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Mitchell’s WWE Backstage Report! (12/10/19)

CM Punk’s back again!



WWE Backstage coverage

The Cult of Personality! The Cult of Personality!

As WWE heads for TLC, what will the Voice of the Voiceless have to say about Seth Rollins, Rusev’s divorce, and Corbin VS Roman?


Renee Young runs down the schedule!

The panel will preview the final WWE PPV of 2019 in TLC, talk directly to King Baron Corbin, and hear everything CM Punk has to say about it!


Let’s get Just the Highlights!

The Revival survived a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Tag and now head for a rematch with the New Day! Will they bring an end to lucky number 7? Bray Wyatt is playing a dangerous mind game with The Miz, but he’s also winning it so far. Will The Miz settle the score on Sunday? Lacey Evans isn’t intimidated by bratty Banks and Bayley, but she was beat down by them. The Big Dog gets treated as less than human, but is the Lone Wolf’s bark worse than his bite?

On Raw, Rusev and Lana are no more, and so is the table they signed the papers on! Will the Bulgarian Brute break more tables using Bobby Lashley? #KabukiStrongStyle also wrecks tables as Asuka and Kairi Sane take bold action against The Man and The Queen. Will Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair use ever table, ladder and chair possible to get revenge and those WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships? And The Viper slithers in, but doesn’t bite, because Rey Mysterio retaining is more than enough damage done to AJ Styles! And while Kevin Owens was right all along, it didn’t stop Seth Rollins and the Authors of Pain dealing out damage of their own. What does this new alliance mean for all of the WWE?

Renee and the panel felt this coming, but that doesn’t lessen the impact, both physically and emotionally. What does everyone think of Rollins truly going bad? Booker T likes it. Rollins was riding that line, but now he’s pulled the trigger. AOP have been waiting, and now they’re in the game again. They are finally getting the opportunity and the rub they deserve. Punk feels this new trio is more a “wait and see.” It doesn’t need to be another Shield, but showing up in suits all the time, they might get stuck wearing those in a match. One kick splits the slacks! But we’ve seen Rollins have guys behind him when it was J&J Security, so hopefully it isn’t that either. Paige feels it’ll be different, but “big shocker,” she’s liking this role. Never trust someone sitting in the back of a van!

Where did this van even come from? Booker did like how it was used, though. The turn around made a great reveal moment. And then Rollins running down the fans, “What do you want from me?!” is a great move. Punk knows we all want Rollins to be entertaining, and sometimes wrestlers just aren’t good at being good guys. Rollins can be a great Heel so be the Heel. Ironically, this’ll probably get him over again. Paige had that in her notes, too, she feels this’ll just turn things back around.

Moving on: The Big Dog and the King of the Ring!

Friday brought the feud of Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin to a new level. Corbin and Dolph Ziggler smeared dog food all over Roman as the “humiliation” Corbin promised. Renee can still smell the dog food, and Punk smells a certain something else. But this scene was the most viewed video from SmackDown and on the Fox YouTube channel. Not more than CM Punk, though, right? But is this really the hottest thing? Punk isn’t so sure. Punk surprisingly didn’t hate this segment. He has a different perspective, and his thought was Carrie, the pigs blood scene and she goes crazy. This could be that for Roman! Bad guys do bad things to good guys and this over the top thing was what “wrassling” can have. Punk would complain about a huge collection of dog food under the ring, but then he realizes kendo sticks always seem to be under there for no reason.

Booker does agree the realism is a detail, but surely fans are already pointing that out. Booker remembers Bogeyman’s $5000 collection of worms. 5 grand?! Yes, and they were real, and he actually ate them! He made himself sick for the sake of his character! But Paige points out the mystery man under the ring, too. No one saw it in commentary. At the same time, it may not be commentary’s place to point it out, but Renee is happy to know fans are discussing it, too. Booker says it is all connected to King Corbin. The plan worked, Roman was caught. But they’ll be able to ask Corbin himself up next!


Hear ye, hear ye! King Corbin is here!

