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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (11/22/19)

Survivor Series Weekend might just start tonight!



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Is it wise to have this SmackDown Civil War so close to Survivor Series?

Despite being on Team SmackDown this Sunday, the Big Dog and King Corbin lead opposing forces against each other! But will this only hurt their chances of winning against Raw and NXT?



  • Sasha Banks VS Charlotte Flair VS Rhea Ripley; Ripley wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: The New Day & Heavy Machinery VS The Undisputed Era; The Undisputed Era wins.
  • Daniel Bryan VS The Miz; No Contest.
  • Six Man Tag: Roman Reigns, Mustafa Ali & Chad Gable VS Baron Corbin, Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler; Corbin, Roode & Ziggler win.


The SmackDown roster is gathered at the gates.

They’re all excited, until King Corbin and his court stand at the front of the room. But then Roman Reigns walks up, flanked by Mustafa Ali and Shorty G Chad Gable. The Big Dog’s presence is what gets the roster to calm down. And Roman knows everyone is anxious, because Raw and NXT will be here tonight. Roman tells everyone what SmackDown ain’t gonna do: “Act like cowards like Corbin would.” The gates open, and Roman says what they’re doing is opening up the door and let them all in, to whoop everyone’s ass! The roster is ready, but Corbin says that’s stupid. Says the stupid guy in the crown.

But then Sasha Banks steps up as the women’s team captain. The men can argue about their big “egos,” but The Boss waits for no one. The women are ready to take charge, and that starts now! Sasha leads her team to the ring while Roman and Corbin argue. There is still turmoil just a couple days away, can SmackDown bring itself together to stand against their enemies?


Team SmackDown heads to the ring!

The Boss leads the Sassy Southern Belle, the Loony Lass, the Fabulous Princess and Ms. Flex Appeal to stand their ground. Sasha has the mic as she says, “This is our ring, and this is our show!” This team is ready to take care of business. No one is jumping them from behind. NXT doesn’t have the guts to come out after getting dropped last week, or after SmackDown went to them to do the same thing. As for Raw, they have to be here, so they should just come out and fight right now! Sasha and her team wait, but no one appears. Where is Captain Queeny? Here she comes! And with her is Team Raw’s Natalya, the Kabuki Warriors and Sarah Logan!

Charlotte has her own mic and says, “Hey, look everyone. It’s the welcome wagon!” Thank you for opening the door, but Raw would’ve kicked it down anyways. Team Raw circles the ring before hopping up to join them. Sasha wants to take care of business? How about going 1v1 for old time’s sake? The teams come face to face times five and a referee has to get in the middle. But wait, here comes Team NXT! Sasha talked tough, but here comes Rhea Ripley, Tegan Nox, Mia Yim, Candice LeRae and… TONI STORM!? The former NXT UK Champion finally returns after a mysterious absence. Rhea has a mic for herself now as Chicago chants for “NXT! NXT!” Rhea tells Sasha she’s wrong. NXT does have the guts to show up. So if the captains are going 1v1, make it a captain’s TRIPLE THREAT! The Mosh Pit Kid steps up to the Queen and the Boss, and we have a Survivor Series sampler!

All three teams, all 15 women, are in the ring at once and arguing with whoever is closest. But then that isn’t good enough, and a massive brawl breaks out!! Reha has Asuka, Charlotte has Lacey, Sasha is attacked by Kairi Sane, and it’s just chaos otherwise! The referees work to restore order, will we still see that sampler after the break?


Sasha Banks VS Charlotte Flair VS Rhea Ripley!

We will! With their teams lining the ring like lumberjacks, The Queen of Raw, the Boss of SmackDown and the Ripper of NXT are ready to battle! Which team captain gains a big win for their team even before Survivor Series?

The bell rings and Charlotte shoves Rhea. Sasha forearms and chops and kicks, but then Charlotte brawls with her. Rhea gets back in but gets kicked away. Sasha runs but both Charlotte and Rhea BOOT her down! Sasha bails out and that leaves Rhea to stare down with Charlotte. They circle and tie up, Charlotte waistlocks to slam Rhea down! Rhea gets up and throws Charlotte off, but Charlotte goes after a leg. Charlotte rolls to get a headlock but Rhea powers her way up. The team members trash talk each other as Rhea powers out of the headlock. Charlotte stops herself to boot Rhea down. Charlotte drags Rhea up, scoops but Rhea slips out to waistlock. Charlotte swings an elbow, misses, and Rhea powers her to a corner. Rhea rams her shoulder in over and over, then whips Charlotte corner to corner. Charlotte reverses, but Rhea reverses back to break free.

Rhea swings a kick, Charlotte gets under, but Rhea boots her on the return! Charlotte BOOTS back! Fans echo the “WOO!” as Charlotte goes at Rhea but Rhea elbows her away. Charlotte blocks the buckle bump to forearm Rhea back! Charlotte rams her shoulder into Rhea now, but Rhea moves and Charlotte eats buckles. Sasha returns to Backstabber Rhea! Cover, TWO! Sasha rains down rights and then looms over Rhea. Sasha brings Rhea up but Rhea shoves her away. Rhea boots, Sasha blocks it and then gives back a knee! Sasha runs, but Rhea spins her around to LARIAT! And another! And then ripcord to a dropkick! Sasha bails out to her team’s side but Rhea goes out to fetch her. Rhea throws Sasha at the ring but Sasha spins to kick back! Sasha revels in the cheers and jeers, but Charlotte shoves Sasha into Nikki Cross!

Sasha and Nikki argue now, Sasha not appreciating Nikki being “in the way.” Nikki takes offense but the rest of the team works to keep the peace. The other two teams laugh at the dysfunction, and then Rhea goes after Sasha. But Charlotte is up top, SUPER MOONSAULT! The Queen of Raw wrecks her enemies as we go to break!

SmackDown returns as Charlotte has Sasha in a Boston Crab, but Rhea dropkicks Charlotte down! Cover on Charlotte, but Sasha barely breaks it in time! Rhea goes after Sasha and bumps her off buckles. Rhea runs in but gets an elbow. Sasha hops up and gets headscissors, but Rhea pops her up to an Electric Chair, to throw her into buckles face first! Sasha collapses in a head but Rhea drags her up. Rhea puts Sasha on the top rope then throws forearms. Rhea climbs up to join Sasha but Sasha hits back. Sasha forearms Rhea away, then leaps, METEORA! Cover, NATURAL SELECTION! Charlotte covers Sasha, but Rhea breaks it in time! Charlotte, bloody nose and all, is furious with the NXT upstart. Fans and the teams rally up as Charlotte turns to Rhea.

Charlotte drags Rhea up but Rhea shoves her away. And a kick from the mat rocks Charlotte! Charlotte stays up to boot but Rhea deflects. Rhea spins but misses her dropkick, NATURAL SELECTION AGAIN! But Rhea scrambles to ropes. Sasha rolls Charlotte up, TWO!! Sasha spins Charlotte, hops on, but no backstabber here! FIGURE FOUR! Figure EIGHT! But Rhea gets under and crucifixes Charlotte! RHEA WINS!!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall

NXT got the better of both enemy brands! A huge win this close to Survivor Series, but can NXT pull it off when it’s 5v5v5? For that matter, will Rhea’s team even look the same after going through a Women’s WarGames tomorrow night?

Sasha and Charlotte argue, and then they start shoving. They brawl, and their teams follow! Raw and SmackDown are not going to let each other get away unscathed, but it is SmackDown who holds the ring. But only for a moment! Raw will not let up, but is this only letting NXT get even more of an advantage?


Corbin talks with Roode and Dolph.

The rest of the roster doesn’t understand that only one type of leadership works here, and that’s to lead by example. Roman doesn’t understand how stupid it is to just invite the enemy. But in the Six Man tonight against Roman, Shorty G and… Whatever that kid’s name is, the one from Chicago with all the lights. It is a given that Raw and NXT will attack then. That’s why they need a plan. Corbin will just get clear and let the other brands beat up Roman and his partners. Then they’ll wait and attack Roman, G and Ali after! But then Sami Zayn comes in. He knows what they’re thinking: What is in the bag? Wow, and people thought Corbin was annoying. So Corbin thinks he’s tough? Try calling him annoying out in the ring! Because Sami is headed there right now!


Backstage interview with Bayley!

The SmackDown Women’s Champion is here ahead of her champion’s triple threat. Is there any concern about Becky Lynch or Shayna Baszler being here tonight? No, because she is the only Grand Slam Women’s Champion. Becky is too smart to show up here and get beat. But Baszler is too impulsive. Bayley has her head on a swivel because Baszler always blindsides her. The only time she shows up is when Bayley’s back is turned. If Baslzer is done hiding in the shadows, Bayley is ready.


Sami and Shinsuke head to the ring!

The Great Liberator walks with the King of Strong Style to the ring, and has himself a mic. “Well, it’s pretty clear King Corbin isn’t going to come out here, is he?” Probably because Corbin is afraid of Sami and Shinsuke! Everyone is afraid of Shinsuke! Corbin says Sami’s annoying, but that’s not true. Sami is more, “stud.” For as big of a stud Sami is, Shinsuke is even more of a stud. Such a studly WWE Intercontinental Champion, Sami got Shinsuke something special. Sami unveils… a NEW Intercontinental Championship belt! This is the only way you take a title away from Shinsuke: by giving him a superior one. Sami takes the belt from Nakamura to give him to brand new “masterpiece” befitting such an artist. Shinsuke is the only one guaranteed to defeat Raw and NXT! Even if it is the United States Champion, AJ Styles, and the North American Champion, Ro… Roggy? Who is that guy? Shinsuke is drawing a blank.

“Shock. The System.” The Undisputed Era is here! The four NXT champions are here and joining Sami and Shinsuke in the ring. Sami wants them to calm down, and he politely puts the mic down for them to take. He and Shinsuke slowly head out as Chicago chants “Undisputed!” Fans boo as Sami and Shinsuke run, but Adam Cole takes the mic up to say, “Let me fill you in, Sami.” This is Adam Cole, BAYBAY. And this is Roderick Strong, the North American Champion. After the Era take care of business in WarGames, Survivor Series is going to be NXT wiping the floor with Raw and SmackDown! “And that, boys and girls, that’s Undisputed.”

