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Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (12/24/19)

It’s a Dark Christmas Eve!



AEW Dark Coverage

AEW gives us a huge night before Christmas!

AEW still has so much more than what the last Dynamite of 2019 could offer! Celebrate the holidays with a Bad Boy Santa and #PERFECT10N!



  • Sammy Guevara VS Brandon Cutler; Guevara wins.
  • Fatal 4 Way Tag: Private Party VS Best Friends VS The Hybrid2 VS Proud ‘n’ Powerful; Proud ‘n’ Powerful wins.
  • Joey Janela VS Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard; Janela wins.


Tony Schiavone and Dasha Gonzalez wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

There will be no Dynamite for Christmas, but don’t worry! New Year’s will have a homecoming edition of AEW in Jacksonville, Florida! But to hold everyone over for the holidays, the card is stacked! And it has “Boom Boom” Colt Cabana on commentary! Who will be celebrating a little bit happier with a victory?


Sammy Guevara VS Brandon Cutler!

The Inner Circle’s Spanish God just wants a win for Christmas. Will he get his wish? Or will he get a #TotalPartyKill instead?

The bell rings and Sammy circles with Cutler. Corpus Christi cheers for Texas’ own, and Sammy dodges to soak up the cheers. Sammy dodges Cutler again to enjoy himself, then finally ties up with Cutler. Sammy waistlocks and shoves Cutler to jump over him, then again, then dropkick him down! Sammy kips up and hits a B Boy spin just to show off. He blows a kiss to Corpus Christi and dodges Cutler again. Sammy headlocks but Cutler powers him to a corner. Sammy turns it around but the ref counts. Sammy backs off, to SLAP and CHOPS Cutler! Sammy whips Cutler corner to corner but Cutler goes up and over to shotgun dropkick Sammy down! Cutler shows off his own spinning! Sammy is upset now but Cutler gets him with a waistlock and German Suplex!

Sammy flounders out of the ring and Cutler FLIES out onto him! The tope conjilo is a critical hit but Sammy comes back to FLY right onto Cutler! Sammy puts Cutler in but Cutler DIVES! Direct hit and hammering fists then a CHOP! Cutler chases after Sammy to CHOP again! Cutler goes up to the apron and brings Sammy with him. Cutler suplexes but Sammy resists and shoves. Sammy boots back then hops up top. Sammy DOUBLE STOMPS Cutler onto the apron!! Sammy scrapes Cutler out while fans are fired up. Sammy then puts Cutler in while he goes to get a mic. “Hey, I don’t give a damn about any one of you!” That’s not in the holiday spirit…

Sammy goes back to the ring and over to Cutler but Cutler throws hands. Sammy hits him back and fireman’s carries. Sammy does some squats just to show off, then hits a Samoan Drop! Cover, TWO! Sammy looms over Cutler then gives him a swift kick to the back. Sammy snapmares Cutler then goes to the top rope. Sammy takes aim, and hops down to wrap on a chinlock. Fans boo but Sammy laughs at how he tricked them. But Cutler pushes back to cover, TWO! Cutler dodges a roundhouse, Sammy dodges a roundhouse but Cutler comes back around to enziguri! Fans fire up with Cutler but Sammy grabs at him. Cutler throws haymakers but Sammy throws one of his own. The brawl continues back and forth, Cutler gets an edge but Sammy knees low. Sammy runs to hit a KNEE!

Cutler staggers, Sammy whips but Cutler reverses to LARIAT! Sammy wobbles into a ROUNDHOUSE! Fans are firing up as Cutler brings Sammy into a full nelson! Swinging slam! Cutler fireman’s carries but Sammy slips out to waistlock. Cutler bucks Sammy away then springboards, flying forearm! Cover, TWO!! Sammy survives but Cutler keeps on him. Fans are dueling as Cutler drags Sammy up. Cutler scoops and swings, but Sammy cradle counters! TWO, and Sammy kicks, only to be blocked. Cutler spins Sammy but Sammy uses that to HEEL KICK! Cutler wobbles into a corner, Sammy rams a shoulder in. Sammy enziguris then springboards, FLYING CUTTER!!

