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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (11/15/19)

Survivor Series could be changing after tonight!



NEW SmackDown Coverage

Spots on Team SmackDown are on the line!

Mustafa Ali and “Shorty G” were named to the Men’s Team, but the GLORIOUS Show-Offs think they deserve those spots! Will Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler snag those spots away this close to Survivor Series?



  • Mustafa Ali & Chad Gable VS Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler; Ali & Gable win and remain on Team SmackDown.
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The New Day VS The Revival; The New Day wins, by disqualification, and retain the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.
  • Heavy Machinery VS Kevin Tibbs & Kip Stevens; Heavy Machinery wins.
  • Bayley VS Nikki Cross; No Contest.
  • 8 Woman Tag: Sasha Banks, Nikki Cross, Dana Brooke & Carmella VS Rhea Ripley, Mia Yim & Team Kick; Team SmackDown wins.


Baron Corbin heads to the ring!

But not by walking, no. The Lone Wolf King has a palanquin carrying him down the ramp! Corbin rides in comfort and joins Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler, who are the only people applauding him. Fans boo as Ziggler hands Corbin a microphone to speak. “Now before I begin,” which still gets fans to boo, “you need to pay respect to your king.” They should be like the “brave and wise” Roode and Ziggler, who are loyal to the kingdom! Fans only boo harder. Corbin talks about a responsibility a king and great leader has: telling everyone the harsh truth. Corbin came out, told the WWE Universe that their hero, Roman Reigns, wasn’t the man he used to be. Roman is an all-time great, but a shell of the man he once was. Roman refuses to believe that, just like the fans.

But Corbin proved it that this is not Roman’s Yard but Corbin’s Kingdom! “And as your King, I declare by royal decree that I am now the team captain” for Survivor Series. Corbin doesn’t like his teammates, but there are two “extremely weak links.” Tonight rights that wrong. Ziggler says that is a great point by the Royal Highness. Roman has been a step behind in undermining Corbin’s leadership. The only reason Shorty G and Mustafa Ali are on the team is because they hang out with Roman. “It should’ve been us.” Roode agrees and vows to correct that. The “locker room leader” handed Ali and Gable participation trophies. But that doesn’t fly under Corbin’s reign. Roode and Ziggler will do “what we all know we were born to do.” They’ll beat G and Ali and take their spots on Team SmackDown! Which will be ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS~!

And what’s more, Corbin shall invite Roman down to bare witness! As teammates, they should be able to coexist. Don’t be embarrassed, Big Dog, come on down! Roman accepts the invitation, but wait, the titantron turns into the Big Chihauhau. It’s just someone in a dog mascot costume… The “Big Dog” gets to the ring and does some tricks. He bows, then shakes, as in fear. Jokes aside, will Ali and Gable make Corbin and his court take them seriously?


Mustafa Ali & Chad Gable VS Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler!

SmackDown returns as Ali and Gable make their entrances. The teams sort out, and Gable starts against Roode. They tie up, Roode headlocks but Gable powers out, only for Roode to run him over! Roode drags his former tag partner up to wrench to a wristlock. Gable rolls, bridges, handsprings and spins to get Roode for a spinning headlock to drop toehold! Gable has an arm but Roode gets up to power Gable off. Gable goes up and over and runs Roode over! Things speed up and Gable dodges to hit a flying arm-drag! And then another arm-drag! Gable has Roode down, wrenches him again but Roode ROCKS Gable with a right. Tag to Ziggler, Roode scoop slams Gable hard, and Ziggler drops an elbow. Cover, TWO! Ziggler keeps on Gable, dragging him up for a neckbreaker, but Gable pushes out to get another arm-drag!

Gable wrenches and tags to Ali. Ali climbs up to double stomp the arm! Ali wrenches Ziggler to a wristlock now, but Ziggler gets the ropebreak. Ali lets go and Ziggler gets a cheap shot kick! Ziggler drags Ali up, and grinds his face on ropes! Corbin cheers as Ziggler whips, but Ali dodges to huricanrana! Ziggler flounders but Ali throws uppercuts. Ali haymakers Ziggler to a corner then whips but ZIggler reverses. Ali stops himself, slides out and roundhouses Ziggler away! Ali slingshots and somersaults for the facebuster! Cover, TWO! Corbin is a bit disappointed but Ali drags Ziggler up. Ziggler pwoers Ali to the corner and tags in Roode. Roode-Dolph mug Ali and then Roode bumps Ali off buckles. Roode grinds his boots in, then Ziggler gets a cheap shot! Roode drags Ali up but Ali hits back with right hands. Roode knees low then CHOPS Ali in the corner.

