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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (12/16/19)

Witness the TLC Fallout!



NEW Raw coverage

Will the Viper strike before the holidays?

After all the tables, ladders and chairs, Raw has a phenomenal follow up as AJ Styles settles things with Randy Orton! Will Styles finally get revenge on the “life ruiner” as a Christmas present to himself?



  • The Viking Raiders VS The OC; The OC wins.
  • Erick Rowan VS ???; Rowan wins.
  • WWE United States Championship #1 Contender’s Gauntlet Match: Decision Unclear.
  • Asuka VS Deonna Purrazzo; Asuka wins.
  • Randy Orton VS AJ Styles; Orton wins.


Seth Rollins wants to know what fans expect!

Somewhere, it all went wrong, and he can’t figure out why. He won the Universal Championship for US, and “that was still NOT ENOUGH!” He’s been called a liar, accused of conspiracy, because the truth is not good enough. “Some blithering idiot” says this and that, and fans jumped on the bandwagon. But fine. You push The Architect, Seth Rollins pushes back! Fiction has become fact, and now Rollins stands with the AUTHORS OF PAIN! What does this mean for Raw and all the WWE?


Seth Rollins is in Des Moines!

The Architect is home, but it’s hard to tell if fans are happy to see him or not. Rollins gets a mic and wishes to introduce “the first two men who have chosen to live on the right side of history!” Akam and Rezar, the AOP, are here! And they join Rollins in the ring, and even shake his hand. Rollins continues to say that now that everyone is here, they’ll get to business. When he was first in NXT, everyone said “Rollins is the future.” When Rollins arrived on Raw, “Rollins is the future.” All the way up until 2019 and he beat Brock Lesnar not once but twice, “Rollins is the future.” But not just one or two people, everyone, both fans and critics, superstars and management, everyone.

And then something happened. The mood changed, and people questioned Rollins’ leadership. It was as if Rollins did something wrong. Rollins wants to explain something here: “Being a leader is not about being cool or making popular decisions. It is about making decisions for the sake of progress.” That isn’t easy for everyone to get. Kevin Owens is a perfect example of that. That was a tragedy, but Kevin did it to himself. Kevin resisted, Kevin became an example. Rollins doesn’t lie, that is one thing that’s always been real. That isn’t going to change. So Rollins gives us some more truth, that might be hard to accept: “I am a leader.” Bigger than that, Rollins is a visionary! Rollins is going to be the man that leads Raw and the WWE into the next decade and beyond! Whether you like it or not, you are coming along, even if he has to drag you kicking and screaming into 2020! If you resist, the AOP will enforce Rollins’ will.

Now, there is something else Rollins must address. “This is one of those decisions that’s not going to be popular, but it’s the right decision.” Rollins has a score to settle, and he guarantees it will be settled before the end of the night. Rollins says this now: “I’m sorry.” Rollins and the Authors of Pain head out, but what does he mean? Who is his target?


The Viking Raiders VS The OC!

Erik and Ivar are still Raw Tag Team Champions after their open challenge got a bit messy with Kentucky Fried Chicken. But they’re still hungry for competition, will they have a second helping of Too Sweet action?

Raw returns and the Good Brothers make their entrance. Gallows and Anderson have mics to speak about last night. “Listen, listen, listen!” The OC will be the first to admit, The Viking Raiders are the “most unstoppable tag team to hit the WWE in decades.” But the team that has a win over them is The Official, the Original, and the Only Club that matters. Last night, the Vikings sacrificed themselves with those risky dives just to make sure they didn’t lose again! These ugly sum bishes are the champs, but the OC are the Best Tag Team in the World! Gallows and Anderson get in the ring, and this non-title rematch begins!

Gallows and Ivar start and tie up. Gallows kicks, headlocks but Ivar powers out. Gallows rams shoulders, but Ivar comes back to do the same. Gallows kicks low and clubs Ivar, then throws big uppercuts. Tag to Anderson but Ivar lifts Anderson to put him in the corner! Tag to Erik, and Erik feeds Anderson to knees! Ivar does the same! Anderson is down and Erik roars! Erik snarls and glares at Gallows before ramming his knees back into Anderson. Anderson gets to ropes but Erik pulls him back up and around. Tag to Ivar and Anderson gets scooped for a slam! Erik scoops and slams Ivar onto Anderson! The Vikings are fired up with Iowa as Ivar clamps onto Anderson and throws clubbing forearms.

Anderson gets to a corner but Ivar is on him with more clubbing forearms. Ivar wrenches, rams in more knees, then tags back to Erik. The Vikings mug Anderson then Erik suplexes Anderson up, and holds him there! Erik keeps Anderson there for a count of 10 before dropping him! Cover, TWO! Erik keeps on Anderson with an arm lock, but Anderson gets up and rakes the eyes! Tag to Gallows, and Gallows drives elbows into Erik. Gallows whips, but Erik goes up and over! Erik somersaults, runs, dodges and ducks to ROCK Gallows with a forearm! Gallows ends up outside, but Erik builds speed to DIVE, into an uppercut! Gallows picks Erik up to FALL AWAY SLAM him into barriers! The OC gain control as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Anderson has Erik in a chinlock. Fans rally up and Erik fights out. Erik runs but into a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, ONE!! Anderson is furious but he thrashes and rakes Erik’s face. Tag to Gallows and the OC mugs Erik. Gallows drags Erik up and puts him in the OC corner to throw off heavy hands! Gallows runs and BOOTS Erik down! Cover, TWO! Gallows drives his elbow in over and over then wraps on a tight chinlock. Erik endures, fans rally up again, and Erik fights his way up. Erik throws body shots of his own, but Gallows clubs him down. Gallows back suplexes high and hard! Tag to Anderson and he stomps Erik down at the ropes. Anderson chokes Erik on the rope but the ref counts. Anderson stops at 4 to brag about being the Best Tag Team in the World!

