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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (12/13/19)

Friday the 13th Night SmackDown!



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The last SmackDown before TLC!

TLC is Sunday, but there might be a lot of bad luck carrying over from tonight! Will Roman Reigns get a little bit of payback before battling Baron Corbin?



  • Fire & Desire VS Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross; Bliss-Cross wins.
  • Mustafa Ali & Chad Gable VS The Revival; The Revival wins.
  • Bayley VS Dana Brooke; Bayley wins.
  • Heavy Machinery VS Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn; Cesaro & Nakamura win.
  • Kofi Kingston w/ Big E VS Baron Corbin w/ Dolph Ziggler; No Contest.
  • The New Day VS Baron Corbin & Dolph Ziggler; The New Day wins, by disqualification.


The King’s Court lost the battle but not the war.

Despite Baron Corbin being ringside, he couldn’t help Dolph Ziggler win the match. But between the “royal security force” and a blindside attack, the Lone Wolf King and his Show-Off squire managed to capture, shackle and brutalize The Big Dog. And the humiliation Corbin promised was a showering and smearing of dog food. Will Roman’s rage overflow this close to TLC?


King Corbin is here!

Milwaukee boos as the royal sedan makes its way down the ramp. Dolph Ziggler is already in the ring and applauding as Corbin takes the mic. “Thank you, thank you, for that warm welcome.” Milwaukee boos harder. Corbin smells something. Ziggler feels sick. Is it the people? Maybe. Or maybe it’s that dog food that was dumped all over Roman. Corbin will make this quick. He just wants to tell everyone about the incredible 2019 he’s had. He defeated Kurt Angle in his farewell match at WrestleMania! He’s the King of the Ring 2019! And on Sunday, TLC will see Corbin finish Roman Reigns once and for all. He’ll use the tables, the ladders, and the chairs to make the Big Dog bow down! And after that, SmackDown will be Corbin’s to rule as the sole leader!

But after all the promos and nonsense that Roman is “unchained!” Ziggler, do you know what happens when a scared dog is off his chain? Pees on himself? No, he runs away! Roman has been beaten and embarrassed and is just the shell of the man he used to be. But if the glory hound does appear, every entrance is covered, and Roman will suffer a fate far worse than last Friday. Fans chant, “You Look Stupid!” Ziggler disagrees but Corbin says they’re just upset that Roman won’t be showing up. Corbin says the entire SmackDown locker room approves of Corbin’s actions! To speak on their behalf is a man he respects for his loyalty, it’s Dolph Ziggler! Ziggler could not have put it any better. “For once in his life, Roman Reigns was that locker room leader he said he was, and he stood up to you. And what happened?” Corbin put him down!

Corbin says this is the dawn of a new day! Anyone that gets in the way will be forced to BOW DOWN! Speaking of, Ziggler knows the fans are here to see King Corbin. So join Ziggler in saying, “All Hail, King Corbin! All Hail-” Awwwww~ Cream City~! Clap for the New Day, and feel~ the power~! Did someone say the words, “New day?” Because they were sitting in the back, watching Greek Freak highlights, and then they see the “buffoon” in his Burger King crown, going on about an imaginary kingdom he rules. But as soon as “New Day” is said, POOF! They’re here to tell the trick how they feel about him. If Big E and Kofi want to talk magic, like those unicorns, show us that trick where Lesnar made the WWE World Championship disappear in 7 seconds.

Wow, big words. It was 8 seconds. And Kofi is still a champion of the people and he can be proud of that. But talking 2019 in review, yes, Corbin had a heck of a year. But Kofi won the title at WrestleMania. For just over 6 months, Kofi was taking on the best and winning, including the “court jester,” Dolph Ziggler! Fans rally behind Kofi as he says that when he lost, he didn’t whine, complain, go on social media and bicker, no. He dusted himself off, put one foot in front of the other and kept on marching forward! And now, ya bois the NEW~ DAY~ are the 7-time, W, W, E, World, Tag, Team, CHAMPIONS! The New Day gets in the ring with Corbin and Ziggler as Kofi brings up the kingly gimmick, “looking real stupid.” But if Corbin was a real king, he’d have pride, dignity and class, which he is incapable of showing at all! What Corbin did to Roman was disrespectful, and no one likes it.