Roode throws haymakers then whips Ali corner to corner. Ali goes up but Roode puts him on the apron. Ali shoulders in but Corbin distracts. Roode blasts Ali off the apron into the announce desk! The “Big Dog” is in shock, but here comes the REAL Big Dog! Roman storms his way out and Corbin panics! Corbin has his staff at the ready as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns as Roman and Corbin talk trash and stare down. Roode-Dolph mug Ali then double whip. Ali holds ropes and dumps Ziggler out! Roode runs in but gets post! Fans fire up as Ali crawls to the corner, but Ziggler gets in, FAMOUSER! And he hits Gable for good measure! Cover, TWO! Ali lives and Ziggler is livid! Ziggler takes aim from a corner and tunes up the band. Ali slowly rises, Ziggler comes in, but Ali SUPERKICKS Ziggler first! Corbin can’t believe it, but Roman gives power to “Shorty~!” Ali and Ziggler crawl, hot tags to Roode and Gable! Gable fires off on Roode! Roode swings but misses, Gable mule kicks! Ziggler runs in but into an exploder! Gable hits Roode with a rolling heel kick! And a rolling neckbreaker, too!

Gable rips off the jersey and heads up top! MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Roode survives but Roman is feeling it for Gable! Gable and Roode stir, and Gable stalks Roode. Roode tags Ziggler and bucks Gable off, GLORIOUS ZIGZAG! Cover, but Ali breaks it! Corbin is furious but Roode throws Ali out. Ali lands on the apron to roundhouse back! SUPERKICK from Ziggler takes Ali out! But Gable blocks one to roll and pick the ankle! ANKLE LOCK! Ziggler flails, but Roode gets in to clobber Gable! Corbin is relieved, but Roode calls for assistance from the king. Roman hits a Drive-By to stop him! Roode bumps Roman off the desk, but Ali DIVES! The tope blasts Roode over commentary! Corbin runs at Ali but gets a SPEAR! Ziggler rolls Gable, TOW and Ali tags in, CHAOS THEORY! 450 SPLASH! Cover, Ali and Gable win!!

Winners: Mustafa Ali & Chad Gable, Ali pinning; still part of Team SmackDown

The King could not get his court (jesters) on the team, but this proves the Beacon of Light and undersized underdog are worthy! Will they, Roman, Corbin and Braun Strowman work together to defeat Raw and NXT?


SmackDown presents a new Firefly Fun House!

Bray Wyatt says something isn’t quite right with his WWE Universal Championship. The great magician Braydini uses his powers to make it SmackDown BLUE! Much better! But the fun is just getting started! Bray’s favorite show, Miz TV is to come! And it’s extra special because the guest is Daniel Bryan! Bray will be watching, and so will “he.” Bye~! See you later~! Will you be tuning into Miz TV to see what “he” does about Bryan?


Roode and Dolph are upset with Corbin.

Corbin fell short of helping them get on the team. Corbin promises to fix it, and heads out with the mascot. What is Corbin’s plan going to be to get his way?


BRAUN is here!

The Monster Among Men goes to the ring, but Drew Gulak wants him to take it easy. The B-Team is with him because they want to learn. This week, Gulak has a very simple lesson. This is what would happen if Gulak replaces Strowman on Team SmackDown! The Powerpoint Presentation begins! And fans boo. Gulak says Strowman lasted longer against Tyson Fury than Gulak thought, but there are so many lessons left to learn.

Strowman just grabs Gulak’s hand to go after the finger! Gulak and the B-Team fight back 3v1! But Strowman BOOTS Gulak away and clubs Bo Dallas and Curt Axel off him. Strowman grabs Gulak but Axel hops on. Gulak runs away and Strowman squashes Axel! And BOOTS Bo again! Strowman scoops Axel for the MONSTER SLAM! Fans are fired up for Strowman, but Raw and NXT better watch out. Otherwise, they’ll #GetTheseHands!


Backstage interview with The New Day.

They’re the tag champions but defending in a rematch already. Will they be successful without Xavier Woods? Is Megan Thee Stallion a gift to this world? Are the Philadelphia Eagles the NFL champions?! But to answer it directly, they don’t even need Woods here physically. He’s in their hearts! This seventh was for him, so this defense is for him, too! And they will remain W, W, E, World, Tag, Team CHAMPIONS~! So awwwwww PHILLY~! Don’t you dare be sour! Clap for this rematch, and feel~ the power~!


