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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (12/20/19)

The SmackDown Before Christmas is here!



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It’s a Holly Jolly SmackDown!

But will it be the best time of the year? Daniel Bryan surprised Bray Wyatt with his return at TLC, will Bray have a surprise for him in return? Plus, The New Day take on Sami Zayn’s “liberated” in a non-title challenge!



  • Miracle on 34th Street Fight: Heavy Machinery VS The Revival; Heavy Machinery wins.
  • Carmella VS Sonya Deville; Carmella wins.
  • The New Day VS Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn; The New Day wins.
  • Dana Brooke VS Bayley w/ Sasha Banks; Bayley wins.
  • Sasha Banks w/ Bayley VS Lacey Evans w/ Dana Brooke; Double Count-Out.
  • Baron Corbin & Dolph Ziggler VS The Miz & Daniel Bryan; Miz & Bryan win.


TLC was… strange.

Bray Wyatt was himself from Firefly Fun House, but Miz didn’t care. Miz went after him with fire and fury, but all Bray did was laugh and encourage the violence. And in the end, Bray ended the fun and games, and The Fiend told him what to do next. Bray brought out his hammer, but someone came to play. It was DANIEL BRYAN! Trimmed back but unleashed, Bryan came within moments of breaking Bray before Bray slipped away in the shadows. The Yes Movement is back, but what happens next?


Daniel Bryan is here!

Fans are happy to see Bryan for the holidays! Bryan goes right to the ring and gets the mic. He hears the fans cheer for him and he says it’s great to be back in Brooklyn! People have been asking what happened and where he went, and Bryan isn’t really sure. Bryan just remembers The Fiend tearing hair from his face. When Bryan came to and fixed himself up, he actually didn’t notice the beard and hair missing. What was missing was the “brand.” For some reason, things didn’t feel lacking, but when he got home, it was the first time his daughter hadn’t seen him without all that hair. She cried, because all she knew was that Bryan. But Bryan knew himself. “Because what I saw in that mirror was the main who had never main-evented WrestleMania,” who fought for everything he’s gotten, and that man is the man who appeared on TLC and kicked Bray Wyatt’s ass!

Bray likes to talk about changing his victims, and he’s succeeded. But Bryan vows to change Bray, too. Bray says he can’t feel pain, well let’s see if we can prove him wrong! Bryan waits but it’s The Miz who appears instead. The A-Lister tells Bryan that what happened to Bryan was awful, but Bray personally attacked and infiltrated his family. Bray is a sick monster, and it wasn’t even about winning at TLC, it was about protecting his family. “Something that Bray Wyatt will never have.” All Bray has is that title. Miz vows to take what Bray cherishes! But wait, here comes Baron Corbin! Fans boo the Wolf King as he walks out on stage with a mic of his own. Corbin asks what’s wrong. A scary doll showed up in his new happy home? Maybe if Miz’s daughter had more of Maryse’s genes, she wouldn’t be so afraid.

And as for Bryan, “boo hoo hoo,” Birdie was scared because Daddy came home looking like Baby Yoda. But talking about his “Brand”? His brand is failure. Unlike Corbin’s. He defeated Kurt Angle in his last match at WrestleMania, won King of the Ring, and then defeated Roman Reigns at TLC. Corbin cues up the footage of his court celebrating with him over Roman Reigns, with looped audio of the winning announcement. So it doesn’t matter what personal issues they all have with The Fiend, Corbin wants that title. By virtue of victory over Roman, Corbin is the next man in line. For that matter, not only have Miz and Bryan failed as WWE superstars, they’ve failed as fathers. The mics drop, and both Bryan and Miz walk up on Corbin. But Ziggler gets in and blindsides Bryan! Then SUPERKICKS The Miz! Ziggler feeds Bryan to END OF DAYS! The Wolf King and his squire soak up the heat from Brooklyn as they leave Miz and Bryan down and out. But will they regret it on the road to the Royal Rumble?


Miracle on 34th Street Fight: Heavy Machinery VS The Revival!