Awwwwww~ Chicago~!” Don’t you dare be sour, clap for the 7-time champs, and feel~ the power~! The SmackDown Tag Team Champions walk out to say, “Well, well, well. Looky what we have here.” The Undisputed Era took off so fast, they didn’t get a proper good-bye. But good to see they’re back. Because he sees those four here, and then they’re here. Fans chant, “New! Day Rocks!” and Kofi Kingston wants to settle what was started in a match! Roddy says just two against four? Sure! Oh no no, they’ve got two more. But who? Who who who? HEAVY MACHINERY! Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic are COMIIIIN~! Will this epic 8-Man pave the way for Sunday?


8 Man Tag: The New Day & Heavy Machinery VS The Undisputed Era!

SmackDown returns as Big E starts against the North American Champion! Big E circles with Strong and they approach. Big E corners Strong but Strong uses the ropes as a defense. Big E dares him to come back and they tie up. Kyle O’Reilly steps in to distract Big E, and Strong attacks from behind! Strong chops away then tags Kyle. Kyle and Strong much Big E! Kyle rams his knee in and tags Bobby Fish. The NXT Tag Team Champions double whip but Big E busts through the kicks! Big E clotheslines Kyle then catches Fish for an overhead suplex! Big E drags Fish out and we see Sami and Shin watch from the stage. Kofi tags in and Big E has Fish set up, for the BIG SPLASH on the apron! Then Kyle runs in, only to get an overhead suplex for himself! Strong runs over but Kofi kicks him down! But this allows Fish to get away and tag in Cole!

THE NXT Champion runs over at Kofi but Kofi shoulders him away, to then springboard ax handle! Cole is in a corner and Kofi heads in, but gets a knee! Cole throws forearms but Kofi hits back. Kofi kicks, Cole knees low, Strong tags in. Kofi kicks and whips Cole but Cole holds ropes. Kofi SUPERKICKS Cole but Strong gets Kofi for a Half Nelson BACKBREAKER! Strong stomps Kofi down in the Undisputed corner then tags in Kyle. Kyle and Strong mug Kofi in the corner with kicks and CHOPS! Fish tags in and reDRagon double suplexes Kofi down. Cover, ONE, but Fish stays on Kofi with knees. Fish snapmares Kofi then slingshots for the senton atomico! Cover, TWO! Fish drags Kofi up and tags in Cole. Cole and Fish mug Kofi but fans rally up. Kofi fights back but Cole turns him for a neckbreaker!

Cole drags Kofi over, Strong tags in and stomps Kofi down. Strong drags Kofi up, Canadian rack, and into a Gory Especial! Kofi endures this Strong Special but fans rally up. Kofi fights out and slips around to a sunset flip, TWO! Kofi hurries but Strong stomps him down. Strong drags Kofi up, tag to Kyle, and the Undisputed Era continue to mug Kofi. Kyle drags Kofi into a waistlock takedown, then he rams elbows and knees into the ribs! Kyle runs to slide and knee Kofi again! Strong mocks Kofi’s pain as Kyle drags Kofi over. Strong tags in and stomps away on Kofi. Strong drags Kofi up in a facelock, fisherman cradle but Kofi avoids a cover. Kofi fights his way up as Chicago rallies. Kofi throws body shots but Strnog shoves. Kofi slips out to swing kick Strong away! Now Kofi climbs, but Strong hops up to knee him back!

Strong joins Kofi up top, but Kofi fights back. Kofi shoves Strong down, adjusts, but Kyle creeps over. Tucker keeps Kyle back, but Strong dropkicks Kofi onto Tucker! Otis hurries over to help Tucker by dragging Kofi off him. Big E takes offense, and now the big boys argue. The Undisputed Era are a united front so they just enjoy watching the dysfunction. Tucker gets up and has the clearer head, he calms things down as we go to break.

SmackDown returns as Fish has Kofi down in body scissors and a chinlock. Fans rally again but Fish drags Kofi away. Kofi gets out of the scissors and fights up, but Fish knees low! Fish hits Big E for good measure! Fish whips Kofi corner to corner but Kofi goes up to dropkick back! Both men are down and Chicago fires up! Kofi and Fish crawl, hot tag to Kyle and Otis! Fans exploder as Dozer just bulldozes all of the Undisputed Era! First Strong and Kyle, then Cole, then Strong and Kyle again, then back to Cole! Otis keeps moving, he runs over Strong again, and then Kyle again! And Cole a third time! Strong gets a pop-up flapjack! Kyle kicks but Otis just powers up. Kyle boots, but Otis just gets stronger! Kyle fires off strike after strike but Otis HEADBUTTS! Kyle yo-yos in the rope, into an EXPLODER!

Otis has Kyle and Cole in a stack, a double splash sandwich! Cole flops into the drop zone, and Otis pumps up! Chicago fires up but the Undisputed Era saves Cole! Kyle runs in but bounces off Otis! Tag to Tucker, and Heavy Machinery grab Kyle, HOSS TOSS! Cover, TWO!! Kyle survives but he flounders to ropes. Tucker walks into his boot, Strong tags in. But Tucker SUPERKICKS! Tucker traps Strong’s arms, for an overhead suplex! Tucker pumps up now, and he goes corner to corner for a big splash! Tucker drags Strong up right off the ground, for a sidewalk slam! Cover, TWO! Tucker keeps his cool and formulates a plan. Fans like where he’s going with this as he goes up top! Tucker MOONSAULTS!! Cover, but Cole breaks it in time!

Cole dodges Big E and BOOTS Otis, then enziguris Big E! But he runs into a belly2belly! Fish and Kyle go after Big E together, clubbing him down until he back drops them both out! Big E and Kofi fire up, Kofi builds speed but Cole trips him! Then reDRagon drag Big E out, TOTAL ANNIHILATION! Kofi fights Cole off and hurries around the way, but he leaps into TOTAL ANNIHILATION! Cole and Strong get in, Tucker LARIATS Cole and clotheslines Strong out! Tucker tumbles, too, but Otis is back to catch Kyle! SPIN CYCLE SLAM! Fans fire up as Dozer pumps it up, CATERPILLAR ELBOW! But Fish kicks away on Otis. Cole runs in, SUPERKICKS Tucker! STRONG KNEE! Cover, the Undisputed Era wins!

Winners: The Undisputed Era, Strong pinning

Another win for NXT! Their unity and strategy were too much for even two big name SmackDown teams! Will this foursome make it through WarGames for a third year in a row? Will they sweep Survivor Series Weekend completely?

But then Strong trash talks Shinsuke on the stage. These two will be facing off, but here comes the third champion! AJ STYLES flies in, Phenomenal Forearm to them both! Styles and Nakamura brawl but Strong gets in on it, too! Strong clubs Nakamura down but Styles PELES Strong! Styles goes after Nakamura but Sami SMACKS Styles with a chair! Sami gives Styles another chair shot that sends him off the stage! Then a SMACK for Strong! And again! The Undisputed Era rush up the ramp to run Sami and Nakamura off. NXT has been going strong, but will Strong be in any good shape for the weekend ahead of him?


The OC regroup on stage.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson check on Styles but he says he’s fine. “Did you enjoy that, Chicago?” They did. Of course they did, this is the most depressing city in the world! Chicago wouldn’t know entertainment if it slapped them in the face! Styles is the best thing going in Chicago right now! Styles and his Good Brothers are staying here to remind us all who they are. Fans chant for CM Punk instead. “Oh yeah? I would move the floor with him. And trust me, Chicago, you need cleaning up.” Anderson says when you mess with one, you mess with all the members of the Original, the Official, the Only Club that matters! The mother lovin’ OC! Nakamura and Sami will get what’s coming to them and Strong will get his 15 seconds of fame. It will be Styles’ pleasure to remind us that he is THE Phenomenal One!

But here comes Daniel Bryan!

Yes Movement, “New” Daniel Bryan, none of that matters right now if he can become the NEW Universal Champion. Bray Wyatt wanted Bryan to “play,” but Bryan dared Bray to put the title on the line, so Bray said, “YES!” Bryan goes to the ring and gets a mic to now say, “People want to know why I want to summon Bray Wyatt, here’s why.” Footage recaps the very challenges made by him and the host of Firefly Fun House. The Miz said The Fiend wants to finally end Daniel Bryan. Bryan told Miz no one understands what happens when you combine mental instability with extreme passion! But Bray does. And to finally settle things between them, Survivor Series will see this match happen!

In the present, Bryan isn’t here for Yes chants, for lectures, for puppets and games. Bryan wants to “summon” Bray Wyatt. Bryan won’t even begin to pretend he understand what goes on in Bray’s mind, but Bray doesn’t know what’s in Bryan’s mind, either. So before that championship match, Bray needs to come down here to talk man to man and “clear the air.” They can talk about the past, the issues between them, it’ll be fun. And if that’s not fun, they can just fight and have a lot of fun. Bryan isn’t going to be a name on a hit list or a toy in the collection. But then, the lights go out. And then come back on. But no one is in the ring with Bryan. Chicago is disappointed. “Mind games, huh?” Guess Bray doesn’t want to show up. Instead of Bray, it’s The Miz!

“If there’s one thing worse than The Fiend,” Bryan says, “it’s The Miz. What the hell are you doing out here?” Miz joins Bryan in the ring, and says, “Based on your behavior last week, it has become quite clear that unlike you, I am a professional.” Miz bit his tongue and held back as Bryan disrespected him on Miz TV. Bryan doesn’t care, because he doesn’t like nor respect Miz. The feelings are mutual! Bryan is weak, vulnerable, and Miz is going to love seeing The Fiend tear him apart! Miz thought he could help Bryan out, and that is all Miz has tried to do since day one of Bryan’s WWE career! Miz wanted to slap some sense into Bryan, but that obviously won’t work, so he’ll just slap him. And he does! Bryan is seething, but we’re going to break!


