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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (12/12/19)

The tag titles are on the line!




The first part of the deal is dealt with!

Joe Coffey and Walter agreed to the terms, and now it’s time to come through! Will Gallus boys still be on top against Imperium in tag title action?



  • Kay Lee Ray VS Isla Dawn; KLR wins.
  • Trent Seven VS Michael May; No Contest.
  • Jack Starz VS Ridge Holland; Holland wins.
  • NXT UK Tag Team Championships: Gallus VS Imperium; Imperium wins by disqualification, Gallus retains the titles.


Kay Lee Ray VS Isla Dawn!

The NXT UK Women’s Champion has all eyes on her, and her title belt. While Piper the Viper and Toni Storm want to strike, the White Witch of Scotland wants to stake a claim! Will Isla cast a spell on KLR? Or will she be melting, melting~ in the cold of winter?

The bell rings and fans in Hull are on Isla’s side. KLR sneers as she and Isla tie up. KLR headlocks, but Isla reverses to a wristlock. Isla keeps KLR from the ropes but gets a SLAP for it! KLR headlocks again, but Isla powers out. KLR stops herself to boot her back! KLR whips but Isla crossbodies on the return! Cover, TWO! Isla runs but KLR ducks down, only to miss her dropkick! La Magistrol, TWO! Isla slips around but no crucifix, KLR chicken wings and lifts. But Isla slips out of the Gory Bomb for a SUNSET Bomb! Cover, TWO! KLR mule kicks and whips, but Isla reverses and dropkicks! Fans rally as Isla has KLR in the corner. Isla runs in, but misses and knees buckles! KLR stomps Isla’s legs at the ropes but the ref backs her off.

KLR drags Isla in to stomp more while fans rally up. KLR drags Isla up, suplexes but Isla blocks. Isla clubs KLR and spins around, but KLR bucks her off. Isla’s leg gives out, KLR stomps her more. Fans boo as KLR drags Isla up to CHOP and Gourd Buster! Cover, TWO! KLR grows annoyed with Isla as she drags her up again. Fans rally as Isla fights back. KLR clubs Isla down and Isla crawls away. KLR stalks her to ropes and throws big hands. KLR puts Isla in the corner and has the leg wrapped around ropes! The ref counts and KLR lets up at 4, but then she runs at Isla! Isla dodges and the kick goes into buckles! Isla SAIDO SUPLEX! KLR scrambles away as Isla runs in, big knee hits this time! Isla walks it off and hurries up top. Isla leaps, METEORA! Cover, TWO!! KLR lives and Isla can’t believe it!

Fans rally up again, and Isla drags KLR up into a waistlock. Isla wants a half nelson but KLR resists, then rakes the eyes! Mule kick to the bad leg, mule kick to the face! KLR underhooks and lifts, GORY BOMB! Cover, KLR wins!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray, by pinfall

Fans don’t like it, but they have to accept it: KLR is hard to beat. But will Toni Storm and Piper Niven accept that fact as we draw closer to TakeOver: Blackpool II?

KLR takes up a mic to say, “Once again, your NXT UK Women’s Champion proved just how dominate she truly is!” Fans boo as KLR says that she has complete control both in the ring, and out. She proved that she’s still in Toni’s head. And if that wasn’t enough, KLR will has her “old pal” Piper rattled. But wait, here is Piper in person! And Toni blows past her to get at KLR! A brawl is on, but as Toni underhooks, Piper gets in, and KLR shoves Toni into Piper! KLR gets away before Toni can recover, but now Toni and Piper have problems. Fans are divided as they argue, and KLR just laughs.

But then, Sid Scala appears! The Assistant GM says that if this is going to continue week after week, he and Johnny Saint have only one solution: NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool 2, an NXT UK Women’s Championship TRIPLE THREAT!! KLR doesn’t like that one bit, but neither do Toni or Piper. However, everything will be settled in one match! Who beats the odds and comes away with the title?


Jordan Devlin has another presentation.

“Hello, everyone, and welcome back to another critically acclaimed ‘Jordan Devlin Presents: The Best of NXT UK.'” He’s gotten some grief from boys in the back that they weren’t in the highlights, so Devlin will shine a spotlight on the rest of this very talented roster. So without further ado, The Best of the Rest.

There’s Moustache Mountain VS Grizzled Young Veterans from TakeOver: Blackpool, the original NXT UK Tag Team Championship match. Tyler Bate, shortest man on the roster with the shortest United Kingdom Championship reign. Devlin also would like to point out that Moustache Mountain didn’t win that match, Bate and his “elderly father” just couldn’t get it done.