The 2019 King of the Ring is Backstage, and even King Bookah is giving him praise. Anyone helping with the ropes? Renee does it as the host. CM Punk doesn’t remember getting that treatment when he first showed up. Corbin takes his seat and Renee asks how fun it is being one of the top bad guys right now. It’s a lot of fun. He is the top SmackDown Heel, and in the WWE. He loves irritating people, he’s great at it, it just comes natural sometimes. People have told him so since he was a kid. Corbin loves seeing what buttons he can push and hear about it on social media now.

Booker says not since Vickie Guerrero has a Heel gotten heat like Corbin. Corbin says he was with Ziggler and Ziggler said the same thing. How does Corbin stay on that? He just revels in it. When fans boo and spew hate, it makes Corbin feel like he’s doing his job. He loves every second of it. Booker says that is what is missing in the industry. That’s because some people can’t take the backlash. A lot of people want to be “cool.” Punk already knows the answer to this, but has Corbin ever been a Face? Nope! Punk says it’s easier to be a bad guy, especially when starting. Then if you’re good enough at being bad, the fans will find something to love. Is it getting there yet? Nope, still feels like pure hatred. The King of the Ring tournament started getting him some fans, but then he worked on getting them to dislike him again.

And Corbin does agree, it is hard to stay a consistently good bad guy that fans love to hate. But that’s Corbin’s job, making those good guys look great. Paige wants to know if there’s a specific time when a fan’s hate felt so good. Corbin can really see it on the faces in the crowd. After WrestleMania, Corbin beat Kurt Angle, this little kid gave him the middle finger! But that kid was really into the show, and sometimes kids cry. Sometimes older people freak out just from him looking at them. But those fans are the ones who really are fans. Now, “triggering” happens easy, but especially wrestling fans on social media.

Speaking of the internet, does Corbin find it easier or harder to maintain that persona? Corbin feels it goes back to just exaggerating a natural part of himself. He isn’t out there to be friends with everyone, from college to sports to pro-wrestling. This is a job that puts food on the table. It’s almost too easy, these people are too into it at times. Anything anyone comments on about not liking, like his “TGI Fridays waiter” suit, that just becomes what he does more of to further that irritation.

Corbin has very thick skin by Punk’s assessment. Punk was in the same boat with the Straightedge Society angle where it bordered on cult, especially in the Bible Belt region of the US. People were legitimately angry, like little old ladies. But Punk was also proud of getting that reaction. Bad guys do bad things, and again, the dog food. Punk’s instant analysis was Vince insisted on “real dog food.” It was 1000% real. Even Corbin got a taste of some, so he knows. And (in character) Roman deserved it, for getting spoon fed so much in his career, so Corbin decided to force feed him some dog food. The Big Dog was hungry, wasn’t he? Booker again brings up the real worms from Bogeyman, so fair is fair.

Booker also remembers back to his first match with The Undertaker, and how he was a big fan of his. Corbin had that with The Rock. What was that like? It was a special moment being in there with an icon. There is just something about The Rock that helps you understand he’s a star. Even if you somehow don’t know who The Rock is, you get that feeling. Taking a Rock Bottom, the People’s Elbow and having The Rock run him down, just great stuff from one of the greatest ever. Punk chuckles a bit, but Corbin knows people feel the same about Punk. #PipeBomb, remember? Corbin hung with Rock, but owes him one. Maybe through Roman on Sunday. Corbin is going to stick around, come up with some more dastardly things to do to good guys.


Backstage goes back in time to TLC 2017.

When Bray Wyatt was too ill to finish up his story with Finn Balor, in stepped a Phenomenal substitute in AJ Styles! And it was a night that was #JustTooSweet!

AJ Styles flew up from South America to be in the ring with Finn Balor. Their career paths paralleled each other, but this was the moment for the dream match everyone wanted! The Demon and the Phenomenal One already got  “This is Awesome” chants, and that is what it was immediately. Finn knows their styles gelled together so well, and going out of the ring, avoiding that double count out and the back and forth, the electricity was in the air. “It was a pretty, pretty sweet moment. Too Sweet.” In the end, Finn wins, and got to Too Sweet with Styles in the ring. It was Styles’ idea, but it made for an iconic moment from that night. They more than delivered, and without even a build. It was just two guys at the peak of their careers, giving it everything they had.

The panel discusses Balor VS Styles.