Daniel Bryan VS The Miz!

SmackDown returns as this match is already going, and Miz is giving Bryan endless It Kicks! Miz aims, but Bryan blocks the buzzsaw to SLAP Miz back! Bryan CHOPS Miz then whips, but Miz kicks him back. Miz runs but is tossed out! Bryan goes to the apron, for a flying knee! Direct hit but fans are divided. Bryan drags Miz up into the ring then gives Miz European Uppercuts! Miz kicks back and throws haymakers. Bryan uppercuts, Miz haymalers, repeat! They brawl, Bryan headbutts then whips. Miz reverses and hits the kitchen sink knee! Miz snarls as he runs to basement BOOT Bryan down! Cover, TWO!

Miz keeps his cool as he looms over Bryan. Miz boots Bryan again! He circles around Bryan to then run and boot again! And again! Cover, TWO! Miz keeps on Bryan with a knee to the back and a chinlock wrapped on. Bryan fights his way up, Miz grinds the headlock, but Bryan powers out. Miz runs him over with a shoulder, then speeds up. Bryan gets up, hurdles and kicks Miz down! Bryan gives Miz CHOPS and KICKS in the corner, repeat! Bryan goes corner to corner to dropkick! And then again! But Miz follows the third time, A-List Lariat! Miz pushes Bryan down to go up top. Fans are fired up as Miz leaps, but the ax handle is caught! Bryan wants the takedown but Miz stays up. Miz throws haymakers again then whips Bryan corner to corner. Bryan goes up and over, keeps moving, ducks and leaps for a lariat of his own!

Fans are dueling as Bryan fires himself up. Bryan goes up top now, but Miz trips him up! Miz climbs up but Bryan resists. Miz tries again but now Bryan fights out. Bryan headbutts Miz down, climbs up top, and missile dropkicks! Then kips up! Bryan is fired up again and even smiling. Miz sits up, and Bryan gives him YES Kicks! And then the buzzsaw! Miz is down but crawling to a corner. Bryan feels it, he has the fingers ready, and…! “YES!” But wait! The lights!! They’re going down!! And when they come up, it is red light, and The Fiend sits where The Miz was!! Bryan stares as The Fiend drags himself up. Bryan runs at The Fiend but right into the Mandible Claw!! The Fiend laughs as he smothers Bryan! The lights go out, and SmackDown goes to break. Does Bryan have any hopes of surviving Survivor Series against this living nightmare?!


Shayna Baszler is here!

The NXT Women’s Champion is here, just as Bayley said she would be. Is the Queen of Spades calling Bayley’s bluff about being ready for her? Or just falling for a trap?

Shayna has a mic, and says she heard what Bayley said about attacking only from behind. Seems Bayley isn’t getting the message. Shayna isn’t lurking in the shadows, she’s in the middle of Bayley’s ring, and is calling Bayley out! But now it’s Bayley who attacks from behind! Bayley did this before on NXT, and is being a bit hypocritical doing it now! The two brawl, Shayna pushes Bayley back to tackle her down! Bayley boots Baszler away and bails out, but Shayna is a shark! Shayna grabs Bayley and drags her into the KIRAFUDA! Bayley flails and powers Shayna into barriers to break free! Bayley hobbles up but Shayna drags her back in for more! Bayley manages to throw Shayna into barriers face first this time! And then into a post! Bayley flounders up, feeling satisfied in paying Baszler back.

But Shayna gets up, seething. Bayley suddenly has fear in her eyes, and she runs away! Will Bayley feel the wrath of the Submission Magician? How will Becky The Man factor in?


Six Man Tag: Roman Reigns, Mustafa Ali & Chad Gable VS Baron Corbin, Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler!

Chicago is fired up to see their hometown hero! The Beacon of Light and Shorty G thwarted the Lone Wolf King’s new pack and are staying on Team SmackDown for Survivor Series. But can they and The Big Dog shut down the GLORIOUS Show-Offs and Corbin before NXT and Raw can do anything more?

The teams sort out and Roman starts with Roode. But then Roman blows past Roode to uppercut Corbin and Ziggler! Roman uppercuts Roode off his feet, then throws him out to join the others. Roman goes out to DRIVE-BY Corbin! Roode runs into another uppercut! Roman throws Roode back in but Ziggler blindsides Roman! Corbin throws Roman into barriers! Corbin’s court gets away with this and then Roode rams Roman into the LED apron! Roode puts Roman in, stomps him down, then tags in Ziggler. Roode-Dolph mug Roman with stomps then drag him up for a double whip. Fans boo Corbin as Roman kicks Roode away! Roman uppercuts Ziggler then Samoan Drops Roode! Roman is down but heading for his corner, hot tag to Gable!

Shorty G rallies, dropkick for Corbin and fast hands for Ziggler! Gable ducks a punch to mule kick Ziggler down. Roode runs into Gable’s EXPLODER! Gable gives Ziggler a Northern Lights! Bridge cover, TWO! Ziggler gets to the corner but Gable runs in. Ziggler puts Gable on the apron, Gable shoulders back in. But Roode and Corbin yank Gable off, to TOSS HIM ONTO THE ANNOUNCE DESK!! Shorty G gets wrecked and Chicago boos King Corbin. Roman and Ali check on Gable while we go to break.

SmackDown returns once again as Ziggler has Roman. Roman runs at Ziggler but Ziggler dodges, to then hop on, satellite DDT! Cover, TWO!! Roman survives but Ziggler throws off his SmackDown shirt. Ziggler tunes up a la HBK, but no superkick with a SUPERMAN PUNCH outta nowhere! Both men are down now and Chicago rallies up for their hero! Roman and Ziggler crawl, hot tags to Corbin and Ali! Ali dodges, dropkicks and dropkicks again! Corbin flounders into fast hands from Ali! Corbin shoves Ali away then runs in but misses in the corner. Ali roundhouses Corbin back, then slingshots in for the somersault FACEBUSTER! Ziggler gets in, but the superkick is blocked, to a windmill kick! Chicago is thunderous as Ali DIVES! Ziggler gets wrecked into the desk! Ali keeps moving, he FLIES out onto Corbin!

Ali drags Corbin up and into the ring. Corbin grabs Ali with a choke grip but Ali slips out! Ali elbows Corbin back, then hops up, tornado DDT! Ali hurries up top, but Roode trips him up! Gable returns to waistlock Roode! But Roode elbows free, and gives Gable a GLORIOUS SPINE BUSTER! Roman LEAPS for a Superman Punch! Ziggler SUPERKICKS Roman down! Ziggler goes up top but Ali shoves him away. Ali kicks Corbin but Ziggler shoves ALi down! Ali tries to land on his feet, but he staggers into DEEP SIX!! Cover, Corbin and team win!!

Winners: Baron Corbin, Robert Roode & Dolph Zigger, Corbin pinning

The King grabs his scepter and drags Ali up! But Roman saves Ali with a SPEAR! But here to “BURN IT DOWN!” is Seth Rollins! And Raw enters like The Shield would: from the crowd! Rollins, the Viking Raiders, the Street Profits, Ricochet, the Major Bros, the OC, and Drew McIntyre are here! But Rollins has his roster wait as he goes to meet Roman in the ring. The Shield brothers talk, and then brawl!! Then all hell breaks loose as Raw stomps out Corbin, Ziggler, Roode, Ali and Shorty G! But where is SmackDown!? Roman and his Survivor Series teammates are in the ring, but here comes BRAUN!!

The Monster Among Men leads the charge as he, Cesaro, Heath Slater with a kendo stick, and even Drake Maverick run down! Strowman runs over Ryder and Hawkins! Then Erik and Ivar! And the OC! The New Day, Heavy Machinery, Lucha House Party, Apollo Crews and The Revival have flooded the ring to brawl with Raw! Strowman joins them and it is chaos all around! But as Chicago chants for them, NXT has yet to make a move. McIntyre wrecks Maverick but SmackDown is taking the ring. Strowman gives McIntyre a MONSTER SLAM!

Wait! Here comes NXT as an ARMY!! Triple H and Shawn Michaels ride in on a jeep a la Degeneration X invading WCW!! And who isn’t following behind!? SmackDown realizes the fight they’re in for, as does Raw. NXT charges down the ramp!! And it’s chaos all over again!! Monday’s brawl, Wednesday’s brawl, they do NOT compare!! Even NXT UK is involved as Imperium is spotted in the melee! Roman throws the Street Profits and Raul Mendoza aside while Rollins rains down rights on Tucker Knight on the announce desk! And we still don’t know who is officially on Team NXT, it could be any combination of five in this swarm! Rollins smacks Corbin with a monitor while the Undisputed Era beat down The OC!

Wait, Keith Lee goes into the ring? We’ve seen a Limitless tope on Raw, and even one on NXT. He isn’t going to try another tonight, is he?! Montez Ford gets in with him, for a SPIRIT BOMB! But then, BRAUN gets in the ring with him! The Monster and the Limitless One stare down as they go to opposite corners. But then Slater gets in to get a POUNCE! Ariya Daivari runs in and Strowman POUNCES him! Lee and Strowman come face to face, and start brawling! Other superstars try to get involved as SmackDown goes off the air!

WWE’s Twitter has even MORE! Gable climbs up top to SUPER MOONSAULT onto a whole mass of superstars! Ricochet and Cesaro get Lee out of the ring to go after each other. Strowman rocks whoever comes close, and then it is just general brawling chaos again. Lio Rush gets in the ring, and the NXT Cruiserweight Champion climbs as fans chant, “This is Awesome!” Lio is up top, but Ali joins him, SUPER SPANISH FLY onto another mass of superstars! Gentleman Jack Gallagher narrowly avoids destruction, and the shock of witnessing that is clear on his face! And yet, the brawling continues! Roman laughs at this point, this is just that crazy. But wait, what is Otis doing on the apron? He leaps onto Walter! Brawling goes up the ramp now, disappearing into the back.