Corbin thinks Kofi is getting a big head for one lucky day in 11 years. Kofi SLAPS Corbin, and Big E gets in Ziggler’s face! Fans want that slap “One More Time!” But Corbin tells Kofi that if he wants to step up and be a leader like Roman, he’ll get humiliated like Roman! Are we getting Kofi going up against the would-be king this close to TLC?


Corbin and Ziggler find one of their guards down.

They get into their locker room, but more guards have been WRECKED! Who did this? Or is it perhaps more obvious than they realize?


Fire & Desire VS Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross!

Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville have been picking on The Goddess and her crazy best friend over their looks. Insults and injury, and even going so far as to pull the eyelashes from Alexa’s eyes, will the Golden Gift and the Gladiator Gal go all out to cross Bliss-Cross out?

Before the match, Alexa and Nikki are interviewed at gorilla position about this heated back and forth. Alexa doesn’t get why Mandy insists on doing this, other than she’s a bully. But if she’s in the ring with her best friend- But Fire & Desire leave the ring behind to attack Bliss-Cross backstage! They then force Alexa and Nikki down the ramp! The brawl goes down towards the ring, but referees hurry to break it up. Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” but things have to happen in the ring. Alexa and Nikki get in first and dare Fire & Desire to try again. Mandy and Sonya run in, the bell rings and we still have a brawl!

Nikki throws Sonya out and Alexa has Mandy. Bliss-Cross double suplex Mandy down! Alexa goes out and Nikki has Mandy, but Mandy rakes eyes! Tag to Sonya, and Sonya kicks Nikki down! Sonya sucker punches Alexa to then slide and knee Nikki! Cover, TWO! Tag to Mandy, and Fire & Desire mug Nikki with knees. They throw her down by her hair, then Mandy hits a Kiss from a Rose! Cover, TWO! Tag to Sonya and they mug Nikki more. They throw body shots, bring Nikki up, and suplex! But Alexa trips up Mandy! Alexa drags Mandy out, Nikki hits the PURGE! Cover, Bliss-Cross wins!

Winners: Bliss-Cross, Nikki Cross by pinfall

Fire & Desire perhaps got too fired up, and Bliss-Cross took advantage! Will Alexa and Nikki be on the way back to those WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships?


Sami Zayn walks the halls.

The Great Liberator comes across Heavy Machinery, aka the Blue Collar secret Santas! They give Sami his gift “straight from Otis’s heart.” Sami with 8 M’s… And it’s… HAM! Straight from Milwaukee! Wow. This is easily the worst gift he’s ever gotten ever. He’s vegan, for one. This is a slaughtered carcass of an innocent animal that suffered! Otis is sorry. He didn’t know. Oh he’s sorry~! That should make it okay? Yes, because it’s an apology. That’s not good enough! How does Tucker deal with Otis’s weird spasms? Otis is just a dumb oaf! Whoa, okay, Sami admits he went too far. But then Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro show up to reinforce Sami. Sami has courage now. “See you in the ring, boys.” Cesaro does accept the gift, to SLAM THE HAM! Otis is fuming, but will he be able to take it all out on Sami’s team?


Mustafa Ali & Chad Gable VS The Revival!

The Beacon of Light and Shorty G step up to take on the #TopGuys before they face the New Day. Will Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson #SayYeah to some last minute momentum? Or will they stumble before having to literally climb the ladder to success?

SmackDown returns as The Revival make their entrance, and Dash takes a bit of a tumble over the SmackDown set pieces. Dash plays it off and the teams sort out, Dash starts with Gable. They tie up, Gable wristlocks and wrenches but Dash rolls and wrenches back. Gable rolls, bridges, handsprings and spins to headlock, spin and drop toehold! Gable headlocks, fans applaud, but Dash tags out to Dawson. Dash powers out and Dawson dumps Gable out! Dawson lurks as Ali comes over to check, Ali gets DECKED! The Revival bring Gable up, to throw him face first into the announce desk! They put Gable in, cover, TWO! Dawson argues with the ref but he goes back to glaring at Gable.

