champion

Bayley’s new attitude has a new finishing move, and it helps her get the win! But wait, who is that attacking Sasha Banks!? Shayna Baszler?! She attacks Bayley, and then Nikki! The NXT Women’s Champion is here to take over! She throws Bayley into a post! Fans chant for “NXT! NXT!” as the Queen of Spades gut wrenches Bayley for a slam! Bayley gets up, to get a KNEE! Shayna puts her jacket back on, goes back to her title, and looks ready for Survivor Series. Will SmackDown and Raw regret letting NXT make Survivor Series a Triple Threat?


Backstage interview with Sami Zayn.

Brock Lesnar quit SmackDown and NXT is already invading. What is Sami’s reaction to all this? What a weird night. But Sami also points out how Triple H and HBK were around, and Pat McAfee, maybe NXT is trying to take over. But Sami isn’t pointing fingers, he’s just saying NXT needs to mind their business. If one of them steps to him, then it’ll be… Oh. Keith Lee AND Matt Riddle walk over. Two great stars from NXT! Sami is a big fan of them both, really. Big fan of NXT in general. He used to be the Heart of NXT, y’know. Yeah, it meant so much. Sami is NXT Day One! Look! Wait, there’s nothing NXT on his shirt. Oh he thought he… How embarrassing. He had his NXT shirt earlier, but he didn’t want to make a mess of it. He’ll be right back! Welcome to SmackDown! Just wait right here, he’s going to go get it. But they follow anyway. Well, okay then… Sami takes off, and Riddle and Lee give chase!

They end up on stage! The Bro and the Limitless One chase Sami and catch him at the barriers! They put him in the ring, and fans are fired up as Riddle kicks off the flip-flops! Sami tries to apologize for what he said, but Lee wags his finger. Sami hands Riddle a sandal back, but Riddle doesn’t want it. FINAL FLASH! Gut wrench, BRO DEREK! The Bro wrecks Sami, but that’s not all! Lee drags Sami over to the drop zone and heads up top! Lee MOONSAULTS! Sami is crushed but the fans are thunderous as Lee and Riddle bro fist! Will the WWE Universe all #BaskInHisGlory, bro?


SmackDown presents MizTV!

The Hollywood A-Lister doesn’t get to interview the NEW WWE Universal Champion, but he managed to find someone just as impressive for a special guest: HIMSELF! Buffalo appreciates the “Buffalo is Awesome” shirt Miz has for the Most Must-See WWE Talk Show. What a wild 24 hours in the WWE! Miz shows us footage of what The Fiend did at Crown Jewel in his Falls Count Anywhere match with Seth Rollins! The red light was back, the Curb Stomps still couldn’t put The Fiend away, and even an explosive crash landing wouldn’t end the nightmare. But scariest of all, The Fiend now reigns as champion! Miz apologizes on behalf of the absence of The Fiend, but does want to bring up the presence of NXT.

The NXT Women’s Champion took out SmackDown Women’s Champion. Riddle and Lee beat down Sami, which Miz is sure Buffalo enjoyed, and is wondering what is up next. Miz doesn’t have to wonder, because TOMMASO CIAMPA is here!! The Blackheart has come to the Blue Brand! Ciampa joins Miz in the ring, and fans are again fired up for “NXT! NXT!” Ciampa says, “This is supposed to be Must-See TV?” Miz is supposed to be the Most Must-See Superstar? Well Ciampa introduces himself, and he happens to be the Greatest Sports Entertainer of ALL TIME. Miz needs a reality check on where he is on the food chain. Miz is everything that is wrong with Raw and SmackDown!