Anderson hits Erik more, Erik ROCKS Anderson back! Anderson boots, Erik forearms! They brawl back and forth and Erik is stuck in the OC corner. Anderson goes to back suplex, but Erik lands on his feet to tag Ivar! Ivar rallies with big forearms and a sidewalk slam! He runs to BASEMENT SPLASH! Big forearm for Gallows! Ivar scoops but Anderson escapes, only for Ivar to cartwheel and LARIAT! Ivar runs corner to corner to hit a BRONCO BUSTER! Cover, but Gallows breaks it! Ivar is seething but Gallows hurries away. Ivar puts Anderson in a corner, but Anderson dodges, to hit a neckbreaker! Both men are down but Anderson grits his teeth as he gets up. Tag to Gallows, and the OC bring Ivar up, neckbreaker back suplex combo! Cover, TWO!

Tag back to Anderson, the OC bring Ivar up to double whip. Ivar breaks through and handsprings, double back elbows! Fans fire up with the War Beard! Erik returns, both Vikings DIVE! The champions are back in control as we go to break!

Raw returns again and Gallows sucker punches Erik! Ivar punches Gallows back but gets a ROUNDHOUSE! Tag to Anderson, Gallows fireman’s carries, Anderson runs, BOOT O’ DOOM! Cover, TWO!! Anderson is furious with Ivar’s toughness! Fans rally up as The OC has Ivar cornered again. Anderson runs in but gets a BOOT! Ivar fights up, seated senton! Gallows tags in, but so does Erik! Erik blocks to give back strikes, BIG forearm! EXPLODER SUPLEX! Anderson runs in, he gets Ace Ten Mao! Erik roars and tags Ivar back. Ivar runs in to corner splash, then feed to shotgun knee! Human weapon, Ivar hip attack! Ivar covers, TWO! Ivar keeps his focus as he tags Erik back in. Iowa rallies as Ivar climbs up. Erik lifts but Gallows slips out to uppercut Ivar!

Gallows hits Erik then tags Anderson. Erik ROCKS Gallows but Anderson hotshots! And uppercuts! Anderson runs side to side, ROCKET- NO! Erik has Anderson, Ivar tags in! POWERBOMB, and then Ivar hops up. Ivar has to fight Gallows off, then climbs up to the very top! VIKING MOONSAULT! FLOPS! Tag to Gallows, sorta, Anderson boots Erik. The OC has Ivar, MAGIC KILLER! Cover, The OC wins!!

Winners: The OC, by pinfall

They just beat the Raw Tag Team Champions! The Best Tag Team Champions get the Viking Raiders again, but will third time be the charm to take those titles away?


Raw shares footage of a backstage interview with Erick Rowan.

This was last week after Raw went off the air. Rowan asked Sarah Schreiber if she had family. She does. People she cares about? Yes… People she loves, that she’d go to the ends of the earth to protect. Well then mind your business about what’s in the cage! The Big Redwood cares for this mystery creature, but will it become a strength or weakness for him as time goes on?


The OC is fired up!

The Best Tag Team in the World just won! And AJ Styles is ready to take out Randy Orton! But, after everything Orton has done, Styles will do this on his own. he’s not just going to beat Orton or hurt him, he’s going to END Orton’s career! Then these mother lovers celebrate in the winner’s circle tonight! Too Sweet!


Erick Rowan VS Dante Leon!

Big Red puts his “loved one” by the steel steps and prepares to dominate again. Will Dante survive this bad omen?

The bell rings and Dante is very wary. He gets out of the ring but Rowan gives chase! Rowan dares Dante to fight, but Dante would rather not. They go around the other way and Rowan still has Dante trapped. So Dante goes under the ring! Rowan goes looking for him, Dante pops out the other side! Dante, don’t! He touches the cage!! Rowan runs after, Dante trips, and Rowan catches him! To BODY CHECK Dante down! Rowan drags Dante up with one arm and puts him in the ring like he’s a pillow! Rowan circles Dante before clamping on the Iron Claw, for a SLAM! But Rowan’s rage is not satisfied, and fans want to see that “One More Time!” Rowan drags Dante back up for a second Iron Claw SLAM! Cover with one foot, Rowan wins!

Winner: Erick Rowan, by pinfall

Rowan warned everyone, but still his opponents do not listen. Will Rowan break anyone that breaks his one rule?


Backstage interview with Andrade Almas and Zelina Vega!

Tonight, there will be a gauntlet match to determine a challenger to the United States Championship. El Idolo is part of that gauntlet, and would be the favorite if not for Ultimo Ninja being in the line-up. Humberto Carrillo has won twice, but Almas says he is going to win. Vega is upset Charly said that. But yes, Almas lost to Humberto twice, blah blah blah. But that will be the best thing that ever happens to Humberto, but also the worst. Because now, Almas takes him seriously. And when the time comes, Vega will wear high heels so Carrillo can hear her coming and takes the time to repent. Almas continues in Spanish to say this is his night, no one else’s. But who will be standing at the end of the gauntlet to face Rey Mysterio for the title?


