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Impact Coverage

Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Ratings & Analysis: 12/3/2019

Our first NYC taping episode and it’s an ODB special! Let’s see where Impact takes the build for Hard to Kill.

Our first NYC taping episode and it’s an ODB special! Let’s see where Impact takes the build for Hard to Kill.

So now that we’re back from our trip to 1983, our regularly scheduled show is all about Tessa getting her shot at Sami and some of the gauntlet fall out.

Also we get a little bit of a special moment with Impact Wrestling trying to help out ODB after her food truck caught fire. So it’s nice to see her back, though the reasons are a little crappy.

But much like ODB, some of us go back for years, and we’re still here…just like Fallah.


  • Eddie Edwards vs Brian Cage: No Contest – ** 1/2
  • Eddie Edwards vs Brian Cage vs Michael Elgin: Elgin wins via Elgin Bomb – *** 1/2
  • Reno Scum & Ace Austin vs The Rascalz (Trey, Dez & Wentz): Thornstowe wins via Roll-Up – ** 3/4
  • Johnny Swinger vs Petey Williams: Petey wins via Sharpshooter – *
  • ODB vs Taya Valkyrie: ODB wins via Roll-Up – ** 1/2



Eddie Edwards vs Brian Cage – Coming off a few losses, Brian Cage could definitely use a get right match, where Eddie still has the automatic shot at any title thanks to his Battle Royal victory. We get a well paced match that goes how we expected, Cage overpowers Edwards, but Edwards uses some ingenuity to find openings. Edwards manages to hit a Blue Thunder Bomb, but Cage isn’t staying down. Before this match can hit the next gear, we get an uninvited guest. Michael Elgin Double Clotheslines Cage and Edwards simultaneously, so there is no definitive winner even via DQ.

Eddie Edwards vs Brian Cage vs Michael Elgin – After the commercial the bell rings again and we now have a Triple Threat. This looked great for Cage and Edwards since they had a solid back and forth before this match even started. All three men looked like forces to be reckoned with. Edwards hit another Blue Thunder Bomb on Elgin, even rope walked to hit Cage with a Boston Knee Party.A well done match where all the combatants looked pretty damn good. Elgin gets the edge by Buckle Bombing Edwards into Cage, and then hitting the Elgin Bomb on Eddie for the pinfall. Really good stuff here.

Trey’s mom has got it going on:

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Josh announces that proceeds for the show will go to help ODB rebuild her Food Truck business after the food truck caught fire. ODB comes out for a fairly heart felt and subdued promo, thanking the fans and Impact, but Taya comes out. She gets in a few good lines, it’s really not a bad typical heel promo trying to bury a returning legend. ODB cold-cocks her, sets her up for the Bronco Buster, but Bravo pulls Taya out of harm’s way. 

ODB’s Indigogo:

Reno Scum & Ace Austin vs The Rascalz (Trey, Dez & Wentz) – We get an extended beatdown on Dez while the heels take short cuts in ring positioning and tagging in and out. Trey gets the hot tag and takes out Luster, trips up Thornstowe, Gamenguiri, Cravat Flip Kick and just keeps the momentum moving nicely until he gets cut off by Ace Austin. Ace then goes to flirt with Trey’s mom, which distracts Trey and puts all Rascalz on the backfoot. Dez gets caught off guard in a cradle and Thronstowe steals the victory. Fun match, but a little predictable. Still fun though.

Johnny Swinger tries to get Joey Ryan to help him out and start their own clique. Let’s see how that works out.

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RVD comes out with Katie Forbes, continuing to be unapologetically lecherous and full of himself. It goes a little long, Dreamer comes out to try and get him to solve things the ECW way…but RVD kinda says what we’ve all been thinking. That living in the past ain’t his bag right now. Rhino runs out and there’s a pull apart. RVD’s new personality quirk is the only thing interesting about this angle. 

IMPACT Flashback: ODB vs Mickie James, IMPACT!, Knockouts Championship Match, September 19,2013

Johnny Swinger vs Petey Williams – Now, come on, we all knew what this was. Amusing moment with Swinger and Williams having a peck dance off, Swinger had a glimpse of offense but the only unknown was if Joey Ryan would help Swinger. Joey didn’t show up and Petey wins via submission. It was fine for what it was.

ODB vs Taya Valkyrie – We get a lot of classic ODB in this match. She has Bravo drink from the flask and gives him the ole motorboat, which Bravo loved. Taya hit her Running Knees in the corner, even had a nice STF locked in, but ODB managed to get out. ODB lands the Bronco Buster, we get a signature “BAM”, then she goes back to her flask and Bravo gets excited. He thinks he’s getting another ride in the motorboat, and ODB looks like she’s game to play, but Taya sneak attacks. Bravo, now drunk grabs the Knockouts title and yells for Taya that it’s okay he has the title. Taya getting visibly annoyed tries to ignore him, but Jordynne Grace shows up, lays out Bravo and then pulls the look what I’m holding. That distracts Taya enough to get rolled up but the trailer park barbeque sauce queen herself, and we end ODB appreciation night on a high note!


Overall Score: 6.5/10

This episode wasn’t as straight forward as the last few. We had a great tag team main event, a great elimination gauntlet and then the Throwback show, which was just good fun. With this, we get a heavier dose of sports entertainment and storyline. The best match was at the beginning and the rest of the card built around this ODB theme while hitting everyone’s story beats nicely. Even Fallah and Johnny Swinger has something to build to for the next few weeks.

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Some people won’t like this episode since aside from the first match, the in ring work was a bit lackluster. But ODB is always a good time, RVD having to please his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s girlfriend (cue the Type O Negative song) on top of building the Sami and Tessa angle gave a lot to enjoy. Yes it’s more soap opera style stuff, but we should be used to that in our wrestling by now.

Not a bad episode at all, just pales in comparison to the last few.


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