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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (11/8/19)

Fury on Friday Night!



NEW SmackDown Coverage

SmackDown lands in the United Kingdom!

And the Gypsy King is here to greet them! Will Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman cross paths again? Who will #GetTheseHands?



  • SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The Revival VS The New Day; The New Day wins and become the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions.
  • Heavy Machinery VS ???; No Contest.
  • Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn VS Mustafa Ali & Chad Gable; Cesaro & Nakamura win.
  • Sasha Banks VS Nikki Cross; Banks wins.
  • Fire & Desire VS Carmella & Dana Brooke; Carmella & Brooke win and joins Team SmackDown in the Women’s Survivor Series match.
  • Roman Reigns VS Baron Corbin; Corbin wins.


NXT fired the first shot, but the war is not over!

Yes, Sami Zayn got beat down by Keith Lee and Matt Riddle. Yes, the women’s division was under attack from Shayna Baszler, Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley. And yes, Daniel Bryan lost to NXT Champion, Adam Cole. But while NXT has an army, will SmackDown’s forces regroup tonight?


King Baron Corbin heads to the ring!

The Lone Wolf King of the Ring returns to his kingdom of SmackDown, still smugly proud of himself despite being on the losing Team Flair. But Corbin takes up the mic as fans boo and jeer to speak. “Survivor Series is two weeks from this Sunday, and for the first time ever,” it is Raw VS SmackDown VS NXT! Fans cheer for NXT, and Corbin knows the buzz is about NXT taking over. Corbin says there is blame to go around, but the majority of it goes on the supposed locker room leader, Roman Reigns. Roman has main evented WrestleMania, is a three-time world champion and an undefeated Universal Champion. He even beat leukemia! Roman really is a role model, but Corbin knows this “fickle, blood-sucking” audience only cares about what you’ve done lately. So what has Roman even done lately? Nothing.

Roman said himself that priorities have changed. He’s a face, not a fighter. He’s a suit spending days off with family when the ring used to be what he’s after. Roman doesn’t want the responsibilities, but that’s why Corbin is king. Corbin says Roman is half the man he used to be. The Shield Brothers have left him and we’re starting to see who he really is. The Big Dog’s balls have shriveled up into tiny, tiny marbles. The bark is more like a chihuahua’s. Just look at footage Corbin has put together. The Big Dog logo yips and yelps, and Corbin laughs. But where is Roman’s music? Is that not enough? It seems Roman is no longer man enough to stand before Corbin. Corbin says the bark is worse than the bite.

Oh wait, Roman must not be here at all. He is granting a child’s wish. But by the end of the night, Roman will be here, to be face-to-face with Corbin, and tuck his tail between his legs as Corbin beats the crap out of him! Then everyone can get a doggy poo bag to scrape up what’s left of Roman as souvenirs. And then, all shall bend the knee!


Backstage interview with The New Day.

Kofi Kingston and Big E are going to face The Revival for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships! Big E has a message for Xavier Woods: Don’t drop the soap. E, he’s not in prison, he’s injured! But Scott Dawson, Dash Wilder, those guys are great competitors and great champions. But talking about putting Woods out? All BS aside, the New Day want that 7th! And if they don’t do it tonight, how will they ever catch up to Charlotte Flair? So tonight, in front of Manchester and the world, the New Day will become the 7-time W, W, E, World, Tag, Team CHAMPIONS~! Doing it for Woods!!


SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The Revival VS The New Day!

The #TopGuys may not be the Best Tag Team in the World, but they won’t let Kofi and Big E deny them that Survivor Series Triple Threat opportunity! Which team moves on to face The Viking Raiders and the Undisputed Era in the Champions VS Champions VS Champions match?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we begin with Dawson and Kofi.

Kofi rolls Dawson, ONE! Kofi tries again, ONE! A cradle, TWO! Kofi wrenches but Dawson ROCKS him with a right! Dawson glares at Kofi as he drags him up by his hair. Tag to Dash and Kofi gets fed to Dash’s boots. Dash CHOPS Kofi at the ropes but Kofi fights back! Kofi starts throwing CHOPS, then tags Big E. Kofi snapmares Dash to then run and leap frog over Big E for a leg drop! Cover, TWO! Big E drags Dash up but Dash swings, into a back suplex! Dash lands on his feet, hobbles but runs and hurdles. The leg gives out! Dash clutches his knee and the ref checks on him. Dash doesn’t want this match to end, but it may have to. We’ll know after the break.