Liv Morgan speaks.

“One day, I woke up and reflected on the girl who I had been.” Where she was, where she wasn’t, and where she was going. The one who let everyone else tell her who to be, how to act, and how to dress. All Liv wants to be is comfortable in her own skin, yet has always been self-destructive. But now, she has no choice. She has to destroy this her so that the real her can emerge. What will the real Liv be when she returns?


Bobby Lashley and Lana are here!

The Rocky Mountain Machine wrecked Rusev, with a lot of help from the Ravishing Russian. But tonight, they’re all dressed up to celebrate! Fans boo as they grab mics. Lana speaks first, saying that yesterday was very busy with people scrolling through her Instagram. But if they missed her “hot boyfriend” have his match, then let’s all relive history here tonight. Lana’s big bad boyfriend crushed and destroyed Rusev, putting him through a table! Lashley soaks up the heat as he poses for his victory. “Isn’t he beautiful?” No one will ever compare to “such a gorgeous and wonderful and beautiful man” as him.

Lana tells Bobby that he was so wonderful and just gives her butterflies every day. Fans continue to chant for “Rusev Day!” but Lashley helps her tune it out. Could everyone please be quiet? They’re trying to move on! Everyone should move on and face the reality. Rusev Day is DEAD! But as she was saying, Bobby is so wonderful and amazing and attractive. Fans chant “We Want Rusev!” but Lashley tells them not to be so rude. Lana says she wants Lashley so everyone needs to shut up and listen. Lana starts again, and says she wants the world to know how much he loves her. Fans chant “Bobby Sucks!” but Lana says the fans suck! Lana pulls out a ring to ask Lashley to ask her to marry her! Lashley is speechless. What a… unique marriage proposal.

Fans chant “NO! NO!” but Lashley says he doesn’t like being told what to do. Except when it’s Lana. Lashley takes the ring to present it back to Lana, “the most gorgeous woman in the entire world.” She is the most amazing female wrestler in the WWE and they are together, without the shadow of a doubt, going to make the most amazing power couple ever. Will she marry him? OMG so romantic! Just as they rehearsed! Lana says YES! Lana pictures the most Ravishing Wedding, and it’ll be on LANA Day! They kiss and fans boo. But will this just end up a Ravishing Trainwreck like Lana’s relationship with Rusev did?


WWE United States Championship #1 Contender’s Gauntlet Match!

We already know of Ultimo Ninja and El Idolo, but the field also includes Akira Tozawa the Stamina Monster, Ricochet the King of Flight, V1 Matt Hardy, and the 24-Time “747 7/11 24/7 European Television Champion,” R-Truth! Who survives to the very end to be Rey Mysterio’s next challenger?

Des Moines, Iowa, MAKE SOME NOISE! “Can I tell y’all something?” Truth would not be in the WWE if not for his childhood hero, John Cena. Aw c’mon guys, Cena’s good. When Truth was a “wee little tyke,” he remembers seeing those US Championship Open Challenges every Saturday Morning. That is why Truth will become the first-ever United States “747 7/11 24/7 I-95 South Television” Champion! And Truth takes them both to WRESTLEMANIA! A bold claim from Truth, but who is his opponent? Where’s that WrestleMania sign, for that matter? But before that, here comes the Stamina Monster!

R-Truth VS Akira Tozawa!

The bell rings and the gauntlet begins! Truth and Tozawa tie up and Tozawa headlocks. Truth powers out, Tozawa holds ropes and grins as fans “AH! AH! AH!” Truth counters with “What’s Up?!” They tie up, Truth headlocks, but Tozawa powers out. Truth runs Tozawa over, then again! Truth fakes Tozawa out the third time to kick him back. Truth whips, Tozawa reverses but now Truth stops himself with ropes, to break it down! Truth elbows Tozawa down then has him in the corner. Truth runs corner to corner but Tozawa dodges and Truth RAMS into the post! Truth hits the floor, Tozawa takes aim, CANNONBALL! Both men wreck into the barriers but Tozawa is up first! Tozawa puts Truth in then climbs up, big missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Tozawa keeps his cool while Mysterio watches back stage. Things speed up, Truth does the splits to dodge! Truth runs, but no scissor kick! Tozawa spins to a sunset flip and ELIMINATES Truth! And the flood gates are open! Eric Young, Curt Hawkins, No Way Jose and Titus O’Neil hurry after the 24/7 Champion! Truth gets his baby and runs for the hills! Will Truth at least keep one title on the way to WrestleMania? As for Tozawa, he focuses on the One and Only!

Akira Tozawa VS Ricochet!

Stamina and speed collide in just part two of this gauntlet match! Who lasts longer? We find out after the break!

Raw returns and Tozawa runs at Ricochet. Ricochet dodges, but Tozawa dodges the back hand. Tozawa blocks a kick and flips Ricochet to kick him down. Ricochet gets to a corner but Tozawa whips corner to corner. Ricochet reverses, Tozawa goes up and over, things speed up even more, Tozawa waistlocks and shoves but Ricochet rolls off Tozawa’s back. Ricochet dodges again, handsprings and headscissors then dropkicks Tozawa out! Fans fire up as Ricochet builds speed, but Tozawa gets in to spinning roundhouse! Ricochet is out now, Tozawa builds speed, and Tozawa DIVES! The Tozawa Torpedo hits! But he keeps moving, for ANOTHER! That’s two and fans are fired up!

