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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (12/5/19)

Can Gallus and Imperium reach an agreement?




What will it take for there to be peace on NXT UK?

The “firms” are forced to have a face-to-face! Joe Coffey meets Walter in the ring, but not to fight. What agreement, or lack there of, will come about?



  • Toni Storm VS Killer Kelly; Storm wins.
  • The Hunt VS The Outliers; The Hunt win.
  • A-Kid VS Jordan Devlin; Devlin wins.
  • Triple Threat: Travis Banks VS El Ligero VS Joseph Conners; Conners wins.


Toni Storm VS Killer Kelly!

The Lightning From Down Under is back and she wants payback on Kay Lee Ray over the NXT UK Women’s Championship! But before KLR, she’ll have to face Killer K! Will lightning strike again now that the Storm is back?

The bell rings and fans sing for Toni as she circles with Kelly. Kelly kicks but is caught! Toni throws her down then basement dropkicks! Toni throws European Uppercuts and big forearms, then fast hands and a mule kick. Toni runs to BOOT Kelly down! Fans cheer but Kelly throat chops! Kelly clubs with crossface forearms, then she pulls Toni back. Fans boo as Kelly stomps Toni down with a smile on her face. Kelly chinbars and wrenches Toni’s head, but fans rally up. Toni fights her way up, fights out, but Kelly uppercuts and clubs her back. Kelly snapmares, runs, but the kick is caught! Toni trips Kelly to run and basement lariat!

Fans fire up as Toni underhooks, but Kelly trips and jackknifes back! TWO, and Kelly mule kicks to then rolling sobat Toni to a corner! Kelly runs in but Toni SUPERKICKS! Then a waistlock for a BIG German Suplex! Toni drags Kelly back in, underhooks, STORM ZERO! Cover, Toni wins!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall

The Storm is definitely back! And she grabs a mic to speak, but KLR attacks outta nowhere! Fans boo as KLR stomps Toni, but here comes Piper Niven! The Scottish Viper scares off Scary Queen of Scots but won’t take her eyes off her. At least, not until KLR leaves. Piper offers a hand to Toni but Toni gets herself up and gets in Piper’s face! Toni basically says she didn’t need KLR, and then storms off. Between the Storm and the Viper, KLR has women hunting her down. But will Toni and Piper end up taking each other out before a title match?


Backstage interview with Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster.

The Grizzled Young Veterans have been saying all sorts of things, and it is very rare that they agree with Gibson and Drake. But when it comes to the interference of Gallus and Imperium on their tag team match, that may have been fear or tactics, who knows. But what FMW does know is that there is no clear #1 contender to the NXT UK Tag Team Championships. Where Team SWSC (South Wales Sub Culture) disagrees is that the GYV weren’t going to win, Andrews and Webster were. Both GYV and Gallus know what these two are capable of, so to Johnny Saint and Sid Scala, #DoTheRightThing. Let SWSC prove they’re no fluke, no one hit wonder, not just there to fill the card. They’re the MOST exciting team in NXT UK. Give them a spot at TakeOver: Blackpool II, and they’ll prove it.


Piper tries talking to Toni backstage.

Toni doesn’t want to hear it but Piper says she was just trying to help. Again, Toni says she doesn’t need Piper’s help! Toni just needs the title back. So stay away. Piper and Toni huff off in opposite directions, but are they going to clash on the road back to Blackpool?


The Hunt VS The Outliers!

The wild animals are back, but so are two muscular faces from Full Sail! NXT USA sends over Riddick Moss and Dan Matha- Er, uh, Dorian Mack! Will this new team of beef simply be meaty prey for The Hunt?

The teams sort out and Wild Boar starts with Moss. Moss and Mak don’t take Boar seriously, and Moss waistlocks Boar. Boar wrenches and yanks on the arm, Primate tags in, and the Hunt mugs Moss. Primate wrenches to uppercut the arm and then yank on it! Boar tags in, they mug Moss more, but Moss forearms Boar back. Boar throws big right hands to the body, then whips. Moss reverses and RAMS into Boar’s ribs! Moss talks trash to Boar, “That’s what you get!” Moss taunts the fans and Mak shouts, “The Americans have arrived!”

