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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (11/29/19)

So much uncertainty after Survivor Series!



NEW SmackDown Coverage

What is going to happen now?

SmackDown did not win Survivor Series, and Daniel Bryan did not win against The Fiend. What’s more, Bray Wyatt promises a NEW Firefly Fun House friend! Who, or what, will join Bray, Mercy the Buzzard, Ramblin’ Rabbit, Huskis the Pig Boy and Abby the Witch on this Black Friday Night SmackDown?



  • Roman Reigns VS Robert Roode w/ Dolph Ziggler & Baron Corbin; Roman wins.
  • Mustafa Ali VS Drew Gulak; Ali wins.
  • Sonya Deville w/ Mandy Rose VS Nikki Cross; Cross wins.
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championship Open Challenge: The New Day VS ???; The New Day wins and retain the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.


Roman Reigns is here!

The Big Dog is in Birmingham, Alabama, coming off his big win at Survivor Series! And Roman was the #SoleSurvivor in the first-ever 15-Man Elimination Triple Threat Tag! Roman goes to the ring and gets a mic. “I know it’s a day late, but in my household, if you still have leftovers in the fridge, ti’s still Thanksgiving. So Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!” To Roman, Thanksgiving means three things: family, good health, and happiness. To be honest, Roman only had one of those things last year, and that was family. But to be here now, with good health and with his new family, Roman is very, very thankful. Fans are thankful to have Roman back, too. Roman is also thankful that Team SmackDown “whooped some ass.” He wasn’t on his own, and he does give his props to NXT. But NXT didn’t get it done, SmackDown did!

And Roman’s team was great. Roman thanks Mustafa Ali, “Shorty G,” and the Monster Among Men! But there is one “dummy” he wasn’t thankful for. We all know who he means, and Roman says the dummy should thank Roman. Let’s bring that dummy out! Roman wants the dummy to apologize. And yes, King Baron Corbin appears! Fans boo Baron, who already has a mic. The Lone Wolf King wants to understand something. Roman thinks Corbin should thank him? Roman must’ve lost his mind. It was Corbin’s “fearless leadership” that helped them win. Corbin eliminated two people before Roman betrayed him! But Roman surely had ulterior motives. Roman’s ego couldn’t handle that Corbin was going to be the one to get the job done. But Corbin didn’t it. Corbin got a Spear then got eliminated. But Corbin has a chance to redeem himself here and now.

Corbin saw this coming. Roman doesn’t have Corbin fooled. Roman is just an ego maniac, not a role model. Corbin says he had the best Thanksgiving ever! He drops a fork, he has someone there to get him a new one. But Roman doesn’t know anything about good food, he’s used to eating crap like the fans in Alabama! Corbin is thankful he doesn’t have to fake a smile, that he doesn’t have to eat crap food, and he doesn’t have to stay in a state with food worse than their football! But if Roman wants a fight, Corbin has someone else victorious from Sunday: Robert Roode! And Corbin has a good feeling that Roman will be wheeled out on a stretcher. And that will be absolutely glorious! With that, Roode appears, with Dolph Ziggler in his corner! Will the King’s Court (Jesters) get one over on The Big Dog?


Roman Reigns VS Robert Roode w/ Dolph Ziggler & Baron Corbin!

SmackDown returns with this match in progress. Roode headlocks but Roman powers out only for Roode to run him over. Roode gloats and gets the headlock back, but Roman powers his way to his own headlock. Roode powers out but now Roman runs him over! Roode bails out to regroup with Ziggler and Corbin. The ring count climbs but Roode returns. Ziggler distracts, Roode attacks! Roode stomps away but the ref backs him off. Only Corbin and Ziggler applaud. Roode drags Roman up but Roman uppercuts! And again! Roman has Roode in the corner, he climbs up and rains down rights! Roode stops Roman at 5 to boot him away. Roode hops up but gets another uppercut! Roode tumbles out to the floor! Fans rally for Roman as he goes out, to give Roode a Drive-By dropkick!

Corbin takes off his crown and both he and Ziggler distract Roman. Roman puts Roode in but ZIggler takes a swipe! Roode hits Roman off the apron! Roman hits the announce desk, and then Roode hurries out to SPINE BUSTER! The King’s Court gloats as fans boo and the ring count climbs. Roode drags Roman back up and throws Roman into barriers. Roode gets back in to keep the ring count off him. Roode goes out to throw haymakers, and then whip Roman into barriers again! Roode wants the ring count as we go to break.