Tozawa puts Ricochet in, rocks him with a right, then climbs up top. Ricochet stands and dropkicks the dropkick out of the air! Tozawa is down in the corner he came from and Mysterio is still watching. Fans fire up behind Ricochet as he CHOPS Tozawa to a corner. Ricochet CHOPS again, then stalks Tozawa to another corner. Ricochet wrenches, hooks a leg and chinbars Tozawa for a modified stretch. Rolling cover, TWO! Ricochet keeps close with a facelock and clubbing forearms. Ricochet drags Tozawa up for wrenches, kicks and a modified Gory Especial! Tozawa endures this Bow ‘n’ Arrow, so Ricochet spins for a slam! Cover, TWO! Ricochet keeps his cool as he throws forearms on Tozawa. Tozawa hits back but Ricochet CHOPS again. Ricochet whips, Tozawa reverses, and tilt-o-whirls for an IRON OCTOPUS!

Ricochet endures as Tozawa cranks and stretches him, but Ricochet powers out to enziguri! Tozawa wobbles but Ricochet brings him up for a back suplex. Tozawa escapes, kicks, swings, slides under, waistlock GERMAN but Ricochet lands on his feet! Ricochet spins Tozawa, but the enziguri misses! GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Tozawa and Ricochet are exhausted and on the mat, but fans rally up. Ricochet and Tozawa sit up and fans “AH! AH!” with Tozawa. Tozawa drags Ricochet up in another waistlock, but Ricochet elbows out and CHOPS! Ricochet runs in, but is sent out. He stays on the apron, shoulders in and bumps Tozawa off buckles, to then KICK him away! Springboard clothesline hits! Fans rally and Ricochet shooting stars, onto knees! Tozawa cradles, TWO, SUPERKICK!

Ricochet is down in a drop zone, Tozawa heads up top! But Ricochet gets under the jump, and SUPERKICKS back! Ricochet rip cords, for the RECOIL! Cover, Ricochet ELIMINATES Tozawa! But it’s time to get extreme!

Ricochet VS Matt Hardy!

Will Hardy “DELETE!” Ricochet after the break?

Raw returns again, and Hardy catches Ricochet’s clothesline, SIDE EFFECT! Cover, TWO!! Hardy drags Ricochet up to give forearms over and over into the corner. The ref counts, Hardy lets up and throws up the V1. Hardy whips corner to corner hard, and Ricochet hits the mat. Hardy drags Ricochet up to bump him off buckles over and over, and over and over! Fans fire up as Hardy drags Ricochet up to pull against the ropes. The ref counts, Hardy lets up, and straddle attacks from behind! Cover, TWO!

Hardy keeps his cool but Ricochet throws hands back. Hardy clubs him down, brings him back up, and suplexes him down. Cover, TWO! Hardy drags Ricochet up but Ricochet hits back again. Ricochet throws forearms, runs, but Hardy back drops him! Cover, TWO! Hardy keeps on Ricochet with a rain of right hands, then drags Ricochet back up for a cravat neck wrench. Ricochet endures as Hardy twists his head. Ricochet throws body shots but Hardy clubs him down. Hardy has Ricochet in a corner but Ricochet elbows back. Ricochet climbs but Hardy stops him, for a crucifix BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Ricochet still lives and Hardy can’t believe it. But Hardy also keeps on Ricochet, leg drop and cover, TWO! Hardy drags Ricochet up to whip him to a corner. Ricochet’s boot is blocked, but Ricochet enziguris back!

Hardy staggers and Ricochet somersaults, to shotgun dropkick! Fans fire up as both men are down. Hardy sits up first but Ricochet follows. The two rise and fans rally up more. Ricochet throws haymakers, dodges, runs and tilt-o-whirls to headscissor! Ricochet runs corner to corner to ram his shoulder in! He bumps Hardy off buckles and KICK him down! Hardy hobbles, springboard lariat caught to a SIDE EFFECT! Cover, TWO!! Hardy grits his teeth as Ricochet survives again. Hardy goes back to a corner and climbs up top. Hardy MOONSAULTS but FLOPS! Ricochet standing shooting star! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up more as Hardy rolls to a drop zone. Ricochet heads up top now, 630 but he has to bail out! Hardy runs into a dropkick-flip but kicks back. Twist of Fate rolled up! Ricochet ELIMINATES Hardy!! Fans are divided but Hardy’s chances were DELETED!

Ricochet VS Humberto Carrillo!

Ultimo Ninja’s hot streak will truly be tested against a man he’s teamed with in recent Raw matches. But will Carrillo prove to us all it isn’t a fluke but fate that he’s in this position?

Raw returns again and Carrillo offers a handshake. Ricochet takes it, but then rolls Carrillo up! TWO, and Ricochet tries another, TWO! Carrillo dropkicks and covers, TWO! Carrillo brings Ricochet up but Ricochet hits back with big forearms and a CHOP. Ricochet whips but Carrillo reverses, things speed up, and Carrillo sunset flips but Ricochet rolls through. Ricochet kicks but Carrillo ducks it, to enziguri! Carrillo runs and springboards for a HUGE arm-drag! Ricochet ends up outside, Carrillo FLIES! Direct hit takes Ricochet out at the ramp! Carrillo drags Ricochet up and into the ring, follows and stalks Ricochet to ropes. Carrillo kicks Ricochet down then wrenches through to a hammerlock. He rams Ricochet’s shoulder into buckles then covers, ONE.

