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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (12/6/19)

It’s dealer’s choice for 205 Live!



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Aces wild and so is the action tonight!

In order to tune up for their Cruiserweight Championship rematch, Lio Rush and Angel Garza have handpicked opponents for each other! Whose pick will pack the bigger punch?



  • Angel Garza VS Raul Mendoza; Garza wins.
  • The Singh Brothers Tony Nese VS Trent Newman; Nese wins.
  • Lio Rush VS Danny Burch; Rush wins, by disqualification.


Angel Garza VS Raul Mendoza!

El Latino es en la casa, baby. And he’s in an NXT Cruiserweight Championship rematch next Wednesday, but also in store for a match with a man who pushed Lio Rush to his limits! Will Garza climb up over Mendoza to reach the mountain top?

The bell rings and Mendoza circles with Garza. Garza tells the fans to hush, and then he approaches Mendoza. Mendoza quickly snatches the arm and goes for a takedown, but Garza stays standing as they go around and around. Mendoza yanks on the arm but Garza gets to the ropes. Mendoza lets go and Garza gets out to catch his breath. Garza comes back and circles with Mendoza again. Mendoza waistlocks and throws Garza down to get a facelock. Mendoza holds on and even rear mounts to slap Garza around. Mendoza stays on Garza and wraps Garza up. Garza gets up, Mendoza shifts to a facelock then cravat. Garza again gets to ropes, but Mendoza lets go.

Garza shouts at the fans that tease him, but that only makes fans boo more. Garza and Mendoza circle again, they tie up and Garza headlocks Mendoza. Garza shouts at the fans as he grinds Mendoza, but Mendoza powers out. Garza runs Mendoza over, but Mendoza kips right back up. Mendoza says that shoulder tackle was so-so, so things speed up. Garza rolls off Mendoza’s back and shoves, but Mendoza ducks under, leaps over, and then arm-drags cancel out! Fans cheer but things keep moving, until Garza kneels and shouts, “Shake my hand!” Garza grins as he offers the handshake, but Mendoza kicks it away. Garza knees low, and demands Mendoza shake his hand! Garza whips but Mendoza slips out of the tilt-o-whirl to springboard arm-drag!

Fans fire up with Mendoza as he runs in, but Garza puts him on the ropes. Mendoza hops up to springboard and huricanrana! Garza bails out of the ring, Mendoza builds speed, but Garza ducks the baseball slide, but then Mendoza stays in his blind spot. Garza spots Mendoza, but Mendoza dodges the clothesline, and then Mendoza somersaults on the apron to huricanrana Garza down! Mendoza runs at Garza, is put on the apron, but Mendoza kicks at Garza until Garza yanks the apron skirt! Mendoza falls and hits the apron HARD! Mendoza writhes as Garza shouts at the fans to shut up. Garza leaves Mendoza behind as the ring count climbs. The count passes 5, and Garza yanks off the tear-away pants! Mendoza is in, Garza tosses the pants at him, and SUPERKICK!

Garza drags Mendoza up and puts him on the top rope. Garza clubs away Mendoza down, then soaks up the heat from the fans. Garza puts Mendoza in the Tree of Woe, to PENALTY KICK him out of it! Mendoza writhes in pain but Garza drags him up. Fans rally up, Mendoza CHOPS! Garza knees back and wedges Mendoza in the corner, for a knee! Garza mocks Mendoza and toys with him. Garza drags Mendoza up in a dragon sleeper, inverted rebound suplex! SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!! Mendoza lives and Garza is shocked! Garza drags Mendoza around and kicks him while he’s down. Garza has the leg and turns Mendoza for a Half Crab! Fans rally up but Garza shouts for them to stop. Mendoza endures, powers up, but Garza knees him down.

Garza keeps that knee in Mendoza’s back but fans still rally. Mendoza powers up again, turns over and kicks Garza away! Garza runs in but Mendoza sends him into the post! Fans fire up for Mendoza and he throws forearms and counter punches on Garza. Mendoza jabs and jabs and jabs, then back kicks! Mendoza runs, rallies with a clothesline and a dropkick! Garza flounders to a corner, Mendoza runs and clotheslines! Then he whips corner to corner to run in again, forearm smash! Another corner to corner whip but Garza reverses. Mendoza slips out, springboards in, missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Mendoza is shocked but not deterred. Mendoza drags Garza up, scoops, but Garza fights out and waistlocks. Mendoza elbows out, runs in, but is put on the top rope. Garza trips Mendoza up, and dropkicks the knees! Mendoza’s on the mat, Garza covers, TWO! Garza is shocked but he drags Mendoza up.