As payback for past weeks, both teams want to end this in the most brutal way possible! Will Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic steamroll their way through the holidays? Or will Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson be #TopGuys for Christmas?

Before the match, Cathy Kelley interview Tucker and Otis. Heavy Machinery are upset Sami Zayn rejected the ham. Ham is a mouthful of joy! But the big man with a big heart plans to rebound with a win, and both he and Tucky will spread holiday joy. Snowmen, reindeer, socks over the fireplace, Christmas is COMIIIN’! Whoa wait, is that Mandy Rose? She’s his Secret Santa, so she got him… HAM! Merry Christmas, Otis. He gets a kiss, too!? Well if that isn’t reason to celebrate, what is?

The bell rings and the Revival make fun of the Santa costumes. They kick and punch but Heavy Machinery hits back. They brawl against the ropes, The Revival double whip, but Heavy Machinery reverses. The Revival kick back but run into double back drops! Heavy machinery march a la the Bushwhackers and then belly bump Dawson down! Otis drags Dash in but Dash hotshots. Dawson throws Tucker into steel steps! Then the Revival lift and throw Tucker into the desk! The Revival see the appetizers and decide to force feed Santa Dozer some cookies! Dawson dumps the presents and then throws one into Otis’s face! The Revival take a table and position it. They bring Tucker over, to DOUBLE SUPLEX! But Otis saves Tucker and runs the Revival over!

Fans fire up with Otis as he puts Dash on the table. Otis heads to the apron and takes off the jacket. But Dawson uses a fire extinguisher! They position the table, to DOUBLE POWERBOMB Otis down! The Revival are laughing all the way as we go to break.

SmackDown returns and the brawl is on the ramp! Tucker gets SMASHED with a gift box! The Revival drag Tucker up but Tucker fights with big hands! Tucker stomps Dash then goes after Dawson. Dawson uses the Santa costume as a weapon and then goes to suplex. Tucker too big, he suplexes Dawson onto the ramp! Dash surprises Tucker with a box to the back! Oh there’s something in there! Dash has a BOWLING BALL! He lines up the shot while Dawson holds Tucker, not a strike but a split to the shin! The Revival won’t spare Tucker, either, as they put him back in the ring. Dash becomes Santa and brings a tree into the ring! The tree is set up in the corner with care, and Dawson suplexes Tucker over there. Dash fires up and Dawson whips him in, but Tucker misses! Dash gets nothing but tinsel to the face!

Tucker hip tosses Dawson down and out! Tucker hurries out after Dawson but Dawson hits low. Dash and Dawson use the fire extinguisher to the gut! They throw Tucker over the desk, and down goes the ham! Well, sorry, Mandy, your gift went to waste. Dawson picks the meat up and taunts Otis with it before throwing it down! Otis is MAD!! Otis throws hands! But a candy cane kendo stick SMACKS him on the back! Otis just powers up as Dash smacks away! Otis scoops Dash to FALL AWAY SLAM into the presents! Otis goes after Dawson in the ring and starts rallying. Otis whips and back drops Dawson down! He drags Dawson up and throws him overhead now!

Fans fire up with Otis as Dawson is in the drop zone! Otis looks for something, and finds a special sack. It isn’t full of presents, it’s full of LEGOS! Dash runs in but gets run over, and then Otis scoops Dawson! Fans fire up as he slams Dawson on the Legos! Dash hits back and climbs up, but Otis Electric Chairs him! Dawson runs over but gets scooped! Otis Electric Chair Fall Away Slams the Revival! Splash into the tree, and Dawson is down again! CATERPILLAR ELBOW! Otis isn’t done with Dawson, Tucker comes ni, COMPACTOR! Cover, the Heavy Machinery wins!!

Winners: Heavy Machinery, by pinfall

The holidays will be merry and bright now! There’s still plenty of good ham left, it’s a Christmas miracle! Will Blue Collar Solid be having a Happy New Year, too?


Otis encounters Mandy backstage.