SmackDown returns as Roode knees low and whips Roman. Roman bounces out to rally with lariats! Roode reverses the whip but Roman hits a leaping lariat! Corbin and Ziggler panic as Roman gives Roode point-blank lariats in the corner! Roman gets all 10 of these! Roman runs to BOOT Roode down! Fans fire up as Roman stares Corbin down from a corner. Roman locks ‘n’ loads but Ziggler distracts again. Roode gets clear of the punch to roll up, TWO!! Roode boots Roman then hops up, GLORIOUS BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Roman survives and The King’s Court is furious! Roode wants Roman to stand as fans rally up. Roode winds it up, GLORIOUS~! He drags Roman in, but the DDT is turned into a roll-up! TWO, but Roman dead lifts and BOMBS Roode! Cover, TWO!! Roode survives and Corbin is relieved.

Roman still has fans rallying up behind him and Roman gets to a corner. Corbin is worried as Roman reloads. Ziggler gets Roode out! Fans boo but Roman goes out to come around the way. Roman leaps off the steps, SUPERMAN PUNCH for Ziggler! Roode rams Roman into a post! And steel steps! Roode throws Roman in and climbs up top. Roode leaps, into a SUPERMAN PUNCH! Cover, TWO!! Roode still lives and Corbin breathes easier. Both Roman and Roode are down but stirring. Fans rally up and Roman gets to the corner. Corbin shouts at Roode as Roman lets out the “OOAAH~!” GLORIOUS SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Roman survives and Roode is stunned! Corbin coaches Roode up and Roode gets up. The scepter is passed to Roode behind the referee’s back. Corbin distracts and Roode takes aim at Roman! Roman uppercuts Roode, SUPERMAN PUNCHES Corbin, and SPEARS Roode! Cover, Roman wins!

Winner: Roman Reigns, by pinfall

The Big Dog manages to overcome Corbin and his cronies working together for another big win! But then Ziggler attacks from behind! Ziggler fires up and tunes up the band. Ziggler runs into a Samoan Drop! But Corbin gets Roman, only for Roman to put Corbin into a post! Roode uses the scepter to SMASH Roman down! Roode rains down right hands but that’s not enough. Roode gets a chair and brings it in. Corbin watches safely from the stage as Roode sits the chair up. Roode has the sceptor again, and then drags Roman to the chair. “Time to go home for the holidays, Roman! Say hello to your kids!” Roode raises the sceptor, Roman avoids the SMASH! SUPERMAN PUNCH sends Roode out!

Roman is seething as he goes out to SPEAR Roode through the timekeeper’s area!! Corbin has fear in his eyes as Roman tosses an arm chair into Roode! “You want me gone?!” Roode throws the other arm chair on Roode! And then Roman eyes the steel steps. Roman takes the top half off, to SMASH Ziggler into the crowd! Roman then moves the announce desk, and lifts it up and over to dump onto Roode!! Roode is trapped and Corbin is fearing what might happen to him. Will the Big Dog take a big bite out of the Lone Wolf before the year is over?


SmackDown presents a brand new Firefly Fun House!

Hola, Fireflies! Hopefully everyone had a great Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Bray Wyatt is thankful that he’s still the WWE Universal Champion! But sharing is caring, so if Bray has one, “he” should have one too. A really creepy belt for The Fiend! But Bray loves this new toy! He had a blast playing with Daniel Bryan at Survivor Series. They should do it again! Do the fans want to see them “play” again? YAY~! Well in that case, someone tell Daniel Bryan that Bray can make his wish come true. All Bryan has to do is #LetMeIn. Okay bye~! Later everyone~!


Sheamus speaks!

SmackDown was once home of the fiercest competition in the land. But watching from home, he sees SmackDown is just “a bunch of misfits and cowards. A Fiend, a King, a Shorty G… Whatever the hell that is.” But no one is hungry, with a backbone, or like him. Sheamus says SmackDown is soft, so the Celtic Warrior is ready to return to ravage the roster! “SmackDown will be mine.”


Mustafa Ali VS ???

The Beacon shines in Birmingham to enjoy his part of that SmackDown victory! But who will he shine the light on next?

SmackDown returns as Ali’s opponent is revealed as Drew Gulak! These old rivals tie up and go around with a waistlock. Gulak elbows out, haymakers Ali then whips. Ali reverses and things speed up. Ali goes up, redirects, Gulak goes up and Ali handsprings over! Fans cheer the agility and Ali dropkicks Gulak! Cover, ONE, and Gulak grabs hair to yank Ali down. Gulak drags Ali up to put in a corner. Gulak sneers as fans rally up for Ali. Gulak chops Ali then headbutts low. Gulak drags Ali up but Ali kicks back! Ali uppercuts from a corner and climbs up, but Gulak POWERBOMBS him down! Cover, TWO! Gulak drags Ali up and around for a back suplex, but Ali makes it a crossbody! Cover, ONE, and Gulak has a leg for a Half Crab!