Dawson brings Gable up to hook the face, then wrap on a chinlock. Gable endures but fights his way up. Fans rally and Gable arm-drags Dawson off. Dawson shoves him back, tag to Dash, but Gable fights out of the corner! Gable dodges and German Suplexes Dawson down! Dawson and Gable crawl but Dash gets in to throw Gable into Ali! Gable comes back, body scissor takedown to Prawn Hold, TWO! Gable victory rolls, TWO! Gable throws forearms and uppercuts, but Dash punches. Gable dodges, the mule kick is blocked, fireman’s carry to a flipping backbreaker! Tag to Revival, powerbomb lift, but Gable turns Doomsday into a POWERSLAM! Ali runs in and headscissors Dash out! All four men are down as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns and both Ali and Gable FLY! They wipe out the Revival, and Gable puts Dawson in! Gable is up top, MOONSAULT but he has to bail out. Gable back suplexes and Ali tags in to climb. Dumdum stomp drop! Cover, TWO!! Dawson survives and Ali is shocked! Fans fire up as Gable tags back in. Ali climbs up again as Gable brings Dawson up. Dash YANKS Ali down, Gable wrecks Dash with the rolling kick! Gable waistlocks Dawson but Dawson bucks him off, TIGER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Dawson scowls as he drags Gable back up. Dawson puts Gable up top then climbs up as Milwaukee says “This is Awesome!” Gable fights, rolls off the back, CHAOS THEORY! But Dash DIVES onto Gable! But Ali 450’s onto Dash!! All four men are down again!

The two teams regroup in their corners and tag, Ali is in against Dawson! Dawson dodges but Ali goes up. No DDT, tag to Dash. Dash runs in, Ali uppercuts. Ali hops up, into SHATTER MACHINE!! Cover, The Revival wins!!

Winner: The Revival, Dash by pinfall

That came out of nowhere! And if they hit one of those, climbing the ladder will be that much easier. Will Dash & Dawson be #TopGuys again by taking those titles down?


Backstage interview with Bayley.

She was called out by Lacey Evans for being a lackluster leader. Being a mother and a Marine doesn’t matter to Bayley. Bayley has been doing what everyone else has always wanted to do. Sasha Banks is off recording a rap album. Lacey picked a fight with the wrong people. But Elias’s chords interrupt. Bayley gets upset with him, and he wants her to chill. She wants him to chill and let her do her job. Well, how crazy they ran into each other. Elias ended up her Secret Santa, so his gift is a song.

“It’s the holiday season~. It’s gonna be a blast. But Bayley, your face haunts me like the Ghost of Christmas Past.” She asked Santa for a threesome, Elias, Bayley, Banks. But hate to disappoint, Elias told St. Nick, “No Thanks.” He doesn’t want to be blunt, he hates to be rude. But ever since she got that haircut, she kinda looks like a dude… Merry Christmas. Oh this is funny, huh? When Dana Brooke is done being a groupie, get in the ring. Challenge accepted! That song was stupid. But who will be singing the blues on the Blue Brand this close to TLC?


Bayley VS Dana Brooke!

SmackDown returns and the bell rings on this match. Bayley SLAPS Dana, Dana rocks her back! Dana stomps away in a corner but backs off at 4. Bayley bails out but Dana comes around the way, handspring back elbow sends Bayley into barriers! Dana puts Bayley in the ring and fans fire up with the Flex Appeal as she hits another back elbow! Dana runs but Bayley LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Bayley rains down rights and then drags Dana into a chinlock. Dana endures, fights up and fights out. Bayley powers Dana to a corner and rams her shoulder in. Bayley puts Dana up top, climbs up top, but Dana fights back. Dana adjusts, sunset flip and POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! But a crucifix outta nowhere, TWO! Oklahoma roll, TWO!