Things finally calm down, and Baron Corbin gets to the mic. “Did you guys see what I just did?” King Corbin is claiming victory for himself? But DX storms down the ring now! HBK, HHH and the Road Dogg are here! Corbin realizes he’s surrounded and has no fight left in him. But DX huddles together and promise Corbin it’s okay. “Are we going to do the thing?” Corbin is curious about the DX tradition. HHH says Corbin is the #SoleSurvivor. And DX came out with a crew of people, but the most impressive thing all night is Corbin. Fans boo, they don’t believe that. HHH continues to say that Corbin was so impressive. That little huddle, an executive decision was reached. They want Corbin to join DX. Corbin is so excited to join! HHH tells Corbin to line up to “do the deal.”

Corbin stands by HHH and copies HBK’s pointing. “Are you ready?” “I’m ready!” Chicago, are you ready?! “Then, for the thousands in attendance, for the millions watching at home…” Well okay obviously off the air at this point, this is social media exclusive. For the millions that will be watching in a matter of moments. And, for Corbin. Chicago chant, “STD! STD!” Well, HHH has to agree, like an STD, you can’t get rid of Corbin. Road Dogg unloads jabs! Then winds it up for a haymaker, into the SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Then, the PEDIGREE! “And if you’re not down with that, we’ve got TWO WORDS FOR YA! SUCK IT!!” Corbin gets what he always deserved, but will he still be in good shape to compete at Survivor Series? Or would SmackDown be better off if he just stays away?



My Thoughts:

What an amazing SmackDown! Of course, with all the crossover, it wasn’t really just a normal SmackDown. This was perhaps the biggest go-home in WWE history! And as far as building to Survivor Series Weekend, rightly so. There was nothing bad tonight! And as sad as it is to not have a 205 Live episode this week, it all makes sense after seeing tonight. The opening with the SmackDown roster agreeing with Roman’s bravado was pretty good. We got an amazing Triple Threat of Charlotte, Sasha and Rhea, and how awesome for Rhea to win! And similarly, how great for The Undisputed Era to beat an admittedly tense team of New Day and Heavy Machinery. However, I feel like the wins here on SmackDown might mean the NXT women’s team and champions lose on Survivor Series Sunday. Though, given that WarGames is in between, it might actually make sense in kayfabe.

Strong brawling with Styles and Nakamura was great, and the math actually gets muddied with Sami helping Nakamura stand tall in the end. Also, that new Intercontinental Championship design is sexy! I can’t be sure the reason for this change, other than it is to make Nakamura feel important again after he’s barely done anything recently. I really hope this Team Sami stuff really accelerates after Survivor Series on the way to the Royal Rumble. The OC had a good promo so Styles saves face a bit, and then Bryan and Miz have a great promo and match. I am so glad to see their eternal rivalry is still alive even inside Bryan’s story against Bray Wyatt. The Fiend showing up to attack was great, too, but I would’ve loved if The Fiend disappeared and sent Miz back out to beat Bryan. Either way, Bryan is the underdog going into this, but I do not think he wins.

Bayley calling Baszler out and then Baszler punking her out in return, so good. But now, I again wonder if NXT is losing that match. It’d be a natural move for the WWE to give this big win to Becky, and Baszler is so focused on Bayley now, maybe she takes advantage. But I feel like it’d be much more effective for this match to actually come down to Bayley and Baszler. Becky will not be hurt by not being part of the finish, this has to come down to Bayley or Baszler getting the other for it to be a good story pay-off.

The Six Man main event was really good, and knowing what happened after Fox cut away, it worked out that Corbin won it for his team. Ali was close for the hometown pop but then Corbin gets that heat for pinning him. That brawl was the craziest brawl I have ever seen and might ever see again. I loved the shout out back to the Monday Night Wars as DX rides in on a jeep with NXT with them. And then in the end, Corbin gets his comeuppance after DX tricks him into thinking he’s in the clique. This is going to be an epic four-day weekend if you count tonight and Monday as part of the Survivor Series Weekend.

My Score: 9.3/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (12/6/21)

The Man’s gold is on the line!



Coverage Raw 2021

Will Big Time Becks still be Raw Women’s Champion?

Liv Morgan takes on The Man for the Raw Women’s Championship! Will she catch Becky Lynch underestimating her? Or will Raw still be Big Time Becks’?


  • Steel Cage Match: Big E VS Kevin Owens; Big E wins.
  • Zelina Vega w/ Carmella VS Nikki A.S.H. w/ Rhea Ripley; Vega wins.
  • Tag Team RKBRO-nament: The Street Profits VS AJ Styles & Omos; The Street Profits win and advance to the second round.
  • WWE United States Championship Open Challenge: Damian Priest VS Robert Roode w/ Dolph Ziggler; Priest wins and retains the title.
  • Bianca Belair VS “Doudrop” Piper Niven; Belair wins.
  • Tag Team RKBRO-nament: Rey & Dominik Mysterio VS The Alpha Academy; Rey & Dominik Mysterio win and advance to the second round.
  • Finn Balor VS T-Bar; Balor wins.
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch VS Liv Morgan; Lynch wins and retains the title.


Seth Rollins is backstage.

“Welcome, everybody, to Monday Night Rollins. Where last week, Kevin Owens connived his way into MY title match at WWE Day 1. But tonight, oh tonight! Kevin Owens, in just a few moments actually, finds himself going one on one with WWE Champion, Big E, inside the steel cage! Hahaha! A match where they will rip each other apart in, and I will enjoy every single second. And at Day 1, we will usher in a new year. We will usher in a new era with a NEW champion when I beat both Big E and Kevin Owens and reclaim my rightful place as WWE Champion! Hahahaha! Enjoy the show.”


Big E speaks.

“Man, I’ve been through hell and back to get my WWE Championship. And tonight is no different. Kevin Owens, it may be you and me and Seth Rollins at WWE Day 1 for my WWE Championship, but tonight, we’re locked inside a steel cage! And boy, there is no easy way out! There is no shortcut home! But not only am I going to beat you, Kevin, I’m gonna punish you. Oh, you got to feel that, SUCKA!”


Kevin Owens speaks.

“Big E’s been calling me a liar for weeks, months really. But he’s the liar. Because earlier he said it was his WWE Championship.” It’s KEVIN’s championship! Big E is just holding it for Kevin until Day 1. That means there’s 26 days left until Kevin takes the title and the fans can rejoice. Big E wants to punish Kevin but Kevin will be the one to punish him. And that is no lie.


Steel Cage Match: Big E VS Kevin Owens!

The gold may not be on the line, but there is pride and physical well-being at stake! Who gets out of this cage in better shape going towards the New Year’s Day Triple Threat?

The door closes, the bell rings and Kevin goes right for the exit! Big E stops him so Kevin throws hands then tries again. Big E rains down fists but Kevin kicks back. Big E denies the stunner but Kevin boots him! Big E still stops Kevin from getting out the door! Big E throws body shots, then runs into the corner. Kevin BOOTS Big E again, then goes up the wall! Big E trips him up and Kevin lands bad on the ropes! Big E grabs Kevin by his beard, then throws forearms! Kevin is against the steel, so Big E dribbles him off it! Kevin hits back but Big E throws body shots and forearms. Kevin hits back again, climbs up the corner then the cage, but Big E catches up to him!

They brawl on the ropes, Kevin headbutts and pushes Big E. Big E hits back with more body shots, then climbs up to dig Kevin’s face into the girder! Kevin elbows Big E until Big E hops down. Kevin then hotshots Big E away, and goes along the wall towards the door. Big E runs and RAMS into him! Kevin falls back into the center and Big E drags Kevin up. Big E whips Kevin and smacks him off steel! Kevin goes to a corner, Big E brings him around and SMACKS him off steel again! Fans fire up as Big E paces around. Big E has Kevin against the wall again with more body shots and more dribbling. Big E scrapes his forearm off Kevin’s face, then runs, only for Kevin to move!

Big E only gets steel and he tumbles back! Kevin catches his breath in a corner while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Kevin stomps a mudhole into Big E! Kevin lets off to shout, “This is MY show!” Kevin then climbs, but Big E gets up to bring him down again! Kevin kicks back then QUEBRADAS! Cover, TWO! Kevin rains down fists, then drops a senton! Fans rally up for Big E, Kevin brings Big E up to talk trash and whip. Big E reverses and RAMS Kevin into steel again! Big E hurries to cover, TWO! Big E grows frustrated, but he goes for the door! Kevin hurries after and clamps onto Big E to dribble him off the steel now! Kevin has Big E in the ropes to CHOKE him! Kevin lets off to stomp Big E down, then he goes to climbing the cage.

Big E catches up to Kevin again! Big E climbs up, CLUBS Kevin and brings him back to the top rope. Kevin dribbles Big E off the steel again! Big E tumbles down and Kevin adjusts, but he goes back up! Big E hurries but Kevin’s already at the top! Big E gets Kevin’s legs, brings him down into Electric Chair position, but Kevin fights free! Kevin SUPER SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMBS! Cover, TWO!! Big E survives and Kevin can’t believe it! Kevin scowls as fans rally up for Big E. Kevin scuffs Big E, but Big E powers up! Kevin throws hands but Big E just glares. Kevin runs, into an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! And another! And then the SIDE Belly2Belly!

Fans fire up as Big E swivels them hips! Big E runs but Kevin gets away to the door! Big E stops Kevin, brings him in but Kevin elbows him away. Kevin then ducks the clothesline to SUPERKICK! But Big E falls to the door! Kevin runs in, CANNONBALL! Cover, TWO! Kevin crawls over Big E to go to the door, but Big E grabs at Kevin again. Big E clubs Kevin, Kevin ROCKS Big E! Kevin throws forearms to back Big E down, then he trips Big E to turn him! BOSTON CRAB! Big E endures, powers up, and powers his way not to the ropes but to the door! But Kevin sits deep, shifts around, and grabs at Big E’s head! Big E keeps crawling, but Rollins SLAMS the door shut on them both!!