SmackDown returns and Dash has Big E in a chinlock. Big E fights out but Dash clubs and runs, into a belly2belly! Both men are down and crawling for their corners, hot tags to Kofi and Dawson! Kofi flies in to rallies with ax handles, and a dropkick! Kofi leaps to lariat Dawson down! Kofi dropkicks Dash out but the Revival regroup outside. Kofi FLIES to TRUST FALL! Fans are fire up and Kofi gets Dawson in. Kofi climbs up top and leaps again, crossbody! Dawson is down and fans are rallying with “New! Day Rocks!” Kofi aims at Dawson, but Dash saves Dawson from Trouble in Paradise! Dawson hoists Kofi up top and Dash tags in. Dash climbs an adjacent corner, Dawson SUPERPLEXES! Dash FROG SPLASHES! Cover, Big E breaks it!

Dawson walks into an overhead suplex! Dash hits Big E with a tornado DDT! Dash goes for one on Kofi but is denied! SOS hits! Cover, TWO!! Kofi drags Dash over and tags Big E. Big E scoops Dash but Dawson yanks Kofi down! Dawson baits Big E, Dash mule kicks Big E to the corner. Dash runs in and counters the urenage. Dawson tags in, they DOUBLE draping DDT Big E! Shout out to The Viper! Tag to Dash, flying uppercut German Suplex! Double cover, TWO!! The Revival is shocked as Big E still lives! Fans rally up again but Dash calls Dawson back in. Dash whips Big E but Kofi tags in! Shatter Machine denied! Kofi dropkicks Dawson! Big E flips Dash up, Trouble in Paradise Hart attack!! Cover, The New Day wins!!

Winners: The New Day, Big E pinning; NEW SmackDown Tag Team Champions

SEVEN TIMES!! The New Day wins one for Woods, and now they will be in the triple brand tag team match! Will Kofi and Big E be able to beat O’Reilly, Fish and the RAID?!


Roman Reigns arrives.

Shorty G Chad Gable greets him and seems to tell him what Baron Corbin said. What will Roman do in response to the arrogant King of the Ring?


Sami Zayn finds Daniel Bryan backstage.

Sami wants to know Bryan’s answer to the invitation. It’s fine that Bryan took his time, but Sami says that if he’d answered right away, they could be talking to Daniel Bryan, the NEW NXT Champion. Sami would not have let Adam Cole win! Like-minded individuals need to stand together. If you don’t believe him, talk to Shinsuke Nakamura how “liberated” he is. And that’s because of Sami. Or talk to Cesaro, who is frustrated yet was in the main event thanks to Sami. Actually, go see those two against Ali and Shorty G. Just see for yourself what they can do because of what Sami has done. Will Bryan be convinced by the evidence?


Heavy Machinery VS ???

But before Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic can have their match, IMPERIUM attacks! Walter leads Marcel Barthel, Fabian Aichner and Alexander Wolfe on the assault, but the SmackDown Tag Team Division runs them off! NXT UK helps in this takeover, but will this end the assault?


Backstage interview with Sasha Banks and Bayley.

The two were victims of Shayna Baszler’s attack. Bayley retained her title against Nikki Cross, but now the NXT Women’s Champion wants to punk her out. This is not a sign of what is to come, but of NXT trying to be relevant. But who put that brand and that title on the map? These two! The NXT Women’s Division of today will always live in the shadow of the NXT Horsewomen! And a warning to Shayna AND Becky: They’re keeping their eyes on Bayley? Damn right, because Bayley is the GRAND SLAM WOMEN’S CHAMPION! Especially at WarGames. Are the Boss and Bad Bad Bayley plotting some payback?


Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn VS Mustafa Ali & Chad Gable!

The Swiss Cyborg seems to have joined the King of Strong Style and the “Liberator” to settle things with Team Hogan’s Beacon of Light and Shorty G! But will they succeed in convincing Daniel Bryan of joining up, too?