Bayley gets to ropes but Dana goes after her. The ref backs Dana off, and Bayley kicks the legs out! Dana hits ropes on the way down, and then Bayley with the Rose Plant, headlock driver! Cover, Bayley wins!

Winner: Bayley, by pinfall

Bad bad Bayley won’t let anyone belittle her. Will she be bigger than ever after she and/or The Boss beat the Sassy Southern Belle?


Sheamus speaks.

“They say home is where the heart is.” SmackDown was his home. A home of warriors and of champions. But in his absence, SmackDown has changed for the worse. This home of heroes is now full of wimps and weaklings. In his absence, SmackDown is a home without a heart. But the Celtic Warrior is returning, and is bringing a heart that is hungry.


Renee Young interviews The Miz in his Los Angeles home.

What is the update on Daniel Bryan? Miz hasn’t found anything out since we last saw him getting his hair torn out. But why such an interest at this time? They don’t get along, and Renee was a witness to the Talking Smack rant. So why this change of heart? Miz wishes he had a good answer for that. They bring out the best and the worst in each other, ever since Bryan joined the WWE a decade ago. They’ve had incredible matches, heated moments, and fans love Bryan. Miz understands Bryan is valuable to the brand. He doesn’t like Bryan, but he respects him. So as weird as this is to say, The Miz says it is finally time to “do the right thing.”

But that caused Miz to cross paths with Bray Wyatt. Can Miz recall what happened? Bray plays mind games, but there is a line you don’t cross. Bray crossed that line claiming he would take Miz’s family. That image is stuck in Miz’s head. He had no choice but to accept this match. Bray all but brags that he changes people he faces. But Miz has changed on his own. He’s a father. There is something about becoming a father, holding your child in your hands. He wants to make sure his daughters are safe. Family is his most important thing. No one knows what Bray is capable of. Then, this Sunday, is Miz afraid of what will happen? Maryse then shouts for him, and Miz rushes over. The baby monitor. RAMBLIN’ RABBIT?! FIREFLY FUN HOUSE!? “Let me in.” ALL THE PUPPETS!?

Miz and Maryse hurry to Monroe’s room, but she’s all alone. She points to something in the crib. A twisted Fiend doll!? Where did it come from?! Turn the cameras off! GO! NOW! Speaking of crossing the lines, Bray may have just crossed a line we didn’t even know could be crossed.

We interrupt this episode of SmackDown to bring a brand new Firefly Fun House!

Wait, what?! And Bray has a copy of that Fiend doll. He was just being nice, guys. After all, it’s the holiday season! A time of giving and good cheer. And Miz obviously loves his family. It makes Bray’s heart sing, “YOWIE WOWIE!” But that’s what’ll make Sunday so hard. Sister Abby taught him a lesson that no one likes a snitch. Snitches get stitches! Miz was so focused on Bryan, he exposed himself! Not that way, guys. But after all, Bryan is still with… “him.” But Miz gets Bray! And Bray admits, he was sick. But he fixed himself! Pain isn’t real, it’s a reaction in your brain. You can train yourself to no longer feel pain! BAM. See?

But Miz, you can train yourself not to feel love. Bray can teach him how. All he has to do is… #LetMeIn. Oh and, Marine 5 was FIIIIRE~! Hands down the best. But see you at TLC! Bye~! Have a great weekend, Miz~!

Is this twisted holiday story only going to get scarier from here?


The King’s Court find even more guards down!

The sedan handlers and the sedan itself are down. Corbin says he and Ziggler are going to make a statement. But are they still not getting the message?


Heavy Machinery VS Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn!

Tucker and Otis have their cheese head wear on hand for Wisconsin! Tucker the Cheese Cowboy and Otis with the dapper cheese top hat are ready to be anything but cheesy against the Swiss Cyborg and King of Strong Style. Will they make Sami regret for leaving Otis cheesed off over the misunderstanding? Or will Team Sami go ham on the Blue Collar Boys?