Ricochet clings to ropes but Carrillo pulls him away to wrap an arm around and drop knees on it! Carrillo brings Ricochet up, wrenches and gives an arm code breaker! Cover, TWO! Carrillo keeps on the arm while Mysterio continues to watch from backstage. Ricochet endures and fights his way up. Ricochet throws body shots but Carrillo wrangles him back down! Carrillo cranks on the keylock but fans rally up. Ricochet fights his way up again and throws more body shots. Ricochet is free but Carrillo clubs him back. The two throw big hands, Ricochet CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Ricochet whips, Carrillo reverses, Ricochet handsprings but Carrillo sweeps his arms out from under him! Ricochet lands hard and Carrillo covers, TWO!

Carrillo keeps his cool as he goes after the arm again. Ricochet refuses to quit and hits back. Ricochet arm-drags, Carrillo arm-drags back! Carrillo grinds on the arm but Ricochet works his way up yet again. Ricochet throws forearms and haymakers, but Carrillo knees low. Carrillo grows a little frustrated and he stomps Ricochet down. Carrillo drags Ricochet up, whips him corner to corner, but Ricochet reverses. Ricochet runs in but is put on the apron. Carrillo turns around but into a shoulder, slingshot sunset flip! TWO, and Carrillo blocks a kick to give a kick! But he runs into a SAMOAN DRIVER! Cover, TWO! Both men are down, but Zelina Vega swaggers her way out. La Muneca keeps an eye on El Idolo’s possible opponents as we go to break.

Raw returns again and Ricochet ROCKS Carrillo! Cover, TWO! Vega still watches from the stage as Ricochet and Carrillo both rise. Ricochet rams shoulders into Carrillo’s ribs then CHOPS him again. Carrillo turns it around to CHOP and CHOP back. Carrillo runs corner to corner, Ricochet goes up and over to CHOP again! Ricochet runs corner to corner, but Carrillo stops him and spins him to the outside. Ricochet haymakers Carrillo away then springboards for another lariat! Shooting star hits! Cover, TWO! Vega is intrigued as Ricochet and Carrillo reset. Ricochet stands first, brings Carrillo up, but Carrillo blocks the suplex. Ricochet throws forearms but Carrillo is the one who suplexes. Ricochet slips out, waistlocks but Carrillo elbows. Carrillo runs, dodges a boot and forearms Ricochet in the back! Then Carrillo hops up to missile dropkick Ricochet down! Cover, TWO!

Carrillo and Ricochet are both slow to rise but Vega just smiles and laughs. Carrillo focuses back on Ricochet, drags him to a drop zone and heads up top. Fans fire up as he climbs, but Ricochet gets clear! Carrillo rolls through the landing, but Ricochet dropkick-flips and enziguris! Carrillo is on his knees, Ricochet runs, Carrillo BOOTS! Ricochet PELES! Ricochet runs into a forearm from Carrillo! Carrillo runs but Ricochet CROSSBODIES them both out! Vega is very amused as both men crash and burn. A ring count begins and climbs up to 5 as the two men stir. Ricochet is up first but flops over. The count passes 7 but both men spring up and in at 9.5! They’re both still in this, but this is just getting easier for Almas at this rate.

Carrillo and Ricochet are on opposite ends. Ricochet runs in but Carrillo BOOTS him down! Carrillo positions Ricochet in the drop zone, climbs up top, but Ricochet SHORYUKENS! Ricochet CHOPS Carrillo again, but Carrillo SLAPS back! Ricochet and Carrillo brawl as Ricochet climbs. They brawl on the very top and Ricochet gets the edge. Ricochet brings Carrillo up, SUPERPLEX!! But Ricochet can’t make the cover right away, TWO!! Carrillo survives but barely! Ricochet and Carrillo stir as fans rally up. Ricochet throws a haymaker, Carrillo gives it back. Ricochet punches again, but so does Carrillo. They go back and forth, staggering but still standing. Ricochet gets another edge, boots then Northern Lights! But he doesn’t stop at once, he rolls through to TWISTING SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!!

Des Moines can’t believe these two men have the energy to keep going. Ricochet and Carrillo rise again and Ricochet rolls Carrillo to a drop zone. Ricochet goes up top but Carillo enzigurirs! Carrillo forearms, but Ricochet elbows back. Carrillo has Ricochet turned around and he climbs up behind, SUPER POISON-RA- NO!! Ricochet lands on his feet!! And then BOOTS Carrillo, into the fireman’s carry. But Carrillo slips out, springboard enziguri! SUNSET BOMB!! Ricochet’s in the drop zone, Carrillo goes up, MOONSAULT!! Cover, Carrillo ELIMINATES Ricochet!! But that just means…

Humberto Carrillo VS Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega!

The music hits, but Almas hits from behind! He takes the cheap way to get an even bigger advantage on an already exhausted opponent! Almas stomps Carrillo to the corner, runs corner to corner, CIEN SHADOWS! Almas fires up for another, CIEN SHADOWS DOS! But that’s still not enough to humiliate Humberto after the defeats he’s suffered. Almas tosses Carrillo out and pulls up mats from the ground! Almas wants Carrillo to pay for the swollen eye, and whips Carrillo hard into barriers! Almas is seething as he drags Carrillo up, hammerlock and headlock, LA SOMBRA to the concrete!! Vega laughs at Carrillo as Almas shouts, “It’s MY title!”