But Sammy doesn’t cover, he puts Cutler in a drop zone. Sammy climbs up top as fans duel, and Sammy blows a kiss, for a SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO INTO A CRUCIFIX! TWO!! Sammy almost got caught, but he quickly gets Cutler with another KNEE! Then, torture rack to inverted Got to Sleep!! Cover, Sammy wins!!

Winner: Sammy Guevara, by pinfall

And Sammy finally has a singles victory! The perfect gift for himself, and just in time for Christmas! Will Sammy get many more in 2020?


Backstage interview with Joey Janela.

The Bad Boy and Shawn Spears look to settle scores before the holidays, “it’s going down.” And Joey is yelling timber. Spears better more or dance. Spears won’t remember tonight, but he’ll never forget the Bad Boy. Is Joey going to get real naughty for Christmas?


Fatal 4 Way Tag: Private Party VS Best Friends VS The Hybrid2 VS Proud ‘n’ Powerful!

A truly massive match to say “Merry Christmas” from the AEW Tag Team Division to the fans! Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy, Trent Baretta & Chuckie T, Jack Evans & Angelico, or Santana & Ortiz. Which duo outdoes the others to bring a win home for the holidays?

The teams sort out and Santana is already stirring up trouble. But in the end, it is Marq Quen who starts against him. Ortiz shouts “We the best! The best!” Santana and Quen circle as fans rally up. They tie up, Santana waistlocks and shoves but things speed up, Quen leaps over and keeps moving. Santana stops Quen with an uppercut against ropes! Santana gets moving but Quen follows to kick. The kick is caught but Quen avoids the sweep. And again! Santana flips Quen but Quen lands on his feet to egg Santana on. Things speed up again, Quen dropkicks Santana down! Fans cheer as Quen and Ortiz jaw at each other. Evans tags in off Santana while fans cheer for Private Party. “Evans from the Heavens” shows off agility just getting in the ring then trash talks Texas.

Quen tags out to Trent so that Trent and Evans circle. They tie up, Trent headlocks for the take down, Evans headscissors back but Trent pops out. Roles reverse as Evans gets the take down, but Trent powers his way up to power out. But Evans holds on tight to the headlock, so Trent back suplexes. Evans lands on his feet but Trent dodges to CHOP back! Trent runs into boots and Evans shoulders in from the apron. Evans slingshots but gets caught into a Northern Lights! Bridging cover, TWO! Trent tags to Chuckie and Best Friends go right after Evans. They double whip, double shoulder and double double gun flex! But Angelico runs in to go after both of them! The ref reprimands Angelico but Evans goes after Trent.

TH2 double whip Best Friends but they reverse to scoop and Double Fall Away Slam! Ortiz gets in and runs at the Best Friends, but they get clear, and Quen gives Ortiz an atomic drop! Isiah adds a squealing enziguri, then camel clutch. “Say Cheese!” DOUBLE STOMP! Fans fire up but Santana runs in to go after Private Party. TH2 regroup and return to do the same, as well as go after Best Friends. The referee does the best he can to restore order but we have four brawls in the four corners! TH2 and PNP back up but then there’s tension between them. They call truce, run at Best Friends and Private Party, but they’re all tossed out! Only Angelico lands on the apron, but Trent knocks him down! Best Friends stand with Private Party and… Wait! Is it possible? Fans want to see it, but all four men are tripped and dragged from the ring! We do not get to see the amazing quadruple group hug!