Gulak sits down deep and pulls on hair. The ref reprimands so Gulak lets up. Ali crawls but Gulak turns him around. Ali kicks away but Gulak spins Ali around, only to walk into Ali’s SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Ali crawls to a corner as Gulak stirs. Gulak hurries after Ali to grab his feet. Gulak drags Ali but Ali rolls to throw Gulak into buckles. Ali goes up, leaps, TORNADO DDT! Ali hurries up top again, takes aim, 450! Cover, Ali wins!

Winner: Mustafa Ali, by pinfall

This rivalry is still fast and furious, but it also still goes Ali’s way! Will Ali only shine brighter as SmackDown heads for the New Year?


Heavy Machinery plugs WWE Black Friday!

HUNDREDS of deals! That slow cooker, yum yum. And 25% off your entire order, $15+ gets free shipping. Use the promo code, FRIDAY, to save that 25%, get all you want or need now!


Daniel Bryan paces.

He heard like we all heard that Bray is giving him another shot at the Universal Championship. What will his answer be?


Bayley and Sasha Banks are here!

They were both on the losing ends of huge women’s matches for Survivor Series. Sasha Banks was team captain and last eliminated by Rhea Ripley’s Team NXT. Bayley and Becky Lynch were both beat by Shayna 2-Time Baszler. Now the Boss and Smug Connection are here to address those losses. Bayley admits, Shayna got the better of her, only because of Becky. Sasha says a great leader is ruined by the weakest link, and her weak link was the whole damn team! Nikki Cross was on the team by a fluke. Dana Brooke can’t flex out of a paper bag. Carmella is messy, broke and lame. Lacey Evans is too busy sipping sweet tea to be better. The SmackDown Women’s Division makes them sick.

But speaking of Lacey, here she comes! The Sassy Southern Belle struts her way into the ring and has herself a mic of her own. “Honey, don’t test my patience.” She just spent all night preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for her in-laws. She is not in the mood for lip from two who lack class to even sit at the kiddie table. They’re leaders? Bless their hearts. These two wouldn’t be trusted with the chicken dance at a garden party. If all they’re doing is hiding behind excuses, then Lacey says SmackDown gets a real woman as their leader. A woman with style, class, confidence and sophistication. And Birmingham nominates Lacey Evans! Lacey is a woman who wouldn’t tap out to pressure. Tappy tap tap. Sasha gets in Lacey’s face, to get a WOMAN’S RIGHT!

Lacey picks up her hat to dust it off and take her leave. Bayley hesitates, maybe she really isn’t leadership material. Will Lacey lead by example as WWE heads for TLC?


Backstage interview with Daniel Bryan.

What is his answer for Bray’s challenge/ But we interrupt this interview with a thanksgiving Firefly Fun House Feast! Except, Huskis has eaten most of it. He ate too much and now his belly is ready to blow! The only thing that would make him feel better is if Bryan agrees to play again. Bray says the story of Thanksgiving is a LIE! The first Thanksgiving wasn’t about pilgrims and natives, but lizard men and aliens! But anyway, Huskis can stuff his face as much as he wants and still change. Just like Bryan can change! All you have to follow these rules to be PHAT. Hit it! “Yo, yo, yo, it’s ya boi, Bray Wyaaatt~!” Time to pull up your pants and do the Muscle Man Dance! Let’s show these bleepin’ bleepers (he actually says that himself) what we talkin’ bout~!

It’s Huskis, the P I G! Sadly, “everyone points and laughs at me.” He’s hefty, living large, and his dependence on food is what’s in charge! Strudel, noodles, ice cream and jams, he’ll eat anything but says no to ham. If he could work out and find close that fit, well Huskis would be as happy as a pig in SHHHHH! Hustle, muscle, man, dance! Pull up your pants and “erase your mind.” YO YO YO! Shake them hips and let the backbone slip! Just #LetMeIn! Don’t let the reptilians in, though, they’ll take over your business, your family, your life! STOP IT REPTILIANS! And just #LetHimIn. After that strange addition to the challenge, Bryan’s answer is… silence. Will Bray get the answer he wants soon enough?