Ciampa is out there breaking his neck in NXT to prove how good he is, Miz is doing what? Playing an actor/talk show host? Miz is playing the part, Ciampa is living it. Miz says he heard the same things over and over, and acting like Miz doesn’t know who Ciampa is. When people talk NXT, they talk Ciampa. But the thing is, fans want to see Miz and Ciampa on the mic, and Miz was hoping Ciampa would be more original. For 15 years now, Miz has heard the same thing. If Miz was acting for 15 years, he deserves an Oscar! But if NXT is here to make a statement, then make that damn statement! Those sound like fighting words to Ciampa. Miz challenges Ciampa to a match, right here, right now! And we’re getting that match, after the break!


The Miz VS Tommaso Ciampa!

SmackDown returns and Ciampa circles with Miz. They tie up and Miz arm-drags Ciampa. Fans cheer and Miz soaks it up, but Ciampa just applauds. They tie up again, Miz headlocks and fans duel. Ciampa pries his way out to a headlock of his own, but Miz powers out. Ciampa runs Miz over with a shoulder! Things speed up, Miz hurdles but Ciampa kicks low. Ciampa throws Miz out but Miz stays on the apron. Miz slips under to roll Ciampa up, TWO! Miz kicks low, throws Ciampa out, and Ciampa hits the floor! Fans cheer as Miz dusts off his hands. Miz runs, but his dropkick misses, and Ciampa sends him into barriers! And more barriers! And the LED apron! And then the steel steps! Ciampa hops up on the apron to applaud himself and pat himself on the back.

Ciampa drags Miz up and into the ring, then wraps on a vicious chinlock. Miz gets up but Ciampa wrangles Miz down. Fans rally as Miz endures. Miz gets up and throws body shots and breaks free. Miz counter punches then whips, and gets Ciampa with a kitchen sink knee! Then a knee lift, to the A-List Combination! Cover, TWO! Ciampa gets to the corner but Miz is on him with Yes Kicks, or It Kicks, if you prefer. Miz fires off then runs corner to corner for double knees! And then again! Miz keeps going, into Ciampa’s DISCUS! Miz gets to the corner, only to get the knee wash! Cover, TWO!! Miz lives and Ciampa grows frustrated. Ciampa drags Miz up and into a double underhook, but Miz fights out to get the leg! Ciampa denies the figure four, then ducks the clothesline, but Miz escapes the back suplex to chop block the bad leg!

Miz grabs that leg but Ciampa kicks free. Ciampa is up and kicks low to reel Miz in again. Powerbomb lift but Miz slips free! Miz kicks low, basement DDT! Cover, TWO!! Miz has the legs and the Figure Four is on! Ciampa endures, claws at Miz, reaches for ropes, but Miz adds torque. But Ciampa just gets furious! Ciampa goes to turn things over, but Miz resists! Ciampa still turns Miz over! Miz turns it back, but Ciampa gets the ropebreak for it. Miz lets go and hobbles up to pull Ciampa back in. Ciampa cradle counters, TWO! Miz misses his boot, Ciampa rolls him, TWO! Half Crab! Ciampa has Miz now, but Miz powers out, turns it over, and rolls Ciampa up, TWO! Both men catch their breath as fans fire up. Ciampa CHOPS Miz! Miz CHOPS Ciampa! Ciampa CHOPS, Miz CHOPS, repeat! Ciampa CHOPS, CHOPS, then shoves. Miz dodges, Ciampa hits buckles! Miz runs in, A-List Lariat! Miz pushes Ciampa aside and climbs up top, to leap into a KNEE!! Underhooks, FAIRY TALE ENDING!! Cover, Ciampa wins!!

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa, by pinfall

As the song says, no one will survive! NXT is taking over little by little, but this was big for the Blackheart! Is NXT going to prove they’re on par with the “main roster”?