Sami Zayn finds Daniel Bryan again.

They have to talk about the invitation. Bryan is still silent. But with Bray Wyatt watching, Bryan needs to answer Sami’s invitation tonight. After what The Fiend did, it is obvious that now, more than ever, he needs them. Sami is honest about wanting Bryan on the team! Nakamura and Cesaro want him with them, too! So million dollar question right now: “Are you with us?” Bryan says that he has been thinking about this. If Sami is really here to help Bryan, why did he run away when The Fiend had Bryan down on the ground? Sami knew that was coming. He did run, because he thought Bryan got away with him. And he was also going to get help.

Bryan says he doesn’t need their help, so he’s not joining up. But Bryan is right, they do need someone else. The perfect guy is Braun Strowman. Is that a joke?! They’re artists and poets, not a bunch of big brutes! Oh hey, Braun, you’re surprisingly quiet! Like a leopard. Sami says he will consider the suggestion. Don’t find them, they’ll find you. Nakamura stares Strowman down but Sami ushers him away. Is there something else brewing here between the Monster Among Men and King of Strong Style?


SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The New Day VS The Revival!

Lucky number seven is on the line tonight, but will it be anything but lucky in a rematch with the #TopGuys?

SmackDown returns as Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson make their entrance. The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and teams sort out and Dash starts with Kofi.

Kofi headlocks Dash, Dash pries free to a headlock of his own, but Kofi powers out. Things speed up, Kofi hurdles, Dawson tags in. Dash catches Kofi and sends him into Dawson’s kick. Dawson hangs Kofi out to dry then covers him, TWO! Dawson drags Kofi up and wrenches to Northern Lights! Bridging cover, TWO! Dawson keeps between Kofi and Big E, then drags Kofi up to hoist him onto the top rope. Dawson CHOPS then climbs up, but Kofi fights back with body shots. Kofi headbutts Dawson down, then leaps, missile dropkick! Both men are down and Dawson crawls, tag to Dash. Dash keeps between Kofi and Big E and holds Kofi up. Dash pushes Kofi away, Kofi rebounds into a powerslam! Cover, TWO! Kofi is down as we go to break.

SmackDown returns again and The Revival has Kofi down still. Kofi fights his way up and arm-drags free, to back suplex Dash down! Both men are down and fans rally up. Dash tags Dawson and he stays between Kofi and Big E. Dawson drops Kofi with a neckbreaker then climbs up, the elbow FLOPS! Fans rally as Dawson and Kofi crawl, hot tags to Dash and Big E! Big E gets Dash with overhead belly2belly suplexes! And then the standard! Big E swivels those hips, runs side to side, BIG SPLASH onto knees! Dash crawls to tag Dawson back in, and Dawson runs at Big E to go after the legs. Dawson fires off but runs into the URENAG-E! Cover, TWO!! Big E and fans clap and Dawson stands. Big E scoops but Dawson escapes.

Tag to Dash, Big E hits Dash first, then sends Dawson out. Big E runs, but Dash intercepts, TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO!! The Revival are furious but Dash gets back up. Dash hoists Big E up in the Electric Chair! He manages to walk forward but Big E slips out. Big E shoves Dash at Dawson but Dash stops himself. Dash turns around, Big E and Dash collide with clotheslines! Hot tags to Kofi and Dawson! Kofi kicks Dawson away then climbs up, flying stomps! But Dash gets in, only for Kofi to send him out. The Revival regroups but Kofi FLIES! The Trust Fall takes them Revival out! Kofi puts Dawson in, tags Big E and then he climbs up. Big E scoops, Kofi aims, but Dash intercepts with a shoulder! Big E clotheslines Dash out, bobs ‘n’ weaves with Dawson but Dawson gets the DDT! Cover, TWO! Dawson is upset with the count but that’s the count. Big E crawls to the apron but Dash is back to tag in. The Revival shout out Randy but Big E dumps them out before the DDT!

Kofi returns, Big E boosts him for a BIG leap! Only for the Revival to catch Kofi and throw him into a post! Big E runs in, into a double back suplex onto the desk! That’s still an Orton move! Tag to Dawson, Dash whips Big E, SHATTER MACHINE!! Cover, but Kofi FLIES IN! The splash breaks it and all four men are down! “This is Awesome!” but far from over. Kofi gets back to the New Day corner, but the Undisputed Era attack!!