SmackDown returns as Mustafa Ali and Shorty G make their entrances. Teams sort out, and Daniel Bryan walks out to watch, just as Sami encouraged. But Cesaro uses that distraction to BLAST Gable with a European Uppercut! Tag to Nakamura and Nakamura stomps away on Gable. Nakamura drags Gable up to bounce off buckles then puts him up top. Nakamura fires off but gets caught into a hanging armbar! Gable lets up at 4, but Cesaro tags in. Gable throws Cesaro out! Gable crawls to his corner but Cesaro intercepts! Cesaro scoops and tosses Gable into the corner! Gable elbows back, boots back, too, then hops up for a spinning victory roll! Tag to Ali!

Ali rallies and huricanranas Cesaro down! Ali hits a forearm in the corner, whips corner to corner but Cesaro reverses. Cesaro misses in the corner and Ali roundhouses! Ali slingshots to the facebuster! Then runs to tilt-o-whirl to a tornado DDT! Cover, but Nakamura breaks it fast. Nakamura intercepts Gable to whip but Gable holds ropes. Gable catches Nakamura to belly2belly Nakamura out! Gable then runs, but into a POP-UP UPPERCUT! Cesaro drags and throws Gable out, but Ali kicks Cesar out. Ali DIVES and the tope sends Cesaro into the fans! Manchester is excited to get a closer look as Ali puts Cesaro back in the ring. Ali climbs up, leaps, crossbody CAUGHT to a backbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Bryan is stoic as he stares at the ring.

Cesaro drags Ali over to tag Nakamura. Ali fights back and Gable grabs Cesaro’s leg for the Ankle Lock! But Gable isn’t legal, and Cesaro boots him off hard! Ali takes advantage to dump Cesaro out, only to get caught by Nakamura! Inverted exploder! The jacket is unzipped, Nakamura takes aim and Sami drums up. Nakamura runs into a SUPERKICK! Ali hurries to the top rope but Sami distracts! Gable keeps Sami back but Cesaro trips Ali up! Then he trips Gable! Nakamura hits KINSHASA on Ali! Cover, Nakamura and Cesaro win!

Winners: Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro, Nakamura pinning

It seems Sami was right about the victory, but will he be right about Daniel Bryan wanting in? Sami invites Bryan into the ring, but Bryan turns and walks away. Is Bryan going to resist Sami’s sales pitch?


Sasha Banks VS Nikki Cross!

The Boss wants to vent some frustration over last week, but so does the Loony Lass after losing against Bayley. Which woman wins big on the way to this Survivor Series triple brand warfare?

Bayley joins commentary to watch this match closely, too. Plus, Sasha has a new remix of her theme!

The bell rings and Cross circles with Sasha. They tie up and Sasha wristlocks to then club away on Nikki. Sasha bumps Nikki on buckles then grinds her boot in. The ref reprimands Sasha but she just drags Nikki out for a snap suplex. Cover, ONE, and Sasha is already annoyed. She kicks Nikki down while Bayley vents on commentary about being overlooked. Sasha says this is for Bayley as she chokes Nikki. Bayley loves it, Sasha’s the best in her opinion. Sasha snapmares Nikki to then run and basement meteora! Cover, TWO, and Sasha is furious. Sasha kicks Nikki down as fans sing for Bayley while Sasha kicks Nikki around.

Bayley is annoyed by the fans but Nikki dodges and tilt-o-whirls to headscissor Sasha! Then arm-drag! And arm-drag! And hip toss! Nikki runs to basement crossbody! Cover, TWO! Nikki glares at Bayley before tossing Sasha out! Nikki wrecks Sasha with a dropkick, then goes to the apron to crossbody! Nikki goes right at Bayley!! Fans are loving it as Nikki stomps and clubs Bayley down! Nikki gets on the headset to shout “Friday Night SmackDown! MANCHESTER!” Nikki goes back to Sasha to shoulder in. But Bayley anchors Nikki for Sasha to BOOT her down! Sasha goes out to fetch Nikki and put her in. Sasha walks into a cradle counter, TWO! Nikki throws forearms on Sasha, then runs, another crossbody! Cover, TWO! Sasha bails out to regroup with Bayley. They talk strategy while the ref counts, but SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns as Sasha hits the Stock Drop! Cover, TWO! Nikki survives the knee drop and Bayley cools off enough to rejoin commentary. Bayley wipes the ear muffs after they touched Nikki’s ears. Bayley cheers Sasha on as she drags Nikki up. Sasha clubs away on Nikki but Nikki elbows back. Sasha stomps Nikki in the corner, then fires off forearms. Nikki elbows back then hops up, she brings Sasha in for a tornado DDT! Both women are down and Bayley is finally talking again. Nikki fires up with the fans and she stands with Sasha. Nikki rallies with forearms! Nikki hits a new level as she hits a corner splash and bulldog! Sasha is down as Bayley complains about her headset. Nikki climbs up top, another crossbody! But Sasha rolls through, Bank Statement! Nikki rolls, TWO, crucifix for Sasha, TWO!