Daniel Bryan encounters Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

He is surprised to see them here. Well they’re just visiting. And got called out. But HHH was watching Crown Jewel, saw the ad for Survivor Series. Raw VS SmackDown VS NXT. Someone was calling them out, picking a fight. Interesting. Bryan is looking for a fight. So if HHH wants to go to war, why not fight Bryan tonight? Fans want to see that! But HHH says he didn’t bring his gear, and he doesn’t like fighting in a suit. But there is someone else who’d like a fight. Shawn puts his jacket back on, it is way too cold. But the champ will fight. It’s ADAM COLE, BAYBAY! Well, here’s the fight Bryan wants. Then make it for the title. Wow, what an idea! Does that work for Cole? It does. Then let’s get this done. Will Cole still be Undisputed after going against the GOAT?


Fire & Desire VS Carmella & Dana Brooke!

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are ready to throw down, but where is the FABULOUS Princess of Staten Island? She and Dana Brooke are being beat down by Bianca Belair! The EST is showing she can be the fiercest woman in the WWE! Bianca clubs away on Dana, then scoops Carmella to trophy lift and THROW over trunks!! Well, then what happens with the match?

“THIS IS MY BRUTALITY!” Rhea Ripley!? She and Tegan Nox see Mandy and Sonya don’t have opponents anymore. Well they have opponents now! The Mosh Pit Kid and the Shiniest Wizard attack!

The bell rings on this brawl as Mandy gets put in a corner. Sonya hits back on Nox then throws her into barriers! But Rhea clubs Mandy. Mandy hits back but gets shoved to ropes. Mandy kicks out a leg and ROCKS Rhea with a right. But Rhea dropkicks back! Sonya whips Nox but Nox sends Sonya into the commentary! SHINIEST WIZARD! Inverted Cloverleaf! Mandy taps, Rhea and Tegan win!!

Winners: Rhea Ripley & Tegan Nox, Ripley by submission

This wasn’t just NXT, this was NXT UK wrecking SmackDown! All branches of the NXT family are ready to beat down anyone and everyone from the main roster!


Triple H and HBK head to commentary!

The Game and Shawn Michaels aren’t alone, Stephanie McMahon is here! Steph waves hi to hubby H, but speaks that the WWE Universe never gets enough credit. The fans have started a movement that has spread all over the world, the Women’s (R)Evolution. Main eventing WrestleMania and now, making history at Crown Jewel! Lacey Evans and Natalya were the first-ever women’s wrestling match in Saudi Arabia! Riyadh praised the progress being made before their very eyes, “This is Awesome!” It was the first, hopefully of many, many more!


NXT Championship: Adam Cole w/ Roderick Strong VS Daniel Bryan!

This NXT take over of SmackDown isn’t done yet! The Undisputed Era’s charismatic leader is willing to put his prize on the line against the Planet’s Champion, but will things fall apart at the last moment? Or will Cole stay #DrapedInGold even when off brand?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this surprise main event happens after the break!

SmackDown returns as the bell rings. Fans are dueling already as the two circle. Bryan and Cole tie up, Bryan headlocks fast and gets a takedown. Cole headscissors but Bryan pops out fast. Fans cheer this opening exchange as the two go again. Cole headlocks, gets the takeover, but Bryan headscissors. Now Cole pops out and the two are even. The two circle and tie up again, and Bryan wrenches to a wristlock. Cole rolls, rolls back, then wrenches Bryan in return. Bryan pulls Cole’s hair to put him in a corner, and gives a hard “pat” on the shoulder, then a SLAP to the face! Cole fires back but Bryan hits a European Uppercut! And a kick! Bryan bumps Cole off buckles to then CHOP! Bryan follows and CHOPS Cole in another corner. Cole fires off stomps in return, then headlock takeovers again. Bryan gets up, powers out, but Cole runs him over with a shoulder.