Booker was on commentary then, and seeing the fans said it all. That standing ovation was well deserved. Styles showing up without any preparation, but he was surely ready to steal the show and have a moment. When you get a moment, that’s the chance you get. Styles and Balor gave the fans what they wanted, showed the respect of the craft and created magic. Paige and CM Punk are lucky to have moments like those in their careers. Paige remembers The Rock telling her the day before WrestleMania that she would debut the day after, and we all know now that it was against AJ Lee to win the Diva’s Championship. Paige loves AJ Lee for helping her with that moment, because AJ was just so relaxed. The promo was the only thing planned, but AJ helped Paige keep calm for the rest of it. Punk can attest AJ does that.

Punk remembers his shot for the WWE ECW Championship. There was almost no one there because of weather. It was just Ricky Steamboat, The Undertaker, MVP, Chavo Guerrero (who was champion at the time), and Punk. Ricky just figured they could go there for the 60 minutes, then Taker VS MVP as the main event. They did 2-out-of-3, 55 minutes hit and Ricky had them wrap. But those special moments makes pro-wrestling so great. Punk just wished that after the Too Sweet, it would’ve been a kiss, too. It was a missed opportunity. But will this year’s TLC match that phenomenal dream match?


Brandon Williams gets Savage.

Randy Savage, that is. The Ravens DT is a big fan of the Macho Man, and rightfully so. OOH YEAH~! Big Baby Brandon loved him some Macho Man.


Renee joins Baron Corbin and Matt Leinart to talk football.

Corbin was on the Arizona Cardinals with Leinart, and the Fox debut helped them reconnect. Leinart saw Corbin, Becky and The Rock, and then afterwards, they all met up later.  Corbin looked a lot different when he played. Fuller face and fuller head of hair. He was 335 lbs, now he’s a lean, mean 270. He doesn’t have to hold his breath to tie his shoes anymore. Leinart is proud of what Corbin’s doing now. Corbin talks about being the midseason transfer, he walks in and Leinart welcomed him and invited him to a party. Leinart kept things fun and loose but still a good training atmosphere. And this was back when Kurt Warner was the starter. Leinart got cut, “good stuff,” but the football locker room atmosphere is a great place. When you’re on the field, it’s a great bond.

Corbin says it is still competitive. You could get into real fights over wanting your spot on the line-up. But Corbin was previously on the Colts, and that was a different tone. Arizona was looser, Corbin got in a fight, worried about getting fined, but he just got an “atta boy!” Then it’s like nothing happened, everyone let it go. Renee has some dirt on Corbin now. But more to come from the Lone Wolf King as Backstage digs deeper into TLC.



TLC has a Raw Tag Team Championship OPEN CHALLENGE! The Viking Raiders are ready for anyone, but who steps up to go after the gold?


Time to Pay It Off!

The Fiend has been doing what he wants, when he wants, and things got personal with The Miz. Paige says the dads should get involved, Papa Miz and the one and only IRS. But it is going to be exciting to see that this is Firefly Fun House Bray, not The Fiend. No red lights is a bonus, obviously. An exciting switch-up really.

The Rusev-Lana-Lashley triangle brought about a divorce. Lana blamed the WWE Universe for making the marriage “FAAAAAIL~!” Yikes, yet also perfect. This Tables Match, Punk could go into it forever. Punk is glad he’s not the one behind this story, it means he’s still sane. But he says the match, the blow-off, Rusev wants away from Lana. Lana and Lashley do go on to be the on-screen couple, but then guess what? Lana grinds Lashley’s gears, too. Lashley leaves Lana for another “divorce” or whatever. Lana gets another two men, they go after Lashley and Rusev who have bonded over Lana being crazy, and we have a great WrestleMania “Lana in a Shark Cage” match. The new team is even sick of her, the losers get stuck with Lana! It can go forever, to Saudi Arabia special #5!


It’s time to Smarten Up!

The WWE’s influence spreads further than you think! Even Jeopardy got into it recently! The WWE Slammy Awards was a category! For $200: “New sensation of the ring in 1997 was this guy who now dabbles in action films, and TV, and basically, world domination.” How obvious. Who is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? Slammy Awards for $800, “No winner for 1987’s Song of the Year–Sika ate the envelope–but this WWE head honcho was nominated & did perform ‘Stand Back.'” How did they not get this one? Who is Vince McMahon?