He apologizes to her about ruining her gift, and regrets having it in harm’s way. But Mandy isn’t upset, she gives him a hug. But, he is all sweaty… That makes her dress a mess. No good deed goes unpunished, it seems.


The Revival complains.

“Look at all this garbage.” Dawson doesn’t mean Brooklyn, but what’s around the ring. This is what this tag division is? A Miracle on 34th Street? Ladder Match? Legos? This is their life now? It is a JOKE at their expense! Just what happened to good ol’ fashioned tag team wrestling? That’s the problem! “Wrestling” is gone, this is the “Sports Entertainment” world! But Elias heads out, playing a Christmas tune. And he asks Brooklyn, “Who Wants to Walk With Elias?!” He understands The Revival is upset, but he puts those feelings into a song. “We’re the best tag team,” that’s all you ever say. But the best would be if they just went away. Died a thousand deaths and coming up short. Grandma watched them and now she’s on life support. They want to be #TopGuys, front and center. Well they’ll have to make a big change, like Kaitlin Jenner. Merry Christmas, boys. Elias jingles all the way


Sami Zayn finds Braun Strowman.

He was looking for the Monster Among Men. Turns out, he is Strowman’s secret Santa. He’s doing that? Yes, oddly. He and his teams wondered what to get him, but Strowman is fed up with Sami’s months of messing with him and hating on the fans. NO that was just social commentary! But Shinsuke and Cesaro come in to reinforce Saim. Sami keeps the situation calm, but Strowman is in no mood. If they want to give him a gift, give him a shot at the Intercontinental Championship. A great idea! But not tonight, because of the tag team match. Sorry about that, Strowman. But Sami will check his list and check it twice and see if there’s an opening. Okay, off we go to the North Pole. Tell Kris Kringle hi then.


Carmella VS Sonya Deville!

The Fabulous Princess and the Gladiator Gal both want to move up in the SmackDown Women’s Division for the holidays, but only one can win tonight! Who wins themselves some momentum for Christmas?

SmackDown returns as Sonya makes her entrance. The bell rings and Carmella circles with Sonya. They tie up, Sonya knees low and snapmares, sliding wizard! Cover, TWO! Carmella gasps as she gets to ropes but Sonya is on her. Sonya stops choking at 4, but goes for a different choke. The ref backs Sonya off, Carmella SLAPS Sonya. Sonya kicks low then gets in Carmella’s face. “Who do you think you are?!” Sonya kicks away in the corner, then backs off. Carmella elbows back then boots. Carmella hits a big clothesline and fires up! Sonya waistlocks and throws Carmella but she lands and slides under to FABULOUS Kick! And another! Carmella gets Brooklyn in it as she brings Sonya up for a Complete Shot! Into Code of Silence! Sonya taps, Carmella wins!!

Winner: Carmella, by submission

Mella is money, and wins big for the holidays! Will the Fabulous Princess have a title opportunity waiting for her in the New Year?

Awwww~ Brooklyn! Clap for your 7-time champs, and feel~ the power~! The New Day heads out and meets Carmella on the way out. Big E and Kofi Kingston are ready to have another match so soon after TLC’s incredible Ladder match. Will they win big again here tonight?


Sheamus speaks.

They say change is good for the soul. SmackDown changed, but not for the good. When Sheamus left, he took the soul with him. And all that was left were cowards and crybabies. In Sheamus’s absence, this house of warriors and temple of titans has become sad, soft and small. Sheamus is back, and it’s time to change SmackDown again. The Celtic Warrior is coming and ready to do battle for the soul of SmackDown!


The New Day VS Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn!