SmackDown returns as Sami’s clients makes their entrances. The teams sort out and Tucker starts with Cesaro. They tie up and go around, and Cesaro puts Tucker on the ropes. Cesaro lets up but throws body shots and a big European Uppercut. Cesaro headlocks, Tucker powers out and things speed up. Tucker shows his agility and dropkicks Cesaro down! Cesaro moves, Tucker crossbodies! Fans fire up with Tucker as he wrenches Cesaro. Cesaro breaks free, but Otis tags in. Cesaro tags Shinsuke and Otis circles with the Intercontinental Champion. They tie up, and Otis powers Shinsuke back! Otis pumps and fans fire up. Nakamura gets around to a waistlock, Otis pries free with one hand! Nakamura stomps the feet, then runs, to get run over!

Otis brings Nakamura up, whips him to a corner, and then back elbows Nakamura down! Cover, TWO! Otis drags Nakamura up, scoops but Nakamura slips out. Nakamura misses one kick but not the heel kick! Tag to Cesaro, and Team Sami whips Otis. Otis bulldozes through the clotheslines and Tucker tags in, Tucker climbs, CANNONBALL! Heavy Machinery have Ceasro for a big belly sandwich! They whip Cesaro out and Milwaukee fires up as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and Cesaro has Tucker in a chinlock. Fans rally up and Tucker fights, but he starts to fade. Tucker gets a second wind and gets back up, to power Cesaro back into buckles! Tucker is free, but Cesaro keeps him away from Otis! Big EuroUpper in the corner! Cesaro fireman’s carries Tucker to put him up top, tag to Nakamura for the Top Shelf Knee! Cover, TWO! Sami protests the count but Nakamura rams knees into Tucker. Fans rally up for Otis but Nakamura facelocks Tucker. Tucker endures as Nakamura pulls back. Tucker fights out but gets a strike fest! Tucker is in a corner, but he BOOTS Nakamura back! Fans fire up as Tucker reaches, but he has to Thesz Press Nakamura first!

Both men are down but Milwaukee fires up even more! Hot tags to Cesaro and Otis! Here comes DOZER! He rallies and runs Cesaro over, and even out of the ring! Nakamura returns, but gets run over! Otis scoops Nakamura for a BIG scoop slam! Off comes the shirt! Cesaro has Otis, but the kick just powers him up! Otis jiggles and jives, feeling himself, and he headbutts Cesaro down! Otis gives Cesaro an EXPLODER! “I’m COMIIIN’!” Nakamura dropkicks Otis and Cesaro EuroUppers! Sliding Knee! Cover, but Tucker breaks it! Cesaro is after Tucker but gets tossed out! Nakamura kicks Tucker down and takes aim at Otis. “YAO~!” But into a POP-UP! Tag to Tucker, but Cesaro spins them around. Tucker BOOTS Cesaro, Otis tosses Nakamura. Otis splashes Cesaro, and Cesaro falls into the drop zone!

Milwaukee is thunderous as Otis hits the CATERPILLAR- But Sami gets in the way! Cesaro dumps Otis out, Tucker clotheslines Cesaro, KINSHASA!! Cover, Team Sami wins!

Winners: Team Sami, Nakamura by pinfall

The Great Liberator is also the Great Distractor as he disrupts the bulldozing! With him by their side, will Cesaro and Shinsuke take over all of SmackDown?


Corbin talks with the rest of security.

He wants them ready for anything in the main event. Will they be the last line of defense with the Big Dog lurking?


Kofi Kingston w/ Big E VS Baron Corbin w/ Dolph Ziggler!

The New Day stands up to the Wolf King, but there are barely any “royal guards” left standing. Will Corbin conquer Kofi before the stealthy yet savage assassin shows himself? Or is all of Corbin’s karma going to come back and bite him just days before TLC?

The bell rings and Kofi circles with Corbin. They tie up, Kofi waistlocks but Corbin clubs him down. Corbin applauds himself, then he drags Kofi up, and Kofi dropkicks Corbin down! Kofi eggs Corbin on, and fans chant “S T D!” for the super tough dude. Kofi kicks away on Corbin and throws forearms. Kofi back hands, whips, but Corbin reverses to run Kofi over! Fans boo as Corbin runs, but Kofi comes back to leap, into Corbin’s arms! But Kofi body scissor throws Corbin out! Kofi dropkicks Corbin down again, then goes up top for a TRUST FALL! Direct hit takes Corbin down! Kofi fires up with the fans as SmackDown goes to another break!