Tag to Mak and Moss feeds Boar to Mak’s shoulder tackle! Mak mocks Boar and drags him up to give big knees. Mak brings Boar back up, lifts him up, and tags to Moss. Moss runs, Mak feeds Boar to the back elbow! Fans boo as Mak and Moss soak up all the heat. Fans rally for “Boar! Boar! Boar!” but Moss mocks Primate. The ref has to keep Primate back but Boar starts fighting back! Moss knees Boar down then throws big forearms. Moss just keeps hammering away in the corner! The ref backs Moss off, Mak mocks Boar’s pain. Moss comes back to stomp a muscular mudhole into Boar! Mak tags in and the Outliers mug Boar while mocking him again. Fans rally and Primate reaches, but Mak taunts Boar as he stalks him. “All you gotta do is tag, little man!” Boar gets mad and throws body shots, only to get a big knee!

Mak hits Primate for good measure, then drags Boar back up for a dead lift BACKBREAKER! Cover, the ref is still busy with Primate, TWO! Mak is upset with the ref but the ref reminds Mak he’s in charge. Mak dead lifts Boar for a thrashing bearhug! Boar is a rag doll as Moss shouts “Mismatch! Mismatch!” Boar stays in this as fans rally up again! Boar ear claps! And again! Boar is free, but he’s in the Outlier corner. Boar bites Mak’s hand! Boar hits Moss, but walks into a CHOKE SLAM BACKBREAKER! Mak shouts, “I’m the man up in here!” Fans boo but Mak tags Moss in. Moss stands on Boar for a cocky cover, TWO! Moss throws hands and stomps Boar in the corner. Moss rams his shoulder in over and over, but the ref backs him off. Moss runs in, but Boar dodges! Moss hits the buckles HARD, and now both men are crawling!

Fans are thunderous for the hot tags to Mak and Primate! Primate springboards to headbutt Mak! Primate throws off furious fists from all sides! Mak shoves but Primate dropkicks him down! Moss returns, but gets a back drop! Mak misses in the corner and Primate corner clotheslines Moss! Then Primate goes corner to corner and clotheslines Mak! Primate gives Moss another, then another for Mak! Moss runs in but rams into Mak! The Hunt regroups, Primate clotheslines Mak while Boar throws Moss with an Exploder! The Hunt work together, BOAR IN MOTION! Mak tumbles down, Boar goes to the apron to frog splash onto Moss on the ground! Or is it a Boar Splash?

Primate climbs up and aims at Mak, DIVING HEADBUTT! Boar is up top, too, for his own diving headbutt! Primate hits another diving headbutt! Fans want one more, Boar tags in and we get DOUBLE HEADBUTTS! Cover, The Hunt wins!!

Winners: The Hunt, Wild Boar pinning

The animals are running wild again! Will Boar and Primate get into the tag title hunt soon enough?


A-Kid VS Jordan Devlin!

The Spanish Ace takes on the Irish Ace, but we’re about to see which one ranks higher! How will facing Devlin suit A-Kid?

The bell rings and Devlin talks trash to A-Kid, but fans are on A-Kid’s side. A-Kid headlocks and gets the takeover, but Devlin headscissors. A-Kid turns Devlin over and rolls back to have the legs for a Bow ‘n’ Arrow! Devlin pops out to cover, ONE, and A-Kid trips Devlin up. Devlin kicks A-Kid away but A-Kid kips right up! So Devlin DECKS him with a right hand! A-Kid boots back, then hops up, to leap for a flying arm-drag and a BIG dropkick! Devlin glares but he walks into a monkey flip that sends him over the top! Devlin is furious, gets in but A-Kid dodges and rolls to a bridging school boy, TWO!

A-Kid slips out to the apron and forearms Devlin away. A-Kid slingshots up but Devlin sweeps the legs! A-Kid tumbles to the mat and the ref checks on his leg. But Devlin comes over to smash the knee into the mat! Fans troll Devlin but Devlin focuses on A-Kid for a shin breaker! Devlin puts the leg on the ropes and ROCKS A-Kid with a right, to drop a knee on the knee! A-Kid is writhing and Devlin vows to break that leg. But Tyler Bate appears to coach A-Kid up! Devlin looks at Bate as fans sing and cheer, and Devlin makes sure Bate is watching as he tortures the leg! Devlin forces A-Kid’s heel to go past the hip! A-Kid endures, pushes Devlin away, but he clutches that leg. Devlin stomps the bad leg but fans cheer A-Kid on.

Devlin has knuckle locks and pushes A-Kid down for a cover, TWO as A-Kid gets a shoulder up. Devlin tries again, TWO as A-Kid gets the other arm up. Devlin tries a third time, TWO as A-Kid bridges on his one good leg! Devlin goes to put his full weight on, but A-Kid manages a monkey flip and a jump to the top rope! A-Kid wobbles but stands long enough to moonsault for a DDT!! Fans cheer as both Aces are down! Devlin flounders to a rope and Bate coaches A-Kid up. A-Kid whips but Devlin holds ropes to avoid the roundhouse! But Devlin smirks at Bate a second too long, A-Kid DIVES! Tope suicida takes Devlin down! A-Kid gets Devlin in the ring and climbs up top. Devlin flounders up, into a crossbody! But Devlin rolls through, only to roll off.