SmackDown returns and Sami’s team make their entrance. The teams sort out and Kofi begins against Nakamura. Nakamura dodges to hit Big E! Kofi throws hands but Nakamura throws a strike fest. Kofi ducks a forearm to kick away then whip. Nakamura reverses, Kofi goes up and dropkicks Nakamura down! Cover, ONE! Kofi drags Nakamura up, whips but Cesaro tags in. Nakamura sends Kofi into a EuroUpper! BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO! Cesaro looms over Kofi and stomps away. Cesaro gut wrenches Kofi up to throw him! Cover, TWO! Cesaro keeps on Kofi with a chinlock and traps an arm. Kofi endures the neck wrench but Cesaro shifts to the other side. Kofi fights his way up, Kofi elbows out, but Cesaro tags Nakamura. Nakamura takes the hand off to wrench and kick Kofi down.

Nakamura drags Kofi up to a facelock but Kofi fights his way up. Nakamura shifts to a sleeper hold, but Kofi fights with elbows. Nakamura knees low then suplexes, but Kofi lands on his feet! Hot tag to Big E! Big E overhead suplexes Nakamura and clobbers Cesaro! Another supelx for Nakamura! Then the belly2belly! Fans fire up and Big E swivels those hips. Big E runs for the BIG SPLASH! Fans clap along, “New! Day Rocks!” Big E stalks up behind Nakamura but Nakamura elbows out. Nakamura swings a kick but hits the second! Nakamura runs corner to corner, into the Urenag-E! Cover, but Cesaro barrels in! Sami is proud of his guys as Cesaro rocks Kofi with a right. Kofi monkey flips Cesaro out! Then FLIES with the Trust Fall!

Sami distracts and Nakamura ROUNDHOUSES Big E! And BOOTS! Nakamura kicks Big E out but the ref keeps him in. Cesaro LARIATS Big E behind the ref’s back! Nakamura goes out to fetch Big E and drags him back into the ring. Nakamura positions Big E on the apron for a knee lift! Sami and Cesaro applaud and high five while Big E flops back out. Nakamura whips Big E into steel steps! Big E flounders and flops as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again and Cesaro knocks Big E down. He brings Big E up to whip corner to corner, but Big E tosses Cesaro out! Fans fire up as Big E crawls, but Sami gets Cesaro back up. Cesaro goes after Big E and drags him away, but Big E pushes Cesaro back! Tag to Nakamura, and Nakamura hits Kofi down! Big E runs into a boot, Nakamura hops up for a flying knee! Nakamura unzips and takes aim, “YAO~!” Big E rises, but he LARIATS Nakamura down! Fans fire up as Kofi returns to the corner and Sami is in shock! Big E crawls, but so does Nakamura. Hot tags to Cesaro and Kofi! Kofi springboards in to ax handle and rally with forearms! Dropkick but Cesaro ducks the lariat. Cesaro whips, Kofi goes up, flying huricanrana! DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! Cesaro survives and Sami is relieved, but Kofi drags Cesaro up.

Kofi runs, leaping lariat hits this time! Kofi runs for the NEW~ DAY~ Boom Drop! Fans fire up as Kofi aims from a corner. Cesaro rises, Kofi spins, but no Trouble in Paradise, POP-UP UPPERCUT! Cover, TWO!! Nakamura and Big E return, Big E sends Nakamura out. Cesaro runs in but gets clothesline’d out! Kofi builds speed, Big E helps him FLY! Kofi takes out both men! Kofi puts Cesaro in, climbs up top, crossbody! Cover, TWO!! Sami is losing his mind as Kofi drags Cesaro up. But Nakamura trips Big E! Cesaro rolls Kofi, TWO, but into the SWISS SWING! Around and around they go, for a count of 10! Then DOUBLE STOMPS of his own! Cover, TWO!! Kofi survives and Sami is furious! Cesaro drags Kofi up and reels him in while Nakamura keeps Big E down. Kofi back drops, Cesaro lands on his feet. Cesaro swings but Kofi spins through, inside cradle! THE NEW DAY WINS!

