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Tiffany’s AEW News You Can Use (10/27/19-11/3/19)

Tiffany has your AEW news and notes covered as we head into PPV week!

It’s a big week for AEW as the entire crew prepares for the upcoming Full Gear PPV.

News, Tidbits, and Fun

Chris Jericho Unveils Limited Edition T-shirt

Never let it be said that Chris Jericho can’t start trends or sell merchandise. Le Champion announced that Pro Wrestling Tees will be making t-shirts with Jericho’s ‘I Have a Ticket!’ from 10-23-19’s brawl on Dynamite. Time will tell how well this shirt will do, but considering how quickly they sold out of the ‘Little bit of Bubbly’ shirts, it’s safe to assume this will be another top seller.

Jim Ross Unveils New T-shirt

To say that the war of words between AEW and WWE’s roster and fans is getting ugly is putting it mildly and it’s even getting into merchandise. JR responded to a comment made by WWE’s Seth Rollins about AEW being the minor leagues by responding that maybe someday Rollins would be as over with fans as his girlfriend, Becky Lynch. Now, it’s available at Pro Wrestling tees at the starting price of $24.99.

AEW Encourages MJF Costumes

Okay, this isn’t so much NEWS, as just something very fun, which is always good. It is Halloween season, which means everyone’s been going wild with deciding what they’re going to wear for Halloween and AEW is getting into the act by encouraging fans to send in pics of their AEW-inspired costumes, but ‘discouraging’ people from dressing like MJF because that would really annoy him.

Tiff’s Take: On the surface, this is just AEW’s Twitter and MJF having fun, from a story telling level, it almost feels like the feud with Brandon Cutler and MJF is continuing without them being face to face. Cutler is the man in charge of AEW’s online content, which I would assume includes their social media presence, so annoying MJF by encouraging fans to dress like him seems like a fun way to continue the feud.

Hunter Horse Helmsley Passes Away

Hunter Horse Helmsley, aka Stoney, the beautiful horse Hangman Adam Page rode to the ring at All Out, passed away at his home farm in Wisconsin this past week. May Stoney run along the Happy Grounds for the rest of eternity. Rest in Peace.

AEW Homecoming and Fallout

Okay, this one is a little bit of a doozy. AEW’s Twitter account announced Sunday that there would be a HUGE announcement Monday at 12pm. The announcement was greeted with some bemusement by AEW fans and critics since an announcement of the first show of the new year didn’t seem like a big enough deal to warrant all the hype. Tony Khan himself chastised the social media person, by name, on Twitter, stating that they shouldn’t play with the emotions of their fan-base and that they were going to have to come up with a bigger piece of news that all the fans would be able to appreciate to make up for over-hyping the New Year’s show.

Tiffany’s Take: I won’t insult all of our intelligence by asking if this is a work, even as a rhetorical question. Clearly, this is a work, however, I do appreciate Khan reading the room and acknowledging that the practice of hyping up something that affects a few fans isn’t great and that they need to save the hyperbole for things that are actually big deals for the whole fanbase.

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Luchasaurus Update

A couple of weeks ago, I reported that Luchasaurus had torn his hamstring and would be missing a lot of time. I’m thankful to report that the tear is reported to be not as serious as first believed and Luchasaurus is expected back in a few weeks.

Nick Jackson Merchandise

This is an odd one. On Being the Elite, Nick Jackson has become obsessed with creating merchandise, much to the chagrin of Matt Jackson, who often has to play reluctant model for Nick’s creations. Now Pro Wrestling Tees has created some new merchandise just for Nick, under the name ‘Merchandis Freak’ a play on the old show ‘Criss Angel: Mind Freak’. You can find it at Pro Wrestling Tees.

New Stipulation Added to Chris Jericho/Cody Title Match

I’m not sure who asked for this or why it’s really needed, but it’s been decided that there will be a panel of judges who will decide the winner of the AEW Championship match IF Jericho and Cody go the 60 minute time limit. No word on just who these ‘esteemed’ judges will be, I’m going to guess/hope that Jericho and Cody will get choose a judge of their liking and the third one chosen by AEW. Either that or some legends that aren’t currently signed ‘Legends’ of WWE. I guess we will see on November 9 at Full Gear.

Rival Chicago Twitter Accounts Weigh In On RAW Segment

This is just funny. On Monday Night RAW, the RAW Tag Team Champions, Viking Raiders, took on a pair of jobbers dressed in Chicago Cubs cosplay. The Twitter account of Chicago’s NBC Affiliate’s Chicago White Sox coverage posted a GIF of the hapless pair getting slammed, praising it as the greatest thing ever in WWE. In response, the Twitter account for NBC’s Chicago Cubs coverage retweeted it with a reply that THEY liked AEW better anyway. It’s petty AF, but as an avid Chicago Cubs fan, it made me laugh.

Full Gear To Air German Commentary on FITE TV

The AEW Galaxy continues to expand! It was announced on Wednesday that Full Gear Will have a German language commentary option on FITE TV. AEW will also be airing in Germany, so this is a great way to bring in more European fans.

Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega to Be a Lights Out Match

This was dropped on us RIGHT BEFORE Dynamite started. Due to the escalation of the feud between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley, CEO Tony Khan decreed that the Moxley/Omega match will be a Lights Out/Unsanctioned Match. On one hand, this is great because it means that there will be no restrictions on what these two can do to each other, however, it also means that a win won’t count for either man, but a loss won’t hurt them either.

Safe to say, Mox was FURIOUS at this news, claiming that AEW was jerking him around and trying to put him in a box, since a win wouldn’t put him in contention for the title. Khan responded with the comment that he thought Mox would be happy about this considering the time limit issue. We’ll see how this goes, but it feels like we’re setting up Mox as an anti-establishment hero for fans as well as setting up him being absent from AEW after Full Gear.

Tiffany’s Take: I LOVED this promo and the one he cut on Dynamite! This was interesting for several reasons, mainly because it emphasizes that win/loss does count in AEW. Since Mox’s match with Janela was also unsanctioned, his win/loss record isn’t as good as Omega’s, which means he’s not in the conversation to get a title shot and Omega is, which sets up the post-Full Gear storyline as Mox fighting everyone to get the respect he feels he deserves.

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Shanna Signs 3 Year Deal with AEW

If you’d read my coverage of Dynamite this past week, you know that I’d wondered about Shanna, the woman who lost to Hikaru Shida since the match went too long to be a squash match on a local talent. Turns out, Shanna is the newest signee of AEW. She inked a 3 year deal with AEW on Thursday/Friday. Considering how well she did on Wednesday, I can’t wait to see what she brings to AEW.

Jon Moxley Documentary To  Air at Full Gear

I’m not sure WHEN during Full Gear this is going to air, but Nick Mondo told a fan on Twitter that he and Moxley were shooting a documentary that for Full Gear. No clue just what it’s going to be about, but it should be interesting.

Chris Jericho Congratulates WWE Women on Crown Jewel Performance

In case you didn’t hear, on Thursday, Natalya Neidhart and Lacey Evans made history as the first women to have a wrestling match in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In celebration, Chris Jericho sent out a tweet congratulating the women for their history making match.

Britt Baker Celebrates Adam Cole’s Smackdown Debut

It’s no secret that most wrestlers in the WWE/AEW cold war have friends on either side, but that doesn’t stop them from celebrating each other’s triumphs. Britt Baker took to Twitter to celebrate her significant other’s triumphant SmackDown Live debut on Friday. Baker tweet-applauded her boo’s debut and declared him her favorite wrestler.

That’s it for Tiffany’s AEW News You Can Use! Stay tuned for ongoing coverage!


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