Winners: The New Day, by disqualification; still SmackDown Tag Team Champions

Roderick Strong and Adam Cole drag Kofi out and wreck him on the barriers while reDRagon TOTAL ANNIHILATION Revival! They’re beating everyone down! Double knees for Big E, TOTAL ANNIHILATION for Dawson! The rest of the SmackDown roster rushes out to run the Undisputed Era off, but the damage is done! NXT keeps running wild, but will retribution be waiting at Survivor Series?


Heavy Machinery VS Kevin Tibbs & Kip Stevens!

After that attack by NXT, the #BlueCollarSolid boys are riled up! Will they take out their frustration on Philly’s own?

The bell rings and Kip waistlocks Otis. Otis tosses him off, Tibbs tags in, but his sunset flip is blocked by pure size. Kip runs in but Otis catches him to throw down onto Tibbs! Tucker tags in, Heavy Machinery suplex and bring both men around, to “toast” and slam them down! Tucker drags Tibbs up to whip, but Tibbs holds ropes. Tibbs boots back and tags Kip, they double whip but Tucker breaks through the line to double crossbody! Tucker CLOBBERS Kip! Otis wants to pump it up, so Tucker pumps with him. Tucker corner SQUASHES Tibbs, and Tibbs flops down! Tag to Otis, and Otis pumps it up for the CATERPILLAR! Heavy Machinery see Kip coming, he gets tossed up, into the COMPACTOR! Cover, Heavy Machinery wins!

Winners: Heavy Machinery, Otis Dozovic pinning

Well that was that! Will Heavy Machinery be feeling better after some #SteaksAndWeights tonight?


Backstage interview with Bayley and Sasha Banks.

The Boss is also the captain for SmackDown, while Bayley made sure Shayna Baszler stopped overlooking her. This coming triple threat match is getting personal. Bayley has made everything personal, because it’s finally about her. She doesn’t care about her opponents or “them,” the fans, she just fights for herself. So it’ll be even more fun when she crushes Nikki Cross’ dream. Sasha says Nikki does not deserve to be Team SmackDown. Tonight, Sasha will let Bayley layeth the smack down. Maybe Bayley will be on Team SmackDown to beat Raw and NXT twice in one night.


Corbin’s “fix” has been made!

There will be a Six Man Tag just days before Survivor Series! Corbin will join forces with Roode-Dolph to go against Roman, Ali and Shorty G! Which side will win momentum for themselves, while jeopardizing SmackDown’s chances at Survivor Series?


Bayley VS Nikki Cross!

Bad Bayley wants to beat down “Naughty Nikki” again to prove Sasha right. But will that be the case? Or will the motivated and manic Cross check off joining Team SmackDown and beating the SmackDown Women’s Champion in one match?

The bell rings and Nikki tosses Bayley out fast! Nikki wrecks Bayley with a dropkick, then hurries out after her. Bayley sends Nikki into steel steps! But here’s Shayna again! Bayley gets back into the ring but has to run as Shayna gets in. Bayley keeps running, but here comes Rhea Ripley, Mia Yim and team Kick! NXT attack Bayley and dump her back to ringside! But Sasha attacks Shayna! The Boss dares the NXT women to do something about it. But wait, here come the SmackDown Women’s roster! It is a huge brawl! Shayna tosses Bayley out into the crowd while SmackDown takes control of the ring! Sasha grabs the mic while NXT runs away, “Where do you think you guys are going?” If NXT wants the spotlight, Ssaha gives it to them. A 4v4 right now! Team NXT is up for that, we get a Survivor Series sampler up next!


8 Woman Tag: Sasha Banks, Nikki Cross, Dana Brooke & Carmella VS Rhea Ripley, Mia Yim & Team Kick!

The Boss seems to accept crazy Nikki Cross if it’s what’s best for the brand. They have #FlexAppeal and the FABULOUS Princess join them to take on the Mosh Pit Kid, Head Baddie in Charge and the kicking combination of Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox! Which fearsome foursome shows their strength this close to the 15-Woman Elimination match?