Garza underhooks, but Mendoza blocks the lift. Garza tries but Mendoza fights back. Another try, but Mendoza slips out and rolls Garza, ONE! Garza runs, Mendoza dodges and follows, running enziguri! SUPERKICK from Garza! Both men are down and fans fire up! Mendoza and Garza slowly sit up and head for each other. Garza CHOPS, Mendoza forearms. CHOP, forearm, CHOP, forearm, repeat. Garza forearms now, over and over, but turns into a BIG right! Mendoza kicks but misses, Garza shoves and hits a forearm smash! Garza runs but Mendoza follows to hit his own forearm smash! Mendoza runs, Garza follows but Mendoza knows it, SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!!

Garza and Mendoza slowly go to opposite ends, but Mendoza runs over, only to be put on the apron. Garza enziguris Mendoza now, then runs, but Mendoza slingshots over! Mendoza runs and FLIES! The tornillo tope takes Garza out at the ramp! Mendoza gets Garza up and in, but gets another SUPERKICK! Underhooks, lift, WING CLIPPER! Cover, Garza wins!

Winner: Angel Garza, by pinfall

Garza grins big as ever, but will he be smiling after another run in with Lio Rush?


Jack Gallagher tweets out a simple message.

After snapping and attacking commentary, referees, security and even 205 Live GM Drake Maverick, all Gallagher could say on social media is, “I’m done.” Done with 205 Live? With WWE? Or being a gentleman that plays by the rules?


The Singh Brothers VS Trent Newman!

Samir & Sunil are ready for more #LightsCameraAndBollywoodAction. But this is just a singles match, not a handicap, so one of them has to step up. They play Rock Paper Scissors and Samir wins. But before either actually gets in the ring, here comes Tony Nese! What does the Premier Athlete want with the Singhs? Nese volunteers to “beat his ass” for them!

Tony Nese VS Trent Newman!

TN VS TN? Interesting. But will Nese take all the spotlight for himself tonight?

The bell rings and Nese offers a handshake, but leaves Newman hanging. They tie up, Nese waistlocks and slams Newman down, to flex on him. The Singhs like what they’re seeing, and Nese circles with Newman again. They tie up, Nese powers Newman back and knees him low. Nese chops Newman to ropes, then CHOPS him again! Nese stalks Newman, bumps him off buckles, then whips him corner to corner. Newman reverses, but Nese elbows him back. Nese goes up and over with a flip, goes Matrix and mule kicks! Knee lift, roundhouse and sweep, and Nese has fans cheering. Nese flexes more, then gives toying kicks to Newman against the ropes.

Newman throws body shots but they don’t affect the 8-pack. Nese pulls Newman’s hair then brings him up for a running hotshot! Nese triangle moonsaults onto Newman, covers, TWO! Newman survives but Nese grins, he’s having fun. Nese lets Newman get up before he whips him corner to corner hard! Nese flexes again, and shouts, “How good am I?” Nese drags Newman up and toys with him. Newman ROCKS Nese with a right! Nese runs back in, but into an uppercut! Newman swings a kick, misses but gets the enziguri! Nese wobbles. Newman hops up top, but Nese SHORYUKENS him down! Nese German Suplexes Newman into buckles! Then, knee pad down, PREMIER KNEE!! Cover, Nese wins!

Winner: Tony Nese, by pinfall

The Singh Brothers love the audition! Nese says that’s how it’s done. But the Singh Brothers have something to add to the scene. They go to Newman, drag him up, and lift him up, Bollywood Blast! Cover, the Singh Brothers “win,” too! Will the Singhs be shining on the Bollywood Walk of Stars? Or at least competing for titles?


205 Live looks closely at Isaiah “Swerve” Scott.

The eight year veteran, Swerve brings the confidence, the agility and the smooth striking style. Will he make everywhere he goes into Swerve’s House?


Lio Rush VS Danny Burch!

Now it’s time for the Man of the Hour to face Angel Garza’s handpicked superstar! The Govena has a huge opportunity of his own right here. Can Burch soften up the Living Piece of Gold and put himself in the title picture in the process? Or will Lio keep going strong like Garza on his way to Wednesday?

The bell rings and Burch circles with Lio. Fans rally up for Lio and Burch nods his respect. Burch offers a handshake, Lio takes it, and it is respectful. But then Burch pulls Lio in, and Lio grins, knowing this is also an intense match. Burch cravats but Lio slips out to go for a leg. Burch gets free and headlocks, but Lio puts him on the ropes. The ref calls for the break and they separate, but also stay close. Burch and Lio circle again, tie up with knuckle locks, but Burch stays back as Lio spins low. They tie up again, Burch wrenches the knuckle locks and brings Lio to his knees. Burch stomps on the hands, a la the Bruiserweight. Burch facelocks Lio but Lio gets up, only for Burch to throw him with the headlock takeover. Fans rally up and Lio gets up again.