SmackDown returns again, and Kofi runs in corner to corner, but his flip is blocked. Corbin puts Kofi up top just to shove him down! Kofi crashes and burns and Big E checks on him, but Corbin goes out to fetch him. Corbin rams Kofi into barriers! And then he throws Kofi into more barriers! Corbin refreshes the ring count but fans boo the cocky king. Corbin drags Kofi back up to throw into the post! Corbin drags Kofi into the ring and covers, TWO! Corbin grows annoyed but he drags Kofi up again. Corbin whips Kofi corner to corner, runs in, but Kofi slips out to kick back! Kofi springboards, but Corbin ROCKS him with a right hand! Kofi is down on the apron and fans boo, but Corbin soaks it all up.

Corbin drags Kofi back in, taunts Big E, and DECKS Kofi again. Fans rally for Kofi and Kofi fights his way up. Corbin brings Kofi around but Kofi throws hands of his own! Kofi runs, but into Corbin’s back elbow! Cover, TWO! Ziggler taunts Kofi while Big E coaches Kofi up. Corbin is called the “Burger King!” but he rocks Kofi with right hands. Corbin pretends not to hear the fans, and then he runs at Kofi, but Kofi elbows back! Kofi boots from the corner, then dodges. Corbin slides out, in, but no lariat! SOS!! Cover, TWO!! Kofi almost catches the king there! Fans rally up, Corbin choke grips, but Kofi uses the lift for a huricanrana! Penalty Kick! Kofi hits the NEW~ DAY~ Boom Drop! Fans fire up as Kofi aims from the corner. “New! Day Rocks!” But Ziggler anchors a foot! Big E comes around to run Ziggler off, and the ref EJECTS the Show-Off!

Fans sing “Hey, hey, hey! Good-bye~!” as Ziggler storms up the ramp. Kofi aims at Corbin as he’s on the apron, but ZIggler goes after Big E! Kofi goes to help but Corbin goes after him! The ref calls the match off!

No Contest

The brawling continues, referees rush out to stop the two sides, but fans want to “Let Them Fight!” Big E CLOBBERS Ziggler! Big E even gets a mic, and dares that if these two want to fight so bad, let’s just make this a tag match! The King’s Court accepts the challenge, and things reset while SmackDown takes another break!


The New Day VS Baron Corbin & Dolph Ziggler!

SmackDown returns once again, and Teddy Long would be proud! Will Kofi and Big E both maintain momentum before facing The Revival? Or will the Wolf King and his royal aide get a foothold in the tag team division?

Corbin has Big E down in the corner and tags Ziggler in. Ziggler grins as he taunts Kofi, and goes after Big E himself. Big E throws big body shots but Ziggler kicks low, FAMOUSER! Cover, TWO! Ziggler is frustrated but he keeps Big E anchored. Ziggler tags Corbin and Corbin stomps Big E down. Corbin drags Big E up, whips him corner to corner hard, and Big E hits the mat. Only Ziggler applauds Corbin as he puts Big E on the ropes to choke! The ref counts, Corbin lets up at 4, but then hops up top. Corbin leaps, but gets a hotshot as Big E dodges! Belly2belly! Both men are down, fans rally up, hot tags ti Ziggler and Kofi! Kofi springboards and ax handles Ziggler down! Kofi rallies, dropkicks but Ziggler dodges. Kofi tosses Ziggler out hard! Kofi builds speed, but Corbin LARIATS!

Ziggler SUPERKICKS Big E while Corbin rains down angry rights on Kofi! The ref reprimands Corbin, but here come the handcuffs! Corbin vowed to do what he did to Roman again tonight, so the referee hurries to throw this match out, too!