The next clip is Imperium brutalizing Bate at the Download Festival over the summer, before TakeOver: Cardiff. Great stuff as Walter throws Bate into the ring post. One last clip is from Cardiff’s “five star classic” of Bate VS Walter, where Bate lost while Devlin had to sit on the sidelines. But Devlin does enjoy Bate getting destroyed in such a big moment. Bate could’ve taken the title back, and NXT UK with it, but what happened? He was crushed by the pressure, and by Walter’s weight. “No chance, mate.”

But that’s what happens when you put your faith in Tyler Bate. Bate may be the star, but he is not the Ace. Thank you for watching. If Bate was watching, what will his response to Devlin be?


NXT UK Media caught up with Joe Coffey at the UK Performance Center.

Joe was asked about what it would mean to become the WWE UK Champion. What would it mean to him and the Gallus Firm to have that title? It’s the “biggest score” the brand has to offer. And the biggest man is holding it. Joe again reminds “Jolly Wally” that at last year’s Blackpool, those “clumsy size 14 boot” left its mark. The Gallus boys didn’t take too kindly to that. So this time around, as they return to Blackpool, Joe promises to leave his mark on Walter, and Imperium, and take that WWE UK Championship! Gallus boys on top! And that’s because this is their kingdom. With that, Joe moves on to take care of business.


Trent Seven VS Michael May!

The Man from Moustache Mountain is back again, and taking on a new Irish star to join NXT UK! Seven surely knows the message Eddie Dennis sent, will he send one back?

Speaking of Dennis, he comes out and attacks Michael May outta nowhere! He drags May out and throws him around into barriers and the steel steps! Then he feeds May into the ring and says it is a “gift” to Seven. Seven has no idea what Dennis is thinking, but he checks on May. Dennis takes his leave, will he only become more deranged as time goes on?

No Contest


Backstage interview with Noam Dar.

As we grow closer to TakeOver: Blackpool 2, Radzi brings up what Dar said before TakeOver: Cardiff. Dar claimed- Claimed? He doesn’t make claims. Dar states facts. So Radzi can go with Dar to see the contract for himself. C’mon, just follow Mr. Supernova 11. Dar complains he has to do this. Dar knocks on the door, and Saint and Scala answer. Dar knows they know his TakeOver: Blackpool 2 match hasn’t been announced because they were “saving the best for last.” But Dar says until then, he’ll be on holiday for a few weeks. Scala says that the terms of his contract are quite what he thought they were. But also don’t pack your bags just yet. Because next week, Dar will be taking on someone with a lot of TakeOver experience: Tyler Bate! Dar blames Radzi for this, then storms off. Will Bate be sending Dar packing for the holidays?


Jack Starz VS Ridge Holland!

The UK underdog did well against A-Kid, even in losing. But will he even survive his run in with #NorthernGrit?

The bell rings and fans are cheering for their own as Ridge TOSSES Starz! Starz flounders up to get run over! Ridge drags Starz up to whip hard into a corner, then reel him in for an overhead suplex! Ridge stomps away on Starz, up until the ref counts 4. Ridge drags Starz up but Starz fires off hands, only to get a big knee! Ridge cravats and kenes away on Starz, then rocks him with a big European Uppercut. Ridge drags Starz up and around, traps the arms, and throws Starz overhead again! Starz flounders as fans cheer the strength.

Ridge storms over and rams his knees and elbows into Starz over and over. Ridge grinds his forearms into Starz’s face but lets up at 4. Ridge whips Starz corner to corner, but misses as he runs in! Starz has a headlock, but Ridge powers him off. Starz lands on his feet and clubs Ridge on the back, then throws body shots! Starz fires off! Dropkick rocks Ridge, and Starz throws an uppercut! Ridge shoves, Starz uppercuts again, but then runs into a POUNCE! Ridge drags Starz up, and ROCKS him with a right hand. But Ridge isn’t done, he drags Starz back up, scoops and BRAIN BUSTER! The Northern Grit itself! Cover, Ridge wins!

Winner: Ridge Holland, by pinfall

Hull hails Holland the hulking conqueror! Ridge simply gives a tip of the cap as he heads out. Is Ridge Holland headed for the top of NXT UK?


NXT UK Media catches up with Kenny Williams.

