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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (12/13/19)

205 Live stays alive!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

Brawling VS Beef in Milwaukee!

With a NEW NXT Cruiserweight Champion ushering in a new phase for the Division, will it be Danny Burch or Tony Nese taking the lead in the title hunt?



  • Raul Mendoza VS Ariya Daivari; Mendoza wins.
  • Joaquin Wilde VS James Tapia; Wilde wins.
  • Danny Burch VS Tony Nese; Nese wins.


There’s someone new at the top of the mountain!

NXT opened with an instant classic of a Cruiserweight Championship match, and it was intense from the very first moment! Lio Rush was livid over the words and actions of #ElLatino, but all that fire and fury didn’t do enough to keep Angel Garza down. Garza gave as good as he got, and at one point, literally survived by the seat of his pants! In the end, Garza was grinning ear to ear as he clipped the wings and ended the reign of the Man of the Hour. With the belt around a new waist, what new heights will the title, the division and Angel Garza reach?


Raul Mendoza VS Ariya Daivari!

While not in the main event, surely one of these two can make main event moves with a new champion leading the Cruiserweights. Will Mendoza get another big win this week? Or will the Persian Lion pounce on an opportunity for pole position?

The bell rings and Daivari talks trash about bearing Mendoza before. Mendoza gives Daivari a shove so Daivari shoves back. Mendoza headlocks, Daivari powers out but Mendoza runs him over! Things speed up, Mendoza runs Daivari over again! And again! Cover, ONE, but Mendoza and Daivari are up fast. Mendoza CHOPS Daivari in the corner! Mendoza brings Daivari around but Daivari throws body shots and haymakers. Daivari whips, Mendoza dodges, and huricanranas! Daivari gets to ropes but Mendoza runs over, only to be put up top. Mendoza hops up and springboards to crossbody! Cover, TWO! Daivari bails out but Mendoza builds speed to baseball slide! Daivari goes down but Mendoza goes out to bring him up. Mendoza brings Daivari over, but Daivari sends Mendoza into the post!

Daivari puts Mendoza in and stomps away. Daivari brags to Milwaukee but they boo him instead. Daivari drags Mendoza up to CHOP him down! Daivari puts Mendoza in a corner, whips him corner to corner hard, and Mendoza bounces off buckles to hit the mat. Cover, TWO, but Daivari keeps on Mendoza with a chinlock. Mendoza kicks and flails as Daivari grinds him down. Milwaukee slowly rallies up as Mendoza endures, but Daivari talks smack in Farsi. Mendoza fights his way up, throws hands, but Daivari shoves. Mendoza kicks back! But Daivari runs him over with an elbow! Cover, TWO! Daivari grows frustrated with Mendoza, but stalks him into a chinlock. Daivari sits down to make it like a camel clutch, but Mendoza endures. Mendoza fights his way up, fans rally up, and Mendoza jawbreakers free!

Daivari staggers but comes back at Mendoza. Mendoza side steps and then follows through to hit a running enziguri! Daivari is down but so is Mendoza. Both men slowly stand and Mendoza fires off jab after jab after jab! Fans fire up with Mendoza as he back kicks and runs, to rally with a clothesline and a dropkick! Mendoza runs corner to corner, another enziguri! Daivari staggers, Mendoza walks the ropes for a springboard missile dropkick! Daivari bails out again, Milwaukee cheers Mendoza’s triangle TORNILLO! It just reaches Daivari, and Mendoza fires up again! Mendoza drags Daivari into the ring, suplexes, twisting neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Daivari survives but Mendoza keeps a confident grin on his face.

Daivari gets to a corner, Mendoza runs in, but Daivari SUPERKICKS him right back! Daivari puts Mendoza up top, ICONOCLASM! And then Daivari goes up top, LION SPLASH! Cover, TWO!? Daivari is shocked! Mendoza gets to a corner but Daivari stalks up behind him. Daivari whips Mendoza corner to corner, but Mendoza slips out and slingshots in, but into a BOOT! Daivari hops up again, but Mendoza enziguris him first! Mendoza slingshots up top, SUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO!! Now Mendoza is shocked! Mendoza drags Daivari back into a drop zone and heads up top. Phoenix Splash but Mendoza has to bail out as Daivari dodges! Mendoza turns around into an URENAGE! Cover, TWO!! Mendoza lives and Daivari is in disbelief!

Both men slowly rise and Daivari is on Mendoza first. But Mendoza fires off forearms! Mendoza whips, Daivari reverses, Mendoza dodges and double crossbodies collide! Both men are down again and the referee checks on them. They’re both okay to continue, and they head for each other. Daivari and Mendoza brawl on their knees, Daivari chops but Mendoza throws a forearm. Fans are on Mendoza’s side as he and Daivari fight up to their feet. Mendoza wobbles but comes back again, but so does Daivari. The pace picks up, Daivari staggers but his boot is blocked, to an enziguri! Mendoza scoops and swings Daivari but Daivari slips out. Daivari hammerlocks but Mendoza escapes, only for his next enziguri to miss! Daivari has the hammerlock again, but still no lariat, bridging school boy! That’s the #RaulUp! Mendoza wins!