TH2 and PNP throw Best Friends and Private Party into barriers! Things finally sort out and Evans has Chuckie T in the ring. Evans stomps Chuck then snapmares him to run and basement dropkick! PNP keeps Private Party down while Evans stomps Chuckie T. Evans has Chuckie in the TH2 corner but whips him corner to corner. “Now I’m going to show you what true wrestling looks like!” But as Evans runs corner to corner, he runs into a BOOT! Isiah tags in off Chuckie T and says “It’s time for some shots, BABY!” He gives forearm shots over and over! Then he builds up energy for a squealing whip! Evans cartwheels and Eddy Gordo kicks! Cover, TWO! Evans stomps Isiah over and over then drags him up. Evans bumps Isiah off buckles then tags Angelico. Last Chancery Penalty Kick! Cover, but Santana breaks it up because it’d be his loss, too.

Angelico drags Isiah around as fans rally. Angelico whips but Isiah reverses, Ortiz tags in off Angelico. Angelico dodges Isiah but Ortiz rolls Isiah up. Isiah slips out but Ortiz waistlocks him. They go to ropes, Santana sunset flips over them both and Ortiz O’Connor rolls, springboard crossbody from Santana! Ortiz drops a senton, then is the step stool to Santana’s standing moonsault! Ortiz runs to drop a planking splash! Cover but Chuckie breaks it! Isiah spasms but Ortiz keeps him down. Ortiz tosses the gloves off and pulls Isiah’s shirt over his head to CLAW the back. Rawr. And again! Rawr. Ortiz tags Santana and even Santana CLAWS Isiah! Rawr. Santana drags Isiah up for a suplex, uno amigo. Then another, dos amigos! Santana wants tres, and fans cheer for “Eddie! Eddie!” Santana suplexes Isiah and holds him there! Tag to Ortiz and Ortiz takes the hand-off to keep Isiah. Ortiz drops Isiah and shoulder shimmies a la Latino Heat!

Ortiz throws off his shirt and drags Isiah up. Tag to Santana and PNP double whip Isiah. Isiah slips out of the scoop, Santana blocks a kick and spins, but the dragon whip kick goes into Ortiz! Santana throws forearms on Isiah and throws him out, but Isiah is on the apron. Santana runs in but gets caught, springboard Complete Shot! Fans rally up but Evans trips Quen! Evans brags and Santana rolling heel kicks Isiah in the Private Party corner! Cover but Angelico breaks it up! Santana brawls with Angelico! Isiah gets up and dodges them both, squealing hot tag to Chuckie T! The Kentucky Gentleman rallies on Angelico and Santana, SLICED BREAD!

Angelico kicks Chuckie low and whips corner to corner, but Chuckie goes up and over. Angelico eats buckles, Chuckie overhead suplexes Santana onto him! Chuckie flexes again as fans cheer. Evans and Ortiz go after Chuckie, but then Ortiz claws Evans! Trent tags in and he CHOPS Ortiz! Then throws a forearm, another CHOP, then a whip corner to corner. Ortiz reverses then runs in, but misses to get the tornado DDT! Evans returns but Trent is ready, HALF ‘N’ HALF! Trent drags Evans up and feeds him to Sexy Chuckie Knee! PSYCHO KNEE from Trent! Fans fire up and the Best Friends build speed to run into forearms from PNP! PNP remember Fatal 4 Ways are No Disqualifications, so they bring something out from under the ring. It’s a ladder, but with Orange Cassidy on it! So that’s where The Sloth was… Thumbs up. They put him back.

But then Private Party DOUBLE DIVES! Trent runs, but Chuckie stops him, to HUG! Then they double FLY out onto everyone! TH2 returns as Angelico attacks the Best Friends! Angelico makes sure everyone is set up as Evans slingshots, for a SUPER MOONSAULT! Direct hit topples everyone, and TH2 stomp out whoever is close. “This is Awesome!” as TH2 put Trent in. Angelico says they should go under the ring, too. They pull out the ladder, but where did Orange Cassidy go!? Cassidy is climbing up top, and he puts his hands in his pockets. SLOTH DIVE! Direct hit! Trent puts Santana on the top rope and climbs. Chuckie holds him up with the Electric Chair, and they give Santana an ELECTRIC SUPERPLEX! Cover, but Ortiz breaks it! Chuckie goes after Ortiz but Ortiz throws Chuckie out.