Sonya Deville w/ Mandy Rose VS Nikki Cross!

Fire & Desire have a lot to prove to the SmackDown Women’s and WWE Women’s Tag Divisions. They weren’t part of Team SmackDown, but can they show how much better they would’ve done firsthand?

But before the bell, Mandy has a mic. She usually doesn’t make fun of looks, (oh really?) but just look at Nikki! She’s a cold plate of leftovers in human form! Mandy laughs at her own joke as she gets out of the ring. The bell rings and Sonya DECKS Nikki! Sonya knees Nikki around then kicks her down! Sliding Wizard! Cover, TWO! Sonya has Nikki in a thrashing chinlock, but Nikki endures. Nikki fights her way up to jawbreaker free! Nikki rams into Sonya then knocks her into a corner. Nikki fires up and splashes Sonya to a bulldog! Fans fire up with Nikki as she goes to the top rope. Mandy distracts and Sonya yanks Nikki down! Sonya goes over, Nikki cradle counters, Nikki wins!!

Winner: Nikki Cross, by pinfall

But Fire & Desire attack together! They’re sore losers as they give Nikki a Knee From a Rose! But here comes THE GODDESS! Alexa Bliss is back and she ducks Mandy to lariat Sonya! And then Mandy! Alexa rallies! Nikki anchors Mandy, for Alexa to mock and SLAP! Alexa drags Mandy up, Nikki helps, DOUBLE DDT! The best friends are back together again! Will Bliss-Cross have a resurgence now that they’re reunited?


The Miz talks with Bryan.

The Miz is growing concerned. Bryan may not want to listen, but just look at the facts! The Fiend has changed the men he has mangled. Bryan survived once, but another try is tempting. But Bryan has to ask himself: is it worth it? Bryan still refuses to respond, so Miz says Bryan is important to SmackDown and the WWE. They can’t afford to lose him. His family can’t- Bryan pays attention now. Miz leaves it at that, but his point is valid. Will Bryan understand that, and decided based upon the frightening facts?


Drake Maverick says it is Christmas season.

He asks Dana Brooke his favorite tradition. It’s mistletoe. Ewe, Drake. Not this holiday season or any season. Isn’t he married? Well it’s complicated. But with a twang of the guitar, Elias is back! Where has he been? On a journey both outwards and inwards. What does that mean? It means to shut your mouth and listen. Elias is back, so you have hop again. He’s back in time for the Christmas Season. Drake’s a creep, there’s no doubt. What’s it going to be like when his wife finds out? Dana gets into the groove, is the Drifter going to find himself some gold for the holidays?


SmackDown Tag Team Championship Open Challenge: The New Day VS ???

Awwww~ Birmingham~! Kofi Kingston and Big E are lucky seven-time tag team champions, but seem to be feeling lucky even after a Survivor Series defeat. They fling flapjacks to fans and then take up the mics. “Birminghaaaam~!” What a Thanksgiving the New Day had. Ya bois the NEW~ DAY~ had to fill up on all the fixins! They had beans, greens, potatoes, ham, ram, hog and dog! Wait hog and dog? NO that’s just a joke. But today is Black Friday. They debuted on this day. There are deals and steals, squeals and feels, and where your wildest fantasies come true. Which is why they’re open for business! Tonight is a match for their W, W, E, World, Tag, Team, CHAMPIONSHIPS~! Not just any match, either. They will defend the titles in an OPEN CHALLANGE, BABYYYY~! But the question is now, “Who? WHO WHO WHO?” Team Sami, that’s who!

Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro stand with their Great Liberator as Sami tells Birmingham to shut up. What makes Sami sick to his stomach is hearing New Day romanticize such a holiday where the gluttonous masses celebrates imperialistic evil! And then, the New Day praises Black Friday? The most fraudulent conspiracy that epitomizes the evils of capitalism! Selfish people step over their own mothers to get what they want! “Shame on you.” Shame on every single person who continues to perpetuate this cycle of a bogus holiday season! The tag titles need to be held by men smart enough to see through the nonsense! Therefore, Cesaro and Shinsuke answer the call to become NEW SmackDown Tag Team Champions! Fair enough. The Swiss Cyborg and King of Strong Style head to the ring, and this match happens after the break!