SmackDown returns and Dakota BOOTS Nikki! Dakota clubs away then drags Nikki up to whip. Nikki runs back to crossbody! Nikki rains down rights but Dakota gets away to tag in Mia. Mia runs into an arm-drag! Nikki has the armlock and drags Mia over to tag Carmella. Carmella gets the hand-off and wrenches, but Mia rolls and wrenches back. Carmella wrenches through to wristlock back, but Mia CHOPS and CLUBS Carmella down! Mia bumps Carmella off buckles and backs up to run in. Carmella dodges the boot and moonwalks away. Mia runs but misses again, but she ducks the Fabulous Kick. Carmella mule kicks, then headlocks. Tegan distracts but gets a FABULOUS Kick! Mia throws Carmella off then tags Tegan in. Tegan stomps Carmella down then backs off. Tegan drags Carmella up and tags Dakota.

Team Kick work together to forearm and uppercut and then sweep, whip for the CANNONBALL! Cover, TWO! Dakota drags Carmella up, tags Tegan back in, and Team Kick continue to mug Mella. Tegan pie faces Carmella then clubs her down. Tegan throws forearms then chokes her on the ropes. She lets up at 4 but Mia talks trash right to Carmella’s face. Tegan hits an uppercut to Mella’s back and covers, TWO! Tegan pushes Carmella down and then toys with her. Carmella ROCKS Tegan with that right! Then dodges to tag in Sasha! The Boss throws Tegan down and struts, but her meteora misses! Sunset flip, TWO! Sasha back slides but Tegan slips out, to get a knee! Tegan staggers back, Rhea tags in! The Aussie with Attitude trash talks with Sasha, but Sasha SLAPS her! And that pisses Rhea off.

Rhea swings but Sasha dodges, to tilt-o-whirl, but Rhea blocks to suplex! Rhea shouts in Sasha’s face, “That’s what I’m talking about!” Then she hauls Sasha up, but Sasha slips out of the back suplex, slips under, wheelbarrow, crossface! The two roll around, Rhea powers out, and then she and Sasha attack the enemy corners! All eight women get in and the ref barely holds onto order as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and Nikki fights back against Rhea. Rhea BOOTS Sasha to deny Nikki anyone to tag! Rhea puts Nikki in a corner but Nikki elbows back. Nikki hops up, leaps, crossbody! Nikki hits the NXT corner, but Rhea runs in. Nikki dodges, corner splashes, but Dakota tags in. Rhea denies the bulldog, but Nikki sees Dakota coming and gets her with a back suplex! over but SHINIEST WIZARD! FABULOUS KICK! PROTECT YA NECK! Rhea misses Dana and she stacks Rhea with Mia. Mia dodges the handspring elbow but Dana throws Mia out., BIG Dropkick rocks Dana! Rhea boots at Sasha but gets a knee for it! Meteora in the corner and Rhea flops out! Around the World BOOT from Dakota to Sasha! Dakota sees Cross, gets under the crossbody, Scorpion Kick! Dakota drags Nikki up, suplexes, but Nikki fights off, THE PURGE OUTTA NOWHERE! SmackDown wins!!

Winners: Team SmackDOwn, Cross pinning

But Team NXT goes after her! So Team SmackDown fights back! But wait, the rest of SmackDown’s roster floods the ring to help fight NXT off! The Boss and her brand stand tall, sending NXT home to Full Sail with a loss. Will things be very different when you add Raw to the mix?


SmackDown presents MizTV!

The Hollywood A-Lister, The Miz himself, is here with the “Philly is Awesome!” shirt, to toss to a fan! That’s because Miz is dressed in a suit for this special edition of the Most Must-See WWE Talk Show this week. Philly is excited for this one and Miz is looking forward to it, too. He has material to sink his teeth into. First, The Fiend is the Universal Champion! Second, he goes after Daniel Bryan, and it’s time to find out why. Miz introduces Daniel Bryan, who now makes his entrance. Bryan heads to the ring and takes a seat with Miz. Miz gets right to it: Why does Bryan think he was attacked? Bryan doesn’t speak. Miz figures it is the history between him and Bryan, but he still has to ask. Why, out of everyone on SmackDown, it was Bryan who The Fiend attacked? When Bryan doesn’t answer, Miz volunteers his thoughts.

The Miz thinks The Fiend sees Bryan as unstable and not the man he used to be. He sees the conflict inside Bryan, because no one knows who Bryan is! The ultimate underdog Yes Movement Bryan? Or the New Bryan who is the annoying environmentalist? Because the truth is, The Fiend sees Bryan as all washed up, and wants to be the one to end Bryan. Bryan stands up now so Miz stands, too. Bryan finally speaks that while he’ll get to Bray in a minute, the reason he was silent is that Miz TV sucks. And it’s always sucked! Fans disagree. But Bryan does agree with one thing: he’s not the Bryan he was 10 years ago. He might be washed up or unstable, but there is one thing that’s always been the same: his passion. Bryan’s passion got him to the main event of WrestleMania 30 and got him to where he is now! No one understands what passion combined with instability does!

