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AEW News You Can Use! December 23-29, 2019

What are the Elites up to as we head into the new year?



AEW All Elite Wrestling

What are the Elites up to as we head into the new year?

News, Tidbits, and Fun

Young Bucks Leave Twitter

This story kind of blew up last week. Last week, Matt and Nick Jackson, who have been instrumental in using Twitter to help get AEW off the ground, left Twitter and deactivated their accounts. Matt Jackson addressed the issue and explained why;

Take: I hope this absence doesn’t last long, the Bucks are wonderful to follow on Twitter and I hope they come back.

Jon Moxley Tops WWE’s List of Most Liked YouTube Videos of 2019

Included because I’m a petty bitch that way. Yes, even though he left WWE in April, the former Dean Ambrose’s WWE farewell speech was the most liked WWE video of 2019. Even better was the fact that video generated 10 MILLION views in its first week, which is more than any other video from WrestleMania OR TakeOver, which had happened the previous weekend.

Kevin Nash Cancels Cruise of Jericho Appearance Due To Film 

Big Sexy Kevin Nash was booked to appear on Chris Jericho’s Rock n Rager At Sea in January, but announced over the weekend that he’d had to cancel due a scheduling conflict with a movie he was scheduled to be in. No word on what the movie is, but the card for the cruise is pretty stacked, so hopefully fans won’t be too disappointed.

Ryback Teases AEW Debut

In this week’s ‘Good God, let this be a joke’ story, Ryback, who hasn’t wrestled since leaving WWE in 2016 (if you can call what he did in the ring WRESTLING) posted a picture of himself with Cody Rhodes with the caption ‘2020’ along with plugging for his line of ‘nutritional systems’. Let’s hope the Big Guy was just teasing to generate clicks and is NOT on his way to AEW.

Take: PLEASE let that be a joke and cheap plug!

SCU and Young Bucks Have Christmas Dinner

If you’ve read my ‘Being the Elite’ coverage for this week, you know that the show featured a segment of SCU and the Bucks having a Christmas dinner together and it not going well. Turns out, they did have dinner together and everyone had a great time.

JR Addresses AEW Future and Loses Bout with a Christmas Gift

The legendary Jim Ross was recently asked about what he planned to do once his three year contract with AEW was up. Ross’ reply was blunt ‘Why not sign a new one?’.

Later on, Ross posted what seemed to be a horrifyingly bloody picture with a LARGE chef’s knife with the explanation that his daughter had sent him some knives for Christmas and he’d learned that they were quite sharp the hard way. Thankfully, his injuries were serious, they just bled like crazy and JR is fine.

Jon Moxley Sends Shota Umino Cool Holiday Gift

I’m not sure if Japan has a Christmas tradition the way the West does, but that didn’t stop Jon Moxley from sending his NJPW buddy, Umino Shota a ‘Deathriders’ jacket of his very own. Umino is currently wrestling in the UK as part of his NJPW training, known as an ‘Excursion’, but he seemed thrilled with the gift.

Take: This is so cute, it’s making my teeth rot.

AEW Coming to Newark, New Jersey

Almost since its inception, AEW has been trying to break into the New York City area, and it seems like they’ve been having a little bit of trouble, though whether or not its due to WWE is another question. However, don’t despair Tri-State area, AEW IS coming to Newark, New Jersey on March 25, 2020:

Take: I guess Newark is better than nothing.

AEW Announces Change to Rankings Release

There has been a complaint from fans that while AEW’s Ranking system is nice, the company keeps including the AEW Dark results before fans get to see Dark, which is quite confusing. Plus, trying to get the rankings out on Fridays seems to be hard to do, so to try and fix this, AEW announced that they will be releasing the new rankings on Wednesdays at 9am.

Chris Jericho Accepts Tanahashi’s Challenge

For awhile there have been rumors that NJPW  and AEW were in talks to have a collaboration, but NJPW heads have been interested, but non-commital. However, ‘The Ace’ Tanahashi has taken the first step towards creating SOME kind of relationship between AEW an NJPW by issuing a challenge to his Wrestle Kingdom opponent, Chris Jericho: If Tanahashi wins their match at Wrestle Kingdom, he’ll get a title shot. Jericho has accepted this challenge and raises the stakes of their January 4 clash.

Take: I’m all for AEW and NJPW having a working relationship, but I’m not a fan of this. This is a match that needs to end in a draw and protect both sides.

AEW 1-1-20 Dynamite AND Dark Cards

  • Six Man Tag – Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks vs Lucha Brothers and PAC
  • Jon Moxley to Respond to Chris Jericho
  • MJF to Name Stipulations for His Match with Cody
  • Cody vs Darby Allin 2
  • Dustin Rhodes vs Sammy Guevara
  • Jon Moxley vs Trent?
  • Taz to appear
  • AEW Women’s Championship Match – Riho vs Britt Baker vs Nyla Rose vs Awesome Kong

Note: Kris Statlander is unable to appear due to a scheduling conflict. She will get her Women’s Championship match against the winner of the Fatal Four Way on January 8.

AEW Dark Card

  • Santana and Ortiz vs Austin and Billy Gunn
  • SCU vs Kip Sabian and TH2
  • Nightmare Collective to Appear

AEW Rankings and Stats

Men’s Singles

  1. Jon Moxley: 5-0-1/5-1-1 Overall
  2. Kenny Omega: 5-2/9-5 Overall
  3. PAC: 4-2-1/5-3-1 Overall
  4. Cody: 4-1-1/6-3-1 Overall
  5. MJF: 2-1/3-1 Overall

Women’s Singles

  1. Kris Statlander; 3-0/3-2 Overall
  2. Britt Baker: 4-3/7-3 Overall
  3. Hikaru Shida: 3-2/4-3 Overall
  4. Nyla Rose: 3-3/4-3 Overall
  5. Emi Sakura: 1-2/3-4 Overall

Tag Team Division

  1. Santana and Ortiz: 4-2/5-3 Overall
  2. Young Bucks: 5-4/9-5 (Matt), 9-6 (Nick) Overall
  3. The Lucha Brothers: 5-4/7-6 (Pentagon), 8-5 (Fenix) Overall
  4. Best Friends: 4-4/6-3 (Trent), 5-6(Chuck Taylor) Overall
  5. Dark Order: 3-2/4-2 Overall




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