Rollins wants to lock the door so that no one can escape that way! The Architect had a plan all along, and he laughs maniacally as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Kevin climbs a corner while Big E crawls! Rollins mockingly ushers Big E on and Big E drags Kevin down! Kevin hits back, they brawl up top, Big E turns around to throw back elbows. Big E brings Kevin onto his shoulder, but Kevin rakes eyes! Big E hops down, Kevin kicks him away. Big E is down, Kevin FROG SPLASHES! Cover, TWO! Rollins is loving this because the match continues! Big E crawls to the corner, Kevin runs in, but Big E elbows him away! Big E gives Kevin the Urenag-E! Cover, TWO! Rollins says it was THAT close. “What a fight! This is amazing!” Fans rally for Big E and he waits for Kevin to rise. Big E scoops, but Kevin slips out to kick and-

NO, Big E stops the stunner again, only to run into the POP-UP POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Rollins again says “That close!” Kevin gets up, steps on Big E’s leg, then goes to a corner. Kevin tells Rollins to shut up already, and he climbs up. Rollins shouts to Big E, and Big E hurries to get up! Kevin is halfway out but Big E clubs him! Big E drags Kevin back in, throws back elbows to force him down, and even more back elbows to get him into place! SUPER BIG ENDING!! Big E doesn’t cover, he heads for the door! Big E crawls as it opens, but Kevin gets a foot! Big E kicks Kevin away, Big E is free, and he is out! Big E wins!

Winner: Big E, by escape

And Rollins attacks him anyway! Rollins stomps and punches Big E down, then the cage rises, so Rollins goes after Kevin! Rollins soaks up the heat from Memphis as he aims from a corner. Rollins runs in, but Big E catches him! OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Big E gets Kevin back up to give him a BIG ENDING! The world champion stands tall, but can he do it again on Day 1?


Raw returns as everyone is down around ringside.

Big E may have stood tall just before the break, but what we didn’t see during the break was that BOBBY LASHLEY just appeared and wrecked all three of them! Big E, Kevin Owens AND Seth Rollins got dominated by the Rocky Mountain Machine! Will Lashley be waiting on the Monday after Day 1 to take the title from the Triple Threat winner?


Zelina Vega w/ Carmella VS Nikki A.S.H. w/ Rhea Ripley!

“Hear ye, hear ye,” the Queen of the Ring says. “How lucky are all of you that the Queen and the Women’s Tag Team Champions decided to grace you with our presence tonight? Uh, the queen is talking. The queen is talking! Would you rather be cheering for that loser, Almost a Superhero, Nikki A.S.H?” Zelina feels sorry for Nikki, but not as much as when she’ll beat Nikki tonight and send her into the pit of despair. AKA, Memphis! But Zelina stops gloating as Nikki & Rhea make their way out! Will the Almost Super Hero humble the Queen of Raw?

The bell rings, the two tie up, and Zelina powers Nikki back. The ref counts, Zelina lets off at 4, but Nikki elbows her away. Nikki goes up but Zelina YANKS her down! Zelina waves, but Nikki gets to ropes. Zelina pulls Nikki against ropes, thrashes her about, and then taunts Rhea as she lets off to take a royal bow. Zelina KNEES Nikki down, covers, TWO into a crucifix cover, TWO! Nikki gets around Zlinea to roll her up, TWO! Zelina knees low, whips Nikki to a corner, but Nikki goes up and over and keeps moving to LARIAT Zelina down! Fans fire up with Nikki and she run sin to SPLASH in the corner, then hits a BULLDOG!

Nikki brings Zelina back up, but Zelina slips out of the fisherman! Zelina trips Nikki from the corner, high stack and feet on the ropes! The ref sees it and stops the count! Zelina protests but Nikki fires forearms! Zelina kicks back, whips, but Nikki reverses and hits a NECKBREAKER! Nikki climbs up the corner, for a CROSSBODY, but it FLOPS as Zelina moves! Zelina hops on, CODE RED!! Cover, Zelina wins!

Winner: Zelina Vega, by pinfall

The Queen stands tall and Rhea is frustrated. Mella shouts at the assistant to get Zelina’s crown for her, and the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions gloat all the way to the back. Will Rhea & Nikki ever get those belts back off such an arrogant duo?


RKBRO meet backstage.

Matt Riddle is in his ring commentator best. He got one for Orton, where is it? Don’t start. But Riddle was watching this movie and- Kevin Patrick walks in to ask them about tonight’s Raw Tag Team Championship tournament? No, no, it’s the RKBRO-nament. They put their favorite holiday movies in a tournament style bracket to debate which is the best, and that gave them the idea for this tournament tonight to determine their next #1 contenders. Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville both loved the idea and- Randy says none of that happened. That is all Riddle’s idea. All Orton said was that if they had to defend their tag titles, that is all they would focus on. And then Riddle replied about how Home Alone changed his life.

Bro, he shared that in confidence…! But on a more important not, RKBRO will be special guest hosts and correspondents, doing all the interviews courtesy of RKBRO. Orton never agreed to that, either. Riddle loves his sarcasm. And so… here’s your blazer! There is no way in hell Orton is wearing that. But Orton will look so good in it! And the fans want it. Plus the voices in Riddle’s head are telling him to slap the blazer on. Is that so? He wants Orton to wear the blazer? And Memphis wants to see it? Yes, they need it! FINE! Orton puts on the blazer! RKBRO head out, who will win this very professional Raw Tag Team Championship Contenders Tournament?


Rhea tries to talk to Nikki backstage.

She wants her not to worry, they’ll get it next time. But then a fan comes by and says she’s their biggest fan. Nikki would love to! Sorry, she was talking to Jerry the King Lawler. Jerry doesn’t mind. And sorry about that loss, kid. Want an autograph? Nikki sulks away and Jerry shrugs. What will it take for the Almost Super Hero to cheer up?


Tag Team RKBRO-nament: The Street Profits VS AJ Styles & Omos!

Raw returns and the Phenomenal Styles and the colossal Omos make their entrance. RKBRO are on commentary, or at least Riddle will be, just as Riddle said. The Profits then make their entrance, and fans fire up for the red Solo cups raining down! The teams sort out, Styles starts with Montez Ford and Styles fires right off! Styles CHOPS, whips, but Ford reverses to dropkick Styles down! Ford brings Styles up, wrenches the arm, whips him into the corner, then tags Dawkins. The Profits double whip, Dawkins dropkicks Styles down! Then they coordinate, BACK SUPLEX SPLASH, to Dawkins’ RUNNING SPLASH! Cover, TWO!

Angelo Dawkins brings Styles up, Styles RAMS him into the corner! Styles digs his shoulder in, the ref counts and Styles lets off. Dawkins dodges to ROCK Styles, whip him corner to corner, CYCLONE SPLASH! Dawkins runs but Omos holds the ropes down! Dawkins tumbles out and Omos shrugs. Riddle says that is not in the spirit of the RKBRO-nament! But Styles DECKS Ford, then SLINGSHOT FOREARMS Dawkins! Styles has control as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Omos is in! He drags Dawkins up, whips him hard into a corner, and Dawkins falls to the mat. Omos drags Dawkins back up, scoops him and then SLAMS him! Omos stares Ford down, then he brings Dawkins back up to CLUB him down. Omos drags Dawkins up, Dawkins throws body shots but Omos knees him low. Omos CLUBS Dawkins, looms over him, but Dawkins hits a JAWBREAKER! Omos checks his teeth as he staggers back, but he CLOBBERS Dawkins down! Omos scowls, drags Dawkins back up, then tags Styles in. Omos holds Dawkins in place for Styles to stomp. Styles brings Dawkins up but Dawkins fires forearms!

Styles KICKS the leg but Dawkins throws more forearms! Styles throat chops, runs but only gets buckles! Hot tag to Ford! Ford rallies on Styles, brings him up but Styles blocks the suplex, so Ford rolls him up! TWO, and Ford mule kicks then front kicks then ENZIGURIS! Ford fires up, taunts Omos, runs in but Styles BOOTS him! Styles runs in but Ford dodges to then LEAPING LARIAT! Ford takes off the glove, and he BACK HAND SLAPS Omos! Omos is furious! Ford screams but Dawkins ROCKS Omos! DOUBLE DROPKCIKS sends Omos off the apron! Styles PELES Dawkins, slides under Ford, but Ford fights the lift to switch the waistlock!

Styles lands out of the back suplex to ENZIGURI, and PELE! Then Styles suplexes, BRAINBUSTER!! But Styles won’t cover, he goes to the apron! Styles aims, but Omos gets up to tag himself in! Styles is surprised by that, but Dawkins drags Styles out to ROCK him! Omos runs over to RUN OVER Dawkins! Ford PLANCHAS, but Omos catches him! APRON POWERSLAM! Omos throws Dawkins into barriers but the ring count! Omos didn’t hear it in time, he gets counted out!! The Profits win!!

Winners: The Street Profits, by count-out (advance to the second round)

Riddle says that is an upset! But he admits, he’s relieved he doesn’t have to worry about Omos. Styles tells Omos he has to listen, to do what he’s told. But Omos just leaves Styles behind! Is this the end of their phenomenal partnership? Riddle gets in the ring to say breaking news! Riddle is “Howard Brocell” and he asks for a comment on this crazy event. AJ, a word? What? Is Riddle talking to him? Yes! Styles tells Riddle to go interview the winners. Well, AJ, Riddle’s integrity tells him to follow the biggest story, and the Profits got out way too fast. But things got juicy there between Styles and Omos. Would he like to explain what’s going on?