Nikki dropkicks Sasha to a corner but runs into headscissors and a buckle bump! Sasha sunset flips and jackknife covers, TWO!! Sasha is furious but fans are rallying. Sasha drags Nikki up but Nikki shoves to throw forearms. No Purge, BACKSTABBER! Bank Statement is back! Nikki crawls, reaches, flails, but taps! Sasha wins!

Winner: Sasha Banks, by submission

Bayley says, “And that’s how it’s done!” The Boss is back on a winning track, and leaves the ring for Bayley to ATTACK Nikki! Bayley clubs and stomps Nikki, but here comes SHAYNA! The Queen of Spades is back again!! And she is going to show Bayley she isn’t overlooking her at all! Gut Wrench SLAM! The Boss finally returns but Shayna’s gotten away! NXT knocks down the SmackDown Women’s Champion again, but is she going to regret this come Survivor Series?

Sami Zayn talks with Daniel Bryan.

Sami is guilty of overstepping, but Bryan should’ve celebrated with them. Shinsuke and Cesaro were upset but Sami assured them Bryan needed more time. But to be honest, Sami can tell there is already a decision. The truth is already screaming inside Bryan, so he should just say it. Bryan doesn’t want to go back to the Yes Movement, he wants to move forward alongside Sami. So just say it. Wait, the lights are flickering. THE FIEND IS HERE!? And he attacks Bryan!! The Mandible Claw clamps onto Bryan and smothers him to the floor! There is history between Bryan and Bray, is it being revisited this Survivor Series season!?


Tyson Fury is here!

The Gypsy King beat the Monster Among Men at Crown Jewel, but by a ring out. However, Manchester is still excited to see their hometown hero return as part of SmackDown! Fury wants them to make some noise! “That’s more like it.” Fury has been traveling the world, fighting people in their own backyards. Germany, America, Saudi Arabia, “but there’s no place like home!” Fury will go back to America to finish things with Wilder. But speaking of unfinished business, that’s why he’s here tonight. There’s a certain “Big Tosser” to deal with. And here comes BRAUN! Strowman and Fury stand face to face, and Strowman says, “You wanted me, here I am.” Yes, and firstly, Fury thanks Strowman for that opportunity and great fight. It was one of the toughest fights Fury had and now knows why Strwoman is the Monster Among Men. Fury offers a handshake, and Strowman accepts it. But if they ever fight again, it should be as a team!

Strowman seems surprised by that but the fans sure love the idea! Strowman does like that, too. But here’s the kicker, there ain’t two dudes dumb enough to try it. Unless they want to #GetFOURHands. Wait, the B-Team is headed out? Curt Axel and Bo Dallas say they ARE stupid enough to fight them! Or, no, that’s not it. The B stands for Fearless. Wait… But the point is, they ain’t scared of them hands. Strowman BULLDOZES The B-Team! And then he goes for a victory lap! Strowman BULLDOZES The B Team again! Strowman throws Bo in and Fury KNOCKS Bo out! Then Strowman puts Axel in, and scoops him for a MONSTER SLAM! Fans love seeing Fury and Strowman stand tall! Will these two towering titans actually team up!?


Fire & Desire VS Carmella & Dana Brooke!

Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville want to represent the brand at Survivor Series, but so do the FABULOUS Princess and #MsFlexAppeal! Which duo wins to get a step closer to revenge on the NXT women that ran roughshod last week?