Winners: The New Day, Kofi by pinfall

But Sami’s team won’t stand for it! They stomp and kick the New Day while they’re down, but Sami comes in to calm them down. And then get his own shots in! 3v2 and Sami laughs, but here comes BRAUN! The Monster Among Men storms down the way, Sami bails out, but Nakamura and Cesaro run at Strowman. Strowman throws hands but Cesaro hotshots him! Nakamura kicks Strowman but Strowman BOOTs back! Strowman ROCKS Cesaro with a right, then splashes Nakamura in the corner! Fans want the victory lap, Strowman obliges! He steamrolls Cesaro, then gets back in to corner splash Nakamura! Scoop, but Sami saves Nakamura and retreats! Fans boo and Strowman dares someone to #GetTheseHands! But will Strowman get the title match he wants?


Miz talks with Daniel Bryan.

Miz didn’t get to say this, but given how Bryan saved his life, “Thank you,.” Bryan says he went after Bray for himself, not for Miz. But both men are fathers, so Bryan says “You’re welcome.” As humans, they still don’t like each other. Tonight is about working together against Corbin and Ziggler. After that, every man for himself against the nightmare that is Bray Wyatt.


Dana Brooke VS Bayley w/ Sasha Banks!

Ms. Flex Appeal put the challenge out on social media, the SmackDown Women’s Champion accepted. Will this rematch go the same way? Or can Dana get a win and put herself in position for a title match?

SmackDown returns as Dana makes her entrance. The bell rings and Bayley circles with Dana. They tie up, go around, and Bayley puts Dana in a corner. Bayley lets up to throw a sucker punch! Then bump Dana on buckles. Sasha talks trash as Bayley snapmares and sliding lariats! Cover, TWO, but Bayley keeps on Dana. Dana throws hands then runs, but has to somersault over Bayley. Bayley runs but Dana hip tosses and boots Bayley down! Cover, TWO! Dana drags Bayley up but Bayley throws her down by her hair! Bayley rams her knee into Dana in the corner! Then stomps a mudhole into her! Cover, TWO! Bayley is annoyed with Dana but trash talks her. “Are you stupid?!” Dana throws hands but Bayley snap suplexes her down. Cover, TWO!

Bayley drags Dana up and Sasha taunts Dana with the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Bayley chokes Dana on the ropes but lets up at 4. Bayley then wraps on a chinlock and grinds Dana down. Dana endures and fans rally up but Bayley thrashes Dana around. Dana still fights her way up and fights back. Dana is free but Bayley ducks the swing to back suplex. Dana lands on her feet and BOOTS Bayley back! Dana dodges to enziguri! Bayley is down, Dana climbs up! Dana SWANTON BOMBS! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Dana is angry, she drags Bayley up for lariat after larait! Dana whips Bayley to a corner, handsprings in for a back elbow! Then Dana gets moving, dodges a clothesline and runs Bayley over! Fans fire up with Dana as she handsprings for the splash! Cover, TWO!! Sasha is relieved but Dana is determined. Dana powerbomb lifts but Bayley slips out. Bayley flapjacks Dana off buckles! Then headlock DRIVER! Cover, Bayley wins!

Winner: Bayley, by pinfall

The Boss & Smug connection celebrate together and stand over Dana. Will Bayley and Banks continue to bully and talk down to the rest of the women of SmackDown? But wait, here comes Lacey Evans! The Sassy Southern Belle stands up to Bayley and Banks, and they bail out! Lacey grabs a mic to talk to Sasha. “Where’re you going, sweetheart?” Sasha is no boss, she’s a Legit Bully with no backbone. Lacey was raised to never let bullies win, so she challenges Sasha to a match here tonight! Maybe Lacey can make Sasha a #LegitLoser. Looks like we’ll be seeing this match happen up next!


Sasha Banks w/ Bayley VS Lacey Evans w/ Dana Brooke!