But now, Renee is taking credit that being Canadian makes you a fantastic host. That includes game shows! And so Renee is going a Triple Threat Trivia match! To be the man, you’ve got to beat the man! Booker puts up some “long green duckets!” First, CM Punk! Then, Paige! And of course, Baron Corbin! The levels are $100, $300, and $600, all in the case. They will write their answers, the correct answers get the cash, but of course there is Final Smarten Up, where you can go big or go home.

First question: This WWE superstar beat Hulk Hogan for the WWE World Title at WrestleMania VI. Booker knows, but do the contestants know? The answers are in, Paige says Ultimate Warrior. KACHING! Punk says Sergeant Slaughter. BUZZ! Corbin says Ultimate Warrior. KACHING! Well keep eyes on who is writing when, just in case. Punk was always more an NWA guy, not WWF, “brother.”

Second question: This future WWE Hall of Famer made his debut as The Ring Master. Another easy one, right? Paige says STONE COLD! KACHING! So does Punk! And Corbin… Wait, wait did he do that last minute again? It looks like he put “Stone Cob” on there… Well anyway, Corbin and Paige are tied with 400, Punk’s on the board with 300.

Third question: This man was the first to win the WWE world title by winning the Royal Rumble. $600 on the line, who gets it? Corbin blanks. Paige says Ric Flair! KACHING! Paigepedia! Punk says Flair, too. Corbin puts “WOO,” that shouldn’t count. So Paige has $1000, Punk has $900, Corbin is stuck at $400. But now, the Final Smarten Up is for all the beans!

Final question: This former WWE world champion once held the title for 2138 days, then shocked the world in 1994 when he won it again at the age of 45! All or nothing! Paige says Harley Race, but NOPE. She lost it all! Punk put Flair, but NOPE. Corbin says he’s getting paid to fight, not do trivia. No one wins, it was BOB BACKLUND! Booker keeps his cash, hahaha. But speaking of future Hall of Famers, we’re already learning about some big names. Backstage will be back to talk about them and those that could be joining the 2020 class!


The WWE Hall of Fame gets Too Sweet!

That’s because the nWo is in the Class of 2020! Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and X-Pac are in! But so is the Animal, Dave Batista! Social media posts vote for Christian to be in! The panel feels that’s fair. Well, except for CM Punk. The WWE Hall of Fame is illegitimate unless they put in EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of the nWo at its peak! Wallstreet needs rings!

Social media has also found the fight Corbin got in on the practice field. Corbin is proud he punched that helmet off. Social media also has “Stone Cob,” a big ear of corn, hanging out with Kenan Thompson to show Corbin. But with that, WWE Backstage signs off! What happens between now and next week that will make the headlines?



My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode, though it does lean more towards shoot than kayfabe compared to previous episodes. This episode was basically what fan sites like ours talk about, but on TV. I’m actually surprised Punk didn’t hate on the dog food stuff, but I suppose there is merit to going over the top in a somewhat logical way. Hearing Corbin talk about enjoying being a legit Heel was great, we really do need more of those, and especially in the WWE. Corbin is definitely one of those guys that can make an entire career out of getting Heel heat, but sometimes what Vince writes for him to do does border “go away heat.” I’m moderately disappointed they didn’t bring up how Corbin’s match with Roman is a TLC and the implications of that decision, i.e. was this really the match for them to have? But it was still a good amount of material from Corbin. That quiz show stuff was pretty funny, too. It seems Corbin’s weakness is trivia.

Again, I do wish this episode would’ve talked more about how TLC’s build has gone, but I suppose since this is a WWE show, they weren’t going to go that hard on criticizing Vince’s decisions, as much as I’m sure CM Punk would love to. But again, that’s why sites like ours exist. I did like that they chose the Balor VS Styles match to reminisce about, and I realize that was before we were “The Chairshot,” or else I would’ve linked to it here. And one point that’s true is that if TLC (as a whole) is even half as good as that match, we’ll be alright despite the lack of announced matches.