The bell rings and Carmella starts with Sonya. Sonya waistlocks and slams Carmella, then again. Sonya reels Carmella out to LARIAT! Mandy cheers as Sonya drags Carmella up. Carmella rolls Sonya up, TWO, but things speed up. Carmella tilt-o-whirls for a Mella-go-round headscissors! But Sonya staggers up to knee Carmella back. Tag to Mandy and she stomps away on Carmella. Tag to Sonya, and Sonya mugs Mella more. Tag back to Mandy, and now Mandy brings Carmella out to club her down. Mandy mocks Carmella but Carmella hits back with big haymakers! Mandy shoves but Carmella crossbodies, into Mandy’s Fall Away Slam! Mandy covers, TWO! Mandy drags Carmella over and tags Sonya. Fire & Desire double suplex, but Carmella slips out to kick back! But Sonya ROUNDHOUSES Carmella down! Cover, TWO! But Sonya crucifixes fast into a half nelson!

Sonya body scissors and rolls Carmella away but fans rally up. Carmella fights her way out, and starts throwing hands! Sonya lets her go, then catches Carmella to keep her from Dana. Sonya taunts Dana, but Carmella dodges her to tag Dana in! Dana rallies with big forearms! Dana whips Sonya to a corner, handsprings and elbows in! Then a bulldog! Fans rally with Dana as she runs and handspring splashes! Cover, but Mandy knees her down! Carmella FABULOUS Kicks! Sonya whips but Carmella reverss to send her out. Dana handsprings over from the apron, shotgun dropkick sends Sonya into steel steps! Fans cheer Dana as she puts Sonya in. Dana climbs up top and SWANTONS! Cover, Dana and Carmella win!!

Winners: Dana Brooke & Carmella, Brooke pinning

And now Team SmackDown is FABULOUS! Dana and Mella will join The Boss, but who will they meet from Raw and NXT?


Roman Reigns VS Baron Corbin!

The Big Dog heard what the Lone Wolf was howling about and is going to add that on top of the payback for the WWE Backstage attack. Will Corbin learn first hand that Roman’s bite is still stronger than his bark?

SmackDown returns as King Corbin makes his return. Before a bell, Roman clotheslines Corbin otu of the ring! Roman goes out to ROCK Corbin with an uppercut! The ref wants this to get back in the ring but Roman bounces Corbin off the announce desk! Roman throws Corbin around and into barriers! Roman finally puts Corbin in and the bell starts this match.

Roman goes after Corbin with punches in the corner! Roman gets 9 but Corbin shoves him back. Corbin kicks and punches and climbs up to copy Roman. Fans boo as Corbin rains down rights all the way to 6, and then Roman trips him up! Roman gives Corbin point-blank clotheslines! Roman hits 10, then runs to BOOT Corbin down! Fans fire up with Roman but Corbin bails out. That doesn’t matter to Roman, he still locks ‘n’ loads. Roman goes out to uppercut Corbin, then put him back in. Roman reloads just to be sure, and Corbin staggers up. But wait, here comes Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler! SUPERMAN PUNCH for Roode! Samoan Drop for Ziggler! Corbin hurries to get Roman and drag him into the ring. Roman uppercuts back! Corbin staggers, Roman runs in, dodges, but runs into DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO! Corbin is frustrated and SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again as Corbin DECKS Roman with a right! Roode and Ziggler cheer the King of the Ring, they might be his subjects. Corbin stalks Roman as Roman stirs. Corbin stomps Roman down and then grinds his foot into Roman’s head! The ref counts and Corbin lets up at 4, to argue with the ref. Corbin drags Roma up and says, “I told you! He’s got no fight left!” Corbin throws big hands in the corner, then whips Roman out of the ring. Corbin distracts the ref, Roode and Ziggler get cheap shots! The ref counts but Corbin goes out to fetch Roman. Corbin drags Roman up and whips him into barriers! Fans boo and jeer Corbin while cheering Roman, but Corbin puts Roman in at the ref’s count of 7. Corbin gets in, to get an uppercut! And another!

Corbin knees low to whip Roman to a corner. Corbin runs in but Roman dodges. Corbin slides out, in and LARIATS Roman down! Cover, TWO! Corbin is frustrated but he soaks up the heat from the fans. Corbin drives elbows into Roman’s shoulder then wraps on a half nelson chinbar. Roman endures and fans build to a rally. Roman fights his way up to throw body shots, and then uppercuts Corbin again! Corbin uppercuts back, so Roman throws another! Corbin hits back, Roman hits again! They brawl with big haymakers, but Corbin throat chops! Corbin throws Roman into a corner, but misses! Roman rebounds to rally with clotheslines! Roman whips, Corbin reverses but Roman leaps, into a CHOKE SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Roode and Ziggler are equally frustrated as Corbin, and Corbin shouts at fans to shut up.