Winner: Raul Mendoza, by pinfall

That’s two wins in the same week for Mendoza! Is Raul finally above the Mendoza Line? Is he finally on the roll he needs to be a top star?


The Singh Brothers tweet out a message.

Given that Sunil Singh and his wife welcomed their new child, Sunil and Samir said they’re “so glad we’re not in dirty Milwaukee tonight. Hey, isn’t that WWE Drama King’s “favorite” town? LOL!” English says it is just jealousy.


205 Live welcomes Joaquin Wilde.

2017, he nearly died down in Mexico City from an injury. He had internal bleeding, and they had to cut him open and clean everything out. He survived, recovered, and here he is in the WWE. The Breakout Tournament didn’t quite go his way, but he proved that he wasn’t “damaged goods.” He’s going to make the most out of this one life, and that starts with joining 205 Live!

Joaquin Wilde VS James Tapia!

Milwaukee is about to walk on the #WildeSide! But with so much down time between the Breakout Tournament and tonight, will Joaquin be able to run wild in Wisconsin without any ring rust?

The bell rings, Wilde circles with Tapia, and they tie up. Wilde wristlocks but Tapia reverses. Wilde rolls, handsprings, trips Tapia and covers. ONE but Wilde handsprings to airhorn all over Tapia. They tie up again, Wilde wristlocks but Tapia whips him off. Wilde dodges, slides and arm-drags Tapia to an armlock. Tapia rolls but Wilde stays on top of him. Tapia gets up, pulls on an ear and whips Wilde off. Wilde hops up and does more airhorns, then he hops over Tapia to spring back with headscissors! Tapia wobbles, Wilde huricanranas again! Wilde arm-drags back to the armlock, but Tapia fights his way up again.

Tapia throws hands, Wilde wrenches harder, but Tapia stomps a foot. Tapia runs, Wilde dropkicks him down! Wilde runs in to the corner to back elbow and CHOP! Wilde whips but Tapia reverses, only for Wilde to slip out and climb up. Tapia bounces off buckles but comes back with haymakers. Tapia climbs up, Wilde fights back, and then Wilde sunset flips! Tapia holds on, throws a punch but Wilde gets clear. Tapia punches buckles, and Wilde BOMBS him down! Then somersault CODE BREAKER, into a kangaroo boot! Roll up, Wilde wins!

Winner: Joaquin Wilde, by pinfall

#WildeThing gets the better of Tapia, and now the Cruiserweight Division is going to walk on the #WildeSide! Will Wilde bring the bass and drop the beat on the rest of the roster?


205 Live shares the other big development from NXT.

After the big title win, Angel Garza gave a very special victory speech. “There are four things that I care about in life.” The first: wrestling. Second: the support of the fans. Third: his family. Garza brings his girlfriend to his ring, because she is the fourth thing. But now, he wants to go from girlfriend to wife, as he proposes in the middle of the ring!! A ring in the ring and she says SI! Congratulations to the future Mr. & Mrs. Garza!


Next week’s episode will be a Best of 2019 retrospective!

205 Live will begin a look back on the year of great matches, great rivalries and great moments! It’ll be the Best of 205 Live 2019 Part 1!


Danny Burch VS Tony Nese!

Speaking of the best, The Governa throws some of the best punches while The Premier Athlete has the best abs. But who will be the better man tonight in hopes of being the best choice for contender?

The bell rings and Nese circles with Burch. They tie up, Nese waistlocks and shoves to then flex on Burch. Burch isn’t impressed. The two circle again and tie up. Burch wristlocks, wrenches and brings Nese down to the mat. Burch grinds the armlock but Nese works his way around. Nese wrenches back, but Burch rolls and reverses to a waistlock then a snapmare. Burch mocks the flexing and fans cheer. Nese is annoyed and he circles with Burch again. They tie up in knuckle locks and go shoulder to shoulder. Burch breaks free, trips Nese and rolls him to stomp on the fingers! Burch wrenches again and grinds Nese back down to the mat. Nese endures but works his way up. Nese powers Burch to a corner and throws a sucker punch but Burch was ready for it! Burch wrenches and whips corner to corner, Nese stops himself to elbow back!

Nese hops up, back flips, then goes Matrix! But the kick is blocked! Burch headlocks and gets the takedown! Nese headscissors, Burch pops out and gets the takedown again. Nese endures even as Burch traps an arm and pulls back hard. Nese works his way up but Burch holds on as Nese tries to power out. Burch cranks harder, but Nese pulls on an ear. Nese puts Burch against the ropes, lets up at 4, but Burch blocks the kick again. Burch spins Nese and headlocks back to the takeover. Nese endures, rolls Burch to a cover, ONE. Burch and Nese stand up, Nese finally powers out, then things speed up. Nese leaps but Burch yanks him out of the air! Burch wants the leg but Nese gets the ropebreak fast!