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More From Japan






GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Championship Postponed 

Due to Chris Ridgeway being unable to get a Visa in time for the Nippon Budokan event on July 12th, the GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Championship match has been postponed. Therefore, Yoshinari Ogawa and Yuya Susumu will team together against Eita and Kotaro Suzuki. Susumu says he knows he cannot replace Ridgeway, but will fight with him in mind.

Seiki Yoshioka attacks HAYATA (repeatedly)

Following his GHC Junior Heavyweight challenge to HAYATA, Seiki Yoshioka turned the tension up a notch by fighting with HAYATA after the match in Fukushima on the 2nd (HAYATA had made him bleed) and introducing him to his new superkick, and then intruding on the match in Yamagata on the 3rd, which got the match thrown out. Poor HAYATA had been kicked in head quite a few times over the course of the two days, and so was not in any position to speak. Seiki Yoshioka was though, he had taken the belt backstage, and holding it up the camera announced that he was putting everything on the line to win, and he would knock HAYATA out again at The Budokan. Yuya Susumu later posted on his Twitter that he felt he had to apologize for how Yoshioka was behaving.

Speaking of STINGER (HAYATA, Yoshinari Ogawa & Yuya Susumu) came out wearing the green NOAH baseball shirts in Yamagata for the match against Perros Del Mal De Japon (Kotaro Suzuki, NOSAWA Rongai & Super Crazy). They never explained why they were wearing green, and fans were left to speculate that either they were showing their solidarity as NOAH Juniors to Perros, or it was an Ogawa mind game to remind Kotaro where he came from and who he belonged with. The singles match between Kotaro and Ogawa on July 2nd was naturally ruined by Perros who got the match thrown out by intrusion. Given NOSAWA’S comments backstage to Kotaro about “trying harder”, I am wondering how long Kotaro is going to put up with this.

Kenoh, Kojima (and Kobashi)

Following two frustrating pre matches in which neither the champion or the challenger won over the other, and an escalation in “competition” where Kenoh did press ups backstage next to a fallen Satoshi Kojima in Fukushima, and Kojima demonstrated Lion press ups to Kenoh in Yamagata (who comically appeared in front of him and then attacked him screaming about “The Mark of The Lion” and how if he missed it so much he should wear his new t-shirt), Kenoh sought advice from the master of the lariat, Kenta Kobashi by making a first visit to his gym. Lariats are not something Kenoh has used before, so it will be interesting to see if the teaching he got from Kobashi was how to throw them or how to withstand them.

GHC Heavyweight Tag Champion Humiliation

Satoshi Kojima might have had a frustrating stalemate, but at least Kojima was spared the humiliation that the GHC Heavyweight Tag Champions endured, when again they lost via Masa Kitamiya submitting to Hideki Suzuki in Yamagata. Suzuki had said he was doing a kind of scouting mission as he wanted to know their strengths and weaknesses and the strengths and weaknesses of their techniques. Timothy Thatcher was given a firsthand look, when the champions demonstrated their new tandem move, a double powerbomb, to win the match.

Go Shiozaki & Shuhei Taniguchi miss events

Go Shiozaki was absent from the 2nd and 3rd July weekend events due to being a close contact with someone with Coronavirus. This necessitated a card change as it was almost last minute. What was last minute (as in about seven minutes before the event started) was Shuhei Taniguchi being withdrawn from the event due to mild heatstroke.

Yoshiki Inamura’s Fire Festival 2022

Although Yoshiki Inamura did not defeat Masato Tanaka, his Fire Festival opened with a time limit draw at thirty minutes. Inamura didn’t feel that he had approached Tanaka with this, but has sworn to beat everyone else and return to NOAH with the sword.


– Tadasuke is wondering why there has been no comeback from the NOAH Junior Regulars regarding his banishment of Haoh (who seems to have vanished off the face of the earth). I think Tadasuke will get his answer when NOAH are back in Tokyo.

– Alejandro greeted the Yamagata crowd as the Fukushima one, to be scolded by Hajime Ohara for his mistake.

– Kenoh’s Michinoku Pro rival, Fujita “Jnr” Hayato, made his return to the ring following a five year absence due to cancer. He named two people he wanted to fight, Hiromu Takahashi and of course, Kenoh. Kenoh says that he should fight Hayato first. Not only did Hayato mention him first, but even by the Japanese (gojūon) syllabary Kenoh (i.e. KE) comes first. Kenoh then returned to his preoccupation that seems to be obsessing him these days, “The Lion Mark” (New Japan logo).