A-Kid drags Devlin up into a waistlock, Devlin swings an elbow but A-Kid ducks it, to Northern Lights! Bridging cover, TWO! Perhaps the bad leg was a factor, but A-Kid still has fans rallying for him. A-Kid brings Devlin up but Devlin reverses the whip. A-Kid barely manages to run and falls against buckles. Devlin runs in but A-Kid puts him on the apron! Devlin springs right back in for a CUTTER! Cover, TWO! Devlin is furious but he still wants Bate to watch closely. Fans rally up, Devlin yanks A-Kid off the mat, but A-Kid makes it a DESTROYER! Devlin stands up only to flop out of the ring! Fans cheer for “NXT! NXT!” as Devlin flounders his way up. A-Kid manages to go to the corner, to SUPER MOONSAULT! Fans lose their minds as Bate coaches A-Kid to get back in. But A-Kid isn’t sure about his leg.

The ring count climbs past 5 as Devlin gets back in, and A-Kid finally hobbles over. A-Kid is in at 7, only to get a PUNT to the face! Devlin shows no mercy to Bate’s boy as he just kicks away on A-Kid’s face! Devlin then blows a kiss to Bate, DEVLINSIDE! Cover, Devlin wins!

Winner: Jordan Devlin, by pinfall

Devlin glares at Bate and Bate glares back. Devlin stands on A-Kid triumphantly with hands and head held high. Will Devlin and Bate finally settle things between each other come TakeOver: Blackpool II?


Jinny and Jazzy Gabert speak.

“Right, let’s set the record straight.” Piper Niven beat Jinny, “The Queen of NXT UK.” Horrific disrespect. But then Jazzy got ejected from ringside! Again, disrespect. Fans want to talk about Jinny and Jazzy, but everything is “absolutely fine.” Jazzy even speaks up for herself! There is clearly tension growing, however. Will things stay fine between the Spoiled Princess and the Alpha Female?


Triple Threat: Travis Banks VS El Ligero VS Joseph Conners!

The Kiwi Buzzsaw and the Luchador of Leeds wanted to settle things between each other, but the Righteous Killer saw to it that everyone suffered as he suffered. Who will suffer the most by being the one pinned or submitted in this match?

The bell rings, and both Ligero and Banks go after Conners! Fans cheer as they stomp a double mudhole into Conners! Banks drags Conners up to snapmare and swiftly kick! Ligero wants a try, so he CHOPS Conners. Banks sits Conners up for another KICK, so Ligero gives Conners another CHOP! KICK, CHOP, repeat! The pace is getting faster! They’re happening at the same time now! Conners no longer stays up, so Ligero and Banks stare each other down. Conners gets up, they double SUPERKICK him out! Then they go after each other! Ligero whips, Banks gets a takedown to a cover, TWO! La Magistrol, TWO! Ligero wheelbarrows to a victory roll, TWO! Ligero spins Banks around but they fight over the backslide. They’re both down, Conners covers them both, TWO!!

Fans cheer the creativity, but now all three brawl! Conners swings but Ligero blocks, Banks CHOPS Conners but Ligero blocks a boot and sends it into Conners! Ligero knees low and whips Banks but Banks reverses. Ligero handsprings but gets caught by both Banks and Conners! Conners tosses Ligero and Ligero uses that to arm-drag Banks! Ligero forearms Conners and CHOPS Banks, repeat! Conners blocks a kick but gets a boot! Fans fire up as Ligero runs at Banks but is put on the apron. Ligero enziguris Banks, Conners runs in but misses. Ligero steps in, DOUBLE STUNNER! Banks and Conners bail out but Ligero builds speed, only to slide out over them both. Banks boosts Ligero up but Conners hits Banks away.

Ligero comes back down to headscissor Conners away while Banks is on the apron. APRON DOUBLE STOMPS! Conners ROCKS Banks and puts him in the ring, only for Banks to come back and DIVE! Fans fire up as all three men are down on the outside. Banks gets Conners in and runs to the corner, backwards flying stomps! Cover, TWO! Ligero is back in and throws forearms on Banks. Banks gives body shots then whips, Ligero uses Conners to redirect but he still misses Banks in the corner. Banks shotgun dropkicks Conners into a corner! Ligero returns, but Banks sweeps the legs, sending him into Conners! Banks covers Ligero, TWO!