SmackDown returns as teams sort out. Cesaro stands against Kofi Kingston at the bell. They circle and tie up, and Cesaro headlocks. Kofi powers out but Cesaro runs him over to cover, ONE. Cesaro headlocks but Kofi powers out again, but then things speed up. Kofi hurdles and elbows Cesaro down then covers, ONE. Cesaro is up, but Kofi wrenches. Cesaro knees low, tag to Shinsuke and Shinsuke kicks Kofi low. Nakamura fires off at the ropes and then has Kofi in a corner. He whips corner to corner and monkey flips but Kofi lands on his feet to dropkick! Cover, TWO! Kofi keeps his cool as he drags Nakamura up. Nakamura body shots and forearms Kofi away. Nakamura runs into an elbow and Kofi hops up, Cesaro distracts and Nakamura yanks Kofi down! Kofi hits backs but is put back up for the Top Shelf Knee! Cover, TWO!

Nakamura drags Kofi up and over, tag to Cesaro. Team Sami mugs Kofi and Cesaro gut wrench suplexes Kofi with ease! Cover, TWO! Cesaro is on Kofi with a headlock, but Kofi endures. Fans rally as Kofi fights his way up off the mat. Kofi throws body shots but Cesaro tags Nakamura. Nakamura kicks Kofi then throws forearms in the corner. Kofi fights out with haymakers and kicks! Kofi hurries but Nakamura keeps him from Big E. Nakamura whips Kofi out but Kofi fights off Cesaro. But he forgot about Sami, who yanks him down! Cesaro EuroUppers Kofi over the announce desk! The New Day is in danger as we go to break!

SmackDown returns again and both Kofi and Cesaro are down! Hot tags to Nakamura and Big E! Big E gets Nakamura for an overhead suplex! And another! And then the side belly2belly! Big E positions Nakamura for a BIG FLOP! Nakamura rams knees into Big E over and over! Nakamura whips, Big E gets him for the Urenag-E! Cover, TWO!! Big E keeps his cool as he claps. Fans join in, “New! Day Rocks!” Nakamura stands, Big E scoops but Nakamura slips out. Nakamura roundhouses! Cesaro tags as Nakamura goes up, DYNAMIC ENTRY! Cesaro is up, FLYING HEADBUTT! Cover, TWO!! Cesaro drags Big E up into the Gotch hold, but Big E powers out! Cesaro lands on his feet, tag to Nakamura! EuroUpper!

Kofi comes in and back drops Cesaro out! Big E boosts Nakamura up, Kofi kicks him down! Big E has Nakamura on his shoulders. Kofi comes in, DOUBLE STOMP BOMB! Cover, Cesaro breaks it in time!! Cesaro hauls Kofi to ropes but Kofi throws Cesaro out! Big E helps Kofi BOOST! But into a EuroUpper!! EuroUpper for Big E! Cesaro gets Nakamura in, then throws Kofi in. Nakamura runs in, but gets rolled up! TWO, Kofi ducks one kick but gets the heel! Sliding knee! Cover, but Big E breaks it! Cesaro rams Big E into a post! Nakamura tags Cesaro, drags Kofi up for endless EuroUppers from all sides! Cesaro runs but Kofi slips out to swing kick back! Kofi spins, but into a scoop! Hotshot! Cesaro chokes Kofi, backs off, but Sami has the pancakes. Sami has the platter but the ref sees it in time! Sami can’t trick the ref, the ref EJECTS Sami! Sami is furious, as is Cesaro!

But as they argue, Kofi is recovering. Kofi is up, Cesaro turns around, TROUBLE IN PARADISE! Cover, The New Day wins!!

Winners: the New Day, Kofi Kingston by pinfall; still SmackDown Tag Team Champions

The Sami screw job fails, Kofi and Big E are still the seven-time champions! Will Team Sami regroup and go back to the drawing board? Will any other team step up before TLC?


Daniel Bryan heads to the ring!

After Bray Wyatt put the question out there, we’ve all been wondering what the answer would be. Bryan has a mic and reminds us that Bray is offering another Universal Championship match, if he would #LetHimIn. The Miz tried to talk Bryan out of it, because The Fiend would change him. The Miz might be right. Bryan needs to change! That’s why Bryan went against The Fiend as nervous as he’d been in years because of that change. It happened to Finn Balor, to Seth Rollins, and then in the middle of his match, Bryan felt changed. But not because of The Fiend, but because of the fans! The fans’ passion, energy and voice that made Bryan realize the person he always should’ve been. Bryan once said that the Yes Movement was dead. “But maybe, just maybe, you guys brought it back to life!” Bryan has a question for the fans. Bray put out the challenge, so should Bryan accept? “YES! YES! YES!” That doesn’t seem complete, so Bryan does it, too! “YES! YES! YES!”