Fans rally for Roman again, but Corbin looms over him. Corbin stands Roman up to knee low, then run and ROCK him with a right! Ziggler and Roode cheer while Corbin mocks Roman’s poses. Corbin dares Roman to get back up for more, then tells the fans to hush. Corbin runs, into Roman’s right hand! Roman uppercuts and haymakers Corbin to a corner but Corbin boots back. Corbin hops up, but misses the ax handles to hotshot himself! Roman runs Corbin over! Cover, TWO! Roman keeps his cool as he locks ‘n’ loads again. Roode distracts teh ref but Ziggler goes after Roman. Roman uppercuts Ziggler and SUPERMAN PUNCHES Roode! SPEAR for Ziggler! But END OF DAYS for Roman!! Cover, Corbin wins!!

Winner: Baron Corbin, by pinfall

The Lone Wolf King may not be alone anymore! His new pack might just be GLORIOUS with Roode and Ziggler helping out. Will this royal wolf pack take over SmackDown during these uncertain times?



My Thoughts:

A fairly good SmackDown right here. We got some good stuff to progress towards Survivor Series, though we didn’t get nearly as much NXT invasion this time. I will say that it was brilliant to make NXT UK involved in this. We’ve already seen the two branches of NXT blend together more with crossover on the USA Network, so it makes sense that in the end, NXT UK joins forces to help with the takeover. However, they could’ve done way more with that, like a bigger brawl between Imperium and SmackDown stars. Though, considering they had to use superstars who had other things on the same night, I wonder how many SmackDown stars even went to the UK this time. Maybe we get more NXT UK involvement on Raw? Imperium really should get a match on Raw to take on at least three Raw stars.

We got a great SmackDown Tag Team Championship match, but it was just very likely that The New Day would win. It wasn’t just about becoming seven-time tag team champions, but about spicing up the Survivor Series Triple Threat Tag. As great as The Revival are, New Day gets some eyes on that match, especially with dream match-ups of New Day in the ring with Viking Raiders/War Machine and Undisputed Era/reDRagon, two teams that have been internationally amazing. We got another great tag team match out of Cesaro & Nakamura VS Ali & Gable, and I’m liking this stable that Sami is forming. I didn’t see Daniel Bryan joining them, and now I don’t think he’s joining them at all because of The Fiend! The Fiend VS Bryan, I hope that is the WWE Universal Championship match we’re getting. I wish for the belt to turn blue while it’s on SmackDown, but maybe not.

I did not expect Tyson Fury to ask to team up with Strowman. I sense this becomes a WrestleMania match, the same as when Strowman teamed with Nicholas. I don’t know who will be tag champions by them, but I would hope that tag match isn’t for titles, just pride. Sasha VS Nikki was fun, and Bayley responding to Shayna and Becky in the backstage interview was good, but the highlight was Shayna attacking Bayley again! This better spur Bayley’s response on NXT USA this next week, it needs to happen. Dana & Carmella VS Fire & Desire was alright, and I’m surprised Dana and Carmella won. I suppose this works, as they are Faces to balance out Sasha on the team. Plus, they might want payback on Bianca Belair, assuming The EST represents NXT in some form of Women’s Elimination Tag at Survivor Series. For that matter, that is what was missing tonight: an explanation of how that works! Is it 5v5v5 just a mess? Or a more compact 3v3v3? Hopefully Raw gives us that explanation.

The Baron Corbin stuff was… alright. Corbin’s promo to talk trash on Roman being about dog poop and tiny testicles was… Very Vince, in my estimation. Obviously he and Roman had a great match tonight, Corbin is a great worker, but that promo needed work. I am intrigued that Roode and Ziggler tried to attack Roman on Corbin’s behalf. Are they going to form a king’s court like how King Bookah had Finlay and Regal? Honestly, those two are good choices for henchmen just on being good wrestling and promo talent. It was a good move for Corbin to win, this will extend his newest feud with Roman, probably through Survivor Series. I wonder if the Usos will return to reinforce Roman, they’ve been gone for quite some time *cough* DUI */cough* so this would be a good chance at getting back on TV.

My Score: 8/10

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