The Lucky Yin doesn’t get what’s going on, but they say it is a surprise. Amir Jordan is back! He’s back to 100%! And even better news, they’re back in tag team action! And you know what that means? Time to dance! Six months and Amir is still the same. Jordan and Williams are reunited, but will the big breakthrough be that the Lucky Yin gives in to the Bhangra Boogie?


NXT UK Tag Team Championships: Gallus VS Imperium!

In order for brother Joe to get his shot at Walter, Mark Coffey and Wolfgang must defend these titles against Imperium’s Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner. Will Imperium add to their treasures? Or will Gallus boys stay on top?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and tensions rise already. The ref can’t get control so he just rings the bell! The brawl is on between Wolfgang and Aichner! Mark and Barthel back off so that Wolfgang can hammer away. Aichner hits back, but Wolfgang powers him to the Gallus corner. Tag to Mark and Mark throws body shots and forearms. Mark whips Aichner but Aichner slides under, only to swing into a waistlock. Aichner elbows free and then gets a headlock takeover. Fans rally as Mark endures the grind. Mark fights his way up, powers out but Barthel tags in. Aichner reverses the whip and ducks down, Mark runs into Barthel’s arm-drag! Barthel has the armlock and pulls back hard.

Fans rally and Mark endures more. Mark pushes Barthel’s foot off his face and gets up, but Barthel wrenches to a rough wristlock. Barthel wrings Mark out and then gets a grounded keylock. Mark endures and fans rally back up. Barthel brings Mark to the Imperium corner, tag to Aichner. Imperium mugs Mark and Aichner mounts with an armlock of his own. Mark endures and fights back up to waistlock. Aichner bucks Mark off but turns around into Mark’s shoulder block! Tag to Wolfgang, Gallus wrenches and runs Aichner over. Wolfgang wrenches and yanks on Aichner’s arm, then lifts Aichner up to drop him down. Wolfgang grinds a knee into the arm but Aichner fights up. Aichner reaches but Wolfgang whips him away. Aichner reverses but Wolfgang leaps and shoulders Aichner down! Tag to Mark, and Gallus double wrenches, double CHOPS and double MONKEY FLIPS Aichner away!

Aichner bails out, Barthel runs in, but he gets a double leg hook catapult! Wolfgang drags Barthel into a normal catapult, and Mark catches Barthel for the fireman’s carry! But Barthel rakes eyes to get free, then he throws Mark into the ropes. Imperium meets at the corner with dropkicks! Fans boo as Barthel wipes his shoes off. Aichner tags in and drags Mark over to bump off buckles. Fans rally but Aichner CHOPS, stomps, uppercuts, repeat! Aichner stomps a mudhole then argues with the ref as he counts. Mark hits back but Aichner clubs Mark down. Aichner stomps Mark more then tags Barthel. Imperium mugs Mark then Barthel taunts him. Barthel stomps Mark in the corner but lets up at 4. The ref reprimands him but Barthel is right on Mark with a rain of right hands and even headbutts! Barthel fires off hands from all sides, and the ref has to push him away!

Oh no, the X comes up? Wolfgang doesn’t want it to end like this, but medics come out to check on Mark. Wolfgang hurries over and Imperium takes a step back. But Mark insists he’s fine, and even eggs Barthel on. Barthel walks over, to get a SLAP! And haymakers! And forearms! But Barthel knees low and clubs away! He even headbutts Mark down! The ref reprimands Barthel but Barthel just stomps away on Mark. The ref counts but Barthel tags out to Aichner. Aichner gets his boots in but lets up at 4. Aichner drags Mark up to LARIAT him right down! Aichner toys with Mark while fans rally up, but Aichner LARIATS Mark again! Aichner poses to soak up the heat. Aichner drags Mark up and knees low, then whips him in to the Imperium corner. But Mark uses that to DECK Barthel! And then he dumps Aichner out! Fans fire up as Mark crawls towards his corner!

But Aichner gets around the way and intercepts, only to get tossed! Hot tag to Wolfgang! Fans fire up for Wolfie as he rallies on Barthel, big whip and big crossbody in the corner! Forearm DECKS Aichner off the apron! Wolfgang goes up, ax handles for Barthel! Barthel flounders up to his feet, Wolfgang military presses as Aichner returns, and he throws Barthel onto Aichner! Hooked-leg suplex! Cover, TWO!! Aichner lives but Wolfgang won’t let up. Wolfgang drags Aichner up and Mark tags in. Gallus gambles as Wolfgang catapults Aichner for Mark’s SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO!! Aichner survives but Mark drags him over. Fans rally up as Wolfgang tags back in. Mark scoops but Aichner slips out to kick Mark low. Aichner boots Wolfgang out but Mark runs in, only to be sent back the other way. Barthel tags in, too, but Mark dodges Aichner to rock Barthel!