Winners: The New Day, by disqualification

Ziggler drags Kofi out but Kofi fights back! Corbin clobbers Kofi from behind, and they bring Kofi back to that same corner! They string Kofi up, and the scepter SMASHES Kofi in the face! Fans boo, but there’s one last can of dog food. Big E hurries over, but the Revival come outta nowhere with a SHATTER MACHINE! The #TopGuys are with the King’s Court, too! But ROMAN REIGNS appears! The Big Dog BOOTS one guard, UPPERCUTS another, BOOTS a third! Roman just runs through the security like tissue paper! Roman brawls with Dash and Dawson, then more security! Roman dumps one out, rams another into a post and then throws him out. The Revival mug Roman and put him in the ring, only to get uppercuts! SUPERMAN PUNCH!

SUPERMAN PUNCH for Ziggler! But Corbin clobbers Roman from behind! Corbin has his scepter, but gets a SUPERMAN PUNCH! Fans fire up as Roman stands strong in The Yard! Roman takes the scepter for his own! Roman has it in one hand, and dog food in the other! But Ziggler SUPERKICKS Roman down! The Revival drag Roman up as Ziggler gets a ladder in position! Roman is put on the announce desk as Ziggler climbs! But Big E makes the save! Roman climbs up to get Ziggler, SUPER CHOKE SLAM THROUGH THE TABLE!! Roman wrecks the Show-Off, and now Corbin has no one! Will there be no stopping Roman’s revenge in their TLC grudge match?



My Thoughts:

A good go-home to TLC PPV, though maybe an ending that was more flash than substance. The Roman-Corbin story was of course present throughout the whole night, and I did like Roman getting those off-screen attacks on the random guards associated with Corbin. Corbin had a really good promo segment with Ziggler and The New Day. I probably should’ve seen the singles match turning into a tag match turning into a brawl and all that chaos at the end. The Revival joining Corbin hearkens back to the others times earlier this year we got alliances of them, Corbin and others, so it just makes sense. The Revival had a really good match with Ali and Gable, but naturally they win to keep strong going into the match.

I’m a bit disappointed there was no response to their match being escalated into a Ladder match after that promo about wanting to do things old school, maybe that comes on Sunday. Being a ladder match, that does help keep the math muddy, because there are many ways to lead into the finish. Contract talks are always a concern with The Revival, who could easily go to AEW and cash in on the social media feuding they’ve had for years over #FTR. This might be the beginning of The Revival getting a more substantial tag team title reign. If their match tonight is any indication, they can have great matches with just about anyone. Given WWE sticks to Face(s) VS Heel(s), possible contenders does influence things. Team Sami won in a pretty good match with Heavy Machinery, but that doesn’t automatically mean they’re up next. SmackDown needs to figure out how to build up new teams to help with this.

I’m surprised we didn’t get as much with the Women’s Division tonight. Bliss-Cross had a good match with Fire & Desire, though a bit short. Is this a sign that Mandy and Sonya still aren’t quite there yet as a team? Or of Alexa still needing to recover a bit? A lot of what comes next depends on who wins at TLC in the Women’s Tag Team Championship TLC match. I’m still hoping for Paige helping Charlotte and Becky to get back at Kabuki Warriors, but then I can’t be sure of the chances Bliss-Cross gets another shot. Bayley beats Dana Brooke, but sadly what else is new? I’m more surprised Elias got away with those lyrics. I’m still banking on Lacey VS Banks announced between now and the PPV, and Lacey finds a way to win so she can be Bayley’s opponent come Royal Rumble.

The best thing from tonight was probably The Miz’s interview turned Paranormal Activity! I like the character development for Miz. He doesn’t have to like Bryan, but he does respect Bryan and accept that Bryan is great in the ring, great for the brand and for the company. Bray’s puppets playing with Monroe Sky and all that, some great stuff for being so spooky. While it is Bray Wyatt as his Firefly Fun House self, I expect him and Miz to still be very aggressive in their match, and I still expect Bryan to show up in some capacity. I hope things get really exciting for the Royal Rumble, with at least Fiend Bray VS Bryan again, possibly a Triple Threat with Miz involved, too.

My Score: 8.3/10

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