What is this? Dateline? Kinda. Styles says that was a disagreement between a great tag team, that’s all. Not that Riddle would know anything about that. Now get the mic out of Styles’ face or he’ll shove it down your throat! Styles storms off, Riddle says this was an explosive start to the RKBRO-nament. It’s anyone’s game! Except for Styles & Omos. They’re out. Would Randy like to add anything? Fans cheer and Orton gets a mic to say, “Nope.” Always beautiful insight from Randy. But dude, things are just heating up for the tag team tournament, brought to you by the three most dangerous letters in sports entertainment, R K BRO. “Back to you, Jimbo Slice.”


Backstage interview with Becky Lynch.

The Raw Women’s Champion has a big match with Liv Morgan> yes, a big, big night. For Liv. The biggest night of Liv’s career, going in with a lot of momentum. Liv won her match last week, hit her finisher afterward. The week before that, sucker punched Becky as hard as she could, and the week before that, countered the Manhandle Slam. The Liv Morgan bandwagon is big and the train is rolling. But the real battle isn’t in the ring with Becky, no. It’ll be in the mind and in the heart, and out in the crowd where fans want to tear her apart. No one really wants Liv to win. You do well enough, they cheer. You do too well, they turn on you.

Liv is in the perfect position as the underdog who will never join the stars. Becky is the biggest star there is! So it’s just another Monday for your champion, Big Time Becks. Will Becky prove herself right through and through when she takes on Liv later tonight?


RKBRO talks backstage.

Riddle says that was the coolest! When Orton said, “Nope,” the fans went insane! But Riddle says Orton left some money on the table. They gotta bring the fans on a roller coaster ride, dude! Is that right? A little bit. Orton says his broadcasting career is over. For now, at least. Have fun, it’s all on you, now. Thanks, Randy! Riddle vows not to let him down!


WWE United States Open Challenge: Damian Priest VS ???

The Archer of Infamy continues to be a fighting champion, not even worrying about who’ll answer the call! Who steps up and tries to take Priest’s title? We find out, after the break.

Raw returns and Robert Roode is in the ring, Dolph Ziggler in his corner. The belt is raised, and we see if the GLORIOUS One can get himself some gold!

Priest and Roode circle, tie up, and go around. Roode puts Priest in a corner, throws body shots, then haymakers. Roode stomps, punches, but lets off as the ref counts. Priest comes back to grab Roode by the neck and throw him to the corner! Priest fires off heavy hands and ROCKS Roode! Priest whips, Roode kicks back, then runs, but into a shoulder! Priest drags Roode up and bumps him off buckles. Priest ROCKS Roode, whips him to ropes, then jumping back elbows him down! Cover, TWO! Priest bumps Roode off buckles again, throws knees in again and again, then snapmares to KICK Roode in the back. And then KICK him in the chest!

Priest brings Roode up to ROCK him with a right, fans fire up and Priest runs corner to corner, but Roode moves! Priest stops himself to then BOOT Roode down! Ziggler takes a swipe but Priest avoids it to swipe back at Ziggler! Ziggler runs away as Priest goes out after him! Roode comes up and CLOBBERS Priest, and Priest hits steel steps! Roode then TOSSES Priest over the barrier! Roode gloats that he’ll be the new champ, but Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Priest throws heavy haymakers on Roode, then BOOTS him to a corner. Priest runs in but Roode BOOTS back! Roode goes up, GLORIOUS BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Roode is frustrated but Ziggler coaches “Big Bob” on. Roode taunts Priest, “I’m the champ!” But Priest counter punches and ROCKS Roode! And again! And again! Priest fires off fast hands, Roode staggers to a corner and Priest even hurt his own hand. Roode runs in, but into a FLAPJACK! Fans fire up, Priest runs corner to corner to back elbow! Priest suplexes, Roode slips out and shoves, but Priest LARIATS on the return!

Priest kicks low, suplexes again, BROKEN ARROW! Cover, TWO! Priest keeps his cool as he brings Roode back up. Priest reels Roode in but Roode wrenches out, only to get a BELL CLAP! Roode ducks the heel kick to shove, ducks the lariat then hits a BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO! Roode snarls and throws forearms, but Priest forearms back! Roode kicks low, Priest knees low! Roode CHOPS, Priest KICKS, KICKS and KICKS! ROUNDHOUSE! Roode staggers, Priest springboards, but Roode gets him for a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Roode grows frustrated again, Priest crawls to ropes. Priest drags himself up, Roode wants him, kicks him in and reels him in, but no DDT!

Priest dragon sleepers, but Roode fights free! Only to run into the choke grip! Roode fights out of that, rolls Priest up, TWO! Priest catches Roode to the dragon sleeper, RECKONING!! Cover, Priest wins!

Winner: Damian Priest, by pinfall (still WWE United States Champion)

But Ziggler SUPERKICKS Priest down! The Show-Off took out his frustrations, and promises that next time, Priest is done! But will the Archer of Infamy shoot down these Dirty Dawgs next time they meet?


Bianca Belair VS “Doudrop” Piper Niven!

Finally, the EST gets the grudge match with Doudrop that she’s wanted for weeks now! But she doesn’t even get to finish her entrance before Piper CLOBBERS her from behind! Fans boo but Piper just gets in the ring. Can Bianca pull off the quickEST recovery she’s had to in order to get the sweetEST revenge?

Raw returns and Bianca is ready now. The bell rings and she dropkicks Piper! Piper comes back and they start throwing hands! Bianca shoves, but Piper fights the spinebuster! Piper tries to whip, Bianca blocks but Piper powers through. Piper runs in at the corner, Bianca slips to the apron! Piper hits buckles, Bianca hits Piper! Bianca then jumps in to stomp a mudhole into Piper while fans fire up. Bianca whips, Piper reverses, Bianca goes up and tells her to “Kiss this.” Piper runs in but Bianca flips over and does her dance. Bianca runs, ducks and redirects but Piper avoids the dropkick to drop the SENTON! Cover, TWO!

Piper stalks Bianca to a corner, brings her up and CLUB her, then brings her up to CLUB her again. Piper CLUBS Bianca down, kicks her around, then drags her up by an arm. Fans rally for Bianca but Piper headbutts the arm! Piper gets Bianca’s arm for a COBRA CLUTCH! Bianca endures, Piper leans on the hold, but Bianca throws elbows. Piper ripcords and short arm LARIATS! Bianca rolls away but Piper stalks her to a corner. Piper wraps the arm around ropes, pulls, but the ref counts. Bianca shoves Piper, too, but Piper runs back in, into an elbow! Bianca boots Piper, but Piper CLOBBERS Bianca! Piper scowls, covers, TWO!

Piper grows frustrated, she soaks up the heat and brings Bianca up to HEADBUTT her again. Piper drags Bianca back into the cobra twist and thrashes her around! Bianca endures, fights up, fans rally and Bianca RAMS Piper into the corner! Bianca gets free, runs back in but Piper puts her on the apron to SLAP her! Piper goes to the apron and scoops Bianca, but Bianca fights her way into the ring! Bianca fires forearm after forearm but Piper shoves her away. Bianca handsprings to hit Piper off the apron! Fans fire up with Bianca as she eggs Piper on. Piper slowly gets up, she drags Bianca out! Piper RAMS Bianca into the apron! Piper SPLASHES down on Bianca! Bianca is down and Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Bianca fights with body shots, only for Piper to ripcord her. Bianca ROCKS Piper with forearms and a dropkick! Piper stays up but Bianca brings her in. But Piper is the one who suplexes Bianca! Bianca slips out, shoves and hits a SPINEBUSTER!! Fans fire up with Bianca and she runs at Piper in the corner to RAM in her shoulder! And again! And again! The ref counts, Bianca lets off to climb up! Bianca rains down fists, but Piper slips out! Bianca kicks her away, leaps, CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Bianca is a bit surprised but Piper shakes her head. Bianca drags Piper up and fans rally behind her, but Piper blocks the whip!

Piper reverses Bianca, runs in but into a back elbow! Bianca goes up and sunset flips but Piper SITS on her! Piper then goes up the corner, VADER BOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Bianca survives and Piper is seething! Memphis is thunderous as Piper pulls at her hair. Piper pushes Bianca around, fans rally up and Piper stands Bianca up. Piper pulls out the butterfly hairpins and even pulls at the braid! Bianca windmills haymakers but Piper CLUBS her down! Piper scoops, Bianca slips off but Piper HEADBUTTS her down! Bianca ends up in a corner, Piper runs in, CANNONBALL only gets buckles! Bianca gets Piper up and torture racks!

Fans are thunderous but Bianca can’t keep Piper up and Piper slips out of the ring! Piper wants to walk!? Bianca seethes but she doesn’t chase after, Piper lets herself get counted out! Bianca wins!

Winner: Bianca Belair, by count-out

Piper tells Bianca to kiss this and then walks backstage. Bianca doesn’t get it, but she still gets the win. Will this be the end of it? Or will Piper come back when Bianca least expects it?


Austin Theory visits Vince McMahon’s office again.

They sit down and Theory is a bit wary given last time, Vince slapped him. Theory’s been doing good? Yeah, good. Vince reminds Theory that asking about how someone doing is fake. Now time to learn something this week. Theory will be in a match tonight. Really? Okay! Wait, did Vince expect him to do that? Was he surprised? Yeah, definitely. Oh. Well then he didn’t really learn from last week. Will Theory learn much of anything with the cryptic ways Mr. McMahon is teaching him? Or is it just Theory who’s out of touch?


MizTV returns!

The Miz struts his way out to the ring, and he’s inviting the Rated R Superstar to be his first guest! Will Edge give the Hollywood A-Lister the satisfaction? We find out, after the break.

Raw returns and Miz welcomes us back to the Most Must-See WWE Talk Show, and he knows what we’re thinking. They want to know where his beautiful, gorgeous, sexy wife is, but Maryse doesn’t go to places like Memphis, Tennessee. Have you seem yourselves lately? She’s not coming here. But Miz rewatched his confrontation with Edge from last week, and he couldn’t believe his eyes. It was unbelievable. Edge complimented him! A heartfelt compliment from Edge! Miz has known Edge for 15 years, it doesn’t sound like him. He’s a shell of his former self! Or is he? We’ll find out. Miz introduces the Rated R Superstar, the music hits, and Edge appears!