Mark elbows Aichner away, runs corner to corner, but misses! Barthel runs in but is put on the apron. Barthel can’t hold on, he falls to the floor! Aichner rams Mark but Wolfang slingshots in! Aichner still gets him for a SPINE BUSTER! Barthel returns to PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO!! Wolfgang survives now and fans cheer! But now both Barthel and Wolfgang are down. Barthel gets up, drags Wolfgang up by his hair, and fans rally up as Aichner tags back in. Imperium coordinates, but Mark anchors Barthel. Aichner BOOTS Mark down hard and Mark even gets caught up in the apron skirt. Imperium goes after Wolfgang again, but Wolfgang throws hands! Wolfgang punches Barthel, then Aichner, back to Barthel and so on, but a shove leads to a Complete Shot! Aichner dead lift GERMAN SUPLEXES!

But Mark returns to throw Aichner out! Barthel and Mark brawl, back and forth, faster and faster! Hull is on Gallus’s side but Barthel ROCKS Mark! BIG EuroUpper, and a stiff enziguri! Half Hatch suplex! Barthel hops up, leaps, into a HUGE RIGHT! Aichner has Mark, rolling senton, MOONSAULT! But Wolfgang SPEARS Aichner! All four men are down and fans are thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” But oh no, here comes Zack Gibson and James Drake! But the Grizzled Young Veterans don’t attack either team, they steal the title belts! Fans boo, but Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster won’t let GYV get away with this! A new brawl breaks out on the ramp! And it ends up in the ring! Gibson throws Aichner at Andrews!!

Winners: Imperium, by disqualification; Gallus retains the NXT UK Tag Team Championships

The brawl involves all four teams now! This looks a lot like when Gallus and Imperium barged in on GYV VS South Wales Subculture! Gallus gets after them in return, as does Imperium! Andrews FLIES out onto GYV! Wolfgang FLIES out onto Imperium! As the brawl continues, here comes Johnny Saint! “Stop this madness!” The teams all calm down and sort out. Sid Scala says the NXT UK Tag Team Championships shall not be disrespected! Therefore, Saint says these titles will be suspended above the ring in the Empress Ballroom! That’s right, TakeOver: Blackpool 2 makes NXT UK history with a FATAL 4 WAY LADDER MATCH!! Gallus, Imperium, GYV and SWSC will have to literally climb to new heights! So then, who will literally be standing above the rest as champions?



My Thoughts:

A really great episode with obviously some amazing TakeOver: Blackpool 2 updates. KLR obviously wins to stay strong and talk some trash on Piper and Toni, and obviously we’re getting an awesome Triple Threat out of it! This will surely make up for Toni VS KLR falling short of everyone’s expectations, and might even exceed some this time. With it being a Triple Threat, it could go anyone’s way, but the coming weeks will surely try to confuse us with booking math. Trent Seven VS Eddie Dennis surely has to be coming, as at least part of the go-home show. Ridge Holland is a beast, get him going with a real story quick so we can start talking about him going for the yet-to-be midcard title. I liked the second Devlin presentation, and Devlin VS Bate has to be coming. I feel like Devlin might even get involved with Bate VS Dar next week to further egg the Big Strong Boy on.

Joe Coffey delivers on his promo outside of the UK PC, but he really just reiterates points from his “negotiations” with Walter last time. Gallus VS Imperium was really good, but I wonder if it was getting a bit too sloppy. The ref threw up the X, but that might’ve been a work just to help build up Mark’s toughness. However, Barthel’s fall off the apron had to be a legit botch. The ropes might’ve been slippery, or he himself was dazed from what was going on with him and Mark. GYV and SWSC showing up was obviously a turnaround from the previous interference and a great way to set up the Fatal 4 Way I always felt was coming. Didn’t see a ladder getting involved, but thinking about it, that’s the best way to do this! You know Andrews and/or The Modfather are going to have a spot leaping off the ladder, like a super Fall to Pieces or something. And as with the Triple Threat women’s title match, a Fatal 4 Ladder for the tag titles makes it hard to predict, and for the better.

My Score: 8.5/10

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