But here comes Rey Mysterio! The King of Lucha will not let Almas do any more harm to Humberto. Almas wipes his hands of this and takes his leave, but where does this leave the United States Championship?

Raw returns and Carrillo is stretchered out, but here comes SETH ROLLINS?! What does The Architect and the Authors of Pain have to do with this? Oh no, that steel pipe…! That was the pipe given to Kevin Owens by Rey Mysterio! Akam and Rezar rush Mysterio and the fight is on! 2v1 and Rollins asks, “What’re you doing, man?” They didn’t come out here to fight, but Mysterio provoked them. They found something of his and wanted to return it. This is his pipe, right? Here, it’s his, have at it. Mysterio isn’t so sure, but when he does reach for it, Akam stands on the pipe to dribble his head! And then atomic drop PUNCH! Rollins takes the pipe back and tells Rey, “It didn’t have to be this way, man.” But because this is his pipe that he gave to Kevin to use on the AOP, “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

That’s not Rollins, though. He is merciful! Tonight is Mysterio’s lucky night. But just remember this, please. “You owe me one, Rey.” Rollins holds on to the pipe as he and the AOP take their leave. But then, CURB STOMP! Rollins may not have lied, but he didn’t quite make it clear that that is what mercy looks like. Referees rush to Mysterio’s side, will this only make things easier for Almas when the time for the title match comes?


Backstage interview with Rollins and the AOP.

Why did he do that? What does she mean, “Why?” He leads by example! He had a score to settle, score settled. But the more interesting thing is why he didn’t hospitalize Mysterio. Because if he had, Mysterio can’t answer the challenge. What challenge? Rollins is going to establish dominance. Rollins challenges Mysterio to a match for that WWE United States Championship on next week’s Raw. The Raw Before Christmas looks to be a brutal one, will Mysterio accept the challenge and survive?


Randy Orton speaks.

“Tonight, I face AJ Styles, a former champion who has wrestled all over the world.” A man who beat Randy Orton at WrestleMania, and a man that made SmackDown his house. But tonight, Styles remembers that this is Raw. If he has any trouble remembering just who Orton is, and why Orton is superior, he will remind him with the “three most destructive letters in sports entertainment: R K O.” Will Orton be able to spell it out for AJ Styles here tonight?


Asuka VS Deonna Purrazzo!

The Kabuki Warriors survived the brutal Women’s Tag TLC and kept their titles! But for now, the Empress of Tomorrow goes it alone against NXT’s Armbar Virtuosa! Will Deonna make a big impression on everyone against one of the most dominant women to go through Full Sail?

Before the bell, Deonna takes off her jacket and BOOTS Asuka in the face! Asuka is furious immediately but Deonna dares her to do something about it. The ref keeps the peace and things calm down as we go to break.

Raw returns and Asuka goes after Deonna with the bell! She throws Deonna down then kicks her against ropes over and over! She stops at 4, to then grind her boot into Deonna! The ref counts again, Asuka runs and hip attacks Deonna down! Fans fire up behind Asuka and she runs in to the corner for another hip attack! Asuka has Deonna’s head but Deonna powers out and kicks low, to hit an armbar DDT! FUJIWARA! Asuka endures, moves around, stands up and rolls to victory roll Deonna, TWO! Asuka catches Deonna to an armbar of her own! Deonna endures but Asuka kicks away on her face. They move around, Deonna grips tight but Asuka shifts to a kneebar! Deonna scrambles but only gets stuck deeper! Asuka reaches up to get a chinlock, this is a modified STF!

Deonna endures as Asuka grinds her forearms into Deonna’s face. Asuka pulls back but Deonna endures, even as Asuka goes after the arm again. Deonna pops free but Asuka has the ankle lock now! Asuka reels Deonna in, but Deonna elbows out hard! Deonna staggers over but Asuka breaks free. No back hand, backbreaker to Complete Shot! Cover, TWO!! Asuka survives that lethal combination, but Deonna doesn’t lose her cool. Deonna looms over Asuka and kicks her, but Asuka fires up. Asuka blocks the next kick, spins Deonna into a strike fest, and then hits a pop-up knee! Doenna is dazed, but gets even more kicks! BUZZSAW! But Asuka won’t end it there, she drags Deonna up into the chicken wing, and then ASUKA LOCK! Deonna endures but taps, Asuka wins!

Winner: Asuka, by submission

The Virtuosa was vicious, but she was not ready for Asuka! With the Pirate Princess by her side, will the Empress of Tomorrow reign for a long, long time?


Exclusive interview with Becky Lynch!

Last night, teaming with Charlotte Flair in the Women’s Tag Title TLC, Becky could’ve gotten another belt. But in the end, the Kabuki Warriors won and retained. How is The Man handling that loss? Becky says that the last few months have been a bit “off” for her. She was taken out of singles competition and given a try in the tag division. She thought this was a way for the “powers at be” to bury her. It’s worse: they’re going out of their way to protect her. Becky sees the merchandise, the posters, the events, and realized that she’s their golden goose. They want to protect Becky because they don’t think she can beat Asuka. Maybe they’re right. But Becky isn’t here to be sheltered and protected. The Raw Women’s Championship says Becky’s the best on this show, but when Asuka won in the TLC match, that means Asuka’s the best in the world. TLC last year, Royal Rumble 2019, all that proved it, too. Becky might be handling this loss a bit more honestly now.