The ref counts, Burch lets up at 3, but Burch dares Nese to do something. Nese throws Burch to the apron, then slingshots. Burch gets clear, Nese cartwheels but into Burch’s uppercut! Burch gives more EuroUppers as they go around the way. The ring count climbs with every uppercut, and then Burch throws Nese hard into barriers! Fans fire up with Burch as he refreshes the count. Nese gets in but Burch follows. Burch throws more EuroUppers, whips, but Nese reverses. Burch elbows back, goes up, but Nese yanks Burch down now! Nese drags Burch around for a rain of left hands! Nese fires up but only a few fans cheer. Nese stomps Burch around but Burch hits back with body shots. Nese throat chops! Then running hotshot bulldogs!

Burch is down, Nese is right back up, TRIANGLE LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Burch survives but Nese wraps him right up in the body scissor. Burch endures as Nese squeezes. Burch pries at the feet but Nese clubs him with forearms! Nese lets Burch up to CHOP him to a corner. Nese throws a big left then stomps, then grinds his hands in Burch’s face. The ref backs Nese off but Nese just soaks up the heat from fans. Burch boots back! Burch hops up, leaps, missile dropkick! Both men are down, a standing count begins, and fans slowly rally. Burch and Nese go to opposite ends and stand up. Burch throws counter punches and then big forearms over and over on Nese! EuroUpper and a whip, back elbow after back elbow!

Burch spins Nese for more EuroUppers, then runs into the corner for a clothesline and enziguri! EXPLODER! Burch ROCKS Nese with that right! Cover, TWO! Nese lives but Burch is right on him. Nese holds the ropes as Burch whips, so Burch clubs him on the back. Burch whps, Nese reverses and pump handles, but Burch slips out to HEADBUTT! Nese wobbles, Burch hits a German Suplex, but Nese lands on his feet! DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! Nese doesn’t stop to be shocked, he puts Burch in a drop zone. Nese slowly heads to the corner and up to the top, but Burch stops him with a right hand! LONDON TOWER! Cover, TWO!! Into a CROSSFACE!

Nese endures being cranked back, but reaches blindly for ropes! Nese drags Burch with him to get a ropebreak with the legs! Burch lets up at 3, and can’t believe how close he was. But Burch cools off, runs in, but Nese sends him out. Burch blocks the kick but not the sweep! Burch hits apron then falls off, Nese FLIES! That Premier Fosbury hits! Nese puts Burch in, heads up top, Premier 450! BUT IT FLOPS! Crossface returns!! Burch cranks back hard, Nese endures, but Nese fights his way up! Nese pops free, rolls Burch up, TWO, but into a triangle! DEAD LIFT BUCKLE BOMB! Nese runs, PREMIER KNEE!! Cover, Nese wins!!

Winner: Tony Nese, by pinfall

Both men are tough as they come, but the 205 OG stands tall! Will Nese finally find his way back to the title? Who else will he have to go through to get there?



My Thoughts:

A good episode here, but not quite on the level I was hoping for. It certainly won’t be part of the Best of 2019 episodes the next couple of weeks. It seems a shame we’re getting those rather than new material, but at least it means we’ll be getting episodes. I feel like a lot of the material from those episodes would have to be everything from before the 2019 WWE Draft, because that was when there were so many more superstars on the show. Buddy Murphy, Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali, Humberto Carrillo, even Akira Tozawa and Lucha House Party were great parts of the Cruiserweight Division. Each one is a case-by-case of whether they’re getting to even do anything on Raw or SmackDown, but they are all amazing talents worth recognizing.

I don’t know if 205 Live was trying that hard with their matches tonight. I don’t want to say it is a cycle created by the fans not always being the most energetic or excited after SmackDown, but it sure felt like that. Mendoza VS Daivari was probably the most exciting match, especially by the end. It’s great for Mendoza to get another win, as now, with all those names I listed not on 205 Live, new names need to rise up. Joaquin Wilde’s match shouldn’t have relied on rest holds so much. He should’ve been showing off more speed and technical skill than just arm-drags into armlocks. If WWE is trying to give Wilde a chance putting him in the Cruiserweight Division, then they need to make it like he has a chance to get over. Also, airhorn noises with his voice is more of a Heel thing but he was definitely Face. Maybe he gets something better for his second match so fans can understand more about his style.

Burch VS Nese was a pretty good main event, but again there seemed to be a lot of the headlocks and rest holds. I’m sure a UK crowd would love technical exchanges but a post-SmackDown crowd watching 205 Live needs more speed and stiff shots. Burch is trying to separate from Oney Lorcan, and that’s fine, but what made them both so great is that they both hit hard. More brawling from the brawler on a night this close to a PPV, please. But in the end, it is Nese who wins anyway, keeping to his same level of speed and strength. Garza is making the turn to Face with the public proposal to his girlfriend, but he and Nese had a match even when both were Heels. Either way, I would love another match between them, especially if it was for TakeOver: Portland. Nese hasn’t had matches on that level in some time, fans would love seeing him pull out all the stops again.

My Score: 8/10

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