Trent staggers and Ortiz runs in, but Trent dodges! Ortiz hits buckles, Isiah tags in off him, then hits him down! Isiah goes after Trent and denies Half ‘n’ Half. Isiah and Quen give Trent some SILLY STRING! Trent flops out but Santana SUPERKICKS Isiah down! Santana whips Isiah, another try for Silly String, but Santana tosses Isiah away. Quen forearms Santana back, but Ortiz trips Quen into the apron skirt! MAD BALL SMACK! Ortiz swings for the fences with that baseball-stuffed sock!Santana distracts the ref as Ortiz hits even TH2 and Orange Cassidy! But Isiah waistlocks Santana, only to get a mule kick LOW BLOW! Ortiz comes in, PNP drag Isiah up, STREET SWEEPER! The Blockbuster Bomb hits, Santana covers, PNP wins!!

Winners: Proud ‘n’ Powerful, Santana by pinfall

It wasn’t pretty, but it was a victory. PNP raise the ref’s hands in victory, having fun this close to Christmas. Will Feliz Navidad continue into a Happy New Year for the Inner Circle’s pitbulls?


Jenn Decker interviews PAC on stage.

The Bastard says “Jenn, Jenn, Jenn.” She forgot to introduce their special guest, so he will take care of it. What does that mean? Wait, he’s dragging Michael Nakazawa out! We knew from Dynamite that Pac had abducted the friend of Kenny Omega and The Elite, but now we see what he’s done with him! Pac dumps Nakazawa down the ramp! Then kicks him the rest of the way! They go to ringside and into the ring as fans boo and jeer. Pac grabs a chair and another mic, and then stomps away on Nakazawa! Fans boo harder as Pac grabs the chair again. Pac sticks the chair around Nakazawa’s neck! Pac grabs the mic and takes a seat on the top rope.

“Kenny. I am sick and tired of being ignored. Give me my rubber match! Or this will continue to happen.” Pac LEAPS, but over Nakazawa. “That is your final warning.” Pac spares Nakazawa from a truly brutal end to his career, and perhaps even more. But will Pac get what he wants come the New Year?


Joey Janela VS Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard!

The Bad Boy has been bad as usual this year, but Spears was perhaps even worse! Issues between the two started when Janela pulled a prank on the Horseman, but then the Chair Man got revenge sticking a hot cigarette on Janela’s tongue! Things have only escalated, but will it finally come to an end with the holidays?

Before the match, Spears takes a mic to speak. “Christmas is one week away, and yours truly is the last match you’re going to see in AEW of 2019.” Some fans don’t mind that. But who is in the holiday spirit? It’s not a trick question. Fans cheer, but Spears asks Tully if Santa delivers to Texas. It’s a joke! Relax! But Spears does need to be honest with the kids. Uh oh. Spears tells the kids something his parents told him a long time ago. Santa Claus isn’t- Wait, what carol is that playing? It’s Janela Claus! And he gives the kids high-fives to prove he’s real! But Spears attacks him anyway! The bell rings and Spears mocks Janela before bringing him up. Janela CHOPS back! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Janela fires up and throws haymakers, but Spears kicks low!

Spears whips, Janela dodges and puts the Santa hat on Spears! Spears can’t see, but Janela DECKS the halls! Then clotheslines Spears out! Fans fire up with Janela as Spears flounders around the way. Tully helps with the hat but Janela DIVES! Direct hit and off comes the jacket! Janela throws hands on Spears around the way then CHOPS again! Spears kicks low then CHOPS back! Spears is seething as he goes around the way to get something from under the ring. He has a bottle of water, takes a big sip, and SPITS it in Janela’s face! And then “accidentally” splashes the fans as he takes a big bow. Spears puts Janela against the post, Janela ducks and Spears CHOPS steel! Janela CHOPS Spears off his feet! And then throws him into barriers! Janela brings Spears up again to throw him into more barriers! Janela spots a fan wearing an “Outlaw Mud Show” shirt and gives him a dirty bird for Christmas.