Lio tries but can’t power out as Burch holds on tight. Lio rolls but doesn’t even get a one. Burch holds on, but Lio stands up again. Lio fights out, things speed up, Burch catches Lio’s leg to yank him out of the air! Burch throws European Uppercuts then throws Lio with another takeover. Lio endures and fans rally up again. Burch cranks back as far as he can, trapping an arm for leverage. Lio works his way up to his feet again and throws body shots. Burch cranks on the head but they end up on the ropes. Burch swings but Lio ducks to whip. Burch reverses, Lio redirects and dodges, crawls under and kangaroo kicks from the mat! Lio handsprings under, mule kicks and PELES! Burch bails out and Lio builds speed, but runs into a BIG right hand! Lio tumbles out of the ring, Burch is on him, and throws him into barriers!

The ref starts the ring count but Burch drags Lio up. Burch throws Lio into more barriers! Burch goes back to the ring now that the count is 6, but only to refresh the cuont. Burch puts Lio in and covers, TWO! Fans rally up for Lio but Burch is on him with a neck wrench. Lio endures and Burch cranks on his head. Fans rally harder and Lio fights up, but Burch drops a knee on his head! Cover, TWO! Burch clamps on the neck crank again, but Lio still endures. Lio fights up, throws body shots, but Burch knees low. Burch throws EuroUppers in the corner then whips corner to corner. Lio goes up and over but gets DECKED! Cover, TWO! Lio roars, refusing to go down! Lio shoves Burch then kicks the leg. Burch eggs him on so Lio keeps kicking. Burch drags Lio up to EuroUpper him back down.

Burch chinlocks Lio now, then drags him around on the mat. Lio endures, Burch taunts him, but fans still rally. Lio gets up, but Burch wrangles him back down. Burch makes it a cover, TWO as Lio bridges. But Burch forces Lio down with brute force. Lio kicks and flails to get up again, jawbreaker sets him free! But Burch throws another EuroUpper! And another, and another, but Lio catches it to backslide! Burch fights it off, throws another EuroUpper, but Lio gets back to fire off fast hands! Burch wobbles, Lio runs in, springboard arm-drag! Lio rallies with lariats! Lio whips, Burch reverses, Lio handspring back elbows him down! Lio drags Burch up, Burch shoves, Lio dodges and sends Burch out. Lio handspring kicks Burch off the apron, then LOWPE!

Direct hit takes Burch down, but Lio throws him into the LED apron. Lio then puts Burch in the ring and takes aim from the corner. Spinning roundhouse! Cover, TWO! Lio grows frustrated, but he says it’s time. Lio climbs up to the top rope, but Burch heads over to trip him up. Burch brings Lio out, but Lio flips out of the Tower of London! Lio kicks, Burch blocks and flips Lio, but Lio lands on his feet. HEADBUTT from Burch! Lio is down, and Burch waits for him to stand again. Corner clothesline, enziguri and snapmare. Burch hops up, leaps, missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Lio still lives and now Burch grows frustrated. Burch gets up as fans rally again. Burch stalks Lio at the ropes, waistlocks but Lio holds on! Burch clubs him down, drags him up, but Lio still holds on.

Lio uses momentum to roll Burch around, TWO! Lio hops up, but into a POWERBOMB! Burch rolls Lio to his feet, GERMAN SUPLEX! But he holds on, wristlock ripcords for a LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Burch can’t believe it! Burch’s take on Trent Seven’s Seven Star Lariat didn’t do it, so what must he do? Burch looms over Lio as fans build to a rally. Burch drags Lio up and suplexes, but Lio blocks. Burch tries again, Lio slips free and gets moving, THE COME UP!! Burch is in the drop zone, Lio hurries to the top rope! But here comes GARZA! Garza shoves Lio down!

Winner: Lio Rush, by disqualification

Garza hands Lio the win, and even dropkicks Burch! Garza grins, it seems Burch did his job. Garza drags Lio up, underhooks, lifts and WING CLIPPER! Garza dusts off his hands as fans boo and jeer. Garza grabs the Cruiserweight Championship and says, “Look at this!” Lio crawls over feebly as Garza kisses the belt. Garza is so confident he’s going to win, but will it all come crashing down?



My Thoughts:

This was still a good episode, but the Singh Brothers and Tony Nese practically killed the momentum. Since there are barely any wrestlers left on 205 Live, there isn’t even a tag team for the Singhs to have a feud with, and now Nese is getting in on this for some reason. It’s a bit sad, really. Gallagher’s simple and therefore cryptic tweet is a great move for his story, though. If this is his newest Heel turn, I think this is going to be a lot of fun. The other two matches were great. Garza and Mendoza was a solid opener, Lio and Burch was a solid closer, but it was hard for fans to really get into the main event after the middle. Obviously Garza and Lio were going to win, but it was a great move for Garza to attack Lio before he actually won. This being the unofficial go-home to NXT’s Cruiserweight Championship match, it’s going to be an amazing match, and even with Garza standing tall here, I feel like there won’t be 50-50 booking keeping him from winning. It could probably go either way, really.

My Score: 8.2/10

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