Bryan could’ve rode out the Yes Movement, but no, that’s something Miz would’ve done. Bryan wants Miz to understand what the combination of passion and instability creates. But Bray Wyatt does. That’s why he’s become this thing called The Fiend. We don’t know which side is in charge, but he is mentally unstable. And so is Bryan. So there’s no one better to fight him than Bryan.

But we interrupt this episode of Miz TV for more Firefly Fun House! Bray says hi, and says it is very rude to speak about someone when they’re not around. Tsk, tsk, where are Bryan’s manners? Being confused can be scary, but that’s why The Fiend did it! To scare Bryan! Or maybe it was a reminder for what Bryan did to Bray. He remembers, doesn’t he? Bray and The Fiend do. But maybe it’s just The Fiend’s invitation to play! Oh hey, a toy box! What’s in here? A wig, a tortured doll, a bicycle horn, a saw, and… oh the new blue Universal Championship! Bray’s new toy is his favorite. If Bryan wants to play, he just has to say one magical word. “Just say it. You know you want to.” “NO!” That was surprising.

But Abby says yes. Bryan says no. Mercy says yes. Bryan says no. Huskis says yes. Bryan says no. Ramblin’ Rabbit says yes. Bryan still says no. Bryan says he is not going to play Bray’s game. Bray is manipulating everyone but Bryan is no puppet. Bray, The Fiend, whoever, has a problem with Bryan. So if he wants to fight, let’s fight. But if they do it, then make it for the Universal Championship. What is Bray’s answer? Well, it’d have to be… “Yes.” Yes. Bray is doing the Yes Movement fingers. With the title, even! Bray gets really into it, too. The answer has been given, but now the question is, will Bryan figure out who he truly is in a fight with The Fiend? We all found out at Survivor Series!



My Thoughts:

A pretty great episode right here! Corbin’s little bit with the “Big Dog” obviously builds off last week’s awful barking dog, doggy doodoo gag, but apparently now with a full-on mascot. I wonder if we’re going to ever learn this person’s identity. The match for the spots on Team SmackDown was a great one, Ali and Gable got to shine in victory. The Six Man Tag next week might go Corbin’s way, even if that technically means SmackDown loses momentum going into Survivor Series. And while Braun keeps his personal momentum going, I weep for what Vince has done to Drew Gulak. Why didn’t Gulak go to NXT while he had the chance? Though I suppose he can’t move on from the Cruiserweight Championship if he’s still near the Cruiserweight Division in some way. But he’s not really moving at all now.

The New Day VS The Revival was a great match, but I had a feeling the title wasn’t changing hands. I should’ve expected the Undisputed Era to attack, they’ve been the lead NXT superstars on these invasions. With Strong, O’Reilly and Fish busy at Survivor Series, I wonder if Adam Cole leads Team NXT in the massive 15-Man match. Heavy Machinery had a squash match that at least was technically motivated by story this time, but they’re still a pretty aimless team despite their popularity. We got a pretty great women’s segment with Bayley VS Cross turning into a preview of the 15-Woman match. The brawl and the match were fun, and I’m betting the four women for NXT are Team NXT. I’d say the fifth woman for NXT is Bianca Belair for what she did that first night. I’m surprised Lacey Evans didn’t show up, she did get named to the team, but maybe that comes up for the go-home.

Tonight’s big story for Daniel Bryan, Team Sami and The Fiend was all great material, too. Braun sneaks up on Sami and that glare from Nakamura tells me they might have a program for the WWE Intercontinental Championship after this. That sounds like a lot of fun, though. I predict at least Sami getting run over by Strowman during a match. Bray turning the belt blue, with “magic,” was perfect. I knew that belt was changing colors to fit the brand, so Bray being the reason why works so well. Bryan and Miz on Miz TV was great, Bryan’s promo was strong. And as was pretty obvious, we’re getting The Fiend VS Daniel Bryan, as Bray’s payback on what Bryan did way back in the Wyatt Family days. This match is going to be great, we get one more thing for it next week so I’m hoping for something great on the go-home.

My Score: 8.5/10

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