Janela puts Spears in and then goes up top. Spears gets up to trip Janela first! Janela flops down but Spears brings him up for a backbreaker! “SUCK IT, SANTA!” Spears shouts as he covers. TWO, and Spears throws the Santa beard to fans. Spears climbs up but Janela rolls away. Spears hops down to hurry tot he other corner. Spears climbs again but Janela rolls the other way. Spears tries the first corner again but again Janela rolls away. Spears is growing annoyed with the Bad Boy, not to mention the fans chanting “TEN! TEN!” at him. Spears cartwheels but puts up a 1 with his middle finger. Spears drags Janela up but Janela throws a big uppercut! Spears bails out, Janela goes to the apron, FLYING KNEE! Janela throws Spears into the crowd!

Janela gets a chair and sets it up. He gets space and builds speed, to FLY! He hits Spears down again! Fans fire up as Janela throws hands on Spears, but the ref tells him to get back to the ring. Janela does, and brings JESUS with him!? Janela bows to Jesus, and all is forgiven! Janela thanks Jesus and then puts Spears in the ring. Janela runs in, but into a SPINE BUSTER! Arn Anderson would be proud of that, honestly. Spears throws Janela out of the ring and has Tully coordinate. Full Gear flashbacks but the ref reprimands Tully. Janela throws Spears into the steel steps! Corpus Christi chants, “We See Jesus!” Jesus blesses Janela as he Catholic crosses his chest and goes back to the ring.

Janela has Tully all alone, and Jesus approves of the Right Hand of Janela. But Spears rolls Janela up! Cover, TWO! Fireman’s carry, but Janela slips out to ROCK him with a forearm! And then DECK him with a discus! Spears flounders up, Janela runs, LARIAT! Janela has Spears in the drop zone and heads up top. Fans fire up as Janela aims, MACHO ELBOW! Cover, Janela wins!

Winner: Joey Janela, by pinfall

Janela wins big for the holidays! And he has White Claws to celebrate! With Jesus’ blessing, Janela cracks the cans open, and as a peace offering, offers one to Spears. Spears is rather surprised, but he accepts. Bottoms up! And then a SANTA STUNNER!! Janela takes the can back and drinks them both! Will 2020 be heavenly for the Bad Boy?



My Thoughts:

A really great Christmas Eve edition of Dark! I’m glad to see we got resolution on the Pac story from Dynamite. He sent a very deliberate message to Omega, and I can’t wait to see Omega respond on New Year’s/Homecoming Dynamite. That rematch could be at Revolution, but I’d love if they just did it on that very same New Year’s episode, or even the highly anticipated AEW Dynamite Bash at the Beach on 1/15/2020. Sammy Guevara getting his first win in AEW singles competition wasn’t quite as celebrated as it could’ve been but at least it happened in 2019. I was hoping to see video of Cutler being tempted by The Dark Order, but perhaps that would give away that it is him under that third purple Creeper mask from the end of Dynamite.

The Fatal 4 Way tag was certainly match of the night, with all the teams getting time to shine. I loved the Orange Cassidy gag with the ladder. And while there are no disqualifications in a Fatal 4, I can see the reason for PNP hiding the Mad Ball attacks being that the ref would’ve reprimanded them and that would’ve slowed the action down for the other teams to recover. PNP is the logical choice to win, as this would be too much for Private Party or The Hybrid2 to win. And Best Friends have seemingly been just fine despite losing quite a bit. PNP needed the win to keep up at the very top of the tag team division while the title scene towards Revolution is still to be determined. And then, while the main event wasn’t the best match, it was a hilarious and entertaining segment. Janela being Santa Claus, finding a Jesus cosplayer, and getting a win off Spears, that was great stuff for the very last match of AEW 2019. And as big as 2019 was for AEW, 2020 will be even better.

My Score: 8.5/10

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