Then what would Becky say to those who feel Asuka deserves to be Raw Women’s Champion? Becky would rather say something to Asuka first. Becky says that she needs Asuka. Asuka is the one person she couldn’t beat. Becky admits Asuka has had her number, but it’s time to change. Not for the company, not even for the title. But because Becky needs to prove something to herself. Will Asuka accept the challenge to challenge Becky? Will Becky finally be ready for Asuka?


Rey Mysterio speaks.

“Seems like I have a lot of bad people coming after my US title.” Almas is an incredible athlete, and Mysterio has no problem defending the title against him at any time. But Mysterio doesn’t like that Almas tried to end the career of the young star, Humberto Carrillo. Listen up, cabron. You try and hurt Mysterio’s friend, you’re going to get hurt. As for Rollins, he thinks he settled some score, but it only started a fight. Rollins shows us why he doesn’t deserve respect. Mysterio hasn’t had a 1v1 with him, but next week will give us that first-time-ever! Challenge accepted!


Randy Orton VS AJ Styles!

The Viper has gotten the better of the Phenomenal One for quite some time now. Will that continue to happen as they go 1v1 once again? Or does Styles finally have what it takes not just to defeat Orton, but to end him?

Raw returns as Styles makes his entrance. The bell rings and Orton circles with Styles, but then Styles rushes in! Orton dodges and throws haymakers on Styles against ropes and in the corner. Orton keeps on Styles but Styles uses the ropes as defense. The ref backs Orton off and Styles hits Orton back! Styles CHOPS and CHOPS then whips corner to corner, but Orton comes back and ducks the clothesline. Styles narrowly avoids the RKO! Orton watches Styles closely, goes outside but Styles gets back in. Styles gets Orton with a kick then goes out after him. But Orton gets Styles quick a back suplex to the apron! Orton scowls as he bounces Styles off steel steps! Orton puts Styles in then takes his time stalking up behind. Orton stomps Styles on the legs and scrapes his laces on Styles’ face!

Styles gets to the apron but Orton drags him up. Styles hotshots Orton back! Then Styles slingshots, but Orton trips him up! Orton drags Styles through the ropes and fans know what that means! But so does Styles and he gets free to roll and go for the leg! Orton blocks but Styles powers through, CALF CRUSHER! Orton fights as Styles cranks, Orton can’t get him off the leg! Orton crawls, reaches, but Styles drags him away from ropes! Styles hooks on again and Orton still can’t fight him off! Orton crawls and reaches, even as Styles pulls deep! Orton grabs the ropebreak! Styles lets go at 4, and Orton flops out of the ring. Styles grins as he’s done a lot of damage already. Orton hobbles around the way and Styles slips out the back. Styles comes around to gain a head of steam into the CHOP BLOCK! Orton writhes as Raw goes to another break!

Raw returns once again and Styles keeps going after the bad leg. Orton clutches his knee but Styles yanks on it. Styles dares Orton to get up as he kicks the leg again. Orton manages to stand and punch back! Orton has Styles on the ropes but Styles kicks the leg out again. Styles drags Orton up and has the leg but Orton pokes Styles’ eyes! Styles staggers away and protests but Orton rests in a corner. Styles runs in but Orton drops him on the buckles! Both men are down and fans rally up. Orton uses the ropes to stand but Styles follows. Styles walks into a haymaker and another, and another. But Styles comes back with rights of his own! Orton hobbles but kicks with the good leg. Orton uppercuts and haymakers, but Styles KICKS the bad leg out yet again! Styles runs, into the spinning powerslam!

Orton clutches the leg, that slam took a lot out of it. But Orton forces himself to stand up again and hobble over to Styles. Styles grabs the leg again! Orton holds on and headbutts Styles back! Orton catches the kick, to bring back the back2backbreaker! But another double-edged move for that leg! Orton crawls to the cover, ONE! Fans rally up for the “RKO! RKO!” and Orton stalks Styles to the corner on one good leg. Orton hoists Styles up top and throws haymakers. Styles wobbles up top but Orton climbs up to join him. Orton sits Styles up, fans cheer, but Styles slips out to trip Orton up! Orton hobbles, Styles CHOP BLOCKS again! Orton writhes in pain but Styles springboards, LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Orton still lives and Styles can’t believe it!

Styles cools off and brings Orton up. He wants the Clash, but Orton resists and back drops Styles out! Styles lands on the apron, but Orton punches him down. Orton drags Styles through, DRAPING DDT! Fans fire up and Orton hears the voices! Styles drags himself up as Orton slithers up, but still no RKO! The Calf Crusher returns! Orton reaches as Styles hooks on! Styles drags Orton away but Orton pushes him off! Styles runs in, is put back on the apron, and fakes Orton out! Orton’s knee buckles, Styles springboards for real, but STILL into the RKO!! Orton covers, and wins!!

Winner: Randy Orton, by pinfall

Styles’ plan was almost perfect, but The Viper still had enough to strike! But here comes the OC! They beat down Orton with stomps, but here come the Viking Raiders! Erik and Ivar rush the ring and brawl with the Good Brothers! Styles gets up to chop block Ivar’s leg, and then Gallows tosses Ivar out. The OC gang up on Erik, and drag him into the MAGIC KILLER! The Official, the Original, and the Only ones left standing are the Best Tag Team in the World and their Phenomenal leader! Will these three be reigning over Raw soon enough? Or can the Viper and the Vikings regroup and retaliate?