Fans rally as Banks drags Ligero up. Ligero slips out to waistlock, O’Conner roll but Conners slingshot DDT’s Ligero down! Banks and Conners are up, Conners blocks a leg and throws Banks down by it. Banks and Ligero are side by side, Conners runs to get a DOUBLE Snap Chancery! Cover on Banks, TWO! Cover on Ligero, TWO! Oddly enough, Conners has fans rallying for him as he drags Ligero up for a LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Conners stomps Banks down and he drags Banks up. Banks throws hands back but Conners rams him to a corner. Conners throws forearms and elbows and CHOPS! Conners shouts, “I! AM! WORTHY!”

Conners puts Banks up top and CHOPS and haymakers. Banks resists as Conners climbs up and pulls on him. Banks sends Conners down with a gourd buster! Banks adjusts but Ligero is up top, SUPER ARM-DRAG sends Banks into Conners! All three men are down again but fans are fired up! Banks and Ligero stir while Conners has a bloody nose. Banks and Ligero go to the apron, and Ligero drags Banks up. Ligero forearms, Banks CHOPS! Ligero CHOPS, so Banks CHOPS back! Banks drags Ligero in, suplexes but Ligero fights out. Both men hop down but get to the apron again, Ligero uses the Tiger Feint to sweep the legs! Banks hits ropes on his way down and Ligero is back up.

Conners ROCKS Ligero and drags him back up by his mask. Fans rally up as Ligero resists the suplex. Ligero brings Conners out to join him and the two fight on the edge. Conners shoves Ligero but Ligero keeps himself from hitting the post. Conners kicks Ligero in the back and Ligero steps onto the steel steps. Conners STOMPS Ligero down onto the steel! The referee checks on Ligero but somehow he’s okay to continue. Conners aims at Banks and DIVES, into an UPPERCUT! The referee checks on them, they’re somehow okay to continue. Fans rally up as Banks puts Conners back in. Banks runs to the corner, SLICE OF HEAVEN!! But he’s not done, he hits a KIWI KRUSHER! But Ligero climbs the ropes for a SPLASH!

Ligero runs, springboards, C4L!! But Conners hits a SHOTGUN BOOT! Conners picks Ligero up, “Don’t! Look! Down!!” Cover, but Banks DOUBLE STOMPS it apart! All three men are down again and fans cheer it all! Then the fans rally up as Banks and Ligero stir again. Banks brings Ligero up to CHOP and CHOP but Ligero CHOPS back! Banks CHOPS, CHOPS, CHOPS, then SILCE OF- POWERBOMB!! Conners goes to throw Ligero, Ligero rolls him up instead, TWO! Conners sends Ligero out this time to hotshot Ligero away! Banks returns, BIG lariat! But no cover as Banks drags Conners up. Conners denies the Kiwi Krusher and throws Banks into Ligero! DON’T LOOK DOWN AGAIN!! Cover, Conners wins!!

Winner: Joseph Conners, by pinfall

Is he worthy? Who knows, but he IS the winner! Conners kicks at the doubting turnbuckle, vindicated by this major victory! But will this help him take over?


Kassius Ohno speaks.

“I’ve had time to reflect on my match with Tyler Bate.” Ohno isn’t the kind to make excuses or whine or complain, but he knows what happened. “Tyler Bate got under my skin. He infuriated me and made me lose sight of why I came to NXT UK in the first place.” Ohno came here to show the authentic British and European wrestling. So from here on out, the Knockout Artist takes a back seat to the Wrestling Genius. That means no more rolling elbows, shadow boots or cyclone kicks. Instead, it will be cravats, cording hold, and the Kassius Klutch. “Because I am the best British Wrestler alive.” Will Ohno’s style really change to be more substance, less flash?


Johnny Saint and Sid Scala are in the ring.

The NXT UK GM and Assistant GM prepare to preside over the “historic negotiations.” Sid introduces Joe Coffey for Gallus and Walter for Imperium. Each make makes their way out to the ring, but Joe doesn’t want to sit. They’re going to get to business. The Ring General of Imperium and the “Top boy of the fighting Gallus firm.” If Walter wants to keep going down this path, then his boys are going to get hurt. The Gallus boys know this, too. But Walter says Joe talks too much and demands to know his terms. Walter sits and Joe will let him do that. Is Walter comfortable? Because in January, a year ago, Walter showed up. Joe didn’t forget that image. Walter got in this ring, with his clumsy size 14’s, and he left this scar on Joe’s face! But what does Joe Coffey want?