– Kenoh grumbled that he preferred the sea to rivers just before he posted a video of himself doing Lion Push ups by one.



Fukushima Big Palette (Saturday, July 2nd)

Event recap

Post match interviews

  • Yamagata Big Wing (Sunday, July 3rd)

Event recap

Post match interviews


  • GHC Heavyweight Champion: Satoshi Kojima
    Challenger: Kenoh, “ABEMA presents DESTINATION 2022”, Nippon Budokan, 16th July
  • GHC Junior Champion: HAYATA
    Challenger: Seiki Yoshioka, “ABEMA presents DESTINATION 2022”, Nippon Budokan, 16th July
  • GHC Heavyweight Tag Champions: Masa Kitamiya & Michael Elgin
    Challengers: The Sugiura Army (Hideki Suzuki & Timothy Thatcher), “ABEMA presents DESTINATION 2022”, Nippon Budokan, 16th July
  • GHC Junior Tag Champions: STINGER (Chris Ridgeway & Yoshinari Ogawa)
    Challengers: Perros Del Mal De Japon (Eita & Kotaro Suzuki), Postponed, replacement date to be advised
  • GHC National Champion: Masakatsu Funaki
    Challenger: TBA


(July 2022 schedule)


Friday, July 8th: vs Hide Kubota

July 9th: Road to Nippon Budokan special autograph session

Sunday, July 10th

Venue: Fujisan Messe, Shizuoka

Time: 13:00 JST

Broadcast: WrestleUniverse (event will not be streamed live)


“Fire Festival 2022” Press Conference B Block – Yoshiki Inamura comments

I AM NOAH Ring Announcer

Keiji Mutoh Final Countdown Series


Donmai-Donmai (Mitsuharu Misawa’s diary)

GIF taken from NOAH Official Twitter & NOAH Official YouTube

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More From Japan


New challengers, reunited friendships and the usual Junior division shenanigans! Hisame brings all the NOAH updates!





Hideki Suzuki & Timothy Thatcher challenge for the GHC Heavyweight Tag Titles

Masa Kitamiya had been saying for a long time that he and Michael Elgin, where looking for strong challengers, but lamented that none had come forward yet. The challengers they had been looking for came forward following Timothy Thatcher making Masa Kitamiya tap in Yokohama on the 24th June, and Hideki Suzuki challenged for the belts on their behalf. The title match will take place on the 16th July at the Nippon Budokan.

Go Shiozaki and Shuhei Taniguchi, reunited?

Following their singles match in Yokohama this past week, a fire seems to have been lit between Shuhei Taniguchi and Go Shiozaki. The match was never originally meant to happen, but the card was changed at the last moment. During the match, Taniguchi (the monster is yet to awaken fully), fought Shiozaki in a way that convinced Shiozaki that Taniguchi had finally returned. No doubt Taniguchi’s seniors were pleased too as Taniguchi was even throwing lariats. After the match, Shiozaki hinted about tagging with Taniguchi again and they will do this on NOAH’s next event on July 2nd.

Kenoh, Kojima, the time out draw and 1000 squats

Kenoh and Satoshi Kojima came to a time out draw in Yokohama, and then Kojima’s sense of humor and Kenoh’s hidden one (he’s kind of like Toshiaki Kawada in this) came to the fore when Kojima tried to close out the show. Kenoh snatched the mic and told him this wasn’t New Japan and those who didn’t win, don’t close out the show. The mention of New Japan, made Kojima tell Kenoh to run off home and do 1000 squats. After a few minutes of snatching the mic between them and bickering “You go home!”, “No, you go home!” , Kenoh stalked backstage and did squats very loudly. Yokohama is a small venue and so anything loud (such as the NOAH Juniors fighting) can be heard by the audience, and Kenoh knew this and so everyone could hear him doing squats and counting loudly. Kojima went backstage and confronted Kenoh. Kojima acknowledged that he couldn’t beat Kenoh in a verbal argument, and they got into a physical fight.