My Thoughts:

After the mixed bag of TLC, this Raw didn’t exactly do a phenomenal job, but more a decent job in following up. For one, after Kairi Sane’s concussion, it was good for them to have her at least show herself. She didn’t stick around at ringside to watch or anything, which of course was for the best. It may seem silly she only showed up on the stage, but if she didn’t, you know someone somewhere was going to claim her not showing up was a sign of something worse. Plus, with how they chose to book Deonna Purrazzo in her Raw debut against Asuka, it was clear Asuka wasn’t the Heel in this. I hope this was planting the seeds of a match for the Women’s Tag Titles as part of NXT, and possibly even TakeOver: Portland. Becky’s interview was the logical way to circle back to Becky VS Asuka 1v1, and that will be a great match.

It was also good of Becky to more or less break the fourth wall and point out this is about protecting rather than burying her. I hope bringing back some of that anti-administration attitude helps spark Becky again, as she’s started to cool off with the audience. Becky VS Asuka at the Rumble, perhaps Becky wins, perhaps Asuka and Kairi move on to Portland in February, and then Rumble winner helps determine a lot of what happens after that. Liv Morgan’s vignette was very much like the set-up to a horror/thriller. It was a strange blend of sexy and menacing, so perhaps that is Liv’s new persona. Liv’s return could bring her into the Women’s Rumble story, though no one can say what direction she goes in at this point in time. Maybe she can start small with fellow former Riott Squad member, Sarah Logan. Both need to be featured more on television in a time when things are feeling stale.

I like that we’re seeing a developing story of OC VS Viper & Vikings. OC VS Vikings was a really good opening match, and better than their product placement open challenge. OC winning of course works out better, now they’re the contenders to the titles, for at least a match at the Rumble. Orton VS Styles was a pretty good main event, and I really liked Styles going after the leg over and over. And in the end, that just made the second jump from Orton more impressive. I would hope next week’s Raw Before Christmas gives us a Six Man Tag of these two sides to try and settle things before the Rumble, and naturally Orton and Styles would target each other during the Rumble match.

The Rowan squash matches are already getting tedious, mostly because we got so many needless squashes with Viking Raiders. Something needs to happen with that cage already. The Lana Lashley proposal segment was another high level cringe fest, but perhaps again on purpose. Lashley being “hesitant” was a good tease, but I really hope Lana goes extra bridezilla for their wedding to bug the crap out of Lashley. The only way this ends happily ever after for the fans is if Lashley dumps Lana at the altar given her random outbursts of attitude and selfishness. Then Rusev can laugh because he won’t even need to wreck the wedding per wrestling cliche- I mean, tradition…

The main story of Rollins and AOP was pretty decent, too. Rollins just seems a better Heel, and his promo tonight was a good part of that. Them tying into the United States Championship scene works out in continuity because of Kevin Owens using the pipe. The Gauntlet Match was naturally the best thing of the night, with R-Truth vowing yet failing to become dual champion at this point, Akira Tozawa getting a great showing with Ricochet, and Ricochet himself got a great showing with Humberto Carrillo. I feel like Des Moines gave up on it too soon, though. Ricochet and Carrillo alone made that gauntlet a lot of fun. Almas brutalizing Carrillo before even having their part in the match was great Heel work, and gets some Face sympathy for Carrillo, who might’ve legit split a lip after that concrete DDT spot.

As you can find on WWE Twitter this very moment, Almas takes offense to Rollins wanting a shot at the title. I don’t know Almas will interfere knowing Rollins will have the AOP, but you better believe Kevin is making his return next week to do just that. Kevin might even get reinforcements, aka the Street Profits, so that we can get a real fun Six Man before the Rumble out of this story, too. Almas VS Mysterio has to be the US Championship match at Rumble, and anything can happen there with how great that rivalry has been this past year to give us a great start to the new year.

My Score: 8.1/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (2/24/21)

We will learn #WhyColeWhy!



Will Santos Escobar be stripped of the NXT Cruiserweight Championship?

NXT Cruiserweight, Santos Escobar, must face his doom! Karrion Kross and Escobar battle in a NO DISQUALIFICATION match! That is, if Escobar shows up!


  • Grizzled Young Veterans VS Killian Dain & Drake Maverick; win.
  • Xia Li w/ Tian Sha VS Kacy Catanzaro w/ Kayden Carter; wins.
  • Dexter Lumis VS Johnny Gargano w/ The Way; wins.
  • Io Shirai VS Zoey Stark; wins.
  • No Disqualification: Santos Escobar w/ El Legado del Fantasma VS Karrion Kross w/ Scarlett Bordeaux; wins.


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of WWE NXT will begin later tonight]

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (2/24/21)

Who will be the Face of the Revolution?



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

The Revolution is so close, AEW Dynamite can almost taste it!

AEW Revolution is returning, and there is a ladder match with major stakes! Who will qualify and be one step closer to the TNT Championship?


  • Brandon Cutler VS Jake Hager; wins.
  • AEW Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament US Bracket: Britt Baker w/ Rebel VS Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero; wins and advances.
  • Jon Moxley VS Ryan Nemeth; wins.
  • Hangman Page VS Isiah Kassidy w/ Matt Hardy; wins.
  • Brian Cage & Ricky Starks w/ Team Taz VS The Varsity Blondes; win.
  • Face of the Revolution Ladder Match Qualifier: Rey Fenix VS Lance Archer w/ Jake the Snake; wins and joins the AEW Revolution Ladder match.


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of AEW Dynamite will begin later tonight]

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Who will be the Face of the Revolution?

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