The Firefly Fun House returns again! And YOWIE WOWIE! Bray is very happy to hear this. But he has to admit, Miz is right. Going trough this will change Bryan. Bryan will remove his mask and show his true self. It’s only fair, since Bryan helped Bray change. Heck, Bryan helped build the Fun House! You remember, don’t you? Because “he” does. But one more thing! The best part is that Bray has his promise to keep. Bray is a man of his word. And so, to introduce this new face of the Fun House, the lights go out! The red light comes on, and The Fiend comes out from under the ring!! Bryan fights but is being dragged down! The Fiend goes for the Mandible Claw, and though Bryan resists, it clamps on!! The Fiend smothers and thrashes Bryan about! He drags Bryan into the depths of darkness!

But is Bryan still fighting from below? Parts of Bryan’s beard are ripped off!? The Fiend goes down deeper to keep going after Bryan, and tears off MORE of the beard?! The Fiend is ripping away the facial hair, chunk after chunk, after chunk! Bray Wyatt’s laugh echoes out through the night, but what has happened to the face of the Yes Movement?



My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode for SmackDown to follow Survivor Series, and it does well in building towards TLC, which is only two weeks from Sunday. Roman has a good segment with Corbin and a good match with Roode. It seems The King’s Court will continue to support each other match after match. I suspect one of the TLC stipulations will go to a Roman VS Corbin blow-off, and after that scepter-chair attempt, it should be a Chairs match. It’s great to hear Sheamus is coming back, but I wonder if he’ll be Face or Heel. If he has interactions with Cesaro and Team Sami, Sheamus might end up the Face against them. At the same time, the way his promo went, he came off sounding like a Heel, which is where Sheamus has always shined. Either way, just great to know he’s healthy again. For that matter, same for Elias. I really hope this “Drake is a creep” thing stops now before it begins, but it was a good set-up for Elias to sing on.

I feel really bad for Drew Gulak. He loses the Cruiserweight Championship and gets sent to SmackDown in the WWE Draft, but for what? His feud with Mustafa Ali used to be main event material, but now it’s just a filler. It’s still good for Ali to win, but he also seems in a holding pattern while SmackDown figures out if there’ll be an Intercontinental Championship challenger. Nakamura being an Intercontinental Champion is part of why it was obvious he and Cesaro wouldn’t win the tag titles. It was still an incredible match, and I was hoping we were going to see them have such a match, but it is hard to be sure who beats The New Day for the titles right now. I almost thought the open challenge was to bring a new team but there was no word of it happening, and no one from any other brand that I could think of changing shows.

The women’s division had an alright night. Sasha and Bayley do classic Heel whining that they’re not the reasons SmackDown lost. I am so glad to see this brings Lacey Evans’ face turn. She was due for one in NXT before being moved over, so now she gets it here. Lacey will surely have a match with each of them, and with Bayley for TLC. Nikki gets an okay with, but the main thing was Alexa Bliss returning! The WWE Starrcade advertising gave away her return but it was great to see her back. Obviously we get a story of Bliss-Cross VS Fire & Desire, maybe Bliss-Cross wins to get a tag title shot on SmackDown or a PPV. Mostly because Starrcade probably isn’t going to have the title change hands.

And then story of the night was Bray Wyatt daring Daniel Bryan to have a rematch. It’s happening, and probably at TLC in a TLC match since I don’t think another title story takes the spotlight over it. It was great for Miz to try and reach out to Bryan again, I wonder if he’ll become a bigger factor in this story. I loved the remix of the Muscle Man Dance, and The Fiend’s title belt was perfectly creepy. I’m moderately disappointed we didn’t get to see that new face Bray “promised,” but perhaps the new face is a Bryan without a beard. Though I highly doubt that was his hair being pulled out. I’m definitely excited to see where next week’s SmackDown goes with this.

My Score: 8.4/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (3/29/23)

It’s Dynamite, BAYBAY!



AEW Coverage Lasers

It’s all about the BOOM!

Dynamite has the AEW International Championship, the IWGP United States Championship, and the wrestling return of ADAM COLE, BAYBAY!


  • AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy VS The Butcher w/ The Blade; wins and
  • “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry VS Matt Hardy w/ The Firm; wins.
  • Ruby Soho VS Willow Nightingale; wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Blackpool Combat Club VS Dalton Castle & The Boys; win(s).
  • Adam Cole VS Daniel Garcia; wins.
  • IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship: Kenny Omega VS Jeff Cobb; wins and


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of AEW Dynamite will begin later tonight]

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