Then it went slightly off the rails again, when Kenoh pulled out the platform truck that held the folding chairs, to which Kojima told him that if he broke any equipment, then he would have to pay for it. Kenoh said he didn’t care, Kojima said he knew he did…Kenoh was a “cheap bastard”. Kenoh stamped off, telling Kojima to go back to New Japan.

Sickness bug hits NOAH

A sickness bug hit NOAH over the N-Innovation and Yokohama Radiant Hall events when Daisuke Harada (for whom it is very unusual to be ill) and Alejandro came down with fevers, and Rene Dupree came down with gastroenteritis. The result of this was that Daisuke Harada was replaced by Xtreme Tiger (see below for more), Shuhei Taniguchi moved from the opener to the singles with Go Shiozaki and Atsushi Kotoge and Satoshi Kojima filled in. Kojima happily took part in working the N-INNOVATION and the opening match at that, he even appeared without the GHC Heavyweight Championship. Kojima had a fight with Shuji Kondo, which was a continuation of a long dormant rivalry, while Atsushi Kotoge (who took part in the heavyweight Yokohama Night) and Kinya Okada managed to bruise the neck of Akitoshi Saito so much that he even put it on his official Twitter.

Seiki Yoshioka, Yuya Susumu & HAYATA

The Hiroshima Boys have fallen apart in a spectacular fashion.

Yuya Susumu attempted a reconciliation at the N-Innovation, but both before the match and after it, Seiki Yoshioka (who won the match) refused to shake hands. First time he attacked, the second time he just left the ring. Susumu (who I get the impression knows what both Yoshioka and HAYATA are like and how to handle them best) said that he would wait for Yoshioka to return, as he knew that he would eventually. This wasn’t Yoshioka’s last appearance of the evening, as when HAYATA defeated Hajime Ohara, in a match that HAYATA found Ohara had studied for, Yoshioka came to challenge for the GHC Junior. HAYATA, believing that he and Yoshioka were still friends, said he would be happy to put the belt on the line against him and went for a handshake. Yoshioka treated him the same way he had treated Susumu, with a swift kick.

Backstage, Yoshioka elaborated on his decision to leave STINGER. He had done this in order to challenge HAYATA. It was unavoidable, if he wanted to go to the top of the NOAH Juniors, then that road led through HAYATA. Title match has been set for the 16th July at the Nippon Budokan.

Open The TriangleGate update & GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Challenge

As ever in the NOAH Juniors, things can get a little complicated.

To explain from the beginning. With Daisuke Harada falling ill with a fever and being unable to compete, DragonGate GM Ryo Saito advised that the Open The TriangleGate would be vacated and Perros Del Mal De Japon (NOSAWA Rongai, Eita and Kotaro Suzuki) would face the NOAH Junior Regulars (Atsushi Kotoge, YO-HEY and Xtreme Tiger) for them. Perros won and once again became the champions. That same night, Yoshinari Ogawa crashed their backstage promo, and slapped Kotaro in the face. Ogawa was beaten down by all three and thrown in the ring, where Eita challenged Ogawa and Chris Ridgeway for the GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag titles (Nippon Budokan, 16th July). Chris Ridgeway says that they will defend their titles and take their Open The Triangle Gate titles.

Despite Perros show of unity, and Eita challenging for the GHC Junior Tag titles with Kotaro Suzuki as his partner, there are cracks appearing in Perros. In particular between NOSAWA and Kotaro, as once again NOSAWA interrupted him backstage and treated him as if he did not know how to act like a heel (Kotaro has been winding up the NOAH Juniors since his debut, which he went straight back to when he returned to NOAH) and mocked him for sounding like a babyface. Kotaro did not turn up in Dragon Gate the next day (Ryu Saito asked where he was), but he did for the title defense against Natural Vibes. Following this, NOSAWA nominated YAMATO to be the next challenger. YAMATO will come to NOAH to challenge for the belts on the 21st July alongside DragonKid and Kagetora.