SmackDown returns and the match begnis. Sashas goes to slap but Lacey powers her to a corner. Lacey bounces Sasha off the buckles over and over! Lacey backs off at 4 but Sasha yanks her into buckles! And then returns those bumps! Sasha grinds Lacey’s face in but lets up at 4, to meteora! Cover, TWO! Sasha puts Lacey in another corner to stomp a mudhole in. She lets up at 4 but comes back to bring Lacey out by her hair. Sasha suplexes Lacey down then covers, ONE! Sasha goes after an arm, but Lacey endures and works her way up. Fans rally and Lacey arm-drags free, but Sasha dropkicks Lacey down! Sasha pushes Lacey against ropes then snapmares Lacey for a basement meteora! Cover, TWO! Sasha circles Lacey while Bayley talks trash.

Sasha gives toying kicks and laughs, but Brooklyn boos. Sasha stalks Lacey to a corner and bumps her off buckles again. Sasha stomps another mudhole then grinds her boot in again. She lets up at 4 and says that she and Bayley are the leaders! Lacey BOOTS back! Lacey runs and knees Sasha low, then whips her to a corner. Sasha reverses and runs in, but Lacey slips out to send Sasha into buckles. Sasha goes to throw a shoulder but Lacey knees back. Sasha goes to the apron but her kick is blocked! Lacey throws Sasha down, then swinging dropkicks Sasha down! Lacey backs Bayley off before going after Sasha. Lacey throws Sasha all around the way, but sees Bayley coming! Sasha uses the distraction to strike! Sasha bounces Lacey off the post then into barriers! Sasha drags Lacey up and gives her knees as the Evans family glare at her. Sasha CLUBS Lacey down right in front of Lacey’s daughter! But the ring count passes 10!

Double Count-Out

Sasha doesn’t care, she keeps beating Lacey down and mocks Lacey’s daughter! Lacey’s daughter wants after Sasha, but Lacey gets Sasha herself! Bayley runs in but gets pushed down. Dana pulls Lacey away but Lacey still throws Sasha down! Lacey wants after both Bayley and Banks but Dana keeps a cooler head. Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” but Bayley and Banks head out. Will things be settled after the holiday season?


Baron Corbin & Dolph Ziggler VS The Miz & Daniel Bryan!

The unlikeliest of allies come together to shut up the Wolf King and his Show-Off squire. Will the A-Lister and the Yes Movement be able to coexist for just one match?

The teams sort out, but Miz and Bryan are arguing. So instead, they just brawl with Corbin and Ziggler! Miz dumps Corbin out and Bryan starts with Ziggler by default. Bryan gives Ziggler plenty of Yes Kicks! But then Miz tags in to give Ziggler some It Kicks! Bryan gets in to intercept Corbin with a dropkick! And now, for the first time ever, stereo Yes/It Kicks! They kick and kick and kick, and BUZZSAW! Corbin and Ziggler bail out while fans fire up with Miz and Bryan! “YES! YES! YES!” as we go to break.

SmackDown returns once more, and Corbin throws hands on Miz in a corner. Corbin brings Miz up for a back suplex but M iz slips out! Hot tag to Bryan! Bryan brawls with Corbin, Corbin whips but Bryan goes up and over and speeds up to lariat! Fans fire up with Bryan as he runs corner to corner, dropkick! Bryan keeps going, another dropkick! Bryan still keeps going, but runs into DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO! Corbin is frustrated with Bryan, he tags to Ziggler. Ziggler scrapes his boot on Bryan’s face then scrapes Bryan’s face on ropes. The ref counts and Ziggler backs off to mock the fans chanting for Bryan. Ziggler drops an elbow and covers, TWO! Ziggler keeps Bryan anchored but Bryan throws haymakers! Bryan crawls but Ziggler drags him away, to then sucker punch Miz! Miz is angry but the ref keeps him back. This allows Corbin and Ziggler to mug Bryan in their corner!

Ziggler tags Corbin and there’s more mugging against the ropes. Corbin drags Bryan up to throw in a big knee. Corbin mocks the Yes Movement fingers then stomps Bryan down. Corbin grinds a foot into Bryan’s face but lets up at 4. Tag to Ziggler, and they mug Bryan more. Ziggler grins as he mocks Bryan. “Get to Miz! Reach! Reach!” Ziggler throws haymakers on Bryan in the corner then headbutts. Tag to Corbin, Corbin runs corner to corner and clotheslines Bryan down! Corbin throws forearms on Bryan then drives elbows into the shoulder and chest. Corbin clamps on a half nelson chinbar, but Bryan endures. Fans rally up but Corbin throws him into a corner. Corbin puts Bryan up top but Bryan fights back! Bryan leaps to missile dropkick Corbin down! Fans fire up as Bryan and Corbin tag to Miz and Ziggler!