That’s obvious: the biggest score in NXT UK, the WWE United Kingdom Championship. Walter is not surprised. Walter doesn’t back down from challenge. Challenges are what this sport is about. But Joe isn’t getting this for free. What does Imperium get in return? Well what does Walter want? Give your term in return. Wolfgang and brother Mark Coffey must defend those NXT UK Tag Team Championships. Done! No, Walter wasn’t done. He is, because Joe isn’t done. Joe knows his firm better than anyone! Markus and Wolfie “will turn your two bob trackie mob upside-down!” Walter stands up again, and tells Joe, “I said I wasn’t done.” Walter wants Ilja Dragunov to face Alexander Wolfe in a No Disqualificaiton match.

No, no, no, that’s not how this works. Dragunov is not part of Gallus! Joe can’t make someone not part of the firm do something for them. Well sorry then. No Dragunov, no deal. Oh really? But wait! Here comes Dragunov! The Moscow Madman has a mic of his own and heads to the ring. “Make the agreement.” Looks like they have a deal. Sid Scala makes it official! Next week, Gallus VS Imperium for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships! Then somewhere down the line, Dragunov VS Wolfe, No Disqualifications. But in the main event of TakeOver: Blackpool II, it will be WALTER VS Joe Coffey for the WWE United Kingdom Championship! The deal has been struck, and we will see these warring factions fight all the way into the New Year! Will it be a new era in NXT UK after returning to where it all began?

But while Walter lets Coffey leave peacefully, he shouts after Dragunov. Walter tells Dragunov that he made the worst decision of his career! Wolfe grabs Dragunov from under the ring! Dragunov can’t fight him off, and here come the rest of Imperium! Barthel throws Dragunov into steel steps, Aichner RAMS his knee into Dragunov! Then Imperium feeds Dragunov to Walter to BOOT! Imperium gathers in the ring, and with the table still in the ring, Wolfe gives Dragunov a POWERBOMB through it!! Imperium stands tall, ready to finally show that absolute power. Will it cost Gallus their entire kingdom?



My Thoughts:

A really great episode right here, but I didn’t expect some of the things set up for the rest of 2019. First, Toni has a good return match against Killer Kelly, and that attack from KLR should’ve been expected. But given the tension between Piper Niven and Toni Storm now, I am really hoping we’re getting a Triple Threat for the Women’s Championship at TakeOver: Blackpool II. I also like the hint at tension between Jinny and Jazzy Gabert, I wonder if that duo breaks up. I don’t even think Jazzy has to turn Face, she just has to turn on Jinny. Then Jazzy can come into her own as she goes after whatever Face holds that title.

The Hunt VS The Outliers was a great match for the sudden debut of Moss and Mak-formerly-Matha. I guess Dan Matha’s name had to be changed so that we wouldn’t remember him as the super hyped up debut that got wrecked by Samoa Joe. Moss and Mak definitely have the physical attributes and have already got their Heel personas down, but it was fine that The Hunt won, those guys need to stay afloat. Devlin upped the aggression on A-Kid, and that could even be a preview for how brutal Devlin and Bate will be, especially if it is for Blackpool II. That Triple Threat, man, wow. Why was that not for a midcard championship!? Conners wants to be worthy, NXT UK should vindicate that with a midcard title, regardless of what it’s named. Make that a Blackpool match, paralleling the NXT North American Championship Ladder Match.

Ohno’s promo video was good, but I’m not sure if they planned this in conjunction with his match with Riddle last night on NXT USA. But this makes me think Ohno should also become Mr. British Rounds Match. He should just wrestle everyone in one of those matches, and even make up the British Rounds Championship, and have it even be a fake title in kayfabe where it’s not actually a thing but he insists it is. And I basically guessed everything to come out of the negotiations between Joe Coffey and Walter, but I’m a little disappointed it wasn’t all for Blackpool. At the same time, that’s too much time to wait on all of this, so it’s good we’re getting a little bit at a time. But at least we know we’re getting the title matches we all expected.

And we should’ve all realized Imperium would beat up Dragunov as a preview of what they could easily do to Dragunov in that No Disqualification match. If Imperium is going to attack during the match, Gallus should show up to help Dragunov for an all-out brawl. Then Blackpool II can be Dragunov VS Wolfe III, possibly in a match that interference can’t be a factor. I’m not sure what that is but NXT UK surely could figure something out.

My Score: 8.5/10

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