Haoh leaves NOAH…and vanishes 

Haoh lost the very first “Loser Leaves NOAH” match against Tadasuke and left NOAH. He has deleted his main Twitter account, but not that of his masked character, and has seemingly vanished. As far as I know he has not been booked anywhere else. Tadasuke is elated at Haoh’s departure saying he had no choice in kicking him out, but then again he didn’t care; Haoh stole his friends name and his hair, and had left Kongoh on his own accord. Tadasuke quipped that now Haoh wouldn’t have to see his face.

Fan Meeting 2022: Let’s enjoy the N-1 100 times

To promote the N-1, NOAH will be holding events in Nagoya, Sendai, Osaka and Hiroshima over the 23rd and 24th July. Kenoh, Katsuhiko Nakajima, Kaito Kiyomiya and Go Shiozaki will be taking part each partner alternating between talk shows and lotteries on one date and autographs and photo sessions on the other.


– El Hijo Del Dr Wagner Junior defeated Manabu Soya, and then declared war on the rest of Kongoh who he said he would take out one by one.

– Naomichi Marufuji joked on Twitter that since he cannot drink currently, he will offer the prize money for the drinking challenge to the host who could out drink everyone and that he was looking for a powerful wrestler to host his YouTube show.

– Kai Fujimura made the mistake of trying to attack Yoshinari Ogawa the moment the bell rang. I need not elaborate on the outcome.

– YO-HEY says he is growing a beard.

– Takashi Sugiura will be back in ZERO1 on the 18th July when The Bullet Yankees reunite, to take on Koji Kanemoto & Tatsuhito Takaiwa.

– Katsuhiko Nakajima has posted a video of himself having his hair curled with the comment that he would be returning to something that “has been a year since then”.

– Seiki Yoshioka has returned to his pre STINGER ring clothes.

– Naomichi Marufuji is aiming to return to the ring in August.

– Yoshiki Inamura had a rough N-Innovation evening. First of all he had to very gently remove a chair from an angry Kaito Kiyomiya who was going to use it on Shuji Kondo, had to move fans for a move that Eita didn’t do in order to confuse YO-HEY, and was then used as a weapon by NOSAWA Rongai.


  • N-Innovation – Thursday 23rd June 2022, Shinjuku FACE, Tokyo

Event recap

Post match interviews

  • Sunny Voyage 2022 – Friday 24th June, Yokohama Radiant Hall

Event recap

Post match interviews


  • GHC Heavyweight Champion: Satoshi Kojima
    Challenger: Kenoh, “ABEMA presents DESTINATION 2022”, Nippon Budokan, 16th July
  • GHC Junior Champion: HAYATA
    Challenger: Seiki Yoshioka, “ABEMA presents DESTINATION 2022”, Nippon Budokan, 16th July
  • GHC Heavyweight Tag Champions: Masa Kitamiya & Michael Elgin
    Challengers: Hideki Suzuki & Timothy Thatcher, “ABEMA presents DESTINATION 2022”, Nippon Budokan, 16th July
  • GHC Junior Tag Champions: STINGER (Chris Ridgeway & Yoshinari Ogawa)
    Challengers: Eita & Kotaro Suzuki, “ABEMA presents DESTINATION 2022”, Nippon Budokan, 16th July
  • GHC National Champion: Masakatsu Funaki
    Challenger: TBA


(July 2022 schedule)

  • Saturday, July 2nd

Venue: Fukushima Big Palette, Fukushima

Time: 18:00 JST

Broadcast: WrestleUniverse (VOD)

  • Sunday, July 3rd

Venue: Yamagata Big Wing, Yamagata

Time: 17:00 JST

Broadcast: WrestleUniverse (VOD)


Kaito Kiyomiya “Pro Wrestling Love” inheritance, Keiji Mutoh’s fight “Shaping the love I received”

The day before The Loser Leaves NOAH match, Tadasuke “I can’t quit, because I haven’t been a singles champion”. Haoh “Still dreaming”

“Rebellious Mui-Bien” Ohara can afford leeway, to HAYATA “Overturn everything” – GHC Junior Championship signing ceremony


Donmai-Donmai (Mitsuharu Misawa’s diary)

– Mitsuharu Misawa said that Kotaro Suzuki and Go Shiozaki were a pair of nerds, and no matter how many times they asked him, the answer was “nope”, he would never be going on their “tour” of Akihabara.

With thanks to: Metal NOAH

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