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Tiffany’s Dynamite Takes: Windy City Ass Whipping!

Tiffany is here with the most recent edition of Tiffany’s Takes, and it’s for AEW Dynamite! What stood out to her?

Tiffany is here with the most recent edition of Tiffany’s Takes, and it’s for AEW Dynamite! What stood out to her?

It’s the day before Thanksgiving! Who among the Elites will be giving thanks?

Celebration of Jericho

  • So Virgil is the MC of Jericho’s Thank You Celebration and there’s people dressed up like farm animals.
  • Got some audio problems. Crowd doesn’t seem to care.
  • Bubbly for everyone.
  • Wait, where’s the rest of Inner Circle?
  • Oh, there they are.
  • This might be worse than Festival of Frienship…eh, there’s no nudity.
  • They’re not going to sacrifice that goat are they? I hope it shits on someone’s shoe.
  • I’m guessing that’s the Dad of Jericho?
  • Should someone tell Santana and Ortiz that that those names are NOT complimentary?
  • Poor Justin Roberts.
  • The fuck?
  • Oh, it’s SCU. At least they tried to help Justin Roberts, but beat up Virgil instead.
  • No Tony Schiavone this week.

Best Friends vs Lucha Brothers

  • The fuck is Orange Cassidy wearing?
  • Lucha Brothers getting the jump on Best Friends for some odd reason.
  • Oops, guess it didn’t work on them like it did SCU.
  • Okay, I have no idea if they’re supposed to face the Lucha Brothers, but the match is happening and that’s what we’ve got.
  • This is a really good match.
  • What the fuck is Cassidy doing?
  • Cassidy is making this match weird.
  • So, Trent pins Fenix, and has now pinned BOTH members of Lucha Brothers. that is saying something.
  • Hugs for everyone! Please get Cassidy out of the turkey costume.


  • The rankings are cool, but some of it is a little confusing.

Bea Priestley and Emi Sakura vs Hikaru Shida and Kris Statlander

  • I get that Sakura loves Freddie Mercury/Queen, but the mustache isn’t necessary.
  • So, Shida is the new #1 Contender for Riho.
  • Well, this got out of control in a hurry.
  • Sakura not letting Shida get up to her tricks.
  • Shida gives no fucks and neither does Priestley.
  • Statlander with the hot tag and the hot moves
  • This match is really good, BTW.
  • Why do we keep doing the rolling pin counters?
  • Getting the ‘We Will Rock You’ stomp going.
  • Why do they keep stomping on the back?
  • Sakura and Priestley get the pin after a cheapshot with the mic.
  • Not sure what that means for Shida’s #1 Contendership. Guess she keeps it since she didn’t get pinned.

Jon Moxley

  • Here’s the Mox!
  • Napalm? Yikes.
  • Sounds like an open call to someone who gives fewer fucks than Mox.

Cody vs Matt Knicks

  • Cody’s BACK!!!
  • That scar is gnarly
  • Oh that’s nice. Nice handshake.
  • Matt Knicks is so out of his depth.
  • Quick win for Cody.
  • The fuck is going on with the ring apron?
  • Okay, who is this schmuck?
  • Uh, yeah.
  • No one’s sure what’s going on?
  • Chicago ain’t happy.
  • Who and the Who?
  • Allie’s gone darkside? Is that what taking the hair was about? Is Kong collecting souls through the hair?
  • Well…that was something.

PAC vs Kenny Omega

  • TBH, I’m not looking forward to another long Omega match.
  • I’m having trouble getting into this match.
  • Wrestling spots look so weird with the sound off.
  • This is basically the same match they had at All Out.
  • Omega wins. Good for him. I wish I could’ve gotten into the match but I couldn’t.

Diamond Dozen Final – Hangman Page vs MJF (with Wardlow)

  • Waldo not fucking around
  • I wonder if Cody will be well enough to cost MJF the match.
  • I want Page to win.
  • Shouldn’t MJF be DQ’d for basically assaulting the ref?
  • Seriously? It took two of them to beat Page and MJF should’ve been DQ’d.
  • DDP!
  • DDP not impressed with MJF.
  • Hey, Waldo, that’s not someone you should fuck with.

Dustin Rhodes

  • Dustin vs Jake Hager? Okay.
  • Inner Circle trying to get the jump on Dustin because Hager is a chicken shit coward.
  • Bucks to the rescue! Matt’s back!
  • Three way super kick!
  • Three way Golden Globes!

Dark Order Commercial

  • This is fucking creepy, but at least it’s not bad bondage porn

AEW Championship Match – Chris Jericho vs Scorpio Sky

  • I’m guessing that chick is Melody from high school?
  • Aubrey Edwards is SO over.
  • This is a really good match, but I feel bad for these younger guys having to slow down to cover for Jericho.
  • This is a great match.
  • I like that this is straight one on one.
  • I like that Aubrey Edwards takes no shit.
  • Here comes Jake Hager for the save.
  • SCU for the save.
  • This is a great main event.
  • Sky taps.
  • That was really good.
  • It’s wild people still tap to the Lion Tamer/Walls of Jericho.
  • I find it odd that Jericho won clean.
  • Jon Moxley coming out.
  • This will be MUCH better than what this feud was in WWE.
  • Mox will be the man to beat Chris Jericho!
  • No. Words. Just watching.

That’s it for Tiffany’s Dynamite Takes! Stay tuned for ongoing coverage.


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