Edge has the fans fired up and he heads down the ramp and even Miz fires up for the pyro. Edge gets in the ring, Miz takes a seat but Edge just takes the mic. Edge decides to sit after all and sees Miz is confused. Edge says he meant those compliments, and he still means them this week. Aww, how sweet. But Miz can’t help but think that the Rated R Superstar has lost his edge. Wow, a clever pun, Mike. But the ultimate opportunist, the master manipulator would’ve just speared Miz out of his $9000 shoes. And honestly, this Edge is definitely physical in the ring, but Miz can’t help but think that mentally, Edge is weak.

First off, $9000 for ugly ass shoes? Edge’s Jordan 3’s are way cooler. And don’t mistake kindness for weakness. Whatever is going on here, Miz has bigger issues than Edge. Miz says Edge doesn’t need his kindness. When he needed that was in 2006 when Miz started in the WWE. Miz walking on eggshells, everything he said and did was wrong, and how he got kicked out of the locker room! But they both know Miz wasn’t kicked out for eating chicken, he was kicked in because he didn’t fit the mold. He was an outcast, he was ostracized for having “it,” but everyone else wanted to protect their spot.

So instead of protecting the kid who came off the hit show, MTV’s The Real World, he was treated like a peasant when he was already more famous than 90% of the locker room! Miz doesn’t need Edge’s kindness, nor does he want it. So then Miz is painting Edge with “that brush?” Glossing over some key points here. It was in this arena where Edge pulled Miz aside, told him he has “it,” and that he could endure the BS. Oh wow~. Well does Miz remember what he did after that? He brushed Edge off! Or did Miz forget? Edge went through the same things seven years before that! And if someone had pulled him aside, Edge damn sure would’ve listened.

The biggest difference between Edge and Miz, is that Edge didn’t walk into the locker room and already think he was a bigger star than everyone else. And Edge isn’t afraid of losing the spot. When he sees a new face, he sees a new opportunity and a new opponent. He never puts anyone down. But Miz wants to blame everyone else? Here’s what he should do: At the end of the day, Miz should look himself in the mirror, and that mirror will tell him what it would’ve in 2006. “Miz, you’re an ass!” Miz gets up and so does Edge. Miz seems to think things over, and then he chuckles. “And you’re a hypocrite, and you’re vulnerable, and I’ve surpassed you in and out of the ring.”

2022 will be the Year of Miz, and Miz can’t think of a better way to usher it in than beating Edge on January 1st! Well if that’s a challenge, Edge accepts! But Edge is right here, they’re in Memphis, and there’s nothing between them but air and opportunity. What’s Miz say to that? Fans fire up, but Miz says, “No.” But here’s why. Edge thinks Miz is afraid? He’s- Edge steps and Miz falls over! “Not afraid?” Edge chuckles and leaves. Will the Rated R Superstar make this A-Lister feel like just an extra on WWE Day 1?


Backstage interview with Liv Morgan.

Sarah brings up Becky’s strong words, how does Liv respond? Liv heard that, and Becky isn’t wrong. Liv did all of that, and Becky is right, people are watching. That scares Becky, because what she got wrong is that fans are watching to see Liv win. They believe there is a chance that things won’t go Becky’s way. Becky’s used to getting what she wants, but Liv will do everything in her power to get what she wants: that Raw Women’s Championship! Liv is ready, but will her moment finally arrive?


Tag Team RKBRO-nament: Rey & Dominik Mysterio VS The Alpha Academy!

La Familia has had their run-ins with Chad Gable & Otis Dozovic before, but now there’s a title opportunity on the line! Will Rey & Dom get a step closer to becoming the first-ever two-time father-son tag team champions? Or will Gable & Otis win this one #ForTheAcademy?

Raw returns and Riddle is back on commentary! The Alpha Academy make their entrance, the teams sort out and Dom starts against Gable. They circle, they tie up, Gable trips Dom and knuckle lock covers, ONE! Dom gets up, goes shoulder to shoulder with Gable but then breaks to fire off forearms. Dom goes up and up and FLYING ARM-DRAGS! Then another arm-drag for a cording hold! Gable whips Dom away from Rey, and Gable says, “Don’t go running to daddy!” Gable then SLAPS Dom! Dom runs in, Gable slips around to BUTTERFLY SUPELX! Bridging cover, ONE, but Gable wrenches, only for Dom to whip Gable and SLAP him back!

Gable can’t believe it but fans fire up! Gable waistlocks, Dom throws him out of the ring! Gable gets back in, Dom dropkicks him down! Dom brings Gable away, but Gable reels him in for an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Otis talks trash, Gable crawls over to Dom, but Dom grabs his leg! Gable stomps Dom then YANKS the leg! Gable stares Rey down, goes back to Dom, but Dom throws forearms, Gable shoves, Dom runs but into a rolling HALF CRAB! Dom endures, Riddle likes the seamless transition. Dom powers up, rolls Gable to a cradle, TWO! Gable blocks a kick but not the ENZIGURI! Gable staggers, Dom trips him up! Dom brings Gable away from Otis, but Gable CLUBS him!

Gable brings Dom up, Dom counter punches! Dom fire so haymakers, whips, but Gable reverses. Gable runs in but blocks the boot to put it in the ropes! DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! Gable goes up top, MOONSAULT, but Dom turns it into a roll-up, the Mysterios win?!!

Winners: Rey & Dominik Mysterio, by pinfall (advance to the second round)

No one even tagged out in that match! Gable keeps Otis back, the loss is on him! Riddle gets back in the ring to interview the losers. The first ever RKBROnament, how do they feel- Otis scoops Riddle! Riddle shouts, “I’M A JOURNALIST!” but he still gets the POWERSLAM! Will Riddle learn when not to talk? Will the Mysterios get past the Profits to go after the tag titles?


Austin Theory warms up in Vince’s office.

While Vince was testing Theory, he was serious about making a match. Vince is on the phone but then ends the call. He has Theory take a seat and says unfortunately, because Theory wasn’t ready to start, no match tonight. But last time he had a match was the WWE title against Big E. Yes, and it was impressive. But Theory is not having a match tonight. So find another way to impress him. Uh, okay. Theory unzips to show off his abs while doing jumping jacks. #AllDay, Mr. McMahon! All day. No, please stop. Vince says to find another way. Use your brains! Right, okay. Theory has an idea and heads out. Vince is ready to see what Theory comes up with.


Finn Balor VS T-Bar!

The Prince is ready to make Memphis part of the Balor Club, but the towering T-Bar is ready to destroy everyone! Will Balor avoid that destruction to make tonight Too Sweet?

Raw returns and T-Bar is in the ring. The bell rings, T-Bar and Finn tie up. Finn gets the arm but T-Bar CLUBS him with the other. Finn KICKS a leg, T-Bar choke grips. Finn headlocks, T-Bar powers out, Finn ducks and dodges then leaps, but into T-Bar’s arms! T-Bar KNEES then TOSSES Finn, covers, TWO! T-Bar rains down fists, drags Finn up and bumps him off buckles. T-Bar stomps, ROCKS Finn then digs his boot in! The ref counts, T-Bar lets off at 4, and he gives Finn a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! T-Bar clamps on with a chinlock! Finn endures, fans rally, and Finn fights up. Finn fights the chinlock but T-Bar knees him low!

T-Bar TOSSES Finn to a corner, but Finn BOOTS back! Finn throws forearms and body shots, then whips. T-Bar reverses to choke grip and CHOKE- NO, Finn wheelbarrows to a victory roll, TWO! Finn trips T-Bar to DOUBLE STOMP! Fans fire up with Finn and he aims from the corner, but T-Bar denies the slingblade! T-Bar CYCLONE BOOTS Finn down! Cover, TWO!! Finn survives and T-Bar is furious! T-Bar drags Finn up, scoops him, but Finn slips off to SLINGBLADE T-Bar down! Finn goes up top, fans fire up, but T-Bar choke grips Finn then climbs up! Finn ax handle chops and elbows free! T-Bar falls, Finn adjusts, COUP DE GRACE!! Cover, Finn wins!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall

Finn rebounds from his loss to Seth Rollins over a literally huge challenge! Will Finn be able to fight his way to- Oh no! Theory goes after Finn! This is him impressing Vince with an ATL to Finn! Oh, and a selfie, too! Will Theory score points with Vince along with the likes? Or will Finn show Theory to never cheap shot the Prince?


Dana Brooke sneaks around backstage.

The WWE 24/7 Champion has to be careful at all times, of course. But then R-Truth AND Akira Tozawa jump out and surprise her! They could’ve gotten her right here, but Truth doesn’t even know if that’s PG. They’ll have to read up on the rules. Take care, Brooke. But wait! Here comes Reggie like an American Ninja Warrior! But he tells Dana not to worry. He just wanted to finish that conversation from last week. He was impressed by that move she pulled on Cedric. And that title looks nice on her. But Tamina comes storming in! Reggie helps delay her so Dana can get away. Will Reggie win something other than the title from Dana Brooke with that assist?


MVP and Bobby Lashley head out backstage.

Time to paint the town red. But Kevin Patrick asks as to why Lashley attacked Big E, Rollins and Kevin Owens. MVP says KP knows how this works. “We live in an area where people have become way too comfortable disrespecting other people, because there are no consequences for those actions. Not so in the All Mighty Era.” Those three had the audacity to have a WWE Championship match without even mentioning Lashley’s name. That was disrespectful, and that attack was the consequence. “When you disrespect me, Kevin, that’s what happens.” MVP adjusts KP’s tie, and the Hurt Business heads out. Is this all further setting up the Rocky Mountain Machine on the other side of Day 1?


WWE takes a closer look at Liv Morgan.