Miz fires off with fists and kicks in the corner! Then runs corner to corner for the A-List Lariat! Miz BOOTS Corbin then slides under Ziggler to roll him up, TWO! Kick and basement DDT! Cover but Corbin is right there to break it. Corbin whips but Miz reverses, FINALE! Miz sees Ziggler coming but still gets the satellite DDT! Cover, TWO!! Ziggler aims to superkick but Miz catches him! Figure Four Leglock is on! Ziggler endures, Bryan has a KNEE PLUS for Corbin! Ziggler taps, Bryan and Miz win!!

Winners: The Miz & Daniel Bryan, Miz by submission

But breaking news! The Miz and Bryan will face Corbin again, in a Triple Threat! The winner will face Bray Wyatt for the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble! And, oh no…! The lights are going out! Bray’s laughter fills the air to give us all a little nightmare before Christmas. Will it be a nightmare in the New Year, too, when one man has a match with The Fiend?



My Thoughts:

A pretty good holiday SmackDown episode here, all things considered. The women didn’t really get the time I expected, with Carmella VS Sonya being really short. It’s great in kayfabe for Carmella to beat an MMA user that quick, but it just wasn’t what either deserves. Dana VS Bayley was good, Lacey VS Sasha was better, if mostly for getting the family involved. Obviously Lacey’s daughter was playing along but she got into it and wasn’t about to cry or anything. I would expect a tag match of Bayley & Banks VS Lacey & Dana for the final episode of 2019 next week, and that helps bring us towards Bayley VS Lacey for the title at Royal Rumble. And while Lana is so cringe worthy on Raw in that love triangle, I actually don’t mind this little tease of Mandy Rose taking a liking to Otis. Her gift of ham and a kiss made for great motivation in the Christmas themed Street Fight, but also it makes for a sweeter story of beauty and beef rather than a selfish woman ruining her husband’s life out of spite.

Speaking of that Street Fight, it was a lot of fun, but I do like how The Revival was fed up. This is a good work shoot of perhaps how they feel being underutilized in the tag team division, which as others will point out, isn’t being utilized as well as it could be. Elias again pushes the edge with his song, but it is hard to say if anyone’s getting upset yet. Not sure where any of this is heading, but these quick hit ‘n’ run songs are at least entertaining in some way. The Revival themselves still have that Harlem Heat idea in the back pocket, I hope we get that. The New Day VS Cesaro & Nakamura was a great match, and naturally Strowman helped to fight back. I really do hope we get that Intercontinental Championship match between Nakamura and Strowman before we get to the Rumble, but I honestly have no idea who should win that. Strowman needs a singles title badly, but Nakamura badly needs to hold onto one. Either way, a match between these two needs to feel amazing or else neither result feels right.

The story of the night, Miz and Bryan both wanting after Bray but Corbin wanting after the title, was done rather well tonight. It all just makes sense to blend these together, and even the holla holla tag match worked out. Bryan and Miz did great together, and it’s rather unique that The Miz won using the Figure Four. I don’t think Miz has won with that very often, for one. Also, I wonder if it was an audible with time running down for Ziggler just to tap out. I thought we were going to get a Triple Threat tonight but we’re getting it for the big 2019 finale so that’s good. Pretty sure it has to be Daniel Bryan winning so he and Bray can settle things at the Royal Rumble. Plus, I would think Roman wants payback for that TLC screwjob, and we didn’t even get a hint of it here tonight. But, maybe have them settle it as part of the Rumble itself, not yet another match between them.

My Score: 8.3/10

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