Things speed up, and Bryan KICKS Cole off his feet! Bryan has the arm to hammerlock and STOMP the arm! Cole writhes but Bryan goes after a leg now. Bryan has both legs and hooks up to then go after the arms. Bryan pulls, pulls and lifts Cole into the Mexican Surfboard! Then he lets Cole down, to get the dragon sleeper! Bryan shouts at Cole to tap but Cole endures. Cole fights back so Bryan drops a knee! Bryan looms over Cole and brings him up for EuroUppers! Bryan runs, dodges Cole’s clothesline, then again, but gets a BOOT! Cole covers, TWO! Cole drags Bryan up but Bryan resists the suplex. Bryan goes to suplex, but they end up by the ropes. Bryan gets Cole up but they BOTH go tumbling to the outside! The fans are fired up while both men are down, and SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again, and Cole struggles with Bryan for control of the backslide. But Bryan swings Cole around, only for Cole to swing him around, jumping neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Bryan survives but Cole drops elbows over and over on Bryan, then a knee drop! Cover, TWO! Cole drags Bryan into a headscissor hold and squeezes tight. Bryan endures but fans rally up. HHH and HBK watch closely as Cole squeezes tight. Bryan rolls to the ropebreak! Cole lets go and Bryan catches his breath, but Cole is on Bryan in the corner. Cole stomps and punches then follows Bryan to another corner for more. Bryan fires back and they brawl with big forearms. Bryan ROCKS Cole with the European Uppercut! Bryan drags Cole up to whip corner to corner, but Cole reverses. Bryan goes up and over, Bryan builds speed to hit a flying lariat!

Fans rally with “YES! YES! YES!” as Bryan fires himself up. Cole stands but Bryan whips. Cole kicks Bryan away, but Bryan dumps Cole out hard! Bryan is on the apron, to hit a flying knee! Fans cheer as Bryan goes back to Cole. Bryan drags Cole into the ring then climbs up top. Bryan leaps to missile dropkick! Direct hit and Cole rolls to a corner! Fans cheer “YES! YES! YES!” as Bryan runs in, big dropkick! Bryan puts Cole up top and climbs up, to SUPER STEINER, but Cole sunset flips!! TWO, and Bryan throws EuroUppers! Bryan runs, into another BOOT! Cover, TWO!! Bryan survives and Cole is growing frustrated. Fans duel as Cole drags Bryan up. Cole suplexes, but Bryan slips out to waistlock. Cole standing switches but Bryan throws him out in front of HHH and HBK! Bryan DIVES! HHH and HBK get clear, and Cole hits arm chairs! Bryan runs again, and DIVES into an enziguri! Bryan crashes and burns as SmackDown goes to another break!

SmackDown returns once more as Cole trips Bryan up on the top rope! Cole climbs up to join Bryan now, but Bryan resists and slips out to trip Cole in return! HHH and HBK look concerned as Bryan climbs up behind Cole. SPIDER SUPER GERMAN! Bryan shows his core strength as he sits up, and then adjusts on the top rope. Fans are thunderous as Bryan LEAPS! But the falling headbutt FLOPS! Cole drags Bryan up, LAST SHOT 1.0! Cover, TWO!! Bryan survives and Cole is frustrated. But fans know “This is Awesome!” Cole pulls the knee pad down, runs, but Bryan counters the Shining Wizard to a Half Crab! HHH is freaking out as Cole endures! Cole crawls, Bryan drags him away, but Cole turns, only to get caught into a heel hook!

Bryan wrenches hard but Cole manages to roll to the ropebreak! Bryan lets go but damage has been done. Bryan wants Cole to get up, and then he gives a YES Kick to the leg! “You want to be a champion?! Get up!!” Cole does and fires off forearms, but he gets kicks and CHOPS! Bryan fireman’s carries, but Cole pops out to a BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO, into the LEBELLE LOCK!! Cole is caught, HHH is freaking out again, but Cole pops out, only to get Danielson Stomps! Bryan then drags Cole back into position, for another LeBelle Lock!! HHH shouts at Cole as Cole endures, and Cole works his way around. Cole reaches, but Bryan grabs the other arm for a Rings of Saturn! Cole uses his legs for the ropebreak! HHH is relieved but still frustrated that his champion is on the defensive.

Fans duel harder as Bryan gives Cole YES Kicks! Kick after kick after kick, but the buzzsaw misses! Cole O’Conner rolls, but Bryan pulls out of it, TWO! BUZZSAW! But Cole gets to a corner while Bryan fires himself up. Bryan is in the opposite corner, runs out, but into a SUPERKICK! Cole hops up, Bryan stands, PANAMA SUNRISE!! But that’s not all, LAST SHOT 2.0!! Cover, Cole wins!!

Winner: Adam Cole, by pinfall; still NXT Champion

That was an incredible match! Roderick Strong and all of the NXT superstars that made the trip head to the ring! Cole celebrates with Strong, Lio Rush, Shayna Baszler and of course, Triple H! “You want to pick a fight with us!? Raw, SmackDown, versus NXT.” If they’re going to have a fight, then HHH will need an army. And what do you do to build an army? You look to your blood, to your family, and you get ready for a fight. “This is our army! This is our fight! This is our ring!” NXT has fired the first shot! Now let’s see what Raw and SmackDown’s got. “Just remember one thing: WE! ARE! N! X! T!” The battle lines have been drawn, and the war for WWE supremacy is on!



My Thoughts:

This was a wild episode, but mostly because it was just as much NXT as it was SmackDown. I thought we were going to get Evolution 2 through tonight’s back-up planning, but instead we got a great way to bring around this Raw VS SmackDown VS NXT Survivor Series. And all of it was amazing, though honestly putting NXT way in the lead. At the same time, it also works out very well for story. The only reason NXT could do all this, like Shayna wrecking Bayley or Riddle and Lee making Sami eat his words, was because there were very few SmackDown stars here to “defend” the brand. It was great to have Bayley VS Cross happen now, and it was a pretty good match. It seems Bayley is now using the headlock driver a la original Dirty Deeds, which seems fine. Bayley2Belly is a good move, but to fit her new attitude, Bayley needs to have a new more. And now, assuming things end up as Triple Threats, we are going to get The Man VS Bad Bayley VS Shayna Baszler! That’s just AMAZING!

What a great surprise that it was Ciampa going against The Miz. Ciampa has needed some more matches to get back into the swing of things, and Miz is a great worker, so this just works out for them both. But I wonder if he doesn’t get the title back at WarGames then. I suppose that fits, he said stuff about “Goldie” having to wait while Ciampa goes “to war.” Bianca Belair’s beat down of Carmella and Dana Brooke was some Lesnar levels of over-the-top, unintentionally funny, and I loved it! I didn’t expect Rhea and Tegan to be a team, but it sounds like Dakota Kai isn’t cleared to compete in reality, or else we might’ve gotten Team Kick on SmackDown. At the same time, Rhea was just too good in that moment, especially on the mic. And then Cole VS Bryan was incredible! I did not expect a clean win for Cole, because obviously the title isn’t changing, and I expected Strong to interfere, but a clean win is incredible for Cole.

HHH had a great promo to close this out, and this is all great for NXT and Survivor Series, I just don’t know what this will do for SmackDown. Fans might expect this again, but Survivor Series season is only until the end of November. Hopefully Fox and SmackDown take some cues from tonight, we need more of this level of action. And then the biggest surprise, but a completely logical way of balancing titles on brands, is that Lesnar “quits” SmackDown! This actually keeps Lesnar moving back to Raw clear of the “blockbuster” trade we got, and is a subtle way of sharing Lesnar between Fox and USA. Lesnar hunting Mysterio will be a good part of Raw, and this surely leads to a world title match on the way. I don’t know how this is also going to factor into Survivor Series, but it would be amazing buzz if Mysterio found a way to win! Mysterio VS Fiend VS I assume Adam Cole as all three brands have their champs fight, that would be a lot better than Lesnar getting to be Lesnar. Though, I wouldn’t mind seeing Fiend survive an F5 like he does EXPLOSIONS.

My Score: 8.8/10

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