The youngest of six children to a single mother who worked 60 hours a week. Most times, they were above water. But there were times where things didn’t work. A confused kid who couldn’t find her way in life. But Liv loved the WWE her whole life. With a dream in her head she couldn’t express, that only she could understand, now she knows who she is. From NXT to SmackDown to Raw, from confused kid to confident woman who fights for her dreams. She won’t be pushed aside or shamed for feeling her feelings. She won’t be denied the moment she’s waited an entire life for. She knows who she is: the next Raw Women’s Champion.


Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch VS Liv Morgan!

This could be the moment where it all comes falling down for The Man! Emphasis on could, as far as Becky is concerned. Will she overlook and underestimate Liv enough for Liv to finally live that championship life? Or is Liv still too small time for Big Time Becks?

Raw returns as Liv makes her entrance. Is it her moment? We find out after the break!

Raw returns again, and the introductions are made. The belt is raised, and we see if a dream lives or dies in Memphis!

Liv and Becky circle, tie up, Becky waistlocks and SLAMS Liv down. Becky talks trash, “Welcome to the big time.” Liv gets up, circles with Becky again, but Becky gets around to headlock. Liv powers out, Becky runs her over, and Becky flexes on Liv. Liv gets up but Becky pie faces her around. Liv gets the arm to arm-drag, then runs in. Becky avoids Oblivion by mere seconds! Liv tells her how close that was, but she lets Becky get on the apron,. Becky kicks Liv, Liv forearms back! Liv headlocks, Becky powers out, but Liv runs Becky over! Liv gives back the trash talk, things speed up and Liv rolls over Becky to then sidestep. Becky catches the hurdle to throw Becky down!

Becky wants the arm, Liv slips out to Oklahoma Roll, TWO! Liv sweeps the legs, covers, ONE as Becky goes Matrix! Becky smirks, but Liv goes Matrix to dodge the lariat! Becky wants the arm, Liv rolls her up, TWO! Liv gets the arm, La Magistrol! TWO, Liv trips Becky to a jackknife, TWO as Becky bridges up and spins Liv around! Liv reverses the backslide, TWO! Liv has the leg for a lateral press, TWO! Becky DECKS Liv to stop that! Becky stomps Liv, talks trash, then SLAPS Liv down! Becky kicks Liv around, whips her to a corner, but Liv elbows her back. Liv goes up and up and missile dropkicks! Becky scrambles away, Liv runs in to DOUBLE- NO, Becky dodges to JUMP KICK!

Liv falls out of the ring, Becky builds speed. Becky slides, Liv ducks it and hits a CODE BREAKER! Liv gets in the ring, sees Becky slowly get up, and now Liv builds speed! Liv DIVES! Direct hit and down goes Becky! Fans fire up but Liv clutches an arm! Liv still gets up and gets Becky in the ring to cover, TWO! Liv grimaces, but she goes to the apron for a breather. Fans rally up, Liv climbs up a corner, but Becky stops her with a forearm! Becky climbs up, throws more forearms, then brings Liv up. Liv fights back with body shots, but Becky still SUPERPLEXES! Both women are down as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns once more, and the forearms are flying! Becky knees low and throws Liv out to the apron, to then bring her in the ropes for more forearms and uppercuts! Becky sobats, then goes to the corner, GUILLOTINE LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Becky is getting frustrated but she thinks of what else to try. Liv slowly gets up, Becky straddle attacks then chinlocks to stretch Liv back. Liv endures, fans rally up, and Liv fights up to throw body shots! Liv arm-drags Becky to a corner, Becky comes back but into counter punches! Becky shoves Liv, shoots after a leg and trips Liv to roll her and dragon sleeper, INVERTED DDT! Cover, TWO!

Becky paces while Liv gets to a corner. Becky runs in but Liv dodges! Liv throws Becky down by her hair, then hurries up top! But Becky YANKS Liv off and Liv hits buckles on the way down! Becky goes up top now, to leap, but she has to bail out as Liv dodges! ENZIGURI! Both women are down but fans rally up. Becky gets up, brings Liv around, but Liv forearms! And again! Liv kicks low, front kicks, then dodges to THESZ PRESS! Liv fires fast hands and fans fire up! Becky shoves Liv away, goes to a corner, but Liv back body blocks! Liv rolls and runs in to SHINING WIZARD! Liv has Becky on the ropes, but still no Oblivion! But she SWING KICKS Becky away!

Liv runs, goes up the ropes, FLYING CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Becky survives and Liv can’t believe it! Liv is growing frustrated, but she hears the fans firing up for her! She gets Becky up but Becky sobats and EuroUppers! Liv staggers to a corner, Becky runs in but into a RANA! Becky tumbles to the apron, Liv KICKS her down! Liv goes up the corner, to DOUBLE STOMP her onto the apron! Liv adds extra stomps and fans fire up again! Liv climbs again while Becky crawls into the ring. Liv leaps to missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Liv gets the arm to RINGS OF SATURN!! Becky endures, rolls it to a cover, ONE! Becky gets the arm, DISARM-HER!!

Liv flails, scrambles, ROPEBREAK! Fans fire up as Becky lets off, but Becky drags Liv away. Liv gets a cradle! TWO!! Becky escapes, gets Liv, but Liv wheelbarrows out of the Manhandle Slam to victory roll, TWO! Becky has it, with the ropes! BECKY WINS!

Winner: Becky Lynch, by pinfall (still Raw Women’s Champion)

Just like Survivor Series when Becky beat Charlotte Flair! But if The Man had to cheat Liv like she did The Queen, what does that say about Big Time Becks’ confidence? Will Liv get another chance down the line?

My Thoughts:

Not a bad Raw, but there could’ve been better things. For one, don’t do two commercial breaks before the main event even starts. And that Liv Morgan vignette should’ve been shown last week instead of right before her match as filler. That was almost like rubbing it in that she wasn’t going to win tonight. The match itself was good, though that same double commercial break might’ve killed the crowd’s energy. It did get going once Liv had her rally, but Becky getting the dirty win is surely to extend this. You can’t have WWE Day 1 feel like it matters if you keep Becky Lynch off it.

The Women’s Tag Division continues to be poorly booked with how quick Zelina VS Nikki was, and I swear they better be making Nikki go back to her SAnitY ways, not turning on Rhea. This tag division barely has teams, they can’t take away one of their more popular ones. Also when are Zelina & Mella going to show up with these belts on SmackDown? They need to be taking on a team like Shayna Baszler & Natalya to scare them for a minute. But Bianca VS Piper was an awesome match, exactly what we needed from that feud. A bit disappointed that Piper literally walked away, but maybe they cue up a rematch.

We got great stuff from the WWE Championship story tonight. Great opening promos, great Steel Cage match, even if it was a fairly typical steel cage match with the outside interference. The rather lame thing was that the TV audience didn’t get to see Lashley’s attack on the three of them until the replays. Was that just bad timing since this is all live? And while MVP & Lashley had a good promo later that could imply wanting to make things a Fatal 4 Way, I would rather they wait for a winner at Day 1, and then Lashley goes after the winner at the Royal Rumble. Also, why aren’t the Hurt Business all together? Didn’t they work together at Crown Jewel?

Just as I thought there was no one for the US Championship Open Challenger, the Glorious Jobber to the Stars pops up. But it was still a really good match, and naturally Priest wins. Ziggler getting his shot in probably means he’ll answer the challenge next time. Not sure who will ever take this title off Priest since so many good choices got released. I was thinking Finn, to revisit their NXT TakeOver: In Your House match, but seems he goes from being fodder for Rollins to have something with Theory just so this Vince-Theory story has something happen. But even then, what happens there? Finn putting Theory over so Theory can go for a title?

The tag team tournament was really fun tonight. Riddle and Orton continue to have good promos together, and it seems Omos and Styles are close to breaking up. Styles putting Omos over in a singles match could be quite the moment. Alpha Academy losing by it basically being just Gable VS Dom the whole time was quite the surprise. But Riddle was talking up the Mysterios on commentary, and I myself want to see RKBRO VS Mysterios, so I hope the Mysterios win. Profits VS Mysterios will be a really good one, that’s for sure.

My Score: 8.3/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (12/6/21)

Hotlanta gets elevated!



AEW Elevation Coverage

A lucky seven for Elevation!

AEW keeps up the heat in Hotlanta with seven more sizzling hot matches! And hottest of all, Anthony Ogogo returns to action alongside The Factory!


  • Riho VS Angelica Risk; Riho wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Dustin Rhodes, Lee Johnson & Brock Anderson VS The Wingmen; Rhodes, Johnson & Anderson win.
  • Brian Pillman Jr. w/ Julia Hart VS Serpentico w/ Luther; BPJ wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: The Factory VS Baron Black, Shawn Hoodrich, Tony Vincinta & JD Munoz; The Factory wins.
  • Emi Sakura & The Bunny w/ Mei Suruga & Lulu Pencil VS Abadon & Ryo Mizunami; Abadon & Mizunami win.
  • Jurassic Express VS The Tate Twins; Jurassic Express wins.
  • The Acclaimed VS Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo; The Acclaimed win.


Great to see The Wingmen’s Peter Avalon, JD Drake and Cezar Bononi back in action together. Abadon and Mizunami make for a rather interesting combo. And great to know that Anthony Ogogo is back so that The Factory is back to 100%. Maybe those guys can get into feuds not having to do with Cody Rhodes.


Seven matches in only 40 minutes, none of these go all that long. Though, Angelica Risk got to give Riho quite the match in those five minutes or so. Still fun stuff, and I’m a little surprised The Factory with Ogogo’s return was the middle match. Ogogo winning that match with a knockout was wild. I wonder if he’ll get a TNT Championship match. Abadon and Mizunami definitely made a unique combo, and I like that even Mizunami was creeped out by the Living Dead Girl. But it also fits that Bunny, who is crazy, doesn’t even flinch staring her down.

Didn’t expect The Acclaimed to get the main event when Jurassic Express is so popular, but another good rap for Max Caster and quick win for The Acclaimed. What happened to that feud